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Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

...gotta get down on Friday...

Well - seems poor Carolyn passed out before she got the chance to post the nomination spoilers - so! Here you go!
Nomination Spoiler!
 The noms are in - and the house is in an uproar.. because Shane defied all odds and put up
Joe and Ashley!

When I rejoin the houseguests - we have Boogie and Frank explaining to Dan what they sold Shane and Britney to keep Frank off the block - the general gist was that if he put up Frank and Joe, Ashley could have won POV, pulled Joe off, and then Janelle would still have three people in the competition, and Danielle could have gone up and home, kicking Dan out too. Or one of Boogies, leaving Janelle in the lead with all her players...

This makes sense.

It's currently 11:06 in the BB house, and Joe is up in the HOH with Shane and Britney, where Joe is doing his best to smooze his way into safety, and that Frank goes up after the POV..

Joe: If Frank goes up and is gone, you can't play HOH, but we have three that can and you won't go up. I don't have control of anyone, but I'm telling you, they want Frank gone. And everyone is really scared of Boogie, because he's completely dishonest
Shane: But you decided to work with him last week.
Joe; No,w e decides to work with the team. We never spoke with Boogie.
Shane: Really.
Joe: I'm telling you everything like it is. You can have a very strong ally. That's what I'm saying. It's gotta be benificial to both of us.
Shane: I'm by myself right now. I have to make a deal that will further my game.
Brit: It's good to know that you are willing..
Shane: I appreciate you coming up here.
Joe: I just don't want anyone to say... I'm mad. I mean, it sucks.
Shane: You can't be put on the block and not be pissed.
Joe: You know. It's not fun.
Brit: We appreciate you coming and talking to us.
Shane: I don't want you to be awkward with us, you know..

The conversation downstairs keeps sending us to fishes...

Joe leaves and Danielle comes in
Dani: Joe just walkd by me acting like he was pissed.
Shane; He is pissed..
Brit: he made no qualms about that... Janelle's gonna come up here and sugar coat everything - I'm not like that..

Dani: I feel like - me and Dan were talking, he's almost certain next week is endurance comp, which is in my favor..
Shane: And Wil's, and Ians...
Brit: I'm sorry, but Ian can probably..
BB: Britney, please come to the Diary Room
Brit: Are you freakin kidding me right now? (She just put on a mask)

Dan enters
Shane: The mood changed down there?
Dan: Everyone but Joe, and Wil's pretty stoic. What's going on up here?
Brit: I just got called to the diary room!
Dan: You have to go like that..
Brit: I am!

Danielle feeds the fish..

Dan: Is your head officially spinning?
Shane; Yeah - you make one decision, then you're like why didn't I do this, what if I did that..

Shane: I was telling Dani that Frank was up here and saying she was the strongest girl left, and that we need to get her on board.
Dan: Was JOe pissed?
Shane: Yeah, he was really pissed, said that he was going to wait to talk till his blood pressure came down..
Dan: He didn't think he was gonna go up?
Shane; I guess not...
Dan: A big part of this game is how you handle yourself on the block
Shane: I'm not impressed with Joe. Joe or Wil. Wil hasn't even spoken to me. I don't know.

Britney comes back:

Brit: They didn't let me do it! They said they'd call me after

Shane: We have to start thinking about it - it'll come down to numbers. And Boogie..
Dani: If I don't play, can I host?

They talk about who to pick if they get houseguests choice...

Brit: Janelle's freakin good at this game, Dan.
Dan: that's what we were saying... Big Brother is how you react...

After helping Joe set up his Have Not Bed to be the most comfortable as possible, Ian checks in with Ashley on the Living Room couches...

Ashley: I feel good, I feel strong. I feel clearheaded. I feel like this is the best thing that could have happened.
Ian: Good.
Ashley: I'm a little upset because Britney told me I was safe, but whatever, that's the name of the game. He messed with the wrong chica.
Ian: If you get houseguests choice - who would you pick?
Ashley: I don't know yet..
Ian: I'd say pick frank..
Ashley: Why?

And skippy sends us to the game room where JOe tells Wil what he told Shane.

Joe: I told him, I'm pissed. But I said I'd do this - if we win and we come off, and you put up Frank, you have my vote. He was like I don't trust.. whatever. Then he went on about how we f'ed him, Janelle f'ed him.. I'm 99% sure he's with Frank. I don't think he'd put him up... that's why my kissing his ass was worthless.
Wil: I'm not going up there. Draw a line in the sand and..
Joe; If we win - Frank's gone.. and we win HOH next week. Even if they get rid of Ian, it's better than one of us..

11:30 Wil heads to bed.

Back to Ian and Ashley:

Ian: Tomorrow's big.
Ashley: Huge.
Ian: If Wil gets it - what do you think he would do? I'm worried I'll go up and out... He'd have to pick between the both of you...
Ashley: So he probably wouldn't..
Ian: reality is - if noms stay the same, you're in the clear. Fingers crossed.
Ashley: yeah. Is frank in the DR? DR please call me in - I want to tell you something.. and I want to go to bed...

Britney: At least Keith got a week -  Jodi was in here for just a few hours...
Dani: I don't see her coming back - she didn't get a key..
Shane: What about a golden key!
Dan: Automatic to the final three!
Brit; i'd take her to the final two!

Talk turns to Brit's wedding, makeup, etc.

And I just want to give Ian a hug...

BB: Ashley to the DR

Upstairs, Britney tells Dan, Shane and Danielle how they felt after Dan talked to her and Willie...
Brit: He got the mist on us! He's right! We can't put up Kara! It was funny.
Dan: I appreciate the credit..

General chitchat, as Dan does what he does best - asks questions and connects with Shane on a personal level.

Dani: how excited are you about this Sushi thing?
Shane: So excited!
Dan: DO you have a suit? We're gonna try and dress up. I have two, but I don't think it'll fit... do you have dress pants?
Shane: yeah.
Dan: Brit - what kinda cocktails do you think we'll get?!

Downstairs - Wil tells Janelle what he told Shane...

Joe; I said, It took a while, but then it hit me, if I were in your shoes, I would have made the same decision.. You and I as far as I'm concerned are even, can we be loyal - you have the next move, but I tell you this, I will win POV, or die trying. I'll tell you this, if Frank goes up, you have my word, I'll never vote against you. So that's what I told him, so he'd get that true loyalty..
Janielle: Did he buy it any?

Joe: I think so - but I feel he's trying to get us back.. he's trying to whip us...

Jani: Britney knows she worked better with me than with Boogie. She might not trust me, but she trusts me more than boogie. So she was yeah yeah yeah?
Joe: More so than shane...
Janie; Now you've got other options though, and there's a possibility Frank could leave...

Shane: You gotta win HOH this week.
Dan: You know it's gonna be endurance.


Joe: Someone has to be like, i understand you're mad at us, but you are kidding yourself if you are gonna leave Frank in the game. It does not make sense...

Upstairs, the see Ian on the cam, and consider inviting them up..
Dan: He's planning our demise...
Brit: it wasn't that long ago that we saw him pull out his key and kiss it and put it back... We saw him do some fishy stuff Willie and I - he was a big target.. he did some weird stuff!
Dan: like what?
Brit: He'd pull his hands u like this, and talk to himself, and would be pacing around late at night... he hasn't done it that I know of.. it was way at the beginning. We had these plans to spy on him - but he quit doing it.

JAnie's headed upstairs..

Janie: Hey guys! There's no one downstairs...
Brit: We just saw Ian...
Janie; Where is he? Oh there...

They watch Ian pace in the living room

Janie; Poor Ian. I should go down there..
Dan: Go flirt with him so we can watch..
Brit: he's laid in three different possitions on the couch!
Shane: Maybe he's dreading going to that bed - props to him.
Dan: He got a good day today - not nominated, three grand, salmon..

Janie shows off her bruise...
AShley comes out of the DR - and Janie heads downstairs.

Danielle is called to thee DR.. Janelle calls Ashley and Joe into the game room for a meeting..

ashley: He asked who I wanted to pick as houseguests choice, and he was like... I think you should pick Frank, and I was like... WHY? And he was like they'd keep it the same... and I'm like, why would I want that... and he was like oh yeah.. well don't pick me, I'm not strong. Yeah.. defiinitely pick frank...
Janie: ....woooooow.... if you have to pick - pick Jenn. She sucks.

Ashley: The whole slop thing - and this.. it was premeditated. They wanted to get Wil over Joe.. I don't know.
Janie: They're gonna think Joe is willing to work with us, they're gonna think Frank is a way bigger target than Joe.
AshleY: Fuck that Ian.. pissed me off.

Ashley: They made some deal with the devil up there.
Janie; They're stupid if they did - and Britney knows it.

Ian joins. Upstairs, there's talk of blisters on the nipples when breastfeeding... And with that - I'm out. It's midnight BB time, and everyone's either sleeping, or chatting... with the occasional spur of game talk and odds...

Sleep well, Dishers! Mind the critters..



Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks Lessa! I crapped out watching the Olympics...didn't even last to see the US athletes enter the stadium.

Ha! Joe's on slop and nom'd. That put a spring in my step!

July 28, 2012 at 5:22 AM  

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