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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Thursday!☺   Tonight, with the live eviction and HoH Comp, our Big Brother summer addiction starts all.. over.. again!  Who are you rooting for in the HoH Comp tonight?  It's a crap shoot!

Before you get into the Overnight Report, make sure you get up to speed and to check out Zinger and Late Night Lessa's terrific coverage! Here are their posts:

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As we rejoin our HGs,  things are not looking good for JoJo... Britney's doing her best to advise JoJo on effective game play in the BB house, but it seems like a case of too little, too late.  Many of the HGs have been outside practicing with the giant hockey stick apparatus BB put into the backyard for them.  All presume it's for the HoH comp.

Feed 1
Midnight BBT
Janelle, JoJo, Britney

Janelle: We're just doing what the rest of the house is doing.. I just don't get where you're blaming me.  I don't control the votes.

JoJo: I just want people to vote what's best for their game.  We have a chance to eliminate Dan.. and that's what we wanted from week 1.  Like, you n me were really close, and I feel like it's different this week.  Like, if Willie was still here, I wouldn't still be aligned with me.
Janelle: I didn't stop talking to you because of Willie...
JoJo: You saw how he was.. manipulation, manipulation.. I thought something was wrong.. It shouldn't have been so hard the 1st week.  He had me fooled. He even had you fooled.
Britney: I think everyone in this room was agreeable with him at a time.
Janelle: Me too.
JoJo:  I told him, when he blew up on Frank - he crossed the line.. He should've handled that differently.. man to man..
Janelle: And when he blew up on Ashley.. That's what did it for me.

Britney leaves them to their conversation..

Janelle: I totally get it.  And about Dan.
JoJo: I just don't feel like I deserve to leave this early.  I feel like I've earned it.  I feel like being the stronger person on the block dosn't have to be a bad thing.
Janelle: The thing is.. Even if my whole team wanted to keep you, it's not a possibility.. We're in agreement with the other side of the house.
JoJo: And what did they say?
Janelle: They say they want to get rid of you.
JoJo: What is the benefit of keeping Dan in the house?
Janelle: I get that.  It's not what I want.  My opinion doesn't matter.  They're gonna do what they wanna do.
JoJo: I at least have to try.
Janelle: Absolutely.
JoJo: It just doesn't make sense... This is what Frank wants..  Frank said.. He told me.. Vote how you wanna vote.
Janelle: What's, like Ian and Jenn?
JoJo: That's what he said.. and I think he even said he told your players.
Janelle: No, that's not true.

JoJo: It's not siding with me.  Nobody has to make any alliances.  Just look at it as eliminating a coach.

JoJo is preaching to the choir on this.. but it doesn't mean Janelle can switch up her players votes.

JoJo: It's like a guy's game, basically.. The girls are dropping like flies.

Britney returns.

Brit: Are you ok?
JoJo: I'm just saying.. we have the opportunity to get rid of a coach.  Why not do it.
Brit: Yeah.
Janelle: We talked about it last night, but it doesn't matter what I want.  We can't make Joe and Wil, especially, do anything.
JoJo: I don't understand whty everyone's not thinking that way.. I'm not a threat to the guys in this house, and we're down to 3 girls in this house after this week.  Newbie girls.  You 2 don't count.
Janelle/Brit: (laugh)

Janelle: Not good odds..
Brit: Not good at all.
JoJo: I just wanna be here.  Willie f'd up everything.. and I don't feel like I should pay for his mistakes.  We have a chance to get rid of one of the strongest coaches..
Janelle: The thing is, no one sees it that way.  I brought it up.

JoJo: I just felt like you were treating me differently..
Janelle: It's because of WIllie.. F'ing Willie.  Why did he even come here.  He took a spot from someone who really wanted to be here.
Britney: And left his team in the garbage..  Just one little draft pick coulda made all the difference..
JoJo: Who woulda thought he'd be such a psycho.. But that's what sociopaths do..

Janelle: I'm just so glad he's gone..  and I'm sorry you had to be tied in with him.

They wrap it up in the Lounge..

12:18am BBT
Feed 1
Pretty Shane, JoJo
Kitchen Counter

Shane: How was the meeting of the minds?  Meeting of the boobs?

JoJo: You're so dirty.
Shane: I'm not dirty.  I'm just horny.
JoJo: Did you do good with the hockey?
Shane: It's very challenging.. very challenging to bank it.  All it's gonna take is one good bounce or one bad bounce to make it or break it..
JoJo: And there'll probably be something spinning in the middle.

Jenn joins.. They wonder if they'll have any time with the apparatus tomorrow.  Jenn thinks not.

Shane: It's such a crapshoot.

Brit: You gonna go to bed?
Shane: No, I'm gonna stay up and practice..

Brit: How you feeling?  You wanna talk real quickly?

They go to the bathroom to talk.

Brit: I thought you did really good in your talk with Janie.
JoJo: That's how I talk to people..
Brit: It was totally set up to make you confrontational, and you didn't tke the bait.  You did a great job.
JoJo: Thank you.

Feed 3
12:24am BBT
Janie and Ashley

Janie: You wanna always give the illusion that you're not as close with Joe and Wil as you really are..

Ashley: Tell me about the end of the game.. Which HoH is it you're not supposed to win?  The 4th or the 5th.
Janie: Some people believe that.  I don't.  At the end, you need to be careful.  Frank is more likely to take you than Joe or Wil, but you need to take as many alliance members as you can to the end.  You have to.  The goal is to go to the finals, and make sure you have people who will take you there. Frank is very good at talking.

Danielle comes in..

Janelle: JoJo was just trying to pitch me to stay, or whatever, but don't worry, you're fine.  She was like, Janelle, do you want me out of here?  I was like, I don't have a vote. It's not my players.  It's the whole house.
Danielle: Am I really ok though?
Janelle: Yes. We'll be out there in a minute.. I'm just coaching her for tomorrow.

Danielle leaves.

Ash: Joe's all upset about the cigarette thing.. Frank told him to do it..
Janelle: Frank knows that if anyone from Brit's side wins HoH, Frank's not going up, Joe is.

Ash: He's starting to get cockier..
Janelle: He called me a Ho.
Ash: He was getting too loose with his mouth.. too cocky..
Janelle: he thinks he's gonna win this game.  You know that, right?  We have our work cut out for us.  There's 3 girls left in this game.  3.
Ash: I know..  Joe and I were having a little powwow.. And he said, if there's a way to throw it to Joe.. Cuz Wil thinks next Thursday will be endurance, and he can win that one, but Joe doesn't have a chance.. so should we throw it to him?  And Shane knows the exact angle..
Janelle: No.  Definitely you and Wil should not be throwing it...

12:34am Frank comes in..

Frank: how's that go?
Janelle: Not good..

Janelle rehashes the conversation she had with JoJo to Frank, and he puts the nail in the coffin. 

Frank: Even if it comes down to 3-3, I will send JoJo home.  This is better, cuz Shane and JoJo have gotten really close over the last few days, and Danielle has separated from Shane.
Janelle:  She's running around the house saying, "I've got Ian and Jenn's vote," and "It's your team, Janelle."
Ashley: I just had to cut it off.  Otherwise it makes me look shady. 

They toss around the pros and cons for a moment, but JoJo still loses.. Talk turns to Dan..

12:42am Wil joins the Lounge crew.

Wil: Janelle, it's easy to feel sympathy for JoJo because she's on the block, but she's not a nice person, and if the shoe was on the other foot..  She says all the girls are gonna get voted out, but she wanted Kara out.  She's just a hypocrite.
Frank: Shane's tryin' to fish information.. He's like, if the whole house is gonna vote JoJo out, I'll vote her out.  I told him, I think you should vote to keep her.  No one's gonna hold that against you.
Janelle: I don't know how my name got brought into it, but Britney must've said I want JoJo out.
Wil: She made no attempt with me.  Maybe she knows I don't care for her.  She's just not a nice person.  She's rude and she talks shit about everybody.
Frank: She came up there the night before Kara.. and she was like, I'm gonna tell her this, and then I'm gonna vote her out..

12:45am - Joe joins..

Joe: I hit 7 in a row just now.
Janelle: Nice.
Frank: I would hold it down closer..
Joe: That is the key.
Janelle: Did you get that, Ash?
Frank: Hold it down low.

Joe reports that Shane isn't doing well at it.  Ian is.

Janelle: Danielle's all nervous.
Joe: I was just throwing a way a vote.. If ya'll want cigarettes..
Janelle: Why don't we all sign a tshirt?  She can sell it on ebay for like 2-300 dollars..
Joe: She wont want it.

Talk turns to the semantics of BB.  What you're allowed to say re voting.. The newbies tell Janelle you're not allowed to tell someone how you're voting.  Then back to JoJo.  Not a chance. Mm. Maybe that .001 percent of Ivory bar impurity.   Then back to the coming hoH..

Joe: I've got a real good shot.  It's what I consider a half court shot.
Janelle: You guys.. I was talking to Frank today, and omg is that guy good at this game... and he is playing to win.  He thinks it's in the bag.
Wil: That's kinda foolish.
Joe: We could all go home at any time.

***I've decided I want Ashley to win HoH, to protect her from Wil, mostly.

Janelle: Let's just win HoH.  And don't worry about Endurance..  Because there are so many men in the house, it's gonna be geared toward a woman, and the lightest one wins.
Wil: I'll hold on til my body caves away.
Janelle: My only concern with the weight thing is Ian.  He's 100 pounds.

12:57am Frank returns. Still on Feed 3/4

Frank: Ian's good. All Ian told JoJo was that he was "gonna marinate on it."
Joe: At this point, you're f'in stupid if you go against us.
Frank: F'in JoJo.. She's not afraid to lie.  That's obvious.  Ian also thinks I'll be picking the order tomorrow.
Janelle: Put Shane first.
Frank: Yeah.. I'll go Shane, Danielle, you 3, then Ian and Jenn.  Jenn's not bad at it.  Shane's pissed it's not something he can really control.

Janelle: 3rd HoH BB6 was a crap shoot.
Frank: That means next week's gonna be endurance. I was hoping this week would be endurance so I could just watch.
Joe: Endurance, I'm done.  I'm the heaviest guy in the house.
Frank: It might hurt our hemorrhoids.
Wil: It might.  We'll have to let one burst. I'm not lettin' go til my body shuts down.

Joe: I feel bad for her.. It really should be Willie going home.
Janelle: Me too.
Frank: Me too.  Ashley, you gotta good chance of winning this tomorrow.
Ashley; I know I do.
Frank: Anybody can win it.

Janelle: We gotta win it tomorrow. 

Janelle: If the coaches do go in it, Frank would take Boogie to the end.. He knows Boogie is hated.
Wil: Why would he tell you that?
Janelle: I don't know.  Maybe he thinks I'm working with them.
Wil: THey've gotta be frustrated he's not down here with them.
Janelle: The thing is.. If someone's coming back, it's gotta be this week.  You can't bring someone back and then send them right to jury..

Wil: So JoJo or Kara are coming back.. We'll enjoy the week of peace..

Janelle: I don't wanna put things in your head, but did you guys ever think about why Frank and Boogie want Dan to stay?  It doesn't make any sense.
Joe: He did.  They're just going with us.
Wil: Unless we're all being bamboozled.. and they're all gonna vote out Danielle..
Janelle: That's not happening .

Joe: Frank is playing his game. Frank is playing with us more than Boogie wants him to.

Ashley: How do you know?

Joe: Do you ever see Boogie in a meeting?
Janelle: They talk constantly.
Joe: In my heart of heart, I think Frank's willing to go to the 6 with us.  He is going to stick with the 6, I guarantee you.  That is my opinion.  He has no reason to lie to us.
Janelle: Yeah he does.  I just don't see them voting out Danielle, rather than one of the 2 of you.  It just doesn't make sense..
Joe: I'm the old man in the house.  Ashley's more of a threat than I am.
Wil: You've got a good social game though..
Joe: But I can't win competitions.
Wil: There really hasn't been that much to win yet.  It's more important that Shane goes home now than ever though.. I feel like this is the last chance we're gonna have ot get him out of here for a while.
Joe: He's my number one target.  Ashley's my number 2.
Ashley: You're a stinker.
Janelle: I know what you guys think, but Frank is very good at this game.
Wil: I'm not afraid to take out anybody, but we do need allies.  I think we just cross these bridges when we come to them.

Wil wants to put up Shane and Ian.. and if Shane wins PoV, Ian goes home.

Janelle: Guys, this is 2 weeks for us.  The deal is up.  Do you really think they're gonna take out Danielle, if Shane comes off the block?  It's foolish for us to think that way.
Wil: Well, most likely it'll come down to 2 of us on the block and one of us will go home.  But that's worst case scenario.  All the PoVs can't favor Shane.

Shane's outside on the couch watching Jenn practice.  JoJo's on the chair, and I believe that's Dan sprawled out on the couch.

Jenn: We'll even leave it open to F*ck with ya.  There'll be spinning midgets out here or something.

Janelle and company head outside to practice..
Joe hangs back to reassure Danielle that she is a-ok.

Feed 3
Jenn comes in and tells Joe and Danielle about the game.. They all agree it's a crap shoot..

Jenn: There'll probably be spinning little people.. It's fun playin' it though.. Honestly, we might be doin' cartwheels on that thing tomorrow.. in bunny suits.

Feed 1
Dan and Danielle

Dan is very quietly coaching Danielle on how to play the comp game from the couch..

Joe and Wil come and join them in the couch area.. chatting it up.

Jenn's doing her bedtime routine in the bathroom.  JoJo chats her up a bit.. to no avail. Jenn heads into the toilet.  JoJo takes off.   Ian takes a seat on the bathroom couch to tend to his wound.. BB tells him to put on his mic.  Jenn says goodnight..

We've got eyes on the couch crew, but we're catching audio of Janelle coaching Ashley on the Comp game.

Janelle: Yup.  That's perfect.  Perfect.  You're doing great...  That's ok..  Yeah, that's perfect.  That was good.  Let's do that again.Hell yeah! Hell Yeah!  That's what I'm talking about.  It's ok..

Dan gets up off the couch to train Danielle a bit.

Shane: I'm glad our coach is here to help.  She went to bed 2 hours ago.

Janelle: That's perfect.  Let's do it one more time.  You got it!  Sweet!

Feed 3
Dan trades in to coach Danielle..  Janelle will help Wil and Joe next.  She ends the Ashley session praising her.
Dan: Good shot.  Go 3 more and try to hit the center each time.
Danielle: Ok. 

2am BBT Dan's Coaching of Danielle continues.. His coaching style is quieter.. "Good shot."

Checking the Quad... We have practice and couchers on 1 and 2.  JoJo has just gone into the lounge to talk with Ashley on 3.. and  Ian is in bed in the Have Not room on 4.  We'll join JoJo for her attempt with Ashley..

Ashley: I think you're taking it very well.  You might be coming back.
JoJo: That means I'm going.. It makes no sense.  Why can't we just get rid of Dan.. Why can't everyone just make up their own mind?  I hope the teams get split into 2s.. and then everyone's stuck with Dan still being here... They made a mistake getting rid of Kara too.  Then it's gonna be all guys.  I did have a dream that you won HoH though.
Ashley: Awww

JoJo: I also dreamt that I got a black power of veto, which doesn't even exist.  I jumped on Shane and he was so happy, cuz I got this power that doesn't even exist..  There could be a chance though.  You never know.
Ashley: I know.
JoJo: Like last week, Janelle got to pick all the have nots..  Joe said, you have my vote, because of the cigarette thing.  And then Britney said, he's not being honest.  I don't know who to trust.  It's messed up if he takes my cigarettes and doesn't keep his word.  But he's like, I told Frank I was gonna vote for you.
Ashley: hm
JoJo: But like, he can't be trusted.  Like that sneaky thing when he went through Frank's bags.
Ashley: Yeah.

JoJo: it's such a crap shoot tomorrow.  Anyone can win.  Anyone.  What?  People were saying they think I'll come back?
Ashley; mm hmm.
JoJo: But then there still gonna be going after me n Shane.. And it's not just because of Willie.  One of the strongest guys.  One of the strongest girls.. It's a win-win.
Ash: mm hmm
JoJo: I feel sorry for you and __.  All those guys??  Ian's kinda good at it.  And he's little.  And he got a bear.  This is just stupid.  Don't you think it's stupid?  It just makes sense to get rid of Dan.  If I come back, it's not gonna be pretty.

Ashley's being a friend and a friendly ear.. but this is a no go.

JoJo: You know they're gonna go after Shane next, right?
Ashley: I guess, yeah.  I think they just see you as a more threatening player than Danielle.
JoJo: And they just don't wanna break Boogie and Janelle's teams?
Ashley: That could be broken up this week.  I think they just think you're more threatening than Danielle.  That's what it comes down to.
JoJo: But they should wanna get rid of Dan.
Ashley: THen that's what you should be drumming in people's heads.
JoJo: I'm trying.  If I leave tomorrow.. I'm only giving you a hug.. Britney.. Shane, Dan and Danielle.. and everyone else can go f*ck themselves.  I just don't get why Frank is like, they can all make their own decisions, when he knows what's gonna happen.
Ashley: Frank's just trying to play Mr. Nice Guy.

JoJo: I'll be rooting for Shane.  I hope he pulls it off.
Ashley: He has a good shot.
JoJo: Yeah, I know.  He's mad bad.  I told Shane, if it's obvious I'm going, you should just vote with everyone else.  He said no.  That just shows his character.  Maybe I should make out with him tonight.
Ashley: You should hehe.
JoJo: He's so cute.  Nah.. I can't do that.. Cuz if I come back, it would mess everything up.  As much as I would love to, just to piss people off.

2:20am This conversation between Ashley and JoJo is ongoing on Feed 3 and 4.  We're flipping outside to check on the others..

Feed 1
Dan and Danielle..

We can hear Wil taking practice shots, with Janelle encouraging and Joe giving detailed instructions..

Dan: There's a thing as too much coaching.
Danielle: mm hmm.  Why's he acting like he knows everything?
Dan: I don't know.  What's important for you.. just remember.. flat surface, straight line..

Wil wraps up his session, and Janelle hits 3 for fun.

Feed 3/4
Ashley and JoJo wrap it up and hug it out.

Feeds 1.2
Practice continues.. and chatter on the couch with Joe, Janelle, Shane and Wil..
  Shane's having a pity party about what he feels will happen if anyone but him wins.

Wil: You never know..
Shane: It's pretty obvious.

Joe says goodnight and heads in for bed.  Janie and Wil go inside to the kitchen for a cup of tea... and to talk about Debby Downer (Shane).  Ashley's in the bathroom washing her face.

Janelle's chatting in the bathroom with Ashley and Wil on 1 and 2.
Dan's coaching Danielle outside..

Janelle's worried about Frank..

Janelle: There's something about him that scares the bejeezus outa me.  The thing is, he's so nice.
Wil: I think he genuinely is a nice person.  I don't think he's being malicious.
Janelle: I just think that..
Ashley: I feel like Joe's hypnotized by him.
Janelle: If we get the opportunity..

Ashley: I would go after him in a heartbeat.  I would love for him to be the 1st to go.

Wil: He flirts with me.
Janelle: He flirts with me too, and I'm married.  Think about it.. if you guys take out Shane next week, his biggest competition is gone.
Wil: We have to gun it in the comp.
Janelle: you're just as physical as him.
Ashley: Personally, I think you're more threatening than him...
Janelle: He's really smart.  Like, the way he talks to me reminds me of.. Will.  Like how Will used to talk to me. He thinks if he's in Final 2 with anyone, he's gonna win.

Ashley: Now I wonder if the whole BB struggle is a lie..
Janelle: And every person in the house loves him.  He's too powerful.
Wil: I don't love him.
Ashley: I don't know guys.  I'm not afraid to get rid of him.
Wil: I'm not either.
Ashley: I think Joe is.
Wil: It's not bad to have people as an ally..
Janelle: But you have to look 2 steps ahead, and he's not gonna be your ally.  Sometimes you have to take out the biggest threat.. He's way more dangerous than Shane.  He has more allies.. and Shane has no one.

Wil: We can still do what I suggested.  Just pick up Shane and Danielle..
Ashley: Even Shane is getting mystified by him.
Janelle: Shane's not even all there.
Ashley: Shane's never even seen Big Brother before sequester.
Janelle: Well Frank's never missed an episode, and he's been trying to get in for 3 years.  He read 48 degrees of power before he came in the house..
Wil: He's totally trying to manipulate me.. I'm sure he took the whole Willie thing and ran with it..

Ashley: When someone tells me who they are, because that's what they want me to believe.. I'm done.
Janelle: He's really good, you guys.. I'm buying it for the most part, until I step back and say, wait a minute.  Something's not right with this dude.
Ashley: I want it to be us 3 in the end.. I just don't want people to get mystified..
Janelle: He's really good at getting inside of you...

Wil: It would be really awesome to put that backup plan into motion.
Janelle: Bring Shane and Danielle on board?  Yeah. Joe may not agree with me, but if we can get Shane and Danielle, then take  Boogie's team out, we're the biggest team in the house.  Does it really make sense to let Frank slide by another week, and take out his biggest opponent?
Ashley: I don't trust him.
Wil: I don't think it's smart to put him on the block.
Janelle: No..
Wil: We're gonna have to backdoor him.

Janelle: No one can know the plan.
Ashley: I think it would work out best if only we know.
Janelle: Yeah.. don't tell Joe.  He's got a big mouth.

3am cont'd
Ashley: We have to win.  Shane and Frank are already talking.
Janelle: What if Ian threw it.. and it was all to keep Shane safe another week, because they already have an alliance...
Ashley: I don't think they're working together yet, but I think they're talking about it.  We HAVE to win HoH.  It's even more important now.  And we have to keep a close eye on Joe.  The drama gets to him.
Wil: WTF was he thinking?  Exchange a vote for a pack of cigarettes?  WTF?!

Janelle:  Danielle said she would put up Shane and Frank, and one of them is leaving.  But if we want this plan to work, we have to win HoH. 

Ashley: Right now, Frank thinks he's got us where he wants us.  When you have to talk about trust all the time..You're not trustworthy.. 
Janelle: In every aspect of this game - social, mental, physical - Frank has it to win it. 
Wil: We're gonna be able to make a big move if we win HoH.
Janelle: It's so important.  It looks like we're safe, but we're not safe.  Danielle is guaranteed final 5.  No one's gonna touch her.  Why would they take her out?

Hypotheticals til we're blue.. The HoH Comp will be the deciding factor.  Practice continues outside..

3:07am BBT
Ashley, Wil and Janelle say goodnight to Dan and Danielle, as they come into the bathroom to brush their teeth..  Janelle's coming back for a shower.

 Dan: you did awesome.

Outside on 3 and 4, Shane is practicing, while JoJo talks..
Inside on 1, Janelle's having a shower..
On 2, Danielle's waiting on the bathroom couch to talk to Janie..

JoJo: I guess it's better to be a weak player.

After a couple minutes, Shane puts down the stick and says, "I think I'm good."  He hands off to JoJo, and acts as her comp coach.

JoJo: I'll pretend it's Janelle's face.

Ladies and gentlemen.. A handful of the HGs are still up, but it looks like a lock for the eviction, and we have a big day and an even bigger night ahead of us on the live feeds with a new HoH.  So... This concludes the Overnight Report..  for now... I'll check back later to see if anything more needs to be added. 

Sweet dream, houseguests...

See you back here with a new top post when the HGs wake up for the day. ☺

Happy Live Show Day!  Thank you for being a part of the dish!



Blogger Lezbionic said...

Caro, thank u so much. In tne past two days you've gotten TOR up so fast! Between u, Lessa, Zinger (who am I forgetting?)...I am up to speed! Love this site!

I started my new job & while Ive missed some feeds, I havent missed the happenings bcuz of u guys! Thank u!

July 26, 2012 at 5:03 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

ty ty for the over night report
gm all and yeahhh looks like jojos going home

im glade dani is staying another week as is dan. and i hope dani wins hoh

i hope frank shane or joe go up and home this next week.

July 26, 2012 at 6:31 AM  
Blogger Marla Peverall said...

Good morning DishChicks & Fellow Dishers. Happy Live Show Day :)

Not to happy with how its looking for Jojo but if by any chance or twist she gets back in the game, shes coming in guns blazing. Which, for me personally, would make this season that much better.

July 26, 2012 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, BB Lovelies! :0) Happy Live Show Day!!

Hi Lezbionic :)) Thanks so much! I'm gla you're enjoying!

Morning, Jade! :) Thank you!

Good morning, Marla! :) True dat!

July 26, 2012 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger Natalie37 said...

Good morning Carolyn, and everyone! This site rocks! I come first thing every morning, and last thing every night. Plus I stop in all throughout the day. You ladies are amazing!

I still don't feel like I've really connected with anyone yet this season. I don't have a favorite right now, I really don't even know which side of the house I'm on at this point. I do not like Wil at all! He is such a hypocrite! He calls people out for talking bad about other people, when he's the first person to bad mouth someone. Ugh, I just can't stand him, and I'm disappointed cause at first he was one of my favorite players.

Well, that's my rant for this morning. :-) have a great day everyone, see you all at the live show viewing party!

July 26, 2012 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

It does look like a lock for Danielle but I do see ways that lock can be opened. Janelle seems to getting very paranoid and it keeps up through today I could see them keeping JoJo if she promises to go after Frank.

Janelle's team seems to believe that Danielle is harmless and won't try for HOH so she's no good to do their dirty work. They are also very cocky so no matter how the vote goes I hope a Janelle team member doesn't win HOH.

Thanks for TOR Carolyn, caught me up on all the happenings.

Have a wonderful day everyone. See you tonight.

July 26, 2012 at 7:34 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Good morning Caro and thanks for another fabulous TOR. Can hardly wait for the live show tonight when the game starts all over. I am hoping Ashley, Shane or Danielle is the next HOH.

July 26, 2012 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger Michael Morgado said...

Thank You for all you do! My 1st year with the live feeds, thru you of course!

July 26, 2012 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger BigBrotherFollower Morgado said...

Thanks for all you do Carolyn! First time feed user (thru You of course) long time follower of BB Dish.

July 26, 2012 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger WorldsGreatestExtra said...

In light of what happened last week we should really refrain from using "coming back with guns" statements just saying. Wish JoJo had a chance but if it's up to us it could go either way but if it's up to them winning hoh then someone's gonna throw it to keep their former member out

July 26, 2012 at 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so totally just commented on the wrong post!! lemme try again...Caro, I just watched the one on one interview with Kara and Jeff(eye candy madness!!!) on the CBS website. think maybe she isn't in sequester, and jojo just may walk through a revolving door? i hope not..kinda want her gone, but this IS BB!!! LOL

July 26, 2012 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

why at 930 am on eviction day are they still sleeping?

July 26, 2012 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Mortning, Jade! :)

Morning, knyteprincess! :)

MOrning, WorldsGreatest :) - her words.

MOrning, Michael! :) Thank you very much!!

Good morning, Cindi! :) Thank youuu!! Me too!

Good morning, Michigan Man! :) Thanks! :) See you tonight!

Good morning, Natalie! :) Thanks so much! :)

Everyone - Come on up to the new top post!!


July 26, 2012 at 10:06 AM  

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