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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday!☺   Tomorrow, this crazy game starts all over again!  I have wonderful news about accessing Flashback!  You no longer have to do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around..  Just plunk in the BBT time and watch. :)  Hip Hip Hooray! 

Before you get into the Overnight Report, make sure to check out Late Night Lessa's terrific coverage.

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As we rejoin our HGs, they've been playing cornhole for the past 20+ minutes.. Then Janelle comes out and at 1am BBT, Janie and Wil  hop onto the hammock.. Janelle's trying to get Wil to see how keeping JoJo would be a good thing for their team.  He's not having it.

Feed 1 and 2
Janelle and Wil

Janelle: Dan worries me.  I don't wanna mess up on getting him out of the house while we have the chance. I'm just getting really nervous about Boogie and Frank's relationship, cuz they're really tight.
Wil: You and I are tight.. For some reason I trust Frank.. I don't think he'd put me on the block.
Janelle: If Boogie told him to, he would..
Wil: I personally feel.. I would rather get.. All Dan has is Danielle.. and she's not a threat by any means.  If JoJo goes home, Danielle's not gonna put us up..
Janelle: But is Danielle gonna win HoH?
Wil: I think it's gonna  be golf or something.
Janelle: My whole thing.. If that twist happens, it's gonna be really tough to get rid of Dan and win.
Wil: The only logical thing right now is to go for the players that are in the game.  If we go for Shane, we'll still be aligned with Frank and Jen.. And JoJo.. Ya know..
Janelle: Yeah, but next week, they're not gonna.. If Shane wins HoH.. they're not gonna get id of Danielle..
Wil: I'm just not comfortable playing for a twist.
Janelle: I agree.. I'm just.. I know how tough it is to get rid of players when it gets down.
Wil: JoJo's gonna drive every bopdy nuts.. It's kinda one of those easy decisions..  What is the point of them doing that showmance thing?  All that makeup and stuff.. and they were in the hottub whispering..
Janelle: When I was on the bvlock, I made a showmance..
Wil: Why? TO save yourself?
Janelle: No. just why fake the funk?
Wil: Oh, was that the guy?
Janelle: The Millionaire Matchmaker guy.. Spiderman kiss guy..

Wil: At the end of the day, we've gotta do what they wanna do.. and Shane's not gonna align with them.
Janelle: I know.  Why would he? But.. if that happens? If Dan, Boogie and Frank are working together?  All they have to do is win comp after comp.. and they will.
Wil: I think I stand a much better chance against Frank than Shane.  I like Frank.
Janelle: me too. I just wish he wasn't besties with Boogie.
Wil: I don't think he agrees with Boogie all the time.
Janelle: You can't trust him.. He;s like the dirtiest player in this game.  He came back for 1 reason only.  He's a multi millionaire.  He's just here for the title.  He'll do anything to win it.
Wil: If it comes down to it.. next week.  Maybe itll be a good time to get rid of a floater, and thats Danielle.
Janelle: No.  We can't do that.  It leaves us in jeopardy for the next part of the game.
Wil: As far as winning HOH next week, if JoJo stays in the game, it's gonna be one less in our favor to win it.  If she goes up, she's porbably gonna go for both sides.
Janelle: I can see that.  Next week is gonna be really rocky. And that twist is gonna come Thursday night.
Wil: It'll be exciting..
Janelle: We need 3 votes next week.
Wil: Danielle, Joe, Ashley..  If JoJo stays we';re f'd.
Janelle: I think Danielle's better for your game, but if that twist happens, we're gonna have a real hard time getting rid of Dan.
Wil: I feel like if we go against what they want, and then the twist comes, it's gonna be a hell storm, and then our hands are against a wall..
Janelle: I know.
Wil: Stranger things have happened..  And he and Britney will be down to one player.  Something gives me the ick about Shane.. More that I think about it, when he talks about it.. I don't think he's up front about what he does.  He's not that skilled at playing the good guy.  He thinks he's gonna get HoH, I'm sure.
Janelle: mm hmm
Wil: He was the 1st one out.. on the other one. At least we're almost to Thursday.. Woohoo!

Janelle: Britney comes in and she's like, it looks like you have JBF here.. and she wasn't drunk.
Wil: I think she doesn't have too much of a filter..
Janelle: I know.. I have nice hair.. sometimes, when I wash it.  So basically, I'm a little nervous..
Wil: We'll figure it out..
Janelle: If that happens, __ has to go.. Like stat. He works out 3 hours a day, while I'm eating chocolate chip cookies.
Wil: Get on it!
Janelle: I can't work out 3 hours a day.
Wil: 1 then.

Talk turns to Jenn..

Wil: She never engages anyone in conversations about anything but herself.  She's just like JoJo.

Dan and Ian

We join Dan and Ian in the bathroom for a talk about his chances with a girl he likes in real life, outside of the house..

Ian: That's why we do it.  I'm a nice, reasonable person, so I would give her a chance.. That's my thing.  I don't expect it the same way..
Dan: If you said that to her, what are the logical possible outcomes?
Ian: Scoff at it.
Dan: What does that mean?
Ian: Say screw off.
Dan: What are the odds?
Ian: 30 percent.
Dan:  What's another possible outcome?
Ian: Thanks but no thanks.
Dan:  What's another possible outcome?
Ian: Yeah sure.
Dan: Which is the desirable outcome.  What are the chances?
Ian: About 30 percent.
Dan: And that's the outcome you'd want, right?

Ian: Right. Of course.
Dan: So would you be willing to take a 3 out of 10 shot to ask her?  So what's the downside?  So if she gets..
Ian: aaah.. She probably just slide me off or something.

Dan:  Why do you think that?  Has she given you a reason?  Have you called her and she hasn't responded?  Have you texted?
Ian: No, no..

Fishies.. We return to Ian saying he's tired and heading for bed.  Jenn is now in the bathroom with them.

Dan: Well, Ian.. I think good things are gonna happen eventually with that girl.
Ian: Yeah, right.
Dan: I'm serious!
Ian: We'll see.
Jenn: Never say never!!
Dan: I think, the experiment outcome you're looking for, there's a high probability it's gonna turn out good for ya.
Ian: Well I'm glad that you think that.
Dan: You're a good kid, Ian.
Ian: I'm glad you think that.  Just goes to show, you can't tell after 2 and a half weeks.

Dan heads into the lounge where he finds Danielle sacked out..

Feed 3
Dan and Danielle

Dan: There's no sleeping in the robot room.
Danielle: I fell asleep.

Dan: What's goin' on?
Danielle: Just hangin' out. I was readin' the bible for a little while.
Dan: Fell asleep?  How you feelin'?
Danielle: I feel good.  How you feelin'?
Dan: Have fun tonight? How's Colt doin'?
Danielle: Colt's doin' great, I guess.. I don't know.. I assume.
**I think Colt is code for Shane.

Jenn comes in to say goodnight.  Dan asks her to wake him up tomorrow.. She meows him awake in the morning.  They say goodnight to Jenn, then..

Dan: (whispers) I just gotta wait for everyone to clear out.
Danielle: Colt, I guess, is chasin' his little girlfriend around..
Dan: What's her name?
Danielle: Samantha..
Dan: Softball player?  What's she look like?
Danielle: Uhh.. I've never seen her in person yet.. but um.. she's got medium brown hair.. really cute girl, cute smil, dimples.. I think she's 5'3".. 5"4..
Dan: How'd he meet her?
Danielle: She pursued him.
Dan: How'd you feel about that?
Danielle: I don't know.. He knows that he's..
Dan: A good lookin' dude.

Feed 1
Janelle, Joe
Couch - backyard

We join this conversation in progress to hear Joe laughing about JoJo thinking she has his vote..  Earlier, in Late Night Lessa's coverage, Joe promised JoJo his vote for 2 packs of cigarettes.

Joe: So I said, would you wanna give up 2 packs up smokes for it?
Janelle: My whole thing is.. I just get nervous watching Boogie work out 3 hours a day.. He thinks he's coming into this game.
Joe: But if he's coming in, so are you.
Janelle: But he's beat me before.  And will Dan help us?  Probably not.

Wil, Janelle, Joe
Backyard - Couch
Feed 1 and 2

Wil: I'm gonna be out for blood if they put me up on that block next week..
Janelle: We only need 3 votes next week.
Wil: We could put Jenn and Ian up.
Janelle: I think we leave Jenn alone.. It's Ian, Frank and Boogie working together.. She knows she's on the outs.

Joe: Plus she's definitely on your side.. I don't think she likes Frank or Ian.
Janelle: Ian, Boogie and Frank are really tight.
Joe: I agree. and Jenn isn't a part of that team.  She is, but.. She feels like they're gonna cut her anytime.  I think the goal next week has to be get rid of Shane.
Janelle: Definitely, but we have to have a plan B.

**Dan and Danielle are talking on feed 3/4 right now.. 1:20am  - For now, we're sticking here with the voters.. I'll check the flashbacks and add anything important..

Joe: If they separate teams..
Wil: If teams are separated, people aren't gonna flip.  People are gonna play with their coach.. They can't win unless their coach wins.
Janelle: They're not gonna do that.
Wil: Switch up the teams?
Janelle: I don't think they're gonna do that.  I think the twist'll be something with the coaches.. Cuz why else would Boogie be working ut 3 hours a day?  Why else would a multi millionaire..

Joe: I don't wanna play in the future.. I wanna play right now..
Wil: Either way we vote, it could be a mistake.  If we vote Danielle out, and there is no twist.

Feed 3
Dan and Danielle

Danielle: Britney and Ashley were convinced that you were tryin' to talk game with me.  I was like.. ya'll he was just making sure I wasn't too drunk.. They were like, ok, ok.. Saved your ass on that one.
Dan: What'd she say?
Danielle: Then Britney was like, I don't care who goes home.  I really like you.  I don't care if Britney goes.

Dan: What did Ashley say?
Danielle: Ashley was just laughin'.  I was like.. I don't know what's going on, do you, and she was like, "I don't know either.  Nobody tells me anything."  And then Janelle, earlier today was tellin' me they definitely want me here, cuz I get along with all of her players.l and it's gonna be a 5-1 vote.
Dan:  Is Shane voting?
Danielle: They think he's voting to keep JoJo.  I don't know.  I haven't had a moment alone with Shane.  But then, when I went to get my pajamas... Ashley called me in.. She's like, "Don't worry if you saw me and JoJo talking..  Like, she was trying to convince me to vote for her, but I'm not going to.  I can't stand her."  But she was telling her how she's gonna be talkin' all this game tomorrow, and I was like, uh oh, here we go.
Dan:  We'll hang out by the pool tomorrow.

This conversation is ongoing on Feed 3 and 4, if you'd like to catch it in the flashback section of the live feeds.

 Meanwhile, on feed 1.. 

Janelle: I see Frank as a huge threat, even though I really like him..
Joe: I'm just trying to get us into a nice situation fo rthe final 4.. Obviously we have to get to the 6 first..
Janelle; Thing is, the 3 of you have to stick together, no matter what.  Strength in numbers.
Joe: Oh man.. I just hope this twist doesn't screw us.
Janelle: I don't think it'll screw us.. I think it'll make things harder.. Think about the possibility of having to go against Dan, Boogie, Frank and Shane..
Joe: I just don't think ya'll are gonna be dropped into the game.  I get what you're saying, but..

Janelle: Do you think Frank will ever break away from Boogie?
Joe: I think he would.  Either he's lying to me, or he's got me sold.
Janelle: I think he's lying.
Joe: I think Frank thinks he can beat us, so he's willing to go with it.  I think he's confident he can beat Wil or I.. I think he's honest, because he thinks he can beat us.
Wil: I think he's waiting for JoJo or Kara to come back.

Janelle: I think we're gonna have a heap of problems in 2 weeks.
Wil: So you think we should vote out Danielle?

Talk turns to Ashley..

Wil: She's a liability.. Why should we trust her?  She told us she was going to the other side.. She was leaning there.. We've been doing a lot of work to make her feel part of the group, and she does nothing..
Janelle: I'll talk to her about it.  I told her today to stop talking game to people she's not with..
Wil: Would you trust me if I was doing that?

Joe: Shane showed me stuff today that made me want him outta here.  He's really cocky.  He thinks he's the shit.  I know I'm nobody, but..


Talk turns to Ian.  Wil and Joe don't think they can trust him.  Janelle agrees.  Then they move on to next week..

Joe: I think if they win it, we're goin' up.  Cuz it'll be payback..
Janelle: You can't count on this for next week.
Wil: Well, if we go up on the block, all we have to do is get PoV, cuz then we've got the votes.
Joe: If we go up, one of us is going home.  
Janelle: If Shane wins PoV.
Joe: Yeah.

Wil: We just gotta see how it goes. We're still in the best position right now.
Janelle: Right now.
Joe: Today.
Wil: We still have the best chance of getting HoH.
Janelle: I think it's gonna be a crap shoot.  Bocci or Corn Toss.. Ian's really good at Bocci Ball.  So is Frank, but he's not playin'
Joe: If it's sports of any sort, Shane's gonna kick ass.  No doubt about that. Alls I know is, I think ya'll should be proud of me, cuz I've been very quiet all week. hahahaha I've kept my mouth shut, and I need some drama to happen.
Janelle: just wait til Thursday night.. We'll have drama! And we'll be up til 4am out here smoking..
Wil: We need a shaky week.. Cuz if not, they'll be gunning for us.  I can' just see that old excuse.. You've gotta go up.. feel the heat.
Joe: I think we can totally steal Jenn's vote, if Frank's on the block.
Janelle: She made a comment to Ashley that she was nervous about the all guy allaince..
Joe: She's a man hater... but I like her.. She's who she is..
Wil: She is..
Janelle: She's basically a dude.

Joe: She's not gonna try to pull the wool over your eyes. 
Wil: She and Ashley are like parallels right now.. It's really dub game moves.  People have gone home for stuff like that.
Joe: It's still good for us.. If we don't piss anybody off like that..

Janelle: I think tomorrow might be my alone day.  I'm sick of these people.
Joe: I did yesterday.. I was hurtin' so bad for my wife, I just hurt.  Sometimes it just weighs on ya.
Janelle: Yup.

Janelle: I think I'm gonna be here to til the end..
Wil: Sounds good to me.
Joe: We could possibly get it down to you're the only one left with 3 people in the game..

Janelle: I just get nervous..  Something about Boogie and Frank working together.  If Boogie wasn't here, I would trust Frank more.  This game is just so long and so ridiculous sometimes..
Wil: It's gonna get longer and longer.
Janelle: Once we get through August, it's done.
Wil: Get through the last week of July and the 1st week of August, and we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Janelle: Ashley was the 1st one who came to me and said, next week I'm putting Shane and Ian up, and I'm gonna backdoor Frank.  I was like, What?!
Wil: Cuz she was gullible enough to believe they had an alliance.
Joe: You think you can beat Frank, right?
WIl: I did it once.
Janelle: If it's one of those tea cup comps.. do you have more endurance than him?
Wil: Definitely.
Janelle: It's basically a long distance run.
Wil: That's what I do.
Joe: You guys may not think so.. but in strength.. brute strength on the ground, I think I can beat him.  I'm a bull.

Janelle: What if you had to compette against Boogie?
Wil: He has no core strangth whatsoever. I'm much stronger than Boogie.
Joe: If it's strictly endurance, we'll kill em.  If it's an athletic thing, Frank might have an edge.  If it's strictly endurance?  Wil's the best competitor in the game.

Feed 3
Dan and Danielle

Dan: As a coach, it was my job to keep kara safe..

Danielle: I can't believe she told me that.. They all tell me what's going on in their team.. Joe cried on my shoulder.. Real tears..
Dan: He likes you.  He doesn't like me.
Danielle: Tha'ts fine.  You're not playin.  Now what do I do tomorrow?
Dan: You really need to be in control of your emotions tomorrow.  JoJo will be talking to a lot of people.. Don't worry about her.  Just worry about you.  Don't even talk bad about her.
Danielle: I haven't.  To anybody. About anybody.  Ian even said it.. I can't stand when JoJo talks bad abut you, cuz why is she talkin' bad about someone who doesn't talk bad about other people.  You just gotta make sure Frank and Boogie don't change their minds.  Britney was up there talkng to them.
Dan: Do you think Britney's gonna convince anyone of anything?
Danielle: JoJo too.. What?  What?  That's not a good face?
Dan: (silent)

Danielle: You're scaring me.
Dan: I don't want them to hear.. (stealth whispers)  Know what I'm sayin'?  Even the show (stealth)
Danielle: You're right.. but I can't do what anybody else.. I'm not.. I can't be nice all the time.. She gets under my skin..
Dan: I know.

2am Ready for bed, Dan and Danielle wrap it up.

Feed 1
Backyard - Couch

Joe: I think the total game is between he and I.  Someone's gonna get caught in the cross hairs..  Then, what's the HoH you don't wanna win?

Janelle: Final 5.  It depends though.. If you've got allies you can trust, go ahead and win it.
Wil: Ian said, if it's endurance, I'm gonna cream it.  I looked at him, and I said, There's not a rats chance I'm gonna let go.
Janelle: Ian's the smallest person in the house, if JoJo leaves..
Wil: He pisses me off.  I'm not gonna let him win over me.

Joe: If we win, we're puttin up Shane and Ian.
Janelle: If Shane wins PoV, bye bye Ian..
Joe: If Shane wins PoV, we put up Frank..

Ian scares Janelle and Wil more, in terms of Endurance.  Joe argues that no one will vote for Ian on Jury.

Wil: We're thinkin' way too far ahead.
Joe: We're just havin' fun.
Wil: I'm ready for bed.
Janelle/Joe: Me too..

They head inside.  Wil to the bathroom couch to wait for Janelle.. Joe to grab some Advil from the storage room.

Walking toward the bedrooms..

Joe: Do you want my bed tonight?  And I'll sleep out here?
Wil: Yeah.
Janelle: You don't wanna sleep with Jenn?
Wil: No, she's mean.
Janelle: heheh

Janelle crawls into bed with Ashley.  Wil turns off her light..

2:13am BBT Sweet dreams, houseguests..

Sleep while the babies sleep.. See you when they wake up!



Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

Morning! Ready for another hot one here in the Midwest. Cool front tonight, takes us down to 92 tomorrow.

July 25, 2012 at 4:00 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

I think this might be the last quiet, calm week for awhile. No matter who wins Thur. this game is going to go into overdrive, again. It will probably depend on what Ashley does. That girl is crafty.

I'll see you all at the viewing party tonight.

Have a wonderful day and if you're in the heat stay cool.

July 25, 2012 at 5:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Zany! :) "down to 92"?? Eeek!

Good morning, MichiganMan! :) I think you're absolutely right. I also think that they needed a week of relative calm to recuperate from the firestorm that was week 1. See you at the Viewing party tonight! :)

July 25, 2012 at 6:47 AM  
Blogger REGY said...

hi everyone! hi fab Caro!

Props to JoJo to resorting to prison tactics as she exchanged 2 packs of smokes for a vote. These hamsters are inmates to the full extent now in my eyes.
JoJo makes me laugh. I am still pushing to evict Danielle on the account of being boring (same as they did to Kara). But I dont get a vote. Bummer.

July 25, 2012 at 7:10 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

good morning i hope jojo leaves tomorrow and dani stays

July 25, 2012 at 7:18 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Regy! :) Thank you!

Good morning, Jade! :)

July 25, 2012 at 7:50 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

Good morning Carolyn; good morning all you wonderful BBers.

I just wanted to mention something Carolyn mentioned on FB this a.m. -- about the "fairness (or not)" of the possibility of the Coaches being "dropped into the game to compete for the $500,000, after weeks of immunity."

One person commented they didn't care about fairness, only about "interesting."

I haven't read the last two posts, so I may be "hashing old news," but I wanted to post this before my ancient brain loses the thought -- you know how . . . Oh, look, something shiny over there -- where was I?

Seriously, short and sweet, I think if I was one of the players (as of the moment, anyway), I'd be pretty peeved at AGP for giving experienced players a "free ride" for these past weeks.

However, IF the Coaches were "dropped in" early enough to have the players be able to create a quorum -- yeah, that'll happen -- in order to systematically vote out the "Pros," it could have it's possibility for "entertaining" and definitely an opportunity for "drama."

Anybody else find the idea amusing?

July 25, 2012 at 8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

Once again a great TOR...not sure who I want to go home yet, so many things to consider.

See everyone tonight at viewing party tonight..I hope


July 25, 2012 at 8:22 AM  
Blogger kmacattack said...

Good Morning:-) I am SUPER addicted to these critters --- I fell asleep watching the feeds, while having After Dark on in the background! Thanks so much for your wonderful Blogtrist skills for picking up some convos I seem to miss :-) I can not wait until tomorrow... I hope Danielle stays

July 25, 2012 at 8:26 AM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...

Good morning all!

I have always liked Janelle, but I never had the live feeds when she was on before. I am amazed at how easily she is manipulated into changing her mind about who should go. She went back and forth last week, and last night as Britney talked to her, I could see her changing her mind again.... I really expected her to be stronger than that!

July 25, 2012 at 8:33 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, LindaJoy! :) I'm liking both of them too.. and for very similar reasons.

Good morning, KMacattack :) Thank YOU! :)

Good morning, Pammmm!! :0) Thanks so much!

Good morning, Beardache. :) You'll want to copy/paste that into the morning report when it goes up. ;)

July 25, 2012 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I hope Danielle goes, too. She is boooooring. Need some drama. Hope there is a twist tomorrow.

July 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Christy :)

Good morning, Laura!! :)

NEW TOP POST!! Click me

July 25, 2012 at 9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danielle needs to go, there needs to be a change up , get danielle out . Jojo is fun ... At least she's entertaining

July 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM  

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