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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  Round and Round they go! Where Ashley votes, nobody knows.  At last count, it looked like Ashley was promising her vote to Shane and JoJo, but who really knows with her?  Not I!  And there are plenty of hours til The Live Show.

If you were early to bed last night, and you need catching up, please have a look at Zinger and Lessa's terrific coverage.  The direct links for those posts, and Monday afternoon are here:

FYI:  Our mobile site is having issues.  Were aware and working to get those resolved. As of right now, it hasn't updated since the PoV Ceremony spoiler yesterday.. yeeesh.  So.. I'm including direct links for all of the previous posts since then, in hopes of bypassing the glitch that way.

Feed 3
Ashley, JoJo, Britney, Shane

Ashley: They want Dan out.  They're really gung ho about that.
JoJo; They want Dan out?  But how do we believe that? 
Ashley: That's what Janelle said.
JoJo: I don't believe anything she says.

Shane turns off the light, and Ashley thinks the night vision isn't on yet.  (It is) Britney says goodnight and 1 arm hugs the have nots.

Shane: I told Ashley, if she hears any rumors about you..
JoJo: Obviously, it's a lie.  You're a smart girl. I'm not blatantly gonna make any lies about people.
Ashley: I'm not gonna believe it.
Shane: Just don't let anyone influence you.  We let Willie influence us..
JoJo: And look at the situation we're in.

Feeds 1,2
Dan, Boogie, Ian

Upstairs, the chatter is about ages on shows..

Back to feed 3..

JoJo: Do we wanna keep the 3 people who can't be trusted? 
Ashley: Which 3?
JoJo: It'd be a huge game changer.  It'd be great for the show. 
Ashley: I would love that.
JoJo: If you could get Ian on board..  and when the time is right, Frank needs to know about Joe.  I really hope this works guys.
Ashley: It can definitely happen.
Shane: You know what Janelle's like.
Ashley: Joe's gonna use the whole cooking thing.

Shane: Jenn and Joe are both floaters.  Wil, you know you can't trust because of what he did to Kara.. Danielle hasn't proven herself.
JoJo: You guys are ok with getting Danielle out? Really?
Shane: I'm close with her, but I'm voting for you.. You're in my alliance.
Ashley: Ian will stay with us.
Shane: I think so too.  But we've gotta trust him that if he wins HoH, he wont put s up.
JoJo: And Frank is his biggest threat.. It could work if we don't get too confident..
Ashley: I'm 100% on board, and i thinnk this could work.

Shane: Are you being honest with us, ort are you throwing us a curveball?

Feed 3
Frank,  Janelle, Wil

Wil: She's gonna come in this house, guns blazing.
Frank: But her guns blazing.. what is that even. 
Wil: But whenever someone comes back, they're out fast.
Frank: Even if she does come back, we have to get rid of Shane.

Skippy Flips back to Have Nots..

JoJo: We can't talk about this.. and with Janelle, just tell her whatever she wants to hear..
Ashley: I just can't stand the obnoxiousness.  I just can't.

Shane: Ash, just imagine the look on her face when she finds out that Wil and Joe are going up.
Ash: She keeps talking about how they're going to protect me. Well, you two are going to protect me too, and I don't see Wil or Joe winning any competitions.
Shane: It might piiss em off if you dcide to hve your own individual vote, but they're not gonna put you up.. you're still on the team.  No talking tomorrow.
JoJo: It's hard for me, cuz I want to say what's on my mind so bad..
Ashley: I'm so proud of you.. just laying low..
JoJo: I want Britney to have a comeback..
Shane: She has the potential of losing 2 players in 6 days.  (to Ash) We're never gonna drop you as a friend either.. Willie stood by that too..
Ashley: I was so chill with you guys.  I can't even get through to anybody else.  Even Wil..
JoJo: he's an actor.
Ashley: Wil's just paranoid cuz he knows he's a target.
Shane: If you guys were to stick with your top 6..

Feed 3
JoJo: I'm just glad it's possible to beat Wil and Frank at something.  You're good at competitions.
Ashley: Thank you.

Shane: Guys, we have the numbers.  If any of us get put up next week, it's only gonna be Wil, Joe and Jenn..
Ashley: Jenn just wants to..
Shane: But after what she just did to you?
Ash: She just wants to put a target on your back.
JoJo: Ashley, there will be comps that you're really good at.  I don't wanna geet too far ahead, but I would love for this to be the final 3.
Shane: We can just all sleep on that.. Not bring it up tomorrow.. Let Britney..
Ashley: Let's just let Joe and Wil dig their own graves tomorrow..
JoJo: Just yes them to death..

Re Jenn

Ashley: I gave her inside information, and she put it on blast..
Shane: Boogie's basically using her, cuz he knows he can expend her.  He knows she's not gonna bring hin to the final 2.
Ashley: We're good, you guys.  Let's just chill tomorrow, and we'll reconvene Wednesday.  Janelle is not in this game, and she thinks she's invisible, but she can put a big target on my back.. That whole Pixie Trixie thing is annoying..
JoJo: Ashley don't let her convince you please..

Shane: Know what would be sick?  If Kara comes back Thursday night, because of Willie..

Ashley: She probably hates me.
Shane: No, no..  If she hates anyone, it's Wil. How can someone do that?
Ashley: Here's what we have to do.. We can't talk about it, cuz then Janelle will be up my ass.

BB: Janelle, please go to the Diary Room.

Ashley: I'm just gonna tell her, we're different people.. we play different games.. I don't have to play the same game as you.
Shane: She's gotta realize that.
JoJo: And if anyone of us make it to the end, you wanna know you made it there on your own game, not because your coach brought you there.. You have to think about that..

They wrap it up.. Ashley says goodnight and turns out the light.  JoJo jokes that she's feeling around for her bed..

Shane: I have a 5 date rule.. 5 dates before sex.
JoJo: Sex. ew.  Who said I wanted sex.

Shane: Alright, so no game talk at all tomorrow.  If you hear me, slap me.
JoJo: I hope it works.  Goodnight..  Ti amo, Grande Fratello.
Shane: What's that mean?
JoJo: I love you, Big Brother.

Feed 1/2
Britney, Boogie, Ian

Boogie: There's not a lot of lookers in here for ya.
Ian: Thanks.
Britney: Shane is not really my type.. I like a guy who's real lumberjack looking. 
Boogie: Like Lane..
Britney: I like a guy who has abs cuz he's out there working with an axe..
Boogie: Frank has a lot of product.
Britney: Frank's very organized, it was I'm noticing.

Chatter about AllStars... Talk turns to Danielle Reyes.  Boogie expected to see her this season.

Feed 1/2
Joe, Wil, Dan, Frank


Wil: Words don't bother me.. it's actions..

Feed 3/4
Ashley, Danielle
Ashley: It just makes me think Janelle's protecting Wil.
Danielle: We've got each other..  I just felt this morning that she was talking about me.

Ashley: She just likes to be mean.  I just hate the mean stuff.
Danielle: And you're not that girl..  but you're having to be that girl to appease her.
Ashley: All she wants to do is talk sh*t.
Danielle: Me n Dan are close.. even before Kara left, we've always been close.
Ashley: When I was in there, Janelle was talking about Kara's the number 1 race horse and he wants to protect the number one horse.
Danielle: So she said Dan was just protecting Kara, not me.
Ashley: Right.
Danielle: ok.. so but.. She had to have said something about me..
Ashley: I would say, well people think I'm just a pawn, and then she would deny it, so she's very contradicting.  I think that's the only reason she used the key on me..
Danielle: So does she think I'm like a weak player?
Ashley: She doesn't flat out say it.. but she would just call Kara the racehorse..  I just think Janelle plays dirty, and I don't like that.  That's what made me so emotional today. 
Danielle: I'm just gonna have to go to the DR if I need to cry.  What did she say about me, honestly? Like if she likes me or not..
Ash: She likes you.. Half the time we're talking, she's being mean, but not to you.  She's talking crap about Shane and JoJo.
Danielle: You promise you're not gonna vote to evict me.
Ash: Yeah, I'll tell you what's going on.

1:34am cont'd

Danielle: It wasn't towards you, but that comment really hurt my feelings.  Between Kara and I, Dan would talk more to me than Kara, because she was too emotional to handle it.
Ash: Oh right.. She had those anxiety problems..
Danielle: He couldn't tell her stuff he would tell me.. just cause he didn't think she could handle it.  Dan doesn't tell us what to do.. He makes suggestions.. And he would tell her, and she'd be like, no, I'm not doin' that.
Ashley: That sucks.. to have that feeling.

Checking the backyard crew of Frank, Janelle, Wil, Ian, Boogie and Joe.. They're talking about last season.
Janelle: Lawon didn't make Jury??
Ian: No, because of the twist.

Talk in the backyard has moved on to Willie..

Joe: Yeah.. He didn't like it when I called him a pussy.
Frank: He cracked like a f'in egg.
Joe: We cracked the bastard.
Ian: He comes to me 2 times within 20 minutes Thursday afternoon.  He's like, you just gotta vote Frank out.  I'm like, I can't do that.  he's my team member.  He's like, We're so different.  No one would suspect.  I'm gonna use intimidation in this game.
Janelle: No sh*t.
Ian: Then 20 minutes later.. He's like if you win the HoH, are you gonna nominate me?  I'm like, probably..  He's all, Louisiana boys.. I was just like, if I ever get the HoH, I'm putting him p so fast.
Frank: if anyone needs to watch what they say, it's Ian.  He could probably run into him.

Talk turns to Dan's Memphis hat..

Ian: That was bad.  2 separate times in 20 minutes.
Janelle: He laid into Jenn hard too.
Ian: And then Ashley..
Janelle: That's what pissed me off.
Ian: I was glad you brought her in.. I don't wanna watch a movie.  I just wanna watch that episode.

Janelle: We should ask for Boston Rob to come in the house.. cuz he kicked Willie's brother's ass.

Dan says goodnight..

Frank: I think I'm about to be getting ready for bed myself.

Joe: So we got another fun-filled day tomorrow..
Frank: Today was pretty chill.  Except Ashley.. I can't believe Kara just bald faced lied to her.
Janelle: Who knows if it was Shane of JoJo though.. They've been talking to her too.  I heard through the grapevine that Shane and JoJo might be starting a showmance.
Ian: I live in that room.  They joke, but that's all there is to it.  Danielle clearly, clearly had a crush on him, but I think she's over him now.
Janelle: She is.  She thinks he's too skinny.. She likes him, but it bugs her that he doesn't eat.

Several agree he's the best looking guy in the cast.  Frank is mock offended.

Ian: Shane was cast as the guy all the 14 year old girls would repeat dial for if anything comes along.
Frank: He punched a wall out of anger.  I don't know if they're gonna like that.
Ian: He punched a wall?
Wil: Right before the Willie thing happened.

2am.. Dan and Danielle are talking in the bathroom on 3/4.  We're flipping to them.

Dan: he's always staring at me and watching me, and looking at what I'm looking at.
Danielle: Wil?
Dan: Janelle's team.  Let's just hope they fall apart. 
Danielle: I don't think... There's no way they put up JoJo.. I've been working my ass off.
Dan: You'll already be packed, so we can move our stuff upstairs..

Very low whispering.

Danielle: The odds are not in my favor.  I talked to ... and he told me.. He talked to janelle.. He was like, I just want  you to know, you and Ashley are not my targets.  Shane told me.  I'm gonna give it my all, but if he beats me..

Feed 1/2
Janelle, Wil, Joe, Frank.. Ian returns

Ian: I just mooned the camera and heard the production team howl. (not shown)
Wil: Why did you moon the camera?
Ian: Because it was funny.

Janelle: It's like 5am.. Good morning, east coast!

We flip inside for a moment as Ian walks to go to bed...
Ian: That's the thing.  You flirt with me?  You're gonna see a little skin. You already got your taste.

Feed 1/2
Joe, Wil, Frank, Janelle

Joe: She was so pissed.  She was like, That' f'in redneck!
Frank: She called me a redneck??

Joe and Wil pursue the anti-Jen commentary for a minute, then move on to teasing Janelle.. and Bathroom etiquette in the BB house. 

Joe: I walk in there, and Danielle's layin' all over Shane, and I'm like, This is the Sh*tter!  Find another room to hang out! It bugs the sh*t outta me that people lay there.  What makes that room the room?
Janelle: I only hang out there late at night.
Joe: I come in to take a shower, there's 4 people hanging out in there. Hey, ok! I'm just gonna flop it in the wind.
**crackin up.  hard to type. flashback on this one.  feed 1, 5:20am.  good stuff. make sure you have no liquids in your mouth.

They start  talkin' smack on Jojo.

Wil: She looks like Dobby from Happy Potter. 
Janelle: I feel bad for her.  She doesn't have a classy style.  She came out in that outift and Boogie was like, "Know your role." hahah.  Then she wants people to be independent, but she was Willie's lap dog for 2 weeks.

Then on to Kara.. and Shane..

They start speculating about people coming in, and Frank throws out an interesting theory..

Frank: I wonder if they'll bring in rookies.. 3 people who've been waiting in the wings the whole time.. only 1 will get in, and the other 2 just go home.. 
Wil: The only theory we all agree on is that there's a possibility someone comes back.
Frank: I'm ready for this Thursday, because if Julie mentions Jury, we know no one's coming back.
Janelle: How many are left?
Frank: 9.
Wil: Have they ever shortened a season?

Janelle: I'm so glad that trade twist didn't happen.  That would've been bad.  It would've just been dumb to trade.. Theonly person it made sense for was Britney.. or Dan.
Frank: I could've seen Boogie trading for a Shane, maybe.. just to strengthen the team..
Janelle: Britney told me she was thinking of trading.
Frank: Britney's a little snake, a little bit.. a little short snake..

2:32a Joe says g'night and heads inside..  Here's the quad. 

Wil mocks Joe a bit, but Janie swings it back..

Janelle: That was hilarious.  I love eagle eye Joe.
Frank: I'm glad he's on our side.  I can't believe Jenn went off that hard.
Jenn: She's quick to jump down a guy's back, but she's fond of the ladies.   I think she's finally caught on to JoJo though..
Frank: I do feel bad for her though.. a little..
Wil: I feel bad for her sister.. "My stylist, Francesca."
Janelle: No, that would be your sister.
Frank: She's a cute girl.  She is.  The sun too long isn't gonna be good for her.  She needs to just take a little better care of herself.
Janelle: I think she's a little delusional.
Frank: We're talkin' mad sh*t.  She really is a sweet kid.
Janelle: She's like a year younger than you.
Frank: I'm an old man..

Talk turns to Britney..

Frank: The other day she said, I've matured so much since I was 22.  I was like, 2 years ago?  STFU!

Janelle asks Wil about his type.. If BB could've put the perfect guy in the house..

Janelle: Does he look like Ricky Martin?
Wil: No, don't say that.  You're gonna make my testicles fall off.
Frank: Hugh Jackman?
Wil: No! I got eye-raped by him on the west side highway. Creeped. me. out.

Wil decides his type is between a young, quiet Alec Baldwin and current Jason Siegel.

Feed 1/2
Talk turns to the producer's decision to make Britney a coach. They don't understand the logic there.

Janelle: I thought it was gonna be Rachel, because of the rumors.. Or Danielle Reyes.. 
Frank: Yeah, Britney.. surprised me.
Janelle: I mean, I can understand them bringing me, Boogie and Dan back for coaches..

Wil: Shane needs to go.
Janelle: You need to win HoH, and you can put up whoever you want.

Janelle, Wil and Frank head in for bed.. Janelle washes her face downstairs.  Wil goes up to the HoH with Frank to sleep in the nice bed.

And this concludes the Overnight Report! See you when the HGs wake up. ☺



Blogger Izzy said...

Hey Carolyn! Haven't commented with you yet this season. Just woke up for a few. And, of course, had to get a fix on my addiction. Couldn't go back to sleep without checking the blog and the feeds...glad the bb critters are all sleeping. Thank you so much for this spot, and your incredible dedication and hard work. Okay, back to sleep for me.

July 24, 2012 at 5:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I think by Thursday there is a slight chance JoJo could swing 3 votes. But she needs 4 to stay. If it's a tie, Frank will send her home.

I don't blame Shane for trying to make a deal wherever he can get one. What else is he supposed to do right now.

The '8 is enough' alliance didn't have to do any deal making or game talking for at least one more week, but they just couldn't help themselves. Frank, Wil and Joe have so many final 2's...let's just say it doesn't add up to 2.

Other people are starting to realize they are at the botttem of the totem pole just like Willie said.

I don't care if JoJo is annoying. I think she is going to be a better competitor than Danielle. (And frankly, I find Danielle annoying.)

With Frank's big ego, Wil's big attitude and Joe's big mouth, it's only a matter of time before the cracks that are already forming shatter this alliance completely. I hope it happens before Thursday. I would love to see Jenn, Ian and Ashley join up with Shane and JoJo. They could call their neww alliance The Expendables since even there coaches feel that they aren't needed.

July 24, 2012 at 6:23 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone..just wanted to check in. I've got to go back and catch up on all the other good stuff that happened last night after I went to bed and I'll be back.

Caro hope you are out riding on the beach this morning!

July 24, 2012 at 6:24 AM  
Blogger Patti Z said...

What is Ashley's game? Can't figure it out. I read where Willie has predicted she'll win it all, but I think it is more likely that she's going to get caught in her duplicity. Wil and Joe already suspect something is up with her. The last two weeks she's been sitting pretty in the thick of a large alliance, so it looks like she just can't resist stirring up the s&%t.

July 24, 2012 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

So Frank thinks Britney is a little snake. All the while you have Boogie the Pit Viper and Janelle the Cobra up in your HOH plotting, backstabbing and shit-talking.

I would like to picture Brit as the mongoose who takes the cobra down.

July 24, 2012 at 6:43 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning, Sweet Carolyn!!

I'm so confused about where the votes line up as of right now. I keep re-reading the most recent posts to try to understand how it all lays out and still I'm hazy on it.

Ashley is the swing vote, right? At least, as of this writing, anyway?

Sorry for konking out on you last night. Not long after my "Palmela Handerson" comment I forced myself to power down the PC, then power down myself. hehehe

I woke up about 5ish this morning all refreshed, hopped on to catch up on reading, checked in with the live feeds just in time for the backyard talk about the bathroom thing. Joe was hilarious with that one! I was crackin' up, too! LOL

July 24, 2012 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger REGY said...

Morning y'all!

I really can't get a read on Ashley. She is either super coockie mc-fly or the best player to ever play this game. My money on the former.
What's up with the crying a week after evicting Kara? Good thing she remembered that one. And that Janelle is mean. Well guess what? Your at the Big Brother house, it's middle name is mean.
Ugh, she is so annoying.

Also I would like to vent about the double standards. Why everyone demanding to see Janelle being emotional/crying? No one is asking Frank, Dan, Joe etc to be emotional. Just cause she is a woman she has to be nice to all and cry and sensitive to others? She is trying to win 100K. This is business.
This also goes to what I have been seeing online - criticizing her for leaving her baby girl for the entire summer. Why men don't get same critic? Besides Janelle is in this game for a college fund/bettering her family's life.
Her having a daughter has nothing to do with anything.
/Vent over. Thanks for listening.

July 24, 2012 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

morning Carylon wow wow what a night. i love how ash is such a good lire to jojo and shane then boom right back with dani lol

i hope plans stay same this time and dani stays jojo leaves and then the blast from Julie is the coaches are let in the game Thursday

July 24, 2012 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Jade :)

Good morning, Regy! :)

Good morning, Blue! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :) I think you're right about JoJo.

Good morning, PattiZ! :)

Good Morning, ShiShi! :) I was.. sunrise walk and a snuggle :)

Good morning, Izzy! :) Thank you!

Good MOrning, ThisBearBites :)

BB just woke the HGs! Heads up for a new top post!

July 24, 2012 at 8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi BB Addicts,

Great TOR again...you always do such a great job getting all the good stuff...thank you..;0;0

Just wanted to peek in and say hi and have a great day everyone...


July 24, 2012 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Pammmm!!! :0) I hope you're feeling much better!

July 24, 2012 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Greg Stirn said...

Thanks Carolyn for your great blog. Yes my wife and I are retired and love BB. have not missed one episode since season 2. Quick question, as we are thinking we missed something. Shane was talking last night on BBAD, and mentioned that of all the people in the house, Brit needed the money the worst. Did we miss something? Keep up the good work. and Happy Birthday Nana

July 24, 2012 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger sisoruen said...

Yes, Shane is scurrying for cover like a rat or cockroach; you can't blame him for that.

If Frank has as many deals as you claim he has, please list them for me because I wasn't aware of all of them.

As far as the totem pole reference, at least they are apart of thee totem pole; the totem pole that has gotten them farther. Once they knock out the weak totem poles, then they can worry where on the totem pole they are situated at on work from there accordingly.

It kinda sounds like a bad case of sour grapes.

Oh and one thing on the whole "it just doesn't make no sense" Willie pity party, this self proclaimed "grown ass man" with an attitude of a petulant juvenile threatened violence upon the other house guests on numerous occasions before the blow up came to a boil. He stated he would knock someone out before ever being evicted because he did not give a f#@k. That would indicate a sign of that incident being pre-meditated.

"Wah Wah Wah"... So please stop you're crying and get over it. He's gone and never coming back.

July 24, 2012 at 12:53 PM  
Blogger sisoruen said...

Please explain what that has to do with frank. Regardless, I would much rather have Mike as my coach as opposed to britney who gets emotional and curls up and hides when things aren't going her way. I love the back stabbing, lying and scheming; it's all part of the game. How do you think Mike won all stars? I think the saying "if you're not cheating, you're not trying" would be more than appropriate here. wow, sounds like a bad case of sour grapes.

July 24, 2012 at 1:10 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Sisoruen - we don't make rude comments to each other here. there are plenty of places where that kind of behavior is welcome. just not here.

July 24, 2012 at 1:27 PM  
Blogger sisoruen said...

I apologize Carolyn. I really did not intend to come off as mean spirited.

July 24, 2012 at 4:06 PM  
Blogger sisoruen said...

I apologize Carolyn. I really did not intend to come off as mean spirited.

July 24, 2012 at 4:07 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks, Sis :)

It's all good. Come join us in the Top Post. :)

click here

July 24, 2012 at 4:16 PM  

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