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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday...

Hello, Dishers! It's now 10:30 in the BB house, and it seems we've taken a small break in game talk - but we all know it won't last long.

We have Janie and Ashley in the bathtub in HOH, and Joe on the patio downstairs while Boogie and Frank play Ball... I'll stick with the bathers as soon as the water quits running and I can hear them.

Janelle: I think Shane would work with me more than Frank
Ashely: I like Frank. And Boogie probably tells him to be careful of Ashley because Janelle tells her, and she's good..
Janie: He's played before and beat me.

Janie; How's the scheme going with sticking with JoJo?
Ashley: really great! I had this long heart to heart and boogie stared at us the whole time, so he's definitely thinking..
Janie: Perfect, the more we stick with Shane and JoJo.. I love it. Iknow Shane's made at me, i can feel it.
Ashley: He just thinks your against him..
Janie: I feel evil for what we're planning next week..
Ashley: Why? If it's not him... he's nice, but he's also... 
Janie; I just have to do what I ahve to do to keep my players safe. If Boogie wasn't in the picture I wouldn't mind working with Frank.
Ashley: You think they're gonna switch up the teams?
Janie: It wouldn't be fair if they took my players, I have three.. it'd be bullshit..

Ashley: Why? He's nice, but he's a huge threat. He keeps saying he should have used the PoV on Kara..
Janie: then who would we have put out? Who would we put up, Jen?
Ashley: He keeps saying us 6 are gonna make it to the end.. and I'm like what are you talking about..
Janie: We just have to be careful. Shane has to go on the block, and Ian's gonna have to go up as a pawn..
Ashley: I thought Jen would be our pawn.. She hasn't had a chance to do anything so we don't know if she can do anything..
Janie: She'd be pissed... if she goes down, she might work with Will and you.
Ashley: So piss off Ian?
Janie: We put up Jen and Shane...
Ashley: Shane'll win Veto..
Janie: Yeah..
Ashley: But then we don't get anywhere?
Janie: but we talked about putting him up...
Ashley: Wil?!
Janie: no!
-- Lessa: Good lord, it's the blond leading the blond...

Checking in downstairs with Boogie and Frank who are talking game..

Boogie: right now they want to vote out Danielle... thing is last week I had that idea and they didn't listen and it backfired, so they may listen to me a little more this week. I think we have ourselves in a good position if we can keep people not talking... I think Shane will stay loyal..
Frank: I think he will too..
Boogie: I told Dan that if we work with you you have to keep your mouth shut and Danielle's mouth shut and he was like she'll do whatever I need to do... And I was like dan, if she hooks with us, she'll go out 4 or 5.. just saying.. and he was like yeah, he just wants to stick around as long as possible and I said if you got to Janelle and make the same deal.. We'll know and your gone..
Frank: I think we're good, real good.
Boogie: Keep putting in Shane's ear that Janelle isn't treating her very well. Let her keep doing her little pixie and trixie thing and we'll work the sidelines.. they'll have nowhere to turn.. I said it earlier, that it's like a bear that gets his leg stuck in a trap - you take it back to your place and nurse it back to health, and you have the most loyal pet in the world.
Frank: I put a bug in their ear that maybe there's a better thing to do, seperate JoJo and Shane...
Boogie: that's the way to do it, a little seed, and water it.
Frank: Right after they were throwing her name around anyway?
Boogie: She's annoying, it won't be a hard sell. She's not genuine and every conversation it's all about her... she asked me today what state I grew up in - and I'm like I know you're kids names.. if you don't know that by now, you're selfish and not socializing. Now your going too because you're on the block? it's not a hard sell.

Frank: I just do, I think Shane's gonna keep his mouth shut.
Boogie: He's perfect.. he's loyal as hell, and the more he doesn't trust britney? We have to skate on thin ice there that she's not coaching him well.. he's looking to blame people, you know? And Willie's not here, so he's gotta put a little blame on britney...

Boogie; I told her, if Janelle asks who would go up if Shane wins the POV, to say Ian... Here they come.. Ooooh - here we go! (turns to talking to the ball game without a hitch..

Checking in upstairs in the HOH bath...
Janie: makes me nervous - I mean fuck, he can do that to her, he could do that to me..he's ruthless. I don't think he would turn on his closest allies now, it'd be dumb
Ashley: not now, but later on..
--Lessa: Ashley, darlin, you ALL turn at some point... Just sayin..

Janelle: Wil is so weird. Why is he like that? This is way better than the hot tub - it's so nasty.
Ashley: Tomorrow's monday - a great day to start my rebirth..
Janie; We have to stop eating crap and exercise more and get in shape for these comps..
Ashley: I was in shape before I got ehre. I think you're still in shape.
Janie: if JoJo goes, I think you can win the endurance.. that would be  the one you win.

On the patio, they're talking relationships, and such, as usual.

JoJo: Have you ever been in love?
Wil: I thought I was with the the pilot.. broke my heart into a million pieces..
Joe: really?
Wil: Yeah - went back to his girlfriend..
Joe: What?
Wil: You haven't heart this story? We started casually dating when he was in town and it started getting serious and we were supposed to meet for dinner, and he was like meet me at so and so and this girl was at the table with him, and I was like hey I'm Wil, and she was like hey I'm so and so's boyfriend.. and I went to the bathroom and cried for like 10 minutes then called a friend, and that started the 2 year on and off spiral.. and it was weird because I knew when he wasn't with me he was with her and she knew it too. It was terrible, and last year he showed up and says I'm the love of his life, and he convinces me to do it, and I lost my virginity and he said he had to go and would be back in 24 hours, and he was gone for 2 weeks and I was like don't call me again. I went to a party at home and the girlfriend was there. She won, whatever.
Joe: So he's claiming he's bi?
Wil: He had issues. Got to fly in some planes though! And he gave me scabies.
Joe: Nice.
Wil: Yeah. thanks a lot. I dunno, he might be in jail..

11:13 - back. Dan, Ian, Britney and Frank are playing botchie ball, the conversation on the patio continues, and we get fish again, briefly..
Jen: Sweetie they'll be lined up for you now..
Wil: I don't need them lined up, I just need one.

11:17 - flash to the kitchen..
Boogie: So I just said we're going back to allstars, and told them we calling it the 8 is enough alliance which is the 6 players plus me and Jannelle..
Janie: ok, so I have to go back in there, they were wondering..
Boogie: yeah, I just hadn't caught you alone, so.

Jen talks on Bisexuality
Jen: I believe that there are people that are truly bisexual, who honestly are attracted to both sexes, and some who are confused and give it a bad name.
Joe; I get that, but I meant more that I have met guys who are gay for a sexual prowess or twist, and I'm against that.
Wil: I think there are bisexuals and those with tendencies, who like to take a dip in the pond..
Jen: And I wouldn't call them bisexual, but those who like to go out on occasion and get a little weird..

Boogie: Ashley just walked out of the HoH bathroom completely naked! She was like I just walked out of here naked and forgot the cameras and I was in another world!
--suddenly I'm angry at Skippy. *L*

11:30 - general chitchat all the way around.

11:51 - it's late night snacking time, and general conversation abounds - and as I have to work early, this is it for Late Night Lessa... mind the critters!



Blogger Blue said...

-- Lessa: Good lord, it's the blond leading the blond...


*high five to Lessa*

July 22, 2012 at 10:51 PM  
Blogger Blue said...

What are you doing here? I thought you might be taking a night off.

Don't get me wrong, happy happy to see ya! ☺

July 22, 2012 at 10:52 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hey Blue :) I couldn't stay away from you one second longer... :P I may not be here for long, as I have to work in the AM - but I thought while I was watchin, I'd type a little too. :)

July 22, 2012 at 10:57 PM  
Blogger Blue said...

Lessa, you are so sweet.

Which makes this even harder. I've been up far too long already. Going to bed here.

But, I do love ya! ♥☺

See ya soon. Try not to work too hard tomorrow!

July 22, 2012 at 11:00 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Sleep well, Blue! MWAH!

July 22, 2012 at 11:03 PM  
Blogger wander08 said...

Joe raised his dukes when willie was charging him. That's what we do when we feel a fight is imminent.

July 23, 2012 at 12:00 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks Lessa! You've outdone yourself!

July 23, 2012 at 10:48 AM  

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