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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!!  Happy Sunday!!

As we rejoin our BB14 HGs on the live feeds, PoV winner Shane is upstairs talking to Boogie and Frank about plans for the week and the future of the game.  Danielle's looking like the ReNom, but JoJo is on everyone's lips as the target. 

Thank you all so much for all your Happy 100th Birthday wishes to Nana Edna yesterday. That was so incredibly sweet.  I was showing people at the party, and everyone was very touched. :) HUGE Thank You Shout Out to Lessa!!  What an incredible surprise to see the all of her fantastic updates yesterday! I had no idea that was gonna happen! :0) It absolutely freed up my mind to relax and enjoy the family time, which I really needed!  If you missed out on Lessa's amazing coverage yesterday, here are the links to get you caught up:

OK.. On with the Overnight Report!  I started live blogging it at 1:30am.. then I went back in to flashbacks to grab a few important sequences from earlier in the evening.  It's all sequential below.. Just wanted to include you in the process. :)  Enjoy! hehe.

11:20pm BBT
Feed 1
HoH Room
Shane, Boogie, Frank

Boogie: We kinda wanted to memorialize the situation, and..
Shane: Is there anyone else in here, or is it just..

Boogie: No.
Shane: Ok, good.
Boogie: The thing is, I am not, and he is not, unhappy with that result.
Shane: Ok, Good.  Cuz the thing is, I wanna work with you, final 2, if you want. I kinda screwed you over week one.. You didn't screw me over this week.  I knew it was comin'.  I hopefully proved to you that I'm a competitor.. Plus, with me in the game, obviously that's a target.
Boogie: Today, you went in as the frontrunner, and you came out as the front runner.  The most important thing is, when this breaks away from the 6.. The key component is you cannot tell Britney.
Shane: I'm playing an individual game.  I don't care who wins as a coach.  I don't wanna go back home and say my coach ruined it for me.
Boogie: You're gonna be better off working with the 2 of us..
Shane: I agree.
Boogie: I think that this is great.  Because now, next week, if you can win Head of Household..
Shane: you're safe.
Boogie: And obviously, we're not gonna bring Janelle into the plan..  I think the thing is.. if you can just stay quiet.. Don't tell JoJo, Don't tell Dan.. And don't tell Britney..  If this gets back to them, we're gonna have another Willie situation. 

Shane: I agree.
Boogie: The thing is.. We're not doing this with JoJo, and we're not doing it with Danielle.
Shane: Gotcha.
Boogie: We're not even pretending in front of Dan.  We're telling him it's 50-50.  I have no use for JoJo.  Nice girl.  Cool in real life.. but we're not in real life here. JoJo was a little impressive today, but I don't feel we have any use for her.
Shane: I understand.
Boogie: Don't be concerned that we're gonna Willie it up up here.  I don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable, but this is your shot to win HoH next week. 
Shane: I know.  Janelle's gunning for me.  I have to win HoH next week.
Boogie: If you work with me and Frank.. if we can get you alive another week... You're in the same position as what Will and I did with Janelle..  I mean, we dumped HoHs, we dumped PoVs to the point of handing her a doll..  Everybody wanted her out, and we kept her in the house.
Shane: Exactly.
Boogie: All we did was let it proliferate through the house.. So good at the comps, we gotta get her out..  Same with you.  Shane, Shane, public enemy number 1.. Not like Willie..
Shane; No.
Boogie: ..but.. in terms of the game.

Frank: You're a nice guy.
Shane: I try to be..  But I'm a physical threat.
Boogie: And that's threatening also, that you are a nice guy.. and they know that if you were to get to the end, you'd be tough to beat.. If you make it to the final 2, you'd be tough to beat with several wins under your belt.. but we gotta get you there first.  All Dan and Britney have going right now is try to and get some paranoia cooked up.. and Dan's good at it..

Shane: Obviously, you guys are gonna put Danielle up, so it's Danielle and JoJo, and you guys said it's 50-50, but you guys are more leaning towards keeping Danielle.
Boogie: Right.  Like you said, JoJo kinda showed a little physicality today..
Shane: She did..
Boogie: And JoJo will have a harder time.. when it gets down to 7 or 8, I think it'll be harder to work with her, because she's untrustworthy.. Does she think she's leaving?  After you won?
Shane: Kinda.. She expects it.. but she also knows Dan's gone if you get rid of Danielle.

Boogie: So.. just whatever.. We've got a few days..  So hopefully you can win HoH, put up 2 of Janelle's..  or one of hers and Danielle.
Frank: Obviously, this group of 6..  Our group of 6 isn't necessarily the strongest group of players.

Boogie: He is, but who knows.. Maybe Ian or Jenn will win an HoH, but I'm not really counting on it.   It's not gonna do me any good to get to the final 6, and then he gets knocked out and I'm left with Ian and Jenn.  There's no second place for us.  At least you guys have a 2nd place.

Shane: So, my next question is.. If Ian or Jenn win HoH next week, am I goin' up?  Obviously I would be.. It'd be me n Danielle.
Boogie: I think.  yeah.. I mean.. We try not to think ahead or whatever..
Shane: But I have to think ahead.
Frank: At the same time, if we can talk them into getting blood on their hands.. putting up 2 of Janelle's players
Shane: There's no way.
Boogie: At some point, we have to fire a shot at Janelle.
Shane: And that's why it's perfect if I win HoH.  I told Ian, I'm not gonna put up Ashley, so to keep him happy, I put up Wil and Joe...
Boogie: I'm telling you, if someone sits next to Wil (in the final 2), they're gonna have a really hard time winning.
Frank: Yeah.
Shane: Yeah, I know.
Boogie: He's got.. For me, that order (to evict) is Wil, Joe, Ashley.
Shane: That's what..  Yeah. Yeah. Yup. Agreed. 

This conversation is ongoing on Feed 1, if you'd like to view it in the flashback area of the live feeds. We've got to move forward..

Simultaneously on Feed 3, at 11:20pm BBT -  Janelle and Ashley are chatting on the Hammock.  They plan to win Franks heart through his stomach.  Tomorrow, peach cobbler.  When talk turns to comps, JoJo comes up. 

Janelle feels that the Endurance Comp will be geared more towards a girl, so since JoJo's the tiniest woman in the house, both agree, JoJo's gotta go.

Ashley: I just hope Frank sees that.  They're not idiots.  They're gonna weigh out all their options, and they're gonna get rid of JoJo.
Janelle: Let's just tell them we don't care who they rid of..

Feed 3 flips to Britney and JoJo in the bathroom, around 11:30pm BBT

Britney: I don't know what's going on.  It sucks when the whole house has a vendetta against you, and that's how we have to field it.
JoJo:  And it's not just cuz of Willie too. It's because you have the best guy and the best girl, if you think about it.
Britney: It is because of Willie, but it's also.. It's just because it's early right now.. and there's so little to gage off of, and yes, Willie was terrible, but it's also just an easy cop out. I just feel like, ugh.. All day I feel  just plotted against.  Just everyone's plotting against us everywhere we go.
JoJo: Everywhere I go, silence.
Britney: Because they're plotting on how to get you out this week.  It's like, can we jhust have 5 minutes?
JoJo:  Joe came to me today, and he's like, I think you're good.
Britney: But he can't make that call.  It's not his call.  Don't talk about it.
JoJo: It's just a downfall. Me and Danielle.  Of course they're gonna want to keep the weaker person.  But I could benefit them.
Britney:  No.  You really can't.  I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but Boogie and Janelle's teams are just gonna stick together and kick out all of mine and Dan's teams.
JoJo: mm hmm
Britney:  That's what's really obvious.
JoJo: I know.

 After a few minutes, Britney and JoJo are joined by Shane.  When asked about his conversation up in HoH, he tells them they were just running scenarios.  Britney asks him directly if they offered him a deal, and Shane says no, adding, "What would they offer me?  They were going to backdoor me."  Shane does reveal to Britney and JoJo that if he wins HoH next week, he's going after Janelle's team.

1:45am BBT
Feed 1/2
Dan, Joe, Willie, Ashley, Danielle
Dan: When I got outta here it was crazy.. I hung around L.A. for a while and went to all these parties, and there were all these celebs, and it was just like... empty.. Like, What am I doing here?

Danielle: At least you know.
Dan: Some people get lost in it. Janelle comes out.
Janelle: I'm so tired now.
Dan: Janie, you want some MnMs?
Janelle: Why, you got some? You're mean.
Dan: What does your husband call you?
Janelle: He calls me lamb..
Dan: What do you call him?
Janelle: I'll whisper it to you.

Dan: What?! hehe! What?
Janelle: hehehehe. I told you it was stupid. That's why he hates it when I say it.
Joe: What a summer.
Ashley: It's just begin.

Dan: Do you have a nickname for Sara?
Joe: no.
Danielle: My parents call me Dee..
Dan: That's not confusing. Joe, is your wife's face hazy right now?
Joe: Well, I get to look at her every night when I go to bed. I picture her.. I picture my kids almost every day. My biggest thing'll be to see how much they've grown. In 3 months? They change so much.. They develop from 7 to 14.. It's just fast, man. Levi hasn't had his growth spurt yet. I'm sure he wont while I'm in here.. I can't wait til I get HoH, so I can see em all. Levi's gonna be a lady killer.

Dan: I always think 2 good looking people have ugly babies.

Dan: My wife's face.. I really gotta sit there and think..
Joe: When did you get married?
Dan: Last year, July. It's just so easy to take for granted seein' her every day. I'm laying here in a hammock with you, Janelle and Wil.. and I've never done that with my wife.

Joe: Not that you want advice, but in a marriage, my biggest mistakes I've ever made was not listening..
Dan: Not listening to the little stuff?
Joe: Not listening to the tiniest little stuff. Men always think about the big picture.. and that aint even close to what a woman's lookin' for. A woman's looking for acknowledgement that lets' her know you haven't forgotten her... and major listening skills.. There's a huge difference between listening and hearing.. If you lose that with your wife, I think you've almost lost everything. You have to consistently remind yourself on a daily basis to communicate. We flip around to check the other feeds..

2:02am BBT Feed 3/4 Janelle, Ashley, Danielle Late Night Chica Munchies

Dani: Do they give us the same snacks every week?
Janelle: mm hmm
Ashley: That's probably a good thing. We'll get sick of em.
Danielle: Do you know who my coach is? He goes through the bag of mnms just looking for the brown ones.  
Ashley: My problem is, whenever I eat something salty, I just want something sweet.
Janelle: mm hmm

Janelle: Alright. I need to stop eating. I promised myself I wouldn't do this this summer.
Danielle: You look great.
Janelle: I still have baby weight to lose. It all goes to my butt.
Ashley: (sings) Big Booty..
Janelle: All 3 of us are emotional eaters.
Ashley: Sugar is the devil.
Danielle: I think fat's the devil. I'd rather have sugar.

Ashley: I can't I can't I can't..
Danielle: You were goin' for the icecream.
Ashley: I can't. 

Janelle: Scrubika was like Britney too.  She didn't eat when she was upset.
Wil: That's such a weird name. Where does it originate from?
Janelle: The whole house was decorated with ducks.. all the ducks had a name.. Will was the devil duck, I was the pink duck, Boogie was the one with a weird hat.. We ran out of ducks, and we wanted to put Erika into the bathtub with us, so Will grabbed a loofah brush, and he plopped it in, and called her Scrubika.   Everyone had nicknames... I was Jedi Janie.. Will was Dr Delicious.. Boogie was Boogie..
Danielle: What's my name?
Janelle: Dixie, Pixie and Trixie..

Janelle: ooh.. the power of veto necklace is out.. how does it look? 

Danielle: Beautiful
Wil: Beautiful
***perfect.. back where it belongs. :)

Talk turns to the nighttime snorers and tooters - Ashley and Joe.. good-natured though.  Then back to game..

Danielle: Just let me know..

Janelle: She wants to stay.
Danielle: Of course I want to stay.. party with you people.. who wouldn't want that?
Wil: We'll just have to see..

and we hit our 1st lingering silence...

Wil: You're really good at math, aren't you?
Danielle: Why?
Wil: Just when we were over there, you're really good at figuring things out in your head.
Danielle: Oh.. yeah..
Ashley: I'm the genius, guys.

Timecheck - 2:19am

Danielle: I love hangin' out with ya'll..
Wil: We do too.
Janelle: The Power of Veto meeting is tomorrow?
Wil: They haven't told us..
Janelle: I think it's Sundays.. I don't remember.. I just remember you don't sit on the block long when you win the Power of Veto.
**It's usually Monday.

Talk turns to DRs..  Danielle says she doesn't attack people in there, but then... Willie..

Danielle: I really didn't say nice things about the person who expelled himself.. 
Wil: I really didn't hold back either...

Ashley: Shane was talkin' sh*t on me today..
Danielle/Wil: Really?  What'd he say?
Ashley: He said I didn't start playing the competition til like 10 minutes in..  I don't know.. He's in a bad spot.  I don't know how I'd be if I was on the block either.  I think people just take me the wrong way.
Janelle: But that endurance comp is coming in 2 weeks, and I really don't wanna see JoJo win it..
Danielle: I just don't wanna see her as HoH.
Wil: Right now, it's like a little drift of Willie is still here, and it makes it really uncomfortable.
Danielle: She was basically personally attacking me earlier today, and I just couldn't ignore it.
Ashley: Since day 1 she's been talking about people who deserve to be here..
Wil: And calling all these people floaters?  I'm like, what did you do all last week?  Hide behind Willie..
Ashley: She's gotta go.. Like, for real.  I can't deal with her another week here.
Janelle: Why don't we just wait til you get nominated, then we can go from there.
Danielle: We know I'm goin' up.. But we don't have to talk about it anymore, if ya'll don't want to.
Wil: Just don't take it personally.  It has nothing to do with you.

Ashley: She's gonna say anything she can, and then she's gonna go out without class too.
Janelle: I'm just waiting for her to explode.
Wil: You just have to stay talking with people who actually have votes.  That was Kara's mistake.  She kept going to Willie..

Timecheck - 2:30a
F1/2 Hammock talk with Joe and Dan..  Joe's sharing a story about his mother, overstaying in an awful marriage with an alcoholic. His father was a VietNam vet with terrible PTSD..
F3/4 Chatter around the kitchen counter has turned to music..

Dan: What time is it? 3?

Dan and Joe get up to go inside. 

Feed 3
Janelle, Wil

Janelle: We were talking, and who would be better for you?  Who wouldn't put you up?  We need to start hanging out with JoJo, and make them think we have a deal with her.

Wil: I just have a feeling they don't want Dan out.
Janelle; No, they do want Dan out.  OK.. here's the thing.. Do not repeat this, cuz we'll get in trouble.. Are you really comfortable with Frank in this house?
Wil: Not after today when he yelled.
Janelle: Ashley's thinking to get him out next week.. If they're gonna go after us next week anyways..
Wil: I don't like the fact that it was thrown to put us up as pawns..
Janelle: He was just throwing out names.  He asked Jenn to go up as a pawn, and Jenn told him to F off.  We just need to get through this Veto Ceremony, hope it's Danielle on the block, and go from there.

Ashley joins.

Janelle: Next week, if Ian or Jenn wins it, they can put Danielle on the block.. She's like the ultimate pawn.  I just wouldn't trust that.  You guys just have to win HoH next week.
Wil: Frank is already starting to crack.. I don't think you were there when he yelled at us.
Ashley: Yeah.. the power's already gone to his head.
Wil: He was like, "Stop talkin' about it!!!" I'm like, excuse me?  Who saved your ass? It just ticks me off, cuz I could've saved Sara..  We just have to remember, yeah, Willie was doing a lot of stuff, but Frank was too.

Wil: JoJo would sure as hell put my ass up there.
Ashley: Yeah.. JoJo's gotta go.

Wil: I feel like, if they're so gunning for Shane..  If they want him out, they're gonna want to take JoJo out..
Janelle: They want Dan out.. And when someone wants someone out that badly, you wanna keep them in, because they're afraid of them.

Talk turns to the next HoH and who would target who..

Janelle: Shane can't win HoH.  You have to.
Wil: That's the thing. If we lose Danielle, they put one of us up.
Janelle: So when you go up there, just be really non-committal.

Wil: We gotta get rid of Shane and Frank.
Janelle: We have to.
Wil: If we could get JoJo out this week, that would be really good.  I told Danielle, and she was like, "You know I would return the favor, and I would never vote you out of the house."  ooof..  This game.. It just all depends on who gets HoH.
Janelle: If they have their way, it's just girl after girl that'll leave..
Wil: If Frank was smart.. Well, he did want Shane out.

Ashley: I think Ian and Frank have a final 2 deal. We gotta get him out.  He's dangerous..
Janelle: And he's sliding under the radar.  We have to win HoH next week, guys.  That would be so badass.
Wil: It depends on the competition.
Janelle: So you think Jenn's on shaky ground with Frank?
Wil: If the ladies get to her, she'll come over.. She's already been called the low end of the totem pole on her team.. Eventually, she's gonna need to pick off people on her team.
Janelle: Don't tell her though, that we have bigger plans for next week.  Don't even tell Joe.. Don't tell him, because he'll tell Frank. He just loves the game..
Wil: And if we wait til Thursday to tell Joe that we have the votes to keep Danielle and evict JoJo, he'll love it..

Janelle: Would you backdoor Frank next week, if you got HoH, instead of Shane?
Wil: We could probably work Shane..
Ashley: (agrees)
Wil: I think he's trying to play the good guy card.  I think he'd put up Frank next week, not me..  He doesn't wanna vote out people that are friends with everybody.. I think if he did Frank or Ian.. It'd make more sense.. He's gonna go after Frank.
Janelle: I wouldn't mind aligning with Shane in a couple weeks..
Ashley: Yeah, down the road.  He'll have to..
Janelle: He has no one else in the house to work with.

Wil: Even if he wins HoH.. We're back up there again.
Janelle: We're basically like a team of floaters.  We've become what I've always despised.

Wil: But we're doing the work.. We're gonna have to go behind their back and get JoJo out.

The plan is to be very buddy buddy with JoJo this week, whom they intend to eliminate, to make Frank/Boogie think they have an alliance with her, and to therefor swing more votes to evict her. The key to this plan working is to keep Joe out of the loop, because he just talks too much.

Ashley: This plan is only between us.  It's foolproof.

Time check - 3:05am

Wil: It would make so much more sense that they'd want Danielle out.
Janelle: mm hmm. That's why he doesn't wanna talk about it til later in the week.  Afte the Veto Ceremony, his power's over, so f*ck him.
Wil: We're not floaters.  We're behind the scenes manipulators.
Janelle: We've basically gotten what we want every week, by kissing ass.
Wil: We're not floaters, we're gamers.

Ashley: It's whatever way you can win.
Janelle: Yeah.  You just have to get to the end.  It's so funny.. We go up to HoH, make a deal and do exactly the opposite of what he wants.
Wil: Has anybody ever worked it like that?
Janelle: Day one, I was like, let's make a deal guys..
Ashley: I love our plan.
Janelle: Our plan's great. You want Danielle out? We'll vote her out.  No, we wont. hehehe.

Wil suddenly wonders if Frank might backdoor him this week.. instead of Danielle..  They start counting votes, just in case it's a Wil v JoJo week on the block.

Janelle: That would definitely be like a chilltown thing to do. 
Wil: I'm not gonna be paranoid.
Janelle: Don't be paranoid.  Just talk to him a lot.
Wil: That would just be such an evil thing to do, so early in the game.
Janelle: I dont hink he would though, cuz then we'd just team up with Shane and come after him.  No. He's not gonna do it.  That would be too risky for him.  He wants to win this game.  If he did that, Shane would no longer be your target.  Don't be paranoid.  When I talked to Boogie, he was like, "Oh yeah.  Danielle's goin' up." He wants Dan out of this game.

Time Check.. 3:14am  The Lounge crew breaks it up to wash up before bed.  I check the quad to find Boogie catching flies.

Janelle, Wil

Giggling about Joe.. in a nice way.

3:28am To bed, to bed.. Sweet dreams, houseguests...



Blogger Jennib said...

Hope your Nana's birthday was relaxing, Caro! Thanks for the post! I'm hoping Sundays show (DR comments) will give us some better info on what these HGs are thinking about! I would not miss JoJo if she goes Thursday!

July 22, 2012 at 6:30 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Happy Sunday

I haven't started reading yet so this may be irrelevant by the time I catch up.

It was funny watching people have revelations about their gsme last night. But the absolute funniest moment to me was when Janelle and Ashley were talking. "Frank is a beast and he's likeable. After this week we won't be able to get him out of here. OMG-we should have got rid of him last week."

Well, duh.

And Janelle-if you keep Danielle, Dan will work with Boogie before he works with you. Brit needs someone to work with. If Boogie thinks he can use her and Shane to further his game he is going to snatch her up. The new people are already looking at members of their own group to figure out the biggest threats. Diversity isn't going to stick together. If you were smart you would quit worrying about breaking up Shane and JoJo. If you vote out Danielle, Dan is gone. You still have 3 players vs. Britney's 2 players. But together your 5 players could take out Boogie's 3. It gives your players the edge going into the end game and it gives you a better chance of getting there.

July 22, 2012 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I'm only into the first conversation and I already want to spit at my computer. Shane, please prove that a pretty boy can have brains too. Do what you must to keep youself safe, but don't screw over Brit. There is absolutely nothing in the BB handbook that says you cannot lie to a Boogie. In fact, it should be mandatory to lie to a Boogie. And don't make a final 2 with Frank because I think he would beat you in the end.

And Boogie, you are Willie. You may come in a smoother package, but you are no different on the inside.
You treat women like crap. You mocked Wil last night in the exact same way everyone was pissed at Willie for doing. You play the game with bullying, intimidation and threats. You threatened Shane last night, telling him that if he talked to anyone you may have another Willie situation.

Go ahead Boogie. I want to see the fall out when Dr. Will isn't there to smooth things over for you. Dan isn't going to jump in. He's going to watch you dig your own hole. Wil and Joe won't back down to you, especially since you aren't their coach. Since Janelle doesn't want to be associated with any targets she will take her team and either go to Dan or go back to Britney. And your boy Frank, well if you start trying to bully people and 'going all Willie' on them, you are going to put a pretty neon target firmly on Frank's back.

July 22, 2012 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Me again. I can't stop myself today. I actually wouldn't mind Frank and Shane working together if it didn't come with a Boogie. I guess if the situation stays the same, it would help Britney too. Not just Boogie. But if coaches come into the game, I hope Frank and Shane pull in a couple people, like Britney and Ian and then go after Boogie, Joe and Janelle.

July 22, 2012 at 7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does jojo think shes the best girl in the game? Is she watching a different game than I'm watching? Or does she just have a ridiculously over inflated value of her abilities? Hmmm...

July 22, 2012 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Morning, Carolyn. Glad you enjoyed your Nana's 100th birthday! :)

Shout out to Lessa for a great job covering! :)

July 22, 2012 at 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

Hi Lessa,

I just want to say thank you Lessa for keeping us updated on the critters yesterday. I didn't watch the feeds at all and was able to keep up with everything...Great Job..:):)

It is wonderful that you got to enjoy your day yesterday and welcome back..

I hope CBS lets us see what really happened with Willie. It is really sad that someone could break in the house. BUT I think Brit is responsible also. I have been rooting for her so was upset when she planted the seed. Willie needs to be totally responsible for what he did. He was way out of line. Very sad...:(:(

OK, I am off the soapbox...

Have a great day everyone and hope to be back for the show tonight...


July 22, 2012 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Seany527 said...

About 8:55am BBT on feed 1 there was a lot of movement under neither the covers. I'm not sure whose bed it even is, or whats going on but I guess it is worth checking out. Fellow Dishers, let me know if you have any insight.

July 22, 2012 at 9:06 AM  
Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

It looks to me as if Britney is cramping. Wesn't she the one who had it really bad every month? 9:05 AM BBT is when I caught it. I could be wrong.

July 22, 2012 at 9:07 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gooood morning, Everyone! :)

It's 9:08am BBT, and Britney just got up a a few minutes ago.. She doesn't look like she's feeling very well. But she did just head outside to the hammock, so maybe she wants to talk??

July 22, 2012 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

happy sunday all i sure hope jojo goes and not dani this week

jani wil and ashely could make it so then win hoh and go after frank

July 22, 2012 at 9:33 AM  

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