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Monday, July 23, 2012

Just another manic monday...

Helllllllllllooooooooooo Dishers! It's your favorite late night Lessa (And coincidentally, the only Late night Lessa.. hee) here, rejoining our scheming houseguests at just shy of 11 pm. Because I was reading. And lost track of time. Ha!

As we check in, we have Jen and Danielle in the game room, with Frank and Ashley in the HOH. Ashley is asking about Franks' final two deals, and he's denying having any at all, that everyone keeps trying to say she has them too - incidentally, she is adorable. Really.
Frank: I'm still on board with the 6, then figuring it out.

Danielle: I'm not saying i wouldn't tell you - saying I wouldn't.
Jen: I think you're gonna be all right. But I can't confirm or deny that, ok?
Dani: ok.
Jen: Ok, I've been straight up with you. Nothing but.
Dani: I've been 100% real with you.
Jen: I know you have.

They switch to what they'd be doing on Monday night... while Wil joins the HOH crews as does Janie, who's comes bearing cookie dough.
Ashley: I said I feel bad that Kara's gone..
Janie; Why were you crying in the bathroom?
Ashley: I wasn't crrrrrrrrrying! Everyone's... what's that word? Dramatizing... I think this whole thing has been like over exagerated..
Frank: She's good. I told her I've had people bring final deals to me, and I say no..
Janie: Can I say something as a past contestant? No one should do final two until final 7! If you do it now, you'll just feel like an asshole later when you go against your word.
Ashley: after this whole thing I'm not ever talking to anyone! These are things that were said before eviction - apparently Jen was.. I don't know what her's deal..

Joe joins Dani and Jen..
Dani: Are you ok? YOu're quiet..

Joe: I just get to missing my wife and kids, and.. you know I miss them, but I don't get to talk to her, I don't know what's going on in their lives, I don't know if she needs a hug...
--Lessa: awww. I just melted...
Dani: Please Please Please send both of those - MadLoveCooking and Sara messages telling her how much Joe loves and misses them!
(We get Fishes with her last name)
Joe: I think her facebook is private
Dani (to camera): Madlove cooking! Please tell her, she really needs to know this.
Joe: It's just these days when we don't have anything to do it gets to me. I know she's got so much to do without me..
Jen: I'll tell you something - I know you would only fall in love with a very strong and beautiful woman.
Joe: She is very strong. Very strong. And she had the kids before me, a single mom, so I know she can do it for three months.
Dani: I felt like people that I didn't get to say goodbye too would feel ignored, and I was so heartbroken, so I can sympathize. These are the real moments, you know?
Joe; That's why we need to stick together when we can, at all costs.
Jen: I guess so, man.
Joe: obviously there's times you can't - I just wish there was more we could do..
Jen: Yeah, the pool gets old,
Dani: The tanning gets old..
Joe: And you're still in the corner.
Jen: I like this room

Dani: I love this room - even though the wall is metallic silver and black..

Upstairs - Ashley is still talking about the paranoia..
Ashley: I mean, if I talk to Janie too much, if I talk to you I'm kissing your ass because you're HOH, if I talk to Britney and I really enjoy her, its just everything is wrong!
Frank: Don't even worry about it. I swear this is the first time I've heard the me and Ian thing!
Wil: If you're upset about Kara, come to me - I miss her more than anybody!
Ashley: I guess I'll just vent to the DR..
Wil: You can vent to me all the time!
Frank: And I have an open door - even when I'm not HOH, always open door.
Ashley: and people are always saying me and Ian are too close, and he won't even talk game to me! This is what pisses me off about this house, people don't want to talk game to me, but they like to throw little digs at me. I mean, who else am I going to be with?

11:15 Fish
Wil: She made a backhanded comment about my breath - and I was like fine, I'll go wash my teeth, B***
AshelY: that's what I'm saying, I think she's
Frank: She's on my list...

Fish again...

 11:25 - back finally.
Frank: At this point, I'm just counting on them for votes if I get in a tight spot. That's it.
Wil: It's frustrating - all we have to do is stick together for 2 weeks, and we're good. Get HOH next week and we're golden!
Frank: We're guarenteed Jury no matter what, because it's down to nine. I mean, who - we're thinking JoJO..
Ashley: It doesn't matter, but I'd rather JoJo go.
Wil: She annoys the living fuck out of me, and I've been very vocal about that
Frank: And taking Dan and Britney down to one..
Wil: and then Shane would only have one. And Dani would still put up Shane, and we'd still have the votes..

Popping downstiars to the Have Not - where we have the woman in question, JoJo.. but only briefly as the cam follows Shane out, then back...
Shane: She's so fucking fake. She's up there all Boogie's so funny, and wha twas she saying just two days ago? There's nothing to do in this house but go to bed..
JoJo: I know...
Shane: My hand will be better tomorrow.
JoJO: it's all good
Shane: Joe wanted me to make sure yhou were ok too... said if you need anything..
JoJo: That's sweet.. I'm just laying low..
Shane: Sucks that Frank didn't go for that..
JoJo: What did he say?
Shane: he said it was too early to make a game changer, and I was like ok, I'm gonna laugh when they take you out in two weeks..
JoJo: I think that, today, with Ashley was good..

-we hear Janie in the background..
Shane: I'm gonna snap, absolutely snap on Janelle in a second...

Britney joins...
Shane; I made a suggestion to Frank this morning, but..
Brit: What did you tell him?
Shane: I said he should backdoor Wil
Brit: Why would you tell Frank that?! Well, I guess you have nothing to lose, they're gonna put you up anyway...
JoJo: And Ashley was like crying..
Brit: They've all been talking about her all night.
JoJo: Ashley found out that Joe and Wil have a final two and she's pissed, like she's expendable.. so I tried to just say it's gonna be a guys game, but I want to have the numbers. Didn't you get the feeling they kinda want to do their own thing?
Brit: Ashley and Jen?
JoJo: yeah... and I can compete better than them and keep them safe..
Brit; You shouldn't talk game..
JoJo: I wasn't to them..
Shane: I'm not going to till next week..
Brit: Frank tells everyone everything! Don't say anything to Frank..
Shane: Don't think you can trust him?
Brit: No!
Shane: Ok...
Brit: That's how the whole thing with Willie started, he couldn't trust Frank.. the sad part was Willie was trying to keep him...
JoJo: They realized they made a mistake they're getting rid of the girls.. the weaker players...
Brit: all it takes is one week to break it..it could fall faster if one of you win HOH
Shane: And if she stays..
JoJo: I can win more.

Brit: I'll know how they'll vote, they'll tell me. Just lay low... when Frank makes the decision, he'll be like, and tell me. He's been upfront with me.
--Lessa: Oh, Brit...*sigh*
JoJO: they won't just gain me, they gain him too. 
Brit: I'll talk to Frank, and if he's good with it, I'll tell you go up there.
Shane: What about Boogie?
Brit: He's the one who brought up our teams working together...
JoJo: Do you think he was sincere?
Brit: Yeah.
--Lessa: Oh, Brit. *SIGH*

11:40 - Frank to the DR.
Wil and Janie are talking in the HOH now..
Wil: it's just frustrating - what does she want? It's bad that she has two people here, and a coach, and she's crying over Kara? I was the closest person to Kara in the house!

Ashley joins nthem downstairs in the have not..
Ashley: I'm not talking to anyone in this house! I mean I have feelings! And Jenw as telling everyone i was crying and messing with the alliance, and I was like the only reason I got the key is because she's trying to cover her basis..
Brit: I heard them whispering in the kitchen..
Ashley: yeah - and the thing is I miss Kara because it doesn't feel genuine with me with Janelle, and i miss things about Kara.. she might be to all the VIP parties, but she never had to talk about it. I mean I do like Janelle but she's very different than I am, and she's always throwing me under the bus!
Shane: Week one she was doing it too..
Ashley: I know, but what I am supposed to do..
JoJo: Just cuz she's your coach doesn't mean you have to do what she wants...
Ashley: The worst part is, Wil doesn't have my back.
Shane: he didn't have Karas.  Frank and Wil are probably working together.
Britney: here's the thing about the coaches - we need you, way more than you need us, we're riding your coat tails, cheering you on to 100,000 dollars. Don't say I said that, not trying to lead a revolt..
Ashley: I won't.. I'm not gonna play this game just game, I have way to many emotions, you do too, and Janelle doesnt.. and I feel like I'm catagorized as a floater because I'm friends with you, but on this team
Shane: That doesn't care about you...
Brit: that's the thing - if we hadn't put you on teams the same people wouldn't be working together. I'm not saying break off, just that we need you more than you need us.
AshleY: i'm just so sick of people talking shit about Willie, I'm just so tired of it.
Brit: I hope it gets old soon
Ashley: Not with Janelle because he stole her makeup! Oh My God!
Brit: How would he know that was yours? and she was like I don't know... why would he do that?
AShley: Right...

Ashley: this just isn't the game I wanted to play... the only people I want to talk about it with is you and then Jen walks in and tells everyone I was crying after I was like please keep ti quiet... I just feel like I made the wrong decision.
Shane: Just be careful, if Wil could do that to Kara..
Ashley: I know Wil will stab me in the back the moment he has the chance and he'll just say its a game, just a game. Wil is Ruthless.
Shane: And people didn't see him like that week one..

JoJo: It doesn't matter, we still love you.
Ashley: That's why I'm like... I should have...

11:29 - leaving the pity party to see what Joe and Wil are talking about at the hot tub..

Joe: Im fine with that four, you know? I think I can beat Ian, and you can beat Frank..
Wil: Yeah, we need..
Joe: We need to get to the six, and we have to thin about us at some point. If me and You get there, we can win this. I think you have a better shot against Frank than Shane..

Joe; Frank thinks he can beat us. Straight up.

Skippy takes me back to the HOH room where Ian has joined and eating ice cream, boogie hates Frank's cd because it's so mellow.... he wants to get worked up.  General chitchat..

Shane: You're not a floater - a floater goes back and forth with the power of HOH...
--Lessa: Shane, darling, you're so pretty, but... it's WEEK TWO. No one is a floater in week TWO. How can anyone be a floater in week two? there's not enough events to have happened yet! And well, yeah, that goes for everyone else too. Heh.

Joe: i think I'll win two HOHs... that'd be legit for a 40 year old... two and a couple POVs..
--Lessa: Oh, I love the optimism! Heh.
Wil: I want you to win, and get a letter. Here's the thing about Shane, he's two-faced. hanging with her and then coming to us. She needs to just find a way to better herself. She has like. this much class...
Joe: She has a lot to figure out..
Wil: and she's 27! That's sad!
Joe; She has a lot to figure out.
Wil: my parents would be horrified if I talked about that stuff - and I was like joking around and said you should wear that and she said it was a great idea and wore her changing robe! And like Ashley, be part of the real world! First of all, I saved her ass... and then she almost turned on us?
Joe: She's a bad link in our chain.
Wil: You can't trust her. And she's like I can't go around and be with anyone... and Frank was like just put a filter on it.. you can't go to Shane and JoJo and say something about Frank and Ian having an alliance and expect it to be fine..
--Brit comes out... and Wil's voice goes up to the sweet voice he uses when he's fake..
Wil: Come out! Join us! Talking about Kentucky...

Talk turns to trying to sleep in the house... and general chit chat on feeds 3 and 4 in the game room.

12:15 -  Have not room, and JoJo is singing her own praises again..
JoJo: Danielle doesn't have the strength and heart that I do! I shouldn't go out this early...

And with that - as they continue to talk about how much they deserve to be in the game, how Janelle is a bully, and Ashley won't work with her, and how awesome Britney is, and how they feel like Danielle is going home this week... it's time for me to go to bed. G'night, dishers!



Blogger Lezbionic said...

Wow. Jenn busts Ash and the group bashes Jenn, believing her denial lies. I hope this gets brought to Jenn. Jenn will blow up. Ash was crying and she flat out denies it! She told Shane and Dani in the hammock Frank needed to be backdoored!

July 23, 2012 at 11:26 PM  
Blogger Lezbionic said...

Wow! I can't believe Frank/Wil/Janelle are blaming this on Jenn. I hope Jenn gets brought that info because she will blow! Ash was crying AND telling Shane to back door Frank!

July 23, 2012 at 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats up with Shane and the pouty whining?

July 23, 2012 at 11:31 PM  
Blogger kenjohn said...

Hi Dishers. Wow. Ashley just might be the best liar in BB history. Lets see how long her lies hold up.

July 23, 2012 at 11:33 PM  

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