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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday night, and the time is right...

..for my feeds to stop freezing on me. I'll do the best I can, as always, for you lovely Dishers!

It's just after 10:15 in the BB house, and we have Bubble Bath in the  HOH with Danielle, Britney, and Ashley. Way to work that social angle, Danielle! Keep it up! And also - they've been drinking, and are adorable...

Talk, of course, is about sex, specifically Britney's sex life as a married woman. :)

On feeds 3 and 4, we have Jo Jo and Shane isolating themselves again - Apparently JoJo thinks the way to Janie's vote is through giving her cigarettes. Heh.

My feeds are still jumping all over the place - might be my Alaska connection - so I'm going to hang out a bit, and hopefully be able to pick it back up soon.

Shane: We'll see where Britney is tomorrow.
JoJo: Yeah, tomorrow. We'll do a lot of talking.

Upstairs - the girls are chatting about picking teams, and Dan..
Danielle: I love that he loves his wife so much too.
Brit: Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love me some dan...

Boogie peeks in and enjoys the view for a moment after gallantly offering to shut the door and being told no...:

 JoJo and Joe talk downstairs:
JoJo: I've been telling everyone that he manipulated me! And Shane!
Joe: More than that, they just want to know, are you done? Jus tsay your sorry..
JoJo: i have! So many times!
Joe: you understand what the vote is right now? it's 50-50...
JoJo: You think I'm more benificial, right?
Joe: Well..
JoJo: It's the perfect time to get Dan out, right? I'm not trying to throw her under the bus or anything but..
Joe; You can't be scared of doing that, you need to do that..
JoJo: I said something to Frank and then he was all she's throwing Danielle under the bus..
Joe: I went up and talked to Frank, he's 50-50... everyone I've talked too
JoJo: There's gonna be three girls in the game, newbies, it's gonna be tough when you're all competing, you're up against some tough guys...
 (and my feeds freeze and I can't resist the screen cap..)

 JoJo: you're gonna want, need a strong girl with you.

--Lessa: I'm missing the logic there, but maybe it's the freezing. Heh.

JoJo: We are not teams, we are players. Just because you're put on a team...
JoJo: Tomorrow's my day. I've been laying low, and tomorrow. I want to tlak to people I don't want people to think my coach did it to me...
Joe; Just don't be pushing. you realize that the vote changed five times last week?
JoJo: When you saw that, saw that in my eyes, said that I had something to prove? It touched me. It touched me. I've been laying low, and thinking about what to say people...
Joe; Just go in humble, no bitchin, go in and say what do you need?
JoJo: yes
Joe: Lay your heart on the table..
JoJo: Yeah, and I just needed someone to vent too. I just need to prove something to myself, all my life I've been a failure, I need to prove to myself I can stay in this game..
Joe: You have my vote. You go to work tomorrow, you got my vote. Frank already said, I don't know her, but if she comes humbly...
JoJo: I'm not willie! I'm not a bully! I'm just a strong opinionated, strong minded woman! I don't take shit from people, that's how I am..
Joe; Tomorrow play it down..
JoJo: obviously... hug it out, hug it out. I want your vote more than anything. You'll give it to me for two packs of cigarettes? For real though, what do you think?
Joe: I already told Frank that I think it's better to have you in the house. Honestly I want to get rid of Dan. Don't repeat this - there's a possibility of you me and Shane working again, and Wil.
JoJo: We'd need the numbers..
Joe: We're thinking about it.. a complete reversal.. the only problem we had was Willie.
JoJo: I know I know. But why is Janelle treating me differently.
Joe: My best friends is she's become friends with Danielle... do you realize what Willie did to her?
JoJo: He fucked us all over - do you realize what he did to me and Shane? And whenever I would put in my input, no one would listen to me! I'm good in the moment, I know what I'm talking about...

And she keeps talking over him..
JoJo: It's done with, it's done with, there's nothing I can do about it. I have a hundred reasons why I'm better here.. and I want to do it myself, not for my coach doing it for me.
Joe: Step up girl.
JoJo: Tomorrow. This house is about timing. Isn't it? It is.

JoJo gives two packs of cigarettes to Joe.. and goes to report to Shane. Who's still pretty. And makeup free:

 Outside, there's general chitchat around the hot tub... Dan, Danielle, Wil and Jenn... Janelle joins... checks out her hair in the mirrors...
Danielle: You're cookies were amazing! They always are..
Janie; Anytime, every night..
Danielle: We were laying there in bed saying our stomachs hurt then were like, let's make cookies!

Wil warms up to his favorite topic du jour, Ashley and her "melt down"
Wil: it was ridiculous. Just trying to start stuff. That's all it is.

Joe, bless his heart, comes out to smoke and derails the repeat conversation. Talk turns to generalities.

Meanwhile, 11:13, and Shane and JoJo are still discussing woulda coulda shouldas and what she's going to do tomorrow, and how much of a better choice she is than Danielle. No new arguments there, she's just going on and on.

JoJo: I did not come here to leave the second week! I need to do this for myself, prove it to myself..


Britney and Janie speculate about the HOH.
Janie: I think it'll be a crapshoot..
Britney: Bocci ball, or corn hole..
Janie: gotta love those crapshoots...
Britney: whatever, my team got so screwed by Willie...

Checking upstairs with Frank and Boogie:

Frank: Jenn was talking to me about how pissed she was, calling me a redneck
Boogie: About the fart still?
Frank: yeah, she's such a flake..
Boogie: We could run the risk of not telling her...
Frank: i just don't see her win
Boogie: i'm not counting on her to win.. I'd like her to win the right one... I think we have to tell her though..
Frank: so many people were worried about this bro alliance, me willie and shane... I think if we bring it up..
Boogie: Good point..
Frank: She doesn't have the mind for it..
Boogie: We have to spend the next 24 hours thinking aobut this thing. If we tell them, we run the risk of the telling or getting skittish.. and Ian might not want to throw it, and he and I might get into it.. sorry I cut you off, what were you gonna say..
Frank: I don't think she's ever watched the show, i don't think she knows anything about the game.
Boogie: I forgot about that, but its good she might trust what we say..
Frank: F'in Ian... I just hope he wouldn't go, what if Shane wins and there's a chance Ashley goes home..
Boogie: Yeah, he talks like that... he wants to be mr nice guy - but we're not here to make friends. Can't be worried about every little thing..

Boogie; I just don't want them to win this week - put up Shane and Danielle.. or Jenn, and if Shane wins, send Danielle home.. I feel like we'll be able to keep these guys together but it would be nice not to have to worry about it so much..
Frank: it's kinda smart to tell Ian and Jenn to throw it - but Wil and Joe aren't gonna... more than likely Shane or Danielle are going home next week. LIke it to work out the other way, but..
Boogie: Maybe we not even make it about who's left, and just tell them dump it.. we can trust Janelle another week...

They keep running numbers - and putting up Janelles. Feeds switch to the game room.. where JoeJo and Ashley talk..

Britney: It's just - it could go either way, and I know I have someone on the block and I should be thinking about that, but I'm thinking the next phase..

JoJo: Willie knew?!
AShley: Yeah.. The day before skidrow, remember we were talking about votes and stuff, and before you come upstairs I was telling you I couldn't work with you because of my team? Obviously things kept going with it, then later that day, Willie and I went to skid row, and I was like.. and I told him I wasn't going to vote with you guys and he stormed up like he was gonna fight with Frank. And I was like I shoulda just came to you..
JoJo: We all made mistakes because of Willie, he had us all fulled. I think if I had known I would have voted with the house, and not been in this situation..
Ashley: Yeah

Checking in with Brit/Janie..

Janie; If Ian won HOH...
Brit: But we wouldn't have the votes
Janie: To get out Danielle? Yeah we would...
Brit: This week, but next week - if Shane goes up against Wil, we have two votes and they have three. If we get rid of Danielle, it'd be JoJo, plus two of yours, three votes, that'd be the majority. Next week you need three votes...
Janie: I can talk to boogie about it.. he's the one that wanted Danielle out..
Brit: Boogie's playing the next phase.. and he doesn't want to play against Dan.. You and I know we can't take boogie or Dan..
Janie: Nooo.. definitely not. I'd never... Gosh..
Brit: The only big move to make? Is Danielle. If she goes, Danielle goes and the coaches go to three..

And Skippy takes us to watch Danielle wash her hands...

Back to Ashley and JoJo
JoJo: after this game? I'll go see her band, hang out in the city... but in this game, I don't trust her at all...

In the bathroom - Danielle has become the champion stealth whisperer with Dan..

Dani: But Joe is like, he'll come up to yhou, but Frank hasn't comeup to me yet..
Dan: I'm gonna put my stuff away, and then we'll plan it out..
Dani: alright.

Back to Brit/Janie
Brit: His game is going very well..
Janie: No it's not, he might be leaving..
Brit: If Danielle stays, who's going after her next week? No one. If JoJo does...
Janie; I'm just nervous about this game changing thing.. I don't want people gunning for me... I'm 32.. I can't win competitions...
brit: you won the last one..
Janie: I came in last place... Dan threw it and Boogie wouldn't go on slop...
Brit: i asked him and he said no, he couldn't see what everyone else was doing.. and I said it seemed like you were going slow and he said he was banking on them to drop it like you did.
Janie: He threw it. he told us he would..
Brit: That's Dan's game though.
Janie: I just get nervous.. all these newbies coming after us..

11:40 And it flips back to Dan and Danielle.. in the bathroom... while JoJo and AShley still talk in the game room. Complaining about the coaches, and connecting over their disappointment in not being able to play their own game.

Ashley: Here's the thing, I pour out my heart and she deosn't believe me, then she goes and tells Wil..
JoJo: She doesn't trust you.

General chitchat in the bathroom, as people get ready for bed. IN the Game room, JoJo is telling Ashely waht she's going to tell people, etc - same story. The coach thing makes everything complicated, etc...

Ian's joined the group in the bathroom, still general chitchat... They quiz him on the Periodic table. *L* He's good, and catches them trying to trick them. Dan comments that he looks at himself a lot.. He laughs. Dan asks him about his Uncle and they all talk about heritage, etc...

Ohh. Pretty.

Britney wanders through.. JoJo and Ashley - bedtime routines reigh supreme.

Outside, Janie, Wil, Joe, Jen are playing cornhole...
Wil: Did something happen?
Janie; No, I just wanted to talk about the votes..
Wil: are people wavering?
Janie: no... not that..
Wil: What are you thinking?
Janie: I'm not gonna talk right here.
Wil: oh!
Janie: I'll be inside.
Wil: ok.

And we get fish briefly at 12: 15 - and that's my cue to head off to bed. Night Dishers! :) Mind the critters, will ya?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does a superfan like Ian keep it together shooting pool with BB super milf janelle?

July 24, 2012 at 10:45 PM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

I canNOT take Joe and JoJo right now. They're talking over each other (especially JoJo). AND she's going a mile a minute!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

July 24, 2012 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

As much as I like Dan, I'm leaning toward wanting Danielle to go just so SOMETHING -- a twist? -- will happen. If only these people were given crazy tasks to do like the BB game in England, it would liven things up rather than having the same conversations.

My favorites at this point are Ian and Ashley -- Ian because he's sweet and smart, and Ashley because I think she's the "Shelley" of this season, only pretending to be a ditz instead of everyone's friend.

Thanks for the report.

July 25, 2012 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger Captainvt said...

Why can't we get a transcription of the conversation in the bathtub????

July 25, 2012 at 1:17 PM  
Blogger Show the Love Be The Love Feel The Love said...

agreed! ;)

July 25, 2012 at 9:17 PM  

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