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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday's Scramble..

10:35 PM
Hello Dishers! It's Thursday Late Night, and they just this second opened the outside to give them practice time on what they say is Hockey - but we've yet to see it, so keep an eye out here and I'll post pictures soon as they give us some. The Fish at the moment have been replaced with the Control Room - hee.

Here we go... It says "Practice your straight shot and bank shots"

JoJo has been making her rounds, and working everyone hard for a vote - but it seems as if it's falling on deaf ears, despite the nods they're all giving her. Right now, though, Everyone's all about the Hockey Game they've been told they can practice for a couple hours.

Danielle was told to make sure every one knows that the sticks and balls have to stay on the rink - she's also pretty good at the straight shots - Joe starts working on Bank Shots - they discover they have to bounce it pretty hard off the side.


Joe goes up to talk to the coaches - minus Brit - in the HOH where they're resting - Jen's there too.
Joe: JoJo's gonna blow.. She came out and took back all the cigarettes. Ashley apparently told her she's going home. She stormed out and grabbed the cigarettes. She's gonna be fun to deal with..

JoJo and Brit are talking in the bathroom..
Joe: It looked like you were pissed..
JoJo: No - I just want to make sure i'm here.
Brit: What? Give him a cigarette!
JoJo: OH! Wait, if you want one I'll give you one...

They go into the have not room...

JoJo: Why would you do that?
Joe: I'm not gonna lie about that! I told the whole house that I was voting for you...
JoJo: Put yourself in my place - I go out and you think Janelle won't be smoking those cigarettes too?
Joe: I just told you that I was gonna give you the vote.
JoJo: can we shake on it? For real? Ashley told me that she was gonna vote with her team...
Joe; You got two - so work on two. Get ash.. Frank's not being Willie - he's all just vote... it's 50-50 from what I say..
JoJo: she's scared to go against... I spoke to Jen, and Ian...
Joe: Just remember, lose your cool and your done..
JoJo: I'm cool - everyone just keeps telling me they need to sleep on it. I don't wanna be pushy. Tonight I spoke to everyone and planted the seeds.. and then I'll see, you know? Who made up their mind.
Joe: YOu know you got me - straight up. Mine won't win ya though...
JoJo: Just come and pull me to the side, ya know, not in front of everyone. You see where i come from, if I walk out that door I feel like a fool if Frank and Janelle indulge in my cigarettes... If you told them..
Joe; I told Frank and Janelle..
JoJo: Janelle just looks really happy, like I'm going home...
Joe; Go ask Frank! He asked me point blank...
JoJo: ok, good. I'll talk to him...

Outside - practice continues...

The coaches plus Jen still hang in HOH..

Shane is looking scruffy... and pretty... and still a little whiny..
Shane: I'm just pissed at Willie and the situation he put you and Danielle in. It shouldn't be you and her, should be me and Willie and him going home in the right way.
JoJo: He's a bitch. Did you try it Joe?
Joe: It's a crapshoot.

JoJo butters up JOe a little more as well - just in case.. about Willie
JoJo: You handled it very well... when someone hits you it's hard not to hit them back..

Joe goes upstairs

Janelle: You told her..
Joe: I told her I'd vote for her... That's me and Shane. If she can get the rest she does, that's up to her.
Boogie: But just in case, can I have your smokes?
Joe: She feels like it's a lost cause. I get it.
Boogie: Gotta try.
Joe: That's what I told her.. wake up and try, but attitude is not gonna help you.
Boogie: No.. that typically doesn't work...
 Joe: Another day in paradise...
Brit: Another day, what are ya gonna do..

Joe: That's pretty much a crapshoot. Gotta get lucky at the right time.
Boogie: Yeah..
Joe: I can hit it straight on.. but the bank shots...
Brit: Ian was hitting those pretty good..
Boogie: That boy might stay up all night and practice..

Boogie: They do lay those things out there - and fail to mention, oh yeah, there's a giant windmill in the middle, and a hippo...
Brit: And they don't tell you what you're gonna aim at...

11: 20 - Shane is still pouting..

Shane: I don't believe someone can float this far in the game and haven't done shit..
--Lessa: Oh honey, just shut up and take off your shirt. Again. ITS WEEK TWO. YOU ARE ALL FLOATERS STILL. Ahem. Just saying.

JoJo: You gonna wait till everyone's done?
Shane: Watching everyone's strategy right now. Anyone can win. So stupid. And Britney has to step her shit up - she hasn't won anything to help us.
JoJo: Granted, there's only been two.
Shane: You don't even control your own destiny in this game. 75% you, 25 the coach.

Upstairs It's naptime. Awww, Cute Sleepy Father Dan...

Janelle and Danielle are in the storage room.

Janie: So he said he's gonna vote for her to stay, for two packs of cigarettes
Danielle: So he's voting for her to stay?! Why doesn't he just say he will and doesn't...
Janie: I'll ask him, but your still ok..
Danielle: One vote makes me uneasy..
Janie: But even if necessary,  Frank will evict her..

Ashley was in the kitchen

Janelle: So what you do, tell her she was going home?
Ashley: no, I just told her I wasn't voting for her - I just didn't want to listen to her all night.. and then Shane walked in, and I that was it - then she was all this season is going to be so predictable, they're gonna take us all out and then it'll just be a guy fest...
Janelle: Even getting rid of Danielle would still be a girl down...
Ashley: I understand Shane's upset, but don't alienate yourself! He's like having a pity party, but come practice the game...
Danielle: He's gonna try and stay up all night when we go to bed, practice when we can't see him...
Janie: The trick is - hit it off the sides... there will be obstacles...
Ashley: oh good tip!


JoJo: Frank, really quick - Joe said he told you that he was gonna vote for me?
Frank: That's what I heard..

JoJo: I made a deal, two packs of cigarettes for one vote, you know. I talked to Ian and Jenn too.. I like that you told everyone to vote who they wanted to vote for, I appreciate that.
Frank: I'm just not gonna act like Willie, you know..

Dan and Danielle check in:

Dan: What's your confidence? Staying?
Dani: 5-1. Janelle said that Joe was gonna vote for cigarettes, but that I don't have anything to worry about.  

They head out...

Ashely: I like that outfit dan - you're ready for practice! We're gonna make some coffee and stay up all night!
Ian: It'll be fun!

Frank says goodnight and then
Frank: Time to pack up in a bit! You have to pack up too, right?
Dan: Yeah - not looking forward to it.

Frank and Joe meet up in the storage room

Joe; Do you want me not too? I mean the cigarettes were for us..
Frank: You know, might just want to tell her tomorrow that the votes..
Joe: Aren't going her way.. yeah - but you know, Janelle had a point, and said that you know, what if Danielle gets mad... it started as memorbillia.. but then turned into my vote... I mean, the cigarettes would be nice man..
Frank: I'm with you on that, you know.
 Joe: They feel dirty now - it was kinda fun, but it ain't worth all that...

Brit and JoJo are on the patio
JoJo: I didn't! I told her to vote how she wanted..
Brit: telling eveyrone to go against their coaches? Janelle has three - you have to get three AND Frank if that happens..
JoJo: Why didn't you talk to boogie?
Brit: He's in bed! Dan's been up there all night. I talked to Frank, why do I need to talk to boogie?

Skippy takes us to Janie and Ashley in the game room.. Frank comes in
Janie: I'm just annoyed at JoJo - she has something against us...
Frank: And I told her I haven't heard anything, and she says Britney told her that you wanted her out..
Janie; That's fucked up! I'm gonna go... no one shit about me!

She storms outside..
Janie: You think I want you out?
JoJo: Come talk to me - I been wanting to talk to you anyways..
Janie: You told her?
Brit: No, no
JoJo: Come and talk to me..

They go t the game room

JoJo: I just feel like you want me out, you know?
Janie: I'm a coach, I don't even have a vote!
JoJo: I talk to Ashley and she says she's doing waht her team is doing, and that's you..
Janie: I'm a coach. My team will do what they want.. we're only three votes..
JoJo: Kara's not here because she didn't talk to people
Janie: Why would you tell Frank that Britney told you that though?
JoJo: No, Frank just said that you said Britney told you I wanted her out..
Brit: That's not waht I said..
JoJo: No she just said that it wasn't looking good
Janie: i told you the truth... my players are doing.. it just looks like your blaming me. I'm just the coach.
JoJo: I just want them to vote what they think is best, everyone is thinking teams and we're players, and we ahve the chance to eliminate dan and that's what we wanted since week one! And the last week has been different...

And she goes on the "don't blame me for Willie" Train...

Frank checks in with Boogie:

Boogie: I think my quote was I don't have a use for her. I've made it pretty clear that I'm not on the keep JoJo team.
Frank: I think he was just fishing.
Boogie: He'd be stupid to worry about JoJo right now, he needs to worry about putting a ball in a box.. it's a wednesday night thing, you know?
Frank: Yeah, you're right, you're right.

And reassured, Frank goes to pack up his stuff for his move downstairs..

And with that - I hand the reigns over to our ever lovely HDIC (Head Dishchick In Charge) Caroylyn, for the Overnight Report. Goodnight, Dishers! Mind these critters, will ya? :)



Blogger BBMommyJess said...

Great blog! I've just recently found this site and I really enjoy reading all of the "play-by-play" action!! Thanks so much for the time y'all put into this!!

July 26, 2012 at 12:15 AM  
Blogger BBMommyJess said...

Great job on the blog tonight!! I just recently found this site and I really enjoy reading the "play-by-play" account if happenings in the house. Y'all are amazing and I really appreciate all of the time that y'all put into putting all of this out there for us to enjoy. Keep up the great work! :-)

July 26, 2012 at 12:18 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Lessa, sorry I missed you tonight. waited a bit and thought maybe you weren't going on tonight and gave the DQTD the computer.

JoJo... I'm not going to waste keystrokes on her. She just needs to face facts and go quietly.

But these players. Everyone professes to be super fans that never miss an episode. But they don't relate the hockey rink in the BY to the golf thing last year. They have got to bank those shots to get the ball down as close to the end as possible.

I recall last year the sections being numbered on the side of the course and each player got one shot. It came down to Jordan (pretty sure it was her) getting a very low number and Jeff and Brendon both made intentional bad shots to give her the HoH.

I'd bet Blue that it's going to be so similar tomorrow night, but I doubt anyone would take him without the addition of cash.

Guess that's it for me tonight, I'm going to keep the feeds on a bit longer but I also bet our Dish Goddess is already up and blogging the TOR.


July 26, 2012 at 1:02 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

UGH! Do we really have to hear the sound of Shane flossing his teeth on the patio?

While on Shane (I wish), when I see such a perfect specimen I always look for a flaw and I found his tonight while watching BBAD. Look at his right ear. it's pointy. It's actually quiet cute but odd at the same time. It doesn't cost him any points with my Perfect 10 +.

I don't know if the left ear comes to the same point. That gives me more reason to chase him around the feeds, as if I needed another one.


July 26, 2012 at 1:13 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

BBMommyJess - Thank you! We do try! :)

GayTor - Psychic. ;) I'm live blogging the overnight, then I'm gonna sleep while they sleep.

July 26, 2012 at 1:40 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

teehee teehee, Psychic or physco? Only my therapist knows for sure.

And yes I have learned your pattern and know you start early but I didn't know if you post it as you go or save it for one big read. Meds have me crawling across the ceiling tonight so I'm up at this hour like in olden days.

I've been listening to the feeds but doing some research on T4-5 spine nerves and can't understand why this doctor isn't giving me relief in that area rather than every level of C-Spine. I need to find a doctor that understands me and will do what I tell him to do. They think because they spent all that time in medical school, they know more about my body than I do. I always love proving them wrong and saying 'told you so". hehe

Here's to a happy Live Eviction show tonight. I may not be around the rest of the day but I'll be here tonight, MWAH!


July 26, 2012 at 2:36 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Mwah.. feel better, honey.


July 26, 2012 at 3:37 AM  

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