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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon

2:30pm BBT
As we rejoin our houseguests, Britney's upstairs talking to Frank, Boogie and Dan about showering in the house while avoiding leering eyes.  Dan pipes in about his wedding night..

Down on the Hammock, we've got JoJo and Shane.. JoJo wants to know she's staying because she worked for it, not because her coach did it for her.  She told this to Frank, and now she's re-telling it to Shane.

JoJo: Boogie's gonna be the only one left with 3 players.. That's gonna make him a target, so he should work with us.  I don't wanna go after Ashley.
Shane: When it comes down to it, get Ian on board.. Get Jenn on board.. You've got me.
JoJo: Jenn said she's gonna make her own decision.
Shane: Did you hear when Joe said this morning, the house is 50-50 right now. I'm gonna vote with the house.
JoJo: I'm gonna take those cigarettes back. 
Shane: There's a chance I misunderstood, but I think he's gonna vote with the house, because he's too much of a bitch to make his own move.
JoJo: Jenn said she was gonna make her own decision..
Shane: But you have to have Ashley as a backup..
JoJo: And Joe too.. Whatever I can get.
Shane: It is too hot.  I'm gonna take my shirt off.
JoJo: I wish I could take my shirt off.

They get up off the hammock, and Shane burns his feet on the Astroturf.. Back on the hammock.

Shane: He swore on his kids?
JoJo:  Yeah.. Yeah..
Shane: Woah.. I hope he meant it.
JoJo: I wanna work with people I can trust.  Sometimes I don't like to listen to Britney.. I think I'm more street smart than her.
Shane: That whole negative attitude.. Remember that when you're making your own decisions.  I love her, but I wanna get where I'm going based on my own decisions.  I don't wanna get home and be like, well, if I didn't listen to Britney..   Make sure it comes from the heart.. Which with you, it will.  I think we should stick with Ian, Jenn... If I'm ever on the block again, I'd hope that if you win POV, you'd take me off..
JoJO: Of course.  That's a given.
Shane: Trust me.. If I could take you to the final 2, that would be the best ever.

JoJo: I know if I was HoH, I would wanna know what's going on downstairs..
Shane: Say that.. You're stating facts.. You're not making up lies.
JoJo: I'm gonna say there are some points I wanna make to you..

Shane; I wanna slammmm Janelle to the ground next week.  She's so fake.
JoJo: With all the plastic surgery she's had, you'd think she'd get a nose job by now.  It looks like Miss Piggy's nose.
Shane: Stop.  Don't do personal attacks.
JoJo: I'm just telling you.  People like her deserve it.  It'd be so sick if they threw a bomb on us tomorrow night.. Like, there will be no voting.. America has already voted.
Shane: Please! That would be awesome.
JoJo: There's so much more I have planned.. I'm not gonna be afraid to make big moves.. I might get in a fight or 2.. I might make out with you.
Shane: That is a possibility.  We have to do massages tonight.

2:50pm - timecheck
JoJo: It's good that Frank said that.. That Wil's his biggest target..
Shane: It is good. 

Simultaneously in the bathroom on Feed 1, I see Frank sharing words, a fist bump and a hug with Danielle.

Feed 3/4
Dan, Frank, Boogie

Dan wins the battle of wills.  Britney leaves the HoH. Immediately..

Frank:  (to Dan) Danielle did come talk to me while I was downstairs.. I let her know that it looks good.

Ashley joins them.. She touches a scar on frank's head and asks what happened..

Frank: I got my head stuck in an elevator as a kid... (he tells the tale)  I had like 97 stitches..Stitched up from the neck up.
Ashley: You're still so pretty though.

Frank shares more gruesome stories of all the accidents he's been in that should've left him dead.  The man has 9 lives.

Ashley: You have a lot of spirit angels protecting you.
Frank: Absolutely.  One time my mom almost ran my head over with the car..
**holy crap!
Frank: She wouldn't even look at me.. She was afraid to look. 

Dan: If you knew you were gonna die in this house, would you still come in?
Frank: Hell no!
Ashley: Would you?
Dan: As long as I had a chance to say goodbye.  I always tell my wife I feel like I'm gonna die young.
Ashley: Don't say that!
Dan: She hates when I say that.

Talk turns to Shane.. They all agree he's been hard to talk to and attached at the hip to JoJo, then Ashley gives him a pass to the others, suggesting it might be hard to talk to him, because he's been on slop the whole time.

Feed 3
Janelle comes up to HoH...

Janelle: Can I steal some almonds, Frank?
Frank: Absolutely.  As long as you get one in.

Janie tosses one straight into Frank's mouth..

Dan and Ashley cheer.
Janelle: If anyone wants to join in our Brazilian Butt Lift work out, you're all welcome.  It's dancing.

3:15pm Danielle and Jenn come up to HoH too.. Everyone's raiding Frank's HoH booty. At his invitation.  Talk up in HoH turns to eBay sales.. Janelle is honest with them about what will sell.. "It depends if the fans like you.  If they like you, everything."

3:25pm BBT
When we open to the quad, we find JoJo holed up with Shane on 1 and 2, plotting about what to say to who and when.. The good news is, she's not getting into trouble.. the bad news is, she's not advancing her chances of staying by talking incessantly to Shane.

Upstairs, the talk is about last week, Kara.. and Willie.

Janelle: He was such a bully.  I'm glad he's gone.
Jenn: He knew his tugboat was sinking.  Ego and pride.
Janelle: What was he thinking?  This game is 10 weeks long.  What a moron! I don't understand when people are HoH and they make deals with everyone..  He's like, I've gotta protect myself.. I'm like, you are a friggin' moron.  Cappy did the same thing my season.. He had a deal with 11 people.. So when someone won HoH, he was like, we had a deal, right?  And he was like, right..  and he put em on the block.

Frank tells Janie Season 6 was the 1st he ever watched. Talk turns to Kaysar..

Frank: He seemed like a really nice person.
Janelle: So nice.. He probably shouldn't have been on Big Brother.. He would never lie.. When we were on the block together, he was like, I'm not gonna campaign.. I'll just go.

Talk turns to last week.. Frank was worried someone might accidentally vote the wrong way.

Ashley: They were afraid I was gonna do that.  Joe kept coaching me.  He was like, "I don't want you to get confused."
Frank: I was worried.. I knew Jenn wasn't gonna switch.. even though I passed a little gas in the bed.
Jenn: (laughing) We were butt ot butt!
Frank: What a comedy.  Mom woulda frikkin laughed her ass off.. They're gonna play that finale night.  I can see it already.  Oh my gosh.. The fart heard round the world.  I was laughin about it the next morning in the bathroom.
Jenn: The fart that sent Frank home.

Frank: I was 95% sure I was stayin.. but you never wanna stay too sure. Gotta keep on your toes.
Janelle: Keith thinks he's gonna get a call for AllStars..
Jenn: Why?  He was here one week.

3:36pm - Downstairs on Feed 1 and 2, Shane and JoJo are giving shoutouts to Rachel, whom they now understand and respect..

JoJo: i think we're kinda similar in certain ways.  I feel like poeple are against me, and I'm not sure why.
Shane: It's because you're a physical threat.
**You've got a ways to go before you can compare yourself there...

Feed 3/4
Britney, Dan
Backyard Couch

Britney: I got screwed.  In one week, I'm gonna be down 2 players.
Dan: I can't even tell you Jodi's last name.

Dan: How awkward was that press day?
Brit: So awkward.  She was nice to you though..  I think, even if Danielle leaves this week.. The only option for them to bring someone back is one of your players. Just logically, the numbers don't add up.. and with Willie.. they really don't add up.
Dan: I think that changes it more than anything.
Brit: There just aren't that many people in the house.. You earn your way down to these numbers, and this hasn't been earned.  Only one person has been evicted. 

3:40pm - Feed 1 flips to HoH...  Janelle and Jenn..Ashley is present as well.

Jenn: Being born on Staten Island, she does get on my nerves, because she's sooooo stereotypical.. It's like, damn.. That's what we fight against.  I really don't sense, as much as I know, from her, that she is disliked.  We can talk to Willie all you want, but he's not here anymore. She didn't say she wasn't with him til he was out the door.
Janelle: Willie definitely ruined her and Shane's game.
Jenn: He's a smooth talker too.
Janelle: Is he?
Jenn: I would give him a b+ for effort.
Janelle: He just seems so dull.. He seems all looks.. Maybe it's just that I haven't had heart to hearts with him..
Jenn: He works a lot.. I thinks that's why he doesn't have fun stories like we do.. He has super Christian parents..
Janelle: Super Strict..  I've never had a one on one with him..
Jenn: His father is playing with a really famous musician now.. He got Shane playing drums.. He recently has been trying to flip houses and doing renovation work.. He lives in Vermont, and there's only so much going on there.. He doesn't have the same experiences.. So if you dig in about his sister..l and flipping houses.. Then you get to him a little bit more.
Janelle: I do feel bad for him.. If JoJo leaves, then the whole house is after him.. I know how that feels.

Talk turns to past BBs.. Jenn's friend Tim got her into BB, and he was a huge Janie fan.  Janelle asks if he liked Kaysar and Howie too.  He did. ☺  Janelle asks who was her favorite player  - Jeff.  Janelle loved them on s10..

Jenn: I didn't understand where the "big Jeff" thing came from, but I let it slide.

Talk turns to Rachel, and how scared everyone was that she'd be walking through the door.  Janelle says Rachel's really sweet, but she does get emotional and pouty in the house.

Timecheck - 3:47pm bbt.

Feeds 3/4
Britney, JoJo, Dan

General chatter in the backyard about wedding pictures.. spouses..

Britney: He dotes on me.. I should dote on him more than I do.
Dan: Yeah, you should.  Just little things.. Like, my wife gets up really early, so I try to make sure I get up 10 minutes earlier than her, so the coffee's ready for her..

4pm BBT
Around the house..  Janelle is upstairs chatting with Frank, while Jenn lays listening to music, and Boogie snoozes on the couch.

Downstairs, Dan and Britney are mooning over their spouses.  JoJo is there as well.  Britney really lights up when she talks about her husband.  It's nice to see.


Ian and Ashley are having a Hammock date.. We can very clearly hear a buzz saw.. Build build build those comps!

Ashley: I asked him.  I'm wearing the pants today.
Ian: What're you doing?
Ashley: Falling.  I don't want my belly to be looking chubaliscious.
Ian: Oh, I highly doubt that.

They're both sunblocking up for protection. Dan and Britney are coaching them on positions on the hammock..

Ashley: Ian, I'm too heavy.  You gotta scoot over a little bit.
Ian: I don't think I'm gonna shave today.
Ashley: Ian, you don't look relaxed.  Relax.

Ashley: Hey, Ian.. I'm really sorry about the final 2 accusation.
Ian: It's ok.  I didn't feel like you were accusing me.. I felt like you were sad or nervous.
Ashley: Thank you!  It's just hard in this house.. Sometimes I feel like I have no one.
Ian: You should not feel that way.  Too early.
Ashley: I feel like we haven't even gotten together and pow wow.. Is everyone still thinking Jojo?
Ian: I think so.. I'm not even sure.  I'm sure Frank will address it at some point.
Ashley: Ian.. I just want to tell you.. Promise you wont talk to Boogie?
Ian: Does it involve me being nominated?
Ashley: no.
Ian: Does it involve me being targeted in any way?
Ashley: No.  Just between us.. Just me talking out loud about what was said to me.. Nevermind..
Ian: hehe.. Is someone flipping?
Ashley: It's Shane and JoJo trying to flip the votes..  I guess because you've been close to them?  I told them..  I didn't tell them anything.. I was very stern..
Ian: They've probably already said the same thing to me.. I mean, they haven't yet, but..
Ashley: That's what I figured.

**So it's more of a work date.

Ashley: I don't want us to seem so close.. because I don't want them to know..
Ian: We're a pair.
Ashley: And I don't want Shane to know about the 6 of us.. I guess it is really obvious..
Ian: We just need to stay calm and play it by ear right now.  I highly doubt that either of us are going up..
Ashley: I just worry that someone's gonna win PoV, and I'm gonna go up.  You're definitely not a target, but a lot of people aren't talking game with me, so..
Ian: I feel like Shane's gonna make an attempt..  If JoJo came up to me and tried to make a deal  I'd be like, get away from me, but Shane.. He's worth listening to..
Ashley: If one of us doesn't win HoH, it's gonna be awful.
Ian: One of us two?
Ashley: one of us 6.
**poor bubby.

Ashley: This HoH is very important is very important.. If Shane wins, we are f'd.
Ian: We as an alliance, yes.  But the 2 of us.. We're ok.
Ashley: He's gunning for Wil.  Big time.  He's mad about Kara, so he's gonna go after Wil.. Wil's in my team alliance, but I don't think he's trustworthy..
Ian: The good thing about us being so tight, is we act as an alliance between the 2 teams of 3.. It's only if we go up together that it's a problem.. We're golden.. For now.

Ashley voices her concerns about Wil.. She knows he's going to come after her.

Ian: I feel like we're the least threatening person on both of our teams.
Ashley: I agree.  I hope Shane and Danielle don't decide to team up.
Ian: I think that's inevitable at this point.  She's in a pretty decent position.  She's like the ultimate swing.  And after this week, both of our coaches have a 37% chance of 100,000 dollars.

Ashley: I don't know if Janelle has my best interest..
Ian: She does.
Ashley: I guess I just have to slow my roll til we talk to Frank.
Ian: Exactly.  We're in a decent position right now.  As long as we keep doing what we're doing, we're pretty..  This one..  (JoJo) I'm ready to just go.

Time check.. 4:22pm BBT

Ian: Yeah, as long as we don't get nominated together, we're in a good place. 

I see JoJo heading up to HoH on the quad..  we're going..

Feed 1
JoJo and Frank..

JoJo: I've been thinking a lot.. Obviously you know this feeling.. I know I'm an idiot for listening to Willie.
Frank: You don't have to down yourself.

JoJo: I didn't believe in myself that much.. and I didn't go with my gut.  I need to now.  Even though she's played this game before, I need to play this game my way.  I'm not gonna be a Willie and blow up on people, but I know there've been lies made up about me.. Like me going through your stuff.. I didn't do that...   I state my options.  I state my opinions..
Frank: It's weird all these rumors go around, and I don't even hear them.
JoJo: I feel like it's coming from Janelle, which I don't get..  I thin I've proved that I'm straight up and honest.. It may be a downfall, but it's who I am.. I know you guys are working together but.. that wont be forever.. I'm working with Shane, obviously.. If Willie was still here, me and Shane would not be working with him. 
Frank: I noticed ya'll were separating from him.
JoJo: When Willie proposed we were gonna work with you, I was down with it... If you're gonna pick a girl to work with in this game.. I think I've proven myself in this game.. the heart the passion.. I swear to you, you are not my target.. and I think we connect as friends.. We laugh, we joke.. I don't feel like the smartest person.. I feel like..
Frank: There aren't any Einsteins in this house.
JoJo: You're a pretty good judge of character.. I have so much to say.. I don't wanna be throwing anybody under the bus, but obviously, it's me or her.  I will do anything to stay in theis game.. I mean, anything.. That's why, with Kara.. I was like, how bad do you wanna be here?  I made a mistake.. I should've vboted with the house.
Frank: We all make mistakes.  Like you, I trusted Willie at first..
JoJo: It was a tough situation to be in.. We were teams.. Now I'm getting it. We're players.  It was a different situation for me and Shane... It was like we were forced to be in alliances.

***JoJo talks realllllly fast.  You should deifnitely watch this on flashback, cuz I'm only getting about half of it.

JoJo: It's up to you.. Would you consider working with me and Shane?  You could gain 2 people.  You know we have a good chance of winning HoH.  And I would never come after you.  I would rather go after someone who plays ruthlessly..
Frank: Like who?
JoJo: I dont' wanna name names, but.. people who look more likely to throw people under the bus.. You're a smart guy..

*****And that's a wrap on the afternoon post!  Mostly because I have to get the Wednesday Show Viewing Party Post together... NOW! Eek!  Please refresh the blog at 7:55pm Eastern to join us for the Viewing party...



Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

can we just say jojo is just still on the negative side. she just talked bad about jennel and yes she might be fake some what but other times jani is nice and the whole plastic surgery crack was wrong, and the miss piggys nose im totally praying jojo gets kicked out tomorrow i hate her

karamas a B and she will get whats coming to her

July 25, 2012 at 2:49 PM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...

I hate to break it to JoJo, but if America voted she would still be going out the door tomorrow night!

I can't tell what Shane is doing...if he is really with Frank, he should vote JoJo out, and I think he will. But is he really trying to save her, or is it all talk?

July 25, 2012 at 3:01 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

Hi Everyone!!

Haha – I don’t think JoJo should wish for America to do the voting, because if it was up to me she would get voted out no question about it. I really want to see Dan and Danielle go further in the game. And I highly doubt that Big Brother would drop the coaches in like that because it wouldn’t be a fair to everyone else in the house.

I would like to see Dan/Danielle, Britney/Shane, Ian, and Ashley all work together and flip the house. It seems like the other side of the house is getting a little too comfortable with having the majority. Wil and Frank are driving me nuts, they needs to be the next ones to go for sure.

It would be soo awesome if Danielle won the next HoH, nominated Wil and Frank and one of those 2 were sent home. I would LOVE IT!!!

July 25, 2012 at 3:01 PM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

O Jojo...don't say what immediately comes to your mind...tsk tsk. I'd rather she stay, since she spices the house up a bit. Plus if Dan got dropped into the game because Danielle was evicted, it would change the whole dynamic of the game.

July 25, 2012 at 3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you gonna sit
There and say Jo talks bad about people when janelle has the most to say about her??? Huh ? Honestly do u watch the feeds , janelle is a flip flopping brat, since we can't curse on here , Your right karma is a B!

July 25, 2012 at 3:23 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I don't think Shane is going to do JoJo's campaigning in order to save her. He's going to tell Frank (or anyone else at this point) whatever they want to hear. Can't say I blame him considering the position he's in.

But do I believe he would save JoJo if he could? Definitely. He learned very quickly that he's pretty much on his own and no one can really be trusted. At least in JoJo he would have an ally that would have his back.

I think it has been quite boring and predictable this week. Frankly, I would laugh my arse off if Julie came on tomorrow night and said that because of Willie's departure there would be no eviction this week.

July 25, 2012 at 3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta give it to jojo. The fantasyland that she lives in makes for some interesting conversations.

July 25, 2012 at 3:40 PM  
Blogger emrys1011 said...

While I was never a jojo fan, I at least could tolerate her. But all this recent, "America loves us" (um nerd herd anyone?), making fun of Queen Janelle and comparing herself to her Highness, Rachel? Seriously?! This girl is delusional. Only positive to keep her is for sake of drama.

July 25, 2012 at 3:43 PM  
Blogger FL Girl said...

JoJo's been in what?. One POV. So she did alright in it---so what. No wonder her and Willie liked each other, huge egos.

July 25, 2012 at 3:46 PM  
Blogger Mommy to 3 said...

Aww I like jojo! It has to be incredibly hard being in that house and even harder being on the block and feeling like an outcast! Yeah, she shouldn't have bashed Jenelle, but she's not horrible. And to be fair, jojo isn't the only one who has said things about people. So to say "I hate her" simply for that and then in the very next breath talk about liking jenelle and others is kind of hypocritical. It's a game and the girl is frustrated and feeling a bit alone in a house full of adults. I can't say I wouldn't say some "not so nice things" to someone I wa aligned with...in confidence if I were in the same position. And who knows, maybe a lot more of America likes her than we think :). I hope she stays. I'm still annoyed by Danielle's stupid plan to "make Shane fall for her" to get further I the game. And you all think jojo is bad.

It will be interesting tomorrow...that's for sure!

July 25, 2012 at 3:53 PM  
Blogger Mappy said...

So confused. Is it Thursday yet? lol

July 25, 2012 at 4:40 PM  
Blogger Kati said...

Im not really a Jojo fan, but again I go back to Janelle beeing the queen of the mean girls club. In fact I think Janelle is the biggest mean girl the house has ever seen. Shes sneaky, catty, manipulative and just downright nasty to people. I will never understand americas fascination and adoration for her. so based simply on my dislike for her, I say go Jojo and take Janie down a notch or two.

July 25, 2012 at 4:49 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Happy Wednesday Show!!

Hi M!! :) Thank you!!

Hi Michigan Man! :) Welcome!!

Hi Jeffry! :) Thank you!

Hi Kati! :)

Hi Mappy! lol!

Hi FL Girl! :) Thank you!

NEW Top Post!! Click me

July 25, 2012 at 4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She started the america loves us last week with willie. Delusional to the max. Thats the most off putting thing to me

July 25, 2012 at 5:11 PM  
Blogger chello said...

Jojo has been off putting since his (lol, u never know) CBS intro, ' she deserves to win' and she said it tonight. ohmygawh. please leave tomorrow night. thank you.

July 25, 2012 at 8:15 PM  
Blogger chello said...

Jojo has been off putting since his (lol, u never know) CBS intro, ' she deserves to win' and she said it tonight. ohmygawh. please leave tomorrow night. thank you.

July 25, 2012 at 8:16 PM  

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