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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday! It's PoV day in the Big Brother 14 house, and Ashley and Joe will be fighting for their BB lives.

Last night, Shane nominated Joe and Ashley for eviction.  Ashley?? Didn't see that one coming!  It makes one wonder if the powerhouse guy alliance is true - Shane and Frank - at least in Shane's mind...  Or, is he saving Frank for a hopeful backdoor?  Time and the PoV today will tell.

For a look into what happened up til midnight last night, please check out Late Night Lessa's stellar coverage: Friday, Friday... 

I'm doing the Overnight Report the old fashioned way today - section by section.. Please refresh this post every 30 minutes or so for new info.  The 1st sections will go up by 7:30am BBT.  In the meantime, we have another treat from the @BB11HouseRodent!  Enjoy!

By the by.. I just checked the eBayDailyDeals, and I found a lovely parting gift for Joe right on top. Perfect, no??   In case BB feels the need for something new, they've also got a deal for 43% off a Dyson - nice! OK.. stepping away from the ebay!  Diving into the flashbacks!  See you back here with the 1st sections around 7:30am BBT.☺

6:20am BBT - Gahh! Firefox just crashed and ate everything I was about to hit publish on, so 6:30am BBT is getting moved to 7:30am BBT..

12:15am BBT
Checking in on our HGs on the Quad, on feeds 1 and 2, Janelle is introducing Joe and Ashley to Jedi Janie.  She's quizzing them about everything under the BB 14 Sun, in an effort to help them save their BB lives. If you've never seen how Janie's BB brain works, you should check this out on flashback.  Click the pic to get there.

Upstairs in HoH, Britney is talking about her life with Dan, Danielle and Shane..

Feed 1

Janelle: Nothing's done til the PoV is played and there's someone else up on the block.
Joe: mm hmm

Meanwhile in the HoH Room...

Feed 3
Shane, Danielle, Brit

After a bit of jedi training themselves, we get a little flirting then back to the week at hand... Shane tells Danielle that Frank is a possibility for the backdoor, but even thinking about it makes Shane's head hurt.  He also promises he'll pick her to play in the PoV if he gets to pick, and if not, she'll be hosting.
Let's listen in a bit..

Danielle:  I might do it..
Shane: I don't care.
Danielle: You wont fight back?  That's no fun.
Shane: I know. I'm tired.  I didn't get much sleep.. I was tossin' and turning.. I didn't know who I was gonna put up.  Yeah. That'd be huge if someone else came back in the game.. I'm pickin' you if I get to pick..
Danielle: and if not..
Shane: Yeah, you'll be hosting..
Danielle:  Woohoo!

Shane:  We can make so many moves.. I really think we can trust Frank with his loyalty.
Danielle: It's just.. Would you rather trust him, or rather not play against him?
Shane: I know.

Brit gets called to the DR.
Danielle:  When I got called downstairs, they were like, you and Shane made a final 2. I was like, yeah, we did.. and they were (fishing for a showmance)
Shane:  Oooh. Askin' questions.. They always do that.

Britney leaves..

Shane:  I know.., Obviously Frank's..  and I know that's why you're kinda mad.. It would be a good time to get rid of Frank right now, but.. There's still 8 people in this house.  If he's outta the house, I'm the number 1 target. So that was another reason why..
Danielle: mm
Shane: Obviously, if we can get rid of him, you know.. 3 weeks..
Danielle: You just don't know if you can.
Shane: We're taking the risk.. But if you and I are working together, there's 2 chances to get him on the block.  If you win the next HoH, and I win it..  And I know we have the swing, but I can still backdoor him, if I need to. It's gonna suck, because, PoV.. after the nominations it'll be..  Monday..
Danielle:  mm hmm
Shane: .. where I'd have to backdoor him. 
Danielle:  You at least have time
Shane: I have time.. But then I would have Jenn and Ian coming after me.
***oooh.. scary.

Shane:  And then I would have Janelle's players mad at me, because I nominated her players this week.  There's a lot that can happen.. But hopefully, he'll stick with us for 2 weeks..
Danielle:  Well, I'll do whatever you want.  I just wanna just be me n you for 20 minutes and not talk game.

Feed 1
Janelle and Joe

Talking about Frank who has quickly moved to the top of Janelle's dislike list. Janelle's bottom line: in order for the team to stay whole, either Joe or Ashley must win the PoV to guarantee they have the votes to save the other.

Joe: He don't need the money..
Janelle: I wont let him win this game.  When I don't like someone, I really dislike them.. And I can't believe it, but when he said that about women, and called me a Ho.. and.. a lot of his comments lately have been sexual towards me, and I felt like it was way over the line?  Like, um.. And I've always just been.. Like last week it was operation kiss ass, cuz I wanted to keep Wil off the block, cuz I knew he was thinking about it, and I asked him about his conversation with Julie.. and he goes, Julie was just asking about our Showmance, Janelle.
Joe: hm
Janelle:  I'm married.  Happily.  He's a little full of himself, and it's disrespectful to me and my husband.  Last week, some of the things he said just kind of skeeved me out.. made me a little uncomfortable.
Joe:  He has become real comfortable in the last few days.
Janelle: I don't like him.
Joe: But that's the real Frank.

Janelle: I don't like him at all, Joe.
Joe: The other Frank was the one that was trying to connive to stay here.  We shoulda just kept Kara.
Janelle: ♫I told you guys.. No one wanted to listen to the coach.  You guys wanted to do what you wanted to do.  You said, "Coach, we're working with Boogie's players." and I said, "I don't know, guys."  But.. You guys gotta play your game too..  At the end of the day, whatever.  I'm just saying, I don't like him anymore.  At all.
Joe: No.  I don't either.
Janelle: He's not a nice person.
Joe: He wont even look me in the eye right now.  He can't even look in my direction.  If it's the last thing I do, I'll get him out of here.
Janelle: Me too, and I'm not even playing.  I will poison the jury so hard.  If he's in the end with Jenn, I will make sure Jenn wins.
Joe: hehe
Janelle: That guy is so cocky.  Even when I was playing chess with him, he was basically telling me that he was gonna win it.  Dan doesn't like him either.  Not that Dan can do anything about it..
Joe: Well, he can help with Danielle's vote.  He can definitely help with that.
Janelle: Yeah.  I want Frank gone.  He is not a good person.  You don't have to be the best person to be in here but..
Joe: What's the vote if it stays as is?
Janelle: Not looking good.  Cuz we lose the votes.  One of you has to come down.  One of you has to win the PoV.  If one of you wins the PoV, you're staying.
Joe: And if one of us don't, I go home.
Janelle: Yeah.  Exactly. 
Joe: (softly) Talkin' bout do or die..

Flipping to check on the HoH on 3 and 4 around 12:40a, we find Danielle and Shane stepping up the flirt, snuggling in the HoH bed..
Danielle: I wish you were ticklish..

Shane: So.. You didn't tell me you were a stripper.
Danielle: I'm not a stripper!
Shane: I beg to differ.  Those dance moves you busted out today?
Danielle: hahahha
Shane: For sure I saw that in Vegas.
Danielle: Which part?  Like the hair..
Shane: The hair flippin', droppin' the booty and all that.
Danielle; hahaha!
Shane: You can't kid me.  You're not a kindergarten teacher.
Danielle: Yes I am.
Shane: Aww..  but what do you do for the summer?

It's a very cute exchange.  Go check it out on flashback. :0)  We're moving forward..  There are more game and giggles to attend to.

1:00am BBT

Janelle's encouraging Joe in the Lounge on feed 1 and 2...

Joe: I've got to beat Shane and Frank.
Janelle: I beat James Rhine once..
Translation: You can do it!

Meanwhile up on 3 and 4, Shane's been called to the DR, and Britney's grilling  Danielle on how their relationship is progressing physically.  Then they move on to Janelle.. and how they deal with emotions differently.

Britney: He's just doing your lower back? Any in your crack at all?
Danielle: No.

***7:35am BBT - On the feeds right now, BB is doing some very early DRs.  After a few minutes of fishies, we see Janelle waiting at the DR door, Frank coming out, and Janelle heading in. Frank is up as well..

Brit: You sure?
Danielle: Yeah.
Brit: One pinky in the crack?
Danielle: No.
Brit: He does give a good backrub though..  I don't ever want to ask for one though.. 
Danielle: Janelle asked for one last night.
Brit: I don't wanna go around talking trash about janelle all the time, cuz I really don't dislike her, but I just like for people to see..
Danielle: Let's be real.  It's just me and you.. You don't like her in this game, or you don't like her? 
Brit: I think she's probably a nice person, but she's just in the game 24-7, and she's better at it than me.  If I'm upset, I'm upset..
Danielle: I'm just me, inside the house or out. 

Danielle tells Britney that she and Dan had a falling out last week, when he told her he was stepping back, because he felt like him being in it too much would be detrimental for her game.
Brit: And you were upset?
Danielle: But he was just saying it to joke around, to get me to be scared.  I was bawling in the DR...  That's why me and Dan are so close.
Brit:  I'm scared crapless that Boogie's gonna win one of these coaches comps and trade.  He could get Shane next week. 

Danielle:  It's not gonna happen.  You know what.. Let's talk about girls talk real quick before he comes back up here.
Brit: Ok.
Danielle:  Why do you think that he's gonna kiss me?
Brit: Cuz it's obvious.

Danielle: haha..  I don't know.  We've been in here for 3 weeks and he hasn't done anything.
Brit: Yeah.  3 weeks.
Danielle: Do you know how long 3 weeks is in Big Brother time?
Brit: Yeah, but he was dating other people.
Danielle: ah.. Staten Island bitch.
Brit: hehehehe

**7:47am - Boogie to DR. Jenn is next up. 
Brit:  You guys are like.. Ya'll are officially dating now.
Danielle: Woah!!! In BB world.. we're officially dating.  Are you gonna let him know this when he comes up here?
Brit:  I think it's pretty official, don't you?  I mean, you're in an alliance together to the final 2.  In BB, that's like a marriage.  So you're kind of engaged.  a little..
Danielle: And you're like the mom..
Brit: I'm like the proud mom, but it's weird because he's older.
Danielle: What's weird is that you have the one guy player and then Dan has the one girl player.  And you and Dan are the proud parents..
Brit:  I like being friends with Dan.. It's nice not to have to hear how evil he is.
Danielle: From Janelle? 
Brit: mm hmm
Danielle: How is Dan evil?
Brit:  Not "evil," but just like, so scary.. and such a threat..
Danielle: He's so scary.. wooo... My gosh, it's Dan.. I see him as my older brother.

Back to Shane..

Danielle:  He was so excited he won HoH, and he was like, now you can come snuggle with me..
Brit: hehe
Danielle: And he kept hinting around last night, and then he was like, I want the bed to myself.. And then a minute ago, I was like, I'm about to go to bed here in a little bit, and he was just like, ok.

Brit: Like, oh ok, don't sleep up here?
Danielle: No, just like "oh, ok."  There was no, "you don't have to go."
Brit: Maybe he doesn't want you to feel awkward..  Also, I'm in there..
Danielle: Nothing would ever happen.  I would never ever have sex on tv.
Brit: No, you couldn't. Let me list for you the ways it would ruin your life... (she does)

Britney: You cannot have sex. If you wanna kiss.. whatever.  Just don't touch his penis.
Danielle: hehe

Brit: Just don't.  It's not gonna be good.
Danielle: hehe
Brit:  If you feel like you cannot control yourself and you need to touch his penis...
Danielle: I'm gonna jump in your bed.
Brit:  Come talk to me, and we'll figure something out.
Both laughing..
Danielle: I'll be like, Britney, I have these strong urges to see what size it is.
Brit: OK. We can work something out.  We'll figure something out where you can..
Danielle: We can spoon!

I could type out the rest of this for you, but it wouldn't even come close to watching it for yourself.  This is flashback gold.  Too funny!  Go to 1:03am BBT on feed 3 or 4 and Enjoy! :)

The rest of the evening is full of jedi training, flirtations, Frank bashing and trying to figure out how to get Shane to put Frank up as the ReNom - both from Danielle and Brit upstairs and Janie and crew downstairs..

But first, there's a PoV to be played.  Until we have a winner, everything is speculation.  And since BB is already calling HGs to the DR this fine Saturday morning, they're sure to be officially woken any time now..

8:24am BBT - After a few minutes of fishies, the lights are on!  Boogie's in the swhower, Frank's in the kitchen.. Joe's walking around the house.. Ashley's up.. No.. she's back down.  But you get the picture.

9:10am False alarm..  Boogie and Frank are chatting about family in the living room.. Wil's just gotten up.. Joe's still meanderng.



Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning, Dishers!!!

Good Morning, Carolyn!!!!

I was glad to see Janie won a comp, finally! The Comp Queen is back!

I was also sad to see Janie win this comp, because she saved Wil. Drat.

Too bad Wil isn't a Have Not this week. After his comments about how he would show Shane how it's done, I was looking forward to it. C'est la vie.

I thought for sure the nom's would be a combination of Frank/Joe/Wil. Surprised to see Ashley nominated.

This POV comp today will be a fight to the death. Especially if Frank gets picked to play. Looking forward to it.

I wished I had been able to stay up and play with Lessa last night, but after watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics (which were amazing!!!), I was wiped and drifted off to Never-Never Land.

July 28, 2012 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

I love the HRNN!!! It's so cute and funny!

LOL'ing at "JoJo a GoGo"!

July 28, 2012 at 7:20 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "JoJo must GoGo"

July 28, 2012 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger countrygirl said...

Morning Carolyn! It looks like your doing twice the work this morning. We appreciate you!!!!! Hope your day goes much smoother than this morning. :(

I will probably be scorned for saying this... But as of right now... I kind of like Boogie. :)
I hope the nominations stay the same, and Joe goes home.

Also, I know many people don't really like Danielle, but for some reason, I do. I think it may be in part that Dan is her coach, and I LOVE Dan. :)

July 28, 2012 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

"Please refresh this post at 7:455am"

What time zone you in this morning, Caro??? LOL

July 28, 2012 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Frank The Bear said...

Joe needed to go up for one reason: that dreadful Landing Strip! Ugh.

July 28, 2012 at 7:50 AM  
Blogger Blue said...


Boogie just asked Joe how the bed was (in the Have Not room).

Joe said he hasn't been to sleep, yet. YIKES! And he has a POV comp to play today.

July 28, 2012 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I am so glad that Britney and Shane get this week to enjoy. And I'm glad they have Dan and Danielle to enjoy it with them, even if it is temporary. With next weeks twist I think the chances of either or both of them getting to the end are slim, but I'm glad for this week.

If I were to pick a winner today, based on competition, good sportsmanship and always treating others with respect, Shane would be so far ahead of the pack the others wouldn't stand a chance of catching up.

A lot of people have criticized Brit as a coach and said she doesn't have any control over her team. But look at Janelle's team. She did try to tell them it was better to get rid of Frank and keep Kara. They did what they wanted. Last week she tried to explain that it might be better to take out Dan and Danielle and keep JoJo. They didn't want to hear it.

Inside the team, Wil and Joe have both talked about getting rid of Ashley.

Another very telling thing about their coaching styles is this. All of the HGs have stated at one time or another that they are going to play their own game even if it means going against their coaches. However, Danielle loves Dan. Frank and Boogie have developed a partnership. Whether Ian and Jenn like or respect Boogie or whether they hate him, they keep their opinions under wraps. Even when Shane and JoJo were frustrated and had their backs against the wall, they said they love Brit. Willie still said he loved Brit, even after getting kicked out.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Janelle's team has talked crap about her with Wil, her BFF being the worst offender.

July 28, 2012 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger countrygirl said...

Carolyn, its looking like your really gonna have your work cut out for you today... Are the feeds on the fishes because they are waking the houseguests? Its SO early!! And you haven't even finished the overnight... I'm rooting for you!!!

July 28, 2012 at 8:19 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Must be cold in the house this morning. Joe's nipples look like they could cut glass.

ewwww! Why am I looking at Joe's nipples? Switching feeds.

July 28, 2012 at 8:37 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks for the TOR Carolyn!

I haven't watched flashbacks yet but this may be the first. I'd love to see the chat between Brit and Danielle... and see Jedi Janie in her element.

*hoping we don't lose power again

July 28, 2012 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Gee, I can't understand why Joe didn't prepare another scrumptious breakfast in bed for Shane and Brit this morning.

July 28, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

It's really quiet in the house this morning.

So, a quick Olympics shout out:

Go Team U.S.A.!!!\

And good luck to Michael Phelps!!!

July 28, 2012 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger Matt Burns said...

@country, finally a fellow Boogie fan. I still really don't understand why people dislike him so much. He is just playing the game in a very entertaining and conniving way. I think that needs to be appreciated. I personally would LOVE to see Janelle's team thinned out and her be the first coach out the door when they come into the game. I can't stand her or the fact that she CONSTANTLY talks about her implants like they are some kind of medal.. /endrant

July 28, 2012 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Tani said...

People talking crap about Janelle is because their jealous just like they were with Rachel?They know by watching her compete that she's a monster and is the biggest and most winningist competeors in BB history?They are so afraid if Janelle gets to play in game she can beat the cr@p out of them in comps if Frank or another stronger person leaves?Britney sucks as a coach,Dan is listeing to everyone for info but he has thrown every comp or just sucks? Boogie maybe good at backstabbing and manipulating but you have to win both mental and physical comps&Boogie is playing same game only Frank is will&Boogie didn't win.janey is the only one not throwing comps,Trying to coach her team on how to play the game all while trying to keep herself in and play her game!So far Janey is Best Player & coach in House.

July 28, 2012 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, everyone! :) Thank you for being here and for being so sweet and supportive!

New Top Post!!! ClickMe

July 28, 2012 at 9:35 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Bluee! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :)

Good morning, Mappy! :)

Good morning, CountryGirl! :)

Good morning, FrankTheBear! :)

Good morning, Matt! :)

Good morning, Tani! :)

July 28, 2012 at 9:37 AM  
Blogger Matt Burns said...

Good morning, Caro! thanks for all that you do!

July 28, 2012 at 10:23 AM  

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