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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

...with a Lazy Lessa. Hey Dishers! I'm popping in for a little while, to see what there is to see.

Currently the topic in the living room with the majority of the house guests is, naturally, sex, and Britney is mortified to discover that Ian remembers having erections at the tender age of 7. She blames the processed foods, etc, but suddenly I can't wait till she has kids, and realizes that it happens earlier than that for no reason at all. Heh. Humans are tactile beings - from the womb to the tomb at little boys discover their built in toy earlier than one would think. *L*

Anyway! It's 10:54 in the house, and we have fish at the moment, but the days topics have run the gamete, from randomosity with periodic gametalk spread in between. Janelle and her team are working hard to get Frank up as a renom tomorrow, touting everything from the Coaches entering the game and what a threat Frank and Boogie would be, to the simple fact that Joe has offered them everything he has, sworn on the life of every family member, that he'd vote against his team to keep Shane in the event of his eventual nomination. Britney has not had a chance to talk to Shane on her own, so I'm not sure where her head is exactly, because moments after talking to Janie, she connected with Boogie and Frank and reiterated the plan to get rid of Joe. We won't know for sure, until she gets a chance to talk to Shane.

With the POV Ceremony being tomorrow, everyone is talking to the man with the plan, and hoping to get their way. After the ceremony tomorrow, Shane and Britney can relax, as they have no power at all at that point. Then, it'll be all about the votes, and the voters.

In the living room, Britney is worried about her diamond ring, as the diamond feels loose. Danielle looks cute in glasses..

Outside, Joe, Frank, Wil and Janelle are talking animal cruelty, circuses, so on, and so forth.

Janie: I won't ever go to sea world. In the documentary, they're the trainers that take the dolphins.. its really sad.
Frank: Did you know dolphins are the only other animal that has sex for pleasure?

I'll hang about for a bit and see when and where the gametalk pops up again - Janie has promised to stay up late with Britney, so that they can continue to talk about what should happen, and what may happen if they enter the game..

11:06 - that didn't take long -  Ashley pulls Shane into the game room

Ashley: it just dawned on me like a lightbulb went off. Boogie has this really strong alliance, I didn't realize how important they are. The reason I'm talking to you and Danielle - I mean, i don't want them to get the wrong idea, I'm just asking advice, cuz you're alone and Dani is alone..
Shane: I am playing alone right now. Come Thursday I'm gonna have to pick a side, and I think there will be one person from each team to work... you, and jen or ian.. me and danielle.
Ashley: I feel like my teams gonna get picked off because Wil's a huge target and Joe is possibly going home. I don't see Jen, Ian, Boogie or Frank... I mean I sound like a crazy person right now, but like will they move over? Or will it cause an uproad?
Shane: It depends on who leaves on Thursday..
Ashley: I always go back to how britney got screwed by the brigade, but in this house I don't see any brigade going on, so right now I see the strongest alliance being boogies team..
Shane: Frank, Jen and Ian are huge targets. Say Joe goes home - you and wil are here, is Wil gonna stick with Janelle? Will he go with a stronger team?
Ashley: I can't trust Wil - there's so many possibilities, and now I'm reading into things too much... I want Ian out because I think that he's this wealth of information..
Shane: It comes down to am I going to get you further down the line than Wil?
Ashley: Absolutely... Then I was thinking again..

Ashley: He never talks game with me.
Shane: And you're gonna be up on the block..
Ashley: He tells Boogie everything - he's so loyal!
Shane; Thing is - if we take out one of Boogie's player, then he can win coaches comp and take Wil, and it'd be Frank Wil and Jen! Or Janelle could win and save Wil, and there's only so many people to draw from..

BB: Britney to the DR

Shane: There's so many factors, its who can you trust more, and who's lying to you. I mean I feel like I can trust you - keep it between us? Joe tried to make a deal, and said if you save me from this cliff, you have my vote, I'm 100% for that..
Ashley: Yeah, he told us that this morning.
Shane: But can I value that? He's been so shady.. but is Janelle going to honor that?
Ashley: She kept saying that she's never gone back on her word
Shane: I just have to play the numbers - after this week I'm don, I have no one..
Ashley: I was thinking about that, what do you do on your own
Shane: Working the numbers. I mean next week, the HOH can decide, and if the HOH is on their team... There's so much that can happen.. Why do you think I'm so up and down? This is waht could happen with your team too, if we keep your team you have the numbers.

Shane: I think he would put me and Frank up..
Ashley: He couldn't!
Shane: Because of the deal?
Ashley: I see you're paranoid.. I'm just saying.. today I made a decision that I have to trust someone, even though Joe told her I should be the person out.. I do trust Danielle, but I think I tell her too much, and I get scared that Dan - but I don't know I trust Danielle, uh... oh! I told Frank right before, because everyone said you and Frank are working together..
Shane: No, it was just a verbal agreement since he gave me the chance to fight, I'm proving I'm loyal, but he could say fuck you next week, but I have to trust someone..
Ashley: I told frank, I said, before POV, and Janelle was like who do you want to work with and I was like I want to work with Shane.. and so did they
Shane: All you guys did?
Ashley: Yeah - then right before POV, I told Frank, becuase I was so worried that Joe was out to get me.. I just felt like he already went around the house and asked everyone who they'd vote for and he was out.. I was shocked that he did that.. but even before that I told Frank if everything.. I didn't know if I was safe or not.. I told Frank if your working with Shane, I will throw the veto to you or Shane.. and he was like I have to win it, Joe can't win it, and I was like tell Shane, did he tell you?
Shane: No.. so you threw that to me, is that what your saying?
Ashley: No, no.. I was just wondering if he's told ou
Shane: I just have to make sure that Frank isn't working with Wil.
Ashley: Janie wants Frank out so bad, how could they be working together.
Shane; YEah.
Ashley: Wil scares me across the board sometimes, I just don't know what he's thinking..
--Lessa: Ashley. pot, kettle, oh my lord typing for you makes my head hurt. *L*

Shane; It's a good opportunity to get rid of Frank if we don't trust him. I don't want to back door anyone but..
Ashley: Janelle says its not a back door because he had the oppotunity to play for POV..
Shane: if we knock off Ian next week - that's final five, every man for himself..
Ashley: that's what I'm saying, as much as I want to trust my team, and I do, we're really weak in compared to them, and its a huge opportunity to make a game move...

Shane; There's a lot that could happen. I have JOe promising me the world. I'd make a deal if I took you off the block, who we were going for, but then if I have your vote and his vote, I would finish off Boogie's team, then final 5, it's every man for himself.
Ashley: Exactly... you have to trust someone, as much as I'm pissed at Joe, I saw a different side of him..
Shane: He almost shed a tear, he was like he just wants to make it for his family, not in jury for a week with JoJo by himself..
Ashley: He can be good...
Shane; I know.. initially it'd be me, danielle and you, Joe and Wil.. but I don't want to make a deal with him if he's working with Frank.
Ashley: remember I peeked in because I wanted to talk to you, Wil said he did everything he could, he didn't think they're gonna keep joe and I said at least you tried, and they said they didn't know who they want, who's more trust worthy,a nd i was like they ahve valid points, and he was like I kept my word with kara and everyone knows I don't play it personal
Shane; I think he has - but if he has a deal with frank... talk to janelle maybe, if he's got a deal with Frank or wants to get rid of him...
Ashley: He came down and spoke to me and Janelles gonna be mad at me but I said I want Ian  out, I see him as more of a threat oh oh oh he keeps saying I can beat Frank in competitions and then he was like I just want to keep you in the game because if I don't have you I don't have anyone, so these are valid points..
Shane: I know, but then I hear Joe making deals with everyone in the house this morning.. I hear he was talking to Wil and Frank, but he's in the worst case predicament..
Ashley: to vote me out?
Shane: that's what I heard..
---Lessa; Round and round and round and round they go...

CHecking in with Boogie and Jen in the living room - but it's not game. its tennis, actually.

11:43 - Dan and Danielle are up in the HOH connecting and talking.
Dani: I just asked what are you gonna do and I was like are you thinking about backdooring frank, and they asked what you thought and I was like I don't know, and we'll ask when you get up here and that's when you walked in. Brit has good points tho
Dan: What does she say?
Dani: If he's already pissed off Janelles team so bad, and can't trust him, if they take one of them off and put Frank up, then both teams are out for him..
Dan: Not if he makes a deal
Dani: She's also scared if they make a deal and Frank goes, that Boogie will trade a player..
Dan: Doesn't matter to us.. need to talk to Shane alone..
Dani: If we backdoor frank, she thinks they'll band together to get Shane out.
Dan: it's what Janelle wants... she wants Frank gone. What do you think is your best move?
Dani: I don't think that I'm Frank's target, I think I'd be safe? But Franks a beast... Shane is, and is intelligent, but.. I feel my biggest competitors in that sense is Ian and Frank.. Frank's huge, but I feel like he's more trustworthy
Dan: Why would you say that? A week ago he wanted Shane's head on a stick..
Dani: But he's not once told me a lie. He told me. After nominations, boogie was up here and Frank was like I love Boogie and all, but I'm playing my game.
Dan: I don't believe that for a second.
Dani: I dunno. ONly person I trust fully is you, and Shane. Shane will enver put me up ever. Which is good for me because he'll always be a bigger target for me.
Dan> Have you kissed him but for that one time?
Dani: that was the first and only time.
Dan: Don't kiss him anymore. You got weird.
Dani: You were acting liek my dad!
Dan: I'm acting like your dad who wants you to win half a million dollars.. no kiss is worth half a mil

Dani: I want you to bust my ass..
Dan: Like the other morning, she was saying about how she got busted in the face, and you kept interjecting..
Dani: but I
Dan: you did..
Dani: but..
Dan: you did..
Dani: I did.
Dan: you need to go break up Shane and Ashley
Dani: I refer to you as Papa Dan. I like it though.
Dan: We have to figure out who would put you up next wee..
Dani: Ian.
Dan; Why would he put you up?
Dani: If Janelle and Boogies team are still working together..
Dan; Who would put up Ashley
Dani: Frank. He wants Janelles team out. This is my personal opinion, Janelle plays mind games like nobodys business, she thinks Shane is WIl's biggest competititon, she'll get him out - that's bad for me. If it stays the same, honestly if I won I could put Frank up..he won't put me up..
Dan: as a pawn..
Dani: only if someone comes off
Dan; He could put you up against ashley, I don't like those odds..
Dani: touche...
Dan: Joe wins..
Dani: Ian and Jen... Shane. but you can't say it to them.
Dan: My fear is like Frank and Shane are like this, this, then close and it's over..
Dani: I think if me and Shane stay close that that won't happen and he's said he doesn't want to take Frank that far, just another week...
Dan: If he gets through next week he'll be fine too
Dani: Worst case, Frank stays..
Dan: wins HOH again, Janelle saves Wil, your up, your out.
Dani: You could win. Or I could win.
Dan: Yeah, but that's not exaclty how we've been playing. You've been throwing everything.

Dani: Every one I've thrown is because you've told me too..
Dan: Yeah - but it could ruin your long term game. If you win the veto with your back against the wall..
Dani: I know, I'm not incapable..
Dan: I know, just saying that once you win, there's no going back..
Dani: I was worried..
Dan: I don't think they knew you threw it.
Dani: Janelle keeps coming at me, throwing Ashely under the bus. She wants her out.. she asked if she asked me to vote someone out if I would.. she was testing the waters and hinting she wanted AShley gone. Made me loose that much more respect for her.
Dan: It's like - I feel if one of her players wins there's no way your going up next week. Because there's three of Boogies players and Shane. But if Franks gone - I don't know.. My concern is if your up against Ashley, you'll lose that 10 outa 10.
Dani: Unless Shane wins and takes me off..
Dan: Just saying I've seen too guys start out against each other and end up best friends - it happened to me and Memphis.
Dani: statistically they're not gonna take each other - they'll take me..
Dan: You playing for 50 or 500?
Dani: I don't think I'll lose against them. The only thing I haven't thrown was the ice hockey - if shane hadn't gotten the off the wall shot.. I got third in the game I was trying to lose... I can't wait till you see me try to win..
Dan: Oh I know you can win! I'm just worried about seeing you go against two strong dudes week in and week out. Beat one, beat the other, but beating both consistently will be difficult...

11:59 - outside, Shane is checking in with Wil..

Shane: This is like the biggest move of the game, would take boogie's biggest man out of the game, then he just has frank and Ian.. it'll help everyone..
Wil: 100%. Holy shit..
Shane: Act worried.. this week is the only week we have the swing vote in Danielle..
Wil: It's big..
Shane; He'd just have Ian and Jen... it's 4 vs 2, 1 really because Jen.. and your good, Danielle's very smart. It'll be very tense if I put Frank up tomorrow..

Ian joins - and talk turns to Facebook and phones. back upstairs we go..

Dani: This is one competition I won't feel safe if I throw it.
Dan: Who would you put up? Putting up Ashley is a waste..
Dani: Wil and Frank and let them battle it out, let Janielle and Boogie get pissed off and go after each other even more...

12:03 Fish.

DAn: Week five I won a veto, week six I won HOH..
Dani: that'd be next week for me..
Dan: Yeah, but there were lines drawn - there isn't here, this is just a big cluster...
Dani: Do you think it'll be detrimental to keep throwing
Dan: There's a point..
Dani: Think it might be too early possibly? Because I'll be a bigger threat..
Dan: no, because..
Dani: Then I'm drawing the lines..
Dan: And there's no one behind us but Shane...

Britney joins
Dan: What are you thinking.
Brit; The easy route is keeping the noms the same. Scary is to put Frank up but I don't know that we have the votes..
Dani: two-two and me.
Brit: What if Frank pulls over Wil? They may have a final two deal. Wil wants us to put up Ian... Ian, Jen and possibly get Wil. He's never said he wants Frank to leave.. I think that's a little odd that when Janelles up here, that he says Franks' name, but when he's alone, it's Ian...
Dani: I always thought he had a final two..
Dan: UNless Joe comes down..
Dani: She thinks Ashley would go... but he doesn't like Joe or Ashley..
Brit: Frank might still stay even if we put him up - Wil and Frank have something going on. I think it's a little odd that Wil comes up here and throws Ian under the bus...
Brit: Noms have to stay the same, and Joe has to go home. At least if he gets out one of Janelles players, Wil claims to still want to work with Shane, because he wants Ian out...
Dan: Yeah.
Dani: Really odd
Brit; So there's no benefit to getting rid of Frank - other than he's physical, and you have the whole house against you. I don't know how everyone's scared of him - Frank won one thing and it was luck. There's just no way we can get him out even if we want too. When Wil came up here and said I know in front of Janelle I want Frank out, but I don't. He's not gonna vote to keep Joe over Frank. He doesn't like him - he and Joe have nothing, I think he's with Frank...

Meanwhile - downstairs - Wil and ashley are celebrating that they might have gotten Frank on the block - checking in..
Ashley: he just cares about his integrity.. and he's getting that because he had the chance at POV.

Ashley: We did it! Tomorrow's a great day! Shane realizes that we need each other.
Wil: I'm totally down..
Ashley: I think he's finally realizing that we're not out to get him...

12:13 - back upstairs
Britney: They're fact checking through me, which is weird.

Ashley joins, and game talk ceases. Downstairs Joe and Wil check in...

Wil: You have to pretend your going home - he's taking Ashley off and putting Frank up - you have to be depressed...
Joe; I thought he was gonna take me off.. we still need the votes..
Wil: Danielle me ashley - three votes.. he's gonna talk to danielle first thenw e all get together and become blood brothers because this is the real deal. This is your ownly chance
Joe; I know I know..
Wil: We pull this off we'll be here the next two weeks!

Upstairs they're doing face masks, and zit popping..

and downstairs some are getting ready for bed. Jen gives Joe a hug

Joe; He just told me its pretty much done.. I'm going home..
Jen: Days away...
Joe: yeah. Goodnight..

And it's 12:20 - and I'm out for the night. G'night Dishers! Mind the critters - there's no telling WHAT will happen tomorrow!



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Thanks Lessa!

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

July 30, 2012 at 5:36 AM  

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