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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  Frank and Joe have 2 more days to make sure they stay in the BB 14 house.  Starting ... now!

As we rejoin our HGs at midnight BBT, it's a Pool Party!

By 12:30, the pool party moves into the jacuzzi, and Frank is talking about his finalist days last year.. He was in Dominic and Cassi's group in sequester.. So close!
***who let him put a hoodie on?  someone's slacking off on their Shane duties.

Frank: It's like, he reiterated "we're not teams."  How an we not feel like teams when we've got a coaxh?
Wil: Exactly.  We have completely different ideas right now..
Shane: But are you gonna go with them.
Wil: I did this weekend. I was like.. I'm not gonna go with that.  I wasnt gonna go suck up to you.
Shane: Britney's 24, I'm 26.. I don't wanna be sent home for something she told me to do.. It's tough.
Frank: I mean, f*ck.. ONe of my teammates got me up on the block twice now..
Wil: And he'll be looking at me like, you'r hair looks great today.. Were you there when he walked up behind me and quacked?
Frank: You like him because he's such a fan of the show.. He just wants to see how he looks on camera.  It's funny.
Ashley: It's funny, but it messes up your game.

Feed 3
Dan and Janelle

Dan and Janelle are talking about coming into the game, and having each other's backs when that happens..
Dan: So how do you feel about being the 1st female Renegade?
Janelle: I feel great.

They high five.

Dan: I know you're loyal to the people you're loyal to.. I think that's gonna be the best thing long term..
Janelle: Just don't backstab me..
Dan: I wont.. but I may have to talk to Boogie.  SO don't panic..
Janelle: I wont.
Dan: If one of yours wins, you're gonna have to help nme out, cuz I'm sure they'll want me out..
Janelle: They're gonna want Boogie..  I'm so glad Frank's gonna leave this week.

Wil comes in.

Feed 1
Brit and Danielle
Bathtub hoh

Danielle: How do I say it without freaking him out even more?
Brit: Just say, what's the deal?  You're acting so weird.. You didn't want people to find out then either, and you've been so weird and awkward around me.. I don't even feel like I can talk to you anymore.  What do you  want him to say?

Danielle: I'll just back off like I did with him and JoJo.. He told me she was trying to make out with him..
Brit: What a freakin' weirdo.
Danielle: He told me, she did not like that he and I were friends at all..  She told him she's not used to not getting all the guys.
Brit: She also said she's not used to not getting all the attention.. but in here, you don't go talking about your sex life like that.  She was so socially awkward..

Shane enters with Ashley..

Shane: What's up?

Brit: We're just chillin'..

Shane: Is Danielle up here?
Brit: Yeah.. She's in the bath.
Shane: Oooh..

Ashley: Can I get in there with you?
Danielle: Go ahead n get in, I'm about to get out.

Danielle hops in the shower, commenting how big it is.

Feed 3
Janelle and Joe

Janelle: I talked to Dan.  You're stayin'.  Yay!!
Joe: You're pretty amazing.  It killed me last night when Wil was trying to take credit for everything..

Janelle: I'm gonna bring you 3 to the end.. It's gonna be hard, but as long as we get the right people out every week..
Joe: I'm just gonna listen to you.  But you know I owe Shane one strong solid..
Janelle: I completely agree with you.  I wanna keep our deals withthem.  I'm just saying, we might have to get rid of other people.
Joe: It's time to play fair in that sense.  They did us a huge thing..
Janelle: Strongest team in the house.. Which could put us in jeopardy next week..
Joe: Between you and me, I think I'm still being a little underestimated.
Janelle: Oh definitely..
Joe: That's fine with me.. I told Sarah I didn't want to win anything for the first 4 weeks.. And having Shane.. Boy's talented.. And the rest of the week.. Don't worry about me.. I'll be quiet..I figure if you're safe, be quiet.. and Frank's beign overtly nice.  Jenn told me that's what Boogie told him to do.
Janelle: I'm surprised she told you.
Joe: Jenn's pretty cool with me. She's scared about the whole men thing.. I told her, if something happens to me, you need to join up with Janelle, and she was on board.. even with getting rid of Frank and Ian out..

Janelle: That's why our deals have always been with the entire group.  We just gotta stay together and everything will be solid.  I'm gonna start studying with Ashley.. I know she can win HoH comps..  And when Shane can't compete, he's gonna need you.  You do realize every week we've been here, we've been in a new alliance...
Joe: In my opinion, from here on, we ride this out to the final 5.. If we get us 3, Shane and Danielle to the final 5? We've got us 3..
Janelle: Absolutely..
Joe: I thinnk you're gonna see some friction between Shane and Dnaielle this week.. because Frank's  flirting so hard.. and Shane might get a little jealous.. I know Frank's gonna work that angle.. He thinks he's a stud muffin can get any girl in here.
Janelle: Not with that hair.  He thinks so..  He's gonna be walking out that door Thursday.. if I have anything to do with it.  I think we're solid.  Dan told me.  We saved Danielle last week.. If she goes back on that promise, it's gonna make her look really bad.
Joe: And she needs help to move along.
Janelle: She's gonna be dragged to the end.  THat's Shane's winning ticket - Danielle.
Joe: If I can slide in there.. I can beat Shane for votes.
Janelle: If it came down to a thing where someone was thinking of voting against one of ours, just be like, I wouldn't do that, cuz that's 3 votes locked against you.  We have to be careful about that though.. Britnye's aware of it.  She's not dumb.
Joe: That's also why I'm getting closer to Ian and Jenn.. so if Ido make it to final 2, I can get their votes..

Feed 1
Brit and Ashley

Ashley's telling Britney what the HGs were venting about at the jacuzzi..

Brit: Bottom line, Frank needs to go.. We just don't have any votes.
Ash: Joe's indebted to him and Wil promised..
Brit: What about Frank?
Ash: He's venting that Ian's gotten him onto the block twice.  And they think if you guys come into the game, it'll be a vets v newbies thing.. He said, it shouldn't even be called Big Brother... And Frank feels like he's in danger becase of Boogie.. and then the thing with the votes.. with Ian..
Brit: I feel bad that Ian had to tke the heat for that.. I called Boogie up here last night and planted the seed with him that I needed to split the votes..
Ash: I wouildn't beat yourself up over it.  If it wasn't Ian, it would've been Shane.  In the grand scheme of things, it's better Ian gets blamed..

Brit: Does Wil still talk about how he doesn't like Janelle as a person?
Ash: no.

Feed 3
Boom Boom Room
Dan and Dnaielle

Danielle: I'm bored with it actually..
Dan: It'll pass.  Can you milk her for information?
Danielle: I can't be perfect all the time, Dan, I'm sorry.  I am a human being..

Dan tells her to be careful.  America's watching.  When she balks, he reminds her it's what she signed up for.

Dan: Vent, but not in ways that make you look like a you know what.
Danielle: It's hard to feel like you have to be perfect 24-7.
Dan: Depends what you want.  You don't have to be.
Danielle: It's draining!
Dan: No one said it would be easy.
Danielle: Maybe it's just me.  Everything you tell me to do, I do it. Maybe you don't notice I'm playing 24-7.
Dan: I do.. but you gotta remember this game is fun..
Danielle: There's not as much pressure on you as there is on me.
Dan: OK..

Feed 1
Wil and Janelle

Wil: If we can sort of convince them that Frank's gonna stay, then Frank goes home, we can swamp them in HoH.
Janelle: It's endurance.  It's more than just physical.  It's concentration.. Don't even talk.
Wil: I'm gonna concentrate..
Janelle: If it's down to you and Ian, are you gonna offer him a deal?


Wil: When I went up to talk to Frank, he didn't promise me.  Shane did.  Frank'll do anything to win the game..
Janelle: He'll do anything.  It's time to cut the jugular.

Joe: I'm gonna keep quiet all week..
Janelle: Yeah, you're fine.
Joe: I'm gonna talk to Jenn and Ian though, because it'll look weird if I don't try to get their votes...

Wil: He's gonna go home.. It's a done deal.  I would rather you focus on Danielle.  THey're not gonna vote Frank out.
Janelle: Danielle's a done deal.
Joe: Shane came to me and said Danielle's a solid.  She's a sweetheart.  I don't have any problem talkin to her.
Wil: I told her.. Joe, Ashley and I are not gonna vote separately.  She's afraid she's gonna get backdoored.  If we have the votes, we don't have to worry about that.  This is our one chance to get a big player out.  I'd like to make Ian feel as comfortable as possible, so we blindside the heck outta him.. and he starts crying on the spot..

Checking the Quad to see what else is up, Dan and Danielle are still talking in the boom boom room..

Joe: What is his deal?
Janelle: He's just a bitchy, bitchy guy.. He's like Marcellas Reynolds all over again.
Joe: Frank's flirting with him, and he thinks Frank might be bi curious.. and Frank's gonna play that, cuz that's the guy Frank is.  Today, Frank turned it on..
Janelle: There's no way Wil will change his vote though..
Joe: I know..
Janelle: If Frank seriously keeps flirting with Wil, I'm gonna get really annoyed.
Joe: I wouldn't be surprised if he's giving Wil backrubs tomorrow.

Feed 1
Ashley's having a shower..

Feed 3
Boom Boom Room
Janelle, Frank, Dan, Wil, Janelle

Dan: Janie hates to lose in chess, did you know that?
Danielle: We saw you cheat against Ian last night.
Dan: (offended) What're you talking about?!
Wil: We saw you take a piece..

Boogie passes through.. They comment he looks all wound up.

Frank: It's reactions about me gettin' put up.  I'm sure they were askin' Mike the same thing, cuz he was glarin'.
Dan: Have you guys fathomed that we're on national television?
Frank: I'm on telelvision a lot.  I'm a weatherman.

Janelle: Howie's a weatherman.  I love you, Beefcake Howie.
Frank: I love that laugh.  It's like a Minnie Mouse laugh.
**hold your roll. she doesn't have a vote.

Talk about DRs send us to fishies..

Frank: He woke up at midnight and literally popped a tent?  That's hilarious.
Wil: I think janelle and I shocked him.

Dan: Southern boy with a city hustle.
Wil: Is Arkansas the South?
Frank: Yeah.

Danielle comes out of the DR..

Wil: Janelle, please come to the Diary Room.
Janelle: Hell no.

Frank: What the hell is the U?
Janelle: It's a lake in his hometown.
Frank: How the hell is he allowed to wear it if it's not a high school or college?
Danielle: I guess since he wore it on season 10..
Dan: I didn't wear it on season 10.

A quiet side conversation.. with Dan in the room..

Frank: I swear on Nana's life..
Wil: I know you didn't do it..
Frank: If I bring Nana in, it's real.  She told you that I?? That never crossd my mind.. Wouldn't have ever crossed my mind.  Both of them are tellin' porkie pies.
Wil: I know.  Pissed me off.

Feed 1 and 2
Danielle, Janelle, Joe, Ashley

Ash: What happened to you?  I waited for you up there.
Danielle: I'm sorry.  I got cornered.. I'm just in a bad mood.  Dan loves makin' me mad, I swear.  I'm more mad at the DR.. I just got asked the same thing for the 6th time.

Joe's munching away on granola cereal..  Talk turns to Wil's behavior.. Janelle asked him for a hug goodnight, and he wouldn't get off the bed with Frank.

Feed 1
Danielle and Shane

Danielle goes up to HoH to vent to Shane about Dan making fun of her for sport, and the DR asking her the same questions repeatedly..

Danielle: I feel like I can't breathe.. and if I go to Dan, he's just like, suck it up.
Shane; Stay strong..
Danielle: It's not that I can't handle it, I just need someone to talk to..

Danielle: Wil and Janelle just got in a fight.. She told him, the only reason you're still here is I saved you and went and kissed ass for you.. So he's all I'm sure Shane and Britney see through it.. and I'm sure that whole stunt with Ashley was Janelle.
Shane; No way.  She sent her up here to cry?
Danielle: Yeah.  That was completely insincere.  She tells Janelle everything.
Shane: I'm beginning to trust Wil more and more.. I know he's not a big fan of Ashley.. Would you be willing.. It's probably too early.. Maybe I can talk to Wil tomorrow and say maybe we can work together..
Danielle: I don't know I'd trust him too much.. He's ma right now, but he still tells Janelle everything.

Shane: Can't trust anyone in this house.. except you and me.  When Frank goes home, if Boogie comes at me, i'm gonna throw an under the bus.. cuz he's not playin..
Danielle: Don't throw Dan under the bus.. Just be like, Dude, I don't knopw what happened.
Shane: I told Joe tonight.  You need to make an effort to talk to Danielle.
Dani: He hasn't talked to me at all.
Shane: He said he's gonna come to you tomorrow.. It doesn't even have to be game talk.. Just so you two are seen talking together.

Dani: Frank wont leave me alone.


Danielle: Boogie did backdoor me last week.. and by the way, your boy's driving me crazy all week.
Shane: That's perfect.

Talk turns to next week.  Danielle pleads with Shane not to make a deal with Wil.  She doesn't trust him.  He agrees not to..

Shane: My biggest concern is Frank coming back into the house.  He'll put us both up.
Danielle: Ian says that only happens every four years..

After telling Shane this has to stay between them, Danielle reveals..

Danielle: I'm probably smarter than Ian, realistically..  I can beat him in anything like that.
Shane: It's his anxiety that's gonna get him every time.
Danielle: And I've done a lot of pageants..


Shane: Ashley would obviously vote for Wil.
Danielle: I'm not worried about that.. Ian's been cryin' all day.. And Jenn's gonna be even more upset..
Shane: Jenn wouldn't talk to me for an hour after the Ceremony.  I'm beginning to think Wil can't compete.  Did you see him in volleyball?   What the freak?
Danielle: I felt bad.. like I hit the balls too hard.  I think he's just fit, not athletic.

More secrets..

Danielle: If I tell you this.. You can't say anything..
Shane: can I guess?  I don't know.. You won the spelling bee championship..
Dani: It's something with dates on it.
Shane: Calendar..

She did the Harley Davidson calendar.. Miss September 2012.

Cam 1 flips to Boogie and Frank..
Scheming in the dark..

Frank tells Boogie about the schism in Team Janelle.  Wil seems ripe for picking.

Boogie: Just be like look man, pretty soon janelle's wishes aren't gonna align with yours.  Maybe this is the week you start lookin' out for yourself.
Frank: Alright. 

Back up to HoH
Danielle: Does it make me a bad person if Ashley's getting on my nerves?
Shane: No.. Maybe she's an actor. She lives in Hollywood.. Npo.. She's so hippy dippy loosy goosy..

Talk continues about who they can and cannot trust, and Frank's pending exit.

Feed 3 and 4
Dan and Wil

Dan: I thought we were so close to keepin' Kara.. As a Coach, I always feel like there's something I can do to help.  It seems like 100 years ago.
Wil: It really does.

Dan: It was good what you just pulled off.  I wouldn't have guessed. What you did, just here.  You had me fooled.
Wil: I really am happy with Janelle.  But.. It hurt.
Dan: You're playin' a smart game.

Janelle and Ashley come in.. Everyone wonders where Danielle is.. They think she can't be in HoH, because Shane and Brit are sleeping.  Janelle shouts out to the east coast live feeders.. Talk turns to Dan's fanscination with the house decs.. inparticular an optical illusion of red balls that no one but him can see.

Feed 1 Danielle comes down from HoH..She and Dan wash up in the bathroom/
Feed 3 - Janelle and Ashley talk about skin care.  Janie recommends heavy night creams.. Dan and Danielle join them and talk turns to Dr Will and AllStars.. and the grapefruit.. Ashley asks if she and Dr Will sept together - Janie says no.

Ashley: Did Boogie and Erika sleep together?
Janelle: Yeah.
Ashley: Did they sppon?
Janelle: He farted on her.
Ashley: Awww.

Janelle and Ashley head outside, so Danielle and Dan can sleep.  Dan and Danielle talk in the dark..  Outside, talk is about Jenn's athletic ability..

Joe: She was saying, "Everybody expected Boogie to go off, after the meeting, but he's matured, since he's had a baby."
Janelle: Sure.  Wait til you see his DRs.
Joe: Wait til Frank goes home.  You can't get mad at him for doing his job, but.. I thought we had one of the strongest deals possible, but Wil's floating just kills me.  Out of respect for him, if he as up on the block, I..


Joe: If you were on the block against Ian, I wouldn't be hanging out with him.
Ash: It's such a mind game.
Joe: We of all people should be hanging together.  If Brit thinks he's wavering.. it'll make Danielle nervous.  He should know better.
Ash: I know.  I made that mistake the first week by even letting Willie talk.
Joe: And Frank's even more charismatic.  When we slept in the same room, he had me believing in him.. 

Janelle returns..

Janelle: Tomorrow, you just have to hang out with Wil constantly.. Especially if you see him with Frank.
Joe: I was just saying to her.. Even out of respect for your teammates.. You don't hang out with the one guy who can send your teammate home.
Ash: He's always been friends with Frank,  but now that he knows he's leaving, he wants him even more.  And if Brit gets wind of it..
Janelle:  I know.. Just hang out with him..
Joe: Maybe that's the way to go about it.. Instead of saying I'm nervous.. Say it's a brand new alliance.. and he's hanging out with the one guy who cn upset it.
Janelle: He's mad at me right now cuz I called Frank evil.  I'll talk to him tomorrow.. I get it.  There's sexual tension here.. But you're gonna blow your game for some stupid lumberjack who isn't even gay?  he's just so cocky.  Every season we talk about, he's like, I could've won that season.. Well, you're not gonna win this one.
Joe: Will we ever get to meet the people who do our DRs?
Janelle: Yeah, in the greenroom.. finale night.

Janelle: He doesn't know Wil's mad.
Joe: He does.. He was laying there with Frank when I walked though.  It's exactly what I would pounce on too..

Ash: Ian asked me today if I won HoH if he could sleep with me..
Janelle: Does he not understand he'll be on the block?
Ash: He got all skeevy too.. holding the pillow.
Joe: He has a huge crush on you..
Ash: I think it's game.  Dan annoys me with that.. He always pushes it.. It's not funny to me.  I did that whole date thing for his self confidence, but.. Dan annoys me with that.
Joe: This is one crazy house.  The thing that annoys me the most is just when you think you've got something firgured out, something else happens.  Was you season like that?
Janelle: no.  I've never been in this many alliances.  Season 6 was divided down the middle the entire game.  No one waivered.  No one flipped.  Season 7.. there were 4 of us.. and then Chilltown took over.  We lost Kaysar.. I won HoH... I think I sent Marci to jury for being a bitch... Cuz James left our alliance, and started working with another alliance.. and me and Howie were working with Chilltown.. There were a lot of little 2 and 3 person alliances.
Ash: But then it just seems like everyone's working together..
Janelle: No, it doesn't.  AllStars was actually a reallyt good season.  You should watch it.
Joe: I brought it with meand they took it from me.  They would only allow me to watch 2 seasons..

Skippy says go fish.

Janelle's telling Joe and Ashley about Britney's house burning down while she was in the BB house..   Talk turns to speeches..  They all loved Joe's PoV Speech.. He says he needs to start working on his speech for Thursday.

Janelle: I would say simething like, "If Frank stays in this house, you're literally writing him a check for 500,000 dollars, cuz he's got you all fooled. "  It's gotta be something that puts the target back on Frank, so if anyone's having second thoughts, they realize their mistake..  Oh.. and I would also say, "Frank has attempoted to make final 2 deals and deals with every person in this house."  That's true.

Joe: I could say, Frank found out he was on the block, and in these 3 days, he has tried to start a showmance with Danielle, Wil.. We've all been witness to the cocky Frank when he's not on the block, and we've all been witness to the charming Frank when he is... He can turn it on and off..
Janelle: I can't stand him.  No offens, but if the coaches weren't here, would you guys buy what he's sellling?
Joe: I fould when Willie was here that he was shady.. but I was thinking that's part of the game, and I was thinking he's still truer than Willie.. But then once he became safe,  he was a totally different person.  he became koud and cocky.. He has 2 very different faces.  When you think you can snow somebody, that's a clear sign, you're a very manipulative person..
Janelle: Butif we weren't here, do you think he would've gotten away with it?
Joe: Not with me, but I feel like a lot of women would've brought him to final 2.  He is a swooner, and he can lay it on thick.  Yeah.. I think they would've got ll the way.  I think they would've let him get further than Shane, because he doesn't have the personality. He's a good dude.. I'd rather give it to him.. But he doesn't have Frank's charisma.  The second that Shane won HoH, he ran straight upstairs..
Janelle: And he got mad.. I'm like, I'm not an idiot, you curly haired dweeb.
Joe: He needs to go.. He's proved to me that he'll say anything to stay in this game.  He'll even flirt with a gay guy.  He's gonna hurt Wil... cuz Wil's gonna get a little attached.. If this guiy's gonna give him some attention, he's gonna take it.
Janelle: Not only that, but I find him incredibly annoying.
Joe: Today, he wants to be everyones best friend.  He was playful.. Overnight.  How do you do that? 

Janelle: I said that to Britney..
Joe: And Shane'll need help with social.. He's the best competitor in the game, but he has no social game.. I personally think the social is more important.
Janelle: Me too.
Joe: When it comes to jury, people want relationships.  There's no doubt in my mind Frank needs to go.  Even if I wasn't on the block, he'd be my pick.
Janelle: That's why Brit and I got him on the block first week.  He was my number one pick to leave the second day I met him.  Probably the 1st 2 hours I met him, I was like, this guy's gotta go..

Joe: How can Wil not see that starting today, just today, he came to Wil.  Now that he's on the block, he want sot be your best friend.. Come to think of it, we probably didn't help the situation.. by saying Frank's bi curious.
Janelle: We were just joking.
Joe: I know.. but from his perspective, he probably didn't see it as a joke.
Janelle: Why are gay guys such bitter queens sometimes>
Joe: I don't know. I wonder that myself.  I've got a good friend, Renaldo..

**who hasn't signed a release so we go fish.

Janelle: What time is it? 4?
Ash: 3:30..

Joe: Goodnight America.
Janelle/Ash: Goodnight America!
Joe: Thanks for goin' and tellin' Sarah Happy Anniversary.

Feed 3/4
Joe and Janelle

They talk a bit more about Wil's flirtation with Frank.. They don't like it.  It makes them a bit nervous that he's cozying up to the one person who could send Joe home.

Janelle: Frank's not even bi.
Joe: I know.  We shouldn't have said it.  It gave him hope.  And like Ashley said, he was just in a relationship where that happened.. The pilot.. When you've been hurt, it's very easy to be vulnerable to that first new relationship.
Janelle: I just.. It's annoying when you have someone who doesn't see what you're seeing.
Joe: That goes back to what I was saying earlier.  Wil's very strong minded.  He doesn't like to be told.. ever.. It's his way or no way. If you look at it, that's when he got tense.
Janelle: Clearly.

Joe: How could you not know better?  You've been through it.. twice.   My whole new gameplan is to lay as low as possible..

Joe and Janelle continue talking about leadership and perception in the BB house.. and game..

Bedtime for the BB14 HGs.. Sweet dreams, houseguests.  We'll see you in the morning!☺ 



Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

Good morning!!

July 31, 2012 at 5:47 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good morning Carolyn!! I'm so very thankful for you and the other chicks.. Hard weekend here then gone 11 hours yesterday with travel time and long infusion at Moffitt Cancer. I did have some not so great news tho..doc it concerned about a 19 pound loss in 6 months so now it's back there Fri for 2 nuke CAT scans.. Please keep the critters in check since it's taking so much time just catching up on them.

July 31, 2012 at 6:39 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

Honestly, I would still like to see Joe go. He irritates me.

July 31, 2012 at 6:43 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

I kind of thought that Frank had a chance of getting Danielle's vote but listening to her last night, she really does not like the guy.

Interesting that he might get Wil's vote now, that would be funny. With the coaches coming into the game it could really set up and strong newbie alliance with Frank and Wil and Shane leading, I would think.

They sure didn't do much before midnight, the first hour of showtime was a snore fest. Hour two was okay with the volleyball. It put me to sleep though. Nice to know something happened overnight.

Great report as always.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

July 31, 2012 at 7:05 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Zany!! :)

Good morning, Tripl in Cen FL :) I'm thankful for you as well.. and you're in my prayers. xoxo

Good morning, Tam :) hhehe

Good morning Michigan Man! :) Yeah.. but who knows with Wil..

July 31, 2012 at 8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn! Great TOR :) thanks!

July 31, 2012 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger sosaysme said...

Good morning!!!

This is a weird season for me….I don’t have a clear side that I’m rooting for…

In past seasons I was 100% on Janelle, Dick and Daniele, James and Chelsea, Jeff and Jordan…but this year I’m all over the place…

Here’s how I’m feeling about the HGs thus far…

Boogie…LOVE HIM! Really hope he wins either as a player or a coach.

Ian…Love this kid…really hope he gets to the end...he’s definitely got my vote for fan favorite.

Jenn….I forget she’s in the house...indifferent

Frank…I like this guy…I’d much rather him stay in the game over Joe or Shane

Britney….enjoyed her in her season…now I just find her whiny and annoying…and congratulations on picking my 3 least favorite people in the house

Shane…don’t enjoy him at all…really full of himself….I just really don’t care for him….especially after the nasty “faggot” comment he made about Ian…why do people still think it’s ok to think this way???? Grrrr (and ladies…I really don’t get the attraction….and I have a thing against puka shell necklaces…ick!)

Willie…OMG…I’m ashamed to admit that I enjoyed him in his early interview and thought…wow maybe he’s going to cast a positive light on the Hantz name….guess not.

JoJo…good riddance

Dan….good guy …I like that he always treats people with respect…I wasn’t a big fan of his season (even though I really liked him and Memphis)….but I’d like to see him stick around this season

Danielle….this girl seems like a nice person in real life…but wow she comes off really immature…she reminds me of a 12 yr old girl…she makes me tired

Kara…indifferent…but I sure wish it would have been JoJo or Shane going that week

Jodi…poor thing…that was rough.

Janelle…I’m kinda indifferent to her this year…used to be a big fan…just not feeling it this year…maybe if she actually gets to play the game I might feel differently…but I have a feeling I’m gonna be rooting for Boogie all the way

Wil….he is a good time….I hope he makes it far

Joe….he wears me out…he just needs to STOP talking…and what’s with the yelling in the DR?!?!?!

Ashley….I don’t get her at all….she always seems stoned….it’s annoying

I’d love to hear how everybody else feels about these folks…because I feel like I’m definitely in the minority.

July 31, 2012 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger Emrys said...

Morning Lovely Caro!
Thanks for the wonderful TOR!

Maybe its just me but, I think this is the least entertaining cast BB has every picked. I know its still kinda the beginning but the cast just does not want to engage in anyway. Game talk is all good but no drama. Even the Frank nom didnt cause the ripple effect we were all hoping for. Here's hoping that the coaches DO come in and causes some major friction. I love when they all get along but I wanted to watch a big happy family on TV, I'd watch The Brady Bunch reruns.

Anyway, hoping the backdooring of Frank goes through. I'm a bit nervous about Wil's stance at the moment. It would totally suck if he switches at the last moment, but then again, it'd be great for drama!

Finally, I can't stand the Ian bashing. I know he's in the game and talking behind people is part of it but don't bash him and say stuff like you want to see him cry. All i know, he's definitely getting my vote for Americas Fav!!

July 31, 2012 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gmorning!! :)

The Morning Report has begun..

Come join us up there!

July 31, 2012 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks for the report!

I fell asleep during BBAD when they kept showing games and not convo. If I wanted to watch games like pool or volleyball, I'd switch over to the Olympics.

No sure how I feel about this season. My faces are Ian, Dan and Janelle. I'm waiting to learn more about Ashley and Jenn...think they could become interesting.

July 31, 2012 at 9:08 AM  

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