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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday tidbits...

It's 10:40 in the BB house - which means one thing - Late night with Lessa time! I rejoin our wiley houseguests in time to catch a heart to heart with Dan and Dani..

 Dan: I'd rather work with his team - but not with Frank.
Dani: What do you think I should do?
Dan; Honestly I don't think you can go wrong either way - you're losing someone either way, you know?
Dani: I can convince shane one way or the other.
Dan: but have Frank and Shane in the game.. or lose Boogie and there's no one big in the game, other than Shane who you have
Dani: Then I'd rather lose Frank - it makes sense
Dan; I just hope I  can calm boogie down..
Dani: this is what doesn't make sense - they want me to keep Joe but keep pissing me off..
Dan: Deliberately?
Dani: I dunno - and then they're like Shane, Dani likes you, you should get together..
Dan: She's jealous - no one comes between me and mah shane!
Dani: Oh stop..

Dan: I command you stop liking him - there may be one or two nights of passion after a bar..
Dani: No there won't...
Dan: You just wanna date Mr Cosmo..
Dani: You act like I'm chopped liver!
Dan: Admit you like him..
Dani: As a friend... but I don't care about that..
Dan: I'm not losing 100k for a school girl crush..
Dani: I'm not losing 500k for him!
Dan: flirting with it.. feelings are getting involved even a little.. you need to play this game like a cutthroat assassin, don't care who you cut, no feelings - except for your coach..
Dani: I thought I was..
Dan: You like him..
Dani: as a friend, he's the only one I really have in here - I don't see him as anything more than that..
Dan: YOu cant lie to me.. you have a lil smirk, when he's out there throwing weights around, you wish he was on your alabama farm..
Dani: I don't have a farm!
Dan: Your smiling.. your thinking about it..
Dani: Now that you put the thought in my head...
(all this is good natured teasing..)
Dani: It's just little personal jabs - I don't understand why she's doing it. That's why I was annoyed..
Dan: She's nervous..
Dani: What if I had gotten mad,jealous, sent Joe.. doesn't make sense in my head..
Dan: She's never played a game like this before - she normally just wins comps..
Dani: So whats the point of her..
Dan: She doesn't know what she's doing. She's not in control...

Dani: You're right. I'm too comfortable with you and feel like I can vent and forget there's cameras..
Dan: You can to me, its ok..
Dani: I shouldn't say anything bad about anybody.. I have a good poker face around anyone else, but with you..
Dan: Do that. I'm just trying to watch out for you outside this game as well.
Dani: You're right, I should vent, without.. you know. And I can get so mad.. I just want to scream, but won't. Just gotta control. That's my problem, if I ever get really mad. It's like a minute..
Dan: That's why I pulled you out of there.
Dani: I just don't know why... just why?
Dan: She's "Dancing with clowns" right now..
Dani: I'm PMSing too, but I don't..
Lessa: "dancing with clowns"?! Really?! Hahahha!

Dani: She totally switches - her whole ahaha is an act. She's 110% behind Janelle. Her mouth is dangerous, because everyone believes what she says... uhhuh. I trust Joe more than Ashley.
Dan: That's scary.

Dani: Here's the thing, I don't think Frank would put me up at all..
Dan: Me either..
Dani: But.. its so hard..

Dan holds the pillow in front of his face and mouths "I think I'm going to play"
Dani: really?
Dan: Just have that feeling.
Dani: They'd flip their shit..
Dan: Who do we run with?
Dani: Shane.
Dan: Not frank?
Dani: No, Boogie would be the first out. And Shane is more physical and trustworthy..
Dan: I need to spend more time with Shane. Would it freak him out if I told him that?
Dani: No.
Dan: Just say hypothetically..
Dani: He trusts you.
Dan: Britney doesn't... when I was up there she said there was shady stuff going on..
Dani: She didn't mean you, she told me, she didn't want to throw Janie under the bus..
Dan: And she thought I'd do something with that info..
Dani: Want me to get Shane?
Dan: too many people out there.
Dani: Who cares? But I don't trust Frank that much..
Dan: Shane's by himself. It's easier.
Dani: I'm too scared to throw the next HOH...

Shane enters..
Dani: We been wanting to talk to you.. Ashley followed me up there again.
Shane: Yeah, I saw. I don't trust her. She tells Janelle everything.
Dan: You talk to Wil?
Shane: Yeah, he's 100% . He's just gonna tell him that he's safe, so we have shock factor with Ian, with his anxiety into HOH.. so Ashley has to be on board. I just don't know if I can trust her later on
Dan: She'll do whatever Janelle tells her and she hates Frank, and we were talking hypothetical twists, and I was thinking if somehow I was dropped into the game I'd want to run with you two.
Shane: Absolutely. I think Brit would too, but absolutely.
Dan: You've shown loyalty..
Shane; if i can show Willie loyalty.. and you have it. And you have to win HOh.
Dani: You got it. You would have won if I hadn't this week. you're due.
Dan: I just wonder if she wins what is the next move..
Shane: Ian. But with Joe running his mouth all the time..
Dani: He's been silent though - he's scared.
Shane: He's gonna owe me one...

SHane: would you rather work with Wil or JOe..
Dani: I feel Joe is more dangerous - he talk talk talks..
Shane: he's not gonna put her up - Wil either. Janelle says she has two weeks with me, to get out Boogie.. worst case, Ian wins and puts me and Wil up. Ashley owes me, Joe too. And I play POV.

10:58 Britney joins too.
Shane; She tells Janelle everything..
Brit: I don't tell her anything
Shane: She plays dumb but... maybe we should tell her something and see if it gets back..
Brit: no, bad idea. I already know we can't trust her... don't tell her stuff. She doesn't really try to talk game though. Not to me...
Dani: She's trying to see what you'll say..
Brit: Exactly - she tells Janelle everything, which is interesting because she talks bad about her a LOT..
Dan; you think they don't like playing for her?
Brit; I don't. They're in a bad place because they don't trust each other, or Janelle. awkward place..
Dan: Maybe she should vote the other way.. we were talking about coaches coming in..
Brit; I think you and I would be lessor targets...
Shane: At least we have each other...
Dani: I don't trust anyone not in this room..
Brit: Just be careful, I've heard people talk stupid stuff all day...
Shane: I heard Frank was gonna call out Wil..
Brit: I told her not too..

And Ashley peeks in...  then ducks out

Brit: The thing about Janelle is - she can promise whatever she wants, but she doesn't control her players.
Shane; Maybe I should hold her ring..
Dan: take it! It's someone we don't trust, then if they bust it up, you got the ring.
Brit: True.
Dan: I gave Memphis my chain - final 4.
Shane: If she offered it - better than a pack of cigarettes.  I know I said I'm not taking it - but. I don't trust her.
Brit; You shouldn't.
Dan: To get these two to the end, gotta use something.
Shane: Janie said they're gunning for Boogies team.
Dan: If they want to break it, they'll come after you next week.  But it'd be dumb...
Shane: After that week everyone plays POV..

Dan: If you won, who would you put up..
Dani: Whoever you wanted - who should I?
Shane: One of each - then they'd each have two votes.
Dani: You'd vote the way we want, and..
Shane: I'd be on the block..
Dani: not if I won!
Shane: oh yeah..

Shane: There's 11 at week four...
Dan: I just don't want to scramble - it'll be insane, and you know Janelle and Boogie would come to us...
Brit: So we need to decide what we'd do..
Dan: I want it to be us. Just us.
Brit: Yes. And Janelle's players will go after the coaches..
Shane: So you think they'd be you guys vs the newbies?
Dan: yeah, but I don't want to do that...
Brit: Me either. This four right here.  Then you and I need to win HOH..
Dan: If it's endurance..
Brit: We have a good chance..
Dan: Weight bearing you have it, not weight bearing I do..
Brit: It'll be this thursday or not at all..

Dani: the only reason I think not is because it would change the whole meaning of this season..
Brit: it says in the contract they can change whatever they want at any time..

11:12 Fish!
Shane: If there's any chance, you'd need to bring Kara back.

Brit: If I had the chance to come in, I'd have to say yes, because I can't spend the rest of my life thinking about 400k. All or nothing.
Britney: You'd be in good hands if we do get dropped in - you'd have three instead of just Dani.

Checking in outside:
Janelle and her team are by the hot tub..

Janelle; I'd totally pick Kara..
Wil: that'd be unfair to let her come back into the game..
Janie: That's the thing - if Boogie is selling that, and Dan's believing it? IF Boogie comes in he can win HOH, which means Frank is here, which means they're together.. and it's a four person alliance. --Lessa: Wrong four people, Janie dear..

Talk turns to alcohol... Wil and Ashley head inside..

Joe: He's not over it.
Janelle: no. He's not.
Joe; i'm worried. A little bit. If anyone likes a man so much he can't hide it... I mean, I think Wil will stick to it because he'd be a wanted man..
Janie: He'd be playing for second..
Joe; Not any.. Shane would be after him.
Janie: it'd be a witch hunt for him..  he loses the game by doing that, completely.
Joe; yeah. It's just he really wants too, but he's caught because he knows he's done if he does..

Janelle: I want to talk to dan.
Joe: they're still in the room..

Following her in.. General chitchat in the kitchen.

Brit: She jsut said that to me the other day - she said we don't know if Dan is any good, because he's been throwing the comps..
Dan: If I were throwing them I wouldn't tell anyone...
Dani: why would she say that about you?
Brit: she's trying to get everyone on her good side, including me. She's always dan's gonna be so dangerous, boogie is dangerous..
Shane; she worked with boogie last week
Brit: Exactly.

Brit: The whole reason she wants Frank out is because she thinks if we come in, he'll work with Boogie and that they'd be unstoppable. It'd take a long time to get them out.
Dan: he shoulda been gone already..
Shane: But if Kara comes back or you guys come in, we're four strong.
Dan: He wouldn't play with ian or jen...
Brit; I think he'd come in - he's not here for the money, but for the title. He's tired of being..
Dani: Dr. Will's shadow..
Brit: He's here to prove himself.

Brit: Janelle was all I'm not talking to Dan anymore, he's always taking information but never gives me anything!
Dan: She's a liar, why would I tell her anything? (Laughing)
Brit: You think she talks to Boogie like that too?
Dan: I think so - but tehre's so much bad Big Brother blood there, that..
Shane: She still talks to him - that's crazy..
Brit; She can put on a good face and talk to anyone.
Shane; That's all she's done since she walked in.. she didn't talk to me once last week, and this week? at least 5 days.
Dan: Boogie and Frank are very convincing! I sat in there for a couple hours and was like.....
Brit: Me too! That's why I'm like we have to talk!
Dani: Going with my gut - he has to go.
Shane: Ian or JOe next.
Brit: yeah for sure.
Shane: Joe for the lying - and Ian because I think the longer he's in, the more dangerous he'll be... Wil told me last night after this week he's going his own way..
Brit: Yeah, her team. WHen we were up there with Janelle, she was like Frank said he was gonna put Wil up, didn't he Ashley... and Ashley said yeah and looked down, so when it was us, I asked and AShley said Janelle told me I told her that, but I don't remember telling her that.. but Janelle says I did... so Janelle told Ashley that Ashley said something Ashley never said and Janelle has her convinced that she said it! I knew because Janelle came up to me and said we have to come up with a way to make Wil not trust Frank.. and then a couple hours later....

Dan: So we have to always - that's dangerous.
Brit: I caught on immediately... Ashley was like should I ask her about it and I'm like no, just let it go.
Dan: Normally there's one person like that you can focus on getting out - but there's so many of them!

Brit: She told me this too - she was like I think Danielle's made at me, Dani said she overheard me saying, so I feel like maybe Danielle doesn't want to be alone so I've been trying to make sure she's not alone too much..
Dani: She's been stalking me for days!
Dan: I forgot - she told me that too, she wanted to make sure you felt like part of the team..
Brit: Janelle's so sneaky... why is she playing like this?
Dan: I don't know - because people aren't fawning over her like they used too..

Here comes Boogie
Boogie: Can I join or is it not a good time?
Dan: It's always a good time!
Boogie: I went up to HOH and knocked... and no one's there..

Brit: You're boy Ian is good at this labrinth.. he says you ahve to go fast, if you go slow you lose..
Dan: waht's going on out there..
Boogie: Team Janelle and Team boogie are hanging around the table, and Frank told us how to finger a girl.. and Ian said something about a blow job, and Frank said I usually can't come.. and Ashley said I go until they finish, and Ian says that sounds pretty enjoya..


Brit: he's an engineer - like Ian. (laughs)

Talk turns to eyes - and lasik, etc.

And here comes Janelle...

12:00 General convo all the way around...
And I think that's my cue to get some well deserved rest - Mind the critters for me! They don't look ready to sleep anytime soon.. though they're still all simply generally chatting. :) Stay tuned for Carolyn's Overnight Report!



Blogger Tama4680 said...

can someone please tell me why everyone thinks Wil is a big threat in this game. the guy has done nothing in this game for them to even give him that accomplishment. He bashes and makes fun of everyone in the game.he had called JoJo a hypocrite, he is the pot calling the kettle black. if it wasn't for Janelle he would have been gone 2 weeks ago. she saved him and he is mad at her? i don't get it.did i miss some great move he did.because all i've seen from him is a lying, back-stabbing self centered jerk. and i strongly feel this is the way he conducts his self on the outside, and this is not just his game play he has no game play physically,mentally, or socially, except BB's all time biggest floater. He can't even talk normally. He's a legend in his own mind. and why janelle bows down to him and kisses his butt is even more ridiculous than everyone thinking he can win something and is such a threat. he's a joke and i'll do the happy dance when he gets voted out! this is my first comment ever on any blog about a BB player in the last 6 years i have been watching BB. sorry about my rambling on and appreceiate the opportunity to vent. I love this website.

August 1, 2012 at 2:46 AM  

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