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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boogie and Wil, Before the Bell

Wil was up well before the wakeup call.. After a little while, he was joined by Boogie. Wil has now offered to pledge his allegiance to the Boogie flag. Wisely, Boogie says he'll need to prove himself first... Here's their convo.

8:05am BBT
Feed 3/4

Wil: I told Frank, I don't expect either of you to trust me after that...

Boogie: The thing is, I'm pretty sure Frank gave you a similar answer.. and coming from me, maybe you can value it a little more, since I've done this before.. There's no use in completely burning bridges, because you don't know when you'll need them again.  Very simply, in 7 or 8 hours, you could have a beautiful necklace around you neck.
Wil: If things go like they have, I doubt it..
Boogie: But if you do and I stay off the block, you could work with us.. Clearly I've made a choice to be on my own..
Wil: Well, I've seen you talking to Britney and Janelle.
Boogie: I'll tell you about those conversations..  re Janelle, it was basically 3 weeks of fighting her.  I thought, why?  Just cuz we're coaches we're gonna stick together now?  No.  Go be with them.  WHen things go badly for me in this game, I don't wanna be here.  I barely like being here when it's going awesome.  I barely gave her the time of day.. She was a big part of what you guys were gonna do..
Wil: Yeah.. I learned last week, you can't trust her with a dime.
Boogie: You're making a good move, because you can't trust her.  She'll cut anyone.  And for full disclosure.. I think Jenn's gravitating away from us a bit.. Britney came over to Frank and I at the pool, and try to complain and get people to complain with her.. We just laid it out.  You were in on it.  We wated 4 days of drama.
Wil: Yeah.
Boogie: Even Danielle coulda just said, I'm voting you out.  You all met as a group and chose to do this.. 
Wil: A lot of the last 3 weeks was we felt like, we're doing dirty work for the coaches.  Janelle's trashed everyone in this house, including you, Frank and Britney.  I don't play that game.
**spit take.

Boogie: If you did me wrong.. I don't even hold the big idea really against you.  But I do know she has said things and lies and bad things.. So that was my conversation with Janellle.. I put Britney in her place.. So save that swansong for someone else..  I also had a very brief conversation with Dan.. I said this was looking like a classic backdoor..
Wil: What's your relationship with Dan.
Boogie; Not good.  I haven't spoken to him since before the nomination.. Just after he pushed the button, he came to me and said, "I had to.  They were gonna vote Frank out"  I said, when did you find out.  "Last minute."
Wil: THere was no last minute.
Boogie: I said, you could've given me a little respect.. a little heads up.. 5 minutes before the thing.. yo bro, this is going down.. sorry..   It's not a bad move, either.. There's gonna be 3 HG choice chips and 9 names in that bag, so chances are my name isn't coming up.  So.. I told him in the storage room.. If my name gets pulled, Frank's coming off..   I think the moral of the story is, I haven't burned the Wil H Bridge, but.. I don't know where everyone else is in the house.  I'm sure you have a few allies..
Wil: I really don't know who to trust.
Boogie: Ashley will choose Janelle..

Wil: We all know what Dan is going.. He picked the players he picked for a reason - sockpuppets.  My concern is.. say nominations stay the same.. Janelle basically threatened me that i would be stupid to go against the coaches.. because you guys are so experienced..
Boogie: It's a fair argument.
Wil: And you're obviously gonna keep Frank.  I don't trust Joe.. There could easily be enough votes to keep Frank.
Boogie: This morning's ball draw is huge.  There's very little middle ground.  There's f'in beasts.. and not.  And it wouldn't actually be the worst thing for you if Frank won.. They could pick Ashley, Jenn and Ian.. You could win this.  It's much less of a crap shoot than an hoh.. What foundation or base would I have to build any trust?  I'm done with words.  Every person here has completely lied to me.  I can't hold an allance for even a day.  So tell ya what.  You keep me out of harms way, and I'm willing to listen.
Wil: right.
Boogie: I said, I will not be making any deals.. I'm not even gonna speak to Danielle.. I wanted it to be known that I'm not gonna run.. I think they thought I'd run to their arms for some kind of safety.  If Frank walks out the door, I'll find new people.  You could be one of those people. And it's great people dont even know we're having this little coffee time..
Wil: Yeah..
Boogie: To me.. Britney is kinda useless.
Wil: She knows how to hide behind people..
Boogie: She's a great runner up person..

8:26a, fishies, briefly..  We return to find Shane in the Storage Room, changing batteries.. Boogie hears him passing by and goes into whisper mode..

Boogie: I think we can work together..
Wil: My only concern is, Danielle said, if Frank gets taken down, I'll just put up Boogie.
Boogie: I think I can patch things up with Dan.  To put up someone else..
Wil: She was like, you're the most liked person in this house.. No one's gonna send you home.. I'm like, all the more reason to send me home..
Boogie: That's true..

Janelle bashing ensues.. led by the ungrateful snit who's ass she saved.  Twice. Then...

Wil: I'm not after Danielle at all.  I don't think this is her doing.  She's just a sock puppet.
Boogie: She thinks I'm gonna be gunning for her.. What for?!

After brief fishies, Boogie lets us know why..

Boogie: Lottery drawing in an hour.
***Sounds like BB has told them that the PoV players will be picked in the next hour.  Remember, that's BB time.. which is "Hurry up and wait."

Janelle is now across the counter from Wil, who is nicely showing her a stretch.. Frank is awake now as well..

Wil: I've been sitting here trying to think of everything I'm not good at, since it'll probably be that.
Janelle: It might be a puzzle..
Wil: THat would be good.  I'm good at puzzles.  I'm sorry about last night.  I just wasn't in the mood to talk.  And honestly, it wasn't about nominations.  I just miss my family..
Janelle: I talked to Dan, and you are definitely not the target.

Frank enters..

Frank: Whispers..
Wil: Whispers, allegations, lies..



Blogger Michigan Man said...

Hi again Carolyn
Morning fellow BB addicts

Interesting conversation between Boogie and Wil. Wouldn't that be something if Wil won POV then worked to keep Frank. Janelle would lose her mind this time.

Now I'm really hoping Wil wins POV. I have no idea who Danielle would put up as a replacement. I am intrigued though.

August 4, 2012 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

BB isn't wasting any time today.

Good Morning Everybody!!!!!

August 4, 2012 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Pyke said...

OK here is my rant:

Britney: She is such a bitch. I have always hated her. All she does is trash others and lie. Useless lies too. I really dislike her. Her style of "gameplay" is vile.

Wil: Ungrateful little prick. Hate him too.

Ashley: I think I like her. I think she is a mirror and mirrors whoever she is talking to.

Joe: He is funny because he's so stupid.

Jenn: who?

Ian: I like him. I wish people would stop taking advantage of him cause he is slightly autistic I think and lacks social cue skills.

Shane: I like him. Loyal but easily manipulated and kind of dumb. He would be smart to align with both sides and sit in the middle, make his target smaller.

Danielle: Clueless, on cloud fairy. Manipulated. A downer just like britney the bitch. If she can get her head in the game and pay attention and not bash all the time, she might be good at this game.

Frank: I like him. He has gotten a bad rap. If he could save himself this week and Boogie go home, he can go far. He should have been gone last week though. Frank is a bit hurt and dumb though this week. Get your head in the game fool.

Dan: I like Dan. But I don't like how he hangs with Britney and lies to Jani about Brit liking her. He needs to reel Jani in as his other parachute and not rely on Britney or Brit could be his downfall by causing so much hate and lies about Dan next.

Jani: I like her. She had little control over her team and they screwed her the first week by turning on Britney, and then she had to cover their asses week after week. I hope she goes to the end with Dan. She does very little bashing. I hope she wises up to no one on her team so when the time is right she can pull in Dan, Danielle, Shane, Ian, Ashley, and let Britney be a casualty. I want Brit gone.

---Pyke (BTW I know I haven't been on here in years, but I have always been following and stuff. Life just has been important to me as I graduated college and built my career up. My BB time has been backburner.)

August 4, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Kassie said...

man i wish i did not have to work today! Dang having to pay bills. it going to crazy after POV. btw Good Morning.

August 4, 2012 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

I can't believe Janelle is one of the first ones up today. That rarely happens.

August 4, 2012 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Pyke we're going to have to agree to disagree because your description of Britney is exactly how I see Janelle. Britney is sarky but not mean. Janelle is very mean and always has been. All you have to do is read Carolyn's overnight report and you can see Janelle poisoning Danielle's mind and trying to build a female alliance.

August 4, 2012 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst! :) New Top Post :))

August 4, 2012 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Erik Anton Estridge said...

I agree with Michigan Man, that Jani is the bitch & not Brittany. I like Frank, I hope he stays & Jani goes up. The worst are Jenn, Joe, Wil, Jani, Brittany & Ian. The Best are Dan, Boogie, Frank, Dani, Ashley, & Shane. I miss Willie, Kara & JoJo. I used to dislike Frank, cuz I liked Willie, but now I got to know Frank better. So keep Frank & back door Jani. Or the bitch Wil.

August 6, 2012 at 7:33 AM  

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