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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers.  :)

It's going to be a rather light day on the blog today.. For those of you who've been with BBDish for a while, you know I need more than a moment of silent meditation on September 11th..  I'll be stepping away until it feels right to return.  There will definitely be no morning report, but an afternoon update is a distinct possibility.

**By the way, for those of you who missed Danielle talking to Dan about her Mass,Tumor, Radiation, Chemo and Boob job on the live feeds yesterday afternoon, here are the flashback times: Mon 12:55pm-12:58pm on feed 1, 1:41pm on feed 3, 1:46pm on feed 3.

Now let's see what our houseguests got into late last night.. 

Following a near Danielle meltdown in the 10 o'clock hour over the guys all thanking and complimenting Jenn for the fries she made them, we rejoin our houseguests shortly after midnight.

Ian, Shane, Dan, Danielle

Chatter about which women Ian found most desirable coming into the game, and how he ought to have saved Kara, but couldn't because of the coach/team situation leads to a conversation about their strategies coming into the game..

Ian: I needed a meat shield.
Shane: You said that, didn't you?
Ian: yes. I said I needed a jock guy.. You'll see the strategy thing I did..
Dan: They had me draw plays in a play book.
Danielle: They just had me show all my short shorts. But, what'd you say, Ian?
Ian: They had me write my strategy, and it was like, week 1...

Skippy flips us out back to Jenn playing cornhole..  2 minutes later...

BB: You are not allowed to talk about production.
Jenn: (lighthearted) Tellem. Snitches, all of em.

Ian: I mean, how the f could he have been so confident? He campaigned for a tie breaker vote.  I had to sit and ignore him. ANd I'm sitting there thinking, well, you can't play for HoH, and Jenn's not winning shit, so it's basically gonna be me vs all of them.  He goes, I've been having a fleeting suspicion you've been working with them a long time.
Shane: Did any of you, in your g'bye messages say anything about this (the QP)? I didn't.
ALL: No.

BB: You ar enot allowed to talk about your dr sessions..
Dani: My worst one I ever did was to Janelle.

They begin rehashing comps..

Jenn opens the door..
Shane: What's up? We're just talkin about comps. Wanna join us?

Jenn has a seat on Shane's bed..
Talking about the Otev Comp and finding the corn.. then other comps and HGs..

Shane: You know what games I enjoyed?  The laundromat?
Dan: I can't believe no one banged up.
Danielle: Didn't you see my legs?  I was so bruised up.
Shane: Yeah, miss hoggin' all the coins! She had like 10 of em.
Ian: You still won.

Talk turns to Willie..

Jenn: I think it was just beer weight.
Shane: He said he dropped like 30 pounds before he got here.

Dan: Were there any brut force comps that Willie would've won?
Jenn: I bet Willie would've been good at swamped.
Shane: Frank too.

Danielle leaves the room.  Comp and overall game rehashing chatter continues.

Ian: And then, I make a deal, and Boogie has the audacity to go upstairs and tell Danielle to nominate me and not Frank.  He was fine with me going up.
Shane: Of course.  Frank was his boy.

Talk about Boogie continues..
Ian: He just put all his eggs in one basket, and the other 2 made final 5..
Jenn: So suck it.

We've moved on to What Ifs..  What if the coaches hadn't come back into the game..Shane returns with his midnight snack..

Shane: Maybe you guys talked about this while I was gone, but Jenn said Mike and Frank took all the credit for Janelle..
Danielle: If they wanna think that, so be it, but..

On to the Spiritard PoV..

Jenn: Mike comes up to me after and says, Congratulations, you're surrounded by idiots.
ALL: hahaha
Jenn: I think he was mor disappointed in Frank.
Ian: Boogie apparently said some pretty rude things about me in the stands.. He said, "This is my player.  This is what i got.  He f'ing takes a dog suit and gives someone else a trip to Maui."
Jenn: It's all good.  He was just being a dick.
Ian: And afterward, I said, I don't know what Frank was thinking..
Jenn: Frank gave away 5000 dollars, and at the end of it was handed a spiritard..  and Boogie told him, Don't do it, it's a trap.
Ian: And then he said to me afterward.. Let me get this straight.. You kept the dog suit and..
Jenn: And he went for 10,000 instead of HoH..
Shane: And that week he left.

Danielle: As soon as I saw Spiritard, I thought Frank...
Jenn: He wore that, the carrot..

Jenn mentions Frank's cheating, and getting disqualified from a comp.. And she knew it was big when (producer) Rich's voice came over the speakers..

We move on to the sheer ridiculousness of Frank's having to have serious conversations with people, whilst wearing a carrot suit.

Back to Frank cheating..
Ian: You know about Candy Counter too right?
Jenn: Yeah
Shane: What?
Ian: Frank peaking out the booth and Boogie..
Jenn: Yup.  Poor Joe.. That would've pissed me off too.

The conversations are very Frank/Boogie centric when talking about HGs, because it's safe to talk about them..  and any other departed HG..

Danielle's tending to Dan's cut up fingers..

Shane and Jenn head to the bathroom to wash up.  Ian goes upstairs to find his water bottle.. then out to the hamock.  Ian is rather irritated.. his murmurs while approaching the ammock including f bombs every other word..and Ian adds rasberry noises to accompany the whale songs from the hammock

Looking inside, all but Ian are in the bathroom..
Jenn comes outside for a couple minutes, says good night to Ian and heads back inside. Dan comes out a couple minutes later.

Ian: I forgot that ceremony was today.
Dan: We'll talk tomorrow.  We still have 2 days.
**not so much. you have til today at showtime.
Ian: ok
Dan: We just gotta make sure we're..  everything's ok.
Ian: ok

Tonight's bible reading - the (1st) 10 commandments (of 613)
Dan: "I am the Lord thy God.  You shall have no other gods before me." What do you think that means?  3rd commandment, for Shaners, Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. 4, for me and Danielle, Honor your mother and father. 5. You shall not kill.  6. ..Adultery.. 7. ...Covet your neighbor's house.  That's really just any jealousy or envy..

F3 Ian's upstairs getting ready for bed.
F4 Jenn's in bed.

Dan: Did you guys get asked about your video messages today?
BB: you are not allowed..
Danielle: you made a joke, did you?
Dan: I'm doing my Chelsea ritual.

Danielle turns the lights off.. After a Walton's style round robin of goodnights, Dan tries to instigate a bed share, saying it's like she's in ALabama and SHane's in Vermont, and last night Shane visited Alabama, so tonight it's her turn to visit Vermont.. Then he quotes the zingbot, and Danielle replies, that's exactly why she wont go there (to his bed) without being invited.

Dan: Goodnight, Danielle.  You're such a sweetheart.  Heart of gold and hands of healing.
Dani: Thank you.

All of the HGs are in bed.. Ian's listening to music in the dark.. Jenn is restless..
I'm waiting for Ian to utter something meaningful in the dark, but he seems more intent on putting a grasp on the situation. 

I have to say how pleased I was to find that BB hadn't locked down the backyard tonight.. I imagine it will be locked down sometime in the morning, and if BB calls an HoH lockdown once the HGs wake up, the Tuesday eviction surprise will be a surprise no more..

I do believe they're down for the count..

Sweet dreams, houseguests.  I'll see you when I'm ready to see you.. probably by the afternoon, but definitely not in the morning.  Not today.



Blogger Mappy said...

Thank you Carolyn. Peace <3

September 11, 2012 at 4:15 AM  
Blogger jenn said...

Just going to spend some time this morning remembering

God Bless you all...

and May God Bless America

September 11, 2012 at 4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

((((((((HUG))))))) Carolyn

September 11, 2012 at 6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan is disappointing again. What did happen to BB10 Dan? The one who wanted to make good tv. He has mentioned several times that he is aware of Dani's popularity with the fans, but not one word today to Ian about possibilities? Come on Dan. Man up. Time is running out. You want to cement your BB legacy? Cut the nurse with a "heart of gold" and a mind of lies

September 11, 2012 at 7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

((((((hugs))))))) to all my American friends today. Know that we in Canada hold you dear in our hearts on this day

September 11, 2012 at 11:48 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree... to me Danielle's worse than Matt say his wife had cancer! This girl doesn't know her lies from the truth!! I think they need to evict her while they have the chance! Plz!

September 11, 2012 at 5:52 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I totally agree! I'm so sick if Danielle's lies! She is worse than Matt lying about his sick wife. She doesn't know her lies from the truth anymore. They say u have to tell 30 lies just to cover one lie that you've told. It's like a domino effect. Get her out while they have the chance!! Plz

September 11, 2012 at 6:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Team Dan all the way!

September 11, 2012 at 6:02 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree... to me Danielle's worse than Matt say his wife had cancer! This girl doesn't know her lies from the truth!! I think they need to evict her while they have the chance! Plz!

September 11, 2012 at 6:04 PM  
Blogger Beyoncca said...

If I have to watch Dannielle look at her reflection in the mirrors surrounding the BB house. I watch Big Brother After Dark on Showtime and I've counted 42 times in a span of 3 hours that Dannielle admires herself, in addition to her constant fishing for compliments. Dannielle says "am I the prettiest of all the girls"?, " who has the longest hair of the cast"? Knowing good and well that she asks these loaded questions just so she can turn the conversation to her somehow. Talk about conceited.

September 11, 2012 at 7:09 PM  

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