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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sanity Sunday!  :0)   The HGs had quite a full night on the live feeds.  Grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy.

Along with transcription and a touch of snark, the flashback times and cams are listed so those of you with the feeds can go in and watch for yourselves.   If you haven't got the feeds yet, and you'd like to give them a try, here's a link for a 2 day free trial to get you started.

We'll see you back here tonight for the Sunday Show viewing party at 7:55pm Eastern.

Elissa and Jessie

Elissa's making slop cookies.  Jessie is cleaning, which she says she enjoys because she's a "perfectioner...ist."

Cam 3
Howard and Candice
Have Not Room

Howard goes in to the Have Not Room to quickly check in with Candice, and counsel her not to take their comments to heart, not to play personally... She says she wont, and that's why she secluded herself in the Have Not Room  - so as not to react to them.

Skippy flips 3 to the backyard pool game...

Amanda: I want a f*ckin' cookie. Where has Candice been?  I feel like I haven't seen her in 3 days. Hm.  Layin' low.

In addition to pool, there's a tossing game happening with Spencer, Helen and Judd.  Spencer wins.

Backyard Couch
Cam 1
Spencer, Jessie, Howard, McCrae.. Judd joins

Spencer: What time is it?
Howard: My bedtime.
Spencer: Isn't it funny how time is so f'd up here?
Jessie: Time doesn't make sense here.

Talk turns to the game they were playing.

Jessie: It's like a variation on cornhole.
Judd: No, I throw cornhole underhand, and this over..
Spencer: It's almost like a bandana shuttlecock.
McCrae: yeah..

Jessie: I haven't been called to the DR for days.
Spencer: Well you should give them something to talk to you about..  like you should strip or streak or something.
Jessie: Ok!

Andy: I feel like you're always walking around.
Judd: I can't sit still.  I did it in school too.. I'd break my pencils just to get up and sharpen them.

Elissa joins the people at the couch...

Talk turns to standing desks and peddling desks..
**I was offered a sit/stand one and declined.. but I'd love a peddling one!
Then TVGN vs Showtime.. the HGs speculate about what can and cannot be shown and heard.. and start doing shoutouts to various and sundrie people back home.

Jessie: Y'all, I think I'm gonna go to bed. It's my bedtime.
Helen: You're like me.
Jessie: Goodnight y'all.
ALL: g'night..

Spencer shouts out random people at home..
Elissa: We love you, America! Brendon, Rachel.. Brenchel Army..  I don't think it's live.
Spencer: You don't?
Elissa: There's a 5 minute delay for the live feeds, so they can edit stuff.

Helen comes over and

Helen: Hi everyone!  Hi Michael, Hi Henry, Hi Charlie!  I love you!
Spencer: Go to bed!
Helen: I'm sure they're in bed.  Otherwise, my husband is not parenting,

Spencer picks up a cigarette..

Howard: Let's smoke a cigarette.  Let's look cool and cough and kill ourselves on tv.
Helen: I have a feeling there's someone who watches each of us.. and if something interesting happens, it's elevated to a producer.
Spencer: It's one lucky bastard who watches me.

Talk turns to the move to TVGN.

Helen: I never even heard that TV Guide had a channel til I came on Big Brother.  Do you think people get bored just watching us play pool?
Spencer: Sure they do.
Howard: Some people watch for hot guys, some for hot girls, some for drama..

Talk turns to BB Canada and how a mistake vote changed the entire outcome of the game.

Timecheck - 12:35am

Elissa: I feel like I smell so much cigarette smoke, my lungs are contaminated.
Helen: If it bothers youy, you should move.

Elissa moves next to Andy on the couch.

Kaitlin asks Spencer to come join her on the Hammock, her favorite place in the house..

Judd: Why you smokin' all my cigarettes, Howard?

Cam 1

Spencer: It's been a pretty good week.
Kaitlin: More relaxing than last week.
Spencer: You get pretty worked up.  uughh.. I want that bitch out.
Kaitlin: She makes everything so awkward in this house..
Spencer: She's entitled.
Kaitlin: Candice is f'in runnin' her mouth.
Spencer: She has no idea what's going on in this house.. and she's just runnin' her mouth..

Kaitlin: I feel like I see you guys together all the time.
Spencer: Make no mistake... I want her out.
Kaitlin: She likes to make people guilty by association.

Aaryn joins them..

Aaryn: What are you guys talking about?
Spencer: How much we want Elissa out.. and then Candice.
Aaryn: Sketchy.. She came upstairs and bawled her eyes out to us.. THrew everyone under the bus.
Spencer: I almost feel bad for her.
Aaryn: 2 more weeks for us, 2 more grand for us..
Spencer: Exactly.
Kaitlin: So what kind of shit are they telling you?  I know they're around you.  I know they trust you.

Spencer: Helen just had one of those on the block melt-downs.. She's a good person.. I do what's best for my game.  I don't run around like a fool..
Kaitlin: I wanna put Candice in her place.  She lies so much.  Dude, if she goes this week, Candice goes next week, and all of us are f'in safe.  If she leaves, it's a whole new game.
Spencer: Totally.
Kaitlin: And I guarantee, the person who gets MVP is gonna tell people.

Spencer: My goal is to make jury.  I would do this for free.  You and Aaryn are beautiful women.. You almost certainly will be able to spring some career off this.  Me, the minute I get outta here, I go back to the railroad.  My goal is to make the jury.  The money is fine.  If there wasn't a cash prize at the end, I would still be here doing this.  I don't want a bunch of chumps, like Candice and Elissa..  We're 3 weeks from Jury..  And after that, as far as targets go, someone will make an ass of themselves..
Kaitlin: It's all about how you handle yourself in this game.
Spencer: Mm hmm.  And I'll tell you what.. Elissa has been here 16 days too long.
Kaitlin: She was so stupid for putting Jeremy up today.

They go on to discuss how strong Jeremy is at everything..

Kaitlin: I seriously genuinely care about every person here, except her.  And I still stick up for her.
Spencer: She's obviously got some money.  This is slumming for her.
Kaitlin: She's like a wounded animal, so let's take her out back and put her out of her misery.

Cam 3 flips to Elissa and Howard on the couch..

Elissa: It's just a lamo excuse.. I don't even talk to these girls..

Helen joins.

Helen: I have to say, I really liked your outfit today, Howard.
Elissa: Me too.  He looks nice in orange.
Helen: Tomorrow's Sunday.  Do you go to church every Sunday?  Are you a pastor?

We learn Howard is Southern Baptist and Helen is Catholic, before Skippy flips us back to Spencer and Kaitlin talking about Elissa and Candice's impending demise, as well as their propensity to annoy..

Kaitlin: She tried to get Jeremy and I upset with eachother today.
Spencer: She's a moron.

Talk turns to Helen.  Spencer protects her, saying that she must've felt some kind of mom loyalty to Elissa in the beginning, but even she is now separating herself..

12:58am cont'd

Kaitlin: She'd almost be dumb to put me up.  I've been so nice to everyone in this house.
Spencer: I can't wait to hear her f'in c*nt speech again this week, thinkin' she's safe..  I can't wait to do her goodbye message..
Kaitlin: I gave her a nice one last time.  I am not doing that again..
Spencer: My next one wont be as sweet either.. More like, You've ostracized yourself..
Kaitlin: You're awful at competing.  You're not your sister.

Spencer: Like I said, my goal is to make jury.
Kaitlin: Do you know how much fun that would be?  That house is in Malibu.

Off camera
Ginamarie: Hey! Pizza's ready!

Spencer and Kaitlin go in for pizza..

Camera 1 flips to the couch..  Andy, Judd, Elissa, Helen..Andy asks if his name's been mentioned at all re going up or home. No.  Talk turns to the comp and the costumes..

Helen: A onesie is supposed to be soft and soothing and make the baby feel safe and warm.  This is not a onesie.  This was awful.
Elissa: I just had fun with it.. I just had fun basking in the sun.. My problem was when Amanda's fell down.
Helen: I was at the end, so I couldn't really see anyone.  Amanda yelled, I'm done! and I only had an elephant up.

Before 3 minutes pass, Helen and Elissa are the only couch dwellers left.. It's like a game of keep away where most of the other HGs and Elissa are concerned. 

Camera 1 flips to the Cockpit, now filled with Spencer, Andy and Howard...

Andy: I'm gonna get an early night tonight.  Seeing everyone eat pizza tonight was rough. F*ck you all and your pizza.  Only a couple more days.  I'll make it.  I'm glad Candice is allowed to have Lima Beans.  Those are gonna be her saving grace.  Candice is a really good cook.
Spencer: Yeah, she is..

1:09a Jeremy joins the Cockpit crew

Spencer: Come on in!
Jeremy: I was in there talking with McCrae and Amanda.. This challenge today was weak.. I was hoping for another crawl through syrup thing.

They tease Andy about wanting to be in a comp just so he can eat whatever they have to crawl through..

Andy: I've been on slop for 11 out of 16 days here.
Spencer: They keep raving about all the different slop creations.. but it's still slop.

Slop talk continues. 1:13a

Andy: At least I haven't cried this week.  I had a couple of slop cries last week.
Spencer: P*ssy.
Andy: I am!
Spencer: Do gay dudes just cry more than straight dudes?
Andy: I'm a cryer.

Amanda passes by and flashes nipple.. Jeremy cheers, Andy covers his eyes with a pillow. The bpoys compare notes on whose boobs they've seen.. down to right or left.

Jeremy: So there's a thought to ponder.  I'm gonna go to the bathroom now.  (joking) I'm so glad we don't have to cover our nipples.  Imagine how annoying it'd be to wear 2 things of underwear.
Spencer: No sh*t.,
Jeremy: I rarely wear underwear as it is.

Talk turns to early DR calls..

Jeremy: They called me in before the music even stopped this morning.

Andy: (Re Candice) I think they hate her.  Every night, they call her in after she's taken off her makeup and been in bed 2 hours.
Howard: (pretends to talk on a walkie) Is she asleep yet?  Candice, please come to the Diary Room.

Amanda returns to the doorway.  Talk returns to her boobs.

Cam 1  flips us out back to Elissa and Helen

Elissa: I wanna stay here for you guys, but this is not fun for me.. There was no reason for Aaryn to speak abot me like that during noms, and that's going to be on national tv.
Helen: Maybe mention that in your goodbye speech.. Or.. Maybe it's better to go out with your head totally high..

Elissa talks about how everyone feels it's not fair for her to be here.. SHe feels it's not fair to her.

Elissa: I'm doing this because I love the fans, and they're supporting me.. Bu tin this house, it's just a nightmare.  Thank God for you. I know I'm an extra vote for you guys, and I'm totally cool with that.. I just came in wanting this to be an awesome experience.. My little boy's gonna be like, "I wonder what my mommy did that they're saying shes making waves."
Helen: I gotta watch what I say in diary room..
Elissa: I'm sure you're the cute mom. Have you talked negatively?
Helen: If anything, I'll say, well I thought I was smarter than them, but I guess I'm not.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.

1:24am Elissa and Helen get up to go to the Hve Not Room.. They say goodnight to the backyard people..

Cam 1 flips to the Cockpit Crew.

Spencer: You'd love Conway.
Kaitlin: What do you guys do for fun?
Spencer: F*ck and get high. What do you do?

1:29a - **I need a few minute stand and stretch. brb.

Ginamarie, Helen, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Andy, Candice...

Food talk - Then impressions.. Ribbing each other for snoring.. Good times.

1:51am Elissa, done in the bathroom, sticks her head in the door.. Helen asks people to come get her if the DR asks for her and she's sleeping..

Skippy flips Cam 1 to a brief exchange between Nick and Elissa..

Nick: I'm not saying anything.  I'm in non game mode right now.
Elissa: OK, but we're in a game, and I'm gonna have to decide.
Nick: Gimme time to think about that one.


Elissa comes to consult with McCrae and Amanda..

Elissa: I wanna keep my word, but he just basically told me he was gonna vote me out, so..  That means he's probably working with Jeremy for sure.  I just have to.. Do you want me to tell you or no?

Have Not

Elissa: I just asked Nick if I put Kaitlin up if he'd vote for her, and he basically said no.  So.. I'm not gonna get far in this game anyway.. I only stay because people use me.
Helen: Elissa, you could stay this week too.  We just have to figure out who you have to put up.
Elissa: I don't know what's best.  I'm so like, haggard.  I'm just exhausted.
Helen: Lay down. 
Elissa: My eyes look like I haven't slept in a month.

Fishies til 1:59a

Helen: I don't want you stirring the pot.  I feel like he has a really good feel on the pulse of the house.. I'm telling you.. If you can win HoH just one time.. THis whole house will change for you.  You'll be able to build new relationships with the people in this house.  So win HoH.  But until you win it, you can't just throw in the towel.  I know it's frustrating.  Childbirth is 10x harder than getting HoH.. and the second you get it, I'm telling you, you are gonna be able to open new doors for yourself.. and make your family proud.
Elissa: I know.
Helen: And play for all the people who've voted for you.
Elissa: That's the only reason I've stayed.
Helen: You've gotta win HoH next week if you stay.

Elissa: I thought that we had it this week.
Helen: I know.  You were so close.. but there's always another one.
Elissa: You too.
Helen: I want you to win it next.  I'll win after that.  If you can win it, I'm telling you it'll build relationships for you.  Even just one win.  Don't throw in the towel yet.  We havn't been here that long.  THis is a lifetime opportunity..
Elissa: Trust me.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity.  But I'm in a house with people who don't like my sister.  Little Aaryn, who says I make waves, the 1st time I met her was talking badly about my flesh and blood.
Helen: It's part of her gameplay.  The best thing you can do is ignore it.  If it doesn't bother you, she'll find someone else to pick on..
Elissa: That doesn't bother me.  It bothers me that she said on national tv that I'm making waves in the house.. for the 2nd week in a row.

Candice comes in.. Conversation stops..Candice goes.

Elissa: So she's just making up stories.. I feel like.. If I win HoH, I want to nominate her and say, Aaryn, I'm nominating you because you make offensive racial comments about others and drug-using comments about yourself.
Helen: I understand.. but I wouldn't say that.  You don't need to add fuel to the fire.  It's best to be above it.
Elissa:  I wouldn't say it.. but she legitimately offended me when she was speaking derogatorily about people.  I don't think anyone deserves that.
Helen: Get it out of your system and put it to bed.  You are so much better than that.  SHe's just one person in this world.
Elissa: I'm glad she doesn't like me.  If you heard what she said.. She said something very derogatory and offensive.
Helen: It's gonna be on national tv.  Everyone's gonna hear it and know.
Elissa: I love you guys.

2:10am Candice turns off the lights.. then goes to use the restroom..

2:11am cam 1 flips us outside to Nick and Andy..

Andy: It was so weird to celebrate 4th of July here.
Nick: Dude, I loved it.
Andy: But a good weird.
 **Andy does this a lot.. He alters his opinion based upon what he thinks the person he's speking to wants to hear.
Andy: SO what made you apply to be on the show?
Nick: It was NYE and it's gonna be 2013, and I was like, I've done a lot in my life, but I want more.. I want to do something that's gonna challenge my every facet.. I never had the freedom to do it before.. And this was like the perfect storm.
Andy: How'd you apply?
Nick: On the internet.  First time.

2:14am - Slippy flips Camera 1 up to HoH, and we join Judd, Jeremy and Aaryn... 

Judd: We just gotta fight like hell for HoH next week.
Jeremy: Every week.
Judd: yes we do.
Aaryn: Know what my least favorite comp is?  OTEV.  I do not wanna go running around...

2:17am - And we rejoin Andy and Nick...

Nick: Manhattan kinda forces you to be solo.  Like you have to be able to do it yourself.  A big city like that is impatient.  They just don't give a shit.

Talk returns to game..

Andy: I'm like, you'll see where I am when my vote comes out.
Nick: My shtick coming in was we're gonna rock every 24 hours.
Andy: It's crazy how there's a different energy in the house every day.
Nick: You wanna see what's going on, but you don't wanna be the guy who's like a peeping tom.. You're connecting the dots in your head, but then you can make a prediction off of non-fact.  It's like your brain spins it so fast..
Andy: I'm  a scenario planner outer..
Nick: Totally man.  It's the advice I've internalized.. from the only BB person I've ever spoken to.. and that was Jillian from BB Canada.. She was like, every 24 hours.. every 24 hours.. but I get it now.. it totally makes sense.  And on top of that, you don't even see people's true colors til like day 37.  How did they vote?  How did they act?  Did they stick to their guns..

Judd steps outside and asks if he's interrupting..

Andy: We were plotting against you, but now..  How was HoH?
Judd: I been asleep.
Andy: I just saw you walking up there.
Judd: I just went up for a few minutes.. Kaitlin came in.. She was asleep by the time I left.
Andy: Hopefully I get a good night sleep tonight..

Talk turns to Veto.. Then the coming HoH.. Then the MVP Renom..

Judd: Everybody seems kinda shady tonight.
Andy: I'll talk to you about it.
Judd: People mad at me?
Andy: No.
Judd: I've been just trying to chill.  I played bandana ball most of the day..

Andy: Would you say BB is your favorite tv show?
Judd: Definitely.
Andy: Do you watch the live feeds?
Judd: I looked at the Canadian ones.. It's kinda cool, cuz you get to see how people really are, and not just their edited version.

Andy gets up to use the bathroom, saying he'll be back.. Nick and Ginamarie come over.  I guess they were on the hammock?  I didn't see a camera on them.  Ginamarie says goodnight.. Nick complains that everyone's gone to sleep too early tonight.

Nick: It's only 2:30. I'll come in to bed in a little bit.  I'm just kinda lounging here.

Andy returns to the backyard.

Andy: Our group is like torn on whether to keep ELissa or not...
Judd: Who wants to keep her?
Andy: candice and ELissa..

Nick comes out.

Andy: We were just talking about who the MVP renom might be.
Nick: When does the MVP decide that?
Andy: It's Elissa.  I think the 3 of us will be ok. She's not gunning for any of us.
Judd: maybe I should tell her you're coming for her.
ALL: Laugh

Judd: I talk to her a little bit, but every time I do, I feel like everyone's watching me..
Andy: Me too.. but it hurts my heart for her.
Judd: She's very nice to me.  I just talk as loud as I can whenever I talk to her.
Andy: Me too! So no one thinks I'm talking game.  A couple times she's been like, Can we talk in the cockpit, and I'm like NOoooo!  Don't do this to me.

Ginamarie comes out.

Judd: Has that for real happened?
Andy: Yes!  She'll do it in front of people too!  It's like Elissa is inadvertently tryint to target me.  I think she's annoying at times.. but I feel badly for her..
Ginamarie: I think she's a beautiful girl, but the way she says things sometimes.. I consider you guys like a family to me.. you're added to my amazing friend group.. I put happy people in my life, because I'm a happy person..

Ginamarie acknowledges the differences between her relaxed persona and her pageant persona, saying there's a time and place for everything.. and she knows "how to be proper."

2:39am  With that, Ginamarie says goodnight.. again.. and heads inside.  Nick goes in a minute later..

Andy: Everything hinges on all of us voting the same.  If we all remain united, we're golden.
Judd: Amanda was getting paranoid about ME earlier.
Andy: She just said she was worried about you getting paranoid.   I go back and forth on it all of the time.. Why get rid of ELissa when she's an asset to us?  Helen brought up a good point.. If we sell Elissa out, America's gonna be mad at us and maybe side with Jeremy and give him the MVP.  We all just need to stay together as a grouop.  I don't like the way Jeremy bullies..  Like, If you keep ELissa we're coming after all the people who kept Elissa.. Fuck you!
Judd: I think we should keep her.  110% percent.  Who wants to get rid of her?
Andy: Spencer, Howard and McCrae.
Judd: Sounds like they have an alliance with the other side. WHat logic would there be?
Andy: Their logic is, if we lay it low, they'll go after Candice.. America seems to love Elissa.  THey love an underdog.  Jeremy and Aaryn are the bullies that are men to her.  America's gonna keep voting for her.
Judd: I think it gives us MVP power without getting blood on our hands.
Andy: We will have some blood on our hands, because we'll be getting rid of people..  Everyone in our group just needs to stop being paranoid about other people in our group.  It would make no sense for any of us to go over to the other side.
Judd: But it seems like they have.
Andy: I don't think they have.  It would break my heart.  I wanna get SPencer alone, because I know he's team get rid of Elissa.. and I wanna know why.
Judd: Do it in the monring.

Andy; Amanda and I were saying, it doens't make sense.  We literally control a vote every week.  WHy would we give that up?
Judd: Exactly.
Andy: And even if Jeremy gets mad and wins HOH, we still control the MVP nom and we have the numbers.. And just from a personal standpoint.. I don't like them.  I don't want someone who's playing the game like that to go far.

Checking the Quad, I see Helen and Candice are up and talking.. Let's listen in

Have Not
Candice and Helen

Elissa's in the Diary Room. 

Candice: I don't wanna take out another girl.  Aaryn wants to win.  GM is too f'in emotional.  I know Aaryn is a feisty one, but she is a winner, and she's got heart.  We need to talk to her about how Jeremy is not good for her game.  Her and I have made peace about the hat situation and everything..  I went up there today, and I was like, I don't think Elissa's MVP.. but Elissa ruined it by walking around all happy.

Helen: The problem is, Aaryn will not come here, if Elissa's still here. They're both not willing.. This is what the guys wanted - for the girls to fight amongst ourselves..
Candice: It happens every season.
Helen: Where are the guys names? THey're not being brought up at all. We have to backdoor Nick.

Candice: We're not gonna get far in this game with Elissa, Helen.  She even rubs me the wrong way.
Helen: Here's the problem.  The second ELissa leavesthis game, MVP is gonna go to Jeremy. 
**not in a million years.

Helen: Eventually, because the whole house is against him, they will gibve him MVP.
Candice: America's not gonna vote for the douche.  Frank truly was an underdog.  Jeremy is not like him - he's a bully.   GM needs to go.  I don't wanna get rid of girls, but she is loyal to that side.
Helen: Let's bring that option up to Spencer and Andy and see what they think.
Candice: Spencer and Howie wont be around me for more than 5 minutes when anyone can see, and it's starting to piss me off.

Talk turns to how much they genuinely like Spencer and Howie..

Candice: On the one side, I like Spencer, but I think he's in a boys alliance..  I know for sure Howie's not with anyone yet.

Helen: If I wasn't on the block, I would do more, but being on the block kills it.

Andy comes in..  Candice and Helen chat  with him a moment, then go off to use the restroom..

3:01am Elissa is out of the DR.  She joins Helen, Judd and Candice in the Spa area of the bathroom.

Elissa: I need to go to bed..

Cam 1
Nick and Elissa

Nick: What is your cut-off time?
Elissa: I don't know. 
Nick: I'm thinking you should go up against someone who is a floater.. Someone who people wont care about sending home..
Elissa: Like who?
Nick: Jessie.. Candice..
Elissa: They voted to evict me.  I'm gonna go to bed.. You wanna keep Kaitlin here?
Nick: Do you have time?
Elissa: Tomorrow.  I am so tired.

Elissa goes inside.. Judd comes out to talk with Nick..

Nick: I'm not worried about it.  I don't feel like I've ruffled any feathers to have people coming after me.
Judd: David didn't ruffle any feathers either.
Nick: True.

Judd: Have you thought about making a deal with her at all?
Nick: No.  The thing is, the house feels so poorly about her, to make a deal with her would just be a disaster.
Judd: I would assume she would just put Kaitlin, since Jeremy got the veto.  Cuz she can't put Aaryn up.  Or Jessie.  I always forget about Jessie.

Judd and Nick continue chatting until 3:22am when they come inside the house to get ready for bed.. 

3:29am  It's lights out in the Big Brother 15 house..  Sweet dreams houseguests!

We're off to enjoy Sanity Sunday.  Someone please mind the critters. :0)



Blogger Jumbo said...

I like Candice. I like how she is on the trail of the MC, but I just dont think she is gonna win comps or have any true allies that will win comps. I like Candice

Helen on the other hand is really bad at this game. She is almost as bad as andy

July 7, 2013 at 6:20 AM  
Blogger Karen Gray said...

Good morning have a wonderful Sunday!

July 7, 2013 at 7:35 AM  
Blogger ala said...

This game, this house, these people! I usually don't feel so strongly by week 2 but I am really feeling that with Elissa gone, I may vote MVP a week for Helen, and a week for Judd. There are so many I would not vote to get it, that I may just stop voting. Hate to see Elissa go, quickly loosing interest in this season.

July 7, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Skeptik said...

Unless Jeremy is an idiot and super confident he is safe, he will remove himself so Elissa will name a replacement. She was leaning toward Kaitlin but if she put Candice up, here is how she (Elissa) can stay and really piss off Jeremy and Kaitlin.

It all hinges on the Mov Co. alliance (minus Jeremy). If Spencer can use the same logic as last week when David was McCrae's target, here is how the votes may fall:
Evict Elissa - Jeremy, GinaM, Jessie, Kaitlin, and possibly Amanda.

Evict Candice - Howie, Andy, Nick, Judd, McCrae, and Spencer.
If McC can swing Amanda to evict Candice and as Spencer said to weaponize Elissa's MVP nom, it will not matter if Jeremy wins HOH next week. Of course it would be poetic justice if Elissa won HOH but if Kaitlin, Jeremy, GinaM (no way), Jessie (no way) wins HOH, they will of course put up Elissa again plus 1 other from the main alliance. The 7 that voted for Candice plus Helen have the majority and if they keep voting off the nom or renom of the MVP, they can whittle down the opposition 1 by 1.

Assuming Jeremy wins HOH and noms Elissa and Nick as the ring leaders. Elissa noms Kaitlin as MVP. Jeremy wins POV and saves Kaitlin. Elissa renoms Jessie or GinaM. The majority evicts the renom with 6 votes so HOH does not break the tie.

We repeat until one of the majority (like Helen) wins HOH and put up Jeremy and Kaitlin together. MVP noms one of the floaters as a pawn. Even if Jeremy wins POV, either he is gone or Kaitlin is gone. If he protects her and removes her, he is gone and she falls apart.

OK, if someone from AGP reads these thoughts, get busy in DR and put the plan in place.

July 7, 2013 at 10:36 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

Are we sure Jeremy tried out or was not chosen by AG?

He doth protest too much

July 7, 2013 at 12:10 PM  

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