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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HOH Room Reveal!

While I'm waiting - as Aayrn has not gone to the DR yet - here's the interesting bullet points in house convos going on for the past 30 minutes or so:

  • Jessie is convinced (in her head) that she's going home. Again. Still. Ad Nauseum. Probably because she's the prettiest. No, really. Ask her, she'll tell you.
  • Aayrn is still trying to figure out who voted her Precious Out... they said she could have the precious... or something like that... something like tha-aa-at... (Mad World by Smeegle on Youtube. Look it up!) 
  • Aaryn still can't believe the other side of the house are liars and cheaters and manipulaters and saying nasty things behind her back. THE HORROR.
  • CANDICE HAS A BRAIN! A strategic brain! She and Helen are going through the numbers and have speculated there is a all male power alliance, and have even named 4 of the 5... They're putting it all together, and it's pretty amazing to watch... Check Flashback - 9pm BB time or so, moving forward. They've broken out the jewelry and worked the numbers and are pretty close to exact...
  • Aaryn is positive that Ellisa cannot be MVP ever again because she heard the audience boo her (Elissa) when she (Aaryn) voted to evict her (Elissa). Yes, let's take a moment and let that sink in - as we all know the boos were for Aaryn...And when Elissa walked through the room she said "You can't get MVP all the time, you crazy bitch." Showing total class, don't you think? 
  • Then she and Jessie promise to take "hard core lessons in being fake" this week so that they aren't confrontational, because they so want to be. But they'll be fake like the other side! Just for this week! NO REALLY.
  • Aaryn "pulled at his heart strings! He'll never go against us now! If he did tonight, he'll never do it again!" Add that to her "She'll NEVER win HOH. It won't happen. Can't happen. Whatever." "I'll make them love me cuz apparently that's what you have to do" and my ears are bleeding... but maybe I can borrow the "Angel up there that's watching over" Aaryn... "for sure" (can ya'll SEE all the eyerollin goin on in this post? *L*)
  • And Ginamarie is still upset that the HOH was a team competition because you can fail because your partner blows.  GM is blaming her entire failure on her partner.
  • In a nutshell: even when the "popular" kids "win," they aren't happy.
  • On the plus side - everyone's excited and hopeful about the 4th of July, and hoping for a celebration. Jeremy even thinks that the Have Nots should be able to participate in some sort of celebration because it's America's Holiday.
Anyway - They finally called Aaryn to the DR and we have a reveal:

10:57pm! Good lord!
Aaryn: Who wants to see my HOH room?

Clowny was her first and favorite first stuffed animal, she got Spice girls, bud light, fruity pebbles, spray tan that she asked for, new fingernail polish.. pictures, and her letter:

My dearest Princess, I miss you, especially our chats, I admire you greatly. I would enver be able to do what you're doing. Do you and make yourself proud and be your best self. Be nice and be friends, we don't want anything that results in your extentions on the floor, that's my job. On a serious note you need to win and buy me a purse, my strap just broke. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, on second thought that's a horrible idea. I love you, xoxo, you're favorite stepsister and person in the world..

Aaryn: Anytime come eat my stuff.
Jeremy: Then throw me a sour patch! Let's do it, get some patchy kids in my face..
Aaryn: Not one of the pictures I brought is up here! That's my stepsister that wrote the letter.
McCrae: Are they on facebook?
Aaryn: Oh yeah, maybe. I think it's perfect. This is my first dance costume - the wings light up.. that's crazy...

She turns the lights off to see if the wings light up still - and they do...
Aaryn: My mom made these..

Everyone says congrats... Aaryn tells Jeremy thank you for letting her have it... Comments on the creepy clown..  So on and so forth...

Aaryn: Thanks for coming up here, but I know you're all tired... if you don't want to be here, you don't have to be.
Helen: This is a big moment for anyone; we are here to celebrate. We love the show, and this is part of it.
--And who else thinks that Helen must be the most encouraging mom EVER?

11:10pm No one really wants to be the first one to leave, but I suspect it will happen soon - and with that - I'm out for the night - 5am comes awful early when ya workin' Retail!

This has been a special Late night with Lessa HOH reveal - enjoy your evening and be sure to tune in bright and early for you're coffee and The Overnight Report with our fearless leader, Carolyn! Mwah! Love to you all!




Blogger BDuggan said...

I love love love your posts...you crack me up!

July 4, 2013 at 1:25 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Someone else in a conversation with Aaryn and Jeremy (Kaitlin?) mentioned switching cups and quickly shut up.

July 4, 2013 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Tiffany Rhodes said...

Great post!!! Totally AGREE!!

July 4, 2013 at 1:07 PM  
Blogger phoenixtheundying said...

Candice DOES have a brain... But we saw evidence of this already. When she confronted McCrae after he nominated her, she flat out told him of her suspicions that he was working with the other guys he'd been seen hanging out with. This was several days ago and was shown on the Tuesday episode.

July 4, 2013 at 4:15 PM  

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