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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! :0)  Happy Wednesday and Happy Live Show Day!  I hope to see you all here for the Live Show Viewing Party tonight!

Unless CBS makes another schedule change, I believe tonight will be our only Wednesday Live Eviction Show of the season.  Starting next week, the BB15 broadcast schedule changes to Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday.

OK.. Now let's see what our houseguests got into on the live feeds!

Cam 3

Jeremy has come clean for his role in Hat-Gate 2.0! This time it was Elissa's hat. He has confessed and "apologized." Big Brother will be taking money from his stipend to replace the hat, since it came into rather intentional contact with his behind.

Jeremy: It thought it was funny at the time.  So did David.  It was stupid and immature.
Kaitlin: Oh my God.  Get your shit together.
Jeremy: I know I'm an idiot.  I know.  I know.
Kaitlin: At least you can admit when you're wrong.
Jeremy: I got caught up in emotions.. and that was wrong.
Kaitlin: You're being an idiot.
Jeremy: An irrational idiot.  I'm so stupid, it blows my mind.

Howard enters.

Jeremy: Howie, I'm stupid.
Howard: That's good to say around women, even if you're not.

Apparently so.  Kaitlin's on top of him and there is lots of kissing, although she just asked him a couple minutes ago to remember her family is watching.

Jeremy: This sleep thing is not happening.
Kaitlin: No, it's not.  At least we're in bed before midnight.

Camera 1

Andy, Howard, Helen, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda

Talking about the votes and what to do next week..

Andy: I feel bad, cuz I like David.
Helen: I'll tell you, my goodbye message was so good.  The producer was like, great.  I said, You have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime over a blond bimbo. 

Nick enters.

Helen: You look like a Mario Brother.  Can I call you Luigi?  Your face looks totally different now.  I was gonna say, America's gonna think you're such a cute, clean cut heart=throb, but now they're just gonna be like, you look weird. You know they don't want you to alter your appearance during the show..

Nick: I know.. I signed the contract.
Helen: You totally look like a child molester..
Nick: Is there any children in here?
Spencer: He looks like that guy Tonya Harding was dating, Jeff Gilluly.
Helen: Yes! How did you pull that out of your ass?
Spencer: I've got all kinds of stuff up there.

Nick: I'm expecting them to call me to the DR any second. 
Helen: I don't even know what to say.. It's appalling.

BB: Nick, please come to the Diary Room.
ALL: Hahahahaha!
Nick: Woohoo! Yes!
Andy: What's he so excited about.
Helen: They're calling him to the DR to tell him to shave.  He altered his look. 

12:27am - timecheck
Amanda: While we're all here..  Just in case tomorrow is majority rules, we're all going with A, True, Step Down.  The only way this works is if it's Majority Rules.

Helen: What if it's a Yes/No?  Or Before or After?
Andy: Whatever they say first.. the first option..
Amanda: If it's gonna be majority, it's gonna be a or b.
Spencer: Absolutely. And if for some reason it's red or blue, pick red..

Helen: I've been calling us The Outsiders in the Diary Room.
Judd: I like Judd's Budds.
Spencer: Raise your hands for The Outsiders..
Amanda: I've been calling them Bieber Fever. 

Andy: Guys.. I don't have details, but there was apparently some incident with Jeremy and Elissa's hat - he wiped his butt with it or all over it.. and neither of them can talk about it..

Talk turns to who to put up for next week..

Amanda: The only reason he's being nice to you is if you win HoH, he doesn't want to go up.
Helen: We'll be able to pull Jessie in.. and if she's HoH, she'll ask for help.
Spencer: She damn sure will.
Judd: No one knows what Nick will do.
Helen: THat's a good point.  We have to get Nick out fast.
Amanda: I think Nick is the only person who could f this up for us.  He's hiding something.. I feel it.  Thee only way this ccan get f'd up is if one of them gets HoH and he gets MVP. Nick is the f'in wildcard, cuz he can win HoH and MVP.  He needs to be put up by the MVP. There's no way Aaryn's gonna win.  Shes a bitch.
Helen: If we get her out, Jeremy's gonna come running to us.
Amanda: There's no way she's gonna get MVP.
Spencer: It's clear what Rachel Reilly's doin' on twitter..

Amanda: I know Elissa wants Nick out.

Speculations galore!  It's fun, but none of it matters til SOMEONE wins HoH.

Judd: There's somethin' up with him.. otherwise they wouldn't call him in 15-20 times a day.

12:36am -- Candice joins the HoH crew.

Spencer: Did you come up here to rub my shoulders, baby?
Candice: Not today.  I'm tired.  What y'all talkin' bout up in here?  ♫Can I get a whatwhat?
Amanda: I just completely looked at your vagina.  My eyeballs just got pregnant.

Amanda leaves HoH..

12:38am -Checking the Quad

Feed 3 and 4
Howard and Kaitlin

They're brushing their teeth.. I come in at the end.

Kaitlin: I just hope everything goes according to plan tomorrow.
Howard: mm hmm
**Howard's thought bubble: it will go according to plan.. just not your plan.

Cam 3

Kaitlin apologizes to Nick for saying he looks like a pedophile with the mustache.  It's already gone.  BB made him shave it off.

Nick: That's ok.  No one heard it.  Only all of America.

They hug it out. A minute later, Kaitlin says goodnight to everyone.  Ginamarie says she'll be going to bed soon too.

Amanda: Nick, you're really pretty.

12:46am - Heading back up to HoH..

Judd: I was in the bathroom, and I saw Nick whispering with Jeremy, right after he came out of the DR.
Amanda: I worry that he's gonna win MVP.
McCrae: There's no way. She's Rachel Reilly's sister.  She has a million billion fans.

Amanda's fighting to get Nick up on the block. To mcCrae, Howard and Spencer. Nick's alliance.  Good luck with that.

Spencer: Aaryn could slap Helen across the face tomorrow, and if she does that, I'm gonna send her ass home.
**You wont have to. AG will personally invite her to the DR in that instance. "No need to sit."
Helen: She's gonna go ballistic on everyone.
Spencer: It's gonna be awesome.

Talk turns to Ginamarie...

Spencer: She said if she doesn't win HoH, she wants to go home.
McCrae: So send her home.
Judd: Wouldn't you be mad if you were home and you heard someone say they don't wanna be here?
McCrae: I'd be pissed.
Spencer: I friggin' love this game, and I told McCrae, I'd do it for free.
Helen: Exactly..
Spencer: I don't want people in here who are looking to advance their modeling careers.  For my own safety, I'm not gonna talk game with Jessie, Candice..
Judd: Nick

Helen: Tomorrow, if Aaryn comes to slap me, I'm gonna let her.
**please do.  PLEASE. She'll be producer evicted, and I wont have to avoid any feeds.

The bandy Nicks name around a bit.. but it comes back to Aaryn..

Helen: I think every week we need to come together and talk about what happened each day.
**So begins our 1st jedi training session of BB15. :)

Cam 3 and 4
Jeremy and Kaitlin

Jeremy: I hate the cameras.
Kaitlin: I know..

1 camera moves off of them, noisily.. trickily.. They don't realize there's a 2nd camera trained on them.

Kaitlin: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God..

Camera 1 and 2
Amanda, Andy, Spencer,

They're giggling about potential alliance names.. Spencer wants the word Psycho in it.  Amanda and Judd don't like "Outsiders."

Spencer: Let's the The Real Housewives of Big Brother.
Andy: I'm Andy, and I backstab like it's my job.
Amanda: You prostitution whore!

Helen: What was the mission in Argo called?
Spencer: Argo.. Argo f*ck yourself.
McCrae: Manhattan Project..
Spencer: Osama's bin Laden Semen.  Helen, How would your dad feel about that?
Helen: I don't know if that would be his dream for me.
Amanda: Area 51.
Spencer: Is there an acronym we could come up with our initials?

Elissa enters HoH..

Elissa: I think they're having sex..
**I think so too. Feel free to go look for yourself on Cam 3, 1:10am, July 3rd. 

Spencer: Kaitlin and Jeremy?
Elissa: In that open bedroom.. It woke me up..

...and she's gone. Spencer throws out an other alliance idea - The People Under the Stairs.. and then Candice returns. And leaves..

Andy: The Mad Hatters.. The Pepperidge Farm Gang..
Amanda: What's another secret place no one knows about?
Spencer: Toad Suck, Arkansas..

1:16am - And Candice is back..

Candice: I don't know what noises it was.  I just decided to leave the room.
Elissa: I was just so uncomfortable.. I didn't know what to do.  I thought it was better to leave the room.
Spencer: I woulda just jerked off, cuz then there would've been at least one camera on me.

Elissa leaves...

Candice: I was really tryin' my hardest to close my eyes and not concentrate on it.. When Elissa got up, I was like

Talk turns to Evel Dick.

Amanda: He was worse than Jeremy.  He would call everybody misogynistic, racist names..
**oh, the irony.
Helen: How did he win?
Amanda: He scared everyone, and his daughter won everything. People were afraid to put him up.

1:28am Andy exits HoH, and  Howard enters. Talk turns to Dr Will's seasons..

Helen: That's what we can't be afraid to do: put up strong players.
Candice: I'm comin' back with a superpower!  (giggles re Lawon) Who says that?!

McCrae: .. and then Jeff got Coop Dee Tat.  That's what he calls it.
Spencer: Clown Shoe.

Helen: OK.. I'm gonna use your bathroom, if you don't mind.
McCrae: OK.
Helen: What time is it?
Spencer: 1:30
Judd: I hope whoever wins HoH has Blues Traveler.
Howard: I got Celine Dion.. and Adele.. everything else is gospel.
Candice: I put Mariah Carey... Adele.. some gospel... I think John Legend.

McCrae: I'm gonna take a shower...get ready for bed.
Helen: We need to be well-rested.. well-fed.. for HoH tomorrow.
Spencer: I can't wait. (to throw it?)

Helen leaves.

Spencer: I just got done saying, not 5 f'in minutes ago, we're not gonna talk any game in front of Candice, Jessie..  Helen needs to shut the f up. I'll pull her aside tomorrow.  I'll let her know.  She's got a soft spot for Candice.
Amanda: THere's no soft spots in this game.  And to be honest with you.. Andy's not here?  Helen's just a number right now.  The only reason she's a part of this is because of Andy.
Spencer: One thing.. Candice is a f'ing moron.  If she had any intelliegence, she would connect the dots.
Howard: Shit.  I almost wanna go downstairs and say, c'mere. She's sleeping in the Have Not room tonight.
SPencer: You say something.. I'll say something.

Timecheck - 1:37am

Amanda:  Am I the least emotional girl in this house?
Spencer: You think a lot.
Amanda: With the Nick thing?  I just don't trust him.  Those people slip by and those people win the f'ing game.
Judd: It is shady that he's so quiet.. and gets called ot the DR so much.
Amanda: Nick doesn't talk shit.. to anyone..
**to you.
Amanda: Kaitlin told me that Helen, Andy and Elissa tried to get you to join their alliance, and Jeremy overheard you saying no.. I don't know where they got that from.

Judd: I forgot to go to the DR.  I meant to request Holy Water for Aaryn..  for her exorcism.
**LOL! Please put this in the show!!! Judd's one-liners and dry delivery are fantastic. :)

Spencer: What about psycho-squad?
Amanda: F that.
Judd: The Outsiders..  I don't wanna be the Misfits.
Spencer: We could name it after Howard's state.. The South Mississippi Psychos.

Talk turns to Jessie, and how they can't really pull her in or trust her, because she's going to keep trying to get in with the popular kids..

Spencer: We gotta talk to Helen. She's on their f'in radar.. and she needs to stfu or she'll sink our ship and kill all our games. 
Andy: Helen's a straight shooter.  I'll talk to her. I wanna make sure it's not on the radar though..
Spencer: In the Have Not Room tomorrow morning when everyone's getting batteries.
Andy: i know.. She was talking about Elissa staying, right in front of Candice.

Amanda: So you're getting Candice to vote for David tomorrow, right?
Spencer: That is correct.  Right before the live show, so she can't talk to anyone else. Don't worry about that.  We'll get the vote.

Some light sexual banter from Amanda to Howard.. THen back to awful alliance name suggestions.

Spencer: The Bad Dudez.. with a Z.

Cam 1
BB: Spencer, please come to the Diary Room.
Spencer: Yes sir.  I would like nothing more.  And I'm gonna tell em about the Bad Dudez.
Amanda: I hate this. I'm not a dude.
Howard: You know what they say.. Bend over and take it.
Amanda: mm I like it.

Spencer leaves for the DR.  Talk turns to Jessie.  They say her behavior is like middle school, wanting to be part of a group that can't stand her.  

1:58am - Judd returns.. talking about Aaryn..

Judd: You're a good looking girl on the outside.. but you got the devil in you.
McCrae: I hope she's on the block for eviction next week..
Andy: ..and a Have Not.
McCrae: Absolutely.
Amanda: She makes racist remarks too..
Howard: I know.

This conversation is ongoing at 2am - about the racism and homophobic comments coming from Aaryn, Jeremy, etc.. Hoard leaves HoH, McCrae too.. I see them in the downstairs bathroom with Nick..

Cam 3
Nick, McCrae, Howard
Downstairs Bathroom

Nick: Tomorrow, before the vote, I'm gonna say, "Hey, Elissa, you're cool with me.  I'm not gonna put you up.  You're safe for this week."  Cuz then I wont be guilty by any association.
Howard: it's good either way, because no matter what the votes, she'll think...
Nick: Right.
Howard: And if they win it, they're gonna put her up.
Nick: Exactly.
Howard: Either way, you and Jeremy are safe.
Nick: Right.  Now.. We can hold her on her "word."  I'm doing the numbers.. It's gonna be 7 to 5..

After fishies, we return to Nick and McCrae planning way far ahead.. final 9. Let's get there when we get there, gentlemen. One move at a time. 

Checking the Quad:
  • Cam 1 Closeups of People in HoH
  • Cam 2 HoH Full room shot - Andy, McCrae, Judd, Amanda
  • Cam 3 Snoozing David and Aaryn
  • Cam 4 I'm not sure - 2 people sleeping

Cam 2
HoH Room

McCrae: Tomorrow's the big day! I'm so excited.

Andy: I'm really positive he took something of Elissa's and rubbed it all over his ass.
McCrae: Dude, I think he should be expelled for that.
Judd: BB loves him.
McCrae: If I were them, I would be worried about him.. about what he's gonna do.
Andy: He's gonna go off tomorrow.
Judd: I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a swing at one of us.
McCrae: He scares me.

Andy: David is certain he's staying.
McCrae: Really?
Amanda: It's going to be very shocking.
Andy: They flat out asked both of us.

Andy: I feel like this really is such a huge ove for the 1st week.
Amanda: Because we found the twist and we're using it.

Talk turns back to their collective suspicions of Nick.. 

Andy: They put us in here with a serial killer.
Judd: That's the twist.

Fresh from the DR, Spencer returns to the HoH.

Spencer: You need to talk to Helen. She's playing stupid.  She's trying to be diplomatic, but you can't be with them.
McCrae: Candice was in here, and Helen was really riding the line with the information she was sharing.
Spencer: Love her to death, but if she starts f'ing us up, we gotta cut her.
Andy: I completely agree.  1st thing tomorrow.

Judd: But she talks so loud too.
Spencer: She really does.
Judd: She was walkin' out here sayin' "Come on, guys! We gotta win HoH tomorrow!" Like a coach talking to her team.
Andy: I'll talk to her first thing.. I'll tell her to shut up.
Spencer: Tell her, when Jessie, Ginamarie, Candice any of them are around, talk about anything but game.

Judd: I don't wanna sound cold, but I've hardly thought about home.
Spencer/McCrae: Me neither.
Spencer: This is like war. I went to the head of the snake, Aaryn, today and said, if I win HoH, you and David are safe..
Judd: I heard em talking today, and they were like, "The 4 of us gotta stick together.." And they were like, "We'll show you our tits if you vote..." I said, you gotta show em before.
Spencer: (joking) I need one titty from each of you to even consider this.
Judd: Gina told me earlier.. for the 5th time today.. "We still good?  You still voting her out?  Don't be giving her no hugs!" I told her.. If I see someone alone and sad, I'm gonna go hug em.
Spencer: I'd like to see Ginamarie next out.. but I think she'll self-evict.

Timecheck - 2:41am

Talk in HoH is now about keeping their cool no matter who wins HoH, including all of them.  Be polite, congratulate, but no over-celebrating..

***I'm hitting publish now, so the Overnight is up for the East Coast Early Risers... Please refresh periodically for more info, as I'll be adding. 

Talk has turned to wine-gate..  the back to Jeremy..
Andy: I don't mean to point fingers, but the only person who said anything was Amanda.. She was like, "Check their teeth."
McCrae: I know..

Spencer: Does he call you faggot?  And he says "Jew" a lot.. which I don't think is smart, especially in this town.
Andy: I don't like that stuff, but I'll always take the high road.  It's like the hatred that I didn't think existed in 20 somethings..

Amanda returns to HoH.  Judd sticks his head out the door.. Howard comes back up. Carolyn silently curses the lot of them and tells them to go to bed.

McCrae: I don't get how she can be like that.. Why would you wanna hang out with people who are assholes to you?
Amanda: It happens a lot with women. It's called Queen Bees and Wannabees.  Even Kaitlin follows Aaryn.
Andy: It gets harder and harder for me to mask my disdain for Aaryn.
McCrae: It's gonna be hard for me to smile tomorrow..
Spencer: I hate hearin' all their "I got drunk and did this" stories.
Amanda: What gets me is how she says she can't stand Jeremy and she's in bed with him and all over him constantly. Whatever.. Whattaya gnna do?  They're gonna be gone soon.

Howard: They called Judd to the DR?
Amanda: Yup.
Andy: They're probably gonna yell at him for asking for alcohol again.
Amanda: I asked the producer if he could see my vagina... the way I was sitting..
Spencer: I wish there was a monitor or something, so we could see how we looked.
Andy: I always thought the HGs could see Julie.. with the voting.
McCrae: I'll be able to see her.. up here..

Andy: Before the vote is revealed, I think we should all be excited, like Elissa's leaving..
Spencer: The only thing that worries me is that Judd told her she's safe..
Amanda: And Nick told her, if he wins MVP, she's safe.. She doesn't like Nick.. She told me he said that to her today.  Like, why would he win MVP?
Andy: Yeah, he gotta go.

Spencer: I would rather have my ass whupped than to crawl in bed with Candice.
Amanda: Hey Boo.
Andy: Are you sleepin' in the Have Not Room, Howard?  Or are you sleepin' with Jessie?
Howard: I'm not sleepin' with Jessie.

3:15am - Judd returns to the HoH, fresh from the DR. 

3:17am - Judd, Andy and Spencer are standing.. a very good sign..

3:18am They finally leave!

OK..  The plan seems solid.. it has been for days.  This concludes the Overnight Report for tonight.  If you're up and watching, I imagine that Amanda and McCrae will be participating in some extracurricular activities very soon.. At the very least, spark up your feeds and enjoy their pillow talk. :)

Cam 1 and 2
Amanda and McCrae are already making out before I even finish the conclusion paragraph.

See you back here when the HGs wake up!



Blogger GaYToR said...

G'morrow and G'night Carolyn. Great job as always. I'll place an order for new ears later today in your size.

I'm outta here for a bit. Danny is up at 5 am DQTD Time and he wants to check his email.. and I need a break. I just realized I have needed to pee for the last 6 hours.

CYA later this AM or for sure for the first Live Eviction Show. Woohoo. Week 1 is almost in the books. Praying certain ones do well in the new HoH comp and working some Voodoo to keep Jeremy from winning it.


July 3, 2013 at 3:09 AM  
Blogger Judy AndRob said...

Good Morning and Happy Live Show Day everyone!!

Carolyn, thank you so much for putting up TOR early every morning. for some reason this season, I cant stay awake at night and am up at 6:30ish every morning. I truly appreciate what you do and cannot say it enough!

Have a great
Wednesday and see you all tonight.

xo Judy

July 3, 2013 at 4:12 AM  
Blogger Valerie said...

Good morning! Omg, it sure looks Amanda and McCrae have taken it to the next level, not too sure that's the first thing I wanted to see this morning! Soo looking forward to tonight's live eviction show :-)

July 3, 2013 at 4:18 AM  
Blogger Jbo said...

Good morning Carol et al!

I'm super excited its Wednesday...I keep wondering if Aaryn will look like Danielle did the night Dan evicted Shane (still one the best moments in BB history).

Hey can somewhere share insight into the Jessie/Howard sleeping arrangement. When I logged on he was appolozing to her about touching her or something, and then I remember him saying something about he'd rather sleep on the floor.

Just for the record....Howard coud sleep in my bed any day, time, or hour!!!

Thanks again Carol!!!

July 3, 2013 at 4:34 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

Good Morning C and dishers wow the hat gate 2. *shakes head*
He and aaryn need to go

July 3, 2013 at 5:04 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks for the report.

I really like Elissa and can't stand the popu-stupid kids. Wish they'd had more mature houseguests who I could root for. So far I'm rooting for the "older" ones, although on the fence about Spencer and Judd. Aside from Elissa, my favorites are Andy, Helen and McCrae (who seems mature for his age). Loved that the pizza boy won with the word "delivery."

Do you think there's any chance Nick is related to someone like Dan? It was odd he had no family pictures. Would BB hide secrets like that from the audience at this point in the game?

July 3, 2013 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Thanks so much, Carolyn! I look forward to reading each morning. Everyone have a great day!

As a Texan, I'm beyond exasperated with Aaryn. :-(

After seeing how many of these houseguests hold such ugly views, I'm actually losing hope in society in general. Seriously people, it's 2013. I thought we had made a lot more progress than this. *sigh*

And rubbing someone's hat on your rear end??? Really?? *rolling eyes*

July 3, 2013 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger ~Tanya~ said...

WOWZA what's up with Jeremy?? Did you see the petition to remove Aaryn? I hope this doesn't ruin the David eviction.

July 3, 2013 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger Cally said...

Oh Aaryn, you are going to be pissed when you come out. Just read an article this morning that her model agency has fired her due to some of the things she has been saying. Do the hamsters not know they are on camera 24/7!

Looking forward to the live eviction!!!

July 3, 2013 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger SusieBerber said...

GaYToR :o)

I love reading your comments!!!

Carolyn :o)

Don't know how u do it!!!

Super Super excited for tonight!

July 3, 2013 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

So one of Aaryn's modeling agencies dropped her from their contract, because of her terrible comments in the house. She's in for a rude awakening when she gets out!!

I watched the flashback of her breaking up with David yesterday - ugh, listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard. I couldn't take it anymore. Kudos to you Carolyn!!

July 3, 2013 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

The show last night definitely showed Elissa's annoying side and why she has rubbed certain people the wrong way. I have no problem with that. I mean, Rachel definitely brought on a lot of the things that happened to her by her own actions.

Unfortunately, it really did not show just how mean people have been to her for no other reason than who she is. Like I said, I can forgive annoying but I don't like mean.

July 3, 2013 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger David B said...

yeah eventully Aaryn's gonna pay the piper....

July 3, 2013 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger David B said...


July 3, 2013 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

My first long post of the year.

Do I think Aaryn should be removed from the show? No. This is not just a game show, it is reality television. The reality is, hate does exist. For better or worse, we have the right to free speech. Getting Aaryn out is simply ignoring the problem and sweeping it under the rug. It also makes it easier for her to not be accountable for her actions. Having her in the house starts a dialogue among people who want to change the views of people like Aaryn. And the consequences are already coming to fruition as she has lost her agent and modeling contract.

Do I think her comments should be aired on the CBS edit? That is a really precarious peak. They are editing a full week down to 180 minutes. Yes, it does seem they are protecting her. By the same token, a comment can be aired out of context without knowing what led up to it, how, when or why it was said, and was there any resolution or regret after the fact. I don't want Aaryn protected but I also don't want a life ruined because of a lapse in judgement which I believe was the case with David. The casual fans of the 'game' don't want to know everything that happens. The fans of the reality generally do know the truth, either through the feeds or update sites like yours.

Something I think they could change-Stop forcing the live audience to be polite. In the UK version, if you have acted like an ass in the house, you are evicted to boos rather than a polite round of applause. That would be the first sign that maybe you aren't the person you thought you were. Also, give the HG's a proper finale night like they do for Survivor. At that point the comments could be shown so the attacked would have a chance to face their attackers without the he said/she said and the attackers would have the chance to explain, apologize or proudly fess up to what they have said.

The world cannot be changed by pretending the problems don't exist. And people cannot be changed by getting rid of them. All that would do is make Aaryn play the victim card. Do I think Aaryn can change? My instinct tells me no, but the only chance she has is to be forced to see herself through others' eyes.

July 3, 2013 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

JUDD: "I forgot to go to the DR. I meant to request Holy Water for Aaryn.. for her exorcism." I nearly peed myself, and did choke; but thankfully I had just swallowed a mouthful of coffee, 'cause things (like my 'puter, mostly) coulda got really messed up.

This mostly-quiet guy cracks me up, mainly because some of the things he says are so completely unexpected, coming from the mouth of an individual who so often seems nearly invisible.

Question: Over the past 6 or 7 years that I've been reading BBDish, there has been a poster who used the name Jane and she had a profile picture of -- if I remember correctly -- a Chocolate Lab. Is Jane a poster this season who is using a different name? (Jane was excellent at thoughts on the House Guests, based in a psychological perspective.)

I won't mention any names, but the individual I'm wondering about currently uses a Screen Name that starts with Grendon. ;-)

July 3, 2013 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Annamrie said...

Grendon, I think you made some really good, well thought out points in your post.

July 3, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Emrys said...

Good morning lovely Caro!! Thanks for your hard work!

So as heather mentioned, one of Aaryns modeling agencies dropped her and CBS officially spoke out against the cast. What is surprising is that AG and the lot have yet to do anything and failed to show it on the show last night.
Seriously, what Jeremy did was disgusting and simply taking some money from his stipend is ridiculous. If they are willing to have outlandish characters who are OOC, then they need to have a way to control/reprimand them as well.

Overall I think it's some interesting gameplay so early on. Just sad it has to be distracted by noise

July 3, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Meka said...

Excellent response! Nice to see there are big picture, thinking people watching BB. Imagine what a big hairy deal this would all be if CBS aired her crap on TV! And for those who want it aired to affect her game for the TV only fans, that can back fire too: Think MVP votes from like-minded people.

July 3, 2013 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger LandaC said...

Hi Caro,

This is a repost from this morning... It seemes that if CBS isn't going to do anything about Aaryn, her employer will...

Heres what I wrote earlier:

GM Carolyn and My Fellow Dishers. I am headed to work and found this tidbit about Aaryn.... Zephyr Talent has released her from her contract.... its on their facebook page. Didn't know if you knew...

"Status Update

By Zephyr Talent

Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by Aaryn, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are hers alone and do not represent the views or opinions of Zephyr Talent. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent."

July 3, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, everyone

I finally sat and watched several hours of the feeds last night and now I'm starting to get more excited and into normal BB live feed watching mode.

If everything stay secret and David is evicted tonight the show should be awesome. The looks on some faces. Of course one or two votes the other way and even bigger surprised looks. Either way should be a good one, hope I don't have to work late tonight, well later. I miss the first few minutes driving home.

The conversation, apology, between Elissa and Jeremy was interesting. I know after it was all over he really didn't learn much or take much away from what she said but it made me think. What he did wasn't the big of deal, in the big picture of BB. Think back to how Howie treated April. That went on for hours about how she was a bad wife and had an ugly dog, etc. Howie was considered a hero ,by fans, for that. Fans loved that. The last couple of seasons things that used to happen all the time on the show, live feeds, and weren't a big deal now are. Jeremy's done two dumb things, although the wine thing I still don't get why everyone is going on about, but no worse than other seasons so I think it's just getting blown out of proportion.

Arryn, there is no hope for that girl until she gets the reality slap in the face upon exit. Maybe she will change once David's gone. She'll have to change something. There were hints late night that she could be fun to watch on the feeds. Her and GM doing that cheer dance was hilarious.

Amanda is the one I'll be watching. Once she is "out of power" not in the HOH bed it will be interesting how her game evolves. I think she is very smart and will fight really hard and be fun to watch.

That's it for now, have a great day all and see you here tonight. At some point for me, probably after the show.

July 3, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Diedre Vaughn said...

Great report... I always look forward to reading it even if I've watched most of it! Also, lived down the road from Toad Suck Arkansas for years! It's a real place and the town of Conway (where Spencer is from) has Toad Suck Days every summer!

July 3, 2013 at 9:40 AM  

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