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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  

As we rejoin our HGs on the live feeds at midnight BBT, Nick and David are shooting pool, Amanda's playing a variation on catch with mcCrae in the backyard, we come in at the end of a conversation between Ginamarie and Aaryn in the bathroom...

Cam 3/4
Aaryn: I have the biggest, hugest target on my back in this game.  I wish I could explain it.  I just have to act a certain way, or I'm gone.
GM: Hm

And then the camera flips to Helen, Spencer, Andy, Howard and Candice in the Chair Room talking about the first night and their first impressions..

Helen: What did you guys think of me when you first saw me?
Spencr: I thought you were gonna be cast as the Asian bitch..
Helen: Interesting.
Andy: What did you think of me?
Helen: I knew you would be friendly.. I though you were cast as the Ian/genius..
Andy: Thankls for putting a target on my back week one! (laughing)
Helen: I love all of you guys.  I'm so glad you're here. But yeah.. I have to say I thought you were a football player..
Howard: He was a football player!
Spencer: In highschool.
Candice: Has there ever been a pro football player?
ALL: no.
Candice: Am I the first NFL cheerleader?
Spencer: You were not an NFL cheerleader.
Candice: yes I was.. 30 pounds ago.  Don't fight with me..
Spencer: I wont.  I'm just being ugly.

Candice: I went to a school where I was the only black girl..The white boys would flirt with me, but then be like, I really like you, but my mom says I can't date you..
Helen: In 8th grade, I had a huge crush..  and he became my boyfriend.. and my mom wanted to make sure that.. they were the kindest people.. but she was like, "does his family accept you?"  She wanted to make sure that I wasn't feeling discrimination.
Spencer: Any family would be proud to have you.  You're a phenomenal woman.
Helen: Thank you.

Andy: Being overweight my whole life, once I lost weight,  I was really apprehensive about guys liking me..
**he lost 70 pounds.
Spencer: Were you eating your feelings about being gay?
Andy: No.. I was always happy..
Spencer: it seems like gay sex would be easier than straight sex.. Just like, knowing a guys body would be so much easier than figuring out a woman.

Helen: Spencer, you should have your own show... I never thought of myself as pretty..
Spencer: You're beautiful.
Howard: Exotic..
Helen: Well, thank you.. But me and my girlfriends.. We were the geeks.. Our sophomore year, we became pretty girls.. and started dating.. and our self-esteem was great..
Candice: Spence said he's been with 3 black girls..
Helen: Have you ever been with any asians?
Spencer: No..
Helen: Hispanic?
Spencer: mm hmm
Helen: How are the different races in bed? Are some women more exotic?
Spencer:Black pussy is the most over rated thing in the world.
ALL: (laugh)
Howard: You dipped in the wrong pool.

Nick enters...

Spencer: I thought it was gonna be all Beyonce..  If I was ever gonna date a minority to my family, there's a part of my brain that I would wonder if she would be accepted by my family.. They're not racist.. but.. it would be mentioned..  I don't know.. It's just something else that would be mentioned.. My parents never taught anyone to be a bigot.. And it woulda been the same if I was gay.  My mom woulda been like, find yourself a good man.  I woulda been more weird about it than they were.
Andy: I made out with a Latin guy for the first time just before I got here..

Ginamarie comes into the room..

Cam 3/4
Kaitlin and Jeremy

Kaitlin: Both cameras are on us..
Jeremy: Hey! (yelling to McCrae and Amanda) Does anyone remember Bobby's World?  Oh my gosh, I love that show.  Howie Mandel.. (to Kaitlin) It was about this little boy named Bobby..

Jeremy: Oh my gosh.. that just took me so far back.. back to when my parents were still together..

Amanda: M - Mary Poppings from the Walt Disney Classic, Mary Poppins.
McCrae: N? I got nothing.. Nice Guy Eddie from Resevoir Dogs..
Amanda: Norpheus from The Matrix..
McCrae: It's Morpheus.

They move on to O..  In order to throw the ball back, they have to come up with a character name from a movie..

Jeremy: Octopussy!

Amanda: I think we're having a miscommunication..
Jeremy: ..I've been on a plantation..
Amanda: I really need a vacation from my vaction..
Jeremy: I think this might be the United Nations..

Cam 1

Candice: Tell me a story..
Helen: Tell you a story..

Candice: I was in this pageant, and I fainted.. and my mom ran up to me, "Oh my baby!" and when she got to me, she was like, "Are you pregnant?"  I was like, "Pregnant?  I haven't even had sex yet."

Spencer goes to get some nosh.. Talk turns to sleeping arrangements.. Helen mentions that both she and Elissa need to sleep with girls or Andy.

Cam 3
Storage Room
Nick and Spencr

Spencer: I've totally switched her to where Aaryn's her target.
Nick: I'm just trusting you guys..
Spencer: It's all good.  Just, when the votes come up fishy, obviously don't talk to me or Howard.. Otherwise, up for grabs.
Nick: Bro, I'll tell you what though.. When it's all said and done, we're gonna look back and be proud.  THis is the work part.
Spencer: It's all worth it.
Nick: Just keep it under wraps.  I might say, He, Look, don't piss everyone off..
Spencer: I've also got Andy wanting to get Amanda out. I've gotta get McCrae and talk to him, cuz Amanda wants YOU out.  She doesn't wanna commit to any alliance outside of McCrae.. She thinks you're smart enough to stay away from Jeremy.. Dude, anything that keeps you off the radar.. One thing, I've got Helen and Andy under my thumb.. I'm thinking real deal jury members.. Not Kids..

Nick: What we need to do after this is keep the smart ones and pick off the little guys (the kids).
Spencer: Yesterday gave me a good opportunity to talk with everyone.  THey think you're sketchy, because you don't talk game with anyone..   We're the thinkers.
Nick: When it comes to..
Spencer: All you gotta do once the bottom falls out is tell people you can vouch for Howard and myself..  Everybody on my side doesn't trust Amanda. Amanda wants you out, dude.  She's more dangerous than anything.  I've gotta get hr to put up one of the girls.. Elissa is more dangerous than Amanda.. I'm not gonna let y'alls names even be said for nomination. No renoms. Nothing.

12:50am - Cam 3  - Spencer returns to the Chair Room chatting with Helen, Candice..

Helen: I would love to come to your house and see how you live. You're the most interesting guy.
Spencer: Well, thank you.  If someone told me, Spencer you have to get to the moon in 6 months, I'd be walkin' on it in 5 and a half.. but I don't know how to use the dishwasher.

Talk turns to Marilyn, Spencer's girlfriend.

Candice: I cant wait for everybody to be HoH, so I can see all these people.

12:54am - Skippy flips camera 3 up to HoH, where we join McCrae, Andy and Amanda..

McCrae: So, if you're telling me not to win, so I'm not seen as a competitor..
Andy: She just said, I think you2 have the best social game in the house. (Andy and Amanda)  I was trying to work the social game tonight with Jeremy though..
Amanda: Me too..
Andy: It could go either way with him..
Amanda: He basically today blamed it all on Aaryn.  I wonder what David and Aaryn were talking about so long outside. Hopefully saying their goodbyes..
Andy: I've had a couple long conversations with him (David), but I feel like he's a timid player.
McCrae: He never once came up here.

Andy: And Ginamarie?  her game depends completely on how Nick treats her.  She was all broken down today, and then Nick went and talked to her, and she was better.  She's like 30 something.. She needs to get her eyes off Nick.  It's not gonna happen.
McCrae: That sucks.  We don't want anyone to leave.
Nick: I think she just wanted Nick's affection.
McCrae: I hope she feels better. I like her.
Amanda: She's bipolar though..
Andy: Yeah.

Andy: Who would scare you in HoH?
Amanda: Nick in HoH is a f'ing wildcard.
Andy: That would scare me too.
McCrae: He is f'in scary.  He's the definition of wildcard.  He doesn't talk game with anyone..
Andy: When's the first double eviction?
McCrae: I'm not really sure.  I think it's the first one after jury. WIth all the number this season, who knows?

Talk turns to sleeping arrangements.  Andy's being a sweetheart and deferring to the other HNs.. Howard will be sleeping with Jessie tonight.   Amanda comments that Jessie's gonna try to pounce on Howard.

Then challenges... Andy's really going for HoH.

Amanda: We should never throw anything without a strategic reason.
McCrae: Every time in Big Brother you really want someone to NOT win it, thewy do.
Andy: Aaryn's gonna win it.
Amanda: Who would Aaryn put up?
McCrae: You and me.
Andy: I've heard Helen come out of her mouth more..
Amanda: You worry too much

Cam 1/2
Jessie and Elissa

We join this conversation already in progress..

Jessie: Rachel would be awesome.  I would love to see her in the house.  That would be cool as shit.
Elissa: I'll make sure I tell her when I'm going home.
Jessie: Like, I freaked out when I met Jeff.  I was like, OhmyGah.. It's Jeff.  My heart was beating a million times an hour. Brendon's really cute too.
Elissa: Did you like Jordan?
Jessie: Yeah, I mean, what's not to like about Jordan?  She's so sweet..  and I think they're really cute together.

This talk about Jeff continues.. Jessie thinks he's hot, but not as nice as she expected, and she'd like him to dye his gray hair.

Talk turns to the Rachel connection, then nominations.. Jessie tells Elissa that McCrae told her he'd be taking Candince off the block, because he felt she could handle it better.  Elissa broaches the subject of her own nomination.. Jessie is up front about it too.

Elissa: Were you up for a showmance?
Jessie: Yeah.
Elissa: Why?
Jessie: Because I'm single.. and it's hard to be here for 3 or 4 months alone.. I just wanted to have someone to talk to that I can trust..
Elissa: Have you thought about going on the backelor?
Jessie: no.. I would want to be the bachelorette though.

**1:25a - Enough.

Cam 3/4
McCrae and Amanda

BB: Judd, please go to the Diary Room.

Kaitlin: (knocks)
Amanda: Come in.
Kaitlin: I just came up to use the bathroom.
Amanda: He's in the shower.

Kaitlin: I'll wait. I just got out of the DR.. I'm like, Jeremy.. Get the f*ck away from me.  I'm like, call me in 8 years when you become a man.  He's like, You're being super mean to me.  I can't stand him now.
Amanda: Are you gonna tell him.
Kaitlin: Soon.. Gotta keep the peace..
Amanda: you have a nice ass.
Kaitlin: Thank you.  I have to poop so bad.
Amanda: Were you an alternate?
Kaitlin: I think so.  I had a feeling I'd be on.. I wish he was less arrogant.. I'm like, I just dealt with someone like you for the last year of my life.  He was using all these lines on me last night.. I'm not, I'm not gonna be manipulated by your bs.  I can read guys like nobody's business.
Amanda: Well then read Nick.
Kaitlin: I'm trying.  He's super into himself.
Amanda: Do you think he's into Ginamarie?
Kaitlin: No.
Amanda: Do you think that's why she was upset today?
Kaitlin: No.. She's upset because he has none of her stuff..

Talk turns briefly to Candice.. then the votes...

Kaitlin: I have 7.. I'm just nervous that David' going home..  because of Jeremy's actions. I went off on him last night.  He told me that he was so scared of me.  Aaryn told me today.. She's like, You can't call a guy out like that in front of his peers.
McCrae: Why not?!
Kaitlin: I cam eout of the DR, and they were laughing and giggling because they just downed a whole bottle of wine. I'm like, of course they're gonna be mad.  It's been like nails on a chalkboard for me to even be around him today.. but I gotta play the game.
McCrae: He's been nice today.
Kaitlin: Of course he has.  I f'ing scolded him like a child.  After he drank that bottle of wine, I went and cried in my bed, because I knew what was going to go dfown.. It was the principle.. I was like, you have a have Not pass for the whole summer, and these people haven't had anything for a week.
Amanda: It was nice of him to take the fall for all of them..

Kaitlin:  It's all good.
Amanda: It's all gravy baby.

Amanda: You and Aaryn are good though.. Do you think she stirred it up?
Kaitlin: Yeah, a little..

1:38am - McCrae comes out of the hoh bathroom.  Kaitlin dashes in.  Amanda makes sexy poses for McCrae.  McCrae moves away from the bed.

1:40am - Nick knocks..

Kaitlin: Where the f did you come from?
Nick: I came up here to listen to you poop.

Talk turns to DR people.. Amanda and Kaitlin say they've been flirting.

Nick: I've been known to sexually harrass a few of the voices.
Kaitlin: Dude, I have a huge question mark about you.. Can't get past it.

Kaitlin: Guys, I hate the fact that Elissa is sleeping next to me.. I feel like i'm sleeping with Donny Darko.  She's like, Kaitli, if I were your sister, I'd be so disappointed in your choice with Jeremy.. and I'm like, and you weren't disappointed with your sister's actions on national television?
Amanda: Did you say that to her?
Kaitlin: No.  She's got this little team built up.. I guarantee you, Candice, Helen and Any are on her side.
Amanda: Where you get that idea?
Kaitlin: Jeremy told me. Last night.  They're gonna try to keep her.  I guarantee it.  I think they're gonna try to keep her because of Jeremy.

1:46am - Howard knocks.. and joins..

Howard: Who are we talking about?  Elissa?
Amanda: I heard she wanted to go home.. Yesterday was her anniversary..
Kaitlin: Will played that game in season 7 too.
Amanda: We're all on the same page.

Kaitlin: Last night, she was like, Kaitlin, "this is Big Brother, not the Real World." and I'm like, your sister sucked major D on that show... OK.. So everyone thinks she's going home?  I think Helen, Andy and Candice are gonna vote to keep her.
Nick: THe whole thing in this house is to not rock the boat..

Talk turns to Candice..

Kaitlin: You make me nervous, cuz I feel like you guys are close.
Howard: No.  I tell her to shut her mouth.
Kaitlin: She literally has been bringing up this hat situation all day and night.
Amanda: The whole thing is ridiculous.. If I hear about it again, I will shoot myself in the face. For that to be an issue..
Howard: I don't know what's worse.. Her voice?  Or the stories that come out of Elissa's mouth. Mm.. Definitely not close to Candice.. I guess personal reasons.. I don't like fakeness. She didn't have 2 words for me til she got on the block.. We been here 4, 5, 6 days, and now you're gonna try to talk to me?

Kaitlin: Sometimes you talk to me and you make no sense.
Nick: It's because I'm looking at your tits.

Amanda: I think we have a day and a half, and we're all fine.
Kaitlin: I hope so..
Amanda: Who are your wild cards?
Howard: I'm cool with Spence.. J's cool..
Kaitlin: We've talked in the bathroom multiple times.. I've pulled you aside.. I've tried to talk game with you.  I'm an awkward person Howie..
Howard: I dig the awkwardness..

Kaitlin: I told Judd today that I would show him a boob if he stays with us.  I told him I would flash him a boob for every time..
Amanda: Sounds fair.
Kaitlin: I think it's fair.

Kaitlin counts all the votes to evict Elissa.. The Room - Nick, Amanda, McCrae and Howard - all concur, keep her in the dark and make her feel better.  

Timecheck - 2am

Checking downstairs, on Cam 1, Jessie is talking to Jeremy at the Hot Tub.. Heading back up to HoH.  Judd has just joined the HoH crew..

Judd: SOmething' musta happened while I was in DR.. Everyone's all riled up.
Kaitlin: She's just like Rachel.. She's in a completely differnt reality.
Amanda: To soothe your nerves, she's accepted that she's going home,a nd she's excited to see hr husband and her kid.
Howard: She's going home.  I don't see the point in talking about it anymore.
Kaitlin: Dammit, I'm hungry again.
Judd: There's a piece of pizza..
Kaitin: I only eat the crust of pizza, so I don't wanna waste it.

Kaitlin gets up to go.. Nick and Judd leave too..  Howard remains.

Amanda: I can tell it bugs you that she thought you were aligned with Candice.
Howard: Not really.  Some of the stuff that comes out, I have to bite my tongue and remember it's a game.
Amanda: She said that she heard that Helen, Any and Candice tried to recruikt you to be on their team to keep Elissa and vote out David.  That Jeremy told her..
Howard: Doesn't matter..
Amanda: She's not normal.  She's been Aaryn'd.  Remember when we first got here, and she was totally natural?  NOw she's wearing a weave..

2:05am - Cam 3 flips to Nick and Kaitlin on the HoH landing..

Kaitlin: You have a great wildcard, because no one knows what you're thinking.
Nick: What??
Kaitlin: I'm serious.. Everyone is so scared of you. There's 2 cameras on us right now.

2:10am They decide to move to another area.. Storage Room..  Kaitlin shares all she knows with Nick.

Kaitlin: I have to be honest with you. As of right now, after last night, I have ZERO attraction for Jeremy.
Nick: You just have to get him to tone it down.
Kaitlin: He's very intelligent.  He has a perfect memory.

*** Watch this conversation on flashback - Starting at 2:10am on Camera 3, July 2nd.  It's long, and since Kaitlin unknowingly outed Jeremy to his alliance for sharing too much info with her, he could be on the outs with them sooner than later, since he clearly can't be trusted.

**Nick has quite a few people believing they're aligned with him.. Is he a Dan or a Brian?  Time will tell.

Cam 3

Howard: You got a second?
Kaitlin: Yeah..

Howard: Is that what you really thought?
Kaitlin: Yeah.. I see you guys talking sometimes.
Howard: I talk to people..
Kaitlin: I'll come and ask from now on.  Are we personal training tomorrow?

Kaitlin: Can you teach Jeremy to be quiet and wise like you guys?
Howard: He's kinda my hero.
Kaitlin: Why would you say that?
Howard: Cuz he used to be me.  Do all the girls in Minnesota look like you?
Kaitlin: That's a negative.  I think transitioning from MN to Vegas is gonna be hard for me..

Kaitlin joins Judd and Howard  playing some pool..  cutthroat.

Kaitlin: So you're tellin me I want my balls to last..
Judd: You sure do.

Kaitlin" I'm gonna break up this clusterf of balls..
Howard: You saying you're a ball-breaker?
Kaitlin: I think I'm underestimated in this game.
Howard: I think you overanalyze things.
Kaitlin: That's because I have a vagina.

2:33am Spencer comes out.

Spencer: Can I get a cuddle before Jeremy gets out of the shower?
Kaitlin hops on Spencer and Straddles him.
Howard: I'd like to personally thank you for that.
Spencer: Me too.

Howard: On another note, I get to spend the night with Jessie tonight.
Kaitlin: She'll jump on anything.
Spencer: Not me.

Spencer, Judd and Howard let Kaitlin know how gorgeous and nice they all think she is. 

Spencer: I'm not used to spending so much time with this amount of beautiful women.
Howard: Ditto.
Spencer: I'm bs'ing with you, but I think you're a very level-headed woman.
Howard: Do you get bored easy?
Kaitlin: No.. but once I'm with someone, I have high expectations of them.
Spencer: That's your problem.. You can't have expectations.
Kaitlin: He just became a rude, arrogant person, and I have way too big a heart to deal with that.  I'd be crying evry night, and he wouldn't care.
Howard: Do you feel like you go for edgy guys?
Kaitlin: Edgy assholes. I feel like I learned a lot from that relationship.. I lived with a f'in baby for the past year, who never did anything..

2:44am Cue Jeremy.. into the yard.

Judd:  What up, Jeremy?
Kaitlin: You guys got a lot of my balls..

Spencer joins Jeremy on the couch.

Jeremy: What is SC?
Spencer: My initials.  Santa Claus.

Jeremy: How was your DR?
Kaitlin: Good.  We already talked about this.
Jeremy:  Where'd you go after?

Spencer: (unheard) 
Jeremy: Oh, I would totally do Aaryn if she left me.  I'd totally be America's Favorite then.

Jeremy: Tell me this, whenever David leaves..
Kaitlin: What are you guys whispering about?
Jeremy: Play your pool.
Kaitlin: I already lost.

Talk turns to the coming HoH..

Spencer: I think it'll be an A/B thing.. Just a quickie.
Jeremy: Oh, I'm good at quickies.
Kaitlin: Sometimes you should just shut your mouth and let me stare at you.

2:50am - timecheck -

Kaitlin heads inside to make a snack and chat with Nick and Andy..
Howard, Spencer, Judd and Jeremy remain outside, now talking on the couch.

Please refresh this post periodically for new info.. I'm hitting publish now - at 5:55am - so it's up for the early risers, and I'll be filling in more live..

Cam 1
Andy, Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlin, Judd
They're talking about hotel sequester..

Andy: They changed my group after a while, and no one from my original group made it..
Kaitlin: Mine too!
Andy: I was in this all buff blonde guy group.. It was weird. 

Amanda goes into the storage room.. Most other HG are on the couch in the backyard now.. On Cams 1 and 2 Ginamarie, Helen and I believe Jessie are already in bed..

Cam 3/4
Howard, Andy, McCrae, Candice, Spencer, Kaitlin, Nick and Judd are now on the couch in the backyard..  Although Kaitlin has privately mentioned that she can no longer even stand Jeremy, she maintains the charade with him for her game..

**Is it just me, or is Nick crushing a bit on Kaitlin?

Andy: The night is young.. It's only 3:30.
Howard: I'm gonna start smokin in here.

Talk turns to marijuana..

Spencer: I've probably smoked more than anyone in the United States..

Lots of drug talk..  what they've done, different highs,  how many people they know that are completely messed up because of drugs..

Kaitlin: I like shrooms.  It's most natural.
McCrae: No it's not.  That's what I hate.  Misinformation about drugs.
Jeremy: Do you know George Washington had the biggest marijuana crop of his time?  Albert Einstein was a frequent cheefer (?) as well.

Andy dozes off..

Spencer: (kidding) So.. lemme get this straight.. We're all goin' after Andy next week?
Candice: 100%.
Kaitlin: Ok guys.. stop talkin' about him.

Andy wakes up, talking about how ya can't fall asleep without someone messing with you.. 

Andy: The other day, someone put a bloody knife in my bed.
Judd: Mm.. been there.
**LOL! I love Judd's subtlety..

Spencer: Please call Candice to the Diary Room immediately.
Candice: Please don't!

Andy: What would Big Brother do if we just blatantly misread from the cards trhey hand us?  Like, I'm sorry houseguests.. The PoV has been canceled.
Spencer: If I read it, I'd be like, And ladies, put on your bikinis!
ALL: hahahah

Andy: Does anyone know what Jen ate during her season to get a penalty nom?
Kaitlin: A donut?

BB: Ginamarie, please put your microphone on.
Spencer: (as GM) Quit bustin' my balls!
ALL: Laugh
Spencer: I'm gonna start referring to her as Ginamarie Dice Clay in my Diary Rooms..

Feed 1
Ginamarie and Jeremy -

Since this afternoon, Ginamarie has been threatening to self-evict. She's been in tears most of the day.. And into the night.  In this conversation, she mentions a conflict with another HG, but then it swings back to what her complaints have been all day: No Clothes, Bad Nails, Bad Hair, Doesn't feel like herself in  the house.

Jeremy: Listen to me.  You deserve to be here.  There's people who don't.  We're kickin' them out.  Take the good with the bad and just try to ride it out a little longer.  Just see how it goes.  I think it's in your best interest to stay.  THe tables could turn pretty quick.. I really just think that it got  little intense tonight.. I know things have been stacked against you with injuries and clothes.. God works in mysterious ways.. I think you desefve to be here and people wanna see you here..  I would be crushed if you leave..

Ginamarie: I don't wanna quit and make my family think I'm a scrub.
Jeremy: No matter what, no one's gonna think you're a scrub. I really think you should ride this out.  THis is your life, You gotta make yourself happy.  I'm honored that you came to me.
Ginamarie: You've become like my brother, bro.
Jeremy: I can guarantee they're watching and they can see how bad it hurts you.. I haven't talked to my dad in 10 years, and being in here, I want to rebuild something with him.. Family is first.

Jeremy: Your clothes don't make you you.  That's why that one bitch hates on you, and I'm talking about Elissa.  But Your clothes, Your Hair, Your nails.. THat's not what makes you you.  I know you do the pageants and those things are important there, but not here.. I wish you could see what I see.  You're a beautiful, strong girl.  You shouldn't doubt yourself.  You're fantastic. You're a special creature.  I know you have a great circle at home, but you're gonna build that here.. We just have to get the trash (paraphrasing) out of the house.  Don't let it get the best of you.
Ginamarie: I've been single for so long.. I feel like nobody likes me.
**Ah.. the crux.
Jeremy: You come to Texas, you can be my boo any time.
GM: You're like my brother..
Jeremy: I'll lick that p*ssy any time.
GM: My ex was so mean to me..
Jeremy: There's a reason he's your ex and not your current.. If anything, you're your own enemy right now.  You're a damn fine woman.  I'm flabbergasted that you could think you're an ugly person.  You are f'in gorgeous.. without makeup.  You're tenderloin, babe.
GM: I wanna be happy and compete and win things..
**And you want Nick to feel about you the way you feel about him.. oy.  Kudos to Jeremy for being a friend and pumping her up.

3:46am - This is ongoing on Cam 1 and 2

3:48am - Fishies... Make them go to bed, BB. Please? :)
3:50am - Denied!

Ginamarie thanks Jeremy for coming to talk with her.. 
She's still very emotional..

Cam 3
Candice heads inside, having been called by BB..

Candice: It's like a bootie call.

She goes in and closes the door.

Spencer: Aint nobody ever called you at 3am for sex.
ALL: Laugh.

Amanda heads back up to HoH.. The camera follows her.  McCrae's there.

McCrae: I feel like shit now.
Amanda: Did Danielle talk about it with.. what's that guys name?
McCrae: Nick?  I don't know. Do you want to kill me now?
Amanda: No.  It's not your fault.  We knew it was coming.  What's wrong?
McCrae: I feel like a f'in jackass.
Amanda: It's fine. Don't worry about it.  We have other fish to fry.  It's stupid to worry about it. McCrae.. Don't worry about it.
**They're talking about how now Amanda's boyfriend knows about them, and McCrae feels like a jerk.

They turn off the lights.. hold hands..

Amanda: I was just caught off guard.. at 2 in the morning..
McCrae: Me too.
Amanda: It is what it is..  I like you.
McCrae: I like you too.

Cam 1
Spencer, Candice, Jeremy, Kaitlin

Talking about Elissa.. 

Jeremy: She looks like she had the same plastic surgeon as MJ.
Spencer: I wish she had the same doctor - Conrad ___.

Candice: I need to shave.
Spencer: (touches her leg and pretends he's been cut)
Kaitlin: Do you make fun of Marilyn like this?
Spencer: I can't pass up a good zing. It's all light-hearted though..

Talk turns to Amanda..Kaitlin says Amanda has her own Key and she's gonna come with the room, no matter who gets HoH.

After a brief fishie break, we return to Howard, Spencer, Judd, Jeremy and Kaitlin on the couch.. They're dishing Candice's body and personality.

Howard says goodnight and heads inside.  It doesn't look like Jeremy will be up much longer either..
Speculation about the coming HoH.. Whether or not someone else is related to a famous person.  Chatter is all over the place.. Presidents, Bands..

Cam 1

Meanwhile up in HoH, McCrae appears to disrobe and cuddle in closer to Amanda. Yup.. they are definitely taking advantage of the privacy afforded by the HoH Room.. definitely.

Cam 1 flips to the backyard.. Conversation: Body Hair Removal and excessive sweating.
Cam 3 stays with Amanda and McCrae up in HoH.

4:46am Spencer calls it a night..  and heads inside to whisper with Nick.
Cam 1

Spencer: That was bizarre, dude. He uh.. Hopefully that pissed him off..
Nick: We're so deep with the 6 now. I talked to..

A door opens.  Spencer goes into the toilet.  Nick starts brushing his teeth.  Judd comes in to the bathroom and brushes too.. Spencer emerges from the toilet. Everyone brushing.. Then Spencer calls it a night. 

Spencer: G'night f'ers.

Spencer heads towards his bedroom.  Nick and Judd remain in the kitchen.

Judd: Today was a weird night.
Nick: Weird as F*ck.
Judd: Surely they don't tell other HGs what we say in there.
Nick: No. I can't believe it's 5 o'clock..
Judd: 8 for us.. cuz you're east coast too.  I'm gonna be dyin' whenever I go home.  It'll take like a week to get back to normal.

4:55am Chatter between Judd and Nick continues.. Nick says he gets up at noon every day in the house.

Nick: The house is so peaceful at night.. If it was like this during the day, I'd get up in the morning.

4:57am Judd says goodnight.. Nick washes his dish.. gets some water..heads toward the bathroom to brush his teeth again..

5am Nick goes back to the kitchen for more water.. back to the bathroom..then.. finally.. at 5:04am.. to bed!

Goodnight, houseguests... Sweet dreams...  We'll see you on the live feeds in the morning. :-)  



Blogger Jennib said...

Thanks, as always, for a great summary, Caro! Random question: is Spencer going to lose his job when this is over? He references his marijuana use a lot. I'd think his type of job would frown on that....

July 2, 2013 at 4:01 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

paddy - Good morning :)) i can't publish that due to the innuendo - i'm sorry..

Good morning, JenniB! :) Thank you! I dunno. HOpe not!

July 2, 2013 at 4:28 AM  
Blogger Jbo said...

Good morning Caro! & Jennib...let me just say that it is amazing that you transcribe this stuff!

Furthermore, I never had a subscription to the live feeds until this year, and I'm still amazed that I relied on the regular airings and BBAD...I feel like I've missed years,lol.

Okay, so.....does anyone else see how "chummy" Aaryn and Jeremy are becoming? Something makes me feel like if given the right situation (like David leaving, wink, wink; and Kaitlyn truly deciding to leave Jeremy alone) she'd be willing to swing right into his direction.

Anyone else confused by the alliances? I am...I feel like Nick and Spencer are in everything...I wonder at what point you forget which alliance your with during conversations...I think eventually I'd be caught.

Again...tomorrow can't come fast enough.

July 2, 2013 at 4:48 AM  
Blogger Judy AndRob said...

good morning carolyn and all...

thanks so much for putting overnight report up early.. saved me so much time this morning.

Re Nick, so far I think Dan. while I am not sure how I feel about him yet, I think so far he's playing smartest.

July 2, 2013 at 4:56 AM  
Blogger ReneeSC said...

Good morning Carolyn!
I just don't get why in the world they took all of GM's things!

July 2, 2013 at 5:04 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, JBo :)

Good morning, Judy and Rob :)

Good morning, ReneeSC :)

...and g'night! See you all when they wake up.

July 2, 2013 at 5:08 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I dont think Nick is Dan at all. Much more of a Brian. Nick is smart and in shape so he could win a lot of comps, but I dont think he has Dan's social game at all. I dont see anyone bonding with him now or in the future. People will see him as more of a threat than an asset

July 2, 2013 at 6:03 AM  
Blogger Lisa Trevino said...

so what happened with david aaryn? I heard they "broke up" or something.

July 2, 2013 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Good morning and happy summer and happy Big Brother!
Gina Marie had a breakdown earlier in the evening and Nick was really sweet to her. She then seemed ok so I'm sorry to read she broke down again. I hope she doesn't self evict before they can get rid of David. Also earlier Amanda was saying that her boyfriend's mother has the live feeds but somehow seemed to think she wouldn't be watching her with McCrae. Oh well!

July 2, 2013 at 6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn you are the bomb! Your summaries are just awesome and I cant wait to get up everyday and read the overnight report! What would we do without you? I am thinking that Jeremy may blow his alliance with his mouth telling Kaityn things.. and poor GM what is up with her? I cant wait until Wed night to see Aaryns face.. Now go get some sleep woman!

July 2, 2013 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger Jennib said...

Another question: I'm puzzled as to why so much Elissa bashing goes on (except for the fact that she's Rachel's sister - though that's a stupid reason). I haven't seen, heard or read anything suggesting that Elissa is behaving badly. Surely if she was being a bitch then at least one of the blogs that does feed summaries would tell all about it?

July 2, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

good morning Carolyn, that was another good overnight report. No big drama, some crying from some girls who should not be so in to the guys yet. *shakes her head*
I just think its shameless how they all jumped in to bed with each other so fast.

I did see what aaryn did to David and I think she is just a mean girl i feel bad for David but hope he will have some help when he leaves.

July 2, 2013 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Melissa Skinner said...

Can you tell me what I missed on Gina Marie and her things???

And why are McCrae & Amanda just now realizing that her boyfriend will know?? Hello cameras everywhere...also anyone know how long they've been together?

July 2, 2013 at 8:26 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Melissa Skinner :) GM says that BB took all of her clothing.. That may be an exaggeration, or it may be true/ We have no way of knowing.. Often, if there are brand names prominently shown, those items will be confiscated...

Good morning, Tiffany :) Thanks

Good morning, JenniB! :) I think it's purely because she's Rachel's sister.

Good morning, Darlene! :) Thank you so much!

Good morning, Nancy! :)

Good morning, Lisa :) If they did, I missed it.. They're the least of the hook-ups anyway.. THe relationship basically consists of her being horrid to him and hi apologizing.

There is no contact. Also, both Aaryn and Kaitlin admitted to each other yesterday that they'd chosen the wrong guys..

Good morning, Jumbo :) I've been wondering how it'll play out for him.. Dan, Brian or possibly Matt..

Good morning, Lupo :) Thank you :))

July 2, 2013 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

Hi everyone!

So I just answered your quickie polls and noticed 2 things in the results.

1) Aaryn has not received even 1 vote for HoH this week, and I don't think I have ever seen that!

2) Elissa has over 50% of the vote for MVP this week. While I love me some Rachel Reilly, is this just going to be a vote of Rachel fans, cause so far I haven't seen Elissa do didly-squat in this game. While I like her, and feel she has been given a bad wrap, I don't think Rachel's play should be Elissa's reward. Kind of off putting to me that my fellow BB fans aren't rewarding gameplay, but relations :(

Just my opinion :)

July 2, 2013 at 9:29 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Everyone - :)))

New Top Post!

July 2, 2013 at 10:08 AM  

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