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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday!  As it stands right this moment, Elissa is going up as the replacement nom, but she is safe.  McCrae and Company are more interested in breaking up the power couples, and retaining control of Elissa's MVP vote, as they believe she'll win it every week.

With 16 HGs, 3 of whom are on the block, and McCrae as HoH, that leaves 12 voting HGs.  Thus far, I count 6 votes to keep Elissa: Spencer, Howard, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Helen.

The plan is to pull in Candace for the 7th vote after she comes off the block, via "you owe us" pressure.  McCrae could be a tie-breaker, but I believe the plan rests on Candice, as I can't imagine McCrae willingly taking the heat for the vote.

Also, while Nick is not a part of the above plan, he is very much in another alliance with Spencer,  Jeremy and Howard.  Spencer ends the night giving Nick the full rundown on the plan.

Feed 3
As we rejoin our HGs, Aaryn, Jessie and Judd are on the couch in the backyard, chatting about the alcoholic potential for the 4th of July... and hoping the MVP vote doesn't last the whole season.

Cam 1
Upstairs in HoH,
Amanda, Andy, Kaitlin..

Andy: I don't think Elissa's capable of being in an alliance.
Amanda: She's hot and cold.  You don't know when she's being ELissa's or when she's being a Rachel wannabe.
Spencer: That girl has so much plastic surgery.
Amanda: We should be nice to her though.
Kaitlin: Candice has no idea though..
Amanda: She has no idea what she's doing here.
Kaitlin: Her gameplay is awful.
Amanda: It's only the 1st week.  No one wants to rock the boat.
Andy: The first week is about getting out the person who's rocking the boat.. and that's Elissa.. so done.

Amanda: I'm so awake.  I feel like I haven't seen you all day today.
Kaitlin: I've just been avoiding drama all day.

Cam 3 flips to the kitchen
Nick, Ginamarie

Nick: Hugs change a mood, man.

12:43am Ginamarie's goofing around with Andy, deep-throating a hot dog.  She runs out to the hammock to show them her trick, then runs away..

Helen, Spencer, Andy
Light chatter about home turns to DRs and their lack of them. 

Helen: They're always reminding me to speak in the present tense.  I wonder who's the Britney of our cast.  I just can't be like that about people.  I'm like, "I love him, I love everyone."

They wonder about Have Not proxies.. wishing.

BB: David, please go to the Diary Room.
Andy: I wonder how his DRs go.
Helen: He's probably smiling and laughing the whole time.  I felt bad for him yesterday.  I wanted to go make a word for him.  Complete, Comply, Comes.. Anything.  I would've lost that one, because I would've been trying for some 15 letter word.

Cam 1 flips to Howard and Candice on the double chaise, talking Bible study.

Howard: Right now, since I'm in the house, I read about Moses.. There's like 12 ways to study a bible.  This guy in my church did a dvd about it.  I pick one way a week.  One way is the pronounced method.. You take a verse and say it a bunch of times..

Then back to Helen, Spencer and Andy on the Hammock...

Andy: This is a crazy twist.
Helen: It is.  I didn't understand how crazy til it started to sink in.
Spencer: Well, this is an awesome night.
Andy: Agreed.
Helen: I love that there aren't many bugs out here.

 Andy departs..

Helen: What is going on?
Spencer: I'm sure Elissa told you she got the MVP.
Helen: No, she didn't.  I'm became close to her, because she's a mom.  I don't know who to trust.. I'm just keeping careful.
Spencer: You can trust me.  Basically, this is what's going on.
Helen: People are keeping me in the dark.
Spencer: They're just afraid to share information with you becaise they think you're in this moms alliance.

Spencer cleverly gets Andy back over to the Hammock.. and fills Helen in on the plan to keep Elissa, in order to break up the showmance couples and control at least 1 vote a week with her MVP nom.

Spencer: I wanted you to be here.  It's basically this.  I wanna clue you in to a group to save Elissa.
Helen: It's you and Andy, MCcrae..
Spencer: That's part of it.  Elissa's going on the block.. We're keeping her.  Howard, Amanda, Candice is not in it.. Amanda, Judd, Andy, me, McCrae, and you.. Elissa is involved for a couple reasons.  We do believe she has the MVP.. This is why she's in it.  If she is the MVP, she'll continue to get it, and that'll work to dismantle the other side (the Showmances).  Then our alliance can control at least 1 nomination, and we have the numbers to get them out. You have to definitely be stealth.  You act like you're sending Elissa home.  She knows.  She knows everything.  There's enough of us that we don't even need to talk.  You're in the circle of trust.  I promise you we will not steer you wrong. The things you need to know that are most important: we can't have anything wrong with Candice. She's scrambling. She was found last minute. She's not a fan of the show.  It sucks.  Be sweet to her. But she's gotta be cut loose.  That's why she's not in this.  She can't be trusted.  This plan has come together..
Helen: We don't need to talk about it anymore.  Let's talk about movies..

Helen goes away.. Andy climbs on the Hammock..

Andy: This plan makes me so happy.
Spencer: Mm hmm.  F*ck man.  Howard's pumped.  You into black guys at all?
Andy: Yeah. 

Spencer: Nick and Gina are question marks to everyone, I think.. I'm glad this has come together.
Andy: Me too. Wth everyone that I wanted it to.
Spencer: Except Amanda.

Andy/Spencer - laugh
Andy: She's first out of the group.
Spencer: Today, Jessie was on the hammpock and her f'in titty fell out of her dress and I didn't say anything.
Andy: You know what I think.. This whole twist?  I think Judd is Elmer Fudd's grandson.
Spencer: hahahahahaha

Spencer: Ginamarie's trying to form something with Nick.
Andy: But I don't think it's game.  I just think she wants to f*ck him.

They both agree Nick is one to be watched, and compare him to Dan.

Spencer: I need to be honest with you.. With Amanda, her mouth will at some point terminate her game.
Andy: Oh yeah.. I'm gonna turn on the waterworks on Tuesday.. I really like David, so it'll be real.. Yeah, I dunno.. I'm gonna tell Ginamarie the whole thing later tonight. (kidding)
Spencer: Figured you would.
Andy: I'm obsessed with her though.  She's so funny.
Spencer: I like when she can't think of the right word, she just makes one up.

They're laughing, but not in a mean way at all.

Andy: Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna challenge myself to sit down with Elissa and have a conversation.
Spencer: Good luck.
Andy: She's a sweet girl.  There's just some part of the puzzle missing.
Spencer: She acts like she's had a lobotomy.

BB makes an announcement.

Andy: (as BB) You are not allowed to talk about Elissa's brain injury.
Spencer: That's the twist.  Half of these people have suffered traumatic brain injuries. haha.. Elissa said that some of the people were alseep when she had her casting.
**lol. Kind of a done deal, huh?

Spencer: Helen feels like she's in stealth mode.
Andy: (giggling) She's like running around the grounds, hiding behind things.. She's the worst at this.

Then they both acknowledge.. In conversation, they can tell Helen is quite savvy.

1:28am Feed 1 - Ginamarie crawls across the yard, sneaks up behind them on the hammock, and scares them.

1:32am Candice joins them on the Hammock, ending all game talk.

Andy: ♫Five hundred twenty five..
Spencer: I'm glad that you're here, to prove all gay steroetypes.

And with that, Skippy says, Go Fish!

1:42am Amidst the conversations, a handful of HGs are playing pool. Amanda, McCrae, Howard and Judd.  Skippy flips us to a makeout session with Jeremy and Kaitlin.

Jeremy and Kaitlin are out of the bedroom, in the kitchen foraging for food.  Pool continues.  Helen and Ginamarie are doing their Will-Boogie DR session impressions. 

Helen and Ginamarie are talking about what everyone does for a living, and Ginamaries life & career goals.. Candice joins and talk turns to favorite animals.  Helen's is a giraffe.  Candice loves how giraffes make eye contact with humans.

Candice: Hey!  Who knows..  How does a giraffe have sex?
Amanda: They probably do it horsey style.  (she demonstrates)

Helen: I also really love elephants. 
Candice: Have you ever gotten to ride on one?  They're very gentle animals, in captivity.. I don't know what they're like in the wild.

Animal talk continues.. Helen's sharing her amazement at watching a giraffe birth video.

Candice: How old was your baby when he started to walk, Elissa?
Elissa: I don't remember.
Helen: Mine started walking at 14 months.

Cam 3
Baby development talk continues, with other HGs talking about their nieces and nephews.  This talk leads into lots of family talk and sharing..

Cam 1
Checking inside for game talk.. nope.

Cam 3
The backyard HGs are  talking cel phones.  Helen's background is her holding a gigantic python.

Amanda: The only thing that sucks with iPhone 5?  If you ever don't have your charger with you?  No one has an iphone 5 charger.  What do you use on your hair?
Elissa: It's called Simply Smooth.  It's the best.
Judd: We need a new name for the Have Not Room.  What do they call the place where everyone sits?  The fuselage?

Amanda: You tired?
Elissa: I am tired.. but I didn't sleep very comfortably.
Amanda: (joking) Why??
Elissa: I wake up with a new mark on me every day.  Can we sleep on the floor?  That might be more comfortable.
McCrae: I'm pretty sure that's what they did last year.
Amanda: I noticed some  of the armrests dont move.
Elissa: I stold the only first class seat in the Have Not Room. Doesn't Judd look like he's lost about 7 pounds?
Amanda: Yeah.. He's like, I'm living on coffee and cigarettes.  Think tomorrow's gonna be a relaxing day?
McCrae: No.
Amanda: Why not?
McCrae: I think it's gonna be ceremony.

CBS Interactive Inc.
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Amanda: ♫J you double D Judd! Frooooggggg Giggin!
Elissa: Has there ever been a funnier person on Big Brother than Amanda?  Where'd they find you?
Amanda: They didn't find me.
Elissa: You applied?
Amanda: Yeah.

The backyard crew grows and changes..

McCrae, Spencer and Howard are laughing about old Dave Chappelle shows.. and other programs. Elissa and Amanda are talking about being in the game, away from family, and too much time on their hands...

Elissa: Are you sure I'm safe?
Amanda: 150%.  I wouldn't lie to you to your face.  And I want you to come clean about Rachel too.

Howard gets up to go to bed..

Elissa: See you on the flight.

Amanda: I love that there's all this showmance, blowmance, nomance stuff going on, and it doesn't involve me.  Jeremy's stroking Kaitlin's hair in front of Jessie.. and she's getting so desperate now, she's hittin on Andy.
Spencer: She popped her titties out in front of me today.

Feed 3/4
Kaitlin & Amanda

Kaitlin doesn't want the show to focus on her "fauxmance" with Jeremy. Good luck with that.  Amanda puts a feeler out, "joking" that someone should throw Elissa 1 vote, just to make Jessie crazy wondering who is against her.

Elissa joins the girls at the jacuzzi. Talk turns to boob toots.. Elissa explains that the saline implants she has will sometimes shift during a hot yoga class and make a fart noise. 

Feed 1/2
Nick, Andy, Spencer, Judd, Amanda, McCrae.
Kaitlin and Jeremy are on the ground, adjacent to the jacuzzi.
McCrae: I'm shaving my head and I'm taking chum bath.  
Spencer: No you're not.  I am. 
Judd: I don't wanna be handcuffed to nobody.
Spencer: We're all in here anyway. 
Andy: Oh man.. If I get HoH, I'm getting Skittles.
Spencer: If you get HoH, I'm eating all your skittles.
Andy: Hell to the no.  You're not invited.

Jeremy: What do you think would be in Howard's HoH basket?  Steroids?
Andy:  A bear for him to wrestle?
Spencer: I feel sorry for the bear. 

Kaitlin moves up to the couch with a blanket. Talk in the backyard is about shows on Animal Planet, about people getting their faces ripped off by wild animals.

3:20am Checking the Quad... 
Elissa's in the bathroom, washing up for bed...
The backyard crew is enjoying the night, sharing stories and laughs.. Spencer is full of stories, and a good storyteller.

Elissa makes her way into the Have Not Room to grab her night creams.  Howard and Helen are already in bed. Elissa now too.   Conversation on the couch has moved on to books and movies..

3:30am Kaitlin says goodnight, heads inside and hops into bed.

Feed 1/2
Amanda, Spencer, Andy, McCrae,  Judd
Amanda: SO after the eviction, she's gonna come clean to you guys about everything.. and show her allegiance.
Andy:  I just feel like.. When we were talking about kids, and she didn't know when hers started walking and talking??  WTF?

Nick returns and talk turns to movies.

Feed 3/4
Checking in on Jeremy & Kaitlin...  They're not sleeping yet.. and I don't imagine they will before they put on a little show for the feeds.

Amanda: I can't name you 1 teacher that I had from high school.  Not one.
Amanda: I switched schools a lot.
Andy: I can tell you my whole schedule.
Feed 1
HoH Room
Amanda & McCrae

Amanda: Well, today was a good day.  
McCrae: it was.
Amanda: Today we were king and queen of Big Brother.
McCrae: You wish.
Amanda: Dude, F*ck!  Isn't it crazy how last night we were like, what're we gonna do?!  And today we're sittin' pretty.
McCrae: Yah. 

Amanda leaves HoH to go get her panties. McCrae checks out the action on the HoH Spy Screen.  Amanda returns...

Amanda: I was thinking about final 3, final 4.. It's so early, but.. 
McCrae: I don't get how you guys can talk all that shit.. Final 3?
Amanda: What do you mean, you guys?
McCrae: You and Judd.  
Amanda: I didn't say shit to him.  I'm just talking to you.
McCrae: Grumpy cuss.
Amanda: Today was a good day.  No matter what, if this all works, we'll be walking away with something.  
McCrae: I really hope so.  I wanna make jury at least. 
Amanda: Don't worry about it.
McCrae: I always worry. 

4:10-am - Lights out in HoH. 

Amanda: I did do a good manipulation job today.  I f'in sailed our ship. 
McCrae: Spencers like our Joe from last season.. telling all these crazy stories.. I don't know if I can believe him.
Amanda: I like to talk and figure things out. Are you excited about talking to Julie?
McCrae: No.. That worries me.  I don't know what to say. Jermy asked me, "How was your blowmance last night?"
Amanda: Ewww
McCrae: Howard asked too.  That worries me.  He really likes you.
Amanda: Do you get jealous?
McCrae: No.  I just assume you and Howard are secret boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Amanda: I like that everyone's so over Nick too.  I feel like everyone wants him out.
McCrae: He's not ever being talked about. 
Amanda: Sure he is.  We're gonna get rid of him after we get rid of the others.   You worry too much. WHo else asked about us?
McCrae: Just Howard and Jeremy.

Spencer & Nick
Major Game Talk!

Spencer: David's going home.  I've got the votes secured.  It's done. 100%.
Nick: So this week's already happening. 
Spencer: I'm a little concerned about showing our numbers.  But it wont point back to us. 
Nick: It's cool, because the puppet masters are on both sides.  I think that with Jeremy, myself and McCrae, we'll always be able to be HoH.. and have an opportunity to have veto.
Spencer: We're saving Elissa, and she's got a lock on MVP..  All you gotta be is MVP.
Nick: I made a little deal with her - if I get MVP, she's safe and vice versa.

Spencer: Who are we thinking for next week?
Nick: Amanda or Helen, reason being, Helen is a vicious watcher.
Spencer: I'd rather see Amanda put in jeopardy than Helen.  I think she's controllable.
Nick: I see her watching.  Look at her tomorrow.  See where her eyes go.  She's always thinking.

Spencer: Getting David out is a huge move.
Nick: Huge move. We're gonna be good.
Spencer: I know that Amanda thinks you and Ginamarie are working together. She doesn't give a fck about it.  She is focused on Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, Aaryn.. 

Judd sticks his head out to say goodnight.  Then back in. 

Spencer: Howard, McCrae and Myself are in an alliance with Amanda, Judd, McCrae and __.  We've got 8.
Nick: That's huge.
Spencer: With Elissa having all these twitter follower fans because of Rachel, because she is Rachel's sister.. She's got the MVP.  She'll get it next week too.  We've basically weaponized her, but we're gonna cut her loose too.  Amanda is wanting to get out Aaryn... We want to get Aaryn out as soon as possible... 
Nick: Is that a sworn alliance?
Spencer: It's a collective trust.  With these alliances working together like this,  we're just gonna have to keep sacrificing someone back and forth.  My job in this whole thing is to pull Candice's vote.. to get her to vote Jessie.. I need you to vote for Jessie.. That way McCrae will have to break the tie. Candice can't know to vote for David.  
Nick: Who's Candice gonna vote for?
Spencer: She's gonna vote Elissa out.
**I'm so confused. 
Spencer: I just need to get someone to vote Jessie out.
Nick: I would almost rather..

Spencer: There's gonna be so many lines drawn.  We need to know who to lie to and when.  This whole alliance that's formed will dissolve quickly.  Amanda will probably try to pull Howard and Helen.  Elissa's good as long as she retains MVP, and as soon as she doesn't, she's trashed. 
Nick: My only concern is this: that there are other alliances that we're not aware of, and by some chance, it's not David, it's Elissa by a vote. 
Spencer: You've got you..

**Spencer is making this SO much more difficult than it needs to be.

Nick: What I want to do is point the finger towards Aaryn and make her the target.   I think the order should be, to leave this house, David, Amanda, Helen, or maybe Elissa.
Spencer: Helen's a smart player, but right now, she's in my pocket.. also, jury vote.
Nick: Amanda just needs to get the F*ck outa here.

**At 4:40am, this is ongoing. If you'd like to see this for yourself, please go to June 29th, 4:20am, Cam 3 or 4.

Spencer: Don't do anythign that fucks us up.
Nick: I'm impervious to romance.  None of the girls here meet my standards.
Spencer: They're all f'in c*nts.  Are you a doctor?
Nick: I did go to Yale.  I was pre-med.  I'm a professional stunt rollerblader.  That's all of it.
Spencer: That's bad-ass dude. There's no waiver of if I trust you are not.
Nick: Same here, dude.
Spencer: I treat your game just as I treat mine.  We're the same.  
Nick: I'm 100% with you.  Of all the people here, you're the only one who knows it about me. 
Spencer: I knew coming in.. I wanted to be likeable.. I wanted to remind people of someone they know at home.. Just because I'm a normal average dude.. Get in good with the girls.. Get in the friend zone with the girls.  And within the 1st 24 hours, form a secret hardcore alliance. 
Nick: Me too!

Checking on HoH - Amanda and McCrae are still up and chatting..

As it's nearly morning and we shouldn't have any more big news coming tonight, this concludes The Overnight Report.  See you back here when they wake up!



Blogger Judy AndRob said...

Good Morning Carolyn, morning dishers,

my fav line of OR was Candice: How old was your baby when he started to walk, Elissa?
Elissa: I don't remember.

I lot your what?? lol

Half day work today then all live feeds and dishing for day and a half.

June 29, 2013 at 5:34 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Why is the blond waif always a fan of the show? Dani, Britney, aaryn, keesha (not quite a waif but close enough). It just seems odd that on a show that casts a bunch of people that dont watch the show, the little blond girl always does

June 29, 2013 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

It looks like nick is the seventh vote to keep Elissa. Of course it'a lifetime til Wednesday night. It will be interesting to see if they all can stay in character for, five days.

June 29, 2013 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Cassidy Zuver said...

McCrayCray and Amanda = Expect the unexpected! 6:32 am they are just now getting so sleep. So much more juicy than all the other boring slutty wannabe showmances. I CANT WAIT to see how all this plays out. I am LOVING THIS season way more than any in a while... Such a doozey!l

June 29, 2013 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

Can someone please explain to me the benefits of putting Elissa on the block as a replacement nom?

If the plan is to back door David, why take a guaranteed vote (Elissa), and neutralize it by taking someone off the block who's vote you may, or may not control?

It seems pretty clear, to me, that the battle lines have been drawn already, so why not keep all your soldiers in the fight?

June 29, 2013 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger David B said...

definately think it will be more intersting if david goes 1st week.

June 29, 2013 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Good morning beautiful Goddess and dishers,

I slept in way too late and need to get errands done before we hit triple digits.
Today’s forecast for central coast Ca. is a cool down ..from 106 to 103 ha!

I can’t imagine what these people are going to have to talk about in a few weeks, seems like they never stop talking. Amanda receives my golden gab trophy for this week, mygawd she wears me out.

Loving Howard and wondering if it’s difficult for him to be around so much immaturity. He’ll be receiving my mvp vote this week.
They’re all assuming Elissa will win it every week and they believe they can control her because of it? I’m hoping the public throws a wrench in that plan and chooses someone else.

Thanks for the TOR Carolyn*

June 29, 2013 at 7:58 AM  
Blogger jro said...

excellent recap...thnx bbdish. tons of game talk last night! thnx again

June 29, 2013 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger Jennib said...

Jeremy: What do you think would be in Howard's HoH basket? Steroids?
Andy: A bear for him to wrestle?
Spencer: I feel sorry for the bear.

Funniest thing I've read in DAYS! Haha!! I love Howard; he's got such a big heart...and chest. Oh. My. ;)

June 29, 2013 at 8:26 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Everyone!! :)

The HGs beat me to the wake zone! I'm gonna guess BB had something to do with that.

Starting on a Morning Report, lickety split!

June 29, 2013 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger ala said...

LOL, I think I got this now. ala

June 29, 2013 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


New Top Post!!! :-)


June 29, 2013 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

you do! :)

June 29, 2013 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Hello Carolyn!
You say;
**Spencer is making this SO much more difficult than it needs to be
Yes, he's complicated but 100% game. Kind of reminds me Dan. Full press day and night but without the finesse or precision of Dan. He could go quite far.

June 29, 2013 at 9:33 AM  

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