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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sanity Sunday to you!  What does Sanity Sunday mean?  It means that we need a little sanity break, and you're in charge of your live feed viewing for today.  If you haven't got the feeds, and you'd like to give them a test run, here's a 2 day free trial.

I hope to see you all here tonight at 7:50pm Eastern for the Sunday Show Viewing Party! :-)  FYI - Due to Live Golf on CBS, the Sunday Show may be slightly delayed for the Eastern/Central time zones. That shouldn't effect us though..

Now let's see what our HGs got into Saturday night from midnight til bedtime on the live feeds..

By the way, it seems Little David is making extra effort to make sure he gets plenty of camera time before Big David is evicted... He made his second appearance during primetime - June 29th at 9:27pm on Camera 2.  And.. I might be mistaken, but it seems little David wears a hoodie.

Cam 1
As we rejoin our HGs, Amanda looks to be taking McCrae's advice to heart and bonding with the Bieber girls on the Hammock. 

They all head inside - Midnight snack time.  Amanda's wanting to make QuesadiLLas.. and settles for Nachos. Checking around the house, we find Jeremy in blowing his nose onto the shower floor.

Yeah, I saw you. You're busted. Nick's in the bathroom, too, but he says nothing about it.

Nachos are served!

Cam 1
Helen & McCrae

Helen's checkin in game-wise, keeping herself in someone's loop, but..

Helen: From what I understand, he's doing some dirty work.  From what I understand, it's gonna be Howard, Andy, Judd, me, Amanda, Spencer and if we can get Candice.. 
McCrae: We have to talk to Spencer to make sure he's getting her.. closer to the vote.
Helen: Do you know when that is?
McCrae: No.
Helen: They're all acting like the house is gonna flip. That's fine. There are 7 of us.. We need to win HoH. He's on the block now. We have to get him out.
McCrae: I think that's a done deal.. If it comes down to it, and I have to do it, I will.
Helen: You take one person out, that's 15 people left.. We would need Candice to stay with us.. Let's say it's between Elissa and me, I don't think there'd be a split.  If it's Elissa, me and Amanda.. I still think it goes to Elissa.. I don't know if she can win HoH.. or what she'd do if she did..
McCrae: That's why I have to keep her close.  ALso, I think they cornered her at the pool today.  She's in deep.  She's a control freak a little bit.
Helen: We just need to control her a little bit.  Jessie's gonna go crazy.  We have to find a way to bring her in.. to keep the numbers.
McCrae: Exactly. Cuz they're gonna go aftr her hard too.  I don't know who's closest to her.
Helen: I'm pretty close to her.  I think she trusts my judgement.  I think I can work her if we need her.  Look, there's 7 of us and 5 of them..   I still think Elissa's gonna get MVP.
McCrae: I think that's a lock.
Helen: The shit's gonna hit the fan, but we have to do it, because otherwise we'll never get him out.
McCrae: Oh.. absolutely.

Helen leaves and returns to her chessgame with Howard.

Ginamarie,  Nick
Cam 1

Ginamarie: So, Jeremy, I'm tryin' to gather votes.. and I go to Judd.. and he's like I'll go with the house..

Nick: I wont talk about my uh.. but yeah, I am.
Ginamarie: Nice.  OK.. This is great.  Yo, Spence!  Can you come take a walk over here buddy. It'll only take a brief moment..

Spencer comes over.

Ginamarie: Are you voting for Elissa?
Spencer: Yeah
Ginamarie: OK.. Done, done done done.
Spencer: She's not trying to get votes.  She's just trying to make connections with people.

Andy joins too. 

Andy: I feel like I'm putting on a target on my back by talking to her so much, but she's a nice person, I'm not gonna be mean to her.
Ginamarie: I know you'll feel bad, but someone has to go.

Since Ginamarie is SO far out of the loop,  it's not worth transcribing another word.

Cam 1
David & Aaryn

The sun has resumed revolving around Aaryn, but we do now have an answer about David and underwear.. He considers them outerwear. Otherwise, as we learned at 2:21pm Saturday the 29th on Camera 3 - not so big on underwear.

Aaryn: You on the block?  This is all about me. 

Kaitlin & Jeremy

Kaitlin: I don't understand why Helen is being a little wench.
Jeremy: Cuz she knows she's gonna lose.
Kaitlin: What's her strategy?
Jeremy: Bein' a mom.  She'll be gone soon.  Week 3.

HoH - lights out
Cam 3
McCrae & Amanda

Amanda's telling McCrae she's already been asked about their kiss by the DR.. 

Amanda: She was like, "I didn't see that coming."  I was like, "Neither did I!"

Camera 3
Candice, David, Jessie

David and Jessie were chatting in the dark.  Candice comes in, all stressed out and dramatic about a hat that she may or may not have sat upon, asking Jessie if she "told."  After a 5 minute diatribe on said hat..

Candice: I'm very confused.  I had her hat in my possession for 5 seconds and 60 people had the hat on today.

Candice leaves.. and David and Jessie resume chatting... then fall into sleepy silence.
Cam 3

Ginamarie: What did Candice say about the hat?  Cuz we're finding all our stuff in her stuff.
Aaryn: She said "I'm 30 years old.  I don't need your hat.  I 'axed.' "  I said "asked."
Ginamarie: You did? hahahaha!
**The both of you are treading on extremely thin ice with me, so before I go off, I'm flipping up to HoH.  Lights off, heads close, soft talking..

Cam 1
Backyard - Couch
Nick, Spencer, Andy, Jeremy

Judd comes outside.  Hat-Gate continues.

Judd: There's some, uh, bug spray in the storage room.
ALL: laughter
Spencer: Thanks.. I saw the hat.  It's not f'd up.
Judd: Why would she sit on it?  That' bizarre.
Andy: She's not evil. I'm sure it was an accident.
Spencer: In Texas.. There's one thing you don't do.. You don't mess with  someone's hat.

Talk turns to sudden silences...

Spencer: Every room I walk into, people stop talking.
Jeremy: That's what this house does.  It makes you paranoid.

Howard joins the testosterone fest.  At 1am, they all start talking about how talented they imagine Amanda is with her mouth, but rather crudely.

Feed 1
Helen & Candice

Helen reassures Candice she's safe, and that someone will be approaching her regarding the master-plan.

Helen: McCrae took you off the block for a reason.  He didn't take Jessie.

Helen advises Candice to lay low and not get into any more confrontations this evening.. Candice regurgitates hat-gate.

Helen: No one's talked to you yet, but..  There's a reason David didn't get off the block.  You don't know a thing.  I didn't talk to you.  Just lay low. Don't stir the pot.  Let it all roll off your shoulders.. There's a reason why Elissa's on the block, but there's a reason why David's still on the block too.
Candice: So Elissa's not leaving?
Helen: I can't tell you.
Candice: I cannot do 20 somethings that are all about showmances.. I love Jessie, but she's so weakminded.. She's so worried about..
Helen: Being cool.
Candice: She's still chasing after Jeremy.  She's just worried about the wrong things.
Helen: There's gonna be a big, f'in surprise at eviction.  Just stay calm.  You have not talked to me.  If anything changes, I'll tell you.  Just stay calm. 

Feed 1
Spencer, Helen,
After commenting on someone else who needs to put on some weight..

Spencer: Now I realize that I have the worse physique of anyone on prime time television.. I need to go on slop for about a month.  Anyone else feel like Nick's straight-gay?
Helen: What's straight-gay?
Spencer: Andy's gay-gay. I'm straight straight.  I think Nick's straight-gay.

Nick joins.. Talk turns to a mermaid hoax. Then ghost hunters..

Spencer: I hate that Ghost Hunters.  That's nothin' but a bunch of grown men in a dark room tellin' each other to be quiet. Do you believe in ghosts?
Helen: I do. (inasmuch as) I believe that when people die and go to heaven, they look after you..

Nick educates the group about color at great depths.. and blue holes. Spencer talks about spelunking.

Feed 3
Aaryn, Ginamarie, Andy

Aaryn has a new audience for her hat story, so she tells it to Andy.. "She got attitude with me." The racist undertones from Aaryn are too much for me to stomach, and Ginamarie is just too quick to join in on the same impulse.  Feel free to flashback, if you like.

If only Andy knew they'd been talking similarly about him just a few minutes before.

Cam 1/2
Spencer, Helen, Andy, Jeremy, Howard, Nick

Meanwhile back on the couch, talk is about the Holocaust museum and the atrocities of the nazis.  Spencer brings up the incredible medical breakthroughs that the holocaust led to, and Hitler's strength as an orator.  He also notes that he'll probably get slammed on the internet for even saying so.

Talk turns to deaths from 2nd hand smoking.  Then Spencer waxes poetic about Jim Varney of the Ernest Goes to___ movies.

1:48am - Aaryn says goodnight to the backyard.

Judd joins Ginamarie on the Hammock

Judd: Is everything alright?
Ginamarie: yeah.. just a little thing about Elissa cornering Andy in the Storage Room.  She does that.  Oh.. and Candice sat on Aaryn's hat and f'd it up.
Judd: Everyone just needs to chill out. Am I wrong?
Ginamarie: You're absolutely right.  We just gotta get one rotten egg out, and we're good to go.
**Agreed, but sadly she's not on the block.
GinaM: It's everyone for themselves..
Judd: I would never vote against you.   I got your back, GM.

Judd touches Ginamarie's leg.  Ginamarie calls out to Nick, asking when he's gonna come back to the hammock.

GM: You comin' over?
Nick: Yeah.
GM: (to Judd) OK.. Cockblock.  You're out.

1:58am ~ Cam 3/4
Judd gets up and out. Ginamarie regales Nick with Hat-Gate, complete with accents.. Nick is mm hmming.  Then he looks straight into camera like, SAVE ME!

Ginamarie: I don't like how Jess looks at you.  It bugs me.  I'm not gonna lie.
Nick: It bugs me too.
Ginamarie: Ya know what she told me?  She said, she's seen your dick through your shorts and it was like 7 inches long.
Nick: I can confirm, America, that would be awesome.
Ginamarie: I just don't like it, cuz you're my buddy.. I talked to Judd and Spencer, and they're voting Elissa out, so that's 8 votes.  Just knockin' em off, bro, just knockin' em off.  Get paid.
**Ginamarie is one of 4 people in the house who does not know that David is going home.

Ginamarie talks and talks, and every now and then, Nick says "mm hmm," "exactly" or "I feel ya."

Ginamarie: So will you hang out with me everyone once in a while and give me hugs?
Nick: Yeah.

2:13am Nick lets her down easy, telling her they don't want to get pegged like a couple.. She agrees.

Cam 4
Spencer and Andy are talking about helping families who've had tragedies.. Howard, Judd and Helen are shooting pool.

Cam 3

Spencer: Just do your thing..
Andy: I need to calm down. Aaryn's like, Candice sat on my hat.  I'm like, Shut the F*** up. Who do you think you are?  I'm just terrified she's gonna get HoH.
Spencer: If she does, we'll just deal with it. We might lose a number, but we also might have the numbers to deal with it.
Andy: The only way we could lose one is if Aaryn wins HoH  AND MVP, and there's no way.
Spencer: I'd like to see McCrae win MVP.  He deserves it.
Andy: He deserves it.

Cam 3/4
Spencer and Andy get up and move to the couch... and the whispering begins.  Spencer says that Judd is paranoid, and Ginamarie is trying to pull Nick in for an alliance with the couples, which, obviously will crumble come Wednesday. 

Andy: We need to f'in stay strong.  We cannot fracture.
Spencer: I agree.  I'm not gonna stray from the plan at all. I think that as fans, as gameplayers, we just need to be aware.  I think.. Amanda under the bus.. as quick as we can.
Andy: I'm surprised with Ginamarie elbowing you. 

2:27am - Helen calls out goodnight to the yard and heads inside.

Andy and Spencers whispering continues.  Judd comes over and joins them on the couch.

Spencer: We're talkin' about Wednesday night. We're all workin' the same direction.  We're all good.
Andy: We just need ot be aware of Ginamarie.
Judd: She was tryin' to listen over here earlier, so be careful.  There was a plane goin' by..
Spencer: She also doesn't have supersonic hearing.  We'll cradle her in the fallout.  I've been tryin' to be nice to her.

Cam 3
Spencer: I'm probably not far from bed.  My think is, I gotta go lay down next to the lovebirds and hear them smooch n shit. I wonder when Big Brother will have the 1st big gay showmance.

Talk turns to last season - Jen and Will.  Andy wasn't attracted to Will.

Cam 3
Have Not Room
Helen & Elissa

Helen: She's just stirring the pot, hoping I go home next week.  You or I have to work our ass off to win HoH.
Elissa: Well, if I don't go home.. I'm not gonna drop.
Helen: You gotta try really hard.

Helen retells Hat-Gate to Elissa.

Helen: My guess is, she's trying to say, Elissa's going home this week and Helen can go next week.  I'm not gonna say anything, but she's (Aaryn) gonna fight like hell for HoH and we can't let her win.  She's playing the game in kind of a crazy way.. and we can't let her bug us.  I'm not gonna let her bug me, and I don't want you to let her bug you either.
**me too, please.
Elissa: I made up my mind to not be part of the drama.
Helen: We just have to win HoH.  Andy's trying to do his best with damage control, but.. If she wins it, you're a target, I'm a target, we have to really play hard.

Howard enters.

Elissa: I'm glad you told me about the food.
Helen: I think tomorrow's the last day.  I can't believe Chicken George was a Have Not for as long as he was. 

Helen: Howie, sorry for snapping at your earlier..
Howard: I was with you.  So that's the goal for next week: get off slop, win HoH.
Helen: We have to stay together... even when we're not Have Nots anymore.  We want to play a good game, drama free.

Elissa: Who was arguing?
Helen: No one.  I just snapped a little.. to the guys.. I'm just hungry and PMSing.
Elissa: Howard, Helen and I have major respect that you can sleep on these beds.  How are you doing it?
Howard: I just wait til I can't stay awake a minute longer.
Helen: OK.. no drama tomorrow.
Elissa: No drama.
Howard: No Dra-ma.
** I <3 p="" them="">
Helen: Goodnight guys.
Elissa: Goodnight.
Howard: Goodnight.
Johnboy: Goodnight.

Cam 2
Kaitlin & Jeremy

Jeremy: So are we good?
Kaitlin: yeah.
Jeremy: I'd tell her, but she is an emotional baggage bomb... especially for David.
Kaitlin: This bitch has all week to campaign for votes.  We just gotta keep campaigning against her.
Jeremy: What're you thinking?
Kaitlin: That she's a f'in wildcard and she's gonna get mvp again if she stays.
Jeremy: We just have to keep campaigning.
Kaitlin: Why are you patting me like an infant?  I think it would be stupid to keep her.  I think we're just being paranoid right now.  I think she's going home.  But at the same time, I did get a weird vibe.. I got a weird question.  What could they do to keep her here?

Kaitlin: Dude, Aaryn will flip out if she loses David.
Jeremy: I don't even wanna think about it.

At 2:52am, this conversation is ongoing on Cameras 1 and 2.

Feed 3/4
Nick, Judd, Spencer

Nick: Are you Appalachian?
Spencer: I'm just a normal dude from Arkansas.

Nick: Is that the awnings?
Spencer: Houseguests, this is a lockdown.
Nick: Ninjas are trying to break in.
Spencer: This is what deer hunting sounds like.
Judd: Do you go a lot?  I've never been. Do you wanna play again or what?
Nick: I'm down. Lemme go see what Jeremy's doin'.  He said earlier he wanted to play.
Judd: Want me to go check if he wants to play teams?

Judd goes inside.

Nick: I need to talk to Jeremy tonight.  I'd like you to stick around, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

3am - Judd returns with Jeremy, and hands him a stick.

Nick: I'm gonna go make some decaf.
Jeremy: What the f's the point of coffee if it's decaf.
Nick: I love the taste, man.
Jeremy: If you love the taste of coffee, you love the taste of dick.

Jeremy: I love the way your pubic hair smells.
Spencer: Like cinnamon.
Jeremy: Hey, you playin' the game or you playin' with her?

3:05a  -Ginamarie says goodnight, gives Judd a side-hug and heads inside..
 Nick, Spencer, Judd and Jeremy try balancing the stick on their fingers..
Nick: Know what's crazy to think about?  For the entire time McCrae's been here, he's been HoH.
Jeremy: Think about if it was just us 4.
Nick: I'd have to break your legs.
Jeremy: Well, Judd, you're going home next obviously.
Judd: I already have my speech planned.
Jeremy: Have you made one?
Spencer: I have too. 

Spencer's gets two in..
3:14a No game talk for the moment.. Checking the quad, everyone else appears to be sleeping.  The boys make up a song, passing one to the other for the next line... It's a cute, and only mildly offensive flashback, if you'd like to partake. June 30th - 3:15am Camera 3

3:35am - Pool playing and boy talk continues.. I'm waiting on Nick's rapid fire end of night game talk to Jeremy..

3:36am - Game over!  Jermy heads inside.  Nick follows. Judd and Spencer remain out back tidying up.

3:38am - Judd and Spencer come in and say goodnight.  Jeremy tidies up the kitchen a bit, just busying himself while waiting for his Nick talk.

3:40am Jeremy heads into the bathroom and inspects his foot while Nick pours himself some water.

3:41am Nick joins Jeremy in the bathroom. Judd is there as well. Slippy flips cams on us, sending the boys to cameras 3 and 4. Spencer comes into the bathroom.

Judd: I don't wanna go to the Have Not Room.
Spencer: You strugglin' in there.
Judd: I'm used to it now.. but the food thing sucks.
Jeremy: I've got a splinter that wont come out.
Spencer: Night f*ckers.
Judd: G'night.

Judd flosses while Jeremy works on his splinter.   After flossing, Judd wipes down the mirror. Nice.

Feed 3
Nick: Keep whispering.. People can actually hear you in the Storage Room.
Spencer: Amanda got back to me... We need to forget about Judd tonight and try again tomorrow.  I'm gonna go to bed.
Nick: Ok.

Camera 1
Nick & Jeremy

Jeremy: I think he's gonna come out and chill.
Nick: You and I never get to talk face to face, because we're like number one and number two..

Judd's at the door.

Nick: F*ck.
Jeremy: (quickly) I talked to Spence and I talked to McCrae.. We're all good.

Judd returns for a smoke.

Judd: I went in there, but everyone's got their snore on.
Jeremy: It's almost 4 o'clock.. They could wake us up in 4 hours.

 Chatter about how little sleep their getting, how different their cast is, how much younger they are, more cut throat..

Nick: You watched live feeds.  Are we different?
Judd: I only watched the Canadian one. I never seen the US one.
Jeremy: McCrae would be the one to ask about that sh*t.
Judd: Yeah, he watched the American one.

Chatter continues..

Jeremy: I felt like I should give the girls all my wine to get em all horny. I don't drink much, but when I do, I don't drink wine or beer.  I'm about to pass out.  I'm dyin'. 

3:56am Judd picks up the ashtrays.. and heads in, saying good night.

Jeremy:  OK.. so what's up?
Nick: Oh dude.. I just wanna say that I super appreciate you specifically, because of all of us you're in the worst spot.
Jeremy: I'm in the worst spot, but I didn't come here to make a girlfriend, I came here to make it far, and how i'm gonna make it far is with the moving company. Us not hanging out a lot makes Moving Company much better.  It doesn't bother me.  Amanda made me nervous.. But I hope the loyalty lies with Moving Company.  Amanda told me today that my names been coming up.
Nick: You and I are gonna be targets the whole game.
Jeremy: You and I gotta win.  We're out here working our asses off, making sure we're fit.. being social.. We deserve to be 1 and 2.
Nick: I have blind faith in all of you.  Whatever anyone else says doesn't matter.
Jeremy: I just wanna make sure that all of us make it to the jury house.  I would be devastated if one of us left.
Nick: It's statistically impossible.
Jeremy": I want Helen and Elissa to go up if I win.  She's too wild and she stirs up shit.  I also don't want her to make the half way point, because I feel like she has a deal with Big Brother..

Nick: Every week, we're gonna put someone else up on the other side, and when we need the votes to swing, we convince the other side to swing.  ONce we make it to 9, we are the majority.
Jeremy: What I'm nervous about more is that McCrae, Spencer or Howard get nervous that I'm gonna get too attached to the girl.. I'm tellin' you I will kick her out so fast.
Nick: I believe you.  Ginamarie is just my ticket to the Blond-Tourage.   The reason I wanted to meet with you tonight.. I want us to go radio silent until eviction.  I don't want any of us to be seen together til then. The company came together because everyone had the same idea.
Jeremy: And no one has any idea.
Nick: They're a bunch of blatant amateurs. The only thing is the company is gonna talk about til then.. We need the numbers are going to match.  We need to get intel from Spencer.. They announce the tally.  We need to shore up the numbers so they make sense.  By Tuesday night, we'll have the final count.
Jeremy: It can't be 3.  It has to be 4.  I will never admit.  Cuz if I do, what I have goin' is gone.
Nick: We'll pin it on Ginamarie.  This week, I'm laying super low.. Once the David thing happens, the house is gonna flip out.
Jeremy: I just hope I don't get caught.  David is gonna hate me.  I think I might admit it in my send-off message.. Bro, I had to do it.. It was best for my game play..  You had to play a little harder a little faster.
**1st time that's ever been said in Big Brother. "Play harder faster."
Nick: I will too..  I know you're tired.
Jeremy: It's all good.  I'm just hoping to get some p*ssy before it all hits the fan.
Nick: Aaryn is gonna self destruct.
Jeremy: She may have to be the next one out.
Nick: I was thinking Amanda.  She's f'ing heinous.  Things change on the minute here.  THe thing for us is to stay emotional flatline.
Jeremy: I'm great at that.  I'm an asshole.

Re Kaitlin..

Nick: You got the prime select cut.
Jeremy: She may have to go sooner than later.
Nick: You decide.  I'll tell you though.. I'm not getting with.. (Ginamarie)
Jeremy: I know.  She's gangster.
Nick: She's a girl I'd kick it with, but no...

They say goodnight.  And so do I...

Have a beautiful Sunday, Dishers!  Please mind the critters on the live feeds.  BBDish is on a Sunday Sanity Break.  If you'd like to try out the feeds, here's a 2 day free trial. :)  I'll see you back here at 7:50pm for the Sunday Show Viewing Party.



Blogger Unknown said...

Wow I must have missed something! So Jeremy knows that David is going home this week? Does Kaitlyn?
Plus I can't wait for Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Jeremy to crumble! Hopefully ASAP!

I can't understand how these people come in to BB trying to win a 1/2 a million dollars but instead you "fall in love" in less than a week, therefore your whole entire game is resting on that and original plans are out the window!!

I also agree that Aaryn is adding a catty, rude, racist, homophobe kinda vibe unfortunately! Hopefully she will realize and fix that ASAP!!! Or her days are numbered!

Also I wonder how surprised Kaitlyn will be when Jeremy is able to turn on her so quickly!?

June 30, 2013 at 6:27 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

I'm not even close to finishing reading, but I just had to laugh out loud a "Hat-gate"

aaahhh Carolyn, you're so refreshing at 7:30 in the morning!

June 30, 2013 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Julie882 said...

Thanks for the great TOR! Makes is so much easier to hit the highlights on the feeds!

June 30, 2013 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Uh oh..
Helen wasn’t in the room the other night when the rest of the group agreed that Howard would be the one to talk with Candice at the eleventh hour about the vote. They all agreed that Candice would crack if they told her too soon.

June 30, 2013 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Larissa :)

Yes, Jeremy knows - since yesterday - and he has not told Kaitlin. I was watching very closely for that..

Gooood morning, Pally! :)

Thank you!! :) It was such silliness, I couldn't even believe it. Sadly, it's marked with horrid racist under (and frankly over) tones from Aaryn and Ginamarie.

Good morning, Julie882! :)

Thank you very much!


Nope, she wasn't.. Helen's only so far into the circle of trust. She did, however, tell McCrae that she had a closer relationship with Candice. Hopefully, Candice's lips (and Helen's frankly) don't sink Helen's ship.

June 30, 2013 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

Good morning ...Girl all I have to say is wow..how do you do all this everyday and night..you and your group are amazing..Great reporting..thank you so much..

June 30, 2013 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Diane! :)

Thank YOU very much!


Have a beautiful Sunday!! I'll see you back here at 7:50pm for the Sunday Show Viewing Party!


June 30, 2013 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

Good morning, everybody. It seems Aaryn is treading some very sensitive ground with her *attitude* (with ME, no less) remarks regarding Candice. Several of these girls can take an entirely innocent act or comment, and blow it into unbelievably paranoid drama. Soooooooooo early in the season to have to listen to such sensitive egos -- even the blowhard ego GinaMarie puts forth. Did anybody else notice, Elissa is in a NO WIN situation. Although others openly admitted they weren't going to share certain things about themselves, Elissa has been branded a liar and untrustworthy for doing the same thing; but then others accuse her of using her relationship with Rachel to her advantage. Quite frankly, I'm very pleasantly surprised at how UN-Rachel-like Elissa is, and she plays the game without saying anything negative about her. (Any chance BB has decided this is Elissa's year?) And McCrae?!!!?!!? Book/Cover?

June 30, 2013 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Julie882 said...

It looks like around 2:12 am on camera 1, Jeremy spills quite a bit to Kaitlin regarding Elissa may be staying.

June 30, 2013 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Happy Sanity Sunday/Show Day Carolyn

While all the hat gate was going on there was a very interesting convo between McCrae and Jeremy in the storage room. Jeremy believes that Elissa has a side deal with BB if she stays so many weeks she gets more money. There is a lot of game talk too. The house may split exactly the way we think. It started at 6/29 11:40 on cams 1/2.

June 30, 2013 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger Blogical Woments said...

Good Morning (well afternoon) everyone. Just wanted to stop by real quick before going about my day =).

So...Aaryn. I really really was trying to like this girl, but she is very good at making that impossible. I cannot comprehend how someone can be so cruel and so pretty. Its beyond me haha. Anyway, her not so subtle racial opinions are coming out even more so as the game goes on. I however, have a hard time listening to this girl talk. Not only that, I think she forgets shes on camera and that thousands of people are witnessing her behavior. Now...I understand that we are all human, but their is a big difference in how this girl handles herself compared to the others. I really hope she figures it out, because right now id love to see her go. Wonder how she will handle losing her #1.

I also am confused as to if these people remember the fact that they have just barely started their summer in a house full of strangers? Things like "if you trusted me" or "the men that are spoken for". When I heard that I literally had a palm to forehead moment. Feels like high school all over again. I give it to this cast...they've upped the drama a notch and im not sure how I feel about it. In a time where bullying, racism, and homosexuality is at the forefront...these people better tread lightly.

Good day to you all! Love this blog and can't wait for things to really get going in the BB house! See you later tonight =)

June 30, 2013 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger Seany527 said...

I just wanted to say thanks for doing a full and amazing overnight report. I love the ones where you get really detailed and tell the readers exactly whats going on, like you did with this one : )

June 30, 2013 at 11:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Carolyn! I have been taking care of a friend that just had surgery. When she is asleep resting I can get caught up here. Thanks for all you do.

Aaryn is on the top of my s@$@ list. Her true colors came out and they arent pretty.

June 30, 2013 at 11:19 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

So much already happening and it isn't even one full week in, yet. What a bumpy ride this summer is going to be! And, I LOVE bumpy rides!

Up, down, up down, up down......



I re-watched the premiere episode, and I must say. I wish I had been Howard's Popsicle. It would have taken the Jaws of Life to pry me off him!!!!!

Caro, you now have competition where Howard is concerned. hehehehe

(although, I'm sure you are more his flavor than I. *sigh*)

But, I can still look. And look, I shall!!!!! LOL

Pecs, Abs, and muscles Oh MY!!!!

Love everyone!


June 30, 2013 at 12:47 PM  
Blogger Tray said...

lol I love that Amanda keeps going whoawhoawhoawhoa singing Baby by Justin Beiber when she is talking to the Beiber crew and they have no freaking clue lol lol lol lol...she's been doing it all morning...catch one shortly after 1:19:50 pm on cam 3. I like her even more now. :)

June 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM  
Blogger Blue said...

I hate the fact that once again ignorance and intolerance has raised her ugly head in the Big Brother house.

This seems to happen every season.

In the year of 2013, and the new millennium, it's a dream that these issues would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, they remain issues today as relevant as they were during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's, and during the Civil War some 150 years ago.

The best battle we hold against such egregious beliefs and attitudes is to call them out for what they are, and to hold up a place of intolerance for them.

A good man once said: "Evil wins when good people do and say nothing." I'm paraphrasing, but you get the meaning.

Enough is enough.

The ways of the past are not, nor should not, be the ways of the future.

I hope we all can take a moment and genuflect and re-assess our own personal beliefs and ideologies.

In this idea and spirit.....Big Brother 15 is what it is. It's 16 Houseguests of everyday persuasion thrust into a melting pot of unbelievable anxiety, stress, and paranoia....beyond anything any of us can imagine without personally experiencing it ourselves.

Be kind. Be understanding. Defend your beliefs and values.

Appreciate all things for what they are, and choose a path of growth for yourself.

Thank you.


June 30, 2013 at 1:50 PM  
Blogger Blue said...

Nick is hot.

That is all.

*orgasmic shudder

June 30, 2013 at 2:39 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

G'Morning Caro and everyone. I'm sure there are a ton of comments between #7 and when mine gets in.

What a night!!!! Goddess of the Dish did a most excellent job of covering it in the TOR™ as always. I was watching it all but you catch so much more with your sooper dooper honing in on what's important skills. All I ever catch is a case of nausea from listening to the ones I don't like. I can never get away from them. Skippy (Or is it Slippy this year? See TOR™ 3:41 AM. :p~ ) seems to have a screen watching me as I change feeds and he follows me with whatever I just left.

I picked a good night to start watching feeds. I feel like my 12 or so hours of non-stop was almost as exhausting as watching the entire season. They never stop. Didn't take me long to see there are very few I don't despise. So far Nick and Andy are still on my good side, maybe Judd too and Howard of course. The women... nope. Not any of them except maybe Helen.

Looks like the show is going to be 30 minutes late as expected. I checked in on CBS at 5 pm GCT and Golf was still going on. *sigh* It wrapped up at 5:27 GCT.

CYA in the Show Post.


June 30, 2013 at 3:32 PM  
Blogger ceemurph said...

@ Larissa, ME TOO! I feel so lost!
Somebody give us the short and long of it... there are currently two sides right? Who's on the evict David side and who's still lost on the evict Elissa side?

June 30, 2013 at 4:47 PM  

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