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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Overnight Report

Gooood morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!☺

I'm still so happy about the edit on the Sunday Show.  Kudos to everyone at Fly On The Wall  (the production company) and CBS for showing the tv only audience the ugly truth of Aaryn's bigotry. 

Today, we'll have the PoV Ceremony, and I think this is the way it'll go down:

In the event Jeremy uses the PoV on himself, the replacement nominee, chosen by the MVP in advance of the PoV Ceremony, will be revealed by BB on the Big Screen in the Living Room... in order to maintain the anonymity (stop laughing!) of the MVP. 

Ordinarily, the HoH chooses the replacement nominee, but when the MVP's nominee wins PoV and uses it on her or himself, then the MVP chooses the replacement.

Nowthen.. during the Sunday Show it was also mentioned that a past houseguest would be making an appearance, so chances are that'll be today too, and perhaps connected with the PoV Ceremony/MVP ReNom situation.. 

OK.. Now on with the show on the feeds!    As always, we post the camera numbers and times so you'll be able to go in and watch any scene you choose by using the calendar function, or flashback.  If you haven't gotten the feeds yet, and you'd like to give them a shot, here's a 2 day free trial to get you going. :-)

Camera 3
Have Not Room

Helen, Candice and Elissa are discussing the plan to save Elissa..

Helen: Candice, Andy, Howard, McCrae and Judd.. Spencer would be number 7.
Elissa: Everyone said they're solid.
Helen: Have you talked to Howard?
Elissa: Yeah.
Helen: I don't know what's going on with Spencer. If he doesn't he's the next to go. I talked to Aaryn.. and I said if for some strange reason you need to stay.. it's something going on on her side of the house.
Candice: And next week, if the incredible hulk wins HoH, we have to have one solid story.. Because Amanda and McCrae will throw us under the bus..
Elissa: They're 100% on board.

Helen: Just stay calm. Andy's gonna get everyone on board.
Candice: I don't trust Spencer.  Howie is getting close to Spencer and I need him to get out of Spencer's ass.
Elissa: I think Howard already knows that Spencer, Jeremy and Nick are working together.
Candice: Yeah, he knows, but he's not in it.  Howie's gonna vote the way we want him to vote.. Last week, he was like, I have big ears.  I hear everything.
Helen: We can't let Spencer know that we know.  As long as he thinks he's in control of our side, we're good.
Candice: Amanda was much nicer to me today, but she's been really ugly.
Helen: But you're not talking to me.. Don't talk to me in front of Spencer.  We cannot let him know we're on to him.
Candice: I don't like that we have to be secret and separated.

Elissa: Because Jeremy and them are bullies.
Helen: After this, Spencer's out the door.  He'll get his cup of tea.. But you can't let him know we're onto him, because that's key to all of this going down right, ok?  Just don't ruffle any feathers.  The last thing you need to do is get Spencer upset at you.  I love Spencer to death, and I wish he could be the Spencer we need, but.. He was going to use me to go far in the game.. He's what I call my nomance.  If he could just stay in line with us.. His vote will be very telling.  We don't need him because we've got Judd, Mcrae, Amanda and Howard.. After this, the girls can come together.. and we talk.. We can't let Aaryn know that yet.  She's gonna flip her lid, and she's gonna want to leave too.
Elissa: Who, Gina?
Helen: Yeah.  Jessie needs to go before Gina.. unless she decides to be loyal.. It's almost too late for her at this point.
Elissa: i don't think she's a loyal person..
Candice: As long as Jeremy's here, they're gonna stay loyal to him.

Helen: You cannot backdoor Jeremy.  Let the guys fight amongst each other.  You've done enough of their dirty work. As long as we keep everyone solid..
Elissa: Jessie got cast for this show with her boyfriend..
Candice: Jessie has a boyfriend?

Candice mentions how sweet to her Judd is, and Helen suggest Candice showmance Judd, as a way to secure her place..

Helen: Howard's gonna want to vote Nick out..  I cannot be the one who started this..
Elissa: I can never work with Aaryn.  I can't trust her.
Candice: Think about Rachel and Britney.

Helen: It could be very powerful.  Don't burn bridges.  One of the smartest things Jeremy said in this game was let's think about moving forward.  if you hold on to grudges, you can't move forward.  You've gotta think of some story, why Nick is the one..
Candice: We just have to be ready for the wrath of GM and Jeremy.. We have to remain calm.
Helen: I'm on the block, so i can't say anything.
Elissa: They should be happy that his girlfriend's not on the block.
Helen: While Jeremy's gonna be pissed Nick's gone, he wont be able to express it, since his girlfriend, who he's been having sex with on national tv, is still in the house.

They bandy the idea of saying Nick was related to..

Elissa: Why would you be mad whe n your girlfiiend's still in the house?  Did you have a deal with Nick?
Candice: Exactly.  We have 7 people including Spencer..
Elissa: I don't know what Spencer would do..

Talk turns to the coming HoH, anf d while Candice thinks it'll be a QnA, Elissa floats the notion that ALL comps this season will be physical, to go along with the "No Floater Season."

12:32am - Howard enters.

Candice: Come on in.  The Have Not Room is missing you.
Howard: You should get Ginamarie.. She is gaming Nick.
ALL: What?!
Howard: You should bring her in.  She don't like him..

Howard: I think both of them are playing the same game with each other.

Helen: Based upon my sessions, they like to try to get me to figure it out.. Season 10 relative..
Howard: What do you mean?
Helen: Dan Gheesling.  I think Nick is his cousin or something.
Howard: ooh.
Helen: And Elissa said, she was with other relatives that interviewed for this season.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room Sessions with other HGs.
Helen: My worry is, if Elissa goes, MVP goes to the next relative.  She is gonna put him up.  And that way, we don't have to worry about Nick in a mental competition or a physical one.
Howard: It's simple.
Helen: Do you think you can convince Spencer this is a good idea?
Howard: Yeah, me, him and Ginamarie just talked.   She said, if Nick goes up, I might be prone to do it.
Helen: Ok.. I trust you, Howie.  You don't need to keep me posted.  I'm on the block.. I have to stay low.

12:39am Howard leaves.. Candice returns.

Helen: Gah, I wish the vote was tomorrow.

This conversation is ongoing.. I'm gonna check on the others and see if this plan holds any water at all...

Cam 1
Backyard Couch
Howard and Spencer

Howard: Hook, line and sinker.
 **and that would be a no.
Howard: They're putting forth the idea that other people are family members..  I told them you were with it.. And that Ginamarie is too.. It's perfect.  They're putting up Nick.  Sometimes, it gets so damn simple with it, I just wanna go to sleep.  This MC thing?   Our hands are on every body in the house.

Spencer: (whispering) Judd.  Judd's listening. Wait til he clears.

Spencer and Howard look across the yard at the bandana ball game that's happening...
Howard: Where the frikkin' stars at out here?
Spencer: Aint no stars but movie stars.
Howard: And they're on the ground.
Spencer: We're tv stars.  Aint that weird?
Howard: Yup.

Talk turns to The Water Boy, and similarities with Judd. Then Wedding Crashers..

Jeremy and Kaitlin
Cam 1
HoH Bed

Jeremy: Wanna go downstairs?  Play chess?  Play pool?  We could take a shower with our bathing suits..
Kaitlin: I don't have one up here.  And that would be too obvious..
Jeremy: Too tempting?

Ginamarie knocks.

Ginamarie: Cock block.  Scratch that.  Andy was outside.. 

Jeremy and Kaitlin say they'll come down and socialize.  Ginamarie leaves.

Kaitlin: Just stop that and get on top of me.  You don't think it looks obvious right now?
Jeremy: Just say I have restless leg syndrome.

Ginamarie goes back outside and laughs it up with Howard and Spencer.

Feed 3
Nick and Elissa
Have Not Room

Nick: You made big waves last week.  You're a threat.  People are scared of you..  What I'm saying is, 1st week, you made a big move.. 2nd week, make a smaller move so people trust you.  So let's make a deal.
Elissa: Nick, I feel like you've had 2 chances to make a deal, and the first time you voted against me, and this time.. To be honest, I don't know that I trust what you're saying.  I'm not putting Jessie up, I'm not putting Candice up.. That's not an option.
Nick: I did not say no to Kaitlin.
Elissa: Obviously if I was saving you, you'd have to vote with me.. I just couldn't believe that you looked me in the face, and said..

Nick: When you approach me, it puts me in the hot spot, and people assume we're conspiring together.
Elissa: It doesn't seem you're concerned now.
Nick: We made a deal, and I honored it.
Elissa: And last week, you said you were voting with the house.. and you voted me out.

Nick: My strategy the 1st week was this - see who was keeping their word, and who wasn't, and work with those who were.

Elissa's being toyed with, plain and simple.

Elissa: Anyway, I've gotta go get ready, because I was called to the DR.
Nick: Well, are you gonna answer my question?

She walks out.  Passing him in the kitchen moments later...

Elissa: I did answer your question.  I said I'm going with the house.
Nick goes into the Cockpit...

**Nick, now would be an excellent time to talk to us.

Camera 3
Elissa, Helen, Howard, Candice, Ginamarie
Couch Chatting..

Aaryn comes over and asks about the bed situation downstairs.. She's "sick of sleeping with 2 other people."  She heads inside with Ginamarie..

Massage negotiations begin on the couch between Howard, Candice and Spencer. Candice puts her foot down.

Candice:  The point is, on the day you give me my massage, I'm off.  Tomorrow, I'll rub his head and cook. Today, I've had 500 calories, I've been sleeping on an airplane chair, and my back hurts.

Spencer:  Why is she always shrieking?  She sounds like a pterodactyl giving birth.

Howard and Helen go to play pool...

Candice: Howard, after pool I get my massage?

He's noncommittal.

1:14am Elissa, Spencer and Candice remain on the couch.. in silence for the moment.  Candice is gazing across the yard, deep in thought, chewing the inside of her cheek.. Elissa is un-knotting her hair.

Cam 1
Ginamarie, Aaryn and Nick

I enter this conversation already in progress.  Ginamarie is already in tears.. Odds on, Nick has told them he believes he's going up.

Aaryn: You're not going home.  There's no f'ing way.
Nick: Jeremy and I are gonna continue being targets, but we also have the best chance of winning HoH every week.

Aaryn: You didn't know?  Jeremy told us he knew David was going home.
Nick: It was agreed upon..
Aaryn: Except, Judd didn't vote for Elissa..
Nick: Right.. He told me he did.  We basically just came up with a strategy to steam roll the votes..
Aaryn: I already told everybody that Candice is going home next week.
Nick: In this house, everythign changes in a 24 hour period.. Who have you made deals with?
Aaryn: The people who are gonna vote for Elissa to be goine are.. Pretty much everyone but Candice.
Nick: Can you go through the names?
Aaryn: Amanda is scared that if she doesn't, Jeremy will come after her. Spencer is sketchy, but he said he would... That's 2.. Jessie for sure.
Nick: Why Jessie?
Aaryn: Because she's scared.
Nick: Is she scared enough to join Elissa?
aaryn: Possibly.
Aaryn: McCrae, definitely.  Kaitlin, for sure. That's 5 solid.  Howard told me for sure 100%.. Andy told me for sure, but he is, once again..

Andy enters.

Andy: You guys counting something?
Aaryn: We're counting sketchy f*cks.
Andy: Are you counding solid shadyt f*cks?
Nick: Yes.
Andy: Did you count me in?
Aaryn: Yes.
Andy: Good.

Andy tells them where all the HGs are.. talk turns to modeling and such.. Aaryn wants to be a tv host..

Aaryn: I'm trying to become union, before I move to l.a... because it's much easier that way.
**good luck.

Ginamarie looks outside the cockpit to see who just walked into the bathroom.  She reports back that it's Candice and Judd.  Jeremy has now joined them...

Nick: Nothing to worry about.  We're Chill town right now..
**not even close. 

Jeremy: Why do you have one pink nail, my friend?
Ginamarie: Cuz he's a f*cking flamer! Tell him.

Andy wants to bling out his mic pack..

Nick: Can I call you Drew?
Andy: My 2 friends at home who are total douchebags do all the time.
Nick: Ooh. Ok. Not then.

1:35am - Jeremy departs...  Andy gets up to leave too..

Andy:  Keep my name out of your shady mouths.
Nick: Well, technically your mouth is shady.
Andy: Thanks, darling.

Andy goes.  Nick turns to his other nomance..

Nick: baby, don't worry.. I'm gonna be fine.  You're gonna charm people into submission.  You're the best at it.  I'm living proof.
Ginamarie: hehehe
Nick: I wanna be on everyone's good side.. Stage 1.. Stage 2, I wanna make deals - on Monday. So tomorrow we make deals with people.. And throughout the duration, we want to make people believe we're the majority.. like saying people have already committed..

Ginamarie: I saw Elissa, Candice and Helen talking in the room.  I don't know what sh*t they have brewin.
BB: Elissa, please go to the Diary Room.
Nick: Here we go.
Ginamarie: How do you know it's gonna be you?
Nick: I know.  She knows I voted for her.
Ginamarie: I did too.

Nick: OK.. let's go through the list.. Who are our potentials..

**OK.. What we have here is The Brigade 2.0 - I wonder who will be cast in the role of Britney... and if Nick will meet Matt's fate.  In either case, the only use of this ongoing conversation is to build more trust with Ginamarie.

Timecheck - 1:44am

Nick: Tomorrow, what I need from you is to be with Kaitlin..make sure everyone on our team is super solid.  Then we need to start working on the Howards, the Spencers.. Basically, we need to make a deal with people..
**It's amazing.  I can't even see the strings when he makes her lips and body move.

Nick: OK.. we need to be happy f'in awesome couple from here on out.

Aaryn and Ginamarie

BB: Candice, Helen, please put on your microphones
Aaryn: Sketchy F*cks.  You have to picture Elissa walking out of the house.
Ginamarie: I'm not even gonna stand up to hug her.
Aaryn: Let's do the this.. hehehe..

Aaryn and Ginamarie do the blond hair swing thing.

Aaryn: Candice is going next.  If I get to final 2, I'm gonna be like, look assholes, I got the bitch out, so if you don't vote for me, you're dumb!  Even if I go next week..

Ginamarie: That's why it's good to have girls and guys together.. and Nick is smart as f*ck.
Aaryn: Me and Jeremy?  We are the same person.
*We know.
Ginamarie: I know.
Aaryn: Kaitlin's stupid.  She's like, My game, he's f'ing up my game...   We need to to come up with alternate names for people, so they don't know who we're talking about. For Kaitlin.. Kitty Kat.  Man, if I get MVP...

Ginamarie: I want MVP so bad.. Knock all these fricking scrubs out.. 1 by 1...
Aaryn: This week could be the biggest move in this game.

Andy enters..
Ginamarie: You like Nick, right?  If he happens to go up..
Aaryn: He's gonna start making deals.. I already know you're voting Elissa out, but when he approaches you, if you can get him on your side, it's good for you.
Ginamarie: We all like you.  I've liked you since the first day at camp.
Andy: I like Nick, but I'm gonna be devastated if I keep hm and then next week he puts me up.
Aaryn: That's why i'm telling you, you have to talk to him and get to a place where you feel good about it.
Ginamarie: He's just very shy.. If he comes to talk to you..
Andy: I'll be totally honest with him.
Ginamarie: I'm gonna fight for HoH.. cuz I need hair dye.
Aaryn: And we're gonna have the biggest party Wednesday night.
**The eviction will be Thursday night, but he HGs don't know that yet.

2:14am They clear the room...

Cam 2
Elissa, Helen, Howard, Candice

We join the end of this conversation.. 

Elissa: If we all stick to it, we're the final ones.
**If you don't figure out the MC and call it out in front of the house, you're toast.

Howard: Just take care of this one week.. throw some shockwaves in.. make them kinda scramble..

Cam 3
Storage Room

Judd: It just makes me feel weird cuz no one's really talked to me all day.
Amanda: It's cuz you're not on anyone's radar.

Cam 3
Howard and Aaryn

Howard: She's putting up Nick.. and she's telling people that Nick is related to someone.. They're pulling out all the stops.  It really doesn't matter who she puts up, she's going home.  I just wanted to make sure you're up on it.
**Notice Howard's posture.. I wonder if it's intentional to make her more comfortable.. as in, yes, I'm a big black man, but here I am, completely non-threatening and even lowering myself before you, as I know you believe is right...

Aaryn mentions how stupid it was to put Jeremy up, guaranteeing him the chance to play for PoV.. and now Nick?  She says she needs to broaden her relationships.. and not to think of her as only with them.

Howard: I think you're the smartest woman in the house.  You're not on my radar.  Everthing needs to be strategic.
Aaryn: If my name gets thrown out there..
Howard: Absolutely.  Absolutely.  I know you're strong mentally..

Howard: The contrast between how sad it was last week to this week.. I hope they give us a lot of alcohol.. It's gonna be a party.

Cam 3
Backyard Couch
Judd, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Howard, Spencer

Andy sticks his head outside..
Andy: Goodnight everyone!  I'm going to bed!

They all say goodnight.

Jeremy: (joking, kinda) So what week are we sending him home?
Spencer: 3rd?

Talk turns to Ginamarie..  She told them she was a chubby kid and she got a nose job.  They imagine how she probably was as a kid and all agree she was probably pretty tough.

Jeremy: I know it's not good, but my sister beat up 2 girls at school one time.  I was so proud of her.

Cam 3
Amanda and McCrae

Amanda: What did you just say?  Did I hear you wrong?  If that's what you wanna say..

Howard enters.

Howard: What'chall doin'?
McCrae: Makin' macaronis.  For 2.
Howard: Bastards.  Well, if there's any left over..
McCrae: Absolutely.
Howard: Thanks.  (squeaky voice) I'm poor.

Jeremy comes in.. Kaitlin comes in.. I wait for them to go away...

Amanda: Howard, we're awesome with you.  I promise.  I just heard that someone in our friendship was making deals to put me up, and that pissed me off.

They head outside to eat and smoke.


Amanda: Helen came straight to me and told me that Spencer was telling them to put me up for MVP.. and Helen would not lie to me.
Howard: Think of who's in Elissa's ear.
Amanda: I trust Elissa.  She's done everything we've told her to do. Spencer has been super shady to me.  Candice told them that I devised the whole plan to get rid of David... Why the fuck would Spencer get rid of Elissa.  She has the 3rd vote..
Howard: From what I understand, she's putting up Nick.  If he's up there, we have the votes to get him out.
Amanda: If not, that destroys the trust.
Howard: THe only person she could put up was Nick, cuz he's so friggin' sketfchy.  I think Nick and Jeremy have something.
Amanda: I think Jeremy, Nick and Spencer.. Helen told me that he said to her...
Howard: I believe you, but Helen's been talking to Aaryn a lot.. on the slick.
Amanda: Helen??
Howard: Everybody vote for Nick ass, and be done with it.  Lemme talk to Spencer in the morning.
Amanda; I heard straight from the horse's mouth that he put my name out there..

Amanda: MVP is gonna put up strong males.  If we get rid of Elissa, we're compromising all of your safety.
Howard: This makes too much sense not to work.

Amanda leaves.. Howard laughs at the game, and holds his head in his hands.

Aaryn, Ginamarie and Kaitlin

Aaryn:  Howard just came up here to talk to me.. Why would he do that? 

Cam 1
Jeremy and Nick

Jeremy: I think that makes Howard and Spencer nervous, because they're with the weaker players. Dude, how did we all end up in that room together?
Nick: Dude, I picked everybody.  I told them in the DR the day before.

Nick: Know how I know it's working?  Because people talk sh*t about the other members in front of us.
Jeremy: Kaitlin told me that Candice said there was an all boy alliance in the house, and I was like, "F*ck, Why wasn't I invited?"
**OK.. the only way to break it up is for Candice or Helen to win HoH next week, and throw all MC guys on the block.

Jeremy, Aaryn, Ginamarie

Aaryn: If you make it to final 2, all you have to say is "I got her out of the house," and you win.
**Week 2 fantasies...

Ginamarie says goodnight..

Aaryn says goodnight to Jeremy and Kaitlin, and amid protest, she leaves them alone up in the HoH room and seeks a bed downstairs.

Cam 1
Jeremy comes downstairs to get Aaryn...
Aaryn: To be honest, I'm starting to feel awkward, like the 3rd wheel..
Jeremy: You go up there and I'll sleep down here then.

They go back and forth on this for a couple minutes.. Ultimately Aaryn decides to sleep downstairs, and Jeremy say he will tomorrow. 

**I'm hitting publish now, for the East Coast early risers.. Please refresh the post periodically, as I'll be adding more.

Cam 3
Howard and Spencer

They toy with the idea of getting rid of Helen instead of Elissa this week, in order to retain control of the MVP, but then say they'll vote however Jeremy wants..

Spencer: None of us are scared of Jeremy.. Not on a game level, not on a man level.. But they're all f*ckin' terrified of him, and that's cool.

They talk about taking out one of the people not in the misfits alliance next week, to throw them off the scent of the Moving Company.

At 3:32am, this is ongoing and talk has turned to Amanda..

Spencer and Howard agree that McCrae needs to get her on the same page with them, or she's going to have to go, perhaps next.

Cam 1
Chair Room

We join this conversation long in progress..

Meanwhile, in McCrae and Amanda land..  Amanda's changing her shirt..
**She had a couple of wardrobe malfunctions, but we're not allowed to post nudes anymore, so if you want to see, you'll have to go look on the feeds for yourself. 

Amanda: Why would anyone give that up.. There's no way we wouldn't make it to jury if we kept her here...  I can't believe you said that to me.   I want her to stay here!
McCrae: I do too, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

McCrae: I want to tell you something, and I don't want you to get mad at me.
Amanda: I'm keeping Elissa.  If you want to vote the other way, then that's what you should do.
McCrae: Andy came to us and said you're all safe.
Amanda: Everyone's afraid of the wrath of Jeremy..
McCrae: You have to pray to God.
Amanda: Let's just see how the next couple of days go..

Spencer comes in to go to bed.. McCrae and Amanda  say they'll move to the hammock.

Amanda and McCrae

Amanda: Did someone say that to you before?  To vote me out?
McCrae: No.  We have to play strategically.. smart..  We have to think about every single thing.
Amanda: If Spencer or Howard were to stray, we would see them conniving with them.. She controls this whole game.  If we lose her, we lose control of this game.
McCrae: I'm sorry.
Amanda: It's ok.
McCrae: I just don't want you to be mad at me.

Amanda: We have the numbers.  She has to stay.
McCrae: She has to stay.  I agree.
Amanda: If she goes, we're so f*cked.  That's why she has to stay.
McCrae: I know.. but I don't think it's gonna happen.. Someone's gonna stray.
Amanda: We just have to all be on the same page like we were last time.  If we all just stick together, it will work.
McCrae: I'm just scared right now.
Amanda: You can't let the bully of the game affect you.  Everyone trusts you, and no one trusts me.. Why would you want me here?
McCrae: I don't want you gone.  Come here. Everyone trusts me.  If you stick to me, always, everyone's gonna trust you, big time.  You have me and I have you.
Amanda: I know, but we don't even see things the same way.
McCrae: I know, but that's gonna happen.
Amanda: If you were strong about keeping her here, people would listen to you, but you just don't care.   This game is full of pussies.  

Amanda: There has to be something else going on that I just don't see, because this just doesn't make sense.
**Ding Ding Ding!  We have a winner!

Amanda: I'm not in an alliance with Jeremy.  No way.  That guy is a bully.  He bullies Helen.  It just doesn't make sense.  Giving up the most valuable person.  It doesn't make sense. America will hate the people who flipped, if she goes... If she goes, and we voted for her to stay, we'll get MVP.  Rachel will have them vote for us. Even if we're the only 2. There's no way they're gonna get MVP, cuz they're the bad guys and we're the good guys.  That's what will happen. Remember it's not just us.  We have to show our loyalty to Elissa, and Rachel's fans.  Even if she goes, America has to know we wanted her to stay.

The conversation is ongoing at 3:57am..

Amanda: We have to get rid of Nick.  He's a shady f*ck.
**Good luck with that one, dear.

Amanda: What're you looking at?  It's not easy to shut a Jewish woman up.
**I may have been told this on more than one occasion.

Amanda: Nick is not our ally.  He doesn't deserve to be here.  He's gonna win the f*cking season of this show.

McCrae: When you cry.. It hurts so deep.
Amanda: I'm sorry. I just can't stand it.
McCrae: Me either.  I want him gone so bad.

While McCrae and Amanda are talking in the Hammock, Judd and Nick are shooting pool...

In an effort to show how much he pays attention/cares, McCrae spontaneously regurgitates the names of all of Amanda's relatives that she's spoken about..  It has the desired effect.

Amanda: It's just a game..
McCrae: You're not gonna go home.  I need you here so bad.
Amanda: You need Jessie here.
McCrae: Don't leave me here with her.

4:10am Amanda resumes counting votes for and against..

Amanda: I don't know.
McCrae: I don't know either.  We've got 2 days. 

Amanda: Did I look silly when I was trying to stabilize that mobile? (during the PoV)
McCrae: You looked hot as f*ck.  G-ddammit.. I wanna get you naked so bad.
Amanda: I wanna have sex with you.

Amanda: I'm afraid of going home.. I'm gonna have to to so much professional damage control. 

Amanda and McCrae fall into more showmancey talk..  about after the show..

Pool game is over.  The table is covered..  Nick waks Ginamarie who has fallen asleep on the couch, and they walk inside together to go to bed..  Amanda and McCrae steal a kiss..  Judd is still outside.  Amanda invites him to come "canoodle" with them on the hammock.

Judd: I heard the people were sayin' I'm a floater and need to be gotten rid of before jury.. and when I walk into places, they get quiet as f'in mice.. I wanna stick with it, but..
Amanda: How do you feel?
Judd: He's too dangerous.

Judd has sniffed out part of the M alliance too..

Judd: I see them unnecessarily pulling Jeremy aside..

Amanda starts in with Judd about how important keeping Elissa is..

Judd: How did Howard get here?
Amanda: He's just quiet.  It's part of his game. Listen, if all of us vote for Elissa to stay..
Judd: I'm not voting for her to go.
Amanda: Even if she walks out the door, Jeremy's gonna be like haha got you f'ers.. now it's a fair game.  Did you hear?  When we voted David out?  They audience cheered.
Judd: I'm not gonna flip. The last couple days, I feel like I got nobody.
**poor bubby.
Amanda: You have us.

Judd: Do you guys think Howard's throwing stuff?
Amanda: Oh, for sure.  I would too, if I looked like him.

Timecheck - 4:29am - This conversation is ongoing on 1 and 2, and it remains mostly focused on keeping Elissa, some how, some way.. 

Judd: I don't like my name bein' thrown around.
Amanda: Your name isn't being thrown around.  He's lying.  He told me Elissa came up to him and tossed my name out there.
Judd: I don't think it's Howard, as much as it is Spencer.
Amanda: What's that smell?  It smells glorious?
**Night blooming jasmine is prevalent in the area..

Judd: Supposedly Helen, Candice and Elissa are in an alliance..  Why?  Cuz they're in the Have Not Room?  (whispers) I saw them in there tyin' their shoes!  Spencer makes me nervous. After we get our people we want out, I think he should be the first to go..
Amanda: Mm hmm.. He's sort of a bully too.  When we were outside talking, he wouldn't let me get a word in.  Just got all defensive...  God man.. As long as people stick to the plan..
Judd: Well, don't worry about me. I'm good.
Amanda: I think Howard is good too.
Judd: How many votes do we need?
Amanda: 6.
Judd: So we need Candice or Spencer.
Amanda: We need both. Cuz if it's a tie, Aaryn votes.

Time check - 4:45am...

Judd: It'll be alright.  That's what these extra days are for.. to make everyone scramble and go crazy.   I like the MVP thing.  Elissa's been nothin' but nice to me from day one. I'm not votin' her out. She's been nothin' but good to us.
Amanda: She's been loyal to us.
Judd: Yeah.  Just stick to the plan.  Don't worry about nothin.
Amanda: We're gonna get rid of her because some bully is threatening us?
Judd: I'm not getting bullied by anyone.  If anything.. Go ahead, slug me, slap me, get yourself tossed outa here.  I wish Ginamarie wasn't up their ass.  She's just completely worthless to us.  I wanted to die when he won that HoH.. The only 2 people I didn't want to win.  We gotta focus on Wednesday. (**Thursday, dear)  What do you think, McCrae?
McCrae: I don't know..
Judd: You been awful quiet.
McCrae: I'm tired.  I'm worried that the votes aren't gonna be there.  Spencer's not gonna vote with us.  I just don't wanna be a marked person.  We need her, Elissa, so bad.
Judd: I know. 

OK.. Judd's still up and talking to to McCrae and Amanda, but I think this about wraps up the Overnight Report.  I'll see you back here when BB wakes the HGs.. :0)  Happy Monday, dishers!



Blogger Wolfe13 said...

I LOVE your comments Caro. They often help me understand what is going on. Keep 'em coming!!!

July 8, 2013 at 4:06 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Can Helen b this delusional?

July 8, 2013 at 4:09 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Glorious One. I've been half listening and I've come to the conclusion that this is the most out of the loop, confused and clueless group in all 15 seasons. I'd love to know the truth about just how much BB any of them have truly watched. I would wager not any of the cast of 16 has ever seen a full season and most have probably never seen a full week of 3 episodes.

Listening to the feeds right now 4:19 AM Feed 1 and 2 or Quad.

It's so pathetic. Amanda, looking for some comfort and security asks McCrae if he wants to kiss her. He looked at the cameras, then back to cover heads with the comforter on the hammock. I sensed a complete lack of enthusiasm but guessing he agreed just in case he finds himself as the Jeremy replacement and he might need her vote. That was my take on it anyway.

I wasn't much help tonight, only giving Caro a very few timestamps for TOR™. I'm pretty useless but these people don't interest me. The only ones I hear screeching loudly and clearly seems to be Aaryn and Jeremy.

Since Jeremy and Kaitlin took over the HoH bed for the night, Aaryn decided to give them some privacy and sleep in a regular bed downstairs. HA! Who's HoH is this? I know I heard Aaryn say she definitely did the most work in filling the jugs Wednesday night and that she was always having to stand there and wait on Jeremy. I would roll my eyes but not sure I'd get my own pretty green ones back and I've grown accustom to them.

Methinks it's time for sleep. Breakfast, a snack or sleep. 2 of the 3 are about to win.

Hope to see everyone about the time Caro opens the Afternoon Report™.


July 8, 2013 at 4:35 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I still think MC is nowhere near as set in stone as brigade. Enzo especially and Lane too had no other options but to stick with the Brigade. At some point Nick, Howard, or Mccrae will re think their position. They are all looking to cut Jeremy asap

July 8, 2013 at 4:45 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn and BBDishers!! I'm almost done with TOR and just wanted to say, I'm liking Amanda again. Just a little. Listen McCrae!! Because if you think you're good with the MC, you're mistaken. When the time comes, you'll be their first casualty!

July 8, 2013 at 4:53 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Wolfe13 :) Thank you very much! Will do!

G'morning, Jumbo! :) Sigh.. If only she was privy to all the information we are.

Good morning, GayTor! :) McCrae is a superfan.. A few are actually.. and he is 100% into Amanda.

Good morning, Jumbo! :) I hopre you're right. THe Brigade bored me to tears.

Good morning, Lucky13! :)

....and good night all.. I'll see you back here when the HGs get up.

July 8, 2013 at 5:11 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Monday everyone,

Thanks Carolyn for putting up TOR early for us.

I am just waiting hoping wishing and praying for someone to get the 5 MC.. they have the parts and pieces. Just need to fit the puzzle together.. I think they aren't because of how tight McCrae is with Amanda.

If they dont figure it out soon, it'll be moot. and the season will be a bigger snooze than brigage season.

I'll keep on hoping!!

Judy in NJ

July 8, 2013 at 5:17 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning and Goodnight Carolyn!!

I am so digging the whole McCrea/Amanda showmance...this is probably the most real showmance on the show, and they are so cute together! Heretofore I shall dub them McManda!

I'm still kind of confused though on what's going on in the house...I guess being away for a week in a tent will do that to ya....especially with this cast!

July 8, 2013 at 5:19 AM  
Blogger ekmurf said...

Just stopping in to report being present! Great work as always, Carolyn, et al. I'll be back :)

July 8, 2013 at 5:42 AM  
Blogger lee said...

GM Carolyn and Co.!
2 things I want to get off my chest. First, it's gross how many "malfunctions" Amanda has had regarding her shirts. They are not accidental. And last, Elissa had a much better chance of staying if she put up Kaitlin. Many people are tired of her.
OK. I feel better. ;) Have a BBlicious day!

July 8, 2013 at 6:30 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

I am waiting for an implosion of the MC. Hoping this happens Thursday night when Elissa and Helen are safe :)

Thanks Carolyn!

July 8, 2013 at 6:50 AM  
Blogger itsTanzy said...

Howdy Carolyn! I'm still intrigued over her HOH letter. What do you or anyone else think about the contents and her step-sister writing it instead of her mom?

July 8, 2013 at 7:10 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Tanzy! :) I'm really not making much out of that.

Good morning, Mappy! :) I *love* your positive attitude and enthusiasm!

Good morning, Lee! :) Backatcha!

Good morning, Ekmurf! :) Well hello there!!!

Good morning, DavidLockner! :) I agree.

Good morning, Judy and Rob! :) But of course! It's easy to put it up early, since I'm doing it live.. ;-) I start writing at midnight their time.. and hit publish at 6am or thereabouts.. then continue on as long as I can after.

July 8, 2013 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger REGY said...

I agree with lee, Kaitlin would be a better choice to put up as MC would be way more inclined to vote her out before jury, as she would be a definite Jeremy vote at F2. Plus,as lee said, people are getting annoyed with her whining and straddling.

Hi Caro, thanks for grt TOR!

July 8, 2013 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Although I am not opposed to the fact that CBS showed Aaryn's comments, I am not in the group that felt they were obligated to show the comments. This same kind of editing takes place on Survivor, Amazing Race and every other reality show that has ever existed. The sole reason people are aware of what's been going on is because there are feeds available. That, in and of itself, shows that Aaryn (and others) are not being protected. The fact that jobs have been lost is proof of this.

Now that a fraction of the truth has been put out there, these would be my 2 complaints.

1-CBS focused on the girls. It does make more of an impact to see hate coming from the mouth of a pretty little Texan than it does coming from the mouth of a self professed redneck, but still. Spencer acts like he is friends with Andy and Howard but continues to make jokes about race and sexuality (including little digs like yesterday, telling Andy that it figured he would prefer 'fruity' pebbles. Aside from that, no female in their right mind would condone the things he says about women. And Jeremy needs to be shown for the offensive brute that he is. Although I am not one to scream to have people kicked off the show for exercising their God given right to be an arse, I do feel that his bullying and threatening has crossed a line. (I have volunteered to enter the house and provoke him into throwing a punch if it will cause him to be removed from my show.)

2-My other concern would be this-I think CBS should have offered a warning at the beginning of the show. A lot of people felt Aaryn was being protected by not showing her comments, but what about the family members at home? They will not see the HGs for weeks, or possibly months. In the case of Elissa and Helen in particular, I am sure their children look forward to the three hours a week they get to see their mommy's. Think of how hard it must be for Helen's children to know how she has been treated and the things that have been said.

I guess what I have been saying is that, sometimes you have to protect the guilty in order to protect the innocent.

July 8, 2013 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger mcornett said...

Thanks as always for the great reporting. This year I am sadly a TV viewer only. I don't get the tv guide channel and can't afford the live feeds this year. I really love all the details you give and I agree with your "side notes" about the HG. Have an awesome day!!

July 8, 2013 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Psst! New Top Post!

July 8, 2013 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

I was thinking same about hoh. I gotta admit, as detestable as Jeremy is, his game play, bullying excluded has been genius. He's the defacto hoh making all the decisions but now he's taken over the room for his sexcapades. What a shame that he's such a douche.

July 8, 2013 at 11:38 AM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

I propose that CBS had no choice because of all the publicity about their jobs. I think they had to show it so TV only ppl would understand why they lost them. Did you notice that it was only the two ppl that were in the news? I think the news about Spencer came out past the editing deadline. Just a thought.

July 8, 2013 at 11:42 AM  

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