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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sanity Sunday!!  I hope to see you all here tonight for the Sunday Show Viewing Party at 7:50pm Eastern.

The HGs were buzzing all over the house late last night.  The feeds have been fantastic since Elissa won HoH and Judd came back into the game.. No one knows which end is up or who is with who anymore.  It's really quite fun! :)

If you were out and about yesterday, and you'd like to get caught up, please consult these previous posts:
Wakey Wakey PoV! Spoiler & AftermathThe Overnight Report - PoV Player Picking & Fight Night.
For the scoop on the earlier part of Saturday night, check out Michigan Man's comments in the Spoiler post.

We rejoin our HGs as the clock strikes midnight..

Elissa and GM
Cam 1

Elissa: That competition today was definitely not athletic, though.
Amanda: Yeah, it wasn't athletic, but Judd needed a f'in ventilator.. needed a medic to come in.
Elissa: (snort laughs)

**She may want to rethink the laughing in Amanda's face tactic.  It doesn't seem to work very well.

Ginamarie: I let you win, today.  I did.
Amanda: Thank you.

Cam 3
Have Not Room

Andy: I want you to know.. and like not in front of Spencer and Elissa, but f'in mean it when I say I've got your back til the end, if you've got mine.
Judd: Yeah, yours too. That's why I didn't want you to go up, cuz I'm scared you might go home.
Andy:  I don't even know what the f*ck they're up to.. I've been talking to "friends" (**the DR) and I'm to the point where I want to make that move.. and get rid of them. I'm so glad you're back. You're like my secret weapon.
Judd: That's what I was prayin for..
Andy: Last week it was hard because it was like both couples pulling me both ways.. Even with GM, there just weren't the votes to keep Helen, even though I was starting to feel anti Amanda and McCrae..

Amanda opens the door to the Have Not Room, Andy asks for a sec.
Judd gives him an excuse to give Amanda..

Andy: That's why I think it was good to get Helen out.
Judd: You're just talking to me about if you go up.
Andy: Yeah.  But, believe me, you've got my word! 100%.

Cam 3
McCrae: I'm tryin' to figure out what else to put in GM's pllow..
Judd: Bouncy ball..

Cam 3
Chair Room
Amanda, Judd, McCrae

Amanda: Is he pissed?
Judd: Just wanted to know if I'd keep him or not.
Amanda: Your vote doesn't matter anyways, really, cuz we already have 3.
Judd: I mean.. My vote doesn't matter..
Amanda: If we already have 3? Unless we don't have 3, and I'm not aware of it. Uch.. I should go to bed.  My brain is running too fast.

Judd: Whatever you decide, Amanda.  I have to think about it.. I don't know..
Amanda: What would you rather have?  Aaryn in the house with you, so you know people will put her up, or Andy in the house and no one's gonna put him p?
Judd: That's a good point.
Amanda: I'm not going on the block anymore, so I don't care. I'm just not gonna talk about it anymore.
Judd: Could be me.
Amanda: I doubt it. There's no way you're going up.
Judd: Ya never know.  I need a DPOV or somethin.
Amanda: haha
Judd: I mean.. I guess it's whoever offers me a better deal.. if they don't put me up next week, or if I vote a certain way and y'all don't put me up next week.
Amanda: Let's just see who she puts up, and then we can go from there.

Amanda: You're not going up, no matter what. I just want Aaryn to stay no, matter what.. cuz she wont be going after any of us.
Judd: Not you  two, but maybe me.
Amanda: No.  She picked you to play for Veto.. She's not gonna go after you.

Judd: The weather woulda been fine..
McCrae: It musta been like a sun advisory.
Judd: That thing made it worse.. It was unbearable. Like smothery..

Amanda: I'm tired.  What time is it?  I wanna go to bed.

Cam 3
Rainbow Room

GM: If it's my time, I'm fine with it.
Aaryn: Gems, you're not going up.

GM: But you know how she gets with her stupid comments?
Aaryn: She's just scared because she knows we're all coming after her next week.  If you and me are up on the block together, you will stay.  No one's gonna keep me here.  Honestly, you can do whatever you wanna do and say what every you wanna say.  She knows we have each other's back. To be honest, she thinks she's alone right now.. She's gonna do whatever she can to get me out.
GM: So Why does Andy think he's going home?
Aaryn: She already told Andy he's going up.

GM: The worst thing is being up there with you..
Aaryn: If you're up, I go..
GM: I wonder if I should tell her I wont vote to keep you.
Aaryn: You need to protect your own game, so you do whatever you have to do..
GM: I'll talk to her tomorrow. I don't even know what those guys are gonna do.

Cam 1
Andy and Spencer

Amanda enters..

Amanda: She's walking around like she's made in the shade. Ginamarie..
Andy: Get the f*ck outa here.

Amanda does.. Andy and Spencer laugh.. and Andy gives a big thumbs up.

Andy: Amanda can't get too cocky now and blow it or something.
Spencer: Yeah..
Andy: This is why it enrages me that people call me a floater.. I play my role..
Spencer: We do..

Andy: But I do think moving forward that Judd is someone we can trust..
Spencer: And McCrae will always be a big target.
Andy: Tomorrow's gonna be crucial.. We have to make sure GM goes up.
Spencer: And thru Thursday..
Andy: I'm just concerned about me lying about Amanda and McCrae.. If she thinks GM's going up, she wont say a word.  Judd came to me in the shower, and he was like, we've gotta get GM up.  I was so glad he did.  This week is gonna be really good for us.
Spencer: yeah, it will be. Judd will trust us.. and Amanda and McCrae need us.

Andy: This was without a doubt the most Elissa has ever opened up.. It was like she was almost human.  But at the same time, I hate when Amanda said, your husband is ugly and old. At the same time, I did say I wanted to give her a scathing speech.. I just have to tell Aaryn to keep the water calm.. She thinks if I go up she'll go home, and if GM goes up, she'll stay.

Spencer: Do you think she'll get Pandora's Box?
Andy: It'll be something like Rachel, if she does..
Spencer: Like she'll see a picture of Rachel, and they'll release her into the house.
Andy: Or she'll get an hour with her.
Spencer: They wouldn't give her her sister.
Andy: Why not?
Spencer: Cuz they wouldn't give me one with my brothers.

12:21am -- Skippy flips the quad to AmMc
Chair Room
Cam 1

Amanda: I hope this works.

then back to Andy and Spencer

Andy: The thing is, why wouldn't you keep a couple around that has your best interest at heart?  Everything they've done has been to help me.

Spencer: I'm so so about it.. I see the humor in the zing.. Never once in DR have they said..
Andy: I'm not kidding you, for the 1st 5 weeks, they were like, talk about how you pop into rooms..  I'm like, can't we talk about how I've masterminded every eviction so far?  Talk about how you got scared by a bird in the yard.. Talk about which guys on the photo wall you think are cutest.. Oh my God!
Spencer: I talk about how I never talk to anybody all day.. I sit around the house all day, never talk to a soul, just think about my dawg.. my mama.. about all the fish I'm not catchin..

Cam 1
Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda

Amanda: Go in there and get in bed.
Aaryn: She's all freaked out now, thinking she's gonna go up.
Amanda: Go in there and get in bed and make sure they don't talk any more.
Aaryn: It's gonna be obvious.
Amanda: Tell Andy that Judd and GM are in the RR talking about him..
Aaryn: Elissa's in the cockpit.
Amanda: No she's not, is she?

Aaryn goes back to Rainbow.. tells Gm she looks worried.

Amanda: What could Judd say?  Doesn't matter. We're safe.  That's one person who's shady as f*ck vs Spencer and Andy..  to Elissa.


Judd leaves the Rainbow Room

Aaryn: He's trying to get you to go home, Gems. He's working with Elissa.. Why the F would I want you to be on the bloc next to me?  Elissa hates us.  She cried because she had to sit next to us on the f'ing couch.  If you and I start acting like we don't like each other, she's gonna get sketched.. If we just be normal, and talk to her Sunday night.. Amanda and McCrae trust you now.
Gems: That's what we agreed to before.
Aaryn: And we need to stick to it.  Amanda and McCrae will vote with me no matter what.. Against anybody.
GM: I'm gonna give her some bs about I like Aaryn, she's my friend, but if I stay off the blok, I'll vote her out.. I don't like to lie, but I'm gonna have to.. I'll say something like... she seems weird to me.. I can't wait til Thursday and you're not evicted.
Aaryn: I know.  I'm just worried.
GM: If Andy goes up, should I tell him oh yeah, you got my vote, like he did with me with F'in Nick?

Aaryn: If you  can get her to put someone else up.. Not Andy.. You can talk her into believing I'll work with her..

Judd: What are you little bunnies up to?
Aaryn: Hopping all over your game.

Judd: Why do you wanna evict me so soon.
Aaryn: We already evicted you.  You just wont die.
Judd: I'm gonna keep coming back.
Aaryn: This is your last chance.
Judd: Do you really want me gone, bunny?
Aaryn: Nooo.

GM: I only get to call her bunny, f*ckface.
Aaryn: Only if you're trying to get rid of me.

Timecheck --12:35am

Judd: I think it's Andy.. He's been cryin' all day..
Aaryn: All I know is if GM goes up, I don't have the votes to stay.. She's gonna have to lie to ELissa and tell her she'll vote to evict me so she stays off the block.
Judd: This is your 3rd time on the block, right?
Aaryn: Yeah.
Judd: Spencer's tied for 3 records..
Aaryn: I'm tied for most HoHs in a season.
Judd: Who with?
Aaryn: Janelle.
Judd: That's awesome.

Aaryn: She has 9 comps total, but we're tied for HoHs.. I think Rachel might have the same.

Aaryn: Gems, we're gonna have to find a way to keep you off the block, and we're gonna have to find a way to keep me here.

Aaryn: You have every right to hate me.
Judd: I don't hate you. If I could pick 1 person that I've voted out..

Cam 1

Andy: I didn't know about the Moving Company, but Nick was shady as hell.. It's been a tumultuous game, but I'm really happy with where we are now.
Spencer: me too..  I don't think Howard could have ever played the game at the level it needs to be successful.  I'm glad he's gone.  I told McCrae. I do not talk any game with Judd.
Andy: I'm debating.. Like if I get HoH, I'm gonna tell Judd.. this was Amanda and McCrae's plan, but F*ck them.. I think everyone gave Judd all this credit for being a mastermind, but he's just a nie guy everyone likes. Just like Howard.

Cam 3

Judd: McCrae did have my back more than they did. I'll admit that.
GM: I know.

Judd: It just wasn't meant to be..
GM: I just don't wanna go home.
Judd: I think there's a reason I left when I did, and a reason I came back.
GM: I'm so glad you came back, bro.
Judd: I missed you one of the most.. Just not talking about the game allllll the time.
Gm: I know..
Judd: There's a bunch of people from NY and NJ who hang out all the time together.. You gonna try to hang out with JoJo after this?
GM: no
Judd: Why not?
GM: I don't know her.

Andy comes in..

Andy: You talking about f'ing Zingbot still?  How he quadruple zinged me?
Judd: About whose was the worst.

(12:47am )
Andy: "There must be a ghost in the BB house, because he's got a high pitched wail, pail white skin and he loves to float.. Oh wait, that's Andy."

GM and Judd crack up.

GM: Whoever writes his material is..
Andy: Is an asshole.
GM: .. is awesome.

Judd: Gm's was long.. It was a monologue.  Are you about to go to bed?
Andy: No. it's f'in 12:30.

GM: He's in a good mood. She musta told him she's not putting him up.
Judd: Well, You can't actually tell someone you're putting them up.  You're not allowed to.

Cam 3
Judd wakes Elissa..

Judd: Gm's kinda scared that she'll go up on the block, and Aaryn told her, in front of me, so don't mention it, because then they'll know I told you.  She said, just tell Elissa that you will vote me out, that way she wont put you on the block.
Elissa: What??

Elissa: What?!  You are making the biggest mistake if you're working with them.
Judd: I'm not. Trust me.
Elissa: I don't trust you.
Judd: Andy and Spencer will vote her out too.
Judd: I'm just warning you about what Aaryn told Gm, right in front of me.  She's gonna come talk to you tomorrow. Aaryn's tellin GM to play along with it. We'll get Aaryn out this week, if GM goes up. But if Andy goes up, they'll send him packin'
Elissa: Judd, I just think you're working with them.
Judd: I'm not.
Elissa: I think you wanna work with Aaryn.
Judd: hell no! Just, if you put up GM, we have the votes to get Aaryn out.
Elissa: Judd, they hate you. They want you out of this house.  I mean, you obviously already made a deal with Spencer.  You've never said you wanted me out?  I think Amanda might have had the MVP, like most Villainous Player.. Judd, I have to make the right decision, I just need you to be on board with me.
Judd: I am.  I swear.  (gives her a coin his mom gave him as collateral)

Andy comes in.. Judd says he inadvertently woke her.

Judd: I was just tellin' her about GM and Aaryn. I was sittin in there, waitin on my sheets to dry, and Aaryn came in there and said, if you go up, I'm goin' home.. She said, you need to talk to Elissa tomorrow and tell her not to put you up.. I just want you to know this, because it came from Aaryn, not GM..  Me, him and Spencer can definitely vote out Aaryn if you put her up.. and he has the same fire against Amanda and McCrae as I do.
Andy: Deifnitely. If I win HoH next week, they're both going up.

Judd: Anyway, I'll let you get to sleep.  But yeah, I'm team get Amanda and McCrae out.
Andy: Same.
Elissa: As long as we keep each other safe, we've got the numbers.
Andy: We know their tricks.. I'm over them.  Anyone who can sell me out that quickly? F*ck them.
Judd: We can guarantee ourselves final 5.. They might even have a final 3 this year, since there are 9 jurors.

Elissa: I just have to make the right move.
Andy: Believe me, if you put up GM, me, Judd and Spencer will not waiver.
Judd: If we take Aaryn out, they'll have no link.
Andy: If you put GM up, I will stay.. If you put me up against Aaryn, I go home.

Elissa: I want you guys to say it in front of her.
Judd: That'll cause too much fireworks.
Elissa: ok. This is such a good plan.
Judd: It is!

Cam 3
Judd and Andy

Judd: I don't think she wants to put up GM.  She was pissed. We just have to be on her all day tomorrow. Man, if she would just trust, we could have a solid final 4.
Andy: If she doesn't, I could go home.
Judd: If she puts up GM, it's a very easy week..  Is that her comin  down the stairs?

1:07am Opening the quad..

GM: Kunta Kinte.. Kunta Kinte..
McCrae: He didn't write Roots, he was a character in it.
GM: It's raining men! Halleluja!
Aaryn: You're in one of those moods.  I love it when you're in those moods.
Spencer: Direct it at someone else please.

Amanda: Obviously you're not very good with weight awareness, judging by your ball handling skills today.
Aaryn: Physics.
McCrae: My "ball handling skills"?
Aaryn: Physics.

Cm 1 Aaryn
Cam 2 Amanda and McCrae
Aaryn: I mean, I probably have the best ball handling skills.. besides Elissa.
Amanda: No, I do.
McCrae: I'm usually pretty good at handling my balls.

Aaryn: I mean, you're not getting paid millions of dollars to handle them, so she may have one up on you..
McCrae: (clueless) Helen said I didn't have balls..
Amanda: She's being paid millions of dollars to handle balls?
Aaryn: Yeah
Amanda: Millions of dollars to be on Big Brother?

Since neither Amanda nor McCrae are understanding what she's saying, Aaryn spells it out.

Aaryn: Millions of dollars to fondle her 78 year old husband's balls.
Amanda: Right. Ew. That is true.  That's disgusting.
Aaryn: Take you home, let you jiggle my balls.
Amanda: Maybe if I married Hugh Hefner, I would have 18 boats too.
Aaryn: Amanda, not everybody can make their money the correct way, ok?
Amanda: The prostitution way..
Ginamrie: (a la Teresa Guidice) Ya prostitution whore.

Gm leaves...

Amanda: Oh my God.. She just said that in front of all of us.. That's all it'll take to get her to put GM up..

Cam 3
Andy and GM

Gm's telling Andy that if he goes up against Aaryn, he has her vote to stay.

Andy: I can tell you right now, if you go up, you have me, Judd and Spencer, without a doubt.
Gm: I hope so.

Cam 3
Backyard - Couch
Andy and Judd

Judd: Tomorrow, I should just hang out with Elissa all day.
Andy; Yeah.
Judd: In front of everyone.. and when people say, Are you 2 working together, I'll say yeah, are you two?  Then she'll put up GM.. and Aaryn will go home.. and Elissa will trust us.
Andy: Say,
Judd: I'll say, America thinks I'm a floater, and I don't wanna be portrayed as one..
Andy: Alright. I'm gonna go to bed.. I appreciate any help you can give me on this.

Cam 1
Aaryn, Spencer, GM, Amanda, McCrae, Judd

Lots of goofing around..

Aaryn: Ginamarie has different laughs..
Judd: My favorite one is when she tells a joke.

Fun with whoopie cushions, sun glasses, dime store toys.. and each other.

Cam 3 and 4
Judd and Gm jockey for position.. Gm wins and heads upstairs to talk with Elissa.

Elissa: They're trying to have a Moving Company.. They want me to put you up, so they can have you against me.. That's why I said that in front of Spencer.  We have to just pretend.  I'm gonna put Andy up.
GM: If I have to vote her out, that's what I have to do.  It sucks, and I hope she forgives me, but..
Elissa: i know you're going to vote her out.  They're just trying really hard to pit us against each other.  Judd, Spencer and Andy are working together. They're trying to get me to put you up instead of Andy. Just pretend like you think you might be going up.
GM: Ok.. That's what I'm gonna do.
Elissa: I don't want them to try. I don't want them to think we have any kind of relationship.
GM: I'm telling you.. If I'm HoH.  You're not going up.
Elissa: They're gonna vote out Aaryn regardless. I need you to vote her out.  Why did you tell Amanda that I said that about her?
GM: I thought everybody knew.. and then she told me the whole story.. but I thought everybody knew.. that's why I said it out loud.  Anyway.. You know I work my ass off, and I tried so hard today.  Hopefully, I can win Hoh next and keep you safe..

Elissa: When you go down, be like, she's acting weird around me.. Anything we say, don't talk about it.. cuz they're gonna use anything.. And with the guys, make sure that they think Aaryn's dangerous. Judd doesn't wanna get rid of you.  He wants to get Amanda and McCrae out.  They're so scary.  Amanda is just nuts.  She is so desperate.  She'll stop at nothing..
Judd: I'll tell them I'm tryin' to get back on your good side and you're not interested.

Cam 3
Chair Room

GM follows Elissa's orders..

GM: She was just like, No, I think the games you play are childish.. She's actin' f'in weird to me. Like I was showin her the toys, and she was like, usually childs (sic) like those kind of things.
Amanda: She's just ridiculous. She's such a f'in stuck up bitch.

Gm and Aaryn leave to go to talk in the bathroom.

Cam 1
Judd and Spencer are sitting quietly on the couch out back.  McCrae joins them..

Spencer: I just had to get away from F'in GM.

McCrae can't find his smokes.  He goes back inside..

Judd: They keep telling me how upset he was when I left.. Oh my gosh, you cried for me?  Guess I should be on your side now, f*cker. He coulda fought for me to stay. Like I'm gonna fight for Andy to stay.

2:01am McCrae returns. Talk turns to the practical jokes from Aaryn and GM.. Spencer is not amused.

2:04am - Checking on Aaryn and GM in the bathroom.. Talk turns from overgrown extensions to Elissa and back to hair.

GM: When we have the photobooth tomorrow, I'm gonna ask her, take a picture with me, please.
Aaryn I think the best thing is to act natural.  You don't want her to think something's up.
GM: One more day. (before the PoV ceremony, Monday)

Cam 1
Spencer, McCrae and Judd
Backyard Couch

Chatter about behavior and grouchiness during Have Nots.  Judd missed Aaryn's HN week.. She comes out and tells him about their big Have Not Meltdown fight..

McCrae: And that was the first night of Killer Kowalski..
Aaryn: Helen was so funny.. She kept saying I'm not gonna go out Kamikaze style. Spencer hates me so much.
Spencer: I don't hate you at all.

McCrae: Alright.. I think I'm turning in..
Spencer: Me too..

Gm comes outside.. Chatter..

Judd: You feel good now, GM?
GM: No.  From when I went upstairs to talk to her? No.

Aaryn tells Judd about the Otev Veto and how "vicious" Elissa was about it..


Cam 1 and 2
Gm and Aaryn

GM: She told me, I did mention your name to Elissa, but I have your back.. I told her, if you have her back, your cook with me.  I just didn't want her to mention my name to Elissa.. I'm a vote for you.
Aaryn: The only reason is she didn't know if you were a vote to keep me. I think you should just tell her you want to work with her.. There's gotta be a way to get her to put Judd or Spencer up.  Why does she want to work with Judd? It's not fair he's here. I'm gonna say, Elissa goes first.. and then Judd.  Amanda and McCrae want Elissa, Spencer and Judd.  Why are we gonna go after Amanda and McCrae up when they're not coming after us. I don't wanna tell you what to do.. I just want her to put Spencer or Judd.. If Andy goes up, I don't know what's gonna happen.
GM: I can't talk to her normally about game, because her mind's all over the place.. but I do actually enjoy working out  with her.
Aaryn: 500,000 dollars.
GM: I know..
Aaryn: If if means you staying here?  F*ck yoga.
GM: I know if it gets to a point of final 4, Amanda and McCrae are backing each other up..
Aaryn: But first we need to get the middle people out. Elissa, Spencer and Judd have to go.
GM: Best friends to the end.  If I don't walk with 500,000, I'm gonna make damn sure you do.
Aaryn: If I go to jury, I'm gonna vote for whoever plays the best game, but if I get blindsided? Forget it. Cuz that is bullsh*t.
GM: This next week..
Aaryn: All you need is 2 to tie..
GM: Long as I don't go up, it's 100% you're not going home.  It's written in stone.
Aaryn: I know. The target needs to go to someone else.  Maybe someone needs to say to her, Aaryn's gonna stay no matter what, so maybe you need to put someone else up you want out.
GM: Why is she so stuck on Judd now?
Aaryn: Because they're both alone..
GM: Helen wanted him out originally..
Aaryn: Tell her that.. Do it for Helen..
**NO! please.

GM: Shit's f'in crazy.. If Andy does go up, the only reason I'm gonna lie to him, is he lied to me about Nick.  Karma's a b*tch.  When you f*ck me, I'm gonna f*k you even harder.  RIght in the asshole.
Aaryn: Yeah, but don't push for Andy..
GM:  I'll talk to her Sunday.. she's relaxed.. she did her yoga.. she's good..
Aaryn: She's not even gonna do the Ceremony til Monday..
GM: 11am..
Aaryn: Yeah, so talk to her tomorrow night.

Aaryn: We didn't hold it against her last week when she didn't vote Helen out.. That's not fair.  if I went against you, no one's gonna want to work with me..
GM: I'm gonna wake up around 2 oclock.. do my hair and makeup.. wait for photobooth.. say I don't feel good, so i can lay down and people leave me alone.. and like 10 o clock, I'll go talk to her..

Aaryn: I wanna taste some of that cake, frozen.  You wanna go in?

They do..

GM: It's 2:30 already. Shit.

While Aaryn does some dishes, Gm cuts herself a piece of cake.

Aaryn goes to the bathroom to take her contacts out.  Gm says she'll meet her in there, and stays in the kitchen to tidy up a bit.

Aaryn says goodnight..  Gm sprays something on her face, then blows it dry.  Sunless tanner, perhaps?
**stupefied island girl here.

Gm crawls into bed.

Judd: (whispers) g'night..

After getting herself situated and kissing some item that may or may not have actually belonged to Nick, Gm settles in for the night.

Sweet dreams, houseguests. :)

If you've been holding off on getting the feeds, now is an excellent time to take the plunge. Here's a 2 day free trial to get you started. :-) 
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Blogger Jerry said...

I really can't figure out, at this point, if Andy and Spencer are serious with Judd.

It still looks as if Elissa isn't buying any of it and will put up Andy.

If you can't figure it out when you hear most of the conversations, how can you when you only hear what people want you to?

Finally, the game has become interesting. Now if we only didn't have to listen to this group to keep up with it. :-)

August 25, 2013 at 4:52 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

Good Morning Carolyn! As always thank you so much for all you do.

I went back to read Michigan Man's comments as you suggested and saw the last post by GaYToR and wanted to tell you that I totally agree with him concerning the chat on the feeds. I personally turned the chat off weeks ago because too many people are just mean, rude, and often hateful.

I am sure I will be using your links as usual tonight because for some reason my sis and brother in law go to bed early every night except BB nights! Think maybe they are trying to tell me something?? LOL

Hope you have a great Sanity Sunday! :0)

August 25, 2013 at 5:45 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Good morning and Happy Sanity Sunday. I'm so confused. Who Elissa trust? (Does Elissa know?)

August 25, 2013 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Amanda's plans to manipulate Elissa are working. She may not put up GM, but she just lost Judd, or someone that looks like Judd. Has anyone seen Judd? I thought they were letting him back in the house.

So Judd bought Amanda's manipulation hook, line, and sinker, but Elissa is currently backed into level 10 paranoia and thinks GM is her friend. Judd has 24 hours to get Elissa to trust him again and put GM up on the block, if she thinks its safe to wander from the HOH bed.

August 25, 2013 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger danamae said...

Good Sunday morning, Carolyn. Hope you have a restful and beautiful day. Thanks again for all you do for us dishers! TOR and my coffee always start my day off right. ♥ Thank you for giving us a safe place to share our opinions! ♥

And a good morning to all of my fellow dishers - love reading ALL of your comments and opinions. I don't post often but am here every day reading the comment section. Missing Blue's input this season, though. Love his humor so much! I'm a big fan of GaYToR, DavidLockner and Grendon as well.

Last nights feeds were off the chain. The HG's had my head swimming - so totally confused.

I think I'm on the same page with Grendon (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to speak for you). I'm not an Amanda fan, especially with some of the crazy things that come out of her mouth. She can really be mean and nasty - makes me cringe. At the same time, I want her to stay. She's so intuitive, figuring out where everyone's head is at and getting others to do the dirty work. To me, Amanda is the queen of strategic manipulation. These HG's have their own mind, yet they choose - over and over again - to do whatever she says. It amazes me every week! If she makes it to the end, I think she deserves the win because of it.

At this point in the game, I see no one else who deserves to win based on their game play. We'll see what the coming weeks have in store, though. I could change my mind. :)

Don't mean to offend, just my 2 cents.

Ya'll have a great day and I'll see you all tonight for the show.

August 25, 2013 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Good morning Carolyn and Dishers!

I am sufficiently confused enough to take a step back and just enjoy the game... I think lol

Carolyn, I hope you are taking a Sanity Sunday because there have been some crazy days and long nights.

August 25, 2013 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Susan Baker

Regarding yesterdays post-Yes, that letter was directed at
Shelley. She also received death threats for herself and family. It was because of Jeff and Jordon. Jeff even sent out a statement to remind people it was just a game and if the JeJo fans were in any way responsible it was wrong, they weren't showing support for him and Jordon by doing such things.

I didn't even like Shelley, but that certainly made me rethink things. The only posts I make about BB are on this site. I know I can be long winded but it's because I like to explain my thought process. I don't want to just leave a sentence saying I hate so and so. I hope he/she gets what they deserve. I like to say I don't like this person or I think this person was wrong because they did this. It's also why sometimes when I defend the unpopular people I like to say, yes that was wrong but this is what caused it.

I doubt that any BB alumni would ever read my comments, but if Helen or Elissa did hopefully they might think that they were really hard on some people but that they did some hurtful things too. If Amanda or Aaryn read them hopefully they would realize that they did screw some things up but some people are willing to give them a chance to change.

I just know how I would feel to walk out of their right now if I were Amanda or Aaryn. I can't really identify with GM as much but worry for her mental safety. And I know if I were the parent of any of the HGs my heart would be broken right now and I would be scared to death.

August 25, 2013 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

So the same Elissa who could not listen to the logic of Helen has now been able to stay two steps ahead of Amanda that's amazing

She has figured out that if GM goes up then Aaryn stays, GM her new found buddy.

It is going to come down to Amanda telling Elissa that it was Helen who wanted Judd gone and promising Elissa two weeks of safety to save Andy

We knew the game was going to get good this week.

I really hope we see DRs that put Elissa plan into perspective, I have to believe backfiring Amanda was her number one plan with Aaryn going as number two and if its Andy that's ok too
But now she soo many enemies and her one ally is Judd?


August 25, 2013 at 7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn! I think logic seems to always run away from Elissa. Soneone said yesterday that they think Elissa is still working towards an all girl alliance. I don't know why but this is the only way I can comprehend what she ia doing. She is trying to save a pair alliance when she can have a four person. Even if they are playing her she in a corner either way. GM has been in an alliance since the beginning with Aaryn. What makes you think you can trust her? You're backed in a corner either way. Try to get in there. You put Andy up then everybody except for GM (if you believe her) is coming after you Tou should of realized that the minute you figured out their alliance.

August 25, 2013 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger Angela Barker said...

I had the feeds on all day yesterday until 11pm central and I still don't know what the hay-hay is going on! I can't tell who's really aligned with whom and I'm not sure any of the HG are sure either. Maybe they should have all been thinking for themselves all along instead of "voting with the house". Because your actions speak louder than words and they've all stabbed people in the back that they were supposedly aligned with. There's got to be a bigger word out there that expresses my confusion, because saying "I'm confused" does not sum it up at all.

August 25, 2013 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger kisha said...

I really hope Elissa puts Andy up. I was just wondering do anyone know how old Elissa's husband is or what his occupation is to get so rich from what the houseguest talk abut?

August 25, 2013 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Marina Man said...

These houseguests are HORRIBLE!!! Why? Why? Why? Are they letting Amanda and Mc run the house? I swear for those who say they have watched BB before, it obviously wasn't this game! CLUELESS!!!!

Some of the meanest, most hateful people in the history of the game. The personal attacks are nearly unwatchable.

August 25, 2013 at 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

I hope the kiddies let you get some rest today Miz Carolyn...and no I didn't get your email.

It is amazing how fast this game can change, and how fast the HG's turn on each other...Ilove this game...

Now we need PB this week to really shake the house up....hehehe



August 25, 2013 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good day Carolyn, all

Happy Sanity Sunday :)

Well I thought they had something there but Elissa isn't quite a dim as Amanda and many, myself included, thought she was. Amanda thinks she has it all going on and she and McCrae and Andy are going to get blindsided on Monday when he goes up. Heads will explode. I think Andy will have the votes to stay over Aaryn. The boys want to work together.

August 25, 2013 at 9:37 AM  
Blogger Brian kaplan said...

Judd, Spencer, Aaryn, GM, and Andy will go down in history of Big Brother as the dumbest players to ever play this game. They continue to do the work of their queen, Amanda.

This has now officially become the worst season EveR with the worst players ever!

Hopefully elissa sticks to her plan and puts up Andy as the renom. At least ONE person is playing their own game!

I must say that Amanda is a brilliant player, ala Dr. Will? She has these houseguests so scared of her wrath they will do everything for her. Stupid players! ;)

August 25, 2013 at 9:39 AM  
Blogger Wendi Kelly said...

Hi Everyone it's my first time commenting! I've been a long time fan of the site!! I'm wondering if Andy is really done with Amanda and McCrae? Do you think he is really going to work with Elissa and Judd? I just can't get a good read on him! Ugh!! I want Amanda to go so BAD!! She has no tact! Thanks for all you do Carolyn!! :)

August 25, 2013 at 11:31 AM  
Blogger Other Carolyn said...

Thanks Carolyn. I hit the tip jar to show my appreciation. Ghah! I am so hoping it doesn't come down to Amanda, McCrae and Andy. I guess if it does, they deserve to win. I keep forgetting that it's not the most likable person who wins, it's the one who plays best.

August 25, 2013 at 12:44 PM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning!!

Hope you truly are able to regain some sense of sanity today Carolyn!! I know I'm losing mine just watching this...

Grendon, why are you always in my head? LOL...it's like you read my thoughts, and then put them into words so much better than I can!

Kisha, Elissa's Husband is either late 40's or early 50's...He owns a very successful pre-hung door company in Canada. From what it says on the company website, he bought the company after it was mildly successful already, and just built upon that success...I have no idea what he did before though...

August 25, 2013 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger Bre said...

Can anyone tell me how to watch the shows live?!? We have time Warner so of course we don't have CBS anymore :(

August 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM  
Blogger Mr. Berry said...

The brilliance of warning Elissa that if Andy goes up he will be voted out is that it places GM as the swing vote and when it happens Elissa is to blame because she was thoroughly warned that this would happen. She may not care but those closest to her will. What happened to last weeks disgust that GM and Spencer were going to last longer than she was? They still are very likely to do so.

August 25, 2013 at 1:12 PM  
Blogger Crayonsmom said...

Hi everybody, I found this blog a week or so ago & didn't want to post until I could hit the tip jar. This blog/comment section is nice, friendly and respectful. I appreciate that.

The House has me confused, too, though I'm enjoying it. I have a feeling that GM is working on a clandestine mission for Elissa. Maybe I'm wrong because we are talking Gina Marie, here.

I want to make a comment about how people think Andy, Arryn, Spencer, etc are doing Amanda's biding; and Helen's biding too, as they were collaborating up until Arryn's last HOH.

Anyway, everyone in the House has advanced and benefited by working together. That was their choice, and the House 'war' didn't erupt until Elissa & Helen were OTB.

I try to imagine what the House would have been like if the evictees were still present? IMO, the best eviction was Jeremy, followed by the talking machine, Helen. Good grief, she rattled on and on with Julie Chen! lol

I'm very happy that neither McCrea or Amanda are being evicted by the hand of Elissa. Did you hear me cheer yesterday when she won POV? Woo Hoo!

Carolyn, thank you for not only minding the feeds, but a huge thank you for your wonderful writing style. I enjoy my morning coffee so much more reading your fun TOR.

Thank you!
Denise (Michigan)

August 25, 2013 at 1:24 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

I think Judd is being honest with Elissa, I'm just not sure that Andy and Spencer are being honest with Judd.

We've seen that Elissa can be pretty darn stubborn when she makes up her mind about something.

As of right this minute I think she'll still put up Andy.

August 25, 2013 at 1:32 PM  
Blogger nikanico said...

Hi Caro and everyone! I was finally able to hit the tip jar last night and I encourage everyone else to please do it as well (if only to help pay for some headache medicine for Carolyn for all the times she has had to hit her head on her desk because of GinaMarie and her sparkling wit). I, as everyone else today am totally confused by Elissa and what her plans are. I would give anything for her to put GM up because if I have to hear about Nick one more time I think I may have to gouge my eyes and ear drums out. She needs to give it a rest already. I used to be an Andy fan but I'm on the fence now. I don't agree with Amanda and her choice of words sometimes but her gameplay is a sight to see and she deserves to be there for sure. Aaryn for all her faults in the beginning has grown on me and I would also like her to stay even though it did annoy me that every nomination/renom she made she always gave the "I'm being forced in to this" speech. I'm super happy Judd is back. And Elissa I go day to day whether I like her or not. She is no Rachel in the BB game. Everyone else I don't care whether they go or stay. This has been a crazy season for sure! I'll hit the tip jar again before the season is out!! Thanks again Carolyn for all you do!

August 25, 2013 at 1:54 PM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Brian Kaplan,

RE Amanda: She is an amazing gameplayer, I will give her that, however in previous seasons with a smarter cast she would not be nearly as dangerous.

Dan, Boogie, Janelle, even Britney would chew her up and spit her out.

She does seem to have a great ability to read people, and be able to play into their insecurities and fears to gain her will, which is a valid BB tactic, but she is way to overt about it. Amanda is also very cocky and outspoken about it, and overt cockiness is never a good tactic...

August 25, 2013 at 2:19 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Now we know, looks like Andy is in normal rat mode reporting everything to Amanda and following her plan.

August 25, 2013 at 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helen is gone and now Elissa is suddenly strategic. So, is it possible that Helen wasn't carrying Elissa all this time but actually holding her back? Do you think this is true?

Me neither, I think it's simply a moment of clarity.

August 25, 2013 at 2:38 PM  
Blogger lscott said...

He owns a door company, I would say ha is around 40
Seems like a nice guy from the TV interview I saw
Very caanaadiaan

August 25, 2013 at 3:16 PM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

What is my Value as a player ?

That is a question players aligned with Amanda should be asking themselves.
Doing so could possibly change the determined coarse of Amanda's game.
McCrae:#1 his value is the highest.
Horizontally speaking he has let her be on top of his game. He in turn has hurt his value as an individual player because he is a true floater and if in the end will not be respected to win.
Andy:#2 Mastered the art at playing both sides. With his wide eyed boy next door look he was very successful at getting people to believe that they could trust him 100%.He was also was very good at deflecting questions but able to draw other players motives out .But that ended with Helens eviction. So now what is his value to Amanda? if He goes on the block her vote will tell us.
Arryn#2 She has dominated in the comps.Thru her nominations as HOH, POV and voting she has basically given the game over to Amanda. She will only hold her value for another 2 weeks before she is out.
Spencer: His value is his willingness to be a pawn, and vote in Amandas favor . It be just a matter of evicting order in which he leaves. Although he has had moments of logic He has almost floated thru this game.
GM: Also has some value in comps, votes but is a wild card so is easily a disposable.

If only they would ask themselves what is my value as a player worth , My game or Amanda's.

August 25, 2013 at 3:52 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Amanda's action on the feeds this afternoon has made it impossible to watch., (insert inappropriate comments of choice here)

August 25, 2013 at 3:58 PM  
Blogger nikanico said...

That is an excellent point. It would be interesting to see her in an Allstars game with the above mentioned players. She definitely lets stress get the better of her too and if she didn't have McCrae there to tell her when she's getting too crazy and paranoid her game probably wouldn't have come this far. She's kind of the opposite of Brendon and Rachel. Rachel did so much better on her own but I don't know if Amanda could keep herself under control without McCrae as the voice of calm and reason.

August 25, 2013 at 4:21 PM  

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