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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Overnight Report

Frogggg Giggin'
Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday and Welcome to Andy's HoH Week!

If there was ever a salve to heal the wounds of last night, Andy as HoH is it.  Let's move forward in positivity and enjoy the game we love. 

The HGs are too blessed (and way too emotionally exhausted from the day) to be stressed tonight.

Let's join them...

Cam 1
Spencer and McCrae
Chair Room

Spencer: Isn't it crazy that you could change the world with a pencil and a piece of paper?
**This is my favorite thing that has ever come out of Spencer's mouth.
McCrae: Totally.

Spencer: I always thought, remember that cloning and God thing I was telling you about?  I thought that could.. I don't think I ever developed a title for it..
McCrae: A work in progress.
Spencer: I am happy for Andy.
McCrae: I probably shoulda thrown it to Amanda, but.. It could be Elissa's f'in HoH right now.
Spencer: That's (  inaudible)
McCrae: Yeah.. you and Aaryn.  I think you're gonna be here for a while.
Spencer: I hope so, dude.
McCrae: For sure.
Spencer: I think I have to win HoH.  Either next week or the next..
McCrae: It'd be nice.
Spencer: Just whatever's goin' keep it goin'  or change direction.
McCrae: I'm pretty sure the targets this week.. Jessie and GM.. One goes this week, one goes next.. I want you to go f*ckin' far.. father than all those in there (HHN room).  I'll try everything.
Spencer: I'm gonna just try to be a ghost.
McCrae: Just try to play nice with Elissa, in case she gets it.
Spencer: Dude, Aaryn's dominating.. She's good at so many things.. If she's down, I'll be down with her, but she's a f'in beast.
McCrae: It'd be good if you can get the next HoH, or the one after that.. I don't know what they're gonna be any more..
Spencer: We'll still have knock out.. Maybe even 2 more endurances.. At least 1 more for sure, and then the final HoH one.
**i agree
McCrae: I don't know what else..
Spencer: They're f'in creative, dude.
McCrae: I gott start learning my days too..
Spencer: Yeah.. I gotta get HoH.. Not next week, but the next.

Timecheck -- 12:14am

McCrae: Once it was down to me and Amanda and Andy, i was glad he got it.. It's better she doesn't show she can win competitions..

Helen, Ginamarie, Aaryn, Jessie
Camera 3

Aaryn: I'm conservative.. Like, I have conservative views, and I don't open up to a lot of people.. So it's hard for me to come in here and..
Helen: I remember my 1st conversation with you, Jessie.. We were at the top of the stirs and you told me you were from San Antonio.. I was just SO excited to be here..

Talk turns to slop.  Aaryn's having her 1st experience with it tonight.

Aaryn: It's gonna be something like Rocky Mountain Oysters...
Helen: Oysters and Oranges?
Elissa: As long as we have a fresh fruit, I'm good.
Helen: What are S words.. Strawberries and
Aaryn: Stroganoff..  Seaweed..
Helen: Seaweed's actually really good for you.  I'm Korean.  We eat a lot of seaweed..
Aaryn: What if something fun happens this week.. Like there's a Margarita Party and we can't go?
Elissa: I'm sure there will be.

Jessie: There'll be a luxury comp.. It's about time for that.
Aaryn: Maybe that's why we didn't have a Have Not Comp..
Helen: One year they did a girl's shopping spree.. Can you imagine going into the yard and there's a ton of clothes out there and you get to keep everything
Aaryn: My favorite was when April got a stylist..
**i don't remember that at all.
Helen: We're all in jury guys.. So we're all here for another 50 something days..
Aaryn: I feel like I'm gonna get killed when I get to the jury house.
Helen: She'll like it quiet.  She's gonna like to read..
Aaryn: Judd's gonna be pissed..
Helen: But at any point now, it's gonna be tough... When he was begging, I was almost like, let's change our minds.. He's a great person.

Aaryn: The thing with Judd, I just didn't know what I could trust..
Elissa: THis is the season for girls anyway..
Helen: How many women have won?
Elissa: Eddie, Wil, Jun, Lisa, Adam,
Helen: Who won season 6?
Elissa: Maggie, Boogie, Dick, Adam, Dan, Jordan, Hayden, Rachel, Ian.

Helen: So there've been 4 women out of 14 seasons.. Not a lot.
Aaryn: Well, mmmbyeee.  

Helen: I wonder what you'd look like with dark hair..
Elissa: Let's see..

Elissa covers Aaryn with her hair..

Talk turns to their goodbye messages for Candice.. Then the audience noise for Judd.

Aaryn: It was probably because he was such a good.. Everyone out there's heart was probably breaking when he was giving that speech..
Elissa: That was heartwrenching..
Jessie: I was still in shock.
Aaryn: He was like, this next HoH is really scary to win, because no matter what you do, you're not gonna just get blood on your hands, you're gonna get it all the way to your elbows..

Aaryn: That veto.. It was a fun veto.. It was like everything I pulled ou tof the toolbox was just in the right order.
**cue the cat ladies.  alert some idiot to make a new fake meme suggesting aaryn has friends in production and it's actually her that's been the planned winner since day one. #eyeroll

Helen: It was weird when Candice opened the door and you coud see the other door.. and the light beyond that door.. Like, I felt like if I got a glimpse through that door it would screw my reality completely.
Aaryn: I didn't even look.. 

Talk turns to the living room.. Apparently the nomination couch has now been replaced by chairs..

Timecheck -- 12:38am

Jessie: What if you never win an HoH and you go?  I wonder if you get to read your letters in jury.
Aaryn: They probably call and say, you have an hour to email us a letter..
Helen: And if they can't get in touch, then they go to the next choice..

Elissa: Isn't is crazy that we're here til the end of the game?  That we're a part of the show til the end... The girls are like rockstars.. I mean.. I win every HoH competition.. I let you guys have a couple.  I wanted to share.
ALL: Laugh
Jessie: Everyone here has won something now except Amanda..
Aaryn: Andy and McCrae are the only ones who haven't been on the block.. ticktockticktock..
ALL; giggle..

Aaryn: I can't wait to see the video of everyone hiding when I announced my HoH.
Jessie: That was my idea.
Aaryn: Thanks, Jessie.  Always lookin' out for me.  Do you think Judd was MVP?  I mean he was.. He never really..
Elissa: He was a character..
Jessie: I think this is the longest day we've had.

All agree.. They've been up since 9am and had a ton of comps and stress..

12:45am - brb - Stretch!

Andy's HoH Reveal!
Andy: Hey everybody!  Who wants to see my HoH Room??
ALL: Yayyyyyy!!!!!  Andy! An-dy! An-dy! An-dy!

Everyone files up to HoH, and for the first time ever, all of the HGs are legitimately happy for him and happy to be there.

Andy's mom sent his baby teeth and his security blanket..He also got a new hoodie, more sunglasses cuz he broke his, his favorite t-shirt - organs hugging, Confessions on a Dance Floor - 2005. Cinnamon Life, Kashi, Cashews, Low Sodium V-8, and other cool stuff..

Dear Andy,
We're all so proud of you and happy for you. We miss you and love you and support you in everything you are.  The weather is finally getting warm here.  (all laugh)  I'm enjoying the pool, and wearing my new suit you helped me pick out. 
 Andy: My mom is such a weirdo.  I love this letter already.

 I'll tell you.. I wish you could've been here Sunday. I was hanging out with the dogs when the doorbell rang.  It was Dave Vesser.
Andy: The person in that photo right there.  My neighbor.

 He's home for a visit.  We were reminiscing, when all of a sudden, the laundry room door opened, and in walks Gloria. 
Andy: That's his mom, who just got a stem cell transplant?  And I visited her in the hospital in the city like right before I came here.
She looks great!  Everything went so well, that she was able to come home almost a month before she was expected to.
Andy: That's awesome. 
Minus a few restrictions, she's healthy and happy.  She said, she really enjoyed your visit, and thanked you for helping water the plants.  With only 3 out of the 4 mini-golfers here, your dad refused to miniature golf.  You guys would've lost anyway.
GM: (cracks up)

Andy: This is such a  weird letter.  My dad and I were always on a team against my mom and my neighbor.
Dave and I are the champions, my friend.  All is fine here.  Neighbors and friends are mowing lawns and planting flowers, and I'm doing my best to keep Thunder from jumping on everything while out on our walks.  You know that's not an easy task.  
Andy, you have the time of your life this summer!  I worry about you and think about you every minute of every day.  I know you are being well taken care of, I just miss you and love you.  You are the love of my life.  I love you, Andy.  ~Mom
**Can we start an Andy's Mom Fan Club?  Love her!

Andy: I hope that after seeing the teeth and hearing the letter, you kind of understand where I come from.
Amanda: I am sooo happy for you. (hugs)
Elissa: You were so cute!

Andy: I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you, BB!  Thank you, Mom!

Andy: Everybody go for it.  I'm gonna die of sugar poisoning.. The photos are great.  They're all people I love and care about.. Oh  my God.. My Mom..
Elissa: Where's the mini golf at?
Andy: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin..
Elissa: And this is your best friend?
Andy: The one that lives a block away from me.. and that's my gay best friend from college.. and these are my babies.. (the dogs)  I didn't tear up.. I'm so proud of myself!

Everyone is genuinely happy for Andy..

Andy: Go smoke!  If you wanna go have a cigarette, go!

Amanda, McCrae, Jessie and Helen head downstairs..  Camera 3 and 4 follows them.
Amanda: I'm really happy for him.  He wanted it so bad.
McCrae: I'm really happy to see what his dad looks like..

They go outside.

Amanda: I guess we get to keep the grill.
McCrae: Yes!  I think Candice was just lying to spite us.
Helen: Ok.. this is my last cigarette for the season.  Let's just celebrate the moment.  We made it through a double eviction.

Jessie: I was so nervous.  Candice is gonna be shocked to see Judd.

Alcohol has arrived.  Jessie offers to bring everyone a glass.. She shouts up to Andy in HoH that there's alcohol..

Andy: Did we get alcohol?
Jessie: I tried to shout up for you, but I guess you didn't hearme.

Cam 1 and 2
GM and Aaryn
Aaryn: It's just that.. Everyone else I can read.  I can't read him.  He was playing me so hard.. He was trying to be on the same page with everyone.. I can't believe I won HoH and Veto..
Ginamarie: Good shit..
Aaryn: Both of the power moves that happened in this house, I made.
**Well, your lips moved, but Helen put the words there. 
GM: I know.  I got you.

Cam 3 and 4
Backyard Couch
McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Helen, Jessie, Amanda

Happy Chatters.. Rehashing the 2nd HoH Comp..

Amanda: I definitely thought I was a banana rolling savant until the 2nd time..
McCrae: I had no stress at all..
Andy: I had quite a bit of stress my 2nd try.
Spencer: I think we should have been losers bracket. Helen and I would've been a pretty fierce match.

Andy: I can't believe my baby blanket made it's way here.. 
Spencer: When I have a baby, I wanna build the crib from scratch..

Cam 3 and 4
ALL:  What a day..
Andy: We survived a double eviction everyone.

cam 1 and 2
Aaryn and Jessie have peeled off and are soaking in the jacuzzi..
Amanda: I am exhausted.
Ginamarie: Me too
Spencer: Me too
Ginamarie: We have an early day tomorrow, too, don't we?
**Friday is usually an 8am wakeup, but since the Have Nots have already been determined..only if there's a luxury comp or Andy gets a pandora's box..

Cam 3
McCrae: I wonder if you'll get a Pandora's Box.. It's about time for one.. but maybe they already have enough for the Sunday show?

Helen: Andy, what a great day for you.. On 8-8 you won.. 

3 and 4

Helen: Are you gonna still come dance party with us commoners?
Andy: If the music's good, I will be down there in a heartbeat.
Helen: Ok, good.

Andy: So tomorrow's pretty chill.. Oh, there's nominations.. I'll only be putting 6 keys in the box.
McCrae: The shittiest part is clipping the keychains on.

McCrae: Oh yeah.. they'll do your stuff tomorrow.
**the have not food reveal

Cam 3
Helen heads inside to prepare her have not bed.. Spencer follows.. He gives her a hug..
Helen: I told you I had somethin' in the works.
Spencer: Somethin in the works.
Helen: Sleep well.
Spencer: I will.

Jessie: What's a Hassidic Jew?
Amanda: (explains well enough for Jessie)
Jessie: I thought that was orthodox.
**Hassidim are orthodox.

Spencer: Well, you're a cultural Jew, right?
McCrae: if you come out of a Jewish woman, you're Jewish.

Jessie: I remember just telling you yesterday, Andy, I feel so bad for you, you have no bed.
GM: Well Andy was supposed to hold my bed!

Andy: We're starting week 8..
McCrae: This will be the 7th eviction..
Andy: So we're starting the 8th week and the 8th eviction..
McCrae: Someone figured out that there shouldn't be a double eviction?
Spencer: Helen did some math on it, and unless they bring someone back..

Andy: So Helen, Aaryn and Elissa went to bed the earliest tonight?  That makes it easy enough.. Slap in the face.. (he's kidding)
Spencer: They're gonna name the chairs.. Well that's Spencer's Chair.. and somebody else..

Talk turns to the shrinking tables.. then past seasons..

Spencer: 6 is what got me hooked.
Andy: 6 was the best.
**loved 6.

Andy: One of my favorite BB moments was when Janelle got the phone call from Michael.. and Yvette wanted a call from home so bad..  If I got a call, I'd give it to Helen or ELissa.. And when the nerd herd found out someone was being voted back in, and they thought it was gonna be Cappy?
Spencer: Did ya'll get what was so good about Kaysar?  He was handsome.. It was a time when it was a good idea to put likeable Muslims on tv?  Just pr wise?

Andy: When Janelle won HoH and Jennifer threw the key into the yard..

Spencer: I'm very glad I never have to hear anyone say, "I woke up in a new Bugatti."
Andy: Even Helen was like, I could write a better song than this.

They all do Candice impersonations for a moment.. Talk turns to Candice's departure speech..

Spencer: One thing that pissed me off.. I really wanted her to have to wear the entire clown costume.. The nose.. It's just about bein' a good sport.
Ginamarie: This bitch walks around with.. (blablabla)

Timecheck -- 2:05am

Talk turns to freaky animal stories.. Hawks v small dogs.. not fun.

Cam 1
Elissa and Amanda

Elissa: I guess it was just you and Jessie drinking wine..
Amanda: I'm like glassy eyed now.. I look like my mom.   I'm so tired.  I'm surprised you're not in bed yet.  It's 2 o'clock.
Elissa: Soon.  I saw that Jessie left slop out and I wanted to clean up..

Cam 3 and 4
Backyard Couch
Aaryn, Jessie, Spencer, Andy, McCrae

Cel Phone talk.. all the iDrones are preaching.. McCrae resists the Borg.

Spencer: I f*cked around so much in highschool..
Andy: I didn't.  I wish I had f*cked around more.
Spencer: Were you ever in Scouts?
Andy: (a form of it) ..for 2 weeks, but I hated it, and my mom let me quit..

Happy chatter around the couch continues.. Lots of laughter.. Good times.

Cam 3 Flips to Elissa and Amanda

Elissa: That was amazing..
Amanda: It was so funny.. Just both of them back and forth..

Elissa: And you were doing your thing and they were still going..
Amanda: I was in shock.
Elissa: I was like dying.. I couldn't help it.  It was just so comical.  You go, girl.  Could you imagine saying that to someone?
Amanda: McCrae would kill me..
Elissa: I like all of you, but you and You! That was hilarious.
Amanda: Keepin' it Real on the Chopping block with Candy.
Elissa: Can you imagine her and GM in the jury house together?
Amanda: It's gonna happen..

Cam 3
Backyard Couch

Amanda: Elissa is so funny.  Her eyes light up when she talks about the Candice/Ginamarie fight.
Spencer: She was so funny.. When she said about her own mother not wanting her..
Amanda: That part wasn't funny to me.

GM comes back out..

Andy: It's weird, even though there's only one week, I feel like there's a world of difference between David and Nick..
Spencer: It seemed like Nick was here way longer.
Andy: But at the same time, I feel like Jeremy and Howard were here the same amount of time, because Jeremy had such a presence, and Howard just disappeared his last 2 weeks.
Spencer: Howard just got so into Candice..
Andy: That was the crazy thing about Candice.. She'd be like, I'm not playing with Howard.. And I'm like you tried to flip the house twice for him.  The only time you talk game to me is about trying to save him.. How is this not playing with him?
GM: (Says something nasty)

Timecheck -- 2:45am -- Stretch!

GM: (says something nasty)
Spencer: Did she say defamed today?
GM: Because I called her out, because she's a rat.
Spencer: Julie's face was f'in priceless.

Jessie says goodnight..  Talk turns instantly to Judd and Jessie..

Spencer: He's got some smoothin' over to do in the jury house, if she gets there.
Andy: He's so f'ing wonderful.  He really is.
Spencer: He's very endearing.
Andy: You fall in love with him.
**yes, we did.

Cam 3 flips to..
Have Not Room

Jessie: I'd rather be put up than backdoored.. You know that I have you, so there's no reason for me to go out.  Like, I have you til the end.  I don't have anybody. He's got Helen.
Aaryn: I'll do everything I can to get people on the same page. 

Then to the bathroom..

Helen: Goodnight, Ladies..
Elissa: I like La Mer.. cuz I have really sensitive skin.
Jessie: What about Clinique?
Elissa: I haven't used Clinique in years.
**me neither.

Cam 3
Have Not Room
Helen and Aaryn

Helen: So, we're not allowed to have much in here..
Aaryn: I just put my sarong over my pillow, so I wouldn't break out anymore..

Elissa enters..

Aaryn: I think Spencer should go home.  What do you think?
Elissa: I think that would be a good idea.  Either one..

Ginamarie enters..

Andy comes in to say goodnight..

Helen: It is warm in here.  Just be ready.  It gets freezing in the middle of the night.

cam 3 flips to McCrae getting undressed and climbing into bed with Amanda.

Have Not Room
Cam 3
 GM, Aaryn, Helen, Elissa

Aaryn: I'm gonna do whatever Andy wants, but just thinking about it, Jessie's gonna do whatever to please the house, and Spencer will full force do whatever the F he wants.. And if Jessie wins HoH, and we talk to her, I feel like she'll do whatever we want.
Helen: Yeah.. Jessie's more malleable..

Aaryn: I'm not gonna throw any names out there besides Spencer and Jessie, but I'm more worried about Spencer than Jessie.
Helen: Spencer's usually good at comps too.
Aaryn: I don't know what he would do.  I don't feel like he would put Jessie up.  I feel like he'd put 2 strong people up, like me and one of ya'll.  After the way he freaked out when Judd left?  McCrae cried, Andy cried..
Helen: I think Judd was MVP.. He'd put her up because she caused so much drama.. and we needed to keep her here, because the 4 boys might get together.
Aaryn: Judd was so worried that the girls were getting together.. He wanted me and GM to join with him..
Elissa: Do you think he really wanted that though?  he told me he wanted final 2 with me.
Aaryn: He wanted me to win this HoH and put ya'll up.. to make me the fall person.. to do his dirty work and have the entire house coming after me.. like I'm that stupid.

Aaryn: He came up to me the night of the party and just kissed me, the night of the party.. in the bathroom.

Helen: I know Andy and McCrae are really sad, but he was gonna come after them too.. He was gonna manilpulate you guys to do that for him.  Like, he probably hates that we all became friends.
Elissa: He wanted to make his own moving company..
Aaryn: The thing with Spencer is, he knows he's gonna keep going up every week if he doesn't make a big move.. But.. I will do whatever Andy wants.  I'm sure that's something to marinate on. Jessie wont work with McCrae - Amanda can't stand her.  Nobody trusts her.  But Spencer is already making his way back into people's hearts.
Helen: I'm down with that.

3:21am - The Have Notters say goodnight.. Elissa and Helen Step out to use the restroom and grab clothing.

GM: Andy wont put me up, right?
Aaryn: F*ck no.  Jessie's gonna go up.
GM: She hardly ever talks to the poor kid. All of a sudden she's up his ass.

Talk turns to the coming HoH Comp.. Aaryn thinks it'll be Endurance or Knockout. Helen and Elissa return.. GM makes a little speech to Aaryn  about not letting the door slam...   Within minutes they're all asleep.

Jessie's outside having a smoke, dipping her legs in the jacuzzi.. She comes inside and has a look at the illuminated memory board..

...before straightening her comforter in the now deserted Rainbow Room..

...and going to sleep.

Sweet dreams, Houseguests.  We'll see you in the morning.. I wonder if Andy will get a Pandora's Box?  They always show those on the live feeds, so that's a cool thing. :-)



Blogger GaYToR said...

Oy vey iz mir! What a night we had.

Good morning Goddess of Dish, and everyone who comes before or after me. As I type I am the first commenter showing.

I'm happy for Andy but I have no idea who he could put up to keep himself safe. I seriously think the House... yes it has become its own entity... would like to see Spencer and McCrae nominated but G*d forbid either of them win PoV. A female would have to go up in one male person's place.

I guess Jessie would be the choice. In actuality I think the noms will be Spencer and Jessie. I guess we will know before dark:thirty.

I'm glad no one has their nose up Andy's ass yet but give it until morning and see who sticks first. I'd take bets on it if I were a bookie. At least he gets the whole room to himself. I wonder how hard Amanda will push to spend a few nights up there with McCrae. I doubt she could go a whole week without at least one night of romping in the bed she thinks she deserves to call her own. I hope Andy stands his ground on it but then again if he denies her that's all she needs to make him the next target. He will be anyway.

Andy's mother sounds like a trip from her letter. Yes I watched the HoH reveal then turned off the feeds as soon as they all left. I was shocked no one tried to be the first to talk game with Andy.

I'll be checking in on and off today. My one thing to do at 10:00 AM GCT suddenly grew to a travel all over the city ordeal.

Don't get too upset today feed watchers. Be aware of what it does to your blood pressure and heart rate, not to mention your mental state.


August 9, 2013 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Johnnymoomoo said...

YESSS.........Andy is HOH!!

I pray to the rocks,birds,and trees that he puts Jessie and Gina-Marie on the block!?

: D

August 9, 2013 at 4:05 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Carolyn, thank you. You give me hope with your last paragraph.

I'd love to see Andy get Pandora's Box and when he opens it, it will thereafter be known as... wait for it...

Judd In The Box.


August 9, 2013 at 5:17 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

Since it would drive them nuts I think Candice is the one to vote back in if we have the opportunity.

August 9, 2013 at 6:09 AM  
Blogger Rebecca Waters said...

I read your blog pretty much everyday and have never commented. But this morning I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing (says something nasty) for Gina Marie rather than the actual nasty comment she has made. Too many times, my mouth gets screwy, my eyes get squinty and I shake my head at a lot of the things that come out of these people's mouths. I truly believe GM hit a new low last night when she made that comment about Candice's mother. It's beyond despicable.
And now with Judd gone, I think I'll be routing for the bathroom sink. They all put a sour taste in my mouth. Either having no backbone, no class and/or respect for themselves and others.
Thank you for the work you do when the rest of us are asleep (plus the comic relief and personal remarks, very fuuny!) ! It is very much appreciated!!

August 9, 2013 at 6:24 AM  
Blogger Matt U said...

Thanks so much for the overnight report! I predicted early yesterday that after his fight with Jess, Judd would follow Candace out the door. I am still shocked it actually happened. Nobody is talking about the logic behind the blindside tho, leading me to believe it was the plan from the get go if a DE were to happen.

Still team Elissa here. Not sure she has done enough at this point in the game to earn any votes tho. Thanks again for the overnighter....

August 9, 2013 at 6:35 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I think we are all moving foreward, but i doubt there will be much love till someone leaves the house. If Mccrae and Spencer let Andy put up Spencer, they are all dead MEN walking

August 9, 2013 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I just can't get over how much they are letting Helen and Amanda control everything. I have no sympathy for Andy, McCrea and Aaran being upset for voting out their "friend". Yes, he was you ally, he was on your side and you screwed him over due to Amanda's paranoia. When you think about it, CBS screwed him over by not telling the house guests that America was MVP! And GM...her and her nasty comments need to go!

August 9, 2013 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

This season is turning into the BRA-gade. Andy better wake up. They arent gonna take mercy on him either

August 9, 2013 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger Mom of 3 said...

I am a faithful reader but rarely comment because for some reason I tend to lose what I've typed when trying to sign in...but I'm giving it another shot :)

Ok I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist however I have to wonder after reading Andy's mom's letter if there were hidden messages and code words? Really "Friends and neighbors are mowing lawns and planting gardens" Who plants a garden in August? LOL I'm probably nuts but if I were ever going to try out for BB I would work out a code system with DH before I left...just sayin.

Also I missed the have not food vote this week. Can anyone tell me what the choices were?

Thank you so much to Carolyn and Lessa for your wonderful updates! xoxoxo

August 9, 2013 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger Charb said...

Good morning Carolyn,

Still heart broken about Judd... I know ours the name of the game but I just don't know who i want to root for now.

Fingers crossed for Pandoras box with Judd...

math = no more DE's?? I feel like there is almost always two. Unless that is just a recent memory. So hoping that means someone is coming back. I feel like Candice would be a waste of time because she would be sent right back out the door. But maybe, just maybe if Judd got with Mcrae and Spencer (no Amanda) he might stay.

By the way before I go...does anyone else feel like Mcrae was hinting that if Spencer gets an HOH he wants him to gets rid of Amanda???

August 9, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

GayTor, that would be fantastic!!

I am also hoping for pandoras box this week, and a chance for Judd to return at some point. I hated to see him go last night, but I saw it coming all week long. :-(

I was soooo unimpressed with GM's parting shot at Candice as she exited the house. It's understandable that it's a game and whatnot, but that really crossed the line for me.

August 9, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning

As for my comment last night about Julie Chen, I have looked at it from both sides and I still stand by what I said. Julie did not confront David or Jeremy about the things that were said. She only asked Kaitlin if she was surprised to be considered one of the mean girls. I have only heard her say that she plans on calling out Aaryn. I don't think that's professional.

As for all the fighting within the house-it's been called racism, racially insensitive, ignorance-talking about it has not seemed to bring people together. It has driven a wedge between people because we can only base our opinions on our own life experiences.

I was in shock when Aaryn first opened her mouth on the show. I also felt sick to my stomach the night of the bed flipping. But it has come to the point where certain wrongs are so 'in your face' that we forget about other wrongs.

There are no angels in this situation-not even Candice. If you're defending yourself then go for it, no holds barred, and I will root for you. However, if you start a fight and you steer it in a certain direction, don't be surprised when it gets there.

We all know that GM has issues. I suspect she has developmental delays. I'm not saying that to excuse her or to give a professional diagnosis. That is just an opinion. Candice wanted a Keeping It Real With Candi moment on live t.v. She hit every single thing that GM is insecure about. Her relationship with a guy that doesn't even like her, her being a 33 year old woman living with her mom, her general lack of intelligence and inability to read and write. Of course the fight went down in the gutter and GM got the last low blow in. But GM didn't think about how bad it made her look, all she cared about was 'you hurt me, I'm gonna hurt you worse.'

That's what the HGs and the fans need to understand. White people will never know how it feels to be black, thin people will never know how it feels to be overweight, straight people will never know how it feels to be gay. But why do we have to always consider things in groups. Why can't we look at individuals. Not every white, black, gay person can understand exactly how another white, black, gay person feels. What makes us who we are is our individual life experiences. We are all capable of feeling pain and causing pain. And what hurts one person to the core may not phase someone else.

Yes, from my position, GM made the lowest comment therefore making herself look bad. From where GM stands, I think the things Candice said were every bit as hurtful. I don't think, in her mind, that her comment to Candice was any worse that what Candice said to her. From Candice's standpoint, she planned on leaving with a bang, she planned on saying hurtful things to GM in order to embarrass her on live t.v. I don't think what GM said even phased Candice because Candice does not like GM or respect her therefore does not care what GM has to say. And Candice came out to the support of Julie and the audience while GM came out of looking bad.

August 9, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Im pissed that these 3 dont see whats going on and allowed Judd to get put up. If there are future seasons, the Bra-gade is gonna ruin it for those girls

August 9, 2013 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

I have thought all year that Aaryn looks like Daniele Danato.

I see it again in the picture with Elissa's hair over Aaryn.

Does anyone else see the similarity?

I also hope Andy gets a Pandora's Box. That will be fun to see.

August 9, 2013 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Now that I made my long post for the day-on to game talk.

I'm still heartbroken about Judd. I'm not sure what logic Spencer and GM were using when they decided to keep the secret of the Grasshopper alliance. I'm also not sure why Jessie feels she suddenly has a new life in this game. Andy plans on putting Spencer right back on the block as a pawn. Jessie is the target so all she did was buy herself another week. If someone wins POV, GM goes up and moves directly from renom to new target.

McCrae did not want Judd to go and now feels that Amanda has ruined his game. Aaryn also did not want Judd to go but was threatened by Helen. If Spencer and GM had told the truth Jessie would have gone last night. Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Judd and McCrae would have been together. Andy and Amanda would have probably waivered in the middle because of loyalty to Helen but I have a strong hunch that the Goof Troop would have ended up back together. Helen and Elissa would have finally been on the bottom of the totem pole with no more power to run people.

I am beyond disgusted at the MVP and think it was completely unfair. Yes, I know all is fair in BB and war. I just don't like to see someone's game sabotaged based on something that had nothing to do with the way he played the game.

August 9, 2013 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Happy Friday, BB Lovelies!

Good morning, swamp thing! ;) Fingers crossed, but I doubt we'll get a Judd in the Box quite so quickly!

Good morning, JOhnnymomo! :)) :) It's looking more like Jessie and Spencer at the moment.

Good morning, Paddy! :) I wonder if it'll be a vote in or a comp in..

Good morning, Rebecca! :) Thank YOU very much! I hope to see you in here more often!

Good morning, MattU! :) But of course... :) And yes, it was the plan all along..

Good morning, Jumbo! :) I'm pretty sure I just heard Morgan Freeman's voice come out of your comment.

Good morning, Erin! :)) Like em or not, Helen and Amanda are outplaying eveveryone by getting them to do their bidding..

Good morning, MomOf3 :) Yayy for giving it another shot! I'm no conspiracy theorist either, but I *love* this one! I live in Florida, so the August planting didn't strike me as odd.. but Hmmmm...

Good morning, CharB! :) Look at your beautiful babyyyy!!!! :))) Sorry, I know you had questions, but I have shiny ball syndrome with babies. :)

Good morning, Melanie! :) It was despicable... and that is the kindest thing i can say about it.

Gooood morning, Grendon! :) If you, me, Shishi and who else was it can't keep a secret alliance together, there is no hope for the HGs. ;)

Good morning, Kim! :) It's funny - I thought that the moment I screengrabbed it, but I didn't want to voice it, because I knew it would not make Dani happy at alllll.

BTW - We have fishies, so as soon as I see the whites of their eyes, I'm hitting publish on a new top post. :)

August 9, 2013 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Mbm744 said...

Good morning guys, wow, what a show last night!

I did not like how Judd had been treating Jessie in the last two weeks, and I was not impressed with his behavior toward her, but I still felt sorry for him nonetheless once he was evicted.

Ginamarie is despicable. That comment she made about Candice's mother was beyond low. Candice was saying things about GM too, but she was getting all her anger out because GM and Aaryn had been mean to her since week one, and she knew she was leaving. I was never fond of GM to begin with, and I never will be.

Andy winning HOH is one of the least exciting outcomes in my opinion. I highly doubt that he will go after either Helen or Amanda (the two who are running the whole house), as he, like many of the other HGs, are scared to make their own moves, and just bow down to Amanda and Helen. He'll probably put up Jessie and Spencer, as that is the "easy" thing to do.

And Julie said that "just because you're on the jury, you're not necessarily out of the game"? The HGs all looked at each other funny when she said that. It would be great if Judd came back and played smart this time, taking out Amanda or Helen! Hey, we're allowed to hope!

August 9, 2013 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, MBM!! :)

Everyone - New Top Post!!

August 9, 2013 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good grief-

Aaryn talking about Judd:"He wanted me to win this HOH and put y'all up...to make me the fall person...to do his dirty work and have the entire house coming after me...like I'm that stupid."

To correct that sentence I would change a few words:"Helen wanted me to win this HOH and put Judd up...to make me the fall person...to do her dirty work and have an entire house of people I can't trust since I just got rid of an ally...d'uh, I am so stupid."

August 9, 2013 at 8:20 AM  
Blogger Cortneechiwa said...

Good morning - wow what a night! I can't even imagine the nerves in that house every Thursday, especially with a DE looming - I was nervous all day about it. I'm SO bummed that Judd is out of the house now; I just think he's one of the most endearing (and hilarious) house guests ever.

Grendon - I'm not sure if you read this quote from Julie with regard to Aaryn's exit (sorry if someone already posted it) but here's what she said:

“Every week I modify the questions I'm working on," shared Julie. "I'm going to have a guideline. But I also have to go with my gut because it's live television. I want to be fair and open-minded and want to be able to make her feel comfortable enough where she speaks the truth and doesn't say what she feels she has to say to cover her butt.”

Julie doesn't think Aaryn intentionally says things to hurt people, adding, "There's a big level of ignorance there. I need to shine a light on that a little bit, but not in a harsh way. In an eye-opening way, so she can say, 'Wow, was I that hurtful to so many groups of people?'”

To me it seems as though she will be fair and professional. I'm curious, now that they're all going to jury, will Julie bring any of it up at all?

By the way, Grendon, mad props to you - I love reading your comments. You are so very wise and fair and it's so refreshing to see such an open-minded point of view. :-)

August 9, 2013 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Mom of 3

Good call on the code. Maybe we should all read it bunch. Carolyn can imagine it as Morgan Freeman

August 9, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


They are almost identical

August 9, 2013 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger deeder76 said...

yeah they replaced the nom couch with 2 chairs during the live show last night! that was the first thing i noticed when they came back in the house.

August 9, 2013 at 10:05 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

""Good morning, Kim! :) It's funny - I thought that the moment I screengrabbed it, but I didn't want to voice it, because I knew it would not make Dani happy at alllll.""

oops...Daniele is one of my very favorite players. Wouldn't want to upset her!!

One thing for sure. They have two very different personalities. ; )

August 9, 2013 at 12:46 PM  

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