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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you!  It's make or break day for Candice. 

For all the early evening flashbacks, check out Michigan Man's comments at the end of the Afternoon post.  Go to 7:51pm on Camera 1 to watch the best of it.. Jessie and Candice doing their best to work/guilt Helen. Jessie and Candice corner and push Helen more than anyone ever has.. While fun to watch, all it really does is 100% seal Jessie's fate for next week. Both Candice and Jessie incorrectly believe that Amanda's holding the puppet strings, when in truth, it's been Helen all along.

Now let's dive  in and see what mischief our HGs got into late Tuesday night on the live feeds. :)


Bachelorette Games.. Highly inappropriate sexual themed Telephone.

Spencer: Once, Helen was poked by a dick so big, it went all the way through her body and gave her short term memory loss.

Elissa: "Judd wants to suck Aaryn's butt." Spencer!  What is your deal?! What did Andy tell you, GM?
Judd: That's not what I said.

New one...
Judd: Andy must've twisted it.
Aaryn: That's the most vile thing I've heard.
Judd: Spencer has Candce's pussy juice stuck in his beard, and he's saving it for later.
Helen: That's what  thought I heard.

New one:

GM: Is that possible?
Andy: I heard Ginamarie's
GM: I heard Andy had so much cotton balls in his butthole..
Amanda: This is just like Big Brother.
**I've been wondering when someone would mention this. 
GM: It shouldn't be called Telephone.  It should be called Big Brother.

Camera 1
Helen and McCrae
Couch - Backyard

Helen: Did I embarrass you?
McCrae: Not at all.  I don't get embarrassed by stuff like that.
Helen: Normally the questions get a lot raunchier at a Bachelorette party, but I didn't wanna embarrass you... So, she made an announcement today during the bachelorette party that you're moving to Florida?  Is that true?
McCrae: (confirms)

Cam 1
Sliding glass doors..
Amanda: Grab your smiles and your good attitudes.. It's time to go to the cockpit..

They head inside..

Helen: That was a great bachelorette party.
Andy: Where is everybody?
Elissa: They all said they had to get away from you, Andy.

Helen: Poor Jody's got more airtime than ever before.
GM: Than Andy.
Helen: Hahahahaha

 Cam 3
Amanda: She's like, is there something up with Aaryn and Judd?  I'm like, I don't know..

Cam 3 flips to Jessie with  Candice in the Rainbow Room..

Jessie: A lot of them were about like, Judd wants to put it in Aaryn's butt.. or.. just stuff about Judd and Aaryn.. Last night, I went up to HoH, and they were in bed together up there.  Basically, him and Aaryn are up to something for sure.. I'm not doing it for fun.  So, do I just cut him loose?
Candice: You should just have a conversation with him.. Listen dude, who are you interested in, me or Aaryn?
Jessie: And during the game, GM and Aaryn were just being bitches to me the whole time.. And then Aaryn was making snappy comments.. I don't have to be the funniest, but.. I said something, and Aaryn was just being bitchy, so, I don't f'ing know.
Candice: There's slim pickings of guys in the house. You wouldn't be with him outside..
Jessie: He's just being so shady.

Meanwhile over on Camera 1...

Cam 1 flips to Spencer and Andy preparing a practical joke in the Storage Room.

Rainbow Room
Cam 3

Candice: His hands are so small, I wonder if..
They discuss.. 

Jessie: He doesn't deserve this.
Candice: Just start acting like you don't care. Inside and out of the BB house.  Just be like, you can't be Team Aaryn if you're Team Jessie..
Jessie: She is such a sneaky snake.
Candice: If I leave, I am gonna be laughing when Amanda and McCrae boot them.  It's like, ya'll are next boos.  Jessie, you need to start remembering what all the comps were, who won..
Jessie: It's so hard without a pen and paper.
Candice: You have to win the next HoH.

They start remedial Jedi Training. 

Cam 1

Helen: Ok, GM.. You get a Pandora's Box, and you get 1,000 dollars or a date with Nick.
GM: Date with Nick.
Helen: OK.. You get 5,000 or a week with Nick..
Spencer: Take the 5 grand.
Aaryn: I would take a dollar. 

Helen: Ok.. You get to leave the BB house for a weekend getaway with Nick, or you get 10,000 dollars..
GM: (thinks) I'd take the money, because we could use it for something..
Helen: Diamond Power of Veto or a week with Nick?
GM:  Veto

GM: I'm gonna marry him.  You'll see.  I said in my blog, I met really amazing people and I also met the man of my dreams..

Aaryn: That's what my mom says.. Whenever a guy asks if he can marry me, my mom's like, sure.. she's your problem now.
Helen: When my husband asked my father for my hand, my father asked, does she make you happy?
Aaryn: My dad told one of my boyfriends.. The only one I ever brought home to the ranch.. He told him to run.
Helen/Spencer: Woah.
Aaryn: He said, you need to get out of this, cuz Aaryn's gonna break your heart.  And that's why I've never brought another man home.

Cam 1 follows GM up to HoH..  Andy's there listening to music.

GM: Hi Sugah.. I just need to take a dump.  Listen (to the music) all you want.

Judd comes in.  GM tells him about her immediate plans as well.  Aaryn comes up.

Judd: Ginamarie.. You have fun tonight?
GM: yeah! Of course.
Judd: We had everybody together.  Well, all but one.
GM: That was her choice. She was invited.

Cam 1
Spencer and Elissa are pretending to make fun of Andy, in hopes he'll overhear..

Cam 3
Helen goes to check on Candice..

Candice: They didn't even want to come to my Keep it Real moment last week.. Why would I go celebrate them? That's not my personality.. even for 500,000 dollars.

 Cam 1

GM: (to Andy) When Candice leaves Thursday, you have your own bed.
Judd: No!  I have my own bed.  I already called it.

Cam 1

Aaryn Comes in.. Amanda thanks her for the Bachelorette party..

Amanda: I didn't even realize there was awkwardness.
Aaryn: She told me, "I'm not into Judd.  I'm just using him for my game," And the secomd me and Judd start getting close, she's in love with him.
Amanda: Did she say that?
Aaryn: no, but.. Anyhow, he's telling her the same info he's telling me.. He's playing both sides.
Amanda: He who cares the least holds the cards.  Remember that.

Talk turns to trust..

Aaryn: I don't know.
Amanda: If you don't know, withhold.
Aaryn: He said that Jessie's threatening her.. Jessie's trying to get you out rally bad..
Amanda: Me?  I thought she was fine the past 2 days..
Aaryn: It changes every 2 hours.  Basically Helen said that Jessie's threatening to go after her if she doesn't get you out. That's all I've heard, besides Judd's bs.  I think he's trying to have a safety net on both sides.

Talk turns to MVP.  Amanda and McCrae say it's definitely not Elissa.

Aaryn: I'm not __ but the more time goes on..
Amanda: The scary thing is, one day you'll be like, I really trust Judd, and the next, you're like this.  You have to go off FACTS. If I have a conversation with someone and they milk my heart, it doesn't matter, because I go on what they've done in the past.  He was involved in every single scam to flip the house on me last week.  Honestly, again, I don't think that after yesterday Jessie's still trying to campaign to get me out, because she knows there's no hope.
Aaryn: it wasn't really to get you out.. It was you or Spencer.  She just really wants to keep Candice.
Amanda: Why would she want to keep Candice?
Aaryn: Because she thinks Candice is a bigger target than her.  It buys her another week.  I'm not worried about anything at all.  I just tell you everything so you'll trust me.  I'm not influenced by Judd..

Amanda: I don't understand his logic behind the you and Jessie thing..

Amanda: Judd's lying about a lot of stuff.  I think he wants ELissa or Helen out next week.
Aaryn: Yeah, he does.
Amanda: We can't let that happen.  It helps him, but it doesn't help us. He's very smart, very strategic..
Aaryn: I think he's trying to be in alliances on both sides of the house.. Judd basically told me he wants to go to the end with me.
Amanda: He said that to McCrae too. No matter what, you cannot trust Judd.  You can't.  Trust meee.
Aaryn: The only reason I've ever trusted him is Elissa..

Amanda: Elissa would never put (anyone that matters) against you.  If she put Judd up against you, he would go.  100%.

Timecheck -- 1:02am

Amanda: He still believes you're the one who told Jessie I wanted to backdoor Helen. Cuz you're one I said it in front of.
Aaryn: I never.. I don't know who that even is possible. I would swear on my family.. on everything.. When have I ever been able to trust Jessie..
Amanda: I understand.. It was a very odd coincidence. The point is it got back to Helen.
Aaryn: I would never, ever in a million years.  Helen even asked me, she came up to the HoH room today and asked if anyone's coming after her..

Aaryn: Did you even say that you wanted to backdoor her?
Amanda: No.  I have one target.. a couple of targets.. but nobody who would be crazy.  Jessie needs to go home.  That's my f'ing tunnel vision right now.
Aaryn: Amanda, if I'm telling you every single thing gamewise.. like evrey conversation that I have..
Amanda: I trust you.  It doesn't matter.  Let's just drop it.  There's no scheming anymore.  If Jessie wants to, let her try.  She doesn't realize she's not on the block..

 1:09am Andy, Judd and then Spencer come in and announce some bed changes.. Aaryn and Andy leave shortly after. Spencer and Judd remain.

Cam 3
Rainbow Room
Helen, Candice, Jessie, Elissa..

Helen: It is what it is.. We can't look back on spilled milk.. I tried, Kaitlin, I did.  Even if Elissa and I had voted to keep her, it wouldn't have made a difference.
**welcome to revisionist history, bb style.

Jessie: What does "the house" consist of?
Helen; It's getting a lot smaller now, but it's keeping the majority of people happy.. people who are not on the block, I guess.. Who's HoH..
Jessie: Well, I know that me and Elissa aren't happy with it, so it's not us. So...
Helen: I guess the house this week is you, Elissa, me, Andy, Judd and McCrae.
Jessie: And McCrae..
Helen: And then GM who's HoH.. and Aaryn.. I do have a reverence for HoH.  Like, HoH wants something..  When Judd wanted Kaitlin out, I wasn't gonna be like..
Candice: Judd kept comin to me and saying he didn't care who went out.. (*to you)
Jessie: Yeah, he said that a lot.
Candice: He said he didn't care.  He said he didn't have a person that he wanted.. that he woud've taken any of them..

Helen: Elissa and I wanted Aaryn out.  The day she was nominated.
Candice: The only person that didn't was Amanda, and she got everybody to do what she wanted done.. but.. whatever..

Elissa comes in..

Helen: Elissa, don't you remember when Judd was HoH, we went up to talk to Judd and we were saying we wanted Aaryn out, and he was saying he wanted Kaitlin out?
Elissa: Uhh.. Mmm..  I don't really necessarily remember that being Judd's first thought. At first.
Helen: Jessie, you were there too..
Elissa: I remember Jessie saying that. 
Helen: And Elissa and I were both like, No, Aaryn's on the block, she needs to go.
Jessie: Yeah.  My first thought was to get Kaitlin out, and then as the week went on.. someone told me Kaitlin was becoming a bigger target..
Helen: And then Judd said that someone was coming after me.. and that that was made up..
Jessie: It was probably made up by Aaryn.  They've been friends since week one.
Elissa: They have?  How do you know?
Candice: Who?
Jessie: Judd and Aaryn.  Yeah, they've been friends a long time.

Cam 1
Judd, Amanda, McCrae

Judd: Lay off of him.. He's waiting for the right time.. Which is ♫jury house.. ♫jury house..

Cam 1

Andy: I don't want her to go anywhere any time soon.
Aaryn: Me either. I trust Helen 100%.
Andy: Same.  For some reason, I don't think Judd wants Helen in jury.
Aaryn: He doesn't.
Andy: I don't want that to happen.
Aaryn: Between me and you.. please don't tell Amanda about this.. Amanda and McCrae are saying Helen needs to go...
Andy: Ok. 
Aaryn: I'm starting to not trust them.  But Andy, don't tell them.

Andy: I wont.  I wont.
Aaryn: I'm scared, because I don't know who to believe right now.
Andy: I think we can just lay low for a little bit.  I think cards will start to fall.  Next week.. People will show where their allegiances really lie. 
Aaryn: Do you think that Amanda and McCrae are lying to me?
Andy: I think they're trustworthy.  I trust them.  I trust you, and I trust Helen the most out of anyone here.
Aaryn: Me too.
Andy: So..
Aaryn: For a while, I really was trusting Judd.. but now.. I go back and forth on him.
Andy: Me too.  I don't like that he wants Elissa and Helen out of here so quickly.  Elissa.. Whatever.. But Helen?  I don't want her to go anywhere.
Aaryn: Me either.  Elissa can go whenever.  But.. Isn't it weird that Amanda and McCrae are even like getting upset with me for going back and forth between trusting Judd?  What am I supposed to do?  Like, they want me to tell them everything.
Andy: Yeah..  

They hear someone coming.. It's Helen.

Andy: Hi.
Helen: Hi.  So.. we were gonna sleep in the Rainbow Room.  Did Andy tell you?

Andy: I filled em in.
Helen: Is that cool?
Aaryn: Yeah. Completely cool.

Cam 1 flips to...
Andy, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae

Spencer: What time is it, Andy?
Andy: Like 1:15..
McCrae: No Game talk?
Andy: Nobody has talked game to me like all day today.
**unless you count 30 seconds ago.

Judd and Spencer share stories of their less honorable moments with women..

Amanda: Have you ever done that, McCrae?
McCrae: no.  I've slept with 3 people in my life.
Amanda: 3?  Really? Wow.  I thought I was good.

Spencer: I would bet 80% of the women I've slept with were just one time.
Amanda: Did you use a condom with your one night stands?
McCrae; No.
Amanda: No???
Spencer: Me neither.  Never.
Amanda: What?!?

Spencer: There was this one girl, Yana, trying to ride the rails to get to Florida..
Judd: What did she give you in return?
Spencer: Her vagina.  And I got to cum in it.   My friend told me I was a Hobosexual.

Amanda: Before you come here, they STD check you..

Judd: So you've been with how many?
Spencer: 46. I remember the number.. I don't remember the chicks. 

Amanda says 10-20..

Amanda: McCrae is the 1st person I've ever had sex with..
Judd: You said the whole Miami Dolphins..
Amanda: Just the 2nd string.

Cam 1
Amanda: Do you really wanna know?
McCrae: No.
Amanda: ok, then get the f*ck over it.

They move outside to smoke..

Judd: So what's the word on the street?
McCrae: Nothin.
Amanda: You would hear more than us.

Cam 1 flips to the Hammock.

Spencer: She is like livin' with a wild animal.  You never know what she's gonna do next.  I wish I wasn't on the block so I could vote her out.

Talk turns briefly to Elissa..

GM: After next week when Jessie leaves..
Spencer: Things will reshift.
GM: Even Judd said he'd put her up.

Talk turns to sex.. GM has plans for Nick..

Spencer: I can't wait for you to meet Marilyn.  You're gonna love that girl. A girl who would put up with me?
GM: When I first met Nick, he was cocky, with an attitude.. When I came down in the stripper outfit, he almost died. He does not know what's gonna happen to him.
Spencer: it's like he's eaten granola his whole life.. and you're frosted flakes..

Spencer:  Week after next, it's gonna get real, and I bet me n you are gonna have a good place in it.
GM: When she was HoH, I was never in the room.. Tonight, I was like, I just wanna be alone.. She fights with Jessie all the time.  I've already been down that route with the sinking ship.  I don't wanna go there again.
Spencer: We just gotta hang on and keep our mouths shut.
GM: That's why I don't fight with them.
Spencer: What would be the best scenario for me and you would be for Jessie to have another meltdown.

Talk turns to MVP...

GM: Whoever it is wants Amanda out bad.
Spencer: That's why I think it's America.
GM: I don't get why their showmance  is fine, but when I'm with Nick..
**STOP! You were never a showmance. Just. Stop.

Spencer: The target gets determined the week before, and everyone's been pretty good about sticking to it.
GM: I really like Helen, but when it gets down to the end..
Spencer: No one can beat her.
GM: No one can beat her.  She's strong and she's smart..
Spencer: If you sit with her in the final 2, best you can hope for is 2nd place.  I can't wait for jury.. You and me keep our head above water.. We should be straight.
GM: I'm sorry about this move, dude.
Spencer: It's fine.  It kept you from having to ruffle feathers.  You gave me a chance to say Hi to Maylin live..
GM: I'm waiting for Candice to blow up.
Spencer: She thinks she's gonna get her own show after this.. The way she attacked me? Women who act like that.. bad things happen to em.
GM: I hope she gets a penalty vote.. for not wearing her outfit..
Spencer: She never wears the nose, she doesn't wear the wig right, she...

on and on..

Spencer: I'm ready to see her high step it out.
GM: Look how nice it was today without her. I'm gonna sleep downstairs tomorrow, so people wont be goin' up to HoH talkin.. I'll stay up all night.. (making sure the vote doesn't go awry)
Spencer: To be honest with you, girl, I don't want HoH this week.. I want someone wholl keep me safe to get it..

1:49a --- Judd joins them on the Hammock.. GM runs upstairs to get a blanket.

Judd: Anything goin' on?
Spencer: She's just bsin' about how she hates Candice's guts..

Cam 1/2

Judd: So, worst case scenario is Jessie wins HoH.
GM: If it's knockout...
Judd: Just put her up every single time..

Talk turns to times on the block.. then MVP..  then sleeping arrangements..  Judd tells GM that Helen and Elissa are sleeping in her and Nick's bed.  GM goes storming off to the Rainbow Room where they are fast asleep.

GM checks in with Andy, who confirms that Helen and Elissa will give her her bed back tomorrow..

GM: Whose f'in fault is it?  I'm tryin' to be nice here.
Judd: I'll make sure you get it.

GM: I made the announcement. It's me and Nick's bed and I wanna stay there til I go home. How did they end up there all of a sudden?
Judd: I don't know whose idea it was.. I think they just wanted to sleep in there for the night.

Cam 1
GM is very upset about the whole bed situation..
Judd: Goodnight.  I'm sorry I upset you.  I thought you knew.

She slams back into the house..

Spencer: Damnnnn.. She F'in went nuts.
Judd: She had a tear in hr eye.. Me n Nick's bed.  She's got a good heart, but she needs to cool it.  She's gonna get herself put up next week.  She'll cool down by tomorrow..
Spencer; I'm sure Candice, Elissa, Jessie and Helen are trying to plot and plan..
Judd: She's never came n campaigned to me.. apart from cookin' me breakfast.  She didn't even give me anything to consider.  I like her, but.. She just gave up cuz Howrd went home? Someone she knew 40 days?

Talk turns to their friendship in the house..

Judd: Most of all, I want someone who loves the game to win.
Spencer: Me too.  Candice was like, I didn't have to do all the stuff you had to do, they just found me and asked me to be on the show.  F*ck you.  Kaitlin too.

Talk turns to home.. they both own their own, and their mortgage payments are in the $400 range.  (**less than the cost of a square foot where I live.) Spencer dispenses financial advice.. (**i remain gobsmacked,  in stunned silence).

While Spencer's talking about all the properties he owned, I'm gonna dive into flashback and flesh out a couple of earlier conversations..

Cam 1
Backyard Couch
Judd and Spencer

Judd: McCrae and Amanda I trust.. i just feel like I can't talk game with em.  Things are a little easier without so many guys here.  I liked Howard though.. I apologized to him.

Spencer: He just didn't have no f'in idea what he was doin'
Judd: He didn't have anything goin' for him, but his gameplay freaked me out.
Spencer: My game definitely improved since he's gone.

Judd: Tomorrow we should just get our social game on all day..
Spencer: i have been.
Judd: I have too.. I sat down with Helen a little bit.. Elissa a little bit..

Spencer: I like having someone I can talk to about game, and not have to worry about them tellin' nobody.
Judd: Me too. People like GM are just unpredictable though..
Spencer: It's scary when someone says, I'm thinking about putting you up.  Being on that couch on Thursday is the worst.

Talk turns to the Veto Comp, and Judd's paranoia when people were telling him to go for prizes..

2:44am - Judd runs inside to grab another cigarette..

Judd: Trip to the Bahamas, 5,000 dollars, both gonna be here next week.. I think it's gonna be unanimous (to evict Candice).
Spencer: Helen told me that I'm 100% safe.
Judd: Even Aaryn wants you here.
Spencer: She's a strong girl.
Judd: She's not as bad as I thought..
Spencer: And then that whole Candice calling her racist marred her reputation at the beginning.
Judd: I don't know what was said.. I heard the fish thing.. I wouldna said that.
Spencer: you gotta be careful sayin' that kind of shit.
Judd: I would never have said that.

Spencer: I'm just ready for jury.  I want there to be big targets people try to take out, not my ass every week.
Judd: Stay focused on jury, but really stay focused on that final 2.
Spencer: I'm focused. You know my ass wants to be here.  This is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Judd: Yeah.. Me too.  I never watched the feeds.. I was really missing out.. After watchin the Canadian feeds, I was like, aw man, I wish I'd been watchin the feeds the whole time.. It's not even that expensive really.
Spencer: No, it's not.
Judd: Like 20something dollars?  I just watched it on my phone..
**9.99 a month now. ooh look, a 2 day free trial for the BB15 live feeds. Thanks for the opening, boys.

2:52am.. Spencer and Judd head inside to brush their teeth and get ready for bed..

Spencer: I just went to the DR to request toilet paper.  We're completely out.
**Yikes. That'll be fun in the morning. 

2:57am Spencer says goodnight.. Judd's still washing his face, but soon to follow..

3am Sweet dreams, house guests.. We'll see you when BB wakes you!




Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Morrow Mistress Carolyn.

I've been waiting for this. I never turned on the feeds yesterday or this morning so I am off to read and hopefully find good flashbacks to make me laugh.

I'm still smh over yesterday (Monday) and can't believe the range of emotions and comments it brought from some. I promise I will never say another word about it but I would like to ask those who seemed to think Spencer's actions were OK a question.

Were you ever bullied in your life or molested as a child?

Maybe I need more therapy than I have had but I was both bullied and molested and I find it totally unacceptable for anyone to even kid about it 45 to 50 years later.

Now, I reiterate, I will not bring it up again. I'm going to do what I think is the right thing to do and that's all I will say.

So I am off to read as much as I can stand. It was nice to take a complete, nearly 24 hour, break from Big Brother. But I am ....

Hello, my name is GaYToR and I am a Big Brother addict. (The first step is admitting you have a problem.)

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm going to try to be here for the show tonight but nothing is absolute. It all depends on who pees in my Post Toasties before 8/7 pm tonight.


August 7, 2013 at 4:02 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

I really wonder if the HG's will, upon being notified it is a double eviction, decide to change up and get rid of Amanda in the first vote on Thursday.

It's an opportunity.

I wouldn't mind seeing Helen be the second kicked out in the double eviction.

That's my "game play" hopes ....

For personal disgust reasons, I'd love to see Spencer and Aaryn get booted.

August 7, 2013 at 4:44 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Best convo of the night...

"Spencer: I can't wait for you to meet Marilyn. You're gonna love that girl. A girl who would put up with me?
GM: When I first met Nick, he was cocky, with an attitude.. When I came down in the stripper outfit, he almost died. He does not know what's gonna happen to him.
Spencer: it's like he's eaten granola his whole life.. and you're frosted flakes.."

Frosted flakes....hahahahahaha

August 7, 2013 at 5:29 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn and Dishers!! Pretty mild night for the most part. I'm trying to come up with my favorites at this point in the game. Of the four I started with pre-game and early on, one is gone, one is targeted to leave this week and the other two have fallen from grace with me. I'll admit I liked Amanda in the beginning, but she's done too much for me to even try to consider her again. I'm trying to be fair and consider everything, strategy, social game and even personalities. Each HG at some point has said or done something inappropriate and/or unacceptable in my eyes, but as Grendon said in a previous post, I'm sure we all do/say things that may not be likeable to each and every person we may come across. That is called being human. We're just not being filmed. We are all different. I just can't get over the fact that the majority of this cast don't even TRY to filter themselves. I find it hard to believe that you get that comfortable in the house and forget about the cameras. 24/7 or not, I find it hard to believe that I would be so open with virtual strangers outside of gameplay. But, I'm not there, so who knows???? So let me end this morning's ramble. I started this statement trying to figure who I'm actually rooting for. All things considered, at this point, my F5 is Judd, Andy, McCrae, Helen & Elissa. F3 - Judd, Andy, Helen. F2 - Judd, Helen. For the win.... J-U- Double D. America's Favorite - Howard will get all of my votes. I hope these folks don't veer too much from the game they're playing right now and force me to change my picks. I want to genuinely start rooting for someone!! Well, have a great day everyone!! Happy POV Show Day!!

August 7, 2013 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Oh! I'm back... Just wanted to touch on a few more minor points.

Jessie - She makes a lot of good points, but her execution is off. Had she not been concerned with who Judd likes or what girl is getting more attention than her, she could have slickly planted seeds to get her point across. It still may not have worked, but I don't think she'd be the next target either.

GM - I actually cried for her yesterday. At first I was like, really GM? Another crying fit? And about a blog??? But to hear how terribly insecure she is with her abilities really broke my heart. She has low self esteem and she's obviously been torn down a time or two by guys in her life. Thus her obsession with Nick. Though, we know he was playing the game by giving her attention, all she can see is the fact that a guy was actually nice to her and didn't criticize her. He made her feel special without even trying. So in that respect I feel for her. But now, the anger over "her and Nick's" bed.... I'm back to... really GM??? Were they supposed to rope the bed off for non-use while you sleep in HOH??? I'm not trying to be mean at all when I say, she needs therapy.

August 7, 2013 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I actually stepped away from the feeds last night and took the kids to dinner. By the time I got back Carolyn was down for the night. To everyone who commented on my post, thank you very much.


You are welcome to use my post as your facebook status. I'm glad you liked it.

August 7, 2013 at 6:18 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Just reading Tuesday Afternoon comments. I see I am not alone with regard to GM's meltdown. It was a genuine moment that Helen and Andy handled very well. (Yes I know Amanda was there too...) I could see the hurt behind Andy's eyes. Being a professor, I imagine that affected him more than he let on.

August 7, 2013 at 6:26 AM  
Blogger Mrs Musings said...

Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job recapping the live feeds. I check in here everyday(multiple times :)). Even though I rarely comment.

I wanted to ask about your opinion on GM and the possibility she is battling an eating disorder in the BB house? Apparently she told Nick about her ED before he was evicted. I really hope this is not true. It is very sad if Ginamarie is battling an ED in the BB house. She really needs help if she is sick. This season has been so depressing. :(


August 7, 2013 at 7:01 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I wonder why Candice and Elissa think they are better than everyone? Elissa said she would never be around any of these people outside the house, i just dont see where she is in a class above anyone else. Is it because she doesnt cuss?

August 7, 2013 at 7:10 AM  
Blogger Mbm744 said...

Good morning, what an overnight. Jessie really has dug her own grave, but at least she's trying to make her own decisions, and not just do what someone else wants her to do. It's crucial for her to win HOH during the DE on Thursday, or she'll probably go home. I would love to see her win HOH, it'll make great TV watching Helen and Amanda panic.

I wish Judd will realize that Amanda and McCrae are NOT loyal to him by any means, or even Helen. They always talk about backdooring him, and if he knew this, his vote on Thirsday would for sure be different. And it seems to me that Judd has been acting like a jerk ever since he became friendly with Aaryn. I just can't take all the Jessie bashing, and then he sleeps with her right after that.

I guess MVP will be over after the first eviction on Thursday, I can't see how they can do it during a double eviction.

Lets all hope for a Jessie HOH win! I'm sick of Helen and Amanda calling the shots every week on who goes home.

August 7, 2013 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Everyone...Caro I loved that photo of Candice and Jessie in the bed pouting. Hilarious!

See you in a bit.

August 7, 2013 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

If you want to see the bachelorette party from the beginning it starts at 10:26pm on cams 3/4. Elissa's toast is at 10:36pm. 10:48pm the games begin.

Candice never technically had an alliance besides part of someone else's and Howard. She never tried to make friends besides the above and then she finds herself where she is and is mad. She has no one to blame but herself for poor game play.

Jessie on the other hand was sitting pretty and had nothing to worry about. She could've easily slid for more weeks but instead she over plays and tries to break from her own alliance to prove, something. It's just bad game play. Now she's in a bad position and she too has no one to blame but herself.

Everyone else is good to go. Once you get to the jury time it's up to you to get farther. That's where I see things right now.

August 7, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I am really sick of the showmance angle being used as a reason to target people. I'm also sick of people blaming Amanda and McCrae for breaking up the showmances so they could be the only one left.

David did not go home because he had a showmance with Aaryn. He was targeted because he wasn't a part of the Moving Company and at that time the MC were controlling things.

Nick didn't go home because he was in a make believe showmance with GM. He went home because by that point the MC were on the way to being discovered and he was a part of it.

Howard had been discussed as a target before he started sharing a bed with Candice. They just had a bigger fish in a diaper and baby bonnet to fry first.

A showmance has no more power than any other tight final 2 that can manage to trust each other and stay loyal. Dr. Will and Boogie were not a showmance. They never turned on each other. Dan and Memphis were not a showmance. I think Keesha could vouch for the fact that they were a huge threat.

If no one can trust each other this year, it's because everyone is so busy covering their arse from every angle that it creates a lot of suspicion among the alliance. Sorry, if you make a final 2 with everyone in the house, don't be surprised when none of those people take you to the end.

August 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Candice-She got a taste of the block the first week and should have started playing the game. McCrae used the POV to pull her down and I guess she decided it was going to be that easy for the rest of the summer. She was tight with Helen, Elissa and Andy. The only person she really had a problem with was Aaryn who, at that time, was the common enemy of the house. But instead of working on alliances she seemed to think it was more about friendship and popularity.

The only time she has tried to play the game since then has been when she was trying to save herself or Howard. You can't only play the game when you need something. You have to play when you can offer something, even if it is just a vote or a brainstorming session.

The other problem is that Candice's method of campaigning is always to say what is wrong with her opponent and never to say what is right about her. The only thing she has offered is 'a number', then she immediately goes back to saying what is wrong with Amanda. Well obviously her one number is not helpful if someone would have to trade several numbers in order to save her. And no one cares what is wrong with someone on a personal level as long as they are being helpful on a game level.

August 7, 2013 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Everyone! :)

I just got back from by 1st morning bike ride of the BB15 season. It will not be my last. Ordinarily this season, I've been sleeping almost until they wake up.. They've been kicking my butt.

OK.. time to hit the showers. :) I'll be back to greet everyone shortly.

August 7, 2013 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Couldn't agree more about Elissa and her 'attitude'. If she honestly would not hang around people like this in real life because they are too low class then I have to believe they must not have a lot of family dinners back home. I mean, let's face it, Rachel did not carry the torch for being a nice girl or handling herself with class, especially in season 12.

August 7, 2013 at 8:56 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

I just have one thing to say about the GM melt down about the bed. You would think that she would now understand a little bit of how Candice felt when her bed was taken away from her in a much, much worse manner by Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin and Jeremy complete with attitude.

It's just a bed GM~!!!!

I really think that her feet are not firmly planted on God's green earth. She takes everything so personally and irrationally. She could benefit from some counseling. Although a couple more could also(Jessie/Aaryn).

It was so sad watching her rearrange her shrine to Nick yesterday for the umpteenth time. Getting the head bands just so on the table and mumbling about how people need to leave it alone, its her room!

I'm afraid if Nick shows her any attention after the show he will have a serious problem on his hands. It's pretty sad.

August 7, 2013 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

According to the other HGs, Spencer didn't have a relationship when he came into the house but after a while he began to constantly talk about Marilyn. At first, I thought that maybe she was his imaginary friend.

But now he is constantly talking about giving her shout outs and saying that she is at home watching the show. This makes me believe that there must be an actual Marilyn so I have been trying to picture her.

What I came up with is a plastic blow up doll propped on the couch in front of the television with the t.v. on a timer set for Big Brother.

Did I cross into the 'bad taste' area with that comment?

August 7, 2013 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

i think aaryn hit it best during her DR after GM's HOH reveal,

"really Big Brother, a picture of Nick, really?"

August 7, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


No, i think that thought on Marilyn might be closer than you think. Theres a good chance she doesnt exist at all

August 7, 2013 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I was gonna mention Rachel too, but decided not to

August 7, 2013 at 10:41 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Grendon...Hilarious!! You just put a picture of Spencer in that exact pose into my brain. The way he talks about women I would be very surprised if he has a steady. Especially after the latest story about the girl trying to hobo to Florida. Disgusting!

August 7, 2013 at 10:45 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Shi Shi

Spencer and the story of the girl on the train in Florida-it was definitely TMI. But I do have to admit, I thought the phrase 'hobosexual' was pretty funny.

August 7, 2013 at 11:15 AM  

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