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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!  Today in the BB House: PoV Ceremony.  Jessie will be taking herself off the block, and at the moment, Spencer is the likeliest ReNom.

Lots of maneuvering late night Sunday.. Jessie danced from Room to Room, trying to pull off an Amanda ouster this week.  She even made out with Judd.. He appreciated the attention, but with eyes wide open.

Let's join our HGs on the live feeds.. 

Camera 1
Helen,  Andy, Amanda,

Andy: I don't care what is said to me.  On Thursday, I will be voting out Candice.  We have 5 people in this room.

Helen: Seriously, if I vote out anyone but Candice, Ginamarie, you can come.. We don't even need to badmouth anyone.  The vote is what the vote is.
Andy: Aaryn, me, Helen, Judd, McCrae.  5 votes.  Done.
Helen: She told me. She's doing Candice.

Spencer comes in.

Andy: You missed all the talk about it, but you're voting out candice, right?
Spencer: Yeah.
Andy: Done.

Helen: She's very insecure about Aaryn and me being friends.. I said to her, you guys decided to vote out Kaitlin.. I figured you wanted me to be close to Aaryn.
Amanda: It doesn't make any sense. I've never said Jessie's name.  I've never targeted her.  Why would she target me?
Helen: She's allowed to be friends with AAryn, and I'm allowed to be friends with her, but I'm not allowed to be friends with Aaryn.
Ginamarie: It's worse than 5th grade.
Amanda: She wants me out because she's openly admitted she wants McCrae..
Helen: She's jealous of my friendship with ELissa and Aaryn.

Aaryn: She's trying so hard to get everyone to feel bad for her.. but I'm the villain..
Judd: If she felt that way, she should have tried harder..
Amanda: Now Jessie's up your ass, Candice is up your ass, do I have to sit on your lap to prove my loyalty?
It's annoying to me that Jessie's up your butthole for the past 48 hours..
Aaryn: I'm her best friend in the house, but she wants me out.  Like, what?
Helen: You have nothing to worry about.  You have a voting block sitting right in front of you.
Aaryn: There are so many times in life when the brown nosers win..
Andy: And I feel like it would be such a huge slap in the face to you if Candice doesn't go.
Aaryn: Huge.
Helen: She's going.  She's going.  And Elissa knows she has to vote Candice out too..
Andy: I sat her down in the bathroom, and I was like, you have to get off this AManda bandwagon.
Aaryn: She has to go next week.
Amanda: It's so hard for me to not pull her into a room and be like, What the f*ck?!
Helen: But you can't.  Your vote is your voice (paraphrasing).  Less drama is effective.  More drama, not effective.  Why make yourself look bad?  If she were to get HoH next week, she'll put up you and McCrae..

More about how Jessie

Helen: Zennn.. Zennn....
Amanda: I feel better..
Helen: She thinks Elissa and you are princesses.. You have the votes.  There's no point.  Let her do the fighting.  She already says she's voting Candice out.. You don't want a big fight, because if she wins HoH next week, you don't want her putting you and McCrae on the block.  You have the votes.  You don't need to fight it.
Amanda: You just have to look at her track record and look at my track record..

Helen: She was pretty close to winning this week.  You have to be careful.
Aaryn: She told me how much she loves me, and how she would never put me up, and then she's saying all this stuff.
Ginamarie: She didn't even win the veto.
Aaryn: She was given the veto.
Ginamarie: Jeez.. people know you can't let power go to your head..

Aaryn; Candice and Jessie leave and there's no more drama in the house, because no one does this shit besides them.  No one.
Amanda: The reason I had a bad day today was I felt distance from you.. I felt distance from Andy.. I was like, what is up?
Helen: You have to believe in your people and trust your people..

Amanda: I feel like, she's gonna do anything possible to get me out of this house.  If you guys hear anything weird, ask McCrae or ask me..
Judd: Does she not know that she needs to play a chill game?
Amanda: I don't know what's going on with her.  And she's done the same thing, making deals, with everyone.
Ginamarie: You can';t make deals when you have no power.
Judd: If she were in jury, she would vote for whoever was nicer to her, answering her questions.  That's how personal she plays.  She said, I got 3rd place in the HoH competition and I wasn't invited??
Ginamarie: She didn't even thank me for doing the competition so everyone could have a chance.  Child.
Spencer: Also, you're almost 33.  You've been there, done that as far as this behavior goes.
Helen: That's what I'm saying.. Internalize it.  Get it out in the votes.  Go to Julie and be like, I happily evict blah!

Judd: What pissed me off, right after the PoV, she never thanked me once, and immediately she was off in rooms with people makin' deals, and she never even talked to me. She didn't give a rats ass about me.  All she does is walk around and gloat about how she won the PoV.. I'd rather have the PoV than the 5000 at this point, and I'm a broke ass mo-f'er.
Helen: But if Candice walks out the door, it was all worth it.
Ginamarie: People don't remember pov winners, they remember HoHs.
*Janie 7, James, 6, Rachel... You were saying??

Judd: It still sucks that she gloats..

Andy leaves.. McCrae leaves..

Timecheck - 12:28am

I spy Amanda and Jessie on feed 3 and make a  dash..

Cam 3 and 4
McCrae and Amanda, Jessie

McCrae: It's cold out here.
Amanda: Spray tan is gonna suck tonight.  Jessie, I feel like I haven't seen you all night.
Jessie: I know.  Me too.
Amanda: What'd ya'll eat at the BBQ today?

Andy: Hello everyone.  It's cold out here!

Andy sets to lifting..

Andy: How's the hottub feelin, baby?
Jessie: Good.  I'm addicted to this thing.

Jessie goes inside..

Amanda: Jessie said to Aaryn that she wanted me out..
McCrae: Aaryn's trying to get in your head all the time.  This is all stuff we've already talked about.  Aaryn keeps talking about how Jessie wants me, because she knows that gets in your head.  I don't get why you can't be quiet.
Amanda: People came to me, McCrae! I wasn't even the one leading the troop.
McCrae: I was up there.  Even if it doesn't pertain to 1 person, you're rallying the troops.
Amanda: Helen's on the fence.
McCrae: Andy cleared it up.
Amanda: She's trying to flip Helen and other people too..
McCrae: You had to say literally nothing.  Helen thinks you're gonna go start a fight with Jessie.
Amanda: I'm not.
McCrae: I wanna know what Judd and Elissa were talking about here.  I watched them whisper.. Elissa's probably trying to flip the house now. On you.  I wanna know wtf they were talking about, and why they wouldn't let anyone in.. That's not good at all.  ELissa's gonna pull some stupid shit that she always pulls.

12:40a Andy comes back outside.. Judd too

Andy: What did Aaryn say that I said in front of everyone?
Amanda: The Helen thing.  What do you think she was talking about with Elissa?

Judd: I don't know.  She said, Judd got a whole lot hotter tonight, and Jessie said, I do miss sleepin' with you, and Elissa said, Well I think there's gonna be a whole new sleeping arrangement tonight. (him with Aaryn) I'll sleep in a Have Not room before I sleep with her.  I cannot stand Jessie anymore.. Walkin' around, braggin' about winning pov?  No, bitch, you got given the pov.  (to Mc)

Cam 3
Just McCrae and Judd
Judd: Do you think it's a bad call if Aaryn sleeps in my bed?

Andy comes out.

Andy: I just wanna give you a heads up.  Jessie just said you're sleeping with her tonight.
Judd: I'll sleep in the Have Not Room first.

Aaryn comes out.

Andy: I just want a damn bed.. and Candice hogs everything.
Judd: I'll sleep with GM upstairs.
Andy: Jessie said you're sleeping with her.
Judd: She's a femme fatale all of a sudden?

McCrae: I don't get why she'd be pissed about that.
Judd: She got pissed about a bbq, McCrae.

Tlk turns to the coming HoH.  If it's a knockout..

Andy: That's the thing with a knockout, always put up 2 people you want out, cuz one of them will get eliminated.

12:49a -- Spencer joins the boys on the couch. Then Jessie.. Amanda and McCrae head inside.

Andy: I hope I'm up for Amanda's next tan.

12:53am Cam 3 BUtterscotch

Spencer: That wasn't national television, that was the diary room. 

**And following a fire alarm battery blare, I'm back.

Cam 1 - Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn
Cam 3 - Clown chatter..

Jessie goes inside.

Judd: Candice, Jessie and Elissa are actin' weird.. crackin' jokes every time I walk by.  Elissa's the leader of the pack.

Talk turns to sleeping arrangements. Ginamarie tells Judd he can sleep upstairs.

Spencer: I don't wanna sound rude, but for givin' her that Veto, you shoulda negotiated a blow job.

Cam 3
Helen and Jessie

Helen: Amanda and McCrae know about it.  I think you had said something about the veto.  You said something about this house being run by..

Jessie: How convenient that that's what she's upset about right now..  They are like questioning your loyalty.  I'm gonna try to work on Judd.  I feel like that's our last chance. Elissa said she heard a conversation that Andy expressed that he, Andy and McCrae were solid, which means Andy is more loyal to them than  to you.
Helen: We all have to talk.
Jessie: We have to try.
Helen: I don't know, Jessie.  I tried.  Who is trying to backdoor me?  Amanda?
Jessie: I never said she was trying to backdoor you.

Jessie: I'm gonna try to pull in Judd.. and be like basically, if you don't do this, I'm probably going home next week.
Helen: I just don't know if I can do this.  I need more time to think.
Jessie: We're just pieces in their puzzle. You can do it.

Helen leaves and goes outside...   She launches into a Candice impression and then plays pool with Spencer. Judd remains on the couch with Candice..

Judd: I don't know if I did anything to piss off Elissa.
Candice: oh no.. we were just laughing about the cake.  I was teasing her about how much sugar she was puttin in the cake.  Everyone loves you.
Judd: I hope so.
Candice: I'm about to take a shower and put my ass to bed.

Judd: Sometimes I just need alone time in here..

Candice asks about his life at home.. Makes nice.. Works for the vote..

Candice: You're gonna be the talk of your little town. 
**that's for sure.

Cam 1 and 2
Andy, McCrae, Amanda

Topic: Aaryn causing trouble

Andy: I've been like downplaying the whole Amanda needs to stay thing to Helen.. She thinks that when we get down to 5, she wants to split you up.
AManda: You're like the savior in this whole thing.
Andy: I think Judd's back.  I think he's solid.  I'm beginning to wonder if he ever wasn't.  I think we might have been overthinking the whole Judd thing.
McCrae: I agree.

Andy: I hope you tan soon..

McCrae: I think Judd wants Candice out pretty bad, actually. Th eonly thing I worry about is what his conversation was with Elissa on the couch.. He was whispering, but he claimed it wasn't game related.
Amanda: This is what I think.. Jessie thinks she has a chance with you if I go.. If you give her the cold shoulder, she'll glom on back to Judd.
McCrae: She already is.
Amanda: If she thinks she can have you at ll, she's gonna push to get me out.
McCrae: That doesn't make sense.
Andy: I think we're overthinking again.
McCrae: That's Aaryn talking again.
Amanda: Yeah.. She keeps bringing it up and putting it in my head.  I need to stop thinking and distance myself from Aaryn.  Who knew that Jessie would be this big threat to me?  She made up this thing about me backdooring Helen.
McCrae: No, she didn't.  Aaryn did.
Amanda: Well, as far as we know, Jessie made it up.
McCrae: Aaryn's probably trying to make sure she's not the target for next week.

Amanda: And Elissa.. I really wanna have faith..

Camera 3
Rainbow Room
Jessie and Judd.

Jessie: So are you gonna sleep with Aaryn?
Judd: mm.. I don't know.  You don't think that people would..

Jessie: With Amanda and McCrae.. Aaryn is loyal to Amanda now.  So they're 4.  Then you have Andy.  And he's gonna be loyal to McCrae over Helen.  That's 5.  Then I saw Andy talking to Spencer yesterday.  I think they made a deal.  That leaves Helen, me, Elissa and Candice.. and that's who they're gonna pick off from.  Then there's you.  Amanda is a huge target.  She's running this.  She's been running this from week one.  If you were to do this, me, Helen and Elissa would be loyal to you.  All we need is 4. If you were to do this,  you would have our loyalty.  Andy would come over too.  McCrae wold be alone.  You could work with him from that point forward.  You don't have to tell me now.
Judd: You don't think that's just pushing Elissa to the finish line?
Jessie: No.  I think if we don't do this, were handing the game to Amanda and McCrae.  You know how badly she's been treating me?  All the stuff she said to me?  ANd when it comes time.. Whatever they're telling you.. I know there's this whole previous loyalty thing, but we're half way thru the game now.  They're the last showmance.  And what?  Nobody's targeting them, because they're afraid of her?  And by himself, McCrae wont be as strong, and he'll need you.
Judd: No.. He'd be pissed.
Jessie: Anyway.  We'll still have the votes.  And Andy would come over the last minute, because he wouldn't wanna be on the wrong side.

Judd: Do Helen and Elissa know?
Jessie: Basically, we had talked about it, but they didn't think we could get your vote.  It's our last hope.  Getting her out will be a bitch. But me and you, we could make it, after the dust settles from this shit.  McCrae's gonna need people.. I'll give you some time to think about it.  I know it's a big move.   I owe you so much.  I would, at this point, sacrifice myself for you. If you were to do this, it would change the whole last half of this game. They are 2 huge people.  We can't let them get any further.  You're basically handing them 500,000 dollars.  They're smart.  They've probably had this planned since day one, and it's gone down flawlessly.

Talk turns to Aaryn.

Jessie: It was a huge mistake keeping her that week, because now she's Amanda's right hand.  We need her out. Out.  It would be 5 against 5, and then it would just depend on who won HoH..
Judd: I'll think about it..   I don't want you goin anywhere.  I don't.

1st time he's ever gone in for a kiss and not been given a cheek.

Hallway - Cam 3
Andy: Where are you sleepin?
Judd: Sleepin' with Jessie.

  • Ginamarie and Aaryn are heading to bed soon.. 
  • Andy goes into the Rainbow Room to fix his bed.  Jessie's reading her mini-bible.  
  • Elissa's making the wedding cake.. 
  • Spencer and Helen are playing pool. 

Cam 1
Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy

Andy: Is Jessie ok?  I feel like she's been short with me.
Judd: I think she's upset about the bed situation.

Judd: Why do I care what Helen thinks about where I sleep?  I'm not here to please Helen.
Amanda: I'm confused.  Why does she wanna sleep with you so bad.

Talk turns to specifics of Judd's penis..

1:55:46am Judd: Alright live feeders..

Andy: You guys.. Just for my sanity.. We all have to stay, because I can't imagine being in a final 4 with people other than you.
Amanda: I think it's America putting me up.
Judd: no..
Andy: I agree.. Because if it was someone in the house, it would leak.
Judd: I think it's still Elissa..
Amanda: I don't think she would put me up.  She would have put Spencer up.
Andy: (agrees)
Judd: Don't have any more emotional outbursts.. At all.. It's painting a huge target.  Vent to us, only.
Amanda: I feel like we have met in a while.  It's freaking me out.
Judd: You're not going home.  We have the numbers.
**I'm not so sure.  Are you?

McCrae: I think Spencer will go up.
Judd: We can only trust us 4.
Andy: I think I can trust Helen, but Helen can't really trust me.  Every day she tells me things and I can relay them.
Judd: I don't think we can tell Helen and Elissa anything..

Judd and Amanda go back and forth on whether Elissa's MVP.. Andy joins in on the Not side. 

Amanda: You really think she's that good of a game player?
Judd: She wouldn't be here if she wasn't.
Amanda: Yes she would.  She's Rachel's sister.
**point, Amanda.

Judd: She's not tellin' me stuff, but I'm gonna try to start gettin' her to tomorrow.

Fishies - Timecheck -- 2:05am -- Stretch!

Cam 3

Jessie: Aaryn is with Amanda.  It's not what it seems.  It's me, you, Helen, Judd to get the f'in bitch out.  You weren't there when me an Helen were talking.  You don't know how it was.  I wasn't the one being all enthusiatic about it.  If I go down for this, I go down.  Sticking my neck out again to try to get this f*cking bitch out of the house.

Candice: All I need is 4 votes.  You, Elissa, Helen and..
Jessie: Judd.  I'll work on him.  You're not gonna be able to campaign to anyone.  They all talk shit about you all the time. 
Candice:  Andy talks shit about me?
Jessie: no no no.  You can campaign to Andy and just be like, you never know what she's gonna do.. She's been mean, she's been cruel to people, and if you're not careful, one day it'll be you.. and if there's any way you can vote her out, I would.. Then he wont know about this plan.
Candice: I want her out so bad.  Whatr made Helen change?  What made her say she wanted it and then she didn't.
Jessie: She was up in HoH.  She was up there getting reamed by Amanda about loyalty.  Whatever.  She was up there with my name in her mouth.  Helen's like, she's installed the fe4ar of God in her.  That's what she does to everybody.
Candice: Helen's running the game.
Jessie: And that's what's weird.. I'm the one being strong right now, and Helen's being weak.
Candice: I was gonna talk to Helen tomorrow.. What if a person did a power move and put Helen up and Amanda up?  Or Helen and McCrae?  And they're gonna need an army behind them..
Jessie: And that's why you do not need to go.. And tell her you'd be a vote for her in jury too.
Candice: Amanda, McCrae, Helen.. they all have strong positions.. I know you don't beleive they're playing the game together, but I do. Helen doesn't realize she's very well liked, and that's gonna mek her a target.
Candice: I'm telling you, Judd is with McCrae.
Jessie: Listen, he's not gonna do that to me, Candice. He's not gonna give me the veto and then rat me out to them.  He's not gonna do it.  He's just not.

This is ongoing..  Checking feed one, we have kitchen chatter..

Jessie: Really important to make him feel like he's running the shit.. Like it's his idea.  Just be like, if you vote to keep me, I will not put you up, and I will let you pick a nominee from my HoH.
Candice: During the Veto, I told him Amanda came to me in the parlor (in front of Helen and Elissa) and said I think Judd is MVP and I'm gonna get him out as soon as I have a chance. And he goes what?!  And that's when she went batshit crazy on me.
Jessie: You need to tell him that again.  This is the key.  Helen and Elissa were there.  Can they back you up?
Candice: Probably not.
Jessie: That's what he needs to hear though.. We need to make that happen.
Candice: Don't do it now though.. It's too obvious.  Wait til the morning.

Jessie gets up and turns off the light.. She heads into the Chair Room to talk to  Helen..

Jessie: Judd and I had a very serious conversation, and I just wanted to let you know it's looking good.. Also another direction we could go would be the conversation where Amanda said she thought he was MVP.
Helen: Did you tell him that?

Jessie: No.. I thought you could.  We talked and it was good.  And we kissed.  I want to give him the night and the morning to think about it.  Amanda brainwashes people.. I'm gonna say look, she wanted  you out, and Helen and Elissa can back me up on that.  We can change the game.  You and Elissa will have my loyalty.  We can tell him, look, you're either in or you're out.  It'll be a big move.  You don't have to make any decisions right now.  Just think about it. Don't let her scare you, Helen.
Helen: Oy vey.

Jessie: At this point, he knows nothign about me talking to you.. He just knows we're talking.
Helen: Keep it that way. 

Cam 3
Jessie grabs Elissa in the hallway.. with the same pitch.

Jessie: it would be really good for ya'lls game. 

Rainbow Room
Candice and Jessie
Cam 3

Jessie: I think she's gonna do it.  If anyone walks in, you fall asleep and I'm reading.  Trust me, Judd will not throw me under the bus.  I didn't even have to tell you anything, but I want you to feel better.  If he hesitates, I'll tell him Amanda wasnted him out. And even in the plan does come out, we can still use that. You work on him from a different angle.  Don't let him know you're connected to this plan.

Candice: I'm gonna wait til like Tuesday.. I'm just gonna keep talking to him.  Me and Judd had like a 3 hour conversation on the sofa this morning about life and stuff.
Jessie: If this thing falls through, I'll take all the blame.  I don't care anymore. If it doesn't work, I'm on the block next week.
Candice: You don't think I should talk to Helen right now?
Jessie: No.
Candice: I'm just gonna be like, Helen, I just want you to know, if you need me, I'm loyal.  Jessie, She has to go.  To be honest, I think it's McCrae putting her up.  She's ruinging his game.
Jessie: I don't know.  No one even talks about putting her up.

They compare Amanda to Evel Dick, with her dealings with people.. 

Judd and Andy

Judd: I don't wanna tell Amanda just yet, cuz I don't want her to freak out, but do you know what's going on?
Andy: Helen was saying that Amanda was trying to backdoor her.. but I think Helen has been calmed down and everything's fine.

Amanda enters.

Judd: Do you think Helen's 100% solid?
Andy: Yeah.
Judd: Elissa?
Andy: I think she will be.

Amanda: What are you worried about?
Judd: People just bein' shady.
Amanda: You're not going up tomorrow.

Fishies.. We return to Amanda and Judd solo.

Judd: At this point, I'd like for Jessie to get to jury, put there's bigger fish to fry.
Amanda: Obviously, who ever's MVP does not want me to get to jury.

2:50am Andy returns to the cockpit.

Judd: Is she gonna be your bet friend after this?  You gonna fly her out to Boca?
Amanda: who?
Judd: Oh yeah (sarcasm)

Judd leaves..  Amanda and Andy are solo in the cockpit.

Andy: Elissa and I never talk game.  Helen's like our liaison. I told Helen, I'm worried that I upset Amanda..
Amanda: I don't know if you were upstairs at this point.. I felt like people were being weird and standoffish..
Andy: Sometimes, like with Howard, sometimes I think Judd is brilliant and other times I think he's not the brightest game player.


Amanda: Do you think Helen's 100% off of getting me out of the house?
Andy: For this week, but soon she wants you gone.  And that's when I'll have to draw my line in the sand and betray her.
Amanda: Does she just wanna break up me and McCrae so she can work with him?
Andy: I think so..
Amanda: Why get rid of somebody who's a big target, as opposed to someone everyone likes?
Andy: McCrae's name never comes up.
**Amanda has brought is up several times tonight as the logical alternative to putting her up.. 

2:58am - Andy leaves.. McCrae enters..

Camera 3
Judd and Jessie get their smooch on.  I'm not sure which one is using the other more..

Jessie: Oh.. by the way, Candice told me that Helen and Elissa were in the room, when Amanda said she thought you were MVP and she wanted you out.  So, just so you know, she did say that about you.  Just 1 more reason we have to do that. I think McCrae's MVP.. and he keeps putting her up, because she's messing up his game.  Andy.. we have the whole week to talk about it.. (kiss) Come lay down in a few minutes.

**it would seem we have our answer, but I think it's an equal use.  Judd just has more subtlety than a Mack Truck.

Camera 3 follows Jessie into the darkened Rainbow Room, where Candice and Andy both tell her goodnight..

Cam 1
Judd, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae - Happy chatter, some Candice bitching.. 


Cam 1 and 2
Amanda: You always get mad at me.. but your name has never, ever come out of anyone's mouth.
**except yours

McCrae: Because I lay low..  No one ever sees me whispering.  I think you're safe this week.  If Judd goes against, he knows he'll have no one to work with.  Same with Helen.  There's still one week before jury.. Judd is more solid with us than anyone in the house.  Why would he give that up to keep Candice?  A girl?
**a girl?
Amanda: It just feels really shitty.  Going up every week by this anonymous nomination.
McCrae: They're gonna get rid of it sooner than later.

Amanda: I'm also super shocked that Jessie is doing this again.
McCrae: She's not doing anything.

Cam 4
Spencer and Judd

Spencer: It's gotta be America.  And if America wants her out so bad, you gotta wonder why..
Judd: You can trust me, Amanda, McCrae and Andy.. We gotta make some power moves or what're we gonna say before the jury?

Spencer: I trust you.  I'd hang with you til the end..
Judd: Just don't mention it to (lists all names).. I don't know what we gotta do yet, but we gotta think of something. We know we can win these suckers. Ive always been 100% with ya..
Spencer: My game has improved with Howard gone.
Judd: The sneakiness made it hard to work with him.  Just know I've got your back 100%.  Ginamarie's smarter than we give her credit for..
Spencer: I know if I go up tomorrow, ya'll got my back.
Judd: If you do, you'll be the zero vote.  Amanda might get a couple, but not enough to send her home.  You can for real trust me.  I would be more than happy to sit in final 2 with you.  You're not on anybody's radar I don't think no more.  I know Helen's not after you.  I don't know if we could go far with Elissa.. You know how she is.  I honestly believe what Kaitlin said is true.. She wants an all girl final.
Spencer: I do too.  Even after everything that's happened, Elissa still wants to keep Candice in.
Judd: I'm not gonna tell Jessie anything.. If you get too close to her, she tries to make wild deals.. Someone tried to make a huge move to get Amanda out, and she used my name.  Coulda completely screwed me..
Spencer: I asked her last week, who would you put up, and she said, Probably you and someone else..I said why would you do that?  "The house."

This is ongoing..   I'm hitting publish for the east coast early risers, and I'll be adding more.. until they go to sleep.

Cam 4
Backyard  Couch
Judd and Spencer

Judd: Like, I trust Helen, but I don't trust Elissa at all.
Spencer: Me neither.
Judd: but Helen's a dangerous player too.
Spencer: Her in the F2 against either of us..
Judd: Her in the F2 against anyone.. She wins.

Spencer: You gonna let her go next week?
Judd: Yeah..  I'm not gonna ruin my game over some girl.. She's tryin' to be a power player when all she needs to do is set back..  I'm gonna sleep in the damn bed with her tonight, cuddle up, play big brother.
Spencer: Bless your heart.

Judd: With Candice leaving this week, everything's going perfect.  I just wanna make sure we get far in this game.. I know there's things going on..
Spencer: Like what?
Judd: Jessie.. I think they are trying to have a girl's alliance.. I'm like, yeah, that would be real smart of me to be the one guy.. 

Both think Elissa has been MVP the whole time..and putting Amanda up.

Judd: I'm gonna tell you what she told me, but don't tell Amanda, cuz she'll flip.  Jessie wants me to flip, and then her, Candice, Helen, Elissa and me are together.. They want a girls alliance. They think Amanda's the biggest player, but she's not.  There are 2 bigger.. I'm a friend to say anything to Andy, because I think he'll tell Helen.

Judd: Look how bad Amanda does in competitions.. Helen also told Jessie everything that was said in HoH room.
Spencer: About 2 weeks ago, Helen was up in HoH with me.. I'm telling you this in confidence. She told me that they'd want my help to get Amanda out before jury..
Judd: She said that to me today in the storage room.. I told her, I think it's a little too early..
Spencer: They see me as a free agent, and they think they can turn me.
Judd: Helen does not want you gone.. But.. That's who we need to be aiming for.  She's that f'in smart dude.
Spencer: Elissa is nothing without Helen.
Judd: She's the head of the snake.
**dingdingding, we have a winner!

Judd: I don't think we need to tell Amanda, not because she don't need to know, but because she'll go crazy right now.  I'm not here to pick off weak people no more.
Spencer: We need to think about people who can beat us physically, mentally...
Judd: Just stick with me 100%.. All we really have to do now is wait around..  I don't know if I should tell Amanda and McCrae.
Spencer: It don't matter.. If we play it smart, it can put Amanda and McCrae's sights on Helen..

Talk turns to the Endurance Comp and how well GM did..  Then back to them and the coming HoH.

Spencer: If it was a situation where I could throw it to you, I'd let you have it..
Judd: It might even be smarter to get Elissa out before Helen, because of MVP.
Spencer: Elissa's nothing without Helen.  My thought is, MVP's over as soon as jury starts.. and the 1st double eviction..
Judd: It's gonna be soon, too.
**very soon! Thursday!

Spencer: I wont tell anybody we talked.
Judd: Just don't think you're the bottom of the totem poll..  I don't wanna say nothin to Amanda til after this HoH, cuz she'll freak out.

4:04am Judd and Spencer wrap up their talk and head inside.. Judd goes to the Cockpit. 

Cam 1
McCrae, Amanda, Judd

Judd: You aint goin' no where.  Don't f'in worry.  Don't shed a tear. I'm feelin' good now.  I hate that Jessie's gonna make it to jury, but I think there are more dangerous people.. Helen, Elissa.. We have to win this next HoH.  They are shady as f*ck.
Amanda: Helen always talks about getting me out.  She's mentioned all of our names.

McCrae: You just have to be on top of Helen and Elissa all week..
Judd: Just be normal. 

Judd tells them about his conversation with Spencer.. and that he just doesn't want Helen to persuade him..

Judd: If he sticks with us.. then..
McCrae: We pretty much have the numbers.
Judd: It's getting down to the point where people are gonna start doing shady shit.  We have the numbers, even if one person flips..  What's wrong?
Amanda: I'm thinking about Jessie.
Judd: Don't worry about her.  I'm gonna cuddle up to that bitch tonight.  Do not fight with her.. or Helen or Elissa.  Candice is going home.  There aint no way, unless she's got a coup d'etat.  Everybody can chill now.  I think even Helen and them would be scared to make a move now.
McCrae: Helen wont do it unless Andy goes with her.

Talk turns to the order of evictions to come.. Helen, Elissa...

McCrae: I think if Elissa goes the 1st week of jury, she'll walk off the show, and then America will get to vote. 
Judd: Fine with me.  They'll vote for who deserves it.

McCrae: I think there's a good chance that all of us make it...
Judd: Oh yeah..
Amanda: I just wanna make sure, if someone puts me up against Aaryn in a double eviction, I'd be safe.
Judd: Absolutely.  Ya'll are family..

Judd reaffirms loyalty.. 
Time check -  4:16am

Judd: I don't want you worrying anymore, because you have as much to worry about as we do - not being on the block.
Amanda: I think I'm due for an HoH.
Judd: If I win, Helen and Elissa..
Amanda: No way.
Judd: Who would you put up?
Amanda: I don't know.. I have to wait and see how the votes come out, but obviously, I'm gonna see what you 3 want and do what's best for all of us.

Judd: Did you say Helen was throwin' your name around?
McCrae: She has been.. for future..
Judd: We have to make a deal that what we say to each other stays between us.. even if it gets heated (paraphrasing).
McCrae: I think, already, we have such a good chance at HoH next week.

Amanda: If you and Jessie re-hook up, then you can redirect her focus to someone else who is better for us to get out..


Judd makes her promise not to freak out or say anything..  And he tells Amanda and McCrae everything Jessie said tonight..

Judd: Jessie came to me tonight, and she said Elissa, Candice and Helen are wantin' to get rid of you (amanda) before jury.. She tried to get me to vote you out.. I said I'd think about it.. I didn't give her an answer..

He then advances his Girl's Alliance theory, where clearly, he would be the bottom of the totem pole.

Judd: I don't want Jessie to make it to jury, but it's more important to get one of them out.

Re Jessie - 
Judd: She's usin' me, but I'm usin' her too.  It's the sickest showmance of all time. 

Judd: Oh! And she knew everything that was talked about upstairs.  It had to be Helen..

Judd:  Tonight she's making out with me.  Hasn't barely talked to me for days. I like it when a girl uses me like that. Use me all you want, I'll use you 10 times harder.

4:51am.. They've been on lather, rinse, repeat for 20 minutes now..
Judd again reiterates that Amanda can neither repeat any of this, nor can she have a freak out..

Judd: I was so scared to tell you, but I needed to tell you all.
Amanda: As long as we have a round up every night.. I wont feel the need to freak out.

With all of Judd's forthrightness, Amanda comes clean to him about thinking he was MVP.. 

Judd finally says goodnight.. Amanda and McCrae remain.

Amanda: Is he still in the bathroom?
McCrae: Yeah. Adderall's bad for you.  The biggest move so far.
Amanda: Gimme a kiss.

McCrae: Was all that worth it?  He's lying.
Amanda: Why was he so adamant about me not saying anything?  I think I know what it is - he wants girls out.
McCrae: You have to keep cool so he doesn't flip.  It's obvious what he's trying to do. He's trying to make us go after them, as soon as possible. I just wish you had been more agreeing, like, oh yeah, that makes sense, because if he thinks you're questioning, then he'll be like, she doesn't trust me.  But as long as you'r estaying this week, it doesn't matter.
Amanda: He wants me to go after Elissa and Helen, so he doesn't have to.
McCrae: What I want to know is if Jessie really knew everything that happened upstairs.. I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow, try to get a feel on her.
**you're both too paranoid now. it's 5:33am. go to bed!

This concludes the Overnight Report. :)  I'll see you when BB wakes the HGs.



Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Oh. Judd. I do not know what to think of you anymore.

P.S. Good Morning!!!

August 5, 2013 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn. Good morning BBDishers. Well, I was really hoping Judd was going to go with the plan to evict Amanda. Yes, Helen is dangerous, but McManda is a team, a package deal. How does he think he'll get to F2 if they're forever together and protected??? She's been on the block twice and they're about to let this second chance fly right out the window with the first. I still think it's a personal thing wanting Candice out, not game at all. But, que sera sera.... If Candice goes, I hope Amanda is right on her heels in the DE. Sadly, it seems no one in the house would have the guts to put her up besides Jessie. I'm not even sure Elissa would. I think Elissa would go back to her original target, Aaryn. Which of course it wouldn't break my heart to see her go either.

Pardon my morning ramblings. I'm just tired of the majority rules thing. It's not exciting at all.

Have a great day everyone!

August 5, 2013 at 5:13 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

Ever since Amanda's been getting nominated by America, I've been thinking that her constant worrying and unnecessary scrambling would come back to bite, not only her, but McCrae as well. At this point, I'm thinking it might be better for McCrae's game if Amanda is voted out this week. As long as she remains in the house, he'll have a target on him by association. On the flip side, it always bothers me when a serious game player is eliminated because they've come to play and play hard, while others stay who, seemingly, don't play the game at all. Yes, Candice, I'm looking at you. I guess the fact that she isn't hitting the sheets by 10 every night like she used to is something though.

Just another observation about Amanda before I start, what's going to be a really long next 2 weeks of work...She really doesn't give McCrae much credit at all and I think he's much smarter than she believes him to be. If I were him, I'd be pretty pissed off at her repeatedly saying that if she's the one to go, that gives Jessie free reign to try to make a play for him. Please Amanda, give the guy a little more credit than that. Does she honestly think Jessie being behind her elimination would entice McCrae to act on any advances that Jessie might throw his way? If that's really what she thinks, than it doesn't appear as if she ever really knew her partner in the game at all, and it makes me question whether she's just using him for her own protection. Initially, I was really believing the whole opposites attract thing, but now I'm wondering if this wasn't part of Amanda's strategy all along; to latch onto a puppy she could train. She should know by now that's not who McCrae is, regardless of how badly she'd like him to be, if at all. She's a good player and makes for good tv, but I just don't know where her head is at lately.

August 5, 2013 at 5:22 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

It's amazing, to me, that Helen has never figured out that everything said to Andy goes immediately to Amanda.

So, Spencer and Judd think they are running things. To me it still looks like Amanda has all her minions doing her bidding. If Judd lets this opportunity pass, the game belongs to Amanda and Mccrea.

August 5, 2013 at 5:30 AM  
Blogger Britt said...

Don't you just wish you could have 5 minutes with a few of the HGs and give them a quick snipit of what we all see? But I guess then it wouldn't be BB.

And Thanks Caro for the awesome job you do!

August 5, 2013 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Britt said...

Don't you just wish you could have 5 minutes with a few of the HGs and give them a quick snipit of what we all see? But I guess then it wouldn't be BB.

And Thanks Caro for the awesome job you do!

August 5, 2013 at 6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the seven alliance should stay solid. Get rid of all the others and then start picking out your own. I'm not sure why people are voting Amanda MVP nom. I have been voting to get rid of Aaryn and think she really needs to go.

August 5, 2013 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Celesta said...

Amanda's ego just won't allow her to believe that America is putting her up on the block.

Well, it's only a matter of time before the head honchos turn on each other.

They're going to regret passing up all these opportunities to get Amanda out.

I like Amanda, but I didn't care for the way she bullied Jesse. Even McCrae was rolling his eyes when she was doing that, and he tried to tell her it was making her look bad. Amanda is so head strong, that's for sure!

August 5, 2013 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good Morning

I am not sure why people are turning on Judd. I have much respect for him as a player. He and Andy have stayed loyal to their original alliance, even when Amanda was freaking out and making it hard to work with her. Even when Amanda and McCrae were having doubts about Judd. Loyalty means something to me.

He is much smarter than people give him credit for. Although many people have touched on Helen being the real power player, they all continue to think she can be trusted and she can be taken care of later on. Judd is the first one to say that Helen and Elissa are the ones controlling things. (Personally, I don't think that Elissa alone has much influence. But as Helen'e right hand girl she does have a lot of power.)

As far as Judd and Jessie, she was not part of his original alliance. He was her friend, her protector and her flirtmance. She is not trying to sway him to flip the vote because she is thinking about his game. She is not keeping him in the loop because she has loyalty to him. She only comes to him when she wants a vote to go her way so she can get rid of the people she wants to get rid of. I don't think Judd is wrong in the Judsie situation.

As for Jessie, I don't fault her for wanting Amanda out. It probably would be a good move for her game. But sometimes it's not about the move, it's all about the execution. She has shown time and time again that she has terrible execution.

August 5, 2013 at 6:35 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I think they can definitely get Amanda out, I just think it would be real bad for Helen's game. She would take her spot as target #1. The guys are not gonna be voting each other out now. If Amanda goes it will be a new guys alliance formed

August 5, 2013 at 6:35 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I dont know why anyone thinks the game can be won before jury

August 5, 2013 at 6:57 AM  
Blogger Mbm744 said...

Oh Judd, I really liked you. In fact, you were probably my favorite. But I have not liked this new side of you that has been shown in the past week. I completely understand he wants to distance himself from Jessie for his own game, but he doesn't need to bash her and call her names. It seems like he does this every chance he gets. Whether he really means it, or if he's just doing it to clarify his separation from her, it's totally unnecessary. Jessie is going to be very hurt if she finds out about that.

And yes, I am still hoping that Judd can be the fourth vote to evict Amanda. There's still three days left, plenty of time for something to change. I would LOVE to see Jessie win HOH during the double eviction.

August 5, 2013 at 7:02 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I would love for someone to slip to McCrea that Amanda has been throwing his name casually around. Doubt it will happen. I am also hoping that Andy and Judd get on board and Amanda goes home this week - hey, a girl can dream, right?

August 5, 2013 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I'm still confused as to why people think it is a mistake for Judd to keep Amanda.

Yes, Amanda and McCrae are a pair. Going into a final 4 of Judd, Andy, Amanda and McCrae-Judd or Andy could easily win at which point they can put Amanda and McCrae on the block. At that point the alliance has to turn on each other so there aren't the hard feelings of someone stabbing you in the back or being disloyal going into jury. He is also pulling Spencer into the group and on the outskirts are Aaryn and possibly GM.

If he votes Amanda out, how does this improve his chances? Now Aaryn, GM and McCrae are pissed off at him. I'm not sure which side Andy would end up on, probably with McCrae, but his trust in Judd would be gone. Spencer, at that point, will continue to vote with whoever has power as long as he is not a direct target. That leaves Judd with Jessie, Candice, Elissa and Helen (who in my opinion has had the most power in the house.) None of those women would choose him to sit in a final 2 next to them. (Keep in mind, a woman has never won next to a man.)

In Judd's position, I would rather go into a final 4 with one strong final 2 (McCrae and Amanda) than to be the fifth wheel of a final 4 that will never turn on each other.

August 5, 2013 at 7:13 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and all my other BB Buddies.

Just dropping by to say good morning before reading the TOR. Had to go to bed early last night because of work today so don't know what happened after 12:00 Louisiana time!

Be back later.

August 5, 2013 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Can someone explain how the 'cursed unitard' legend began. They started the unitard in season 8.

8-Jen, NOT evicted in the unitard
9-Sheila, NOT evicted in the unitard
10-Michelle, NOT evicted in the unitard
11-Lydia IS evicted in the unitard
12-Kristin IS evicted in the unitard
13-Jordon, NOT evicted in the unitard
14-Frank, NOT evicted in the unitard

I have seen every season and I have a pretty good memory, but as with any good urban legend, I had actually started to believe it. Unfortunately (although the HGs would probably consider it fortunate) it simply is not true.

August 5, 2013 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I just want to add to my post about Judd. I know that McCrae and Amanda don't trust him which could hurt his game. However, I think Andy will continue to be the voice of reason, and he is also gaining traction with Aaryn and Spencer.

I'm basing my opinion of why he should not vote Amanda out on two things.

1-Based on what I know, he has stayed loyal to the people he originally made an alliance with If someone makes it to the end of the game and can show they have stayed loyal it means something to me. (This is the reason I would NEVER root for Helen no matter how hard she plays.)

2-Based on what Judd knows and what his two options are, voting out Candice makes more sense.

August 5, 2013 at 7:55 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

I think if it were me, I'd be targeting McCrae rather than Amanda if I wanted to split them up. Amanda has yet to win a competition, and with her volatile emotional outbursts I just don't see her as a threat. Mc Crae on the other hand is a major threat. Everyone likes him, and he is really good at endurance comps.

Andy is on my nerves. If the MVP continues next week, I'll vote for him. He's such a tattler!

August 5, 2013 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

I'm just sitting here thinking. What if it is a nine person jury? Both evictees Thursday would go to the jury house. If they evict Candice, what poetic justice it would be for Aaryn (preferably) or Amanda to have to spend a week in the jury house with the girl they despise so much! (Lucky13 places her mean girl hat on and smirks at the mere thought).

August 5, 2013 at 8:22 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I think right now Jessie is the smartest player ! She knows they have to get rid of Amanda and this may be their last chance, if they don't - may as well have the money to her and McCrae. I think Judd is a wimp, and stupid for telling Amanda his whole conversation with Jessie. Does he really think that Amanda and McCrae are going to take him to the Final 4 !!!! He needs to be looking down the road, because Amanda and Mccrae will take Aaryn, knowing she is the least liked, and weak Andy who hasn't done a darn thing the whole game. I really don't enjoy when BB is so predictable, and all these people run around like scared little ants, of Amanda. She is a piece of work. I guess SHE is the only one allowed to 'play' the game ! No one else is allowed to talk to other people, make alliances or try to make a move, unless Amanda authorizes it ! Don't these people realize that the next evictee, after this, will go to Jury, and if they keep Amanda and McCrae together that is one sure vote for the other. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching all these people watch the feeds after the show, and finding out exactly what each said and did to the other behind their backs. What a hoot !!!

August 5, 2013 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I personally like Candice and have not seem or read anything that makes her a big threat. Getting her out is a pure Personal issue with GM and Aaryn,which shows they are not playing a good game. For all her big mouth bravado, seems GM didn't have the guts to put up power players - little Jessie and Candice . . wow big move GM !!! I would love to see this game turn on it's head for a change as it is getting too predictable. Judd smarten up, take the chance now to take out Amanda and shake up the house. If you don't, you will regret it for sure ! And Jessie, you go girl - you seem to be the only one right now realizing what an obnoxious, bully Amanda is. They are surely going to regret not making this move when they had the chance, once they get home and see the live feeds ! good luck Candice, I hope a miracle happens, like Amanda has another big freak out because other people dare to play the game, and not be her little minions !

August 5, 2013 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

The difference between Andy's tattling and Candice's tattling is this-

Candice will tattle about anyone (including people that were not originally targeting her) and she will tattle to anyone (even if she has never had an alliance or even a relationship with them). I don't necessarily blame her. If I was on the block I would try to put the target elsewhere.

Andy tattles about people that are in some way threatening his alliance and people that he knows his alliance should not be trusting. In my opinion, that is what a good alliance member should do.

August 5, 2013 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

Finally someone is seeing the truth abt Helen. If they keep her she will def win it all. She's too smart and plays too hard but she's so charismatic she's gotten away with it

August 5, 2013 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Wasnt Casey evicted in a banana suit?

August 5, 2013 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger K Byrnes said...

The way Judd spoke of Jessie is not okay. Try to distance yourself, yes. Call her degrading names, no. Yuck.

August 5, 2013 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Casey indeed was evicted as a banana. I thought about adding him but I stuck with the uni's.

August 5, 2013 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Mia Monasdotter said...


Once again I am 100% with you. And for me - loyalty beats everything in this game. Judd has been loyal to Andy, Amanda and McC the whole time... Even when the MVP paranoia has been lurking. Jessie adds nothing to his game.

People/fans who see otherwise are clouded by their dislike for somebody else and suggest emotional moves over strategy. Never a good thing. Keep emotions in check... They never make you win BB.

As for people voted out in costumes...

Banana suit was.
I think Kail was.

August 5, 2013 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Mia Monasdotter said...

Forgot... GM should put up either Elissa or Helen if she was smart. But we know she isn't.

August 5, 2013 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Kegas76 said...


Its not a strictly unitard thing it an overall costume disadvantage and the clause *while on the block* needs to be added because clearly someone wont go out if they aren't a nom.

Try redoing the unitard list, now add people that got stuck in a costume (Frank, Casey, Enzo, Ian...), now cross off anyone who wasn't on the block while wearing them. I can't say it'll be 100% but the rate of eviction will be high.

August 5, 2013 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger Kegas76 said...

Candice Helen's running the game.
Candice: I'm telling you, Judd is with McCrae.

Candice is like the Oracle of Otev. She just lays in bed all day and Apollo reveals the truth of the house to her.

August 5, 2013 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Chatty Cat

I like Jessie, but she could have kept skating by under the radar. Instead last week she made a dumb move and made herself a target. She followed that up by this week making the target bigger

August 5, 2013 at 9:47 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

All the craziness going on right now almost makes you want to root for Aaryn and GM, almost. Aaryn was one of the more logical one's last night. GM was in full queen bee mode even summoning people to her room. I put times on that in the show post.

I'm rooting for Judd and Andy so, for now, I think they should stick with McCranda.

August 5, 2013 at 10:01 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, MIchigan Man! :)) Thank you for putting all the times from the earlier part of Sunday evening in the Party post!!!

Good morning, Jumbo! :)

Good morning, Kegas! :)

Good morning, Mia! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :)

Good morning, KByrnes! :)

Good morning, KWStacey! :)

Good morning, ChattyKat! :)

Good morning, Melanie! :)

Good morning, ShiShi! :)

Good morning, Erin! :)

Good morning, MBM! :)

Good morning, Celesta! :)

Good morning, N! :)

Good morning, Britt! :)

Good morning, Paddy! :)

Good morning, John! :)

Good morning, Lucky13! :)

Good morning, Natural Grace! :)

August 5, 2013 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger Stephanie Webster said...

I totally agree...They are playing like this is Real World and not BB! This is the perfect time to vote Amanda out but everyone is too buddy buddy....

August 5, 2013 at 1:40 PM  
Blogger Stephanie Webster said...

Is this Real World or Big Brother? Make some moves people!

August 5, 2013 at 1:42 PM  

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