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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday!  Today in the BB House, the HGs will find out who's going up as the MVP Nom, they'll pick PoV players, get stressed, get pumped up, play the PoV, and get stressed and paranoid some more... 

The HGs have been told they have a 7:30am wakeup, so most of them are having an early night..

If you were out and about or had an early night, check out this flashback for giggles:

9:52pm QUAD - The Competition for the final spot at the BBQ.
Click the pic to get to The Feeds

For more flashbacks from before midnight on Friday, please see Michigan Man's comments at the end of the Noms post. :-)  And Thank you, Michigan Man!!

Cam 1 - Ginamarie is up in HoH listening to Cristina Aguilera.. 
Cam 3 and 4 - Spencer, Amanda, McCrae are in the cockpit..

Spencer: He had no kind of strategy at all.  I mean, he was a good dude, and I miss his company arund here,  but to be honest with you, the last couple weeks, I didn't have it anyway.
Amanda: I told Candice yesterday what he said to me.
Spencer: He didn't have nearly the strategies you applied to him.  I knew fom talkin' to you, you were giving him way more credit than he deserved (paraphrasing).  That PoV?  That mf'er had one piece on backwards.  You n me scooted around that yard better than he did.  His injury was serious.  If he had any strategy at all, it was that Candice wanted to pull him in for something with Helen and Elissa.
Amanda: I never felt like he was a part of anything..
Spencer: He just needed to say, I got that bitch under control.  All that talking in circles shit.
Amanda: Why did he talk like that?
Spencer: He's not a dumb person, but his communication skills lacked. When he was gonna make that announcement, I was really contemplating hitting him on the head with that pool cue and dragging him outside.. Like, nothing to see here, nothing to see..

Aaryn enters..

Amanda: I was talking to Spencer about Howard and how I thought everything he did was so strategic, and Spencer's like, noo.. He really wasn't that good a game player.

Spencer: He definitely was clueless.. I don't think he was a danger.
Amanda: Yeah, but he was going after me.
Spencer: True.
Amanda: Was I his main target?
Spencer: Honestly, no.  We didn't talk much game.  We talked back home and Candice.. and how Jeremy, Nick and McCrae f'd up the Moving Company.
Amanda: How did Nick f up the Moving Company?
Spencer: By bein' a weirdo.

Aaryn: I hope this Veto tomorrow is..
Spencer: Fun?  Even though I sucked at it, the Keeping up with the Joneses was fun. 
Amanda: I was talking to GM, and she felt like she killed it, and thought the whole thing was rigged.
**Kaitlin won.

Spencer: I thought I killed it.  I went into the living room, and I was like, somebody get me a f'in joint! Isn't it weird to not any any f'in money on you at all.
ALL: yeah..

Aaryn: If I was MVP Nom, I would just put someone up who confirms Candice is going home..
Amanda: If MVP wants Candice to stay, they'll put you up.. because you'll be a vote to evict her.
Spencer: You know who woud go f'in apreshit if they were put up as the 3rd nom?  Judd.
Amanda: I went crazy last week.
Spencer: I could tell.
Amanda: And it was a combination of being a have not as well.  Being put up as that 3rd person rally brings a lot of things to light.. as far as who is with you and who's against you.
Spencer: I may be totally wrong, but I really don't think the MVP is in the house.  I think it's America's Vote. If I was a fan, I'd be like, f'in Rachel's sister is getting it every week?
Amanda: No one would vote for me to go up on the block.. There's way more people that would go up before me.  Like, Jessie's being portrayed as a whining man stealer..

McCrae: Did she ask you a question this week?
Spencer: No.  It's been 6 weeks! (flashback on this - it's very funny - 12:17am  - cam 4)

Amanda: Ginamarie's nomination speech today was the funniest thing I've evewr heard in my life.
Spencer: You're beautiful, but you're a f'in rat.
Amanda: Hahahaah
Aaryn: I'm goin' upstairs..

Amanda leaves too.

Spencer: I think she wants Candice out so bad..  For me, I would rather see Candice go too.  She's got like a freaky ability and she could win HoH.  I think Jessie would crack.. Other than historically on Big Brother, I think Jessie's got a small chance.

McCrae: That's the opposite of what everyone else is saying though.. They think Jessie has a stronger chance to win.  Me and Amanda might be the swing vote this time.. Judd didn't seem to care.
Spencer: I don't really give a f*ck as long as next week the other goes.
McCrae: This could be the 1st week to jury too..
Spencer: I think it's gonna be a 7 person jury. They're not in the business of hooking people up by sending them to jury..
McCrae: The only point I'd make against that is, there's been nothing more than 5,000 as a prize..
Spencer: It's gonna be really hard tomorrow, not being on the block, to not take 10,000.
McCrae: I agree.
Spencer: But I'd rather get the Veto..

They speculate it could be Christmas is August.. The comp with the unitard..

Cam 1

Amanda: But who's more likely to win HoH?
Aaryn: It's not gonna be another endurance.  They don't ever do the same thing twice.
Amanda: True.. McCrae keeps getting annoyed with me..
Aaryn: Why?
Amanda: She keeps coming into rooms and sitting right next to him, and I'll get up and leave..
Aaryn: You do that a lot..

Amanda leaves..

Spencer enters the bathroom.. 
Aaryn: If Candice doesn't leave, we're f'd.  One of us will go home next week, if Candice doesn't go home.

Camera 1

Aaryn: Amanda's freaking me out.. I should never have told her that Jess thinks McCrae's hot.. Now she wants Jess out.  Jess has to win the f'ing Veto, and you know what?  If I win, I'm taking her off.

Ginamarie: First of all, I saved Amanda twice.
Aaryn: She's running around talking about my medications..
GM: Candice has gotta go.
Aaryn: I know.
GM: THat's why I said to you.. people tell you something, sometimes it's better not to say anything.  McCrae's gotta vote her out..
Aaryn: When you talk to Amanda, don't threaten her, but tell her we really want her to vote Candice out.

GM: Helen doesn't say who she wants out.  She is careful what she says. Shit's gonna fly.. I'm not sayin anything til Wednesday.. I had their back twice.. Do this once for me.  Things that I come up with, everyone becomes a family.  THey are gonna do this one thing I axe, because I'm HoH.  If Amanda wants me to help with the whole wedding shit, she's gotta do this one thing for me.
Aaryn: Amanda said, that if I go up for MVP, it means that someone wants to keep Candice.. because I'd be a vote for her.
GM: She said that?
 Aaryn: Just now.

GM: We've got f'in Veto tomorrow.. I'm not gonna drive myself crazy.. I'm gonna wait til Wednesday and everything should be good in the hood.
Aaryn: I hope you're right.
GM: Who's still up?
Aaryn: Amanda and McCrae..
GM: OK.. They're always up.

Aaryn goes to the HoH bathroom.. GM puts her headphones back on..

Cam 3
Amanda and McCrae

Amanda: If I'm a vote, they'll put me up.  I really don't care either way.  They're both f'ing useless and shouldn't be here.  If Candice goes, it wont make a difference.. If Jessie goes, Gm and Aaryn will be against us.
McCrae: Helen and Elissa want Candice to stay..
Amanda: Why?  THey want her over me?
McCrae: That's why.  THey want an extra person against us..

McCrae: I think Aaryn's gonna go up for MVP tomorrow.
**I think it'll be Amanda
Amanda: I think I will.  Even if it is though, I'm not going home..
McCrae: Candice gets picked up easily, and she wrks well with those two.. That's what worries me.
Amanda: Spencer, Judd, Ginamarie, Aaryn?
McCrae: Why'd you tell Aaryn about..
Amanda: I said we should reconfirm with McCrae and Judd.. Jessie's telling everyboyd that she wants to talk to me.. That she f'd up.. She told Helen that this morning.. And she said if she had power, she'd put up GM and Spencer.  I think she's lying.. I think she'd put up me and Spencer.
McCrae: Yeah, I know.  Spencer thinks Jessie wont win anything.  He thinks Candice will.
Amanda: Yeah, Spencer's pushing for Jessie to stay.
McCrae: Makes sense.. He wants to keep a target for next week..
Amanda: Just for us personally, if Candice stays, she wont put us up.  So what do I do?
McCrae: Talk to everyone..
Amanda: I don't want to talk to anyone.. You talk.. I wanna snuggle..

12:44am Amanda: You have a booger in your nose.. (she picks it for him)
 ** Eww!

Amanda: Dude, her speech today was hilarious.  Talk about HoHitis.. She dressed up like it was an interview.. and then the hour long monologues..
McCrae: We're probably fine for this week.. I wanna win HoH next week.
Amanda: You say that every week.
**it would be ironic if he won the next HoH.. no bedroom since it's a Double Elimination on Thursday. hehe.

McCrae: Andy better f'in pick it up.
Amanda: He should be good at that stuff..

McCrae: So we get the HoH bed 3 nights this week?  I shoulda took the BBQ.. Jessie would've made a bigger spectacle of herself.
Amanda: You killed at Rock, Paper, Scissors.
**I once won $50 from a guy in a bar who challenged me to a few rounds.
Amanda: Feel my legs, I shaved.
McCrae: No.
Amanda: Are you annoyed with me today?  I feel like you still are.
McCrae: Why?
Amanda: Because you just had to go to the DR and talk about me being stupid and jealous?
McCrae: i said, you have to be dumb, if you think people aren't targeting you when you do stuff like that.
Amanda: What's wrong?
McCrae: nothing.. we should go to sleep.
Amanda: ok.
**do what?! holy moses!

They move into the bathroom to brush their teeth.. 

McCrae: I pretty much killed that Ginamarie comp too..
Amanda: Ginamarie was like, McCrae kinda opened up with that..  Everyone's gonna be way more sore tomorrow.
McCrae; mm hmm
Amanda: I hope I don't go up for MVP again.
McCrae: Did you hear what Andy did?
Amanda: no.. Did he ask?

McCrae: He brought me and Judd into the cockpit, and he was like, after hearing the fan reaction to Judd during the live show, he was like trying to set up Judd to admit it..
Amanda: Did he come out with it?
McCrae: No. Judd was playing off that he thinks Elissa will get it again..

Lots of smooching..

McCrae: The worst part of those pants was that you can clearly see the outline of my dick.. Ginamarie's pants.
Amanda: I wasn't looking.. I think that's gross.

Walking past the memory wall..

Amanda: Judd's lost weight..

1:01am - Amanda and McCrae go to bed.
**It's a BB miracle!!

Stretch - brb.

Cam 1
Aaryn and Ginamarie

Ginamarie: That's why I wanted her out the first week.  She's always gonna get it.  Money goes to money, I guess.  That's what Jess has been saying.
Aaryn: It might not be..
Ginamarie: I don't know why they don't just give us rules about this.  It makes no sense. 

They move into the bathroom..

GM: Want me to ask AManda why she said that?
Aaryn: No. That'll just make her mad.  She doesn't like when I talk about what she says to other people.  I know why she said it.  They have the numbers and we don't.
GM: Maybe Howard should'nt have gone home.  If Amanda had gone home, we wouldn't have had to compete with her.

Talk turns to zits on the live feeds..  If you insist.

GM goes downstairs to use the toilet.. Aaryn remains in HoH..

GM: Hey, Jess.  What you still doin' up girl?
Jess: I just had to pee.

Upstairs in HoH, Aaryn tends to makeup removal.

Ginamarie returns to HoH.. She still hasn't gotten her hair dye..

Ginamarie: I kinda got gipped in my basket.  Nothing I needed..
Aaryn: What'd you put on your list?
Ginamarie: Makeup, bronzer, tanning stuff.. I asked em, If I'm HoH, can you buy stuff with my money?  They're like, you can ask for it next time.  I was like, can I exchange this, cuz I don't even use this.  I don't tan in the sun.  I told them Loreal Tanning Spray.  This is Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil..
Aaryn: I bet my mom sent a lot of the stuff.. or she like gave stuff to my sister to send me.

Aaryn: That thing downstairs stressed me out, I wont lie..
Ginamarie: Lightest blond wouldn't be on my root, would it? There's three colors.
Aaryn:  Did she tell you how?
Ginamarie: Yeah, but I forgot.
Aaryn: Basically, what I think she has done is to alternate..
Ginamarie: No, my base is lifted.. and there are highlights and lowlights.. If I put lightest blond on my dark, it's gonna be orange.

Ginamarie: We have to win HoH to get hair dye, but guys get f'in free haircuts.  I mean, I'm glad I have it, but if I didn't I'd be f'd.
*nah, you'd just have roots.

Cam 1
GM: I don't think I'm that small, and that costume didn't fit on Amanda or Candice..
Aaryn; or me.

GM: Amanda's legs are way thinner than mine.
Aaryn: But not around the waist.  I was so careful when I put that on, but when I saw them putting it on, I was nervous.
GM: Eh.. I'm never gonna need it again.

Talk turns to Halloween costumes..

GM: I wanna get on Dancing with the Stars from this.
Aaryn: We're not technically stars.

GM lists all of the reality stars who've been on it.. and then goes on to insult Kim Kardashian..

Aaryn: Why is it all these women gain like 75 pounds when they're pregnant?
GM: Cuz they all have f'in eating disorders..  I'm probably 10 pounds less than I usually am.  I weighed in at 115.
Aaryn: That's awesome.
GM: No it's not.  THe least I was was 102.
Aaryn: How tall are you?
GM: 5'3"

Talk turns to healthy weights.. GM wants to be underweight.. Aaryn counsels her to focus more on building muscle.. Then to the competition for the BBQ earlier..

Aaryn; It's so good that Jess got it.. She'll be sweeter.. She'll bond with Helen..
GM: That's why I was like, ok 2nd runner up gets my room for a night.. So McCrae and Amanda are happy.

Aaryn: It's hard to stay cool when someone tells you that if you go up next, you're going home.  That's not something that anyone wants to hear.
GM: (toots up a storm) I took like 3 shits today.
Aaryn: That means your metabolism is messed up.
GM: Of course it is.  I just got off slop.

Talk returns to GM's disappointment with what she received in her basket.   Then to Jeremy.. Ginamarie thinks he's proud of them..

1:49am  At the mere mention of Jeremy's name, then make a rapid descent into mean girl land..

GM: Bunnyyy... Who's better than us?
Aaryn: Nobody..

Ginamarie asks what hashtags she should use for her tweets.. They spend several minutes coming up with a bunch of useless hashtags that no one will ever do anything with..
**Content, ladies.  Think actual content.

Aaryn: Can you please do a tweet to Vinny (from Jersey Shore) telling him I want to meet him?

Aaryn: Basically, Jeremy and Kaitlin were throwing us under the bus the whole time.  I didn't do any tweets to them.  None.  I did one to David..
GM: Dude, we're going on vacation..
Aaryn: Oh.. you have to do hashtag bbxv..

GM: I wanna shout out Helen's kids..
Aaryn: They don't tweet.

Aaryn: Do you know how much fun it's gonna be to go clubbing when we go home?
**mmmmmaybe not so much for you.


Aaryn: This veto tomorrow better rock. I better get a sweet prize.
Ginamarie: Why am I getting pimples, like, on my stomach?  It's kinda nasty.

Ginamarie: Nick!  He looks cute in this picture, right?

Aaryn: (looking in the fridge) You got brie! 

Gm and Aaryn are the only people awake, and they've long since descended into the completely inane...  Heaven help me.

Skippy feels my pain and flips the quad to sleeping HGs..But only for a minute.We return to HoH where GM is admiring a picture of herself as a child.. Talk turns to Elissa, whom they both think has scary lips.

My ears are bleeding listening to these two.  I see no reason to subject your eyes.

Ginamarie: Do you think Jeremy and Kaitlin are together?
Aaryn: No.  I think Jeremy's already banged half a dozen other girls.
Ginamarie: So what does that mean?  Nick's bangin' other broads.
Aaryn: Yes.
Ginamarie: F*ck you.  I miss him.

Aaryn goes into the bathroom to talk to the fish.. Ginamarie's very happy to have won this

GM: What do you think PoV's gonna be?
Aaryn: Bad Santa.  (she explains)  It'll be like a crap shoot.  The person who does the worst will get box number 1, and that always has the Veto in it.  The next person can either take the next box, or they can take the veto..

GM: How can they just decide that there's no Have Nots?
Aaryn: (laughs) Because they can do whatever they want.  I think it's awesome, cause I was about to volunteer to be one..

GM: I'm tired now.
Aaryn: Me too.
GM: Beddy time..  I hope it's not spelling.  I'm really horrible at spelling.
Aaryn: If you get out, and Jess and Candice are still playing, if you get Veto, they're gonna take it.. If you know that there's someone still playing that'll take the veto, take a prize. It's just smarter.
GM: I'm excited.  It's my 2nd Veto I get to play in.
Aaryn: I'm excited too.  I have a feeling I'm gonna get to play. Oh my gosh, Gemsie.. If something weird happens and I go home this week, at least you got to be HoH.  If I get HoH again next week, everyone's gonna hate us.
GM: It would be awesome.

Aaryn: Where's Nick's hat?  I wanna wear it.  I'll give you a kiss on the cheek.
GM: Then roll over and ignore me for the rest of the night.
**Aaryn's responsive expression is perfection.

Aaryn: What would we do for America if they give us MVP next week?
GM: Flash my butt.
Aaryn: They've already seen out butts.. I just like ice cream
GM: Goodnight..
Aaryn: Oh, I forgot to tell you..  When I was in the cockpit, Spencer said, I really think America's MVP.  And Amanda was like, Why would they put me up?  And  Spencer was like, If you make one move that America doesn't like, they'll vote for you to be wevicted.  And she was like, Well, what moves have I made that they don't like.  And he said, Well, you're really mean to me.
GM: Awww.  Do you still have Nick's hat on?
Aaryn: no.  I put it over there.  What would you do if your Pandora's Box was Nick?
GM: That would be so amazing.
Aaryn: I really hope you get one.  Even if it's a punishment for the house.
GM: Thanks, babycakes.  You're awesome.
Aaryn: Ditto..

2:53am Goodnight, ladies..  No.. not quite..

Aaryn: I think Elissa and Helen will be too scared to not vote Candice out.
GM: Yeah, I think so too. 

GM: Do you realize I called Candice a rat? hehehe
Aaryn: And my nipple just came out twice.
GM: Yes!  She knows better not to step to me.  She knows I aint scared that's why.
Aaryn: Oh, she stormed up here like she was gonna fight you.
GM: She talked, but she didn't raise her voice.. She's like, well I didn't name names..
Aaryn: She just did that to make Elissa like her.
GM: You don't have to do things to make people like you.
Aaryn: It's like a gang initiation, where they have to kill someone.. Just like Candice with her nasty weave.
GM: I've never seen someone so ugly with her makeup off.  She looks good with it on.
Aaryn: I don't think she's attractive at all.  That's very nice of you.  Very generous.

3:03am... No talking for 5 minutes. OK.. This time, I think they mean it..  Goodnight, HGs.  Sweet dreams...



Blogger Jumbo said...

Good morning seattle

I just realized they were smart to get rid of Howard. He would have dominated that HOH.

GM is an interesting person. Not an interesting HG or HOH, but she does seem to have a good heart. I dont know who is more uncomfortable to watch laugh at their own jokes, her or Helen?

August 3, 2013 at 4:46 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

Now they have 2 funny segments for Sunday's show. All the drama though lately they'll probably stick them in somewhere else.

I just noticed the cams times are off again this morning. It's 10:24am here and 7:09am on the cam.

My prediction for Thursday is Jessie, if still on the block, or the third nom will go and then a power player will get taken out in the double eviction.

Have a great day all :)

August 3, 2013 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger lee said...

OMG! That GM bit was heeeeelarious! I was cracking up. I am so surprised that nobody did her crying for hours and days over Nick.

August 3, 2013 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

This is my version of the nomination ceremony.

So, I want all a yous to know, any one a yous can be a winner. We all gots our special talents. This crown I'm wearin', this don't make me no better than none a yous. It just means I'm the best at rollin' logs. All a those years in the pageants taught me balance and poise.

I told all a yous to vote with your hearts. But ya see, the real truth a the matter is, I got the crown and as long as I'm wearin' this here crown on my head, yous all gotta vote the way I tell yous to vote. That's what it means to be QOC.

(Aaryn: Uh, GM, it's not QOC. It's HOH)

What the hell ya mean. You people's can be whateva the hell you wanna be. I'm queen a this motherfu**in' castle. So's, let's get on with tha mothafu**in' nomibinations.

Candice-yada,yada,yada,...blah blah blah...tattle tale rat. But woman to woman, ya know I got mad respect for ya baby.

Jessie-blah blah blah...yada yada yada...snake. But you know you's is a beautiful woman.


(Aaryn-Uh, Gemz, you can only nominate two people.

What the hell ya mean I can only nomibinate 2 people. I'm the mothafu**in queen. I can do whatever I want. I'm wearin' the mothafu**in crown.

Ok. Ok. So. we got Candice, the rat and Jessie, the snake. I want yous all to vote with your hearts. But keep one thing in yous's heads. This house is like a mothafu**in jungle. In jungles, the snakes, they eat the effin' rats.

(Aaryn-Uh, Gemz, that speech was already used on Survivor.)

Huh...oh yeah, I know Ima motherfu**in survivor. I survived losin' Nick. Nick, I love ya baby. This is for you.

OK, so where was I? Snakes...rats...vote yous hearts...I have all the motherfu**in power.

(upstairs in HOH with Aaryn)

Did I do good? Would Nick be proud? Hey, when I was tellin' em about snakes eatin' rats and stuff, do you think they knew what I was talkin' about? I don't want 'em thinkin' Im promotin' some kinda hermaphrobalism.

August 3, 2013 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

So far McCrae has worn Amanda's pants and Ginamarie's pants. He actually looks good in them. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

August 3, 2013 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Vivian Phillips said...

Hi Caroline...Saw this comment from you on the Overnight blog:
McCrae: i said, you have to be dumb, if you think people aren't targeting you when you do stuff like that.
**do what?! holy moses!

McCrae and Amanda had a lover's spat last night starting when Amanda asked McCrae to join her on the bed when Jessie sat next to him up in the HOH bedroom. This started on camera 1 at around 10:25 then went down to their bedroom and into the shower. She asked him if he wanted to separate. He said no, but he seemed really contemplative, like he was rethinking whatever relationship they have.

August 3, 2013 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Dang-I hadn't even turned the feeds on yet and I am disliking Helen even more. How is that possible?

August 3, 2013 at 9:06 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning! :))

The HGs are up! Please come join me in a new top post.



August 3, 2013 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

Omg roflmao

August 3, 2013 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

hilarious. thank you.

August 4, 2013 at 1:32 PM  

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