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Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Morning

Happy Friday, BB Lovers!  There is no Have Have Not Comp today, and the backyard is open, so it doesn't look like there'll be any other comp either.  Remember, BB has the Endurance Comp to show on the Sunday Show.

There will be Nominations Today.  From discussions last night and this morning, Jessie and Candice are the likeliest to go up, and while GM and Aaryn, her unofficial co-HoH, are definitely targeting Candice, Helen and Elissa have other plans in mind: the want Jessie gone.

If this is your first time on BBDish today, please have a look at The Overnight Report, so you'll be all caught up. :)

Now.. Let's join our HGs...

Ginamarie: Too many country songs.  I couldn't really dance today.
Judd: I love country music, but I just didn't have much sleep..

Andy: Whoever picked the music today is a jackass.
Elissa: So are you. 
Ginamarie: I thought it was the same f'ing song over and over.
Andy: Helen hated that music too.
Helen: I'm open minded to all kinds of music, Andy.
Andy: Where was your dancing then?
Helen: That's true.
Elissa: It's cuz I was up dancing.. She knew I had it covered.

Candice comes in.

Candice: Hey Girls..
Elissa/Helen: G'morning, Candice.. 

After this few minutes of banter.. they quiet down for more sleep, when Candice appears..

Candice: Can we not go outside?
Jessie: I think it's locked.
Candice: We must be having a food comp..  or luxury..
Elissa: Wishful thinking.  Whatever happened to the duvets for these beds anyway?
Helen: They've gotta be somewhere in the house.

A hush falls over the house.. With the exception of Candice, everyone is in bed.

Camera 3
Candice: (yells to the sleeping house) Backyard is open!!  Backyard is open!!

Helen: Thank you!!

Helen grabs her running gear and heads to the bathroom.

Helen: You look like you've lost weight.
Candice: Thank you.
Helen: I wanna tell you, I'm really sorry Howard's gone.  I loved him as a person, and I love you.  I'm really sorry you're hurting.
Candice: I don' think he allowed people to get to know him like he allowed me.. I think he allowed me, because I'm a representation of people he sees in his daily life.. Soically, he had odd tendencies around other people. With me, he was open and playful.
Helen: He nevr talked to me.. He would play with me though, and I enjoyed his company..  Anyway, I love you and I'm glad you won a little something yesterday..
Candice: Thank you.
Helen: Hang out with Elissa and me.  We can fill up the void.
Candice: I gotta find out what's going on with Jessie.
Helen: I don't know.. She came up to me at 3:15 last night and asked me to talk.. I said I wanted to sleep first. It's never good to start a conversation that late at night.
Candice: She's like a different person.

Helen: She (Jessie) hates me for some reason now.. It's gonna take.. It's obvious that it's effecting her.. and it's effecting you.  We didn't wanna do it last week, cuz there was a bigger target for us.  There's no final 4.. It just gets to a point where you have to knock off people.  She never talked to me about it.  She excluded me.  I'm not gonna bring that up to her.  All the things that she did last week, I never got angry, I never approached her about it.. I knew exactly what she was doing.. I knew she was just stirring the pot.  Same thing with saying me and Elissa don't need the money.  Everyone needs the money. Why go around and spear my name?  She's saying she's not working with Judd?  BS.. Why me?  I have always been loyal to her.  I did not go off on her at all.  She was after me.  She was in an alliance with..  She made up a deal.. And then Jessie spilled it to you?  She did it purposely. What did I ever do to you?  I've done nothing to you to harm you.  I just wanna know what it is, and I want it to stop.
Candice: mm hmm
Helen: All these things I found out about Howie and Spencer, and now she's doing the same thing.. I should be like, look, I'm not the kind of person to lash out.. I could ruin her game.  She's ruined my game, and I've worked so hard to be here.  It just kills me.  I couldn't talk to her last night.  To me, she's like a little devil.
Candice: mm hmm
Helen: This is where I get to the point when I need her out of the house.
Candice: She never came and hugged me.. Yesterday, it was like I didn't exist, and having been with me the night before, concocting a plan.. For her to go through that effort?  And then come apologize?  And then woke up the next morning and didn't even talk to me.. didn't talk to him.. I was like, is she a different person?
Helen: Maybe she's schizophrenic.. I don't know.  I could be really angry, but my anger management skills.. I'm gonna lay out all the things she's done to me.. I'm friends with Aanda.. I'm friends with you.. I was friends with Elissa when the rest of the house wouldn't talk to her.
Candice: That's how I was with Howie.

Timecheck -- 10:19am -- Called to the Diary Room, Amanda heads downstairs.

Helen: Well now Judd's like, I can't work with her, cuz she's lost her shit.  That was her closest ally.  48 hours.. she turned around.  But now that I know about last week.. All that scheming.
Candice: It's like, I wanna talk to her, but Im scared.
Helen: The way she was talking to Amanda?  She was so mean.
Candice: Well, Amanda was pretty mean too.
Helen: I don't wanna get into an argument with her. (Jessie)

Candice: It's almost like you need a witness when you have a conversation with her.
Helen: I'm gonna bring Elissa in there.. You and I and Elissa can go in there together.
Candice: You need a witness..

10:23am Aaryn comes into the bathroom..  Helen and Candice leave.. McCrae is up and about.  Spencer is fending off the light with a bandana..  Helen gets suited up to run.. Candice climbs back into bed..,  Aaryn tends to her hair.

Helen: Oh, McCrae, pizza for breakfast?
McCrae: Always.

 Cam 1

McCrae: Not good.
Ginamarie: Not good?
McCrae; We fought all night.. Now I have to do diary room.. 

Gm heads up to the HoH room with some of her stuff..

Cam 3/4
Amanda's out of the DR.  She goes up to HoH and is greeted with big hugs from Ginamarie.. Talk turns to the tiff she and McCrae had last night.

Aaryn comes up and gives Amanda the rundown from last night..

HoH Room
Cam 3
McCrae, Amanda, Gm

Amanda: I have to go back to sleep, or I'm gonna die. 
Ginamarie: Normal checkout is 3 o'clock, so you guys got time.
McCrae: Oh my Gahh..

Ginamarie talks to and feeds the fish.. "Come n get it, mother f'ers."

**watching and listening to this, I can totally see her with 16 cats.

Cam 3
Done with the fish feeding, Ginamarie gets to work on her face..

Aaryn comes up.

Aaryn: This white fish on the bottom here, he's so awesome.  He eats everything.
Ginamarie: That's probably why they die.  Get the food!

Aaryn: Do you realize that after this next eviction, there's a 50-50 chance of winning half a million dollars.

Aaryn counts the fish.. She thinks there are 11.. just like 11 HGs.

Aaryn: Uh oh.. I'm kinda worried about this fish.. He keeps trying to crawl into that hole.. I think he's choking.
GM: Another one?  WHy do they keep on dying?
Aaryn: THis one here.. his fin's all eaten off.  He's the next one to go.  WHy do they always pick on?  Nevermind, I'm not gonna say anything.
GM: hehehe
Aaryn: Ginamrie, you are a problem.  These white fish are so fast.  They're like throroughbred  champion fish.  He's dying.., I don't like it when they start dying.
GM: Why do they eat them? That's like a hermaphrodite.
Aaryn: No, that's a girl with a weiner. It's Cannibalism.

Talk turns to chickens and their vicious ways..

Aaryn: oh no.. that poor baby.. let's name them.

Cam 1 and 2
Helen and Judd

Helen: She looked awesome.
Judd: After seeing how comfortable she looked.. I think her dancing and not smoking and stuff.

Helen: She's a great girl, always happy..  What made me sad was when she was talking to McCrae and she was like, I'm not smart, this is my challenge, I'm not good with numbers..
Judd: I felt like we were safe, and I knew who she was gonna go after.
Helen: And it allows McCrae to play next week, which is always good for us.

Judd: Her target's clearly Candice..
Helen: But you agree, we wanna try to keep Spencer off the block..
Judd: oh yeah.. I'm down for voting Jessie out.
Helen: I think Jessie needs to go, and I think that'll be better for your game too.
Judd: We're so on the same page.
Helen; She's your closest friend, so I'm gonna let you take the lead.
Judd: She's not my closest friend..
Helen: If Candice goes, someone will put you and Jessie up against each other.

Talk turns to keeping Aaryn and GInamarie til jury.  THey both want them there and feel they wont be bitter jury members.

Helen: I'm afraid people like Jessie and Candice will come up with schemes.. I think Candice can go next week.  I think Jessie's more dangerous. I've tried to talk to people and let them know you're not together..
Judd: And Candice let me sleep in her bed last night, so I didn't have to sleep with Jessie.  I 100% want her gone.  She is game suicide for me.
Helen: The worst thing she can do is start telling people that you put her up to stuff..
Judd: It's not who has money back home.  If that were the case, they would get homeless people to play..

Helen launches into her shpiel.. Judd counters with his.. It appears Judd has redeemed himself for the moment.

Andy joins them outside..

Judd:  She's a typical person who plays the game too hard, too early.
Andy: You don't flip the house..
Helen: Not when you have the numbers.  Don't mess with the Knockouts, that's for sure.
Judd: Heck no.  We'll knock you right out the game.  I feel like, I brought her in and she shit on us. Not just me, but all of us.  You mess with one knockout, you mess with us all.
Helen/Andy: I agree.

Talk turns to last week.  Spencer comes out, with Andy's mic.  Andy is touched. Helen goes in.

Andy: Candice at least, is the worlds worst game player.. It's nice to have her here and have a target on her, because we always know what she's gonna do.
Judd: Jessie was not lookin' out for me whatsoever.
Andy: (to Spencer) In 32 hours, Jessie and Candice have become your biggest allies in the game.
**by making themselves bigger targets.
Spencer: Well, I hope they continue.
Judd: We all want Jessie on the block.

Cam 1 and 2
Downstairs Bathroom
Elissa, GM, Helen, Aaryn

They're wondering what time the BBQ will be.. and Nominations.. Talk turns to GM's win last night, and the crew's reaction to her, which was very sweet. And onto zip lines..

Cam 1 and2
Jessie has joined the backyard crew.  Talk is all about the comp last night..

Jessie: I don't know what happened.. Like, I didn't let go of the bullhorn, I didn't trip.. It just caught up with me. 

11:52am - Jessie goes inside.

Andy: Whatever, I'm happy GM won.
Judd: Me too.  I was like, thank God I didn't put her up as a pawn or anything..
BB: Spencer, please go to the Storage Room.
Andy: That sucks so much to fall first and pull the punishment.
**Spencer has a megaphone, and he may only speak through it. Candice got 5k. Helen got a BBQ, to which she can bring 3 people.

Spencer goes inside.. Judd and Andy remain.

Judd: 5,000 dollars.  My God, I've never had 5,000 dollars.
Andy: I know.  Same. Hopefully, both of us, if we keep going as we are, we'll make it to jury.
Judd: I don't want just jury.
Andy: Me neither, Judd. Me neither.
Judd: That's one of the only big moves Ive made in this game, and she's not even giving me credit for it.
Andy: Every week, I feel like we could go home, but I still like the position we're in.  I don't think people associate us as being as close as we are..

11:58am Spencer returns..

Andy: What do you think is worst?  The megaphone, solitary confinement or Helen's curfew?
Judd: Solitary confinement was a full 24 hours.. But then Helen's..
Andy: he couldn't talk to anybody..
Judd: 8 o clock..
Andy: People were just waking up for the day.. hehehe
Judd: 8 oclock.. My cousin's 8 year old daughter don't go to bed that early.

Cam 3 and 4

Jessie: She's bringing the game to a bbq, and I just think that's tacky.
Aaryn: I'm not upset.. I'm not upset with anybody.. I didn't come outside, because I felt like I would just go off..
Jessie: At a point, I felt like I was just trying to defend myself..
Aaryn; It's good to get it off your chest.
Jessie: It was pretty bad last night.. The arguing..
Aaryn: It was.  Her personality dominates, but you held youself pretty well.
Jessie: I didn't care what I looked like.  I just wasn't gonna let her get the best of me.  Basically the whole argument came down to whether I had plotted to get her out.. and then Candice came out.. and added to it.. If that's an excuse in this house to get someone out..
Aaryn: That's why she has to go..
Jessie: She has to go.  If she goes up against me though, at this point, I don't think she'll go.  Something to think about.
**The reason for this conversation.

Aaryn: I think I'm going to ask the DR if the MVP is in the house.  I wonder if that's something they'd tell me.
Jessie: Well, GM, I don't wanna take up too much of your time today.
GM: Whatever you want to say, I'm all ears.  Usually we do a food comp.. I wonder if nominations will even be today.
Aaryn: 100% they will.

GM: There's still a spot open, Jessie.  We're having the Gems impersonation contest.
Jessie: I'm not very good at impersonations.. I knew from the moment you announced it..  What if you go to the BBQ and there's all this beer?
Aaryn: I'm gonna get hammered.

Aaryn leaves.. Jessie has a brief pre-HoH Noms meeting with Ginamarie in the Bathroom.. 

Jessie: Just very briefly, I wanna tell you that you are not one of my targets.  You never have been. There are other people who have been targeting you for weeks.  Spencer has.  Candice has.  I'm sure people are going to come to you and say you can't trust me.  But you can.

They hug..

Timecheck -- 12:12

Cam 3 and 4
Storage Room
Quickie with Andy and Aaryn

Aaryn: OK.. So I was talking to Amanda earlier.. I know I have a relationship with Judd, but my loyalty is always to you, AManda and McCrae..
Andy: Mine also. Like, if you were on the block against Helen, I would vote to keep you.  I cannot be more solid on that.

Andy: Hey everyone!  The Nominations Today sign is up!
**it is.

Aaryn tells GM she should wake McCrae and Amanda, so she can have her meetings up there.. Ginamarie does..

camera 1 and 2
Helen and Jessie

Helen tearfully confronts Jessie about the past 48 hours..

This concludes the Friday Morning update.  I'm gonna take a little break, then return with an afternoon update in a new top post.. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time poster who wants to thank Carolyn for all her hard work and dedication keeping us up to date on everything that goes on in the big brother house. To show my appreciation I hit the tip jar.

I also want to thank all that post her regularly; you make the game much more entertaining. This years’ group is a hard group to like at times. I think all of them have done and said things that make me cringe. I try to keep in mind that this not normal and that it seems to bring out the worst in people.

I always seem to root for a woman so Amanda has been my girl, I liked Rachel her first season so I guess I like um load. I am loyal so it takes a lot to put me off but think she has exhausted me. I still like her but feel like she is not willing to listen to feedback from McCrea on her behavior and how it affecting her game. She even seems to get mad at him this is really off putting. If you want to play the game well you have to listen to your allies.

The whole comment thing with Amanda and Howard is interesting and it doesn't seem like we will ever no the truth. At first I just figured it was the truth; her reaction was quick and has not faltered. I was on twitter and surprised by the reaction to it. It just seemed like a comment par for the course with this lot and her she reaction per her norm was over the top. I have no idea if this could some how damage Howard reputation on the outside or but if so I hope for his sake if it is false the truth comes out.

At this point I am rooting for Judd, McCrae and Candice (I had hoped Amanda and Candice would team up)

Oh and very happy that GM is HOH - she is just the nuter we need right now.

Thanks again everyone and happy Friday!

August 2, 2013 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Thank you very much!! :0) Please make an account, so I can address you by name. :)

August 2, 2013 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger Terraific said...

Man oh man, this house ...these people...this game! I made a contribution to your new ear fund, albeit a small one. Seriously, thank you for all you do Carolyn. Not sure how you do it, but we are all grateful!

I haven't commented much this season or said much on chat because I'm usually on my kindle and by the time I get it typed out the conversation has moved on. But I check the blot a million times a day! You've built such a wonderful home here and I love being a part of this family!

Cheers Dishers!

August 2, 2013 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Hayden Smith said...

Gah this week will be a waste if either Jessie or Candice are evicted. Let's hope someone makes a power move on the double eviction night!

August 2, 2013 at 11:08 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Hello Caro, that nap I had taken for the endurance comp along with the coffee I drank during the show has mixed up my sleeping pattern. I was wide awake until after 6am. Mac finally woke me to be let out and have his breakfast after 10. Now that it's 2ish I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.
Helen running in figure 8s is putting me to sleep.

August 2, 2013 at 11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all has been said and done I am now a Judd fan. Go Judd Go!

August 2, 2013 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Okay, I used my google this time so hope that works. Thanks again Carolyn! I am really looking forward to you transcribing GM :) Hope you don't have to many issues.

August 2, 2013 at 11:15 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I will once again state, I do not know the truth beyond a reasonable doubt. I have looked at the evidence so far and if I had to give an innocent or guilty verdict, I think Howard is guilty.

Things have gotten really nasty this season and it just continues to get worse. I was rooting for Amanda. I still don't hate her but I completely understand why she has lost fan support and I would not try to defend her in that sense.

However, in the case of Howard and the 'did he or didn't he say it' it seems that people are taking the fact that they don't like Amanda and automatically finding her guilty without really looking at Howard's total character throughout this show. I am talking about his TOTAL character-not his CBS edit. I am sorry, but it kind of reminds me of when a woman who dressed too sexy would be assaulted and suddenly the victim was put on trial because she was 'asking for it'.

August 2, 2013 at 11:16 AM  
Blogger Debbie Darling said...

I just spit my iced tea all over the keyboard. 16 cats. Yeah that one got me! Thanks as always and would like to remind others about the tip jar. I can honestly say it's the best money I've spent in weeks! :)

August 2, 2013 at 11:18 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Please can we send Helen home to cry and lie to her kids? Ok Candice, great reader of people, how can you miss on other bad act? Helen and Elissa might wat Jessie out, but I know not as much as Aaryn and Spencer want Candice out

August 2, 2013 at 11:21 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I think McCrae started getting buyers remorse last week. If Amanda keeps it up they may need a divorce lawyer by sunday

August 2, 2013 at 11:26 AM  
Blogger Divr said...

Helen is definitely the politician. However, she sometimes forgets what she has said. In her conversation with Candice about Jesse, she apparantly forgot her comment to Candice, right before showtime, about wanting Jessie out. And now her attitude about Jessie is new. Ooops

No one seems to connect that much of the turmoil and fighting that goes on in the house is a result of Helen's lies. And when confronted she just lies more. But I noticed the other day in the HOH when Helen was going on about wanting Judd out, Elissa sat there quietly listening and taking it all in. I was hoping that at the right time she will tell Judd what Helen was scheming.

I concur with others in here, and with Dan G that it is time for Helen to go.

August 2, 2013 at 11:33 AM  
Blogger letsgetlost said...

Carolyn, thank you for your time and dedication!

I have been a long time reader, and this year am a first time live feed subscriber. This has always been the place I go to "get the goods" and loved hearing what you all had to say. Maybe because I watch the feeds I feel more emotionally connected to the house guests (?) ... but I feel the comment section is getting more and more negative and disrespectful (about the house guests) and that makes me sad!!

I know many of us don't agree with what certain people have done at certain times in the game, but that doesn't mean we should bash them as people. Can we PLEASE remember the house guests are HUMAN, and even though they may act/react differently than you believe you would under the circumstances... how are you to know unless you are in the situation yourself?

Fellow dishers, spread some love, not hate!! This is a game we all love or we wouldn't be here reading, watching, and commenting.

August 2, 2013 at 11:35 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I am wondering if anyone has any opinions on the following. I'm not trying to start a debate and definitely not trying to start a fight. Just looking for opinions.

By including the racism story line for the t.v. onlys instead of addressing it on the live show or having a special extended episode, do you think they were able to do justice to the whole story?

Based on the fact that a couple of these people's lives and careers will be ruined, do you think the punishment fits the crime?

Do you think that all the publicity singling out Aaryn (even Julie Chen has added to this) is fair?

Do you think by concentrating on the 'bad' people, CBS has failed to show well rounded pictures of the other HGs, flaws and all?

Do you think based on Candice being outspoken and not afraid of confrontation that she may have done anything to fan the flames of animosity between herself and Aaryn?

August 2, 2013 at 11:46 AM  
Blogger Adam said...


I think you're right, broski. Amanda is def. affecting McCrae's game. If the wrong person wins HOH, he's going to find himself on the block with her and because of her. In fact, I was kinda hoping Spencer would win it because it would shake things up a bit in that respect. It would also teach Amanda some humility.

August 2, 2013 at 11:49 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The game seems to work like this: Amanda and/or Helen decide someone is evil and a target, they start the campaign, Andy swears to it, and the smear is on. The three of them talk so fast and hard, no one has the opportunity to catch them out on their BS.

Anyone who has had the slightest dream of not going along with them is the immediate target. They are voted out, or beat into line. There is near zero chance of anyone flipping this house. There is a good chance that Amanda will be the MVP nominee again this week, I guess we'll see if anyone has a pair.

As to what Howard did or didn't say to Amanda. So what? Have you heard the garbage that comes out of Amanda's mouth? Take a look again, she laughed, then remember how she looks when she is actually a bit afraid, like when nominated.

August 2, 2013 at 11:52 AM  
Blogger Imissjeff said...

I love big brother so much but my least favorite part of it is how cruel the houseguests get. This smear campaign against Jessie is hurting my heart. I have nothing for her or against her, but I just hate seeing strong people praying on the weak. It happens almost every season and it gets to me! On the other hand, while I hate what they are doing to Jessie, maybe it is better for Judd's game if she goes...afterall Judd is my favorite. As for Amanda, my fellow Jewess, I have a love hate relationship with her. Loved it when she defended Jessie from the mean girls and Jeremy but hate how she is now bullying Jessie herself. I will say it again...there are bigger fish to fry!!!! I wish the other houseguests could see what Helen is doing!! Se creates so much chaos and pretends to be super-mom...if only they would all compare stories they would figure out how dirty she has actually been!!! (Ok rant over)

August 2, 2013 at 11:57 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I couldn't agree more. I have never been more bothered than I am this year. Although the HGs did not start off on a good note and have definitely continued to pile up mistakes, I am more disheartened by the fans this year than by the HGs.

I have seen so many tweets and links to different blogs and articles that have just left me flabbergasted. I get angry, sad and confused to think that everything these people are accusing the HGs of is exactly what they are doing with their comments. I would never venture into a chat room. I tried it once 2 years ago. I thought I was mean, but those people are vicious.

I only wish that some of the people posting these hateful comments had to be videotaped 24/7 for just one week so they would be forced to admit that they too are human.

I have seen some people tweet and retweet the same comments dozens of times about what we, as fans, need to do. All I can wonder is, if they spend all their time telling other people what they need to do to change the world, when do they have any time left to do anything to change the world?

August 2, 2013 at 11:57 AM  
Blogger sally said...

Hello everyone,
I am a professional lurker. But I have watched BB and the feeds since season 1. And I have been a follower of Carolyn for as long as I can remember.
I feel like I have to come out of my shell to make a comment. The BBDish chat room has become a hate room for Amanda. Especially since the recent release of the carefully edited racial slurs video.
Many of those were taken completely out of context. I know because I heard her say them. Some were real. Amanda is no saint. I realize that.
My point is this... Aaryn has a very well paid PR firm working on her behalf to clear her name. The release of this video has taken a lot of heat off of Aaryn. Just as it was supposed to.
One person in chat just said that she made an anti-jewish racial slur herself last night when she saw the good edit that Amanda got.
It is a good thing the cameras were not rolling in that house 24/7.
That is all. Thanks.

August 2, 2013 at 12:03 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Oy I hope Howard didn't make the comments BUT as much as I dislike Amanda it seems unreasonable for her to make it up, especially after he's gone. Maybe it was some type of misunderstanding. Whatever it is I'm glad Howard is gone so that Amanda/Howard dynamic is over.

I wish the other houseguests would have gone to Candice before and said hey Howard is saying xyz...where was Mama Helen then?

Also...is just me or does Macrae seem more mature than Amanda. I don't see that relationship standing the test of time. To me Macrae seems easy going and genuinely nice and it seems like Amanda brings the worst out in him.

August 2, 2013 at 12:05 PM  
Blogger John W. Ratcliff said...


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It's super easy to add a bitcoin tip button, just set up an account at www.coinbase.com and add the donate button just like you do with PayPal.

I will be happy to be the first to tip you with funny money if you do.


August 2, 2013 at 12:12 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

RE: the racism thing. I think the mean girls said some stupid stuff, realized it was malicious, and cut it out. I think everyone in the house has pretty much moved on at this point. Any racial comments since haven't really been said in a nasty way.

The unfortunate thing is production won't just let this die like it would in real life. IRL, you apologize and neither side rehashes past mistakes.

August 2, 2013 at 12:19 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...


I think CBS always does a poor job of fully showing all the houseguests. Danielle got a very polite edit last season as she was the craziest liar I have ever seen. I'm never satisfied with how CBS edits the show and always have to fill people in who are tv only. In this case CBS had to show something just being responsible television and if they showed all these houseguests fully I think they would lose viewers. This has really been a hard season to root for anyone.

To me, I wished that the tv didn't only single out Aaryn but if they were going to single out anyone she'll do. I would bet after this Aaryn will be fine. Aaryn needs to be shook up and hopefully this does it, but I doubt it. Aaryn not only says bigotted comments she never seems happy. She is a little above mean girl to me...like a forever mean girl who prob won't grow out of it. I think there is something in that house that is breeding nastiness and everyone has fallen victim...even my beloved Judd!

At the end of the day wrong is wrong and if it takes losing a modeling contract I think it's fair. My problem is when ppl become complacent and write off other ppls actions. If no one faced any consequences thats when I would have a problem.

August 2, 2013 at 12:28 PM  
Blogger Adam said...


BBDish isn't a hate room for Amanda. It's a group of people who are watching what it going on. No one here is putting words in her mouth. We're simply reacting to it. If her comments make you feel good, then by all means, keep rooting for her. She was one of my favorites at first. I think she's smart and funny, but that doesn't mean she's can't also be a total jerk sometimes.

August 2, 2013 at 12:30 PM  
Blogger Adam said...


Not true. It's very easy to root for J-U-DD!!!

August 2, 2013 at 12:36 PM  
Blogger Claryssa said...

I think that CBS did a fair job showing the comments. It wasn't as if she only said one or two comments on the feeds. In my opinion, she was out of line. I respect the agency for not wanting her and her views to be the face of any brand they partner with. While GM has said things, I believe she is not held to the same standard because she is not very intelligent; though she was also fired. I give Candy praise for the way she showed restraint. I can't imagine living in a house with someone that attacks one's race and religion. My temper would have gotten the best of me and I would have been expelled.

August 2, 2013 at 12:40 PM  
Blogger Markson said...

Maybe I am missing something...I have the feeds and follow them quite a bit. In fact when I'm not doing that I'm usually checking feed updates via forums and twitter. So maybe by chance I may have missed something but can someone point out any of Howard's previous allegedly vile comments? I don't recall seeing any behavior similar to what he has been accused of. I don't recall seeing any flashback posts about this type of behavior either. This may not mean much to anyone because anything could have happened with regards to the incident but it seems like a key argument against Howard in this harassment issue is that Howard is not "what he seems" and he gets friendly edits by CBS when in reality he is despicable. I'm just asking because I haven't seen it from him. Can anyone provide me with some specific examples? For the life off me I thought this "immoral manipulative Howard" thing was an Amanda paranoia freakout thing that she carried too far and got personal?

August 2, 2013 at 12:52 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Now I know without a doubt that Helen does not have an authentic bone in her body. Crying (fake tears I'm sure) because Jessie said that Helen and Elissa didn't need the money-seriously Helen, people have been emotionally ripped to shreds in this game and you are going to cry your eyes out over something like that? But the nail in the coffin showing me that she is a HUGE fake-she can't even follow her own script. She stole Judd's line.

"It doesn't matter how much money someone has. Otherwise they would put homeless people in here."

August 2, 2013 at 1:26 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

I know. Helen will get made before this is through.

August 2, 2013 at 1:49 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Helen is pretty sad. I dont think if seen someone this ingenuine since Shelly. I cant believe anyone buys it. If she brought her act to me I'd be like "what a strange person"

August 2, 2013 at 1:57 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I guess I don't feel like it's my job to punish people on reality programs. I don't consider it complacency because there is nothing I can do to make a difference to the people within the BB walls. Unfortunately freedom of speech is not a crime. The best two things I can do is see the faults in the people that are putting their lives out there for all of us to watch and then take a deeper look at myself so that if I am guilty of any of the same faults I can work to correct them. The other thing is to use these types of life experiences to help educate my children and show them how harmful words can be.

August 2, 2013 at 1:59 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I dont take notes, but ive definitely seen here in updates and with my own eyes Howard making sexual comments about the women

August 2, 2013 at 2:00 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I dont think he is despicable, i think he is just like anyone else

August 2, 2013 at 2:05 PM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

I'm crossing my fingers that Helen is the second one kicked out on the upcoming double eviction.

August 2, 2013 at 2:08 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I saw Howard make comments about being able to control Candice and that McCrae needed to learn how to control his damn woman.

I heard him make comments about not having any interest in Candice but he was going to keep her under his thumb.

I heard him talk about offering to pray with Jessie as a way to get close to her and keep her on their side and under his thumb.

I saw him coaching Spencer on how to talk about religion to Elissa as a way of getting closer to her.

August 2, 2013 at 2:14 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I agree again. They are on tv to entertain us, not to be on trial for there opinions. Love them or hate them, when the show is over let them go in peace.

August 2, 2013 at 3:00 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

I went to go try and track it down nd I found where Caro had mentioned it but I didn't look at the date. It was in week one or two. "Howard joins the testosterone fest. At 1am, they all start talking about how talented they imagine Amanda is with her mouth, but rather crudely."

August 2, 2013 at 3:01 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

i feel the light should shine on racism and all the isms and Aaryn is the worst kind of offender and just keeps going. I'm glad they lost their jobs and hope this csuses them to get some diversity training. they could certainly use it.

August 2, 2013 at 3:09 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Aaryn is still at it and it is just mean period

August 2, 2013 at 3:12 PM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

I was up til 5:30 back up at 7 for the kids fast and still haven't slept. I was afraid to even drive today. But it was worth it! Anyone know where I can view the Howard Amanda moment? I missed it.

August 2, 2013 at 4:13 PM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

I've tried many times the last few weeks & the links not working on my fone. I screwed up with feeds and I don't think I linked frm here so I wanna contribute but it won't let me! If I had her PayPal acct name if just do it right there.

August 2, 2013 at 4:15 PM  
Blogger Markson said...

Thanks all. I actually found a post evict interview in which he gives his side and while I still don't know or trust how threatened Amanda said she was, I also see what you guys now mean about his edit. I never thought he was a saint but I don't like some of this behavior I'm learning about. Absolutely dissapointed, are there any decent people in this bunch?!?!

As far as the incident he said in a nutshell that he was trying to make amends and let her know it was nothing personal but it also sounded as if he had tried to make a pass at her. I now think he said it and I don't know if his intention was to make her feel threatened but I feel like he was an idiot to say anything to her in the first place.

I'm kinda torn...I love the drama this season but the cast makes me want to gag.

August 2, 2013 at 7:28 PM  
Blogger Markson said...

It's kind of weird for all of GM's racist comments I don't think she is racist(Aaryn is another story.) but I think GM just goes with whatever the "in crowd" happens to be doing and if that means bashing and bigotry, then she'll be doing some bashing and bigotry.

I'm actually more saddened by her the more I hear and learn about her as opposed to being outraged and angry like when Aaryn opens up her mouth. Not that any of that is a decent excuse because it isn't but I'd like to think there was some type of hope that somewhere inside GM's views on humanity would change if she were able to work on herself and fix her issues, maybe build some confidence in herself and reach for some self worth.

August 2, 2013 at 7:38 PM  
Blogger Stacey the KWConch said...

But its not so what. She asserts that she was or felt threatened. There's obviously a tremendous diff between shit talking and threats. Actually idk y both wld even come up in the same sentence for comparison

August 3, 2013 at 6:20 AM  

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