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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Tuesday!

2 more days til the double eviction live show!  The HGs haven't been tipped off, but they are feeling it nonetheless.  They believe that if there is a double eviction this week, it will mean 2 things: an end to the MVP twist; and the beginning of a 9 person jury.

Our houseguests were full of game talk on the live feeds late Monday night, as well as severely unhealthy doses of paranoia.. It's all here in the Overnight Report. :0)  Dive in and Enjoy! Times and Cameras are provided so you can easily access anything you'd like to view on flashback.

To all of you who have gotten your live feeds via the multitude of links here on BBDish, and to everyone who encourages this madness and hits the tip jar, I say Thank you!

Rainbow Room
Helen and Jessie
Cam 3

Jess: If one of the guys wins, they're gonna protect each other.  That's another reason to get her out.
Helen: But we can't get her out.  We don't have the votes.

Jess: We might.  Me and Judd are getting closer.  I could work on him.  You should stay close to Spencer.  I'll stay close to Judd.. Andy too.
Helen: I will. 
Jessie: I'm not campaigning to get Amanda out though..  Right now my concern is just managing Candice.. I want her to feel like we did evrything we could.. So she doesn't bash us before she leaves.. She's still like a timebomb..

Candice enters.  They all decide to go outside..

Jessie: Juddly Studly.. Oh wait, I forgot my sweater, and it's cold outside..

Judd follows.

Cam 3
Judd: Is everything cool?
Jessie: Yeah, we're just trying to manage Candice, cuz she's a ticking timebomb.  She's gonna go home this week.  We're just trying to make her.. comfortable.

Judd: Do you think she'll blow up?
Jessie: I hope not.
Judd: She said, I may have one more Keepin' it Real with Candy.. Earlir today.. or maybe yesterday.. I think she means in her speech though. She'll just be the one to look bad.
Jessie: Everything's good. We're all on the same page. That's why I wanted to be here.. I was afraid Helen and Elissa were gonna try to turn it on me..
Judd: Did you tell em it was too early?
Jessie: No.  I told them nothing. Helen was the one that told me that the timing was bad.
Judd: Oh, ok.


Cam 3
McCrae and Andy, then Helen and Jessie

Andy: I bet.. if we have a 7 person jury, this week will not be a double eviction.  If we have a 9 person jury, this week will be a double eviction and we'll be done with MVP.
McCrae: I'm done with this MVP bullshit.
Andy: I kinda like it.
McCrae: I just want the next HoH.
Andy: I'd put up Jessie.. I just don't know who the next person woud be.. I feel like, either way, it'll be Spencer or Ginamarie, and I'll break one of their hearts.
McCrae: It'd be easy for you to put up Ginamarie..
Andy: And my reasoning could be you pulled my key last, you called me up as a possible renom..  I just feel like, with my luck, then she'll get HoH next week, and put me right up.

Andy: Helen, come over here.  Talking to Candice breaks my heart..
Helen: I know.
Jessie: She told Judd there's gonna be another keepin' it real..
Andy: The time is soon, but not yet.
Jessie: I know.. I feel better after we talked today (Amanda)..

Candice comes out.

Helen: It's cold out here.. I had like 4 cookies and now I have a belly ache..

Cam 3

Judd: You keepin' it real?
Candice: Mostly.

Andy: Havin' a night swim??
Ginamarie: (is)

Candice: What if I fell in the pool?
Spencer: I would laugh my ass off.  In the clownietard?
Candice: Yes.
Andy: It would make the show.

Cam 1
Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae

Aaryn: I'm really stressed.  It's one of those days where it just gets to me.. And GM is just so loud and there's so much shit she says that makes no sense at all, and I don't understand how she's 33.
Amanda: it's just her glory week..
Aaryn: I haven't said anything.. There's just no where to escape in this house.
McCrae: You're tellin' me.
Aaryn: I like a lot of people here.. It's just, when there's no where to escape, it gets really hard.  I think if I had a McCrae, it would be easier.. GM's supposed to be my person, but when I have a conversation with her, she hears nothing I say, she interrupts everything, and if I have to hear another word about Nick.. Just as much as you don't want America to view you as a bitch, I don't want America to view me that way..
Amanda: You're really pretty.. You're definitely entertaining..  People are gonna like you.  Just do you.  Put it this way, I'm gone up 2 times, and people think America's the MVP.
McCrae: I'm having that kind of day today too.
Amanda: You are?

Aaryn: And I'm scared that what Gems does is gonna reflect on me.
McCrae; Oh you're scared of that??

GM comes up while Amanda's showering off the tanning crap..

GM: Oh.. my.. God..

Amanda: Are you coming in here?
McCrae: Yeah.. I wish I had my swimming trucks though.
Amanda: I don't have mine..

 12:38am McCrae gets in the shower.. I can't show you everything that's visible, but you're welcome to hop on flashback.. Camera 1 - 12:38am

Cam 1 flips to..
Aaryn and Judd

Aaryn: GM.. I legitimately think she is certifiably crazy..  and this is like being in an insane asylum up here.
Judd: hehehe
Aaryn: I'm serious.  I don't know how long I can deal with it for my mental sanity.  And I can't get away..
Judd: She's in the hot tub now.
Aaryn: Amanda and McCrae have each other and that's an escape.. GM is like a trip to the insane asylum.

Judd: Thursday next week will be the toughest.. If we can survive next week, we can survive anything else.

Cam 3

Andy: I love Candice, but for my game, it's better if Candice goes.
Helen: I agree.  Amanda's not coming after you or me.
Andy: I agree.

Jessie comes in.  Candice says goodnight from the door.. 

Cam 1

Aaryn: She's like hitting me with a hotdog..
Judd: hehehe..
Aaryn: I know it sounds funny..

Cam 3

Andy: I love Candice, but at the same time, she tried to flip the house on Helen last week.
Jessie: Well, I'm here for both of you guys.  I would never do anything without consulting..
Helen: Thank you for trying..
Jessie: Yeah.. Goodnight.

Helen: Through conversations with friends..
Andy: I feel like McCrae is always Amanda Amanda Amanda..
Helen: She's like an albatross to him.  He wants to win this game.   If you think about it.. No one would suspect it.  It allows him to play his game.  Also, Judd.. We just have to be aware..
Andy: I know.
Helen: And I know Amanda thinks it's Judd too.  When the time comes, we have to backdoor him.
Andy: I agree.  I think that after this week, it's gonna get ugly, but it doesn't have to yet.
Helen: I agree.. and if Amanda isn't on the block, she can help us vote out people..
Andy: I agree.  I think Amanda and McCrae are both still valuable..
Helen: I agree..
Andy: And I feel bad about Jessie, but..
Helen: If she wins HoH, we have to be really nice to her.

Andy: If we don't vote out Candice, GM and Aaryn, we will become public enemy number one.
Helen: I agree.
Andy: I feel like, once we see who HoH is, we can go from there.. I'm gonna fight my ass off for it.  And I'm due for one..
Helen: It would be great if Amanda won it too..

Andy: This is gonna be a hard vote for me.. If you see me looking sad or talking to her, don't think I'm wavering.. I'm still voting her out, but this is the hardest vote for me.
Helen: Me too.
Andy: I've been working on Spencer hard core.. in case he gets HoH..
Helen: Who do you think he'll put up?
Andy: Not one of us.  He's even come up to me and thanked me, saying no one else will talk game to him.  I'm been working the social game so hard this week to make sure we're ok.

Andy: I have to think about it a lot if I get it (HoH).
Helen: McCrae, Spencer, you and Judd.. I love all 4 of you guys, but I feel like Judd is the most dangerous..
Andy: Yeah.. Judd's playing a similar game to me.. but the good thing is more people trust me..
Helen: And as long as AManda's drama can come down..
Andy: But at the same time, it keeps the target on her, and not on other people.

Both agree they hate the drama..

Andy: This game is all about timing, and it's not the right timing now.  If it were someone like Elissa up there, then duh.. but I like Candice. 
Helen: This is gonna get harder.  We like everyone.

Timecheck -- 1am

Cam 3 - Andy and Helen join Spencer and Ginamarie outside.. Chatter
Cam 1 - Elissa is in the Rainbow Room with Candice, talking about how deep she is and how much she misses home, husband, etc.


Andy, McCrae, Judd, Aaryn, Amanda

The boys hate the white pillow..

Andy: White pillow, you have no allies in this house.
Judd: I'll smother you..

Talk turns to Candice, Elissa and Jessie..  and keepin' it real.

Aaryn: I hope she does.
McCrae: That will seal the deal for me..
Aaryn:  Who does that? That is trash.

Talk turns to the Beatles.. favorite songs..

Cam 1
Candice and Jessie
Rainbow Room

We join this conversation in progress..

Candice: You like penis and vagina? Good for you.
**pardon? I may have to flashback for context.
Jessie: On that note, I feel like I've gone out on a limb for you a couple times.. and the more I do, the more..

Candice: That's how I felt with Howie.. But I don't get how I became more of a threat than Spencer or Amanda.  I'm on the block for personal reasons..
Jessie: And the whole reason she stated was because of personal reasons..
Candice: SO to me it's like, you're wasting your vote on.. I haven't won anything.. It's all because of personal antics.. and because 2 immature girls are making personal attacks on whoever they think I am, it's crazy.  I'm definitely not a bigger threat than Spencer or Amanda.
Jessie: That's why I'm fighting.. and I feel like I've done everything I can.. There comes a moment where I feel like I have to shut it down.

Candice: You need to be carefdul when I leave.  Like, you have to win next week.. and you have to be very cautious of who you put up.  It has to be big players.
Jessie: For sure.  My only hope would be to shake up the house.
Candice: I firmly believe they have a final 4 deal trogether.
Jessie: Elissa, Helen, Amanda, McCrae?
Candice: That's the only thing that makes sense.

Elissa enters.

Candice: We're just talking about reasons why I would be considered more of a threat than Spencer orr Amanda.
Elissa: Did you talk to them?
Jessie: Yeah.. I went upstairs.. and they quit talking.. so I just hung out so I could look them in the eye.
Candice: i just wanna be taken out for gamew reasons.. this is personal.  There was nothing game related in that speech.  I don't see how I'm this huge threat.  I'm not this big, tough, Kaitlin-esque girl.  Yes, I'm intuitive and perceptive and I figure things out quickly, but that actually could be an advantage to people I work with.
Elissa: This room is so much nicer than that room, but AManda and McCrae are so messy..

BB: Andy, please come to the Diary Room.

Elissa: Did you go tonight?
Jessie: When you go, do you shoot the shit with them?  Everyone seems to know them on a first name  basis.  I just go in there, do my shit and leave.

Fishies.. Timecheck - 1:27am

Jessie: What do you think?
Elissa: I really think Spencer should go, but they want to keep him.
Jessie: Like, do you talk game to Amanda?

Elissa: Not really.
Candice; I just wanna know.  I'm not mad.  it's a game.  I'm a rational girl.  I'm just really confused.  It's not rocket science.
Elissa: But if it was, I could do that too.
Candice; Like last week, Spencer was the target.. No one cared which one.  Spencer is still in the house.
Jessie: She thinks a lot has to do with GM.. Maybe you could start there.
Candice: Pride before the fall.  There is nothing possible I can say to the girl.  I don't think she even knows she's playing Big Brother.  Like, girl, it's about taking out big targets., not taking out someone who has more crowns than you. Unless she's working with other people.. Which could very well be the case.  I knew it was gonna be bad if Aaryn stayed in the house.
Elissa: Yeah.. I don't know why people agreed to that.
Jessie: Yeah, it really wasn't benefit to you.. in retrospect.
Candice: You kinda sorta helped her, Jess, and you ended up on the block.  If I go home, I'm just a number lost.
Jessie: Who can we convince?  You can talk to Amanda..
Candice: Amanda's not voting..
Jessie: But she can talk to McCrae..  Ya'll are making me do everything.. I made out with him last night..
Candice: I'll talk to Judd.  If I offer him something, I think he'll do it.
Jessie: He was like, you haven't campaigned at all.
Candice: I've campaigned to ya'll. It has to be you, Helen, Elissa and one more person.  And Helen's bonding with GM.
Elissa: Aaryn and GM will be more influential next week..

1:37 --

Elissa: I don't want loyalty from Aaryn, or expect it.
Jessie: you have a good relationship with Andy..
Candice: But he doesn't want blood on his hands.  This is a numbers game.  I am a number.  If they did come after you guys, I'm a number.  If they eliminate me, I'm not a number.

Elissa: They want none of us to have relationships with everyone.
Jessie: And the longer it goes, the more power they have.
Candice: It's whatever.. I mean, I'm definitely.. I'm a number.
Jessie: You make a really valid point, and if we're talking from a game standpoint, there are much bigger targets on the block this week.. but like I said, i've over extended myself already.
Candice: This is up to me.. If it involves kissing ass, that's not my personality.. If it involves talking game..
Jessie: I don't have the answers.

Candice: If I can make a deal with Judd, and Judd agrees, do you think Helen will agree?
Jessie: I don't know..
Candice: I see 2 storylines that could be happening.. It's Amanda and it's Helen.. and eventually they will have to split.. and if Helen makes a move against Gm..
Elissa: If Spencer goes, you don't think she'll get over it?
Candice; Maybe.. but maybe she's thinking about it from the perspective of respecting the HoH wishes..  They hate me.
Elissa: They hate me too.

Candice: My other thought is, McCrae could be putting Amanda up, so he can play the game with the boys..
Elissa: It doesn't even matter who it is..
Jessie: I don't think it's Andy or Judd. They have plenty of opportunity to campaign against her.
Candice: What about Spencer?  What I said was true.  He said he wanted her to choke on a cord..
Elissa: Maybe Spencer's related to someone..
Candice: I'm telling you, he manipulated me to vote the 1st week, and when I asked him about it, he was like, get away from me, and then he made up the hat story.. He is very intelligent and very dangerous..

Jessie: So why don't you talk to helen?  Just between the two of you.  You've got to let her know this is bad.. for numbers.
Elissa: She doesn't care.  ..Kaitlin was the determination.  I saw this happening.  That was the worst move ever.  The whole thing was a lie.
Candice: It was completely fabricated.
Jessie: The thing with me helping Aaryn has been completely blown out of proportion.
Candice: It makes no sense for me to try to make a deal with Judd, if I don't have Helen.

1:50am -- Andy enters.. fresh from Diary.. Chats a moment, and departs..


Cam 1 -- Candice and Jessie are in the Rainbow Room
Cam 3 -- Amanda and McCrae are in the cockpit

Candice: Andy's kind of a swing right now.. He's in the middle.
**and that is exactly what he wants you to believe. 

Jessie: That's why I'm wondering if Helen should depend so heavily on him..
Candice: I just love Andy.  I just wanna put him in my pocket.
Jessie: I love him too.  I hope ya'll don't think I'm being negative.  I'm in no position to be saying this.  I'm pretty much screwed going forward.
Candice: I just know that if I stayed, I would be way more trustworthy and loyal than SPencer.  I don't know why Helen wants to keep Spencer.  It makes no sense to me.  But I'm gonna give it to God.

Cam 3
Judd and Aaryn

Aaryn: You are basically telling Jessie the same things you're telling me.
Judd: She's the joker in the deck.. The card you throw away.. She was trying to be Janelle..
Aaryn: Were you saying I was trying to be Janelle to Helen?
Judd: I never talk bad about you.. None of them do.

Aaryn; Do you think Amanda and McCrae legit have our back?  Especially Amanda?  I'm starting to get nervous about it.  I'm starting to think Helen and Elissa are super aligned with Amanda.
Judd: They wouldn't want her out.

Talk turns to MVP paranoia and theories..

Judd: I'm not MVP, if that's what you're fishin' for.
Aaryn: No.  I'm saying, unless Amanda's aligned with Helen and ELissa, why is she feeling so safe?  Like I was, are you sure Elissa's not MVP, and she snapped at me.
Judd: They trust you.  They told me that they did, without knowing I would tell you.  
I trust you and GM..
Aaryn: She almost put you up.
Judd: Why?
Aaryn: Because she was afraid you were gonna swing and get Amanda out.  She's said she's never gonna go after Helen, She's never gonna go after ELissa.. She wants to go after Amanda.
Judd: What sense does that make?
Aaryn: She wants Candice out first.  If I ever try and talk game to her, she doesn't listen. She thinks I'm an idiot. I don't understand how someone 10 years older than me can act like a 16 year old.
Judd: You can be 50 and not undertand this game.
Aaryn: I think you're one of the smartest people here..

I spy people in storage..

Storage Room
Andy, GM and Elissa..

Dental dam education.. 

**nothing to see here.. moving right along..

Ginamarie thanks Elissa.. It appears she did her roots.

Cam 3
Andy, Judd, Aaryn, Spencer

Ginamarie: Oh hi Andy.. I had the dental dam experience..

Talk about Amanda's tough love..

Aaryn: You wouldn't love me if I weighed 170 poinds.
Judd/Andy/Spencer: I would.


Elissa: Putting targets on us.,, saying this game's all about us.. At least he's not telling the whole house blatantly..
Helen: I've been telling you, she's been saying you, me, amanda and mccrae are in a final 4.. and Jessie's a nut job.

Elissa: Jessie's just like making up shit..
Helen: THis is something we have to think about.  Amanda's not gonna come after you and me.  She's gonna go after Jessie.  If she's here, it keeps McCrae from going over to them.
Elissa: We need Spencer to go then.
Helen: After this week.

Elissa: I heard Andy talkig in the storage room with Judd, and he said he olnly trusted Judd, AManda and McCrae.
Helen: hm.  Anyways, we have to keep her in the game until we take out Judd and Spencer.
Elissa: I just couldn't believe he didn't say your name.  Maybe they were just talking to make sure they were solid.

Helen: We have to be really careful.. If I win HoH next week, that's what I wanna do.. (backdoor Amanda?)
Elissa: They think they're 12 years old.  I don't see how you can be in the game and not think with clear laser focus.  GInamrie is flighty..
Helen: Everyone is against us.  We have to win HoH, or we're going home.We have to shape the game.
Elissa: You think it's definitely knockout?

A wee bit of jedi training.. Then motivation from Helen to Elissa, who says she can't win anything..

Helen: I want it.  We need to stay safe.  Make deals.

Cam 1

Helen: Why is there a condom next to my bed?
Elissa: That's what Andy left for us.  It's a Magnum.

cam 3
Candice: Gimme the coup d'etat.  So I can change the nominations on Thursday.. and put their f'in asses up.

Cam 1
Andy, McCrea, Amanda

Andy: I just don't get the point of that.
Amanda: Judd brought up that I want to backdoor Helen, and that's what freaked me out.. I was like, we have to tell Andy, NOW.  If we have a double eviction next, Andy needs to know what's going on.

Judd enters. He small spoons with Amanda.

Amanda: What's wrong?  Who are you sleeping with tonight?
Judd: My little person, Jessie.
Amanda: Are you vagina buddies again?
Andy: I thought I heard you scissoring last night..

Judd complains about Candice and Jessie holing up in his room for hours and hours tonight, trying to figure out a way for Candice to stay.. 

Judd: Remember when you called Candice a fool, and she was like, Pants on the ground, pants on the ground?
Amanda: I didn't even understand that.

Judd goes outside.

Amanda: He lied about the Kaitlin thing.. He said ELissa and Helen were masterminding the whole thing..
Andy; To get you out?
Amanda: He said the girls alliance, and they want me out, because they know I wont go with them.. He is MVP.. You have to go with your gut.. And.. He controls Aaryn's mind.  He has her convinced Elissa's MVP.
Andy: I totally trust Elissa.
Amanda: I know she wouldn't put me up. 

**2:35am She's talking such convoluted MVP Paranoia crap right now, my fingers and my brain refuse to connect.

Andy: You don't think he'll flip and vote to keep Candice, do you?
Amanda: No.
Andy: Do you think Jessie knows about all of this?
Amanda: no.  No way.

Andy: Helen says she trusts you and McCrae and she wants you around..
Amanda: You should tell her me and McCrae think Judd is MVP.
Andy: She thinks so too..

More speculation about Judd being MVP..

Andy: A part of me wants to extend an olive branch to Spencer.. from the alliance, but without him knowing..
Amanda: Judd did.. I think Judd and Spencer may have something going on.. We have to get rid of Judd, because he wants to get rid of Helen and Elissa..
Andy; He's going to flip.
Amanda: I know.  That's why he has to be backdoored.
Andy: I wonder when he talked to Spencer.. because a couple days ago, I talked to Spencer and I said, I can't say why, but I have the ability to help keep you here..

Amanda: I think he's gonna get Aaryn.  I can't trust her anymore. I trust you and McCrae, fully 100%. And if you trust Helen 100%..
Andy: I think Helen wants to go far with me and Elissa.
Amanda: That's all we need.  You, Helen, Elissa, Me, McCrae.. and we protect Aaryn until..
Andy: Aaryn trusts us a lot though.  It would be perfect if Elissa got HoH.
Amanda: Aaryn is just as bad as Elissa now.. All she does is talk about Elissa..
Andy: She told me today that she thought Judd was MVP.

Andy: If one of us gets HoH, we put up Jessie and Spencer and backdoor Judd?  What if it's a double eviction?
Amanda: They still play Veto.

Andy: A part of me thinks it would be better to backdoor Spencer this week..
Amanda: But then Candice is coming after me.
Andy: But I'm becoming concerned that Spencer is working with Judd.
Amanda: It's not worth it..
Andy: I agree.
Amanda: And he hates Jessie..
BB: Amanda, please do not obstruct your microphone..

Andy: Helen is ready to make a big move.  Elissa would do whatever Helen tells her..
Amanda; I think Elissa's purposely not talking game, because she was in such a bad position the 1st couple weeks.

They speculate about who would put up who.. Then back to Judd being MVP in their minds.. Both agree that if there's a double eviction this week and they win HoH, they'll put up Jessie and Spencer and backdoor Judd.  They then realize that if it's jury and MVP is over, Judd wont be such a threat.. And they continue spinning their wheels.

Cam 1
Backyard - Couch
Spencer, Judd, Amanda, Andy, McCrae

Chatter about what sort of souvenirs they buy when they travel.. Coffee mugs, etc.

Cam 3
Aaryn and Ginamarie

Chatter about the day.. Both make wake up music requests.. Favorite songs..

Aaryn: What's wrong with you?
Ginamarie: I don't know.  I'm not normal.  I miss Nick!  Can I just have him in a box for 5 minutes?

Talk turns to Nick's early departure..  More on Nick and the Moving Company..

Amanda comes up for help with clogged pores on her back. Aaryn and Ginamarie are happy to assist.

*I'm squeamish. Whatever face you're making right now, times 10.

Cam 3

Amanda: That was funny.  They were pickin on me like monkeys.
**Precisely what I thought.

Amanda and McCrae head to bed..

Judd and Spencer

Judd: Aaryn was aggravated with me..
Spencer: What do you think her place is?  Going to jury?

Judd: My thinking is, me you, Amanda, McCrae.. I feel like I'm forgetting someone.
Spencer: Do you trust Andy to be loyal?
Judd: I do..
Spencer; I trust him, but I do worry about his relationship with Helen.  I think a lot of people want to split up Helen and ELissa as fast as they can. That'll solidify his position. Understand what I'm sayin'?
Judd: Yeah.

Judd: This HoH Thursday is most important.  You want it because it guarantees a spot in the jury, and you take out whoever you don't want in jury.
Spencer: I think most people want Jessie out.  It's a keep blood off your hands type option.
Judd: I would rather Helen in jury than Elissa, but..
Spencer: But which is more dangerous?
Judd: Right.  She'd be mad, still, but I think she'd understand in the long run.

Both assert their need and desire to win this coming hoh... Then a bit of jedi training before they say goodnight..

3:37am finds Judd alone in the bathroom.. counting on his fingers.. then.. to bed.

Sweet dreams, houseguests. :)  See you when BB wakes you!



Blogger Debbie Ravelo said...

Carolyn, as always thank you so much for everything you do. I've read your Blog for years and just love your commentary.
I can't take the "show" this year. Wishing you the very best!
I'll be back next year because I have not given up hope that someone at CBS will fix this mess. Good luck to all!

August 6, 2013 at 3:56 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Morning Our Precious.... (rubbing my hands together and making odd noises.)

Haven't paid much attention tonight so I'm ready to flashback to some things I heard chatters talking about.

Hope you are ready for your post TOR nap. It will be morning for them before you know it. I'm too confused to comment intelligently but that's never stopped me before. I hear Amanda has crossed a line. Off with her head! She now wants Judd out? If he gets evicted because Amanda mistakenly thinks he is the MVP CBS and AGP is going to hear more from me than they ever have. (Not that it will do any good but I'll feel better after I send it to them. And a copy to Julie and Les too.)

But it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully Judd will win HoH before Amanda does. He and Spencer were playing a bit of "before and after" at one point tonight, or "order of comps". They go hand in hand.

I'm off to read.

♥ ♥ ♥ You!


August 6, 2013 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn. Good morning BBDishers! Just popping in for an early hello. I'm reading TOR and just got a little chuckle. Helen and Andy... Every statement confirmed with an I agree. It's a bit annoying, but funny at the same time. And Andy... Oh Andy... How long will it take for you to scurry back and report everything to your leaders McManda??? I think sooner than it takes Ginamarie to drop an f-bomb. Do you agree Dishers? I agree.

August 6, 2013 at 4:35 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

Morning Caro, thanks again for all you do.

so maybe Monkey is not a racist term in Amanda's language?

There was something i thought i heard during Sunday's show that i have not heard here, announcer said something to the effect, America, your vote will be more important than ever...

di anyone else hear that, or was i imagining?

If i did hear that, is it possibe that for the second eviction, america votes to evict?

back to season 1.

if so, i guess its bye bye Amanda?

August 6, 2013 at 4:59 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

These are just awful people. I was ready to excuse some of their behavior, Spencer was just locker room crudeness, I looked at Amanda's comments the same way, Ginamarie belongs in a residential treatment facility, Aaryn is just vile. Last night (706pm camera 1/2) Spencer talked about beating off to child porn. I think he may have been being just really crude, but so what. How far do you allow it to go? The thing that makes these people the most vile is that they never call each other on it. Unbelievable. I think I'm watching in hopes that they all lose.

August 6, 2013 at 5:40 AM  
Blogger Reneep. said...

Good Morning Carolyn!
Can someone fill in the blanks for me... who is really with who? And I think these house guests are going to look back and wish they had listened to Jessi. Have a great day everyone

August 6, 2013 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Candice finally figured it out. Its a numbers game. Vote out Candice and you make no enemies. Vote out Amanda, and yougots a problem

August 6, 2013 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I haven't started reading TOR yet. I was just catching up on the end of After Dark from last night.

A lot of people have asked why it seems so many people don't like Candice. Personally, I find her annoying. It's that simple. She was back on her 100% train of thought. 100% sure McCrae is mvp, 100% sure McCrae is working with Judd and Spencer, 100% sure McCrae wants to get Amanda out of the game, 100% sure they won't be together after the game. It just gets on my nerves, not necessarily more than some of the other HGs but they aren't on the block and she is. That's my reason for not caring for her.

In the game, she has not always been nice. It's easy to look at her as the victim because of what Aaryn did, but she has had her fair share of nasty. She also began playing a crappy game when she hooked up with Howard. She developed tunnel vision and only had one goal with no plan B. Obviously, that would deter people from wanting to work with her. And, when she decides to keep it real with Candy, she does not only hurt the person she is angry at, she puts targets on the people she is asking for help.

August 6, 2013 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Thats funny... They were picking on me like monkey... Thats because thats what we are, a bunch of strange monkeys. I wonder what monkeys think when they look at us?

August 6, 2013 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and all my other BB Buddies.

Just dropping down to day hello before I read the TOR.

Be back later.

August 6, 2013 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

I'm a bit behind but had to add this from yesterday afternoon's blog: Monday, August 5, 2013
Monday Afternoon in the BB15 House

The screencap of Judd laughing is great. I have to go to Flashback to see it for myself. Glad you timestamped it Carolyn. MWAH!

Living Room
Judd and Andy


August 6, 2013 at 7:20 AM  
Blogger KJ said...

Hi Carolyn and Dish Family,

Just dropping in for my once or twice per season comment and/or question.

I'm kinda ill watching Aaryn eat the "rice" that Helen prepared. I think Helen will be as well.

Your thoughts?.....

August 6, 2013 at 7:32 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...


I went back and listened to the conversation between Candice and Jessie and about someone liking both penis and vagina. Candice was talking about a friend of hers who is bisexual.

August 6, 2013 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Aaryn has completed the cycle. She has completely turned back into the little mean girl we all know she is. She is so jealous of Jessie with Judd! Every opportunity she gets to badmouth Jessie (or anyone else)she goes right in for the kill. Nobody is immune, even the people who are protecting her. They really need to vote her off the island.

August 6, 2013 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Debbie! :) Thank you very much!

Good morning, GayTor! :) xoxox - I'm so glad you enjoyed that Judd flashback.

Good morning, Lucky13! :) lol!

Good morning LScott! :) I missed it.. Can you get the exact quote?

Good morning, Paddy :) I feel ya.

Good morning, Reneep! :) I have NO idea!

Good moring, Jumbo! :) precisely.

Good morning, Grendon! :)) Tell me.. I don't get tvgn.. is BBAD being shown full screen, or with tv listings running alongside?

Good morning, ShiShi! :) HUGS!!! Thank you for going back and giving that a listen.

Good morning, KJ! :) Honestly? Hurtful as it was, I think Helen will be able to brush it off as so much stupidity..

August 6, 2013 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

The person who is most confusing to me at this point is Andy. When the MC were discovered and the house split we ended up with a 7 person alliance ruling the house--Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, McCrae, Amanda and Andy.

Within that alliance was the Knock Outs which was the above alliance minus Elissa and Jessie.

Within that, we had Goof Troop which had a final 4 of Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda.

Right now everyone is turning on Judd. There is the contagious paranoia that he is MVP. But the thing that started all of the suspicions about Judd is that he has said he would like Helen backdoored and at the least, wants Helen and Elissa split up. Gasp! No one can understand why he would do that. Why would he target poor, sweet, trustworthy Helen. He must be trying to break up the alliance.

But Andy, think back. When there were still 13 people in the house Helen started talking about backdooring Amanda. She wanted her gone before jury. There were still 6 targets to take out before the original 7 person alliance turned on each other, the alliance that swore they would all go to jury together. Helen has mentioned getting rid of Amanda at least once each week and has even gone as far as trying to figure out how to flip the vote. Once again, there are still targets outside of the 7 person alliance. Also, that shows that Helen has no loyalty to the Knock Outs, an alliance that Helen and Amanda are supposed to be in together. It is also a direct threat to the Goof Troop which is supposed to be Andy's true final 4.

Everything Andy has said and done has always led me to believe the Goof Troop is his true alliance. But now it seems he is turning against Judd, who has never targeted anyone in the Goof Troop and he is protecting Helen by not being honest with McCrae and Amanda even though Helen has targeted someone in Andy's alliance every single week.

Am I missing some secret game talk or special DR that tells Andy's true intentions? I just can't figure out at this point if Andy's true loyalty was ever to the Goof Troop or if his true loyalty is to Helen and Elissa.

I do understand why McCrae and Amanda are losing faith in Judd. From what they know, Judd is targeting Helen who is a part of the original alliance they were all supposed to be in together. But they don't know that Helen has been targeting Amanda every week. Judd can't defend himself because they would think he was trying to cover his ass (or form a men's alliance). Andy is the only one who can straighten it out. He has all the information but he is either choosing not to share it or he hasn't put all the pieces together.

I am beyond frustrated at this point because Judd's target is so big now that he has a flashing sign and neon arrows following him around. I was really hoping to see #1-some loyalty in this game and #2-McCrae, Andy and Judd possibly going into a final 3 together.

August 6, 2013 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


TVGN is being shown full screen. But with all the bleeping of words, it's truly hard to understand or enjoy a conversation.

It seems any time something good happens it's after BBAD is over anyways. If I'm awake I usually just stay on the feeds. Sometimes in the morning I will fast forward through BBAD but if it is anything really entertaining or important, it's better to just catch it on flashback.

August 6, 2013 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks, G :)

August 6, 2013 at 9:19 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

You're welcome Carolyn.

August 6, 2013 at 9:22 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello, thank you so much for your detailed overnight reports. You guys are awesome!

At the start of the report you mentioned the double eviction and the end of the MVP and the start of a 9 person jury. Is it for sure a 9 person jury? I know it has always been 7 but I've the heard the houseguests talk about 9 in jury. Did Julie mention this and I missed it?


August 6, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

I love how Candice says why I they going against me and not a major player? I'm not a threat, they are doing this for personal reasons. In the next breathe she tells Elissa if she was HOH she'd go after Aaryn and GM, a totally personal choice. Elissa wants Amanda out not for game play reasons but just because she likes Candice more.

August 6, 2013 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I think maybe Andy just deserves more credit for playing a good game. He is still never even mentioned by ANYONE as a target. I dont think in his position it is necessary for him to have a true alliance. He just keeps off the radar and makes the decisions best for hisgame. Why tell Amanda everything Helen says? It would just come back on him. Helen cant backdoor anyone unless she is HOH

August 6, 2013 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I guess that's why I'm confused. I originally thought Goof Troop was Andy's true alliance. If that were the case, it seems like he could be steering the ship because he is the only one with ALL the information. Even if he didn't share everything with McCrae and Amanda he could be talking them off the Judd cliff, the same way he talks Helen off the Amanda cliff.

That leaves me to wonder if maybe the Goof Troop is actually not his true alliance, if he is in a true alliance with Helen and Elissa, or if maybe he is just playing in the middle so regardless of who targets who he will be the last man standing.

I'm not necessarily criticizing his game, I just don't know for sure where he stands and usually by this point I can figure it out.

August 6, 2013 at 9:57 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

These people are crazy ! They think the biggest threat is Candice!!! I agree that this is 100% personal eviction from two of the Racist girls in that house. Even though little Jessie doesn't play the game well, at least she is smart enough to see ' get Amanda out now' . . now they are talking about breaking up Helen and Elissa !!! What a joke - all of their biggest threats are McCrae and Amanda. I can barely stand to read their comments because they act like Candice is a threat to the Country because she dared try to play the game, her own game, and not follow the leader of Amanda. The only one that has balls right now is Jessie, so hope she wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae !

August 6, 2013 at 10:33 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst! The Morning Report is underway!

August 6, 2013 at 10:45 AM  

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