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Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's a brand new week...

...and Lessa is in the Late Night House!  New HOHs means new conversations and scrambling and everyone trying to get a moment with them before things start to happen once again. Devin tried even before the live show was over, but just finally managed a quicky around..

...8:45 PM
Behive Room

Devin: Straight up, I'm tired, man. Just tired. All I ask is that if you put me up, it's straight up, so if there's a money comp for POV I can try and get some before I go.I'm not gonna go upstairs - well, I'll go see your kid, but after that. I just wanted you to know where my head is at.

Derrik: I appreciate it.

Earlier, Nicole and Brittney had quite a long little chat, where Nicole promised to make some big moves. Said she would even vote for someone who didn't.. Brit cautioned on her talking in front of Christine, and others.. and to come to her anytime..

Devin and Brittney
Behive Room

Devin: I just told him that I hoped he wouldn't backdoor me and give me a chance at the POV, and I said to him, I'm tired.. just put me up from the get go, so that I have a chance to get something to go towards my daughter
Britt: You don't have to tell me everything..
Devin: I know, I just want to be open with everyone. It's fine, it was my game, and my game didn't go well. it is what it is. I see the chance of me winning the half million or the fifty grand, it's slim, real slim so if I have the chance to win 10 grand... I just didn't want you to think we were scheming.
Britt: Me and Nicole were just talking about how scared she is about this, that's all we were talking about.

Devin: I told Donny that this is the most comfort I've had. It's all good. I'm so ready to just, be with my daughter. If I learned anything, nothing is worth compromising the person you've been..and it's a person i've had to work to become.
Brit: I've shown I have no problem being honest, that's what got me on the block. I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way to play this game..
Devin: It's luck. I'm still waiting for a twist! I haven't seen one yet! It gets boring in here.

---Oh thank goodness, I spy Frankie and Derrik on cam 1..

Frankie: The problem is, it was definitely Brit and Jocasta that voted against the house
Derrik: I know it was. I'm gonna ask them. Jocasta says she will not lie in the game.
Frankie: I think you'll talk to Nicole. Brittney has been stuck to her like a glue gun. I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to put up Amber and Caleb?
Derrik: I'm gonna persuade her. I gotta make her feel the same way I feel so if I get taken down.. I may only have one nightwith her then she could do whatever the f' she wants.
Frankie: Amber told me the house was flipping, the second person. Victoria told me first. She told me I was told the house was flipping
Derrik: i'm gonna ask her
Frankie: If she wants to put up Caleb and Amber it's great.. and tell her to..
Derrik: I just want Zach to relax this week and people see you talk to everyone, and they're all who is frankie working with Take the week off. Relax, meditate, do what you gotta do.. I'm telling you, I'm not going agianst the people. I want them to know.. Game talk this week? Nothing.
Frankie: Exactly, nothing. I won't...
Derrik: Tak the week off. Relax. Enjoy the week in the house
Frankie: I'm so happy, I'm so proud of you!
Derrik: Not gonna lie, it  was a lot of luck. We're good bro.

Frankie: Goodnight!
Derrik: for real?
Frankie: I'll come see your room of course, will it be soon?
Derrik: I have my key already - waiting on her..

Cam 4 - Derrik and Cody

Derrik: I still want to go to the end with you, I know your more physical than me, I'm glad to show, you're not even a consideration. I trust you to the end. I know you talk to people, i talk topeople, you and me to the end.
C: Yeah, that's why I was like f you're hoh...
D: my goal is devin out. Straight up. My thing is, I gotta find out what Donny was really doing. If he was trying to flip the house, that's one person. Jocasta too. She doesn't seem like she wants to play - she just wants to be honest.
C: good to keep her around, but can't work with her.
D; I know. There's time you have to BS people. This is the time to real Brit back in.
C: 100%.
D: she hasn't talked to me, she went to Nicole. Frankie said she might be scared that we're working together, and knew she was trying to flip the house.
C: We put our neck on the lines last week..
D: We can real her back in... if Jocasta was trying to flip the house, she's one. She'll be honest.

Caleb joined - but is quiet. They talk about the votes.

Cody: Jocasta came to me and asked if I thought someone would be mad if I voted...
Derrik: Donny had a good reason - she was wearing his badge when he walked out the door! He would have looked like a dick.. I have no clue who she wants to put up! I haven't talked to her, so my stomach dropped. She doesn't talk game - but she knows about all this, Devin went straight to her.
Cody: I know, I know, but she hasn't confronted me. Best thing is Christine was in, her best friend in the house.
Derrik: I told Frankie to relax and not talk game, and take the week off. Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
Cody: Best bet is Devin
Derrik: Everyone is on that. He came to me again, to ask me to put him up straight so he can win something.
Cody: We're not doing that.
Derrik: exactly. I'm not gonna let him know.
Caleb: Best case scenario to do.. do you have an idea? Put like me and Cody, or someone who's good, and someone else - say she says Victoria and me, and you put up Hayden and Zack or Cody, and
Derrik: I need one of my guys on her side... oh, I need my guys to lose.. OOOOH! So that way I can take my guy off, and not worry about saving them both. I think we can convince everyone in the house to use it to get him out. I'm gonna play dumb, because Devin still has people talking. I need to stay HOH because I don't know if Nicole will backdoor him. I will. I'm telling you now, I will.

Zack made Derrik a sandwich  - but D won't eat until midnight so that he can eat with his boy Zach.. So Zack promises to make another at midnight, and gave it to Frankie - who's in heaven:

I'm listening a bit, while watching the show again with my hubby. :) stay tuned here for the HOH reveals :)

9:52 Who wants to see the HOH Room?!

Everyone's so excited - heading straight for the pictures..
 Look at you handsome devil you! Is that your dad, is that your brother?  - so on and so forth, everyone talking at once...

Derrik: oh hat's my daughters footprints! Thats recent too!

 CD - Bruno Mars - "He was like number nine!" for Nicole,  JZ blueprint for Derrik - who hasn't put down the picture of his daughter yet...

Read that letter!

Nicole: Oh, my mom! "My little coco bear, if you read this your sleeping in the HOH room, We're proud of you but that's nothing new, we have been proud of you since the day you were born. We are happy to see how strong your are being just like your dad taught you, and how sweet and loving like I taught you and Jessi says to be street smart like he is. Keep being the beautiful person you are inside and out. Miss you like crazy, Paris and Beyonce miss you like crazy but enjoy listening to your voice and Jessi is happy with the extra cuddle time - all your friends and family and the whole dang town sends their love to you. Remember to breath and enjoy every minute. I spent your birthday looking through old birthday pictures and remembering all the parties you had. I opened the letter you wrote me before you left and I cried, but it was a good and needed cry. Momma's being strong just like you want me to be, we love you so much and miss you just as much, Mom.

 Derrik: from my wife - Hi babe, hope your doing good, I show (his daughter) the video of you and her playing on the bed and her eating her hands and toes all the time, and she smiles and says Dada. I want you to know we are very very proud of you. I know it's not easy being away from us but it will all be over before you know it. Love you and miss you more than anything, and see you in September when then announce you as the winner of BB16.

Derrik: Better be SUSHI! YES!

Nicole: they did good on my basket - I love all this stuff! I can't believe they put my basketball picture up! it's like from 10th grade!

General happy chatter, and raiding of the baskets.. :)

 Nicole puts up her dreamcatcher:

Then relaxes with in her nest. :)

10: 40pm And I'm out, unless something exciting happens! Stay tuned for The Overnight Report with Carolyn! :)



Blogger irishEYEEEs said...

Ty Lessa for the update. Job well done! :).

July 11, 2014 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Lessa, so much! Wow... Nicole's letter made me cry, and I'm not even a huge Nicole fan (yet). ;) I am a southern gal with a big heart tho, and just reading those words in her letter, really tugged at my heart strings. It sounded exactly like something my Mama would have written. *Whew Tears*
Much Love BBDishers!

July 11, 2014 at 10:14 AM  

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