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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Frankie and Cody won the HoH Competition last night, so...  Welcome to #Frody week in the BB House!☺ Yes, they have their own hashtag now. 

 If you missed the Earlier part of the evening and the HoH Reveal last night, Lessa covered it all with gusto! Here's that post: HoH Reveal

Now let's dive in for the overnight....  It's a fun one!  If you're in a hurry and you'd like to skip ahead to when Frankie and Cody actually talk about their coming nominations alone, go down to 3:17am.☺ Or just hit it in the flashback area of the live feeds.

Camera 1
The HoH room is clearing out from the reveal, and it's time to get down to business.  Who should go up, and who should put who up.

Derrick: I was just talking to Cody, and you guys are gonna be golden.  He was like, "Me n Frankie, we know what we gotta do," so...
Zach: He said he can't put up Brit and Amber.
Derrick: You put up Amber/Jacosta and he puts up Victoria/Brittany, and he already just said to me he'd be willing to put up Brittany.
Zach: But Brittany and Victoria.. I'm just saying, they wanna BOB  together anyway.  It'll give em confidence to win another one.
**Frankie looks like he's watching a tennis match.

Derrick: Uh.. Amber and Jacosta will beat em.
Zach: Oh, you're right, you're right.
Derrick: hehe.. So, here's the thing,  You put up Amber/Jacosta.  You're not getting any blood on your hands from Jocasta.  Amber, you can tell her right out, it's a pawn move.. Amber goes up.  She's gonna be a beast in comps.  Are you cool with those 2?

Frankie: As long as Caleb doesn't kill me, yeah.
Zach: He's already said he's cool with it.
Derrick: You can always say, it' a collective thing, you're not gonna put a guy up, and you're not gonna put up Donny unless it's a backdoor.  So Amber/Jocasta, so Cody can stay clean with Amber..
**Anyone else getting a Brando/Godfather vibe here?

Derrick: He's not gonna put up Amber.  He's tryin' to get closer to her.
Zach: Would you have a problem putting up Brittany/Amber?
Frankie: No!
Zach: I just wanna say congrats again.  (hug hug rub rub 12:03 c1)

Frankie: But then he's definitely gonna stay HoH, which is fine.
Derrick: That's a thing that yous two have to decide.

Cody enters.

Derrick: How's it feel buddy?! This is your f'in room! We were just talkin' a little game.  What's your opinion.  You can't put up  Amber, obviously.
Cody: I have no problem with Brittany goin' up.  I think she's out.
Derrick: Do you feel comfortable putting Brittany up though?
Cody: With who?
Derrick: I would say, like Victoria.   Or Brit and Jocasta.  It's your guys HoH.
Frankie: I think out of those 4, I'm comfortable either way.
Cody: We'll figure it out.
Zach: I think Brittany and Amber going against each other..
Derrick: That's what I'm sayin'.

Frankie: Well, who's the target?
Derrick: Jacosta or Brittany.
Zach: Jacosta, Brittany or Donny.
Derrick: yeah, yeah..

12:05am Victoria, Christine and Nicole come up to HoH.  End of game talk for a bit..

Frankie: OMG, is this chocolate sorbet??!! KALE!!! Hummus! Salmon!
Victoria: Kale is so yummy.
**and quite possibly the most gas producing green on the planet. Could just be me.

Camera 1
HoH Room
Victoria, Amber, Christine, Nicole, Zach, Cody, Caleb

It's a party and it keeps on growing! Brittany joins at 12:31, fresh from her Have Not feast. 

Who's a happy Frankie??

Amber: He got HoH, he got his letter, he got his basket, he got Cody.
Frankie: And Cody! OhmyGod, I'm the luckiest HoH!

Zach: Joey, if you're watchin' this..
Frankie: I love your titties.
Zach: Frankie loves your titties.
Cody: You're a dingus.
Frankie: And your ass, and your makeup skills and your hair.

Zach Leaves.

Frankie: Zach is actually the worst human being ever. I just love him, but what a monster.

Talk turns to The Talk.  Victoria tells them that Julie talked about the show last year, about the racism from Ginamarie and Aaryn.

Frankie: I will say, what's nice about us is that we're all extremely accepting people.

Hayden: I'm trying to imagine the things Zach says in the DR.
ALL: I can't even imagine.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions.

Frankie: Oh my mommy!
Cody: Your mom's gorgeous.
Frankie: Isn't she?
Amber: Her jaw line's perfect. 
Hayden: I can't believe how early all your pictures are. They're awesome, but I wish there was at least 1 recent one.

Talk turns to Cody's brother. All agree he's hot. I concur. Possibly even hotter than Cody.

Frankie: I feel like you should have this room. You always stay up late.  I just got so full, cuz I had like 65 fig newtons.


Christine: I'm just so annoyed that she said she only dropped 3. Our basket was almost empty!! Literally, she just kept poppin' em all out.. on the ground.
Amber: I adore her.
Frankie: Every time Julie says my name, I fk up.  She said my name, I dropped an egg.  She said my name, and I almost fell in the barrel thing.

Talk turns to Victoria.

Zach: She made out when she was 8 years old, but she's still a virgin??
Frankie: You guys..
Amber: I think you have to understand..
Zach: I'm Jewish too.
**there's a difference..
Frankie: She grabs my ass while we sleep.  Under my shirt, caressing my ass.
Hayden: When she cuddled with me, she got me fully erect.  OK, half mast.  She was rubbing my chest, and her elbow was caressing my dick and I was like, is she feeling this?  I was laying like this, and she was completely cuddling me..

Zach: When she was laying with me, she had her ass on my dick, and I was like, do I go in for the kiss right now??
Frankie: I feel like we should not be talking about this..
**It really does come from a place of innocence.

Timecheck -- 1:08am

Frankie: I get so nervous when Caleb, like, speaks, cuz he's like, listen guys.. "I know that I'm a huge target and you're never gonna get me back on this block again, and you should probably vote me out right now, because if you don't, most likely I'm gonna win the entire game, BUT, having said that, this guy lied.
ALL: hahahahaha
Christine: That's hilarious.
Frankie: That was exactly what he said.  I was like, just stop talking.
Cody: no no no..  He finished and I was like this..
Frankie: I was like, his entire speech just made me think about voting for him. Like, to leave. He's like, "I'm beastmode cowboy.  You'll never ever see me up on the block again, except for Final 2, when I win."
Christine: With Amber.
Frankie: When I bring Amber to the Final 2.  That was too much.
Amber: Y'all please understand that I am playing my own game.
Christine: That was awkward. 
Amber: It's really just frustrating. I know Cody knows.
Frankie: Yeah, but playing your own game should involve that man, if he's gonna take you.
Amber: But since I'm playing my own game, I'm like, he's saying what he wants to say..
Frankie: Honestly, I do feel like Devin was the source of so much trouble, lies, manipulation, paranoia.. I feel like people are really chill today.  I feel like it's gonna be more chill and less crazy.  Now that he's gone.
Christine: His face pisses me off.
Frankie: Him making sexual advances was very uncomfortable.
Amber: Cody, he made on at you.  He was staring at your mister. At your thing..  And he was talking about it when everyone was around.
Frankie: He was asking me if he was gonna be the pitcher or the catcher with me, and I was like, well, the fact that you're even asking me means that you have a small penis.  I mean, he's a 6'2 man! What do you think he's gonna be?  I'm gonna be the pitcher?? There's no question. Like, no.. I'm not gonna be.
Cody: I'm.. very uncomfortable.
Frankie: I don't understand why he kept asking me that.

Cody: When was he talking about my mister?
Hayden: First of all, let's call it by it's correct name: Thor's Hammer.
Cody: (with British accent) If someone's talking about Thor's Hammer, they obviously want me to Lay. It. Down.
Christine: He did.  Absolutely.
Cody: (back to Cody voice) No.. That's pretty uncomfortable.

This is ongoing, if you'd like to catch it from this point on flashback.. Cam 1 - 1:12am

Camera 1
HoH Room

The crowd in HoH has thinned and they're talking about past seasons.. Comps, orders of eviction.. Trying to figure out when Endurance is coming.  They collectively agree: Next Comp.

Cody: In a double eviction, does the HoH from the week prior get to compete or no?
Christine.  No.
Cody: That's scary.

Camera 3
Have Not Room
Frankie, Derrick, Donny
Team America

Donny: So it's a guy..
Derrick: Well, we were thinkin' the strongest physical girl threat is right now, hands down, Amber.
Donny: Yes.  But would that be one they would consider?
Derrick: Yes.  She's a physical threat, no doubt.
Donny: Oh, absolutely.
Derrick: So as long as we all truly believe that, it works out. And it's somethin' he's (Frankie's) gonna have to put her up, but obviously, all she has to do is be on the block, even if she comes off. As long as one of us don't take her off.
Donny: ok, wait a minute, so we have to put her on the block.  Does she have to go home?
Frankie: No..
Derrick: No.. and she's definitely a physical threat.
Donny: So before y'all do this, I have to go to the DR in the mornin' and sign..
Derrick: Well, whenever you want.. and ince we lock in our target, we cannot change it for any reason.
Donny: So you have  to..
Frankie: Once we go to the DR, we'll make sure we're all locked in on board tomorrow, and we'll be fince.
Donny: So we don't have to do nothin'.  Y'all just have to nominate her.
Derrick: Yep.  And if she comes off the block, it's fine, as long as WE don't pull her off.
**Worked out very nicely with Frankie getting to Nominate. There's an easy $5,000 each.
 **Why so many Donny pics ina  row?  Well, I feel like I owe him.  He rarely graces an Overnight Report.  He's usually asleep by now.

Donny: Should I go to the DR now?
Frankie: If you want.
Derrick: Doesn't matter.  Then they'll give you the extra rules.

Frankie: Also, just so you know, I'm not putting you up. (they hug) Just so you know that.
Derrick: (comes in for a hug too) We can't put each other up.

Derrick: This should be an easy one, cuz here's the thing. 

Derrick: They decided the mission before he won HoH. That he's HoH just makes the mission really easy.

Donny hugs Frankie again..

Donny: Thank you, Thank you.. I'll sleep even better.
Derrick: We're all good this week.

Donny leaves.  Frankie and Derrick remain.. They reconfirm with each other that Amber's the strongest physical girl threat in the house.  Donny tries to go into the DR, but it doesn't open up for him.  He reports back to them.. and leaves.

Derrick: Who do you think you should put up?
Frankie: Brittany and Jocasta.
Derrick: You put up Brit and Jocasta? You have to be the one to put up Amber, though.
Frankie: No I don't.
Derrick: Because if he puts up Amber, his game as far as workin' her, is over.
Frankie: Oh, I understand what you're saying. What about my game?
Derrick: Amber's not coming after you.  If you do Amber and Victoria, fine.  If you put up Amber and Jocasta, fine.  As long as you're putting up 2 people that.. Like, Jocasta and Victoria have no alliances.  That's why I put up Jocasta.  I knew the only person I had to worry about was him.
Frankie:  I don't really want to put up Brittany, honestly.  So he'll put up Brittany and Jocasta.
Derrick:  Perfect. That way he's gettin' some blood on his hands, cuz right now, Brittany loves him.  AMber loves him..

Derrick: Then the Jacosta/Victoria thing.  Jacosta has to be on the opposite side of Brittany.. That's why it makes sense you put up Amber/Jocasta, and he puts up Brittany/Victoria.
Frankie: And what do I tell Caleb?
Derrick: I would just tell him that you had a lot of people come to you..
Frankie: Cuz she's flippin' floppin' all over the place.
Derrick: Exactly.

And we're moving forward...

Camera 3
HoH Room
Zach, Cody, Caleb, Christine, Frankie
Topic: Victoria

Cody: What is Westin like?
Zach: It is literally the richest place in Florida.
**mmm.. no it's not.
Hayden: Makes sense why all the cats are on leashes in Westin.
Zach: Yeah, right?

Cam 1
Storage Room
Nicole and Derrick

Derrick: I'm pretty sure they're gonna be goin' on the block.  I don't think Cody would pit us up this early.. And I think we're good with Frankie. I talked to him and he said Victoria and Jocasta.
Nicole: He didn't say my name?
Derrick: I would tell you.

Nicole: I'm trying to think of a name..
Derrick: Come up with one.
Nicole: I wanna do something like 'Sters, cuz we're feedsters.. I wanna do something weird, cuz we're both  BB fans?   I'm just trying to think of something that goes with both of us.
Derrick: Let's do it. That's your goal for the end of the week.  That's your mission.

Camera 1
Living Room
Amber and Derrick

Derrick: Caleb's probably the biggest male physical threat.  You're definitely the biggest female physical threat.  If someone puts you up, it's because they know you're coming off.
Amber: Yeah..  Well, I hope at least the guys keep me last of the girls.
**And you've just been gently and delicately given notice Amber.

Derrick: We're definitely not the targets this week, regardless.
Amber: I saw the looks on Donny, Jocasta and Victoria's faces when they won..
Derrick: Let's go upstairs.  They're definitely watching us.

They head up to HoH.  Chatter about Victoria has ceased, because she's present.  Actually, it hasn't ceased at all.. It's just moved downstairs to the BeeHive Room..

Caleb, Frankie, Brittany, Zach

Zach: I was like, "Victoria, I just want you to know that if I win HoH, I will never put you up." Total bs.  Then I was like, "You're the sweetest, so hard working..." She's like, "I am hard working.  I have my own business and I'm 22."  No you don't.  You have a $5,000 camera.  That's not a business.  She's the worst.   I just lie to her all the time.  Every time she walks in, I'm like, (sweetly) "Hey, Princess."

**ok, but how do you really feel? Geez, Zach.

Frankie: So I'm taking a poll.. You would like to see Victoria on the block?

Zach: I mean.. Yeah.
Caleb: Who would you out up with her though.
Frankie: I don't know.  I haven't even talked to Cody yet.
Brittany: She talks about how she's safe all the time.  Does she ever even think about the game?  Every day she talks about going to DR to get more clothes.  She has more clothes than all of us put together.  She thinks she's in summer camp.
Zach: She has no idea what 500,000 is.  That's the thing.  She has no idea how much a dollar's worth.
Brittany: She has no clue the value of a dollar.
Zach: She's just here to f'ing be on tv.
**ok, ok, she's already going up. put down the pitchforks.

HoH Room
Jocasta, Frankie, Caleb, Amber, Christine, Nicole, Zach

Jocasta: And he's like, (very rough and loud) "Do you like it?! Do you like it?!"

Zach: Oh my God!  That was scary! You are scary tonight.

Frankie: That's terrible!  Do me next.

Frankie: Where's Victoria?
Jocasta: She's GONE!  Hahahaha! That was gangsta!
Nicole: Awesome!

Victoria bashing, led by Zach, resumes.

Nicole: So who's the real showmance of the season?
Christine: Anyone who's cuddling with Victoria at the time.

Moving ahead to 3am, there's still a party in HoH..

Camera 4
2nd HoH Room

Cody's laying in bed listening to music, while the other HGs are still whooping it up in the main HoH Room. 

Excusing himself to the others in the main HoH Room, Frankie comes in, surprising Cody. 

Frankie: (to the others) We're  just gonna have sex for a few minutes... (to Cody) I love having this room.
Cody: Isn't it awesome.

They go to hug and end up conking each other in the head.

Frankie: OOh!
Cody: Ohh! Hahaha!

So, naturally, they take the hug horizontal.. 

 Frankie: Oh my God. Owww! Oh my God..

Then it's time to tend to their wounds...

Cody: Where'd I get you?
Frankie: Oh God, you just came all over my face!
Cody: Oh God!
Frankie: Where's I get you?
Cody: Right on my forehead.
Frankie: Lemme see..
Cody: Right there.
Frankie: I don't think you'll have a bump.  We're such assholes.
Cody: Why couldn't that have gone smoothly?  That would've been awesome.

After another minute..

Cody: Ok.. so what in the hell are we gonna do?
Frankie: Ok, here's the thing.  Um.. Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Victoria.  Targets are Victoria.. All of them, really..
Cody: Essentially.
Frankie: But also, Derrick was saying that a power move would be to backdoor Donny.. because we can't give him the chance to take himself off.  But that's also what we need to tell Caleb.. I wanna talk to him about it tonight.  I can't surprise him with that.  He'll lose his mind.  Now who do you want to put up from those people.  Like what's best for your game.
Cody: What's best for both of our game.. Like, Jacosta and Victoria.  That'd be best for you too.
Frankie: Do we split em?
Cody: We have to.  You can't put up Brittany, and I without a doubt, can't put up Amber.
Frankie: So I would put up Victoria and Amber and you would put up Jocasta and Brittany?
Cody: Oh no, wait.. Didn't they want Jocasta and Brittany on separate sides?

Frankie: No one gives a shit.
Cody: Brittany/Victoria Amber/Jacosta.. The last conversation Brittany and I had was.. Like I called her out on a lot of stuff/
Frankie: She told me downstairs, I think Cody's putting me up.
Cody: Did she say why?
Frankie: She said because she doesn't follow you around like all the other girls..
Cody: Really?  That's personal.  I put my neck on the line for her f'in game.
Frankie: She didn't mention that.  She asked me to talk to you on her behalf.
Cody: OK, well straight up go to her and be like, Cody kept saying "I can't believe I put my neck on the line for her, and literally, cold shoulder."  Tell her that straight up.
Frankie: So Amber.. and Brittany.. head to head in one comp.  How will that get justified?  They're the strongest women in the house.

Cody: She knows how much I stuck my neck out for her, and once the week was over it was essentially, F you.  That's why I'm pissed.
Frankie: Amber's gonna want to take Jacosta off of it.. I'm just trying to figure out how I justify..  We have 4 girls.
Cody: I know..

After 2 minutes of fishies, Frankie's proposing a change in plans.. Not in people, but in pairings.

Frankie:  This is the last HoH before it gets bloody.  That's why coming down isn't the worst, because the you're eligible to play again next week.  So here's what I'm thinking.. Whoever draws the number 1 does Jocasta and Victoria, and whoever draws 2 does Brittany and Amber.. And then we have to come up with a f'in reason..

And they nix it in the next breath..

Cody:  That's gonna be so hard to justify.
Frankie: Impossible. Let's see what the reasoning could be.. The problem really is Amber.  It's hard to justify.
Cody: Essentially, putting up Amber is unjustifiable.  You literally can't. For Caleb.  He's gonna be like, What about Nicole? Unless we just said FK is and put Donny up.
Frankie: I don't wanna put him up.
Cody: I don't either.  He just said to me that I'm one of the only people he feels comfortable with winning HoH.. Victoria and Jacosta are easy to justify.
Frankie: It's simple.  (long pause) Majority of the house wants Amber on the block.  It's difficult for us, but the rest of the house want her up there.  Hayden wants her gone. Derrick and Caleb are the only 2 people left.

Camera 4
Zach comes in.. Then Derrick.. The rest are finally gone.
**no more whispering. yayy!

Derrick: So what's the dilemma?  We don't know how much time you have.
Cody: The thing is, we don't know how Caleb would take Amber goin' back up on the block.
Frankie: Right.
Cody: From one of us.
Derrick: Amber was downstairs talkin' to me, and she said, Frankie already told me I was good.
Frankie: I never said that.  She assumed.
Zach: I think I got a solution to the problem. 
Derrick: I would say to her, You're not the target, you're  a strong competitor, I need you to win. She's  used to bein' up.  You (Cody) cannot put Amber up.
Cody: In this situation, I think she's gonna be like, You had to have known.
Derrick: You cannot put her up.
Zach: She's obsessed with you.
Frankie: SO do I tell Caleb I'm doing it for his benefit?
Derrick: Yeah, you could say, Amber's gonna be goin' up there because Brittany's the target..  Here's what I will say before we continue.  Yous two are HoHs.  You do what you think is good for your game and what's good for you two.

Zach: I think I have a solution to the problem.  Ok.. So our targets are Brittany, Jacosta, Donny.  Correct?
Frankie: Correct.
Zach: So.. instead of doing the whole Brittany, Victoria, Jacosta, Amber thing..  You're comfortable with putting up Donny, right?  Cuz this literally is the solution to the problem.  You (Frankie) put up Victoria and Donny, You (Cody) put up Brittany and Jocasta.  Regardless, if Brittany and Jocasta win, Donny's on the block.
Derrick: I'm not a fan of Donny, and I wouldn't put up Donny if I was you.
**ok.. Zach's whole line of thought needs no transcribing, because it'll never happen.  Not with Team America running the HoH and 2 of them already committed to putting Amber up.. and Donny being a part of Team America..

Derrick: I wouldn't put up Donny. I think it's a bad move for your game.
Frankie: I wouldn't either. 

Cody: Here's my thing.. Do you mind me saying what Brittany said?
Frankie: No, go ahead.
Cody: She goes to him.. She says she's not gonna kiss ass.. She says all the other girls are running after me, and I just risked my neck for her game.
Derrick: I think that's good for your game.  And Gay Guy's opinion, Brittany and Amber are in contention with each other.
Frankie: Oh, absolutely.  She told me, and it's gonna continue to only get worse.
Cody: That to me, is f'in insulting.
**Cody is legit angry about Brittany.

Derrick: This is what you say.. Brittany, you're not my target this week, but I have to be honest with you, some people came to me and...  
Cody: You're not my target, but I don't have any justifications to put anyone else on the block.  Brittany and Amber go up together, and I can tell them, you're not the targets...

3:42am They dance around pairings some more, try to work out the excuses and reasoning..

3:47am Hayden comes up..

Frankie: Hayden, who do you want up?
Hayden: If you wanna make a safe bet, Jacosta, Brittany, Amber, Victoria.  The way I would do it?
Frankie: Yes, go.
Hayden: I view Amber and Brittany as flipfloppers.  They're competitors and they've gone back and forth between sides of the house, non-stop.  Jacosta and Victoria are clearly floaters.  They don't matter whatsoever.   Um..So you put a flipflopper and a floater on one side and you put a flipflopper and a floater on the other.

Frankie high fives Hayden.

Cody: Ok, but how are we gonna say that?
Hayden: I was thinking about it before the HoH Competition.. I was like, if I was HoH, I would say that basically..
Derrick: The way we said it was Frankie would put up Amber and Jacosta and Cody would put up Brittany and Victoria.
Frankie: Potentially.
Hayden: I would say,  in terms of who to get out, I would rather see one of the flipfloppers out than the floaters, because they can get out any week.

OK.. It's closing in on 8am eastern. I believe the noms are set, and since I've got 20 years on most of the HGs,  and I'm running on fumes from the 2 hour nap I got that most people would refer to as a night's sleep, this concludes the Overnight Report.

It's Nominations and Battle of the Block day in the BB house and I'll be here for all of it. ☺

Thank you for being a part of the dish!



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning. Are the ladies going to notice, finally, that they are the targets?

Looks like TA has its assignment. They think Amber will count as the physical player. I bet production nixes that one. Maybe, if they tell Frankie she wouldn't count, then one of the guys could end up on the block.

Probably wouldn't matter, they would still vote the female out.

It's a good thing you are doing the updates, these feeds stink this year. I've tried every browser, deleted all the cache, got rid of the pop-up blockers, PC, Ipad, still have freezing. It works just fine at random times. Right now frozen.

It's frustrating because it's impossible to have any continuity and large chunks get skipped over.

OK rant over. :-)

Lets see if we can get some enjoyment out of this HOH.

July 18, 2014 at 2:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is Zach protesting too much vs Victoria?

July 18, 2014 at 3:40 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Derrick isnt Dan. He runs his mouth and gives up too much of his thoughts to be Dan, he is much more Memphis than Dan. Cody isnt Dan either, but his lady is strongest Ive seen in the 8 seasons Ive watched BB. I cant understand why he would even consider losing either Brit or Amber. There is only one Dan, but the Hitmen are starting to remind me of the Renegades...and thats a good thing

July 18, 2014 at 3:57 AM  
Blogger plasticgoat said...

Joey was right. The girls are being targeted. Too funny that team America is going after the big threat of Amber. Amber has attached herself to Cody she will float to the end being protected by the men. Oh well.

July 18, 2014 at 4:18 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Id have no problem cuddling with Victoria. Sounds like alot of fun

July 18, 2014 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Why don't they back door Caleb!?

July 18, 2014 at 4:42 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

G'morning and g'night.. for a little bit ☺♥


July 18, 2014 at 5:12 AM  
Blogger Karen W. said...

I agree with how bad the feeds are this year. I've tried everything and it still doesn't help. I have a galaxy tablet and an I pad and tried many browsers and still have the same problems.

July 18, 2014 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

5:43am cam 1 nicole climbs into bed with hayden for a cuddle

July 18, 2014 at 5:44 AM  
Blogger henryv22 said...

I hate these controlling group makes it another horrible season change this format to the people chose who leave like BBAU & BBUK both of which are better versions.

July 18, 2014 at 5:58 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

That is an excellent idea! A real power player--esp in his own mind. ;)

Thanks so much for this Overnight Report--it would have taken hours to listen to all that, and the feeds were just soooo noisy tonight! I am using FB for most of my feeds this year--leaving them running makes my head throb.

Jerry, I don't get it. I'm not a techie, but my feeds never stick ever. Little HP laptop, run crap cleaner a couple of times a day, firefox... Could it be your connection? I commiserate with you--know how much it sucks to have issues with the feeds.

July 18, 2014 at 6:01 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Correction: my post above should say Cody's game with the ladies

July 18, 2014 at 6:10 AM  
Blogger pixie said...

Why, Why Why would the be talking about backdooring Donny? They wanted Caleb out almost as much as Devin and now his name isn't being thrown around at all! I don't get it. Wake up females and see what is happening to you. You are all going to be picked off. How stupid can they be?

July 18, 2014 at 6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"paisan week" ? that's kind of offensive to Italian people. would you say "black week" or "gay weed" ? yeah..didn't think so.

July 18, 2014 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Good Morningggg everyone***

I think I am running the risk of getting “got” – (I’m a west coaster posting to an east coast site that follows a west coast cast that sleeps and chats to each other on east coast time lines…I need to stop, I’m confusing myself haha)
Two things I noticed recently and I was wondering if anyone else has too.

Last night when Devin was evicted Brit gave Devin a foil heart. If you look close as Devin holds it up for Julie and the studio audience, there’s a pickle pressed between the foil.
I knew there was a little “pickle-gate” between the two of them, and never knew what that was about. Does anyone know the story?

Also, Hayden took a nap on a real bed in the fire room before midnight. The other have-nots waited until the clock struck twelve.
He boasted to Julie about not having a care in the world going without comfort.
Was he trying to prove it to everyone by breaking the rules before midnight, thinking he’d receive punishment and be thrown back into have-nots group?
I thought punishment was an automatic seat on the block.

It’s going to be a beautiful Friday here in California, I hope the same for all of you*
Pally *{\O/}*

July 18, 2014 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Quick question. A couple days ago HGs were talking about it being day30. How?

This was the 3rd eviction which means the show started 16 days ago. I know they moved into the house the Friday before, but that still doesn't add up. I am usually pretty good in math but this one has me confused.

July 18, 2014 at 7:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The conversation between Cody and Britt, 648AM 3/4. I notice Cody never gives Britt a straight answer. He just talks past her.

Very interesting non-conversation.

July 18, 2014 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

O.K. Annoying question out of the way. Now on to my real thoughts for the day.

Because it is not November and because I happen to like David Letterman, here is my top ten list of things I am NOT thankful for.

#10-Donny and Hayden did not win.

#9-Zack, with his answer to Julie, showed that he is definitely trying to be Dr. Will. Others have tried. All have failed.

#8-There will, once again, be 4 girls OTB and once again Jocasta will be OTB. I don't want to watch reruns in the summer.

#7-Production forgot to tell Derrick he is not HOH anymore.

#6-Despite such a 'nice' cast, they were incredibly rude when Devin was evicted.

#5-Team America is cheating us if they think we will consider Amber a physical threat.

#4-Derrick proved my theory. He does not care about TA. He brought up the possible backdooring and targeting of Donny. It should make me feel good to be right but, alas, I am just disappointed.

#3-Caleb was not even mentioned as a possible nom, renom, backdoor or TA target. Despite the fact that Cody hates him and knows Caleb is bad for his game. Despite the fact that Frankie said all along he considered Caleb a bigger threat than Devin. Despite the fact that a lot of people thought the last week could be their only chance to take a shot at him. Despite the fact that TA is getting paid to complete missions for us, the fans. Oy Vey!

#2-Not only did Caleb use the term 'beast mode' on live television, he also left his shirt unbuttoned the whole time and the shirt was obviously too small. And no one, out of 13 people, thought to tell him that it probably wasn't a good idea. (I hope his mama slaps him when he gets home.)

#1-Donny and Hayden did NOT win!

July 18, 2014 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Another random thought:

"Am I blue, am I blue...."

Well, not really. But I do miss Blue. Where the heck is he?

July 18, 2014 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

im so mad, they need to put amber and caleb up again and leave brit alone, joc and vic fine goodbye but leave brit alone grrrr.

July 18, 2014 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@cyninbend: connection is high speed cable. I've done all the recommended fixes. Going by the chat rooms an awful lot of people have the same problems. It's actually working good right now. It can't be my connection, with the feeds frozen I can stream video from other sources.

July 18, 2014 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry! :) Thank you for the heads up about the Convo between Brit and Cody! I'm sorry you're having issues.. Is your adobe up to date? Re Zach - I wonder the same.

Good morning, Jumbo :)

Good morning, Plasticgoat! :))

Good morning, Amanda! :) Anything is still possible. THey've just got to lock down the original noms first.

Good morning, Karen :) I'm finding them challenging on my tablet too.. but perfect on my computer.

Good morning, Dan! :) Thank you!! Any smooching to report?

Good morning, Henry! :) We agree to disagree.. :) and that's ok..

Good morning, Cyninbend! :)) Mine never stick ever either..

Good morning, Pixie! :) I really think it's just talk, but the point of backdooring Donny would be so he can't compete in the PoV..

Good morning, Dear Me! :) I'm sorry you took offense, and I'm gonna take a wild guess you don't have the feeds, because if you did, you'd know that that's what Frankie and Cody call each other all the time.. and that's why I said it.

Good morning, Pally! :)) Not quite yet, love! :) hehe.. I'm replying to comments first, before I open a new post.. OK.. re the pickle - Devin had brought Britany pickles at one point last week when he was crushing on her.. She found it ridiculous.. and planned to hand him a pickle as he was walking out the door so he'd smell like pickle juice when he met Julie.

Good Morning, Grendon! :) I'm scratching my head on the day count too.. WooHoo for your Top 10!! And Blueeee is dealing with family stuff.. I'm very hopeful he'll be back soon!!!♥

Good morning, TiffanyJade! How come? ;p Why is Brit off limits? Will she somehow contribute to their game that as HoH they should protect her?? ;-)

July 18, 2014 at 9:12 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Dear Me! :) I'm sorry you took offense, and I'm gonna take a wild guess you don't have the feeds, because if you did, you'd know that that's what Frankie and Cody call each other all the time.. and that's why I said it.


Still.. if you're offended, chances are others are too, and while there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO malice in my intent, I need to respect that and I'll be changing it.

July 18, 2014 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

As someone else mentioned.. I think Derrick is just giving lip service to backdooring Donny because thats what several people want to hear. A lot would have to happen for that to become a reality. I dont think Derrick is truest to TA, but I dont think he is trying to get Donny out

July 18, 2014 at 9:29 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...

Grendon - re your Top Ten List - #3 = yes, yes and YES!!

July 18, 2014 at 9:36 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...

Ugh, I hit publish before I got to finish my thought. Ok, Caleb/Cody/Amber. Would it be smarter to leave those three alone and let that implode? If I were in the house, I'd like to let Caleb/Cody go after each other. Once one of them goes home, take out Amber. Then only one remains. Right now with both Cody and Caleb crushing on her, she's double protected (technical term) and therefore a huge waste of time. I know what Cody *says* he'll do, but what will Cody *do* do?

July 18, 2014 at 9:41 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Psst!! :0) New Top Post!! Friday Morning Before Noms!



July 18, 2014 at 9:49 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone.

@Jerry....I feel your pain about the feeds! I'm having the same problem and it's driving me crazy. I've done everything I can think to do, different browsers, etc and nothing works. I've had a few glitches in past years but this is the worst. Let me know if you find a solution and I will do the same.

July 18, 2014 at 10:08 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Pally....I heard Britt say that she was giving him a pickle on the way out because she wanted to embarrass him and wanted him to smell like a pickle in front of Julie. I don't get the point!

July 18, 2014 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Lovely ShiShi!♥

Good morning, Silence and Sunshine!☺ Gosh.. your name is SO relaxing!

July 18, 2014 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My exact thoughts. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

July 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn and everyone :)
Thanks again for TOR as always, it's awesome and like my morning newspaper the first thing I read.
I honestly don't get the Amber and Vic hatred not only from the HG but fans as well. Amber IS a threat, but she is nice. I think she is handling Caleb with kid gloves and doing a wonderful job at being firm yet not hateful toward him. She's being far nicer than I would be.
Victoria , she is young, flirty and playful, but she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Again, I feel sorry for her. She doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.
Zach, oh Zach, I liked you, but really you need to tone it down, you don't stand a chance of winning this game , so just be fun and enjoy it while you can, instigating trouble is very unbecoming.
Britt, I shall call her Britch from here on out. I've never seen a colder person. You have ZERO personality, You have no social game and frankly, You think you are entitled and the only one who deserves to win is getting on my last nerve, I pray you are shaking Julie's hand on Thursday. if not you, Please let it be Caleb. Can we just say UNSTABLE? I've had enough of his roller coaster ride of I love and hate Amber all in the same day. you are NOT God's gift to women, get over it. He truly reminds me of a stalker who once stalked my daughter, very scary..I hope he gets some help upon entering the real world again. Oh well, That is my two cents lol, Hoping for a short Veto today, Skippy has been a little trigger happy with the fish this year.

July 19, 2014 at 7:19 AM  

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