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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Live Show Thursday!  Tonight, the game we love starts All.. Over.. Again!  But first... ☺

Last night on the live feeds, the HGs got an hour of practice time on a comp outside.. and we had a surprise appearance from Late Night Lessa! Yippee!!! Go check out her post: Late Night HoH Practice.

Now let's dive in and see what our HGs get into til bedtime...

Camera 1

Zach: Dude, um, we gotta win HoH tomorrow.  You or me.
Caleb: If we walk out there and it's a big ole yard full of somethin ' to hang on to, I'll be there 4-5-6 hours.. Something like this?  You never know.  Every time someone hit, it went somewhere else. Speed and Accuracy is everything.
Zach: I think it's gonna be one big thing in the middle.
Caleb: I think it'll be a group of 7 and a group of 8, and the closest to zero wins.. Or the person with the hightest score.  No one can go out there and hit it and it go in the middle bucket.
Zach: It's all luck.
Caleb: All luck.  WHo is gonna hit it in just the right spot at the right speed.
Zach: I gotta win.
Caleb: Me too.  Honestly, I'd rather not win this one, cuz I think the next one'll be something I can go beast mode in.

Hayden enters.

Caleb: You know tomorrow?  It's anybody.. anybody.
**Hmm.. I'm thinking Hayden the hockey player and Zach the golfer have the biggest advantages of anyone..

Nicole enters

Nicole: Is this a boy meeting?
Caleb: Yeah, sorry.  You're not invited.
Nicole: Sorry, this is my bed.

Zach:  I can't wait for the day these things go off, and it scares the shit out of you.
***I love her face. So cute.

Talk turns to their fitbit progress..

Cam 3

Brittany: I have no connection with Zach, but I'm voting her out for sure.
Christine: I feel bad for Donny.
Brittany: I do too.  I'd rather her stay, but I don't know who's working with who.. I know a lot of things are being said just to stay safe.. I just feel like, I don't know who to trust any more.
Christine: I know.. It's so stupid.. I wish I'd been strong enough to say, no, you're an idiot.
Brittany: I feel like all of this can be reversed..
Christine: Caleb and Devin..
Brittany: Right now they're going out of their way to act like they don't like each other..

Christine: I think it'll get better.
Brit: Nope.  It'll get worse before it gets better.
Christine: ---- Caleb.
Brit: OhmyGod.. We have to get rid of him.
Christine: I think Caleb has to be enemy number 1.
Brit: We have to get rid of him.

Cam 3
Cody and Victoria

Cody: Certain words she doesn't understand.
Victoria: Yeah, me too.  How long has she been here?
Cody: She's been here for 2 or 3 years.
Vict: That's it??

Cam 3

Caleb: I'm the target.  You wanna come after someone, come after me..
Zach: I'm so hungry. 
Caleb: Dude, if I'm a Have Not, I'm eatin' oatmeal.
Nicole: I scraped a layer of skin off my face..
Caleb: You got 6 more, right?

Cam 3

Victoria: If he's past the age of 26, he doesn't have to join the army.. also if he's married..
Cody: That's good.  He's so in love..  Did I tell you how they met?

Cam 2

Zach: Frankie's so funny..
Amber: He cuddles.  I love it.
Zach: I'm so hungry.
Nicole: One more day. Go make oatmeal.
Zach: Slop is disgusting.
Amber: I'm excited to experience it.

Zach: Devin has to be a Have Not next week. You bet your ass, if I'm HoH, he will be.
Amber: I wonder how you are outside the house..
Zach: Exactly the same.
Amber: You don't have a filter.
Zach: None.  You should see me around my little brother.  He's 10.  I try to get him to curse.
Amber: oh my gosh..

Zach: Mine and Nicole's date tomorrow is gonna be good.
Caleb: Why're you doin' it tomorrow?  You wont even have the back yard.
Zach: I gotta show you how much better it would be with me than Hayden.
Caleb: hahaha
Zach: It's fun.
Caleb: It's gettin' you by.  THis is gonna sound horrible, but she's easy compared to Amber.
Nicole: I'm not easy.  I've only kissed 4 boys my whole life.
Zach: 4?  Wanna make it 5?
Nicole: Stupid lines don't work on me..
Caleb: I wish Amber would go on a date with me just for askin'.  I gotta play beast mode pool and win it.

Frankie enters as Clarabelle Dupree..  and climbs on top of Zach..

Zach: Oh I love when you touch me down there.. Oh I miss my husband so much.. Pleasurin' him at night...
Caleb: Who is Clarabelle?
Frankie: I made her up.
Christine: She is the best women in the house.

By request, he switches characters, to Rachel, a 20ish excessive drinking air head. 

Zach: What'd you do lat night, Rachel?
Frankie/Rachel: I don't know.. I woke up naked with 7 guys on top of me, but I don't think I did anything..

By request, a meditation led by Frankie..

Frankie: Ok.. Everyone get into a nice comfortable position.. This is going to be a nice long guided meditation.. where you don't have to move or fidget.. get all your little adjustments done.. We're going to go on a nice journey.. So I want to start by taking 5 very deep and claming breaths.. Inhaling the peace and the positive, exhaling the negative and stress.. Now, imagine you are walking up to a beautiful and magical door.. beyond this door is.. Open up your magical door, and behind that, I want you to see a forest.. Smell the moss, leaves, the earth.. Visualize this gigantic forest.. You see a path.. a hummingbird flitting around the flowers... You come to a clearing with the most comfortable spot just for you.. This perfect, peaceful, calming place..

The women are all over it.  Caleb keeps giggling so he gets up and leaves, so not to disturb anyone. In the beginning, Zach is too self conscious to really participate, but he makes progress as the meditation progresses. 

Frankie: You're in a cocoon of peaceful positivity that no negative can penetrate.. Let's take a few breaths and just relish in this safety and protection.. Now I want you to visualize the next few days happening as you would like them to happen, without pain, without stress, without fear.. Right now, anything is possible.. You are in control..

Amber: I loved my forest..It was so pretty.
Zach: Mine was a golf course.
Frankie: That's awesome.. I love that.  Thank you Terri Cole, Meditation Transformation.  I stole that.  It's all Terri.
**It sounded lovely to me.  If you're interested, I found it for you on Amazon: Terri Cole ~ Meditation Transformation.

Cam 1
Paola: She's giving me her bible.  It's my funeral gift.
Christine: That's amazing.
Paola: Every time I'm on the block, I have a funeral.


Cam 1

Christine: I can't help but hanging out with you.  I can't do it any less.
Nicole: I don't want to go on date with Zach.  I want Hayden.

Jocasta and Pao leave, so Nicole and Christine can have the lights out. 

Nicole: Brittany asked me to work with her.  You're definitely not on her target.. Her and Brittany are gonna get in a huge fight.
Christine: I was talking to Donny, and he was like, so you knew I was the target.. He's like, would you have voted me out?
Nicole: He was heart broken that Cody was part of it..  Donny's smart.  I think he's more than what he says.
Christine: When i was dizzy, he said, Do you know if you're diabetic at all?  Then he gave me advice on what to do to feel better.
Nicole: There's no way.. I think he's a professor.
Christine: He says things.. He's always overcompensating, "I'm jsut a janotor from North Carolina."
Nicole: He knows how to play chess.  No one knows how to play chess in the country. 
Christine: He said his work gave him an iphone.  There's no school system that gives the groundskeeper an iphone!

Talk turns to Devin.

Christine: He is absolutely the most insane person I've ever met in my life.
Nicole: He's doin' good though..
Christine: Everyone in the bomb squad was like deny deny deny.. 

Cam 3 and 4

Derrick: You're definitely gonna stay.
Frankie: The odds are ever..
Caleb: They're forever in our favor, but..

Derrick: Brittany wins, one of us is goin' up.
Hayden: I'm gonna try to chit chat with her..

Cam 3

Hayden: I just talked to Jacosta.. I wanted to tell you where I'm at.  2 days ago, I got pulled in to HoH by Devin, and he was like, there's this super alliance.. are you in or are you out.  If you're out, then we're coming after you.  So I was like, Awesome.

2: 16am
Cam 3
Kitchen area
Derrick, Zach, Caleb

Derrick: If they told me, "Slop for the rest of the season, you make it to the end, and you get a picture of Tenley," I would do it. I would definitely do it. 
Zach: What if you had to be on slop and be a have not?
Derrick: I would definitely do it.  Offer it to me right now, I'll take it.

2:19am Derrick goes off with Jacosta to pray.. They're searching for a quiet spot..

Zach: I've gotta pack.

Cam 1

Nicole: I wanna do a bombsquad joke to Zach (for his goodbye message), but he's not leavin'.  Obviously your bombsquad isn't very bomb..
Christine: If Devin goes..
Nicole: Seriously, I don't think he's going next week.
Christine: Do you think Caleb is?
Nicole: Yes.
Christine: Good.  That's who I want next..

Cam 3
Living Room

Jocasta: Thankful for you protecting our children, God.  We lift you up right now.. give you the glory.. We know you direct our paths.. We need an extra push, extra energy.. We ask you to watch over all the HGs here and their families.. We are thankful for each other.. for you.. Help us to be able to continue to love each other.  Help us to be examples..

Cam 4
Hayden and Brittany

Brittany: If I leave before Victoria and Pao Pao, I will die..
Hayden: hehehe
Brittany: I'm trying.  I'm not gonna win every comp, but I'm trying.  I feel like everything with them is like, go to the DR.. Wait, lemme take 45 minutes and get ready.
Hayden: I wanted to talk to you and let you know where I stand.  I play an honest game.. I am a trustworthy person.
Brittany: I asked Nicole, can I trust Hayden?  She's like, Yes.  I've gotten closer to her and Christine over the past couple days.  I like them.   There are just so many flips and turns.. I feel bad for Donny.. His heart is just broken about Pao.  I just hope a good person wins.
Hayden: Absolutely.  I think it's honestly headed in a good direction now.  Now that a line has been drawn, that's where it's heading to.. I know it's really stressful to be in this house, but I think it's heading in a good direction now.
Brittany: At least Enjoying the game and not playing it maliciously.  I'll tell you what happened.. Devin brought me up.. and I was like, great, I have a chance..

Cam 3/4 flip to Derrick and Jacosta.
Living Room

Derrick: I don't wanna talk game, but I know she's not with us. 100%.  I think right now, she's just trying to find a place.. I'm goin' over everything I've done to this point, and one thing that drives me crazy as a fan, is when people swear on their families..
Jocasta: In this game, you're doing what you think will get you farther.  That's respect..
Derrick: but I respect the way you're playing.. This game plays with you..

Talk turns to Devin..

Derrick: He's crazy.  How do you go from wanting someone out to falling in love with them in 24 hours?
Jocasta: I'm like, you put her on the block and feed her slop.. He's not her type.
Derrick: It'll be fun tomorrow. The Live Show..

Brittany comes out of the beehive.  Derrick says they're not talking game and invites her to join them on the couches.. She sits a moment, then gets up and does some tidying..

Jocasta: You find people in here that remind you of people at home, and you try to befriend that person..

Cody hugs Brittany, but it's one sided, to the point where she leans back out of it.

Cody: She never hugs back.  You are the rudest person.
Brittany: I just don't like sloppy 15ths.

Caleb and Cody join Derrick and Jocasta in the living room.  Talk turns to side hugs..
**I've only ever even seen a side hug on that Duggars show..

Amber joins. Then Brittany.

Amber: Is everyone sleeping?
Derrick: I'm about to join in.
Amber: No one else is awake?
Caleb: Pao Pao and Hayden.
Cody: I'm so close to passing out.

They all are..
2:47am  Talk turns to the chill of the have Not Room.  And cold showers..

Caleb: Like basic training showers.. They didn't let us shower for a week.  Then the first shower, we're all lined up butt naked and it's freezing cold and you got about 10 seconds..
Derrick: Were you in Texas?
Caleb: Fort Benning, Georgia.  The showers were the funniest thing.  No towel or nothin' to dry off with.  You get into bed, still wet n soapy.  Initiation weeks were the worst.

Cam 1

Pao: Hayden, do you really like me as a person?
Hayden: I do.. I have talked crap about everyone..
Pao: What'd you say??!
Hayden: It's nothing bad..  Amber's like the only person I can't stand.  She's gonna hate me so much.. I'm gonna have to do some damage control.  I hope you laugh at the things I've said.
Pao: I wanna see it, if it's funny.
Hayden: It's just me goin' 'She sucks at everything."
Pao: That's what you said?!
Hayden: But.. I really do like you..
Pao: I hope Nicole likes me.
Hayden: She does.  She thinks you're like the funniest girl in the house. 

Cam 2
Derrick, Brittany
Have Not Room

Brittany: I think shes tryin' to get..
Derrick: ok 
Derrick: So it was PaoPao then..
Brit: I think so..  But I don't think she's said anything til now.
Derrick: When you left the room, Caleb was like, when I walked out, did she say anything?  Amber was like, earlier, well someone told her right before.  She was 100% talking about you.  One of those 3 threw you under the bus.  I don't think it was him.  Have you ever said anything to him?
Brit: We all talk..
Derrick: Have you ever said anything to Frankie?
Brit: No.. He's always following me around..

Cam 3 and 4
Caleb and Amber
Living Room

Caleb: It'd take you an hour to do my eyes... The last time I gottem waxed, my brother's wife did it, I got burnt.

Amber: This is really intense.  One eye hurts more than the other..

Pao joins them..

Pao: My stomach hurts.  It's getting cold in this house.
Amber: how do you want your hair done tomorrow, Pao?
Pao: Curly.. like Kim Kardashian curls.
Caleb: Hot mama.
Pao: They were like daring me and Zach to kiss today.. They were like kiss! kiss! kiss!  When I first met him, I liked him, cuz I thought he was ballsy..  When you live with someone, I feel like you start to develop feelings for people.
Caleb: That's the truth..

Cam 1
Have Not Room

Derrick calls out to the living room, says goodnight, and closes the door to the Have Not Room.  He and Brittany are paranoid about people listening to their whispers..

Victoria, Brit and Derrick

Derrick: I really think they're gonna do 2 comps, like they did last week.   It's not gonna be difficult.  It's gonna be pure luck.  If Pao Pao was here, she could win it.

Cam 3 and 4
Living Room
Pao, Caleb, Amber

Pao: Everyone was like, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Especially Hayden..
Caleb: It doesn't really mean anything.
Pao: He's funny.  He keeps blowing me kisses.  he was like, "Pao, I wanna take you out on a date."  I was like, "I don't date Have Nots."
Caleb: That's what I'm gonna tell Amber next week.
Amber: I'm gonna have the worst time in there.. with Devin.  I already volunteered.. for the wrong week.
Pao: Just don't put Brit in there. She's had a rough couple weeks.
Caleb: If I win it, I wont put you in there.

Amber: I have a sensitive heart..
Caleb: I do too.

They hear a noise.. It's Cody, sleep talking..

Caleb: Cody.
Amber: He's probably dreaming.. 
Pao: He's funny.  I feel like everyone in the house has their funny moments.. Frankie's the funniest though.
Amber: I'm so glad Donny hugged me in the bathroom today.  It made me feel  a lot better.
Caleb: You think, at the end of it, he's gonna be one of the last 2, and be like, "Ok everyone, my name's Dennis.." Derrick's like, got my vote.  I'll write him the check.
Pao: You know he gave me his badge.
Amber: He let me try on his shirt today..
Caleb: I wish I got to bring my camo stuff.

Pao: Who are you the closest to in this house?  Probably Caleb, right?
Amber: Donny.  We talk all the time.  Donny's my comfort.  We never talk about game. 
Pao: I feel like he's just a dad figure.
Amber: Me n Donny been close since day one.. it was love at first sight..

Pao: I hope you and Brittany don't go against each other.
Amber: I wont fall off.  I'll pee my pants before I come off..
Caleb: You sound like me.  We gotta come up with a name.. We're definitely the 2 most beast mode people in the house.
Pao: Jacosta's a beast too.  Christine too.
Caleb: They're beast in their area.. We're beast all around.
Amber: You were good out there today.
Caleb: Ever thought about golfing?
Pao: no.  That's part of the reason I don't wanna go.  I just wanna win a comp.
Caleb: We're all gonna have to go sooner or later, Pao.  She's gonna go, then I'm gonna progress..
Amber: Douche.

Caleb: There's only one person in this house who can get on my shoulders..
Pao: Buy one get one free!☺

Caleb:  That date would be like.. expensive.
Amber: Exactly.. so?
Caleb: You ladies are in luck.  I always go over the top with my dates.

The only HGs still awake, Caleb, Pao and Amber continue their happy chatter in the living room.. Pao isn't making any stay in the house progress with them, but they are giving her a lovely last night in the house.  It's nice to see them all just relaxed, laughing and enjoying each other. 

Cam 3
Living Room
Pao and Caleb

Caleb: I'm no where near in love with her., but I do like her a lot.  I've told her..
**oh, the many phases of Caleb's heart in the house..

4:14 am Amber returns.. They continue talking about the game and other HGs..

Pao: I just don't think that me or Zach should go home this week.
Amber: I know.. I.. feel like an idiot for gtting upset last week.  Last Thursday.
Caleb: You shouldn't feel that way.
Amber: Pao's laughing about it.
Caleb: Pao will never be in the situation. hehehe.  It's hard.  It's a hard position to be in..  I've gotten emotional more than once. People come into this game to be cutthroats.. That to me, there's one in this house, and I feel like that's Zach.. Some people like Amber and myself, we actually have a heart for people.  Like Jocasta and Derrick.. they have kids.  Brittany, I'll put her up even though she has kids too.  But I would never put her up due to a personal reason.  When I get the chance, I'll put up the people I think can beat me in this game.. If it's a girl, that one right there.
Amber: He's already told me he'll put me up.
Pao: Would you rather have me or Zach stay?
Caleb: For game, I feel like Zach would be more beneficial.  Personality wise, I prefer you.
Pao: Damn..
Caleb: But I would never put you up unless I had to. (Amber) I think you know that..
Amber: I don't trust anyone in this house amymore. That's why I think it's best just for me to keep my mouth shut. You never know..
Caleb: If I speak about someone, it's of facts, not opinion.. I don't give my opinion.  But I would definitely say a fact real quick.  I'm the target.
Pao: This house is gonna get separated real fast.
Caleb: It is.
Pao: Do you think I'm going home tomorrow?
Caleb: I don't know.
Pao: No one's talking.
Caleb: The only thing I can tell you is what I think and what I'm gonna do.. She can tell me she wants you to stay and then go in there and vote you home.  It's becoming game.. big game.. within 3 weeks, jury's coming up. You already know if you say the wrong thng to the wrong person, they're gonna stand up ther and shout it to the house.
Pao: But that's Zach.
Caleb: I know her and I are both targets in this house.  That's fine.
Amber: Sometimes bein' a target is a good thing.  You're a threat.  I'm starting over.. as of now.. tonight..
Pao: You can't play this game by yourself.
Amber: I'm just by myself right now.. til I figure it out.

Amber: I think I'm gonna go pass out and cuddle with Frankie.  I just wonder how I'm being viewed outside this house.
Pao: You shouldn't care.
Caleb: (to Pao)  Inside, they think you're just a doll.  You're gonna talk to Julie.. We're all gonna party like rockstars (after).
Pao: Do you think it matters if I leave the 5th week or the 2nd?
Caleb: not at all. You're a winner.  You're elite.
Pao: I'm special.  ☺
Amber: I'm so thinking about my family right now, it's crazy.
Pao: Your sister's so pretty.
Caleb: I met your sister in a dream, but it wasn't that one.  My mom's probably goin' "that girl's gonna have to move on here to Kentucky."
Amber: I don't think I could ever live in Kentucky now.
Caleb: I love Kentucky.
Amber: I do too.
Caleb: Home sweet home.. But I'm a big traveler too.  I like to go other places..

4:30am Amber shares her wedding and honeymoon dreams with the two of them.  Caleb's pretend taking notes on his hand.

Living Room Chatter continues..

Pao: I've learned a lot in the past 21 days in this house.  A lot.  I hope I carry it out of here and dont' lose myself.
Amber: To me, this is like a summer, having fun with new people.
Pao: Fun?
Amber: I'm still having fun.  Yesterday I got to shove some meat up people's noses..
Caleb: I got to throw flour in people's eyes.. I got scratched by my nose. Then I got to be a gentleman and wipe it off.

Amber: Like we were talking about earlier, it's crazy how people judge each other, just off the game play.  It's like, we're in a game.  Do you realize that?  I'm not gonna go a whole day and not talk to people. 
Pao: I don't take things personal.
Caleb: Like today, I took it personal, because I don't want people lookin' at her a certain way because of me.
Pao: But you can't control that.
Caleb: But I can do what I can to redirect the target back to me..
Pao: You wouldn't care if the whole house was trying to get you out.
Caleb: Thing is, it's smart for them to do that.  Not before him, but.. It's smart.
Pao: With the twist, it's the perfect way of backdooring someone.
Caleb: Right now, that's why I don't think anyone's gonna ptu me up, because it gives me 2 chances to pull myself off.  At the end of the day, I look at it.. I met some great people..

4:46am Amber gives Pao and Caleb a hug and says goodnight..   Pao continues working on Caleb, but to no avail.

Caleb: The only downfall with you is, if you stay, the next person who wants a strong competitor out, will put them up against you..   (about the comp) I guarantee, the competition (we practiced) will be 10 times harder that what we saw.. You may tap it just a little too hard and be off.  They're giving everyone a chance to win.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.. Shhh.. The babies are sleeping...

 See you in the comment section!



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning! It's a lovely day here in Maine.
I've found I can't keep up with the program and the comments on your blog at the same time. So I ended up just lurking, and reading everything later.

I don't think I like these extended indoor lockdowns, everyone is whispering, and I just can't figure out what they are saying. Though with this group I'm not sure if it makes any difference, they are all over the place.

Why is Brittany a target now? Is it because Devin took her off the block, or because Derrick isn't satisfied with the way she responded to him? Is there enough support to really go after Caleb, and would they really do him before Devin? Smart if they do. I think they need to just get whichever one they can, when they can get them.

I think the girls, like so many seasons, just start cannibalizing each other and the guys will skate through.

Silly, IMO, choices for Team America, of the two I think the celebrity relative will cause the most disruption which, in the end, is what we like. :-)

Thanks for TOR, because I sure couldn't get half of that from the live feeds.

July 10, 2014 at 3:53 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry!☺

I so appreciate that you're here to greet me every morning, first thing.

As far as Brit being a target now, who knows.. It's all talk til someone/two win HoH anyway.

Do you wear headphones? That really helps me with being able to hear the whispered conversations.. I'm happy to recommend some reasonably priced ones if you're interested.

July 10, 2014 at 4:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have a good pair of Klipsch. I think it's more a product of ears nearly 75 years old. :-)

July 10, 2014 at 4:22 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

:0) hehehe

July 10, 2014 at 4:34 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

Apologies if this is yet another duplicate post...I think my phone hates me =/

Haven't commented or joined any of the viewing parties yet... power outtages, surprise visit from my son, and life in general have kept me pretty busy. I have been able to keep up with the HGs through your wonderful site...Thank you so much for that!! <3

Great cast this year....refreshing after last season. Hayden is shaping up to be one of my favorites...and his budding relationship with Nicole is absolutely adorable.

Too early for any in depth analysis on my part...just wanted to poke my head in and say hello.....Hopefully see you tonight for the live show (wish it was endurance).

Thanks again Carolyn!

July 10, 2014 at 4:45 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Tam!! :0) No duplicate! ;) It's great to see you!

July 10, 2014 at 4:53 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning Jerry,

Good Morning Tam,

Good Morning Dishers,

I love Thursday in BBland...everything old is new again..I hope it is someone new tonight..

Have a great day and see you tonight for LIVE evictions...WoOTwOoT!!!!

Thank you for great TOR MIZ Carolyn.. ;)


July 10, 2014 at 5:07 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Goood morning, Sweet Pammmmy!☺

See you tonight!! xxoo

July 10, 2014 at 5:28 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Ok, I really like Nicole, but that comment just hacked me off. Why do people say crap like that?" People from the country don't know how to play chess" just because we're from the country doesn't make us ignorant. Just had to get that off my chest. Carry on.

July 10, 2014 at 5:51 AM  
Blogger Joanne DelBalso said...

Morning Carolyn and fellow dishers! Just taking a moment to stop by and say hi!!

I am really enjoying this group of house guests this season. So refreshing compared to last season, of which I admittedly stop watching when it got down to the last 5 players remaining. So looking forward to tonight's live show, not necessarily for the eviction. I am looking forward to the aftermath of the pov ceremony and crowning 2 new HOHs.

July 10, 2014 at 6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning, Goddess Caro & Dishers!
After the recent insanity, last night was a relative snooze-fest. Woke up this morning & my mom was asleep unlike yesterday morning when she was monitoring the critter meltdowns! Hahahaha It was a badly needed one, though, because who on earth can live at that level of crazy for more than a few days?
I have to say that my wish for today is that SOMEHOW they flip and vote Zach out. I haven't liked him since Day One - he's an arrogant jerk and as Grendon pointed out, it was HIS flipping out that prompted Frankie's issues the other day. Pao, AT THIS POINT, is less of a threat to blow up anyone's game, IMO. Zach has already shown that he has NO regard for anyone else's game when he's angry and that alone makes him untrustworthy going forward.
Just as we all got tired of hearing Devil's mouth run on & on about "integrity" & his daughter, last night I was sick to death of Brit! "Why do people have to lie?" was one of her favorite refrains & that just blows my mind. Yes, she's a recruit, but she's been in the house for 3 weeks now - hasn't she figured out that she's playing a GAME and that lying is all part of the deal?!?!? Yeesh. Besides, as someone mentioned in the chat room last night, she is now grilling the people who SAVED HER ARSE this week! Not a good thing to do at the moment. Lie low & wait til Thursday to start asking questions. I get that she's sleep deprived and hungry, but enough already!
Thank you SO MUCH, as always, Miss Caro, for all that you do for us!! Sorry about my link blunder on the twitter machine last night. :)

July 10, 2014 at 6:14 AM  
Blogger Tina From VA said...

Good Morning Carolyn!

I think this is the first season that I just can't keep up with all the house guests. They are all over the place.. Simply love this game!

July 10, 2014 at 6:15 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

@brnidspengrl-Thank you. I'm glad I am not alone in my opinion. It seems like Frankie is taking the blame for everything. In the past 2 days he has said far less than most of the other people who just can't quit running their mouths.

I haven't been feeling the Derrick love. I didn't dislike him, just didn't love him. Now, I actually think he could have some of the same bully tendencies that we complain about with the other guys.

I think Cody is as much of a sell out as anyone else. Jocasta gave him every opportunity to be honest and he just wouldn't do it. And Cody and Derrick are both big on saying, "I was never really a part of it. It was everyone BUT me. I just went along with it 'cause they strong armed me and I felt like I didn't have a choice."

So what exactly does that mean? If Frankie is taking the bulk of the blame, is Cody saying that he was strong armed by Frankie? And if they are, as I suspect, saying that Devin was the bully that forced them into an alliance-well, if Cody and Derrick couldn't stand up to Devin how the heck was Frankie supposed to?

Anyways, my favorite is Hayden. I switch up my perfect alliance all the time. Right now it would be Hayden, Nicole, Frankie, Zach, Christine and Donny.

I definitely won't be rooting for Brittany unless she drops this 'I am a victim and the only honest person in the house' attitude. It is a game. What did anyone do to her that was so unforgiveable in the grand scheme of things. It sucks to be on the block unless it's not you that's on the block. I get that, but honestly, it's a game. The BS had an alliance. Yes, it was a sucky alliance, but the point is-Brittany wasn't part of it and she would have come after them so on a game level it made sense to nominate her. Besides, when over 50% of the house is in an alliance and there have to be 4 nominees each week, it's going to be hard to stay off the block.

The other issue for me with Brittany is this-"I'm a parent." I don't care. I don't want to hear about Brittany and Derrick using their children as strategy any more than I want to hear about Devin's daughter. And if they deserve to be there based on the fact that they have children then let's just jump ahead to a final 4 of Jocasta, Devin, Derrick and Brittany. They don't have to compete. Just give one of them the money.

But you know what really has me all wound up and cranky this morning? Brittany uttered that unforgiveable phrase that should be banned from BB, Survivor and other reality/competition shows. In fact, I would like people to have money deducted from their stipends or have a 3 warnings and you're out rule. Brittany said, "I just hope a good person wins."

BTW-I usually 'hope' for a good person to win too, but for some reason we don't always agree on what makes a person good and sometimes the best people play the worst game.

July 10, 2014 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger jeanna.snyder said...

Good morning Dishers! I've never posted here in the comment section before or really anywhere on the BBDish site but am an avid reader, tweeter and supporter of this awesome site! It is the only site I give reference to when asked where I get all my "insider" info! I'm more a behind the scense kind of girl...You don't see me, but know I am there! lol

I am really enjoying this season and the cast. Some I love, some I like and some I wish would just go home! As I was watching the feeds last night I kept thinking to myself, "this time last year, I was already over watching this show". Season 15 was not a great year...I found myself watching BBAU, BBUK and Celebrity BBUK just to get my BB fix because BB15 wasn't giving me what I needed! Thankfully, this season is much, much better!

I find myself worried for Frankie though. He has got to back off a little because people are already noticing that his is always everywhere...listening, commenting, inputing and he's going to be dubbed "Andy" soon if he doesn't back off. Didn't think I would be such a Frankie fan, but I really am.

I am also a Donny fan. He is just such a genuine good guy. His talk with Pao in the beehive room yesterday was so heartfelt and honest. It made me like him even more!

Thank you again Carolyn for all your hard work! I'm so happy to have you and TOR with my coffee every morning. It's like having coffee with a friend!

July 10, 2014 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

well another good night in the bb house. its like devin isnt even there, some one just get devin out o there please.

morrning goddess of the dish, and all my dishers too.
have a good day and then let us be ready for fireworks tonight and a new hoh

im hoping zack and brit win hoh

July 10, 2014 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger kimba804 said...

Good morning Everybody!

I do love these houseguests! What a refreshing relief from last years ugliness..I really hope it reflects in the ratings too! I wonder how and to what extent they implemented lessons learned from the last cast onto this cast as far as interviews and background checks. Seems like they did it right this year. I hope it's not just luck.

These players are game on all the time, I don't know how you keep up with them. Thank you for all you do <3

July 10, 2014 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Finished reading and it's still morning, so... Good morning :)

Pao, if not good at comps, is a beast trying to stay. Kudos to her!

I am hoping for a grand clusterf&ck tonight after the HOH comp.

If BB does a lot of diary sessions, beyond the usual for an eviction night, I will suspect they're planting seeds to mess with the votes or future nominations.

Thank you Carolyn <3

July 10, 2014 at 8:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Carolyn! Morning Dishers :)

Can't say enough how much I love this cast. They're so entertaining. Is it just me though, or are they all saying way too much all the time? It's not just one or two people, it's everyone. These people can't keep a secret to save their lives! I'm rooting big time for the Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Zach 4some. I hope they make a legit alliance and make it all the way. They are just way too cute together.

July 10, 2014 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, NaturalGrace! :) Yeah, I hear ya. I almost commented about it too..

Good morning, Joanne! :) So nice to see you! I'm loving these HGs too. They're an absolute gift!

Good Morning, BrnidPensGrl! :) Great to see you in here! Pretty please, call the HGs by their given names. :)

Good morning, Tina From VA! :) hehehe! You are not alone!!

July 10, 2014 at 9:32 AM  

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