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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Sanity Sunday!  I hope to see you all here tonight at 7:50pm Eastern for our 3rd Feather Boa Sunday Gala ~aka~ The Sunday Show Viewing Party!  Get your glam on, and your feather boa, change your profile pic and join in the love fest. ;-)

Now let's see what our HGs got into late Saturday night.. I'll give you a hint:  It's another fun one! ☺  By the way, if you missed the All Male Revue last night, "The Big Brother 16 Muscle Off"  get straight into flashback - 4:25pm on Camera 3.  It's hysterical.

Doctor's orders.  You need some Sunday Funnies..  If you haven't got the feeds yet, you can test them out with this 2 day free trial.  You're going to fall in love.♥  I guar-ahn-tee!

Camera 3

Victoria: Everyone go on facebook right now to VictoriaRafaeliPhotography and like my page!
Frankie: R-a-f-a-e-l-i
Victoria: You know they always think Rafaeli's Italian?

Talk turns to holidays..

Zach: Do you celebrate Christmas?
Frankie: I celebrate everything. Is there a holiday this week?  Let's celebrate it.  Rosh Ha Shanah.. Can't wait. L'Shana Tova.
Victoria: You know if we're here still, we're gonna miss it.

Zach: We are gonna miss it.
Nicole: Miss what?
Victoria: The Jewish New Year.. and for us it's like praying..
Zach: And we're gonna miss Yom Kippur..
Victoria: Shoot, yeah.
Zach: And that's like the holiest day of the year, right?

Victoria: mm hmm.  I have to pray.  I'm not even kidding. I have to pray.
Zach: We have to fast, right?
Victoria: mm hmm. (to Nicole) That day you ask for forgiveness from God for all the sins that you've done.
Zach: What if you don't do any sins, like me?
Hayden: heh heh
Victoria: (not laughing at all) Good luck up there.
Hayden: Hoho!

Zach: That was mean!
Victoria: Why? Good luck with God.  You don't think you owe Him any sorries?  Only God's perfect.
Hayden: That just got real.

Zach: Nicole, would you like to accompany me on the Hammock?
Nicole: ok
Zach: We can call it a date.
Victoria: Oh my God.. Hayden's jealous.

Cam 3
Christine, Amber
Zach, Nicole

Handstands, Instant Coffee chatter and more free advertising for Starbucks from their star partner, Christine.
Christine: They're called Via at Starbucks.  You can get iced or hot ones.  They're delicious.
Zach: Wait!  You'r a Barista??  Cody!  You won 5 times in a row?!  (to Caleb) What's wrong with you?
Caleb: Cody, you wanna play me again?
Cody: No.

Zach and Nicole do a little dance..
 Hayden walks the yard, on his hands, cheered along by Zach. 
He makes it just shy of the full yard.

Hayden: Oh my God! I was SO close!
Nicole: That was close.
Zach: That was sick.  You know next time you're gettin' it for sure.
Hayden: Ok, Caleb.  Let's go!

Caleb makes it just under half the yard. Then he tries again, and makes it to the weight bench.

Nicole: Zach, you can't do it?
Zach: I suck at everything.
Nicole: No, you don't.

Caleb comes to the hammock and sits with Zach and Nicole. Victoria comes over with nuts for Nicole and leaves.

Nicole: You have a crush on her, don't lie.
Zach: On Her??
Nicole: She's funny.
Zach: She's not funny.  She's just clueless.
Nicole: No, she's funny.

Across the yard, Caleb's doing backflips.  Everyone's impressed.

 Jacosta is feeling quite a bit better, and getting showered with love from Christine, Cody and Amber.  They want her to open a chain called "Mama J's."  She's tickled.

Amber: I feel like I'm gonna wither away this week.
Cody: You're gonna get so skinny.  Skinnier than you already are.
Jocasta: You guys got it made with the tortillas.

12:15am Human tricks continue with Hayden and Caleb on cam 1. Amber wants to join in, but just doesn't "want to break a bone."

Frankie and Victoria have joined Zach and Nicole on the Hammock. 

Donny comes over to say goodnight and get hugs.  Amber calls Zach over to twerk for Mama J.

Storage Room
Frankie and Donny

They talk a bit about their assignment for Team America.. 

Donny: Who was you gonna tell?  Devin?  He sings like a canary. He'll try everything he can to blow everything up.

Then transition into the veto, the vote and Devin's bad karma.  Donny's tickled.  he confirms to Frankie that he will be using the Veto on Jocasta, and he's tickled that Devin will be going up and out, AND that he'll be sitting next to Caleb, since it was during Caleb's HoH and due to Devin that Donny was on the block.

Cam 2
Fire Room
Frankie and Amber

Frankie: So there's a play.
Amber: There is?
Frankie: Devin certainly seems to think so.  What have you heard is the plan?
Amber: Nothing.  I don't know what's going on.
Frankie: Devin said that Donny might not use the Veto.  What do you think is actually happening?
Amber: I don't know.  I really want to talk to Derrick.
Frankie: He's asleep.

Amber: I'm worried.  Have you talked to anybody.  I feel like things are changed.  I feel like Devin can use that to his advantage.  Think, if we have one person in here that we trust that doesn't vote Devin home.
Frankie; Where is Jocasta in all this?
Amber: She thinks she's safe.
Frankie: If he doesn't use it, then it's over.  You have to tell me who's saying not to trust me. Can you be specific, cause I have to know how to play this?
Amber: Pao talked to Brittany and she told me something.. and Jocasta. Pao told me that she wanted certain people out, and I needed to work with so n so and so n so..
Frankie: Who in the house has come to you and said not to trust me?
Amber: I don't know.. I feel like someone else is stirring up shit.  It was.. Brittany.. She named like Christine.. for me not to trust.  I think Nicole.. and then I think.. I don't know if she was saying it cuz they're girls and you're closer to them.

Frankie: Oh my God.. it's so many things.
**and nothing.  Zero actual information exchanged.  My fingers are going on strike with these two.

Jocasta and Brittany come in, ending the conversation.

Cam 3
Hayden, Christine, Victoria, Nicole, Zach

Hayden:  Dude.. There's no way Donny is working with Devin.  It's not happening.  There's no way.
Victoria: Is Devin not going home?
Zach: There is a way, and it's happening.
Hayden: No, dude.  That's Devin Forcing Donny. Devin's just saying like, "Yo, Double D."  Donny doesn't reciprocate that. I talk to Donny on a personal level now, and Donny has expressed..

**And Cody's glistening and smiling in the shower on Cam 1 and 2. Gah!  Game or naked Cody?  Game or naked Cody?  To thine own self be true.

Cam 1 and 2
Cody and Frankie

Cody's telling Frankie about his uneasy feelings about Brittany..  Amber comes in.  They curtail their game talk.  Frankie leaves with Amber.  Cody finishes his shower and begins toweling dry.  I remain dutifully on Cam 1, waiting for oopsies to share. Evil Skippy flips us to another scene.

Cam 1
Frankie and Zach

Frankie: (coy) Is there another play this week?
Zach: There is.  We both know there is.
Zach: Are you saying, if it's not used.
Frankie:  Yeah.
Zach: I didn't want to say it to anyone..
Frankie: Who is in on it?
Zach: Everyone.
Frankie: Why?
Zach: Why wouldn't they be?  He's letting a girl cloud his judgement, and he's gonna get bit in the ass for it.
Frankie: Right.
Zach: Donny just has to not use it.
Frankie: But was that fate?  Did Donny legitimately win today?  Do you think Derrick threw it to Donny?
Zach: Hell no!  Hell no.  Derrick was so pissed when he lost.
Frankie: And do you think Donny would not use it?

Zach:  We don't need Caleb at all.
Frankie: No, we don't. 
Zach: We just need to keep feeding his ego.
Frankie: People think I would tell Caleb.
Zach: No. Just.. everyone's afraid to be the 1st person to bring it up.  Cody and I have talked about it. 
Frankie: Christine?  Nicole?

Zach: Everyone's on board!  Everyone!
Frankie: Right, of course.
Zach: Why wouldn't they be?
Frankie: And then we just deal with Devin next week?
Zach: Sure. I tell you everything that happens.
Frankie: I don't wanna be left out.
Zach: You're not gonna be left out.

Frankie: You haven't talked to Christine?
Zach: No.  I just don't wanna be the one to bring it up.  Here's the thing.. if it happens.. if Donny doesn't use the Veto?  Caleb's goin' home.
Frankie:  Wow.
Zach: He's goin' home.
Frankie: No, I know that.  What happens if Devin wins HoH? Does he have a deal with Derrick?
Zach:  No.
Frankie: Are you sure?
Zach: Not as far as I know.  But I'll tell you right now.  I'm bein' nice as f*ck to Devin. 
Frankie: It's a great move.

Zach: Am I the 1st person you've talked to about this?
Frankie: Yeah.
Zach: Obviously, don't talk to anyone else..  Would it be a smart move to tell Donny?
Frankie: You don't think Derrick has talked to him?
Zach: Noooo! That would be the dumbest thing Derrick could do.
Frankie: Well, because, it kinda came up upstairs. With Derrick.  Like a little bit.
Zach: None of us are stupid.  We're all thinking it, but it's the kind of thing no one wants to say.
Frankie: That's crazy. 

1:14am -
Cam 1
Nicole, Victoria, Christine, Hayden

Nicole: Why would he tell me when I just put him on the block?  And he wants me to tell him what you say back.  I feel so sick to my stomach.  I feel like it's a set up for me.
Hayden: I feel like an idiot.
Nicole: He almost convinced me that I needed to put you up, and that's just scary.
Hayden: He is probably havin' so much fun.
Nicole: I don't understand why he told me what he told me at all.. He has me almost convinced that it's true.
Christine: Do you think I'd know the answer?

Cody joins, fresh from the shower. Christine and Nicole bail to go to the bathroom.

Victoria: What's wrong, Cody?
Cody: Nothin'.

Frankie and Christine

Frankie: Is there another plan this week?
Christine: What do you mean?  Caleb goes home?  I thought about that.. cuz I thought it would be a good idea.. I'm just so scared of Donny.  People keep saying there's no way he's not gonna use it.

Zach comes in..  Christine leaves.

Zach: Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
Frankie: Someone is talking to her and telling her things.
Zach: Amber doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.
Frankie: Who would be talking to her?? I think she's talking about..
Zach: What we were talking about.
Frankie: I don't know though.. You have to be honest with me. Who else knows?
Zach: No one.

Nicole and Christine

Nicole: That Zach is Amanda (not an Amber typo) Zuckerman's cousin. He looks exactly like Amanda.
Christine: Zach does?
Nicole: Just look at his face.
Christine: ok
Nicole: That's all it is.  
Christine: That's jut weird.
Nicole: Bizarre.  Why would he make something so bizarre up? And he called me inside to tell me, and told me to tell you and see what you thought.

Cam 3
Frankie and Derrick

We join this conversation already in progress... 

Frankie: On a negative note..
Derrick: What:
Frankie: I saw Donny pull Nicole aside to talk.  Nicole walked straight over to me and said, "I think America's Player is playing in this game."
Derrick: Why?
Frankie:  Cuz she's smart!  I dissuaded her.
Derrick: This game screws with me too.. We're giving them too much credit.
Frankie: She's so smart.
Derrick: I like you comin' to talk to me.  We got this, man.  As far as the Devin thing, relax.  If Donny doesn't use it, Caleb might be goin' home.
Frankie: That's fine.
Derrick:  If it happens, it happens.  Do I want that to happen?  No.
Frankie: Me neither.
Derrick: Cuz he'll vote to keep us and he's not gonna vote against us.
Frankie: Exactly.
Derrick: But Devin would literally have to win HoH and put us up together, when it's pretty clear that our target would be him.
Frankie: Right.
Derrick: He wouldn't put you up anyways. He would put me up. If Devin stays and wins HoH, if I was on the block, I don't think there would be many people who would vote to.. He would put me up against Victoria or..
Frankie: Jacosta?
Derrick: No, I think he's trying to build a rapport.
Frankie: I just wanna be able to tell Amber, No no no..
Derrick: She's just worried about how she's going to be perceived, because she's trying to use this as a stepping stone in the entertainment industry.  Because if she votes him out the same week he went on the block to save her, she's gonna have (some backlash).

Cam 1 and 2
Caleb and Amber

We join this conversation in progress.

Amber: Ever since the whole Pao thing, it kinda puts doubts in my mind.
Caleb: mm hmm
Amber: I don't trust it.  It was said to several people.
Caleb: This week you don't have nothin' to worry about.  I'm sweatin' bullets.  Not really.  Let's hope Donny does his thing.  The thing I don't think DOnny wants on his hands.. Because of our numbers, Jacosta would go home over me.
Amber: mm hmm. yeah.

Caleb: And another thing, if he doesn't use it, he's basically sayin' "I want Devin here," which would put a target on his back.
Amber: Yeah.
Caleb: I think he'll use it.

This conversation is ongoing, quite a while..

Derrick, Zach, Frankie

Zach: In an 8 person alliance, that's insane.
Derrick: He's already goin' around tellin' people that he thinks there's an 8 person alliance.  It's confirmed.  Me and Nicole heard it from 4 different people... that he sat downstairs and said "there's an 8 person alliance and we're all gonna get picked off. "  That was his words, not mine.
Frankie: Yep.  And I also believe there's a 4 person alliance with Devin, Brittany, Jacosta and Donny.  And they're trying to flip Amber.

Derrick: So if that happens, and he decides to keep Jacosta on the block, Caleb goes home.  It's not the end of the world.  It's Caleb's game.

Zach floats his theory.

Derrick: Do you want to work with Devin?  I can tell you right now, Caleb stays in the house, he would never put you up. He's that type of guy.  Devin hates you.  He wants you gone.  You embarrassed him on national tv.  If he stays and wins HoH, he'll put you up, and I'll be right next to you.
Zach: (defeated) Alright.  Let's send Devin home.
Derrick: You're a smart kid. Let's not do what past seasons have done - they get the perfect plan, then they sit in a room like this, and the feedsters are goin' No!!  He came to me earlier, and he said, "Dude, you know what would be crazy?  If Donny didn't use the Veto."  He's not goin' out without a fight. He wants me to believe that there's a chance Donny wont use it.
Zach: He's using it.
Derrick: He told everyone before and after, "I'm using the Veto on my friend."  My friend, not my ally. And that's why America's gonna love him.  He's gonna win it against all these big guys, and he's gonna save this sick woman who couldn't play for herself.  He knows that Devin's bad for his game..
Zach: You are spitting so much knowledge.  Just preach.

Derrick: Let's make a promise.  Let's not try to flip anything, because nothing's been flipped. 

Around the house..
Camera 1 and 2  -- Amber and Caleb are still chatting on the Hammock.
Camera 3 and 4 -- Zach, Nicole, Christine, Frankie laughing it up on the backyard couches.

Frankie: It's the gayest summer ever! On Biiiig Brother!
Christine: It is though! All these men are so into it.
Frankie:  What do you mean you have normal hair, wear pants and have a desk job?  You're not gay.  I know gay.  I watched Big Brother 16.

Camera 3 flips to HoH with Cody and Hayden..  They're talking about who they do and do not trust in the house, and who they want out next.  Trust: Nicole and Christine.  Out Next: Donny.

3:15am cont'd..
Cody: My head is so all over the place, I can't keep myself sane.
Hayden: I would love to go to the DR with you.  It would be so funny.
Cody: Know what sucks the most, Brittany.. I really trusted her a lot.
**It kills him that she wont let him hug her. 
Hayden: I don't know why you trusted her so much.  Dude, the first week, Victoria LOVED you..
Cody: I know. That's why I distanced myself from her. 

 3:30am cont'd
Cody: Honestly, I feel like I got played by Donny.
Hayden: I do too!
Cody: I would tell him stuff.

Cody: If it's Caleb and Jocasta.. It's gonna be me, you, Zach.  We're gonna keep Caleb. Zach wants to get rid of Caleb right now.  RIGHT now.
Hayden: I would be down for it, but for us, as good competitors, it doesn't make sense.
Cody: Not at all.
Hayden: Yesterday, I was thinking about it, as a way to diminish the paranoia, but it's so off the charts now, it doesn't matter.
Cody: Frankie's gonna  keep Caleb no matter what.  Christine will vote with us.  Amber.  That's us 6, that we're supposed to vote together.
Hayden: uh huh.
Cody: 6 is what keep people in the house.  Then there's the other side of the house.  Nicole I think would vote Caleb out.
Hayden: Dude, I'm tellin' ya, Nicole is on board.  Like, without being on board, she's on board.
Cody: She wouldn't vote Caleb out?
Hayden: She would be on board for whatever we do.  

Camera 3
Backyard Couch
Cody, Frankie, Christine, Hayden

The ants are taking over the house, and the HGs miss their phones, kind of.. They're sure they've got millions of text messages.  Cody wants to chuck his phone and start new.   They notice Caleb and Amber are still talking and mock them a bit.. mostly him.

Nicole and Zach hit the pool table.  

Caleb and Amber
Cam 1

This conversation has been going on for hours now.. 

At the moment, they're talking religion, judgment and personal beliefs..

Cam 3
Pool Table
Zach, Cody 

Cody: That was a nice rack.

**that's a nice tush.
Zach: The only nice rack I see is Brittany's.

After a moment, they're joined by Caleb..  Amber's gone inside to get ready for bed. The night looks to be winding down.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.  Happy Sanity Sunday to you!



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning.

They are paranoid aren't they? :)

I don't understand why Frankie is so set on putting Britt, Donny, Jocasta and Devin in an alliance.
He really seems to push that every chance he gets.

I though Derrick did a good job of talking Zack and Frankie down this morning. Derrick has risen a bit in my estimation. It seems to me that if every one just chills that Devin is gone. But it's a long way to Thursday night, and you know someone will do something stupid. :-)

Is the veto meeting today?

What a contrast between the first two HOHs and this weeks.

Enjoy your day and thanks for the TOR.

July 13, 2014 at 4:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning:) I love the fact that you love admiring Cody just as much as I do;) What makes it even better is that he seems like a nice guy...not that that would stop me from staring. Lol I think Caleb is attractive too but his attitude ruins it for me. Have a nice relaxing Sunday!!

July 13, 2014 at 4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn and all my other fellow Dishers!! I haven't read TOR yet, or most of yesterday's posts yet for that matter, I'm in catch up mode again. RL keeps getting in the way of my BB life haha! I have 2 nephews that graduated this year, both of whom I love so dearly and am so proud of <3 One of their open houses was 3 weeks ago, the other was yesterday. The one whose was yesterday is going to SVSU in the fall, where I'm thinking Nicole went because I've seen her wearing a red hoodie with that on it. Also coincidentally, my nephew will be studying to be an RN :-) My other nephew is going into engineering at UofM. Anyway, from what I *have* caught up on, I'm not real happy with all the Donny bashing and paranoia about his occupation. And I haven't seen his fellow TA members even *try* to steer anyone in a direction away from the negative talk, they seem to be fueling it even more! Makes me sad. I would at least like to see him stick around long enough to get himself more involved in game matters.
Well, I'm off to catch up on everything I've missed before my race starts today. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'll see y'all tonight for the FBSG!!

Love and hugs,

July 13, 2014 at 5:21 AM  
Blogger Gramps said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!! Hope you enjoy a wonderful Sanity Sunday.

@ Jerry Williamson
Thank you as well, Jerry, for your first comments every morning. I look forward to your "word of the day" as much as the TOR. Our DishGoddess gives us the tactical blow by blow and you provide a strategic, executive summary. Starts the day off like a great breakfast.

July 13, 2014 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Are these people stupid? Devin is much more dangerous than Caleb.

July 13, 2014 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

good morning every one

I think donny is using the veto on Joc, and sending the devil out the door. it is sweet revenge and karma. I do not think any thing can change donnys mind to keep the devil in the house.

I do hope Caleb amber and vic go before brit and donny.

I like cody, brit, zack, derrik, donny. I would love to see those five in the f5 I want Christine and Nicole gone sorta soon too unless they lay off my donny boy.

July 13, 2014 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!

Enjoy your sanity Sunday, you're gonna need it to deal with all the insanity this week!

Poor Donny...Love him personally, but he showed his hand a little too early, and people are on to him....

Derrick is emerging s the best gamer this season...and definitely has a touch of "The mist" working in his favor..

Frankie, great personality, fun to watch his antics, and all of his characters, soooooo over his game...TA or not, I'm ready to see him go, I'm pretty sure he is the source of all the paranoia in the house.

Zach, Cody, Hayden= Hayden, Lane, & Enzo...and yet another Brittany could get brigaded...lol

Love this cast, Love this season, and love YOU Carolyn, you're working overtime to keep up with them...not sure how you do it!

July 13, 2014 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Jerry, or afternoon for me, a bit. :) I completely agree, this season I've seen more paranoia and so much sooner than other seasons! Sometimes I yell at my device with my headphones on, walking around doing housework and my family and doggies think I'm insane! Haha!

My thoughts: IF they keep Devin, Derrick is absolutely correct, they will regret it just like all the other seasons when they've flipped and regretted it.
I guess we shall see!

Thanks and Love, again to Caro and all BBDishers out there!
Pamela Michele

July 13, 2014 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

I'm hoping they do flip! I'm super on board with Operation Blindside Caleb. I can see it happening but Donny may be the pivotal person and he holds the POV. I agree with David Lockner - Frankie is the source of majority of existing paranoia. I love his energy when he's up and with a group but I despise his one on one half truths and spins - I admit it's working though and few are onto him...yet. Derrick is wearing me thin with his cover persona and I hope it blows up soon. He's dropped enough phrases and comments that somebody should be guessing he's a cop soon. Of course I'm outside looking in so it's easy. Still love Nicole and Hayden and I totally believe Hayden will be loyal to her before this ridiculous guy alliance. Happy Sunday.

July 13, 2014 at 11:41 AM  
Blogger kimba804 said...

Good Morning/Afternoon All..I sure love this cast and this whole season! Thank you Caro for all you do! <3

July 13, 2014 at 11:59 AM  

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