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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday!☺

I'm starting the Overnight Report a little early today, because.. I can't resist these HGs.  They're making the feeds so much fun!  They've made me fall in love with Big Brother all over again.  FYI - The Season Pass for the Live Feeds ends very soon, so if you want to take advantage of the best deal, the time is now.  The Season Pass is a one time charge, so there's no cancellation hassle.  As always, thank you very much for supporting BBDish by getting your live feeds via the links here.

Soo.. in the earlier part of the evening, Caleb took a too polite Amber on a date, Frankie was "Frank" all night, much to the delight of the women in the house..  Kissing Victoria at 10:15pm on Camera 3..

...then Brittany..  and then our little budding HayCole showmance got some hammock time..

Camera 3
Hayden and Nicole

Nicole: We never ever kissed, or anything like that..
Hayden: It's a secret.  I wouldn't tell.  All the guys in this house love you.  You know that?

Nicole: I don't care.  That's really ironic.
Hayden: You have the best personality in the house.
Nicole: That don't matter.  Looks matter.
Hayden: Look where looks have gotten everyone else.  Look where personality has gotten you.  It's gotten you a secret showmance.
Nicole: It' not a showmance.
Hayden: We just make out sometimes?
Nicole: Once.  I was delusional.
Hayden: This is a fun night.  I wanna cuddle with you.
Nicole: Me too.

Nicole: I can't stand Caleb.  I want him to go home.
Hayden: I want him to go home instead of Amber.
Nicole: Me too.  Me too. Me too.
Hayden: If I had to live with him in the jury house, I would contemplate offing myself.
Nicole: You make good moves in this game.. You're every person's favorite person in the house.

Hayden: I think our Hammock date should be over.
Nicole: Ok.
Hayden: See you later, babe.
Nicole: Don't call me babe.
Hayden: (laughs)

OK.. if you have the feeds and you want some good giggles, just let it run on camera 3 til midnight.. let's get to midnight and get this overnight report going!

Camera 3

Cody: What the hell was that?!
Amber: Cody, I think Hayden's sending you a message.
ALL: hahaha!
Hayden: Oh, I didn't realize Derrick and Cody were right there.
Derrick: Do you realize that at any moment, if we wanted to, we could carry you out of here and throw you in the pool, and there's not a damn thing you could do about it?  Do you realize that?
Hayden: Do you realize that, Brittany?
Brittany: yes
Derrick: Do you know that?
Cody: Do you realize that too, Amber, cuz you're mouthin' off a little bit.
Amber: You better not throw me in any water because my hair is straight.
Cody: I like curly hair.  That's how I like it best.
Amber: You'll be blowin' it out and straightening it again tomorrow.

Camera 2
Caleb is SO far out of the loop now, as a non-Detonator, he hasn't even been told that everyone's voting Brittany out. 

Caleb: We need to do the best thing for our game, and right now we're all split.
Frankie: We're not split, though.  Zach's voting her out.
Caleb: I don't know. 
Frankie: It's gonna be unanimous, except for you and Amber, if you go that way.
Caleb: That's what I mean..  if it's that way, it's not gonna happen.
Frankie: I'm tellin' you, that's what's gonna be.
Caleb: At the end of the day, if that's what it's gotta be, and I told Amber, don't vote stupid.

Frankie: That's what I think, but we'll see.  Zach is crazy.
Caleb: Yeah.
Frankie: Zach is crazy.

Caleb: Yeah, yeah..  He'll be the 1st one gone, when we hit the jury.  And it ain't no top 8.  He's gone.  I don't trust him to save my life.  I don't trust him at all.
Frankie: No.
Caleb: And you can't.  Because, when he got thrown under the bus, what did he do?  He threw all of us under the bus.
Frankie: Yeah, he's a lunatic. 

Frankie: I do think Brittany is clouding Amber's head though.  I really do.
Caleb: Yeah.
Frankie: Like, everything I know as a gay man, she is putting poison in that girl's.. I think the reason Amber's so paranoid is because Brittany's putting theories in her head..
Caleb: I agree.
Frankie: I feel like she's a meddler.
Caleb: You have a right to feel that way.  I believe Brit's going home.  She'll just have to detach.. We're not gonna go against what everyone else wants.  She thinks it' gonna be 5-5.
Frankie: Let her think that. She said she has Nicole and Christine's votes..
Caleb: That's nuts.

Caleb had a "date" with Amber earlier this evening, because she's too gracious to say no... He's telling Frankie he can't wait to meet her mother now..  and see her outside of the house where he can be who he is.  I'll be stepping away from the delusion now.

Camera 3
Hayden, Cody, Brit, Amber, Derrick, Jocasta

Cody: Amber, you tryin' to find something good on tv?
Amber: Yeah, there's nothing on.

 A long list of shout outs turns into hashtags worth transcribing..

Amber: #ThatsNotTrue #CodyIsASweetheart #Codyisagoodfriend #IJustLikeMessinWithCody
Cody: #AmbersLyinRightToCodysFace
Derrick: #AmberWentOnaDateTonightWhileCodySatByHimselfDrinkinBeer

All: ooohhhhh!!!!

Cody: #BadFriend
Amber: No! Hashtag Bad Friend because Cody let me go on a date.  Hashtag, Cody did not save me.  Hastag, Cody should have saved me.
Cody: Hashtag, Cody cares about his life. Hashtag, Cody Doesn't wanna die.
All: hehe
Derrick: Hashtag, "Special Forces"

Cody: Hashtag, I'm good where I'm at.  Hashtag, swag. Hashtag, Jersey Swag.

Derrick: They should let us have a slumber party just like this.
Brittany: Hashtag, Brittany always gets screwed in the Big Brother House.
Cody: Hashtag, What are we talkin' about getting screwed for?
Amber: Hashtag, getting screwed is what's supposed to happen while you're in the Big Brother House.
Hayden: Shout-out Cat Fight. Shout-out Fight over me. Shout-out, Fight on top of me.
Cody: Hashtag, Hayden stfu.   Hashtag, Brittany, you're still sleepin' on the floor. Hashtag, no  pillow, hashtag, no blanket, hashtag, enjoy your night's sleep.
**I wanna play!  Hashtag, unanimous votes to evict.

Amber: Hashtag, Cody's about to get bowed.
Cody: Hashtag, Bow jobs. Hashtags, I'm down!

Frankie makes his entrance..
Frankie: It's meee! Yayyy!
Amber: Hashtag Frankie is back.

**Frankie was "Frank" from 9-12.

Derrick: Frankie, you're the only one who can confirm or deny this.  DId you or did you not get a full blown Bow Job from Brittany?
Brittany: Derrick! Stop! It was a joke, right.
Frankie: Well, it felt good to me. 
Jacosta: Hashtag, Brittany be fair.
Brittany: Hashtag, Jacosta shut up.
**Hashtag, all of you please drop the hashtags and just speak!
Derrick: Hashtag, Brittany, share the wealth.
Amber: Hashtag, Frankie  bending over.
Cody: Hashtag, wtf was that. Hashtag, Frankie why are you in that outfit?  Hashtag, I can see your bean bulge when you bend over.

Frankie gives a hip thrust, then heads into the bathroom.  This is ongoing, if you'd like to watch on flashback.

Camera 1
Nicole, Zach, Victoria

Nicole: Just let it go. We have 2 days.
Zach: What are we gonna do about it though?
Nicole: Nothing.
Victoria: Can I just tell you something? Just now, the chess thing? I stayed up a lot longer than she did.. Who has a veto around their neck and who doesn't?

Nicole: You wanna call her out?
Victoria: I want you to call her out on Thursday.
Zach: We're sitting down at 5:45.  I wanna call her out at like 5:15.

Christine joins..

Christine: Who?
Zach: Brittany.  I'm gonna stand up and be like, "Ok, Brittany, you ready for this boom shaka laka in your mother f'in face, bitch?"  And I'm just gonna lay it down.

Victoria: Please do it.
Zach: I'm gonna be like, OK.. SO you told me Christine and Nicole aren't your target.  You told Victoria that Christine and Nicole are your target.  You told me that Victoria's your target.  Who the F*ck is your f'in target?  You're goin' home today, 10-0, and when you walk out that door, remember who f'in sent you home: Cody!

Christine: Don't do that!!  Imagine her face when it's 10-0 and she leaves!
Victoria: Yeah.. Don't do that..
Zach: OK.. What are we gonna do about the Amber situation?  Can I like play a prank on her or something?
Christine: Sure.  What do you wanna do?
Nicole: He wants to go up to her and say, everyone's talking about you..

Christine: Don't do that.. The more you talk, the more she follows you!
Zach: I need to do something.  It's getting out of control.
Christine: Just ask her why she wants Cody's D so much.
Zach: No, I'm gonna lie and say something to Caleb that'll make him like follow her around everywhere.
Nicole/Christine: Like what?
Nicole: Zach...
Zach: I need to do somethin'.  At this point, I'm pissed off.  I f'in hate Brittany, I hate Amber..

Victoria: Isn't it odd, Brittany's on the block, but she's telling everyone who her target is..
ALL: laugh..
Christine: I know! hahaha. Wait..  DId she tell you, me and Nicole are her target.
Victoria: Nods yes.
Christine: (throws her head back and laughs)
Nicole: But she's gonna throw the comp.
Zach: She told me that Victoria's her target.
Christine: oh my gosh! And she told me that you two (Zach and Victoria) were her targets.. Oh, this is too funny!
Zach; Funny, right?
Christine: Brit is such an idiot.

Zach: The check is written, cashed, the money's spent.  She's goin' home.
Christine: She's done.

This conversation is ongoing, much like the night.. 

Camera 3
Frankie and Amber

Amber: I am playin' my own game, still. I'm capable of getting just as far as anyone else in this house. And I can make deals with anyone I want.
Frankie: Exactly.
Amber: I just don't want the guys turning on me.
Frankie: I don't think they can.  When we have the numbers, it'll be 5 and 3.  We just have to get there.  Caleb never questions me TO me. 
Amber: I think it's just recently.  He's fine now.  You never know in this game if I can trust you fully.  I'm out there fighting for my game, and I do whatever it takes.  I need everyone to have my back that I'm carrying along the way.
Frankie: He lost his mind.. I feel like we have to be strong.  I have your back.  I have Caleb's back.  Obviously, they're scared of him. Until the time comes.. I have his back so big.. You're not a target.  No one sees you as a target.
**and here's how we're sure he's blowing smoke up her bum.. just in case she wins HoH on Thursday.   So, we're moving right along..

Camera 1 and 2
Jocasta and Derrick

Jocasta: But I know I have to win to stay.
Derrick: I don't wanna say too much, but if I win HoH, you will not be goin' on the block.  I have a different plan in mind. I know I get crazy.  Everyone gets scared of my plans..
Jocasta: hehehe
Derrick: But you're not part of the plan.
Jocasta: Mastermind?
Derrick: I do have a plan, and I think it might work, but it'll change up some things.  I like Cody.  He's one of the few people in the house I trust, and I think me n him are on the same page.  He's a good kid.  He's got a good heart.  It's tough.  It's tough-tough.
Jocasta: Hopefully I'll get to hang in with you, Derrick.
Derrick: You will.  You just have to win HoH and guarantee your own safety.

Skipping ahead a bit, Jocasta confirms to Derrick that she will be voting to evict Brittany.

1:15am Skippy flips Camera 2 to the Hammock...

Zach: I like your hair straight, Amber.  I think you look like Rihanna.  I think you're hotter than Rihanna.
Amber: What?!
Zach: Yeah. You are.
**This is after he just spent a good amount of time trashing Amber with Christine, who said how sick she is of everyone constantly telling Amber how gorgeous she is.

Amber sits down between Zach's legs on the pillow.

Zach: Woah.. we don't wanna make Caleb jealous.
Amber: Oh my gosh.. I'm not going to.

She begins swinging Christine on the Hammock..

Amber: Are we going to bed anytime soon?
Christine: mm mm I'm not tired, are you?
Amber: Yes!
Christine: You are?
Amber: No, I'm glad you're not going to bed any time soon.

Christine: Who's upstairs now?
Amber: Just Brittany and Cody.  I left.
Christine: You didn't wanna hang out for their makeout session?
Zach: Yeah, they're definitely making out right now..

Camera 3
Frankie, Brittany and Cody

Frankie: It's rough...
Cody: Who's that?  Come in, Hayden, you jock strap.

Hayden bursts into the room, gladiator style. 

Then Zach comes to the door.

Hayden: (voice) What is da password?
Zach: Wienerschnitzel.
Hayden: Wah, He knows the password!! Ve should let him in..
Cody: hehe

Hayden opens the door, and present his sword.  Zach and Christine enter.

Hayden: I'm so jacked up on goldfish right now, it's not even funny.

Christine: I missed you!

Brittany: He just put me on the block so we can bond.

Zach: Oh! Christine, I remember what I was gonna tell you.  I'll tell you later.
Brittany: Don't do that!
Zach; What?
Brittany: (singsongy) I got a secret, I'll tell you later..
Zach: It's not a secret.
Brittany: Why even announce it?
Zach: We were just talkin' together. What?  We can't have a personal conversation?
Brittany: (glares)
Christine: It's not about anybody in this room.
Hayden: Alright, you guys suck.  I'm gonna go put on another show.

Zach is on the HoH Couch.  He spies Amber on the screen, says sarcastically, "Amber, you're so pretty, come up here," then he toots with great volume, and jumps off the couch, looking at it accusingly..

Zach: What the F was that?  What the F was that?!
All: hahahaa
Zach: Farting spiders?!  I thought we had an ant problem!

Cody: Oh my Gah..
Christine: That was so funny! Perfect timing, everything.

Cam 1
Derrick, Jocasta and Amber..

Topic: Caleb

Derrick: I know you're from Tennessee, but you don't live there right?  You live in L.A.? I think you're good.  I don't think you're leading him on..
Jocasta: I just always tell him, Well, you have to know that you can't make all these assumptions, because I know how you feel, but it's not my place to tell him.
Amber: I know.. But this is also a game, and I can't..  I also don't wanna rub him the wrong way to where..
Derrick: I think what you're doin' right now is perfect.

Cam 3
Pool Table
Hayden, Frankie, Zach
Brittany, Christine

Playing and eating..  and excessive cheering.. and the biggest burp to ever come out of a woman (Brittany)

1:50aBrittany gets called to the DR, giving those gathered the opportunity to talk about her, finally.. Cody comes outside..

Frankie: Are we sleeping upstairs with you?
Cody: Yeah, sure, why not?
Frankie: Didn't know if you'd made other arrangements.

Hayden: So Brittany said she was going after 7 different people today.
Christine: mm hmm But I believe just what she told me. I truly believe it.

Zach: No, I believe solely what she told me.
Hayden: No, I believe what she said to me.  I believe solely what she told me, therefor she is staying.
Zach: She's only going after Victoria..
Hayden: She's going after Victoria, Zach, Christine, Nicole.. um.. who else?
Zach: She even told me, she's gonna throw the HoH competition.
Christine: She told Nicole that too.

Hayden: She told me that she would let me control her nominees, if she was HoH.
Zach: Yeah..
Frankie: Are you serious?
Zach: She told me that too!
Hayden: She was like, whatever it takes.
Frankie: She is literally the worst player on the planet.
Christine: She is the stupidest player on this planet.
Zach: Yeah, and that's why she's going home 10-0.
Christine: mm hmm
Frankie: mm hmm
**So.. All the bloggers get Wednesday and Thursday off?  Thanks, BB! #Kidding

Same crew re Caleb, then back to Brittany.

Christine: Amber could go to his face and say, " f'ing hate your guts" and he'd be like, "when's our next date?"
ALL: hahaha

Frankie: I can't believe Brittany thinks she's staying.
Zach: I know.. It's hilarious.
Hayden: She said to me that she already had 4 votes, and I was like, who the f*k do you have a vote from? No one wants you here.

Skippy flips camera 3 up to HoH
Derrick and Cody

Cody: I trust her (Amber), but I don't know where she's at. Brittany ran back to Amber and said that.  I called Brittany out outside.  I was like, why are you stirrin' the pot?  What are you doin'?  I was like, Why would you say what me and you talked about, mentioning Amber?  I never said, why did you say to Amber what me and you talked about. Honestly, I might've, might not have, but I told Amber, I was like, honestly, Amber, I didn't say that.  I pretty much said, why are you stirrin' the pot? I'm tryin' to help you, and it gets back to me that our conversation wasn't just between the 2 of us.  Then Brittany said, "I didn't know it was supposed to be," but she pretty much put hand in hand that it was Amber.
Derrick: Of course.
Cody: But then she went to Amber and said, "Cody said you said told him.." Amber comes to me.
Derrick: hehehe
Cody: I'm f'in dealin' with this shit again.  I spin it off sayin' exactly that.  I said, "Amber, she's better than you think she is.  She's very smart and she's very manipulative, and she's good at changing the words around."
Derrick: She is.
Cody: I was like, Amber, I did not say that you said that to me.. I said that it got back to me, that you're already talking about what we talked about, and she said to me, "Well, I didn't know it was supposed to be kept quiet," and i was like, it was a conversation between her and I in the HoH room, so why would you go and tell people?
Derrick: Yup.
Cody: I was like, Amber, she's playing you.  You have a good heart.  Honestly, I hate the it's non-stop flipflop from you.  Dude, as soon as Caleb's gone, I'll throw her on the block. I'm so tired of this.
Derrick: She's cockblockin' so hard man.  I was in there havin' a great conversation with Jacosta..

This conversation is ongoing.. They have now both spoken to Jacosta, without, they believe, revealing their alliance to her.

Derrick: I think you're smoothed out with Donny now too.
Cody: If it's a 10-0 vote, I'm clear.  The only reason I'm doing the flirty thing with her is to keep everything smooth for eveybody.

They decide Caleb has to go first, before Amber, because he will be scarily driven by rage otherwise.  And.. Cody is livid about Zach.

Derrick: Don't forget, he's the one who originally blew up the bomb squad. My goodbye message to him: You did this to yourself.
Cody: Mine?  "You're a clown, you f'd yourself."

Cody: So many people trust you, so many people trust me..
Derrick: We're kind of under the radar too.
Cody: I think I'm goin' up next week.
Derrick: That's part of the paranoia.  The only way it'll kill us is if it's me and you, next to each other.

 2:08am Brittany comes in.. 
Brittany: Cody get up! Derrick get up! This could be my last night hanging out!


Britany: I'm just tired of talking about it.. and hearing about it.  I just hope I can wear heels on the way out.
Derrick: Either way..
Brittany; I don't wanna go home before Victoria.  That's what kills me.
Derrick: If you finish 5th or 3, it doesn't make a difference.. 

Talk turns to Jeff and the Clown Shoe..

Derrick: No one is safe in this game.
Brittany: But it's how all you guys are voting together.. Everybody wanted Donny gone.  That's what I'm not understanding. They think he's sneaky, they don't know who he is..
Derrick:   Everybody's gonna go home, with the exception of 2 people.  The order doesn't matter.


Cody is concerned he has psoriasis on his back.  Brittany's rubbing something into it.

Derrick thinks it's sun spots.  Cody says it runs in his family, and he's worried it'll get worse as he ages, but so far, he's been very lucky and had only very minor tiny outbreaks.. 

Camera 1
Frankie, Derrick, Jocasta, Amber and Hayden are getting ready for bed.

Derrick: Is she sleepn' up there?
Frankie: Yes.
Jocasta: That's not a good idea.
Derrick: It goes back to what you and I were talking about the other night: perception.
Frankie: This entire game is about perception.
Amber: I already hate sleeping in the Rock Room with guys.. no offense.
Frankie: It doesn't matter what the truth it, it matters what it looks like.

Derrick: Zach said, are you sleepin up here, and she said no.
**she, Brittany, is currently sleeping with Cody and Zach in HoH

Frankie is displaced, and will be bunking with Jocasta tonight.
**if you're on irony alert, Jocasta was saying just the other night that Victoria should not be in a bed with Frankie, because a man is a man, and as a married woman, she would never.

Camera 3 and 4
Come outside and go to the Hammock
Victoria and Derrick

Victoria: I can't sleep, because Brittany is telling everyone that I am her target..and that she wants me gone.  And that I'm not deserving to be here.
Derrick: She's going home.
Victoria: I don't care.. She's talking mad crap on me.. to everyone.. every one.
**the sleepier she is, the more I can hear her translating directly in her head. hehe. I wish you could all hear it in Hebrew. ☺

Derrick: She didn't say nothin' to me.
Victoria: It's killing her that 's shes going home before me.
Derrick: Did she say that?
**to YOU, she said that. lol
Victoria: Yeah, she goes, I don't care if  I don't make it to jury.  I do not want to leave before Victoria.  That's what she keeps saying.  And I am more deserving to be here.. and I think it's a fashion show..
Derrick: Why does it matter?
Victoria: Because, Christine told me, for a second, I was actually believing her, because she's a pretty good convincer.  Who knows now who she's convincing to put me on the block?
Derrick: She'll be gone.  It wont matter.
Vic: Her game right now is revolving around me.  That's pathetic.  But to me she says other things.  She goes, "If I leave, don't trust anyone but Cody and Derrick, and bla bla bla.."  Bitch, go f*ck yourself. I hate you.
Derrick: Your mom's gonna be so mad at you.
Vic: She is.  But who is Brit to talk about me like that?
Derrick: Did you already do your goodbye message to her?
Vic: Yeah, I'm redoing it tomorrow.  Like, it was bad.. but it wasn't bad enough.

Victoria is deeply offended..

Derrick: Bottom line is, she's leaving.  What do you gain by saying anything to her?
Victoria: My dignity and pride, that she knows I have a mouth and I'm not gonna take shit from her. That's what I have to gain.
Derrick: But this isn't real life.  It's a game.

This is ongoing.. Skipping ahead to 4:14am

Derrick: She's going home.. So why are you even wasting your breath, your time, your energy?
Victoria: Because I wanted to know if she told you that.
Derrick: She never did.
*she did.
Derrick: I'm kinda just here, relaxin', enjoying it as it comes.
Victoria: She's like,  I don't even know my game.
Derrick: You're horrible.

Victoria: I just want to shove this PoV around her face.  hehehe!  That sentence didn't make much sense.  Derrick, I'm portrayed as the ditzy one.
Derrick: You think so?
Victoria: Yes.

Derrick is now in bed, and Victoria finally makes her way there too..

Sweet dreams, house guests.  May they take you far outside the walls of CBS Radford...  This concludes the Overnight Report. ☺  Thank you for being a part of the dish!



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning!

I just want Thursday to come. I think it's cruel the way they are doing Britt. The way I feel right now is that Jocasta, Donny, Brittany and maybe Hayden are the only decent people in the house.

Maybe I'm getting cranky but some of the antics are annoying me. I'm having a hard time finding a convo that I can stay with.

I hate bullies!!!

Rant over.

I still think Derrick is playing the best game, someone besides Donny needs to get onto him.

Cody just follows Derrick, I'm not sure he'd have any game without Derrick's direction.

Frankie and Christine are just annoying pot stirrers.

Hayden and Nicole are entertaining, it appears that Nicole has not relayed her convo with Donny, I'm having a little more hope with her.

Amber and Victoria are just pretty camp followers.

Zach, sometimes I hate him, sometimes I love him. I still am not sure where he actually stands. He is very convincing in all of the rolls he plays. The one thing he will do is shake it up.

Jocasta, her preaching gets annoying but she is so sincere, and kind, you can't get mad at her.

Caleb, nuf said.

Donny, I'm rooting for ya.

It's hot and humid during the day here in Maine. Hard on my COPD but I do have A/C. We are supposed to have thundershowers later today, maybe it'll clear this mess out. I know that for someone in Florida 80 doesn't seem hot. :-)

July 23, 2014 at 3:48 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry!☺ I'm keen on Thursday coming too! And 80 sounds like a lovely fall day right about now. ;-)

July 23, 2014 at 4:42 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Last night was fun!!!

Frankie being Frank made the night!
Hayden and Nicole are TOTE cute! if you saw the abbreviate convo in the bathroom w/ Hayden you get it , so funny!!

Caleb needs psych help! A reality intervention!

Cody's pissed at Zack, Britt and Amber!
Vic's pissed at Britt
Everyones pissed at Zack
Britts pissed at Vic

and guess what…. no ones pissed at Donny!
He is sitting and just waiting till he is in a position to take them down, and then that's when they will re guess this week and why they focused on Britt when she has no game.

have a great day!

heehee #TOR Carolyn!

July 23, 2014 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Yasmin!! :)

Love that! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

July 23, 2014 at 6:29 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

Good morning!

I can't tell who is loyal to who anymore. With the exceptions of Derrick/Cody and Nicole/Hayden. Everything else seems one-sided. The nature of the game, I guess.

Brittany's last ditch effort to save herself by using her sex appeal was equally amusing and sad. I think she is very used to getting what she wants. She is a beautiful woman. Too bad her personality isn't as attractive.

I think Caleb is already planning his and Amber's wedding.

I really like Victoria. Didn't think I would, but I do. Same with Zach.

Enjoy the day.

July 23, 2014 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Terraific said...

Good morning Dishers and sweet Caro! Didn't get to see all the fun stuff last night. I did see zach tell brit she should call a house meeting and then Cody's reaction and his hoh shower - that was enough to give me sweet dreams! Yummy!

Have a great day!

July 23, 2014 at 7:16 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I think Cody would be plenty good without Derrick. He would just play all the girls against each other and float behind to the end

July 23, 2014 at 7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn and fellow Dishers !
I haven't read TOR yet, yesterdays either for that matter. I am pretty far behind right now. My father-in-law has been staying with us again. He has been coming down frequently to stay this summer so that we can take him to various Dr appts. All of it has lead to him having to have heart surgery tomorrow. He has numerous health issues, and because of those issues, they are not giving a very good prognosis for tomorrow's surgery, about a 10% chance that he will even make it through :-( I am asking my wonderful Dishy family for all your good thoughts & prayers. I will try to watch tonights show, I am going to need whatever distractions I can get, but I just don't know what my schedule looks like right now. His surgery is tomorrow at 3:30, and is actually typically an outpatient procedure, but with his issues we just don't know how it's going to go. Thank you all for being who you are, and to Carolyn for making this a place that can be a source of comfort at a time like this <3

Love and hugs,

July 23, 2014 at 7:34 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Lovely! Haven't read the TOR yet just wanted to say hi. I'll be back.

July 23, 2014 at 7:38 AM  
Blogger megmc18 said...

I have been reading this blog for the last few seasons but have never commented. I just wanted to tell u that u do a fantastic job! I look forward to every post. Also wanted to say I love the cast this season. Way way better then last. Donny is my favorite! I just love him.

July 23, 2014 at 8:11 AM  
Blogger BeeBelle said...

At this point, I actually like ALL of the players. Not personally, but for their joint entertainment value. I'm glad Victoria is waking up a bit in the game. Whenever I start to wish a truly annoying human being (not naming names) would just be gone already, I remember that their mere existence in the house creates drama, not just where they are at the moment, but in every conversation about them.

July 23, 2014 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Good morning, afternoon Dishers. I caught the conversation between Cody and Derrick in the HOH in which Cody was PISSED at Zach but I'm still not clear on what Zach did. Anyone?

July 23, 2014 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Good morning Carolyn and thank you again.

Brittany is lost in paranoid delusion I can't believe I'm going home before Victoria mode. Because she DESERVED so much more.

Caleb needs to go. No one. Not even Sgt Derrick is aware of how precariously dangerous the situation is getting. They're feeding his delusion and Amber is afraid now to say no. Bad sitch.

Amber. Stop. Just stop.

Derrick. I wish zach would call him out. Derrick is the one who has all the secret alliances. Don't like him, but I give props to his game.

Victoria is finally accepted. Sort of - she's not being excluded as much. I'll give her through Friday (maybe) to find her footing. Needs to stop drinking Derrick's koolaid.

Christine is beginning to game up a bit. Let's see how far it takes her and what choices she will make this next week love to see her become an HOH.

Nicole & Hayden. Well we have a showmance. Sorta.

Jocasta. I'd be interested to see her be an HoH too. Just to see how she deals with the power and required game talks.

Frankie/Frank. Love both of him. Still not fond of his twisted pot stirring but I adore him. The house would be BORING without him.

Cody. Pretty. Dumb. Wuss. Hasn't had to prove himself on any level.

Donny. Smart player and his planted seeds are sprouting. Will he stay to see them harvested? Depends on HoH next week. I'd love to have him pull one out too. BAM! House shakeup time!

Zach. Why do I continue to like this kid?!! But I do. I think I may be alone on Team zach but that's where I'm at.

Maybe CBS will provide them more alcohol next time since they were all entertaining and good little minions.

Here's to a unanimous vote on Thursday.

July 23, 2014 at 8:37 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...


Shades of Noonan.

Wish Christine would be voted out asap to save her marriage.

Hashtag These people are already stir-crazy lol

July 23, 2014 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Lol @ camp followerers. An apt description.

July 23, 2014 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Morning, Carolyn et al!
First off, prayers sent up for Frankie's family. His grandfather passed away yesterday. Ari was by his side. ♡ (Not sure if they're going to tell him or not.)
Watching BBAD last night was excruciating! Caleb seriously kills me. I understand satiating the beast, but ugh! His delusions get grander every time Amber shows him ANY pity. I'm actually nervous for her well being outside the house because of him. Yes, I understand he was in the military. I really hope he seeks professional help!
Poor Victoria! I completely understand her anger, but I hope as the alcohol leaves her blood stream she'likes be able to realize that she doesn't need to sink to that level over hurt feelings over Brit's mouth. So not worth it!
If frat boy Zach doesn't get his mouth under control, he will be cut loose. Maybe that's a good thing...
Fingers crossed that cowboy gets booted next week!
And I'll close with save the beard! ♡
Thank you again, Carolyn! Have a wonderful day. See ya tonight!

July 23, 2014 at 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Jerry -- Hayden has made some of the most disgusting comments in the house... just a few nights ago, he said he'd like to push Amber off a balcony and watch her go splat. Said he'd like to murder to Brittany last night. People get all over Zach for making bad comments, but the things that have come out of Hayden's mouth are far more disturbing.

@Carolyn -- Ariana Grande just tweeted that her grandfather died. :( Poor Frankie! Their family seems very close. I can't imagine how devastated he is going to be. Apparently Grandpa Grande did not wish for Frankie to be pulled from the game but I wouldn't be surprised if he self evicts.

July 23, 2014 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger melovebb said...

Hello everyone. What a great overnight report. How did I miss such a great night? When I was watching the feeds, which I got through BBdish :-), nothing was going on. Well, that's why I'm so thankful for Carolyn. Now, I can go to the feeds and catch up.
But first a few comments about the hgs. Christine and Nicole, and we might be able to include Hayden and Zach in the mix although I don't really think Zach is as serious, are the mean girls. I say that because I can't understand why they hate on Amber so much. I haven't heard a real reason but of course I don't watch all the time. The obvious is that she's gorgeous and maybe they think she was going to look down on them.
Now Christine is all over Cody. I guess she felt left out. I loved her at first now she is one of my least favorites. I expected more from her. Derrick has dropped on my list. Vic is coming up as far as talking game. She needs to quit following Derrick around but maybe she sees him as a brother figure, hopefully. Caleb needs to go, he seems so unaware of the game, Amber is 99% of his thought process. I still love Amber, Cody, Donny's #1, Jocasta is okay, Frankie is getting on my nerves, I'm up and down with Zach sometimes I really love him, sometimes he has me just saying huh?, the jury is still out with Hayden, Nicole gets on my nerve, Brittney has all my respect for the soccer punishment but she should have been more engaging earlier, hate to see her go right now but with Donny on the block I say bye bye Brit.

July 23, 2014 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger Terraific said...

Zach told Brittany she should call a house meeting to find out who's voting for/against her. They are trying to make her feel safe by blowing smoke, so her calling a meeting would've blown up in Cody's face.

July 23, 2014 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger Gramps said...

Good morning, Carolyn!!

I'm wondering about the new, slimmed down rules, specifically, no personal attacks on HGs whether direct or indirect. Is it really ok now to call two Ladies of the House camp followers?? That's a backhanded way of calling them whores; that's what a camp follower is after all... a female who follows an army providing sex to the troops. That's a very ugly slur and I am surprised it passed moderation. Maybe the comment should be edited -- if that's not what was meant, or taken down if that really was the intent of the comment.

What's amazing is that the post also said, "I hate bullies!!!"

Amber has been upright, keeping Caleb at arms length, and Victoria ... well, its just wrong to call HER a whore, however it is worded.

The N-word, or the three letter f-word would never be tolerated. Why is this??

July 23, 2014 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I like Victoria as a person... But she is no flawless angel. She deserves much of the criticism she receives (just like everyone else)

July 23, 2014 at 10:05 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn,

Caleb mocked Victoria's lack of education because she didn't know where Amsterdam is. In true Caleb form, he proved that he is not lacking in ignorance and making assumptions based off of stereotypes.

Yesterday Caleb said, "It's harder to tell if a black guy's juicing because they're naturally more shredded. Back in slave days they were bred to be beasts."

Now I will make an assumption. I assume that Caleb thinks all black guys play basketball and that they're all good dancers whereas white men can't jump.

Realistically, black men existed before slavery so the genetic code predates the days of slavery. Also, when referring to something being bred for a certain purpose, I think of cattle-not humans. And referring to these humans as beasts was in very poor taste to say the least.

There is prejudice born out of hate and there is prejudice born out of ignorance and then, well there is just plain old stupidity.

A couple days ago I posted about how everyone will be offended by other people on a daily basis, deciding what is really important and, more than anything, looking at the intent behind a person's words. I think that the intent behind Caleb's words was to, once again, show everyone how intelligent he is. Um, Caleb-you failed.

July 23, 2014 at 10:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

I was unaware of the meaning of Camp Followers.. I'm not any longer. It wont happen again.

July 23, 2014 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

New Top Post

July 23, 2014 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger dumbbutterfly said...

I disagree with Gramps about the terms "Camp Followers." While there were many prostitutes that followed armies, the terms include both sexes not enlisted in the army that followed and provided services in exchange for food, shelter and safety. Coopers, laundresses, millwrights etc. I do believe the camp followers' OP meant it this way and not the way Gramps interpreted it.

With that said, thanks Carolyn for all you do.

July 23, 2014 at 11:03 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Thank you!

July 23, 2014 at 12:53 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Kumbaya, lovely dishers, Kumbaya...

I'm sitting waiting with for my mother at her appointment, and I just wanted to pop in and let you know how much I appreciate and treasure you all.

Throughout the season, there will be misunderstandings. It happens. And, like family, we'll get through them.


July 23, 2014 at 1:42 PM  

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