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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Live Show Thursday!  I hope to see you all here tonight for the Live Show Viewing Party.  AND.. In the event the HoH Competition turns into the Endurance Competition the HGs are all expecting, I'll open an Endurance Comp Coverage post as soon as the feeds go live with it..

This is the last 24 hours to get the Season Pass for the live feeds. If you haven't taken advantage of the 2 day free trial yet, I highly recommend you do! Here's the link for the deal.

Last night, just a minute before the Wednesday Show began to air on the east coast, all of the HGs were gathered in the living room, and Frankie was in tears, having just been told about his grandfather's passing.  It's a beautiful, heart wrenching, touching and even funny 20 minute flashback.  Go to 4:59pm, Wednesday 7/23, select Quad, and go full screen.  If you need help using flashback, here's a little guide I made for you.

OK.. Now we  rejoin our HGs as the clock strikes midnight...

Cam 1
Dining Table
Derrick, Frankie, Victoria

Victoria: I haven't been called to the DR yet..

Derrick: How do you do Frankie Valli though?  Can you sing like him?
Frankie: mm hmm.  I'll do a quick Frankie Valli for you.. ♫Ooweeooo She-erry..


Cody: Do you wanna know exactly what she said?  "Would you eat a pickle to go on a date with me?" NOT if you eat a pickle, I'll go on a date with you.
Zach: You know what I think it is?  She sees Caleb as a friend.  She sees Cody as...


Frankie: So now it's like, look, I did something on tv, Can I be Frankie Valli now?
Derrick: So you will do it again.
Frankie: Yeah, I'll go audition for them.. as soon as this is over.. There's like, "Frankie Camp."

Derrick: Really?  Frankie Camp.
Frankie: Yeah.. You go and you spend a week, and they train you to see if you can do it..  cuz 8 shows a week doing that stuff is impossible.  But uh.. I can do it.  I can definitely do it.
Derrick: And how many  guys go to this camp?
Frankie: I would say like 30 of them?  And out of them, like 2 get it.

Derrick: Oh yeah, that's right, cuz it's not just one guy every year.. There's like rotating shows.
Frankie: Yeah, Exactly.

Cam 3

Cody: I have a better chance of meeting Selena Gomez and taking her on a date than you do taking Amber out.
Christine: haha
Zach: If you took Selena Gomez on a date, I would not take you to Germany, and I would never speak to you again.
Cody: Selena!
Christine: Selena Gomez has the biggest forehead I've ever seen.
**cuz you've never seen mine.
Zach: No, stop!
Cody: It's a 5 head, that's not a 4 head.

Cam 1
Kitchen area
Frankie, Derrick, Victoria
Cody comes downstairs..

Derrick: Is your stomach bothering you?
Cody: A little. Why?
Derrick: Cuz Jocasta is sick sick.. Like in the bathroom with a bucket throwing up.

Cam 1
Living Room

Frankie: All the crying is like.. makes me feel a little crazy.
Derrick: I love you, Frankie.  You're good people.
Frankie: We're gonna be friends in and out of the house.
Derrick: That's the main reason I'm glad I came..

Cam 1
HoH Room

Brittany: What's that mean, Christine City?
Christine: JennCity was on BB14.
Zach; Why did you hate her so much? Just cuz that one time?
Cody: I hated her too, dude. She sucked!
Cody: She sucked and when she got put on the block, she talked like she f'in did something in the house.  She did nothing!
Christine: Yeah, a couple times, and she did nothing, and even kept on saying stuff after she still didn't do anything.
Cody: She did absolutely nothing.

Zach: What have you done, Christine??
Christine: Zach, it's week 4..
Cody: This chick went up week 9, and still had done nothing.  I can't stand her.
Zach: You're nothing like her.  You're way worse.

Cody: Fck him up! Jump punch him..
Zach: I can see the fire in your eyes right now.
Christine: You better watch that penis.
Zach: Oh, I'm watchin' it. I'm watchin' it all f'in night.
Cody: Oh man.. that was naughty.
Christine: Ok.. beware..
Cody: You better watch that penis, Zach.
Zach: You know, it's not easy bein' such an asshole.
Brittany: I think it comes so natural for you.
Zach: I've been an asshole since I was born too.  Dude, every teacher hated me..
Christine: You were that kid?  I hated you.
Zach: I pushed the line.. Not only did I push the line, I crossed the line, and they still didn't do anything about it.  They were like, that's just who he is.

Brittany gets up to check on Derrick and see how he's feeling.  This reminds Cody to tell Christine and Zach that Jocasta appears to have food poisoning..

Christine: Where'd your abs go?
Zach: Dude, I lost em.  How'm I gonna get any girls now?
Cody: Be a Have Not for a week.

Cam 1
Living Room
Derrick and Frankie

Derrick: 225?
**they're trying to figure out how many HGs there have been on BB over the years.

Frankie: God, Devin was a beast.
Derrick: I think they underestimated how much food we'd need.  Protein..

Victoria: I suck at doing nails..
Derrick: Huh?
Victoria: I suck at doing nails..
Derrick: Huh?
Victoria: I suck at doing nails!!
Derrick: Wow.. true colors..

Derrick: Thank goodness it's only me and Jocasta.
**They think it was a funnel cake that did them in.. Derrick's face matches the couch.. yikes.
Victoria: It's everyone.. Cody doesn't feel good, Hayden doesn't feel good. Frankie, did you eat any?
Frankie: No, I didn't.  I'm sure Zach doesn't feel good either.

Victoria: I wanna win HoH tomorrow.
Frankie: Yup.  Please do..

Frankie: I would dress up like a fairy princess for my daughter's birthday party.
Derrick: Good, you can come to y daughter's party then, cuz I ain't doin' it.
Frankie: If John Erik was here, he'd be like, "You'd dress up like a fairy princess for Wednesday."

Victoria: hehehe.  I wish I would have brought my tutus..
Frankie: That would have been awesome.
Victoria: I own so many.
Frankie: To wear out, or to do ballet?

Cam 3

Zach:  ♫Welcome to the twerk fest..  I will twerk my booty up and down this room.
Christine: You seriously remind me of one of the saddest strippers I ever saw in my life. When you're doing that?  She stared at me while she touched herself?  It was one of the most uncomfortable..
Brit: I remember you telling that story.

Camera 3
HoH Room
Cody, Christine, Zach
Frankie has now joined them..

Christine: I loved Andy's DRs though..
Cody: Oh my God.. I hated Andy's DRs.
Christine: Are you serious??
Cody: I wanted to put my head through  a wall. (mimics voice)  "I don't know what to do!!" I was like, Andy, you don't do shit.
Christine: Oh, I loved it.
Frankie: Like, How bout you continue doing what you always do, which is nothing?!
Christine: O M G, you guys.. I can't believe I'm defending Andy, but I liked him a little.
Zach: I think our cast is the BEST cast.
Cody: McCrae was the man..
Zach: Yeah, right!
Cody: I loved McCrae. I thought he was one of the better Big Brother players.
Christine: He didn't do anything!  He hid behind Amanda the whole time!
Cody: He won mad challenges.

Zach farts and fans..

Christine: Zach, why would you do that??!!
Frankie: hehe
Zach: You gotta let it out.  It wasn't me!
Brittany: Oh! I thought it was.
Cody: Brittany!!!
Frankie: Brittany, please adjust your microphone..
Zach: Or don't..
**Every time Brittany gets up, she forgets she's wearing her mic pack, and it pulls her shirt down in the front, exposing her boobs.
Frankie: Just take off your shirt.

Zach: Yo, what would they do if there was someone who just walked around naked all the time?
**oh Zach.. your noobness is showing.
Frankie: Like me?
Zach: Like actually naked.
*Like Crazy James..

Frankie: Derrick walks in and he goes, are you naked in the bathtub?  I was like, yes.  He was like, ok.
Cody: I was like, wait, are you naked??  I guess you can't enjoy it if you're not.

All eyes on the spy screen.

Cody: It D-Rack comin' up here right now?
Frankie: I hope so. 

They determine that both Victoria and Derrick are coming up..

Zach: Let's do the laugh thing.
Cody: No, everybody go to sleep..
ALL: hehe.. ok..

Derrick: Guys..
Frankie: Wha...
Derrick: We just heard you screamin' 10 seconds ago.. so fake..
Zach: Why are you waking us up right now..
Frankie: What are you saying? What time is it?
Cody: Frankie, do Marilyn Monroe..
Frankie: (does) I've had such a wonderful time in this bed with all of these beautiful men..
Zach: You're nuts.
Frankie: (MM) I feel so nuts.. I love nuts.  They're my favorite fruit.. and vegetable.

Brit: Do you feel better?
Derrick: No, I feel like shit.  Jacosta's like hugging the f'ing porcelain crown tonight.
ALL: ooooh..
Frankie: Yea, she is.. She's a mess.
Zach: What was it, dude?
Derrick: It's the funnel cakes, for sure.
Zach: Amber literally poisoned the funnel cakes.
Derrick: I think it was definitely the funnel cakes.  I feel sick.  Sick sick.  But you ate em, and you're fine.

Cody and Zach ate plenty of funnel cake and both feel fine.

Zach: 'Sup, Victoria?
Victoria: Nothin.. just hanging out.  'Sup, Zach?
Zach: Nothin', I just miss you. 
Frankie: hehehe
Zach: What're you laughin' at, Frank?
Frankie: I like when she's sassy..

Zach: So do I...

Cam 3
HoH Crew..

Brit: Do you want me to get you Saltines?
Frankie: Do you know what will help?  Fig Newtons!
Brit: he needs to throw up.
Christine: Why not a warm bath?

They see Jocasta on the screen..

Cody: mama J!
Brit: She is not feelin' good.
Christine: That girl's been sick twice now.
Derrick: She'll be going back.
Brit: I'm surprised she's even going to bed right now.
Frankie: I don't think she is..
Derrick: She might be going to grab something.. Where'd Zach go?
Brit: I think he went to DR.

Christine: Are you doing ok?
Frankie: I'm starting to.. I'm sure there'll be a moment or so every day where I'm like, oh my God, that happened.. like that actually happened..
Victoria: yeah..
Frankie: And the not knowing is terrible.. It's not like if I was with my family.. We'd be dealig with it.. There'd be funerals and preparations.. When I get out of here, there will have been time to..
Christine: I would have been heartbroken if you'd left..
Frankie: I would too.. There all gonna look after each other..
Brit: He would want you to stay.
Frankie: Yeah, he does.. He's like, I don't know what I'm watchin' but I'm watchin' my grandson on tv..
Christine: Exactly.. I'm proud of Frankie.. Don't know what he's doin', but I'm pretty proud.
Frankie: I would love to hear what he's saying around his retirement home.. I bet he got a lot of people watching the show.
Christine: That's Frank's grandson!
Frankie: That's Frank's grandson! What the hell is this show?! What are they doin'?  ... He got to me be HoH twice.  That was cool.

Camera 1

Checking in on Jocasta.. She's laying down in the bathroom, reading her bible, waiting for the next bout of nausea and vomitiing.

Not a happy camper...

Cam 3

Cody: Did you clean your Mister?  Alright, go back in there...  That's what you say to Axel.
Brit: Yeah.
**"Mister" is Brittany's word for penis.  I find it rather emasculating.

Frank's Back!

Frank: Hey, Vicky, How you doin"?
Victoria: What?!

Frank: What, babe?  C'mon..
All: hehehe
Frank morphs back into Frankie on contact..

Talk turns to stories on neausea and seasickness.. I'm out!

Camera 3
HoH Crew

Zach: When It came down to phycially touching each other, I was like, I'm out.
Derrick: I wish I was like that.
Victoria: That's good.  You're not gonna get in a lot of trouble.
Zach; And honestly, I barely got through college.. Squeaked though..
Derrick: Thing is, with a school like that?  You know what the difference between a guy with an A and a guy with a C is?  Nothing.  They're both called doctor.
Zach: Exactly.  I had to retake my upper level economics class like 3 times.. the hardest, most intricate economics class.  The test is 3 questions.. and if you don't pass this class, you have to change your major, and it's too late to change your major, so you're shit out of luck.  So I was like, alright, didn't talk to anyone, literally read the book..
**That generally helps. *eyeroll*
Victoria: That's how it should be.
Zach: And still go t a B-.

Victoria: I have this guy friend who is studying to become a dentist.. He used to come over all the time for meals.. and now I don't see him at all.
Derrick: He's totally crushing it.
Zach: Dentist?  Best job in the world.  You are guaranteed so much paper ($), and you literally look at teeth. Literally, the people do the shit for you, then you look.. Ok, you're good, get out.
Victoria: mm hmm

Cam 3

Derrick: What time do they usually wake us up on Live Show days?
**anywhere from 9-10
Cody: The first lock down usually happens at 11.
Derrick: Alright.. G'night..
Zach: Feel better, Derrick.
Derrick: You'll know if I don't.. I'll be like this..

Derrick runs from the doorway toward the bathroom holding his bum.

Derrick: I'll tell Brittany to come back up..
Frankie: Yeah, tell her..

Derrick leaves.

Frankie: Go meet in the beehive and like do it.
Cody: Who?
Frankie: You and Brittany.
Cody: no.
Frankie: I like it.
Cody: I'm all about a girl that's a good kisser..
**hiiiiii ☺

Cody: I just know she's a good kisser.  I know it.
Frankie: Go hook up with her.
Cody: No man.. Wouldn't that be more f'd up to try to hook up with her now?
Frankie: noooo.. your time is limited.  Go do it.
Cody: I know. That's what I'm sayin.. It'd be f'd up, right?  Last night when we were layin' in bed, I was like, Oh Godd.. but I wouldn't do it with Zach here.
Zach: I would've left!
Cody:  You would've f'in told the whole house.
Zach: If you woulda given me a ch-ch (elbow tap), I woulda left.
Cody: Then it woulda been awkward.  It woulda been obvious. If you got up and left.  I don't know.. I feel like I shouldn't do it, knowing that she's going home Thursday..  She would have such a false sense of hope.

Zach: So? Why do you care??
**ok. Zach knows he's an asshole, so there's no real need for me to reiterate it.

Cody: That's f'd up.  There's no doubt she's gonna hat me after she watches all of this shit.  I don't say anything bad, but essentially..
Zach; It's just gonna be so funny to watch her reaction when it's a 10-0 vote.

Frankie: There's Amber. She's coming up.
Cody: no, she went to the bathroom. 

Frankie: Look, I know you sacrificed this week, sending Brittany out, so if you need me to service you in any way, I'm willing.

Cody: hehe.
Frankie: hehe
Cody: Hehe.. Alright, I'm taking my underwear off.  I can't take this anymore.  I can't wait til the end of the day tomorrow.
Frankie: Me too.  We'll know what's up.  We'll know what's going on..

Camera 3
Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie

Derrick has just come back up to the darkened HoH and told the guys that one of the girls pranked him with a wad vaseline in his bed..  He spies Victoria and Brittany coming up the HoH stairs.. Then on the HoH landing..

Derrick: Alright, don't lettem in.
Frankie: Oh God..

They come to the door.

Cody: (yells) We know what you did!

They knock.. They giggle.. Victoria tries to look through a glass..
Zach: hahahaha!
Derrick; Run and hide, girls!
Cody: She just tried to look through the window!
Zach: oh my God!
Cody: Oh my God, Victoria, that's terrible.

Zach: (whispers) Gimme something to throw at them.
Frankie: Throw an egg at them.

Brittany rings the bell.. again and again..

Victoria: Derrick, I need something..
Frankie: (re the bell) That's not annoying.
Victoria:  Derrick, please open..I'm sad.
Frankie: What is she doing?  Do they not realize we can see them?  I don't understand.

This is ongoing..

Victoria: Please open..
Cody: (loud) Victoria, if I open the door, you gotta kiss Zach!
Brit: (whispers) say ok.
Victoria: OK.
Cody: Look through the window.  See if you can see us!
Derrick: (loud) We got somethin' comin' for ya! Stay right there!
**From here, you should really watch this on flashback, Start at 2:25am on the quad, full screen. Hehe!☺

The guys go into the bathroom to see what they have as far as artillery.. Ahh.. Shaving Cream.. That'll do just fine!

Zach: Dude, what are we doing?
Derrick: Grab a shaving cream can.
Zach: Wait! Wait!  It doesn't squirt.  It's gel.  It's f'in gel! 

Zach and Derrick put some onto their hands so they're well prepared..

Frankie: I like this show.
Derrick: Who you gettin'?
Zach: I'm gettin' Victoria.. 

The guys burst from the room..

Victoria: Ffffd.. No! no! no!
She goes running..it's no use.  Zach has her pinned at the end of the hall.

Inside the HoH Room, Brittany's giving as good as she gets.

Derrick does a better job fending off Victoria, as one would... a little sister, or perhaps an assailant.

But she is a feisty one!

During the melee, Derrick's wedding ring came off...

Frankie: It smells like a nice ball shaving party.

Victoria, Zach and Brit help Derrick search for the ring, first in HoH, then the landing, then downstairs.. Ultimately, Derrick is the one who finds it.

Derrick: If you do it, you will not sleep tonight.  
Victoria: OK, can we just call a truce?

The shake hands, they hug, Derrick gives her a kiss on the head..

HoH Room
Cody, Zach, Frankie
Brit is in the HoH Shower, getting the shaving cream off of her.

Frankie and Zach are trying to get Cody to go into the bathroom and hook up with Brittany.  He wont.

Cody: She's naked in there. What do you think this is, Real World?
Frankie: yes!

Cody leaves the room..

Frankie: How can he be that hot and not hooking up with everything?
Zach: He's just a really good guy.
Frankie: Really?
Zach: I think so.
Frankie: It doesn't makes sense.
Zach: It doesn't make sense.
**Dear Cody's Mom and Dad, BRAVO!

For a very frank sex talk between Cody, Frankie and Zach, skip ahead to 4:15am on Camera 3 - it's a fun, funny flashback. ;-) 

Go to 4:20am if you'd like to hear how Cody lost his virginity and what he loves most of all..
**I'll be over here fanning myself.

A handful of  HGs are up for a while yet after this, but this definitely covers the highlights of the evening..  and this concludes the  Overnight Report...  Happy Live Show Thursday!!!



Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good Morning Caro

That short nap just before the show began was enough to keep me awake and it's after 6am.
Did you happen to flash back to 9 BBT? Just as BBAD started with Frankie giving a eulogy that's going to be sent to his family for Saturday's funeral. They kept the cameras right on him and didn't take the usual commercial around 11 after 9. He spoke directly into the camera. From what he said I'm thinking his father was never in the picture since the grampa is mom's dad. They all carry the Grande name.
I'm going to put food in Mac"s bowl and unlock his cage and hope I can sleep for a few hours.

July 24, 2014 at 3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn & all my wonderful Dish family!

@Shi Shi
Thank you for your kind words yesterday about my father-in-law's impending surgery today, it truly warmed my heart to read them <3

I am just waking up and drinking my first cup of coffee, about to get ready to leave for the hospital. They called yesterday to let us know that the surgery time has been changed, it is 3 hrs earlier, so we are headed up soon. We will have family up there with us, different ones at different times I'm sure, so that will be a source of support and comfort. But in the long hours of waiting that are always inevitable in the hospital, I will catch up on my reading here. Thank you Carolyn for this wonderful community you have created and lovingly nurtured all these years :-) It really has become a special place with amazing people!! I love all my Dishy family <3

Look after the critters, they still have a few hours to cause some havoc before they execute their Get Brit Out plan! Although, I'm sure the mood will be slightly more subdued in the wake of yesterday's sad news for Frankie. My heart goes out to him :-(

Love and hugs,

July 24, 2014 at 4:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I feel bad for Frankie, it is so frustrating when you can't do anything. I remember when I heard of my grandfathers death, in the days before instant communication, I was half way around the world on an island in the East China Sea. I heard about my daughters birth by ham radio. You, somehow, muddle through as will he.
It appears that he will use his grandfather's life as motivation. That will help him a lot.

Who knows how long the sympathy will last in the BB house, maybe through this week.

I think I'll give the critters a rest until tonight. I'll check the blogs every now and then to see if anything changes.

July 24, 2014 at 5:02 AM  
Blogger cindy Williamson said...

Good morning Carolyn, thank you again for the update and your dedication.
I watched Frankie's eulogy to his grandfather and have a completely different opinion of Frankie.
His speech showed a maturity and level of thoughtfulness
That makes me definitely team Frankie:)

July 24, 2014 at 5:04 AM  
Blogger cindy Williamson said...

Good morning Carolyn, thank you again for the update and your dedication.
I watched Frankie's eulogy to his grandfather and have a completely different opinion of Frankie.
His speech showed a maturity and level of thoughtfulness
That makes me definitely team Frankie:)

July 24, 2014 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

As a long time lurker (years...lol) I want to say thank you for all that you do for those of us who can't afford the feeds, but still need our BB fix.


July 24, 2014 at 6:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I cried during Frankie's Eulogy. Its was really nice and sweet. I could feel his pain. I certainly hope BB sends his eulogy to his family to see it. RIP Papa Grande.

July 24, 2014 at 6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had many favorites throughout the years but I can honestly say that I adore this cast. All of them. Even Devin who may or may not be in need of a medication adjustment. These HGs are kind hearted. I can find something I genuinely love about them all. I see people complain about personality traits and I myself have been vocal about certain obsessive behavior but none of have actually been in that pressure cooker of a house and we have no idea what we would do or say.
It's a great cast. It's Big Brother again.
Thanks as always to you my dear Carolyn on this thankful Thursday. The kids not so thankful as I woke them up laughing hysterically at your blog. I literally had a 10 minute giggle fit after reading about Derrick defending himself against Vic.
Be well dishers!

July 24, 2014 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Reggie45 said...

Just testing for later. Thanks!

Ok, had to verify my account and I'm trying again. This might get published twice.

July 24, 2014 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Watched Frankie's 20+ minute tribute to & announcement about the letter he received from his family, notifying him of his Grandpa's passing, on #BBAD last night. I literally cried the entire time. Even though I wanted him to bring before, I HAVE to see him win now!!


July 24, 2014 at 10:57 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Carolyn, I found it interesting to see Christine signing during her convo with Cody around two fifteen on7/25! Very curious who she was signing to! Thank you for all you do, Carolyn. It is amazing you can keep up with these chatty people!
Love you, Rain in Wash.

July 25, 2014 at 3:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn, just saw something interesting. Christine was signing in the bathroom as she was talking to Cody. This was 7/25 at a little after two. I was very curious who she was signing to. What do you think?
I love your updates, and all the hard work you do! Thank you so much!
Rain ♥

July 25, 2014 at 3:11 AM  

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