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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday to you!  You wanted a shake up?  Youuuu got it!  Ohhhhh boy... If you missed Donny and Nicole's HoH Reveal, be sure to check out Lessa's excellent coverage.  Donny's letter from his girlfriend back home was simply beautiful... and a little naughty!

Today's Overnight Report is starting 30 minutes earlier than usual, because that's when the most important conversation of the evening takes place.  It's between Donny, Nicole and Hayden, and I've transcribed it in its entirety for you, starting from 11:27pm. Once that's completed, the rest of the key conversations are snippets..

Team Zankie, you may want to start practicing your deep breathing exercises now. 

Let's dive right in to the live feeds and get the show on the road!

Camera 1
HoH Room
Donny, Nicole and Hayden

Hayden: If the Power of Veto isn't used, Caleb would go home.
Donny: That would be great.
Nicole: mm hmm
Hayden: If the PoV is used, who do you put up as a replacement?
Donny: hmm
Hayden: If you put up Frankie, it would be tough, but then honestly, I don't know who would go home between Frankie and Caleb.

Donny: He has enough friends that he may not go home, and him and his people would come after me.
Hayden: The thing is, I don't think people trust Frankie how you think they do..  I was thinking about it.. You know how I was sayin' Frankie would be my target?  I feel like I would have the votes to get Frankie.. out.

Donny: mm hmm
Hayden: I feel like if it was Frankie and Caleb up there, Frankie would go home, honestly. 
Donny: Well, if I'm votin' too maybe.
Hayden: yeah
Donny: If I'm Head of Household, I can't vote.
Hayden: Yeah.. unless there's a tie.
Nicole: Well, you have my vote for whatever.. Frankie out..

Hayden: Yeah.
Nicole: Like, if one of us is gonna be dethroned..
Donny: Well, in my conversation with Christine.. i said nothin', she came in and gave her spiel, and we came up with the same names that we came up with: Caleb and Victoria and Zach and Jocasta, ok..
Nicole: She doesn't..  I don't think she wants Caleb to go home.
Donny: She probably doesn't. She named 3, and her 4th one was Cody.
Hayden: mm hmm
Donny: And I said, why not Caleb? (and she said) "Oh yeah, that's fine."  I let her talk n let her talk, then I said, "That other day in the country music thing, you threw me n Jocasta up there." I said, "Was that an accident, or was it strategy?"
Hayden: mm hmm
Donny: She said, "I was told to."  I said, "well don't tell me who," cuz I said "other people have said THEY.."
Hayden: mm hmm
Donny: And I said, "You can go tell em you told me, and I'll know who they are."  If she goes and tells em, I'll find out who it is.   I just didn't want her to tell me, cuz I didn't want it to get back that she told me.
Hayden: yup
Donny: So if she goes n tells em she told me, they'll come TO me.. and I'll find out who they are, which, I already know who they are.
Hayden: Yeah. It's pretty simple.
Donny:  But that's what she said.. Your friend said that she was told to get me out.

Nicole: I love how he says, "your friend."
Hayden: haha
Nicole: hehe
Donny: I stress a point.

Nicole: I would put up Frankie..
Donny: Would you?
Hayden: As a backdoor. 
Nicole: For sure I would.  I'd put him up against Zach, and I think Zach would stay. 
**Zankie Nation.. deep breathing helps..

Hayden: yeah..
Donny: Well, if My Caleb and Victoria wins the BoB, that would dethrone me, and you could definitely do it.
Nicole: mm hmm
Hayden: mm hmm. Honestly, I feel like Jocasta and Zach would win. (the BoB)
Nicole: Really? She's on slop though..
Hayden: I know.. but Zach is so much better than Caleb.
Nicole: You think so?
Hayden: Zach is 100 times better than Caleb.  Zach is strong too, and Zach is WAY smarter than Caleb..
Donny: And the only time Jocasta's won anything is when she was eliminated and Amber won it for her.
Hayden: Exactly.  Jocasta's way worse competition wise.
Donny: Tonight, she went out on the 2nd question..
Hayden: I remember hearing she was out, and thinking wow.. she is really bad.
Nicole: We have a smart crew.  12 questions and there were still 5 people up there.. Caleb did better than I thought he would too..

Donny: Here's what Caleb said.  He said, "Put me up.  As long as you put me up with anybody besides Victoria."  So that would be his arch nemesis.
Hayden: mm hmm
Donny: That might throw him off enough where ya'll would beat me.
Hayden: Exactly.

Nicole: It doesn't matter who stays (hoh).
Hayden: That's what I think.. I don't think it really matters.
**ahh, but Donny doesn't want to get Frankie's, or anyone else's blood on his hands, kids, so..
Donny: I mean, if you wanna backdoor Frankie, that would be the way to go, because I don't feel comfortable enough to do it, since you said he was already after me?  He's already got a few people..  He  could win Head of Household next week.. He might not go..
Hayden: mm hmm
Donny: ..and that would be on you.
Nicole: Would I have your vote to get him out?
Donny: I would be a vote, yes.
Hayden: I'm a vote, 100%.
Donny: Cody..
Hayden: I've talked to Cody, and me and Cody have both agreed..

Nicole: I don't think Christine would get him out.

Hayden: I'm sure Christine is not a vote..  But Cody is a vote, I'm a vote, you're a vote.. If.. ahh.. who else would be?
Nicole: Victoria.
Hayden: Victoria's a vote. Victoria's a vote for sure.  And that's all you need.
**There are 8 votes this week. HoH breaks a tie. 
Donny: It all depends who saves who..  if Zach saves himself..
Nicole: That's scary though, because everyone's so secretive now. People have gone out with a 9-0, 10-0, and it's been hush hush..
Hayden: mm hmm

Nicole: I feel like there could be so much going on behind my back.. to where Frankie stays, and I will be doomed if he stays.
Donny: If you find out Christine wants to keep him..
Nicole: She definitely wants to keep him.
Donny: You'll be HoH.  You wont be blamed.
Nicole: She will probably not talk to me anymore, if I try to backdoor him.
Hayden: She will, if she sees the numbers are there.

Nicole: I don't know if I can be strong enough to put him up as a replacement nom..
Hayden: That's in the future..
Nicole: But if not, I have Jocasta up against Zach, and Zach goes home?
Hayden: Yeah. That's not a bad thing.. If Zach and Jocasta are there, 100% Zach will go home.
Nicole: So worse case, I get someone out who is not helping my game at all.
Hayden: Exactly.
Nicole: ...or your guys' game.

Donny: I would just like to know, since I'm sittin' up here with ya, that I wouldn't be the replacement nominee.
Nicole:  Donnyyyy.. 100% we are not backdooring each other.  Oh my gosh, Donny. 

Donny:  ...I would like to put up Caleb and Victoria.
Nicole: ok.  and I would like to put up Jocasta and Zach.

Hayden: That is..
Nicole: I feel..
Donny: I've already talked to both of em, and Caleb thinks I'm puttin' him up.
Nicole: oh
Donny: ..and he's ready to battle.  And Victoria, sadly, says that she will probably go into emotional, but I pumper her up n told her, she's got a lot of friends, even if she didn't make it, I'd do what I could to save her.
Nicole: I told Jocasta that too..
Donny: And if Caleb wins, and wins HoH next week, he'd try to get me out, but hopefully I'd have the votes to stay.
Hayden: You would. You'd have the votes.

Nicole: Zach is going to scream at that nomination ceremony..
Hayden: I think with those nominations, you also don't cross any lines..
Donny: Caleb told me when he put me up, it's cuz I was the first guy to fall off..
Hayden: When word of Devin controlling the nominations was already out.
Donny: He don't remember.  My speech for him will be that he nominated me, but what will be my speech for her?
Hayden: For Victoria?
Donny: Bless her heart, she's been up there 3 times.  I can't say you ain't my  target in front of the rest of the house.  It don't look good.

Timecheck -- 11:38pm

Nicole: I'm the only girl left from the 1st 8.  That's crazy.

Donny: Hopefully we get through this week, and some new target pops up.  Why do they always target me?  I'm just a poor old man.
Hayden: It's because of the fact that people wanna stay true to that original 8 thing.
Nicole: That puts me in trouble too.  Oooh.. I really hope Caleb doesn't win next week.

Hayden: I would love for either Caleb or Frankie to go home.  Either one of them.
Donny: mm hmm. That takes a brain or a body.. Well, Frankie's got the brain and the body.
Nicole: If you don't take a chance at him, he's gonna sail to the end.
Donny: Absolutely.
Nicole: He's playing Andy's game ten times better...
Hayden: yeah.

Nicole: He's everybody's best friend.
Donny: Well, that's why you've got to dethrone me and do what you've got to do.. if the Veto permits.  It may not permit.
Nicole: I hope it does.
**I don't. ::pout::

Hayden: Ideal week.. if PoV was used and you could put up Frankie..
Nicole: Against Zach.
Hayden: Yeah.  If Zach is against Frankie, Frankie is going home.  There is no reason to send Zach home.
Nicole: But Zach causes so much chaos.
Hayden: I know.. but it's like, what does he really do though?
Donny: mm hmm.  He can go the next week.

They count votes again.. and they believe they have 5, but even if they can only get 4, that's ok too, because HoH breaks a tie.

Nicole: Oh my gosh. How awesome would this be?  I am ready to make big moves in this game.
Hayden: And if you win?  Gotta get Caleb home.
Donny: mm hmm
Nicole: If you win, nobody better ever say that afterthought about backdooring Frankie.
Donny: No.. We're never breathing a word of this to nobody.  He's not even gonna tell Cody.
Hayden: Unless Cody brings it up to me.. I do trust Cody..

Nicole: Is Derrick and Frankie close?
Hayden: I don't think so.  I think they are both very much the brains of a lot of what gos on around here, but I don't think they're the brains together.
Nicole: I don't think so either.

Hayden: Donny, you have a picture of Christine.. you have a shower..
Donny: I have a shower.. I have a door that closes..
Nicole: (screams, not loud) Ahhhh!!!
Hayden: hehe
Nicole: Donny, no!
Hayden: hehehe

Hayden goes to the restroom..

Donny: We don't really need to talk about it anymore, right?  No one's gonna change their mind.
Nicole: nononononono.. 
Donny: Good. I'm not gonna change my mind either.

Nicole: Hopefully this'll be better than last time I was HoH. That was horrible.
Donny: This'll be worth it.  Poptarts, Pictures.. and this letter right here..
**If you missed the HoH Reveal, you must check it out.  Donny's letter from his girlfriend was beautiful.

11:48pm It's nearly bedtime for Donny..

Donny: Get some poptarts, take em with you.. I might sleep until tomorrow..  I ain't gonna know what to do with all this space.

Hayden moves into the main room and hugs Nicole from behind..

Hayden: Good job.
Nicole: Thanks. I would have thrown it if I thought you would have won..

Donny: How much racket are ya'll gonna have in here?  Who you inviting to stay with you?
Hayden: Yeah, who are you inviting to stay with you?
Nicole: Hayden, you can't..
Hayden: Why not?
Nicole: Because.. Hayden actually already volunteered to be a Have Not, so I'm gonna share my bed with him tonight..
Hayden: There ya go!
Donny: As long as you got another girl, that'd be safe.. without all that cacklin' and stuff.
Nicole: This is awesome, Donny.  We're in the Big Brother HoH Room..

Hayden and Donny open the door to leave..

Nicole: Hayden, I hope you'll come hang out with me again tonight..
Hayden: Alright. 
Nicole: Hey, Victoria wanted to talk to me, I think..

Hayden: (calls down from the HoH Landing) Victoria!  You're being summoned.

Camera 1
HoH Room
Nicole and Victoria

Nicole: Obviously, I'm not putting you up.  Whatever happens, you're gonna be fine.  You're not the target.
Victoria: I know, but I spoke to him.  He basically told me he's putting me up.
Nicole: It sucks, but if you think about it, it's good for your game.
Victoria: How the heck is that good for my game??
Nicole: You could be safe this week, or you're 100% not going home, if you stay on the block.
Victoria: Did he tell you he was putting me up?

Nicole: He didn't say for sure who he was putting up.

Camera 1
Storage Room
Hayden, Cody get interrupted by Derrick, then Zach..

This conversation is interesting to me, because I'm curious to see how much info sharing Hayden does.. and with who.

Zach: Donny's putting up Christine.
Hayden: Really?  He didn't say that to me. 

Zach: If he gets the 1st draw, he's doing Christine/Victoria.  If he gets the 2nd draw, and Vctoria's already taken, I have no idea.  (to Hayden) I think you're fine though.
Hayden:  Yeah, I haven't heard anything about this.
Cody: Did he say Christine??
Zach: Yeah, but you didn't hear that from me.
All: oh no, no..
Cody: He just didn't seem like he was gonna put her up.
Hayden: He didn't tell ma that.
Zach: He told me.  Of course, he could be lying to me.  Nicole's putting up me, right?
Hayden:  I would guess so, honestly.. Either way, you're ok though..
Zach: Yeah, I know. I just don't wanna be put up.
Hayden: She just has an excuse to.  That's the simple fact.
Cody: Damn, I didn't think he was gonna put up Christine.
Zach: If she's smart, if she wants to stay (hoh), she should put up Victoria/Jocasta.
Derrick: So these are the 1st HoHs that are not working together.

**or so they would have you believe.. I don't think I've ever seen a less confident look in Derrick's eyes.
Cody: They're not working together at all?
Zach: No. They're not. 

Someone mentions Caleb..

Hayden: I think that's who he's putting up.
Zach: I wanna go talk to Nicole one more time before she goes to sleep and tell her, "if you're smart, you'll put up Victoria and Jocasta."

Zach leaves.

Cody: No way..
Hayden:  No way.
Cody:  No chance.
Hayden: There's no way
Cody: I think Nicole's putting Zach up, 100%.
Hayden: yeah.
Cody:  She's putting him up.
Derrick: Yeah
Cody: I didn't wanna say it to him...   What does she think about Frankie?
Hayden:  She's the same as us.
Derrick: If we stay loyal, there's like 7 people who could go, we'd be the final 4.
Hayden: Exactly.
Cody: We'd be golden.
Hayden: She thinks the same thing.
**Coming soon - a new alliance between Hayden, Nicole, Cody, Derrick..

12:51am Victoria sticks her head in to say goodnight.  They invite her in and tell her not to be so sketchy. And Hayden pulls her into a hug..

Hayden: Calm down.
Cody: Just show the 3 men that you love and adore in the house some love and attention.  I know I'm on the back end of it..
Victoria: Not the back end!

She moves to hug Cody.. then gets a fatherly hug from Derrick..
**I really love this image of the 4 of them..

Victoria: Are you guys going to sleep any time soon?
Hayden:  mm no.
Cody: I'm gonna come sleep in your bed.
Derrick: She doesn't buy that.
Cody: I can't like.. Get outa here.. Me n her snuggle up..

Frankie enters..

Derrick: You see that look?
Cody: What happened in the rock room?  I felt an elbowww... a hand..
Derrick: Wowwww.. Wowww..

Hayden invites Victoria to piggy back, assures her she wont break him and carries her out of the Storage Room.

Camera 3
Nicole and Derrick

Nicole is sharing info with Derrick, but not 100%...

Nicole: I know he took Victoria, but I don't know who his other one is.
Derrick: He was telling me possibly Caleb.
Nicole: oh, ok.. He named Caleb, Victoria.. He named 4.  I think it's gonna be Caleb.  Is that ok?
Derrick:Yeah, as long as it's not named Derrick.
Nicole:  Oh no, you're fine. What do you think Zach's gonna do? Probably freak out. He just came and begged on his knees for me not to put him up, but I am.. probably.

Derrick: I know we joke about it, but.. he made fun of you on national tv.
Nicole:  I know.
Derrick: It's all cute and good.. but you see the game he's playing. His strategy is keep me here because I'll always be the bigger target.  Anyhow, he talked to me and.. I know he's not gonna put up Jocasta, but he said that if Jocasta stayed on the block, he wouldn't be against voting her out.

Nicole: I wouldn't want her to leave over Zach..  You're completely good this week.
Derrick: I would hope so, and I appreciate it big time.  Cody thinks there's a chance he could go up.
Nicole: He has a better chance than you do, but he's not.

Derrick moves to the bed, so he can whisper..

Derrick: Me and Hayden and Cody were talkin' in the storage room.. Zach walked in so we couldn't finish it, but I gotta play dumb, but obviously we're gonna stick together.  I'm gonna play dumb, but I know I'm not going on the block with you. I was a little concerned with him, but not really, because I never put him up, so it would be stupid for him to put me up, if he doesn't plan on sending me home.

Nicole: People do not think that you and I talk at all..
Derrick: No, which is fine. 
Nicole: It's good.
Derrick: Do you think this 4 thing works?

Nicole: I think it's good for me n you, because we already have a deal.
Derrick: Right
Nicole: And then, it'll give us a better chance of getting where we want to be.  This could get us to the final..
Derrick: 4..  There's only 11 people left.

Nicole: This could even be..  We could even do 5..
Derrick: Who do you think would be the 5th though, because Hayden's saying Christine's no bueno, and I never talk game with her...
Nicole: I did trust her 100%, but the Frankie thing.. I don't trust her as much as I used to.
Derrick: You gotta be careful.

Nicole: If I do end up HoH this week, I'll have your vote, Hayden's vote, Cody's vote, and I think Victoria's vote..
Derrick: I agree.
Nicole: So.. And I think it would help everybody's game.. I mean, is Zach really helping your game at all?
Derrick:  No. I could care less about Zach goin' or stayin.  I don't talk shit about anyone to anyone, because..
Nicole: Because you don't want them to use leverage on you.
Derrick: And if I don't feel that way, I'm not gonna disagree with you. I'm jsut like, ok, cool.
Nicole: Yeah, I try to keep my mouth shut.

Derrick: If by chance you put up Jocasta and Zach..
Nicole:  yeah
Derrick: And by chance, one of them wins the Veto.. Let's just say Zach.. you'd put up Frankie in his place?
Nicole:  Maybeeee...
**yesseee. Damn he's good.
Derrick:Possibly, possibly..
Nicole: I mean, right now I feel bad because Frankie's kissing my butt liek crazy, but he always does, and he wants to make deals with everyone.
Derrick:Lemme ask you this... devil's advocate.. you don't feel you have the votes to get him out.
Nicole: I do.
Derrick: ok. Bu tif you didn't..  Who would you put up?  Cuz it wouldn't be good to put him up if you didn't plan on sending him home, right?
Nicole: Oh.. I would put him up to send him home.  That's exactly what I'm saying. Never you, Never Cody, Never Hayden...
Derrick: That's the point.
Nicole: You're right.  I would have to put him up, because Victoria and Caleb would be safe, Can't put up Christine, I would never backdoor Donny.. Never, ever..

Talk turns to Have Nots.  If she has to choose, Nicole will not make Derrick, Donny, Victoria or Caleb be Have Nots this week.. Caleb, because he's just done it 2 weeks in a row.  She also tells him that Hayden already volunteered.

Derrick: If one of his comes down, who do you think he'd put up?
Nicole: I'm guessing Christine.. We never stumbled on your name when we were talking.

Talk turns to Christine, in terms of Nicole's diminishing trust in her..

Derrick: If you stay HoH, we'll have to find a way where Hayden, Cody and I can come up and kinda solidify the 4 thing..
Nicole: Yes. 
Derrick: We can't do it often, but we can all agree we're in this..
Nicole: Yes.
Derrick: We all agree we're not gonna come after each other til there's only 4 of us left..
Nicole: Yes.
Derrick: And then, the good thing for us (he and Nicole) is, they don't know about us.
Nicole: Yeah.
**Any alliance name ideas?

Skipping ahead a few minutes..

Derrick: We have to solidify the 4.  That means you have me, Hayden and Cody all competing in the HoH (when you can't).
Nicole: And I've proven myself to where I can help you guys..
Derrick: Game aside, I think we're all starting to figure out each other's personalities. Am I the type of person who would hang out with Zach outside of this house?
Nicole: nooo
Derrick: So why would I work with him?  I have a daughter.  You're somebody's daughter.  When he did that to you, I knew you were upset, and I wanted to choke him.
Nicole: Thank you soooo much.

Derrick: In the end, when you put him up, who's having the last laugh?  You gotta come up with something good for tomorrow..

Derrick offers his assistance with her speech.

Nicole: I don't wanna be malicious at all.
Derrick: You don't stoop. 
Nicole: I wanna be witty, smart and very..
Derrick: I'd almost start with something like.. I'd like to open up the Big Brother dictionary again today..
Nicole: hehe
Derrick: ..and If I looked up..
Nicole: What could I say..
Derrick: I'm trying to think of a word like eating your words..
Nicole: I wanted to keep up the tradition and open up the Big Brother Dictionary again today..
Derrick: yeah.. yeah.. and it would be somethin' somethin' somethin', "betcha didn't see this comin'."
Nicole: But he probably did..

Derrick: Then it's "betcha didn't think I'd be HoH next puttin' you up."   or.. "with that bein' said, you probably knew this one was comin'."

Nicole: What's the word, like what goes around comes around?
Derrick: Karma?  How could you put that in..

He thinks on it..

Derrick: I wanna open up a normal dictionary today, and if you look up the word "Karma," you'll see your face, Zach. The only difference is, you probably did see this one coming.
Nicole: hehehe. hahaha! Do you think that's mean, though?
Derrick: No.  He called you a Fruit Loop Dingus.
Nicole: hahaha!

And this, dear dishers, concludes the Overnight Report.  With Nominations and the Battle of the Block, it's gonna be a BIG day in the BB16 house, and we'll be here for all of it, so feel free to move about the planet.. We've got you covered. ☺ 



Blogger Jumbo said...

Happy friday

My belated impressions from the live show:
This has to be the most delusional cast in history! Victoria, Jocosta, Caleb, Amber all think they are much bigger pieces to the game than they actually are. Even Christine and Nicole are relatively non-factors

What axe did Victoria have to grind with Brittany and now Amber? For a girl not invested in the game she seems emotionally attached at least

At first I thought Amber gave a great exit interview. She seemed more interesting and mature than she ever did in the house. As soon as it ended though I thought "Man she is beautifully! BUT the problem is she knows it...really really knows it." I thought when asked about Caleb she had an air of superiority that was very unattractive.

As far as the new HOH's go.. It should be a little different, but with the BOB dynamic you'd be stupid not to put up Victoria and Jocosta.

There. Now I can finish the TOR. Thanks Carolyn for providing something to do on a sleepless nite

August 1, 2014 at 3:14 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Didnt we see "Big Moves" Nicole during her last HOH? Just sayin

August 1, 2014 at 3:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning! Wow, finally something to look forward too.
It seems like they are both targeting Frankie, but will Donny pull the trigger if he ends up the single HOH. The Hayden/Donny/Nicole alliance could go a long way. They, along with Derrick, are the serious players in this game: they just haven’t had the opportunity until now.
I think they all underestimate Caleb. He seems to be a dunce, and in some things he is, but look how he lasted in this last competition and he is very strong physically and has strong willpower.
It’ll appear that the detonators are still in charge, if they get to do a backdoor it’ll shake the house up. This HOH will still play into Derrick’s game. It is good that Hayden recognizes that Derrick is doing a lot of the driving in this game. Thursday Hayden will really have to step up for HOH. The double eviction will probably be the best chance to get out Derrick. I’m not sure they would consider it if the opportunity rises.
I’m looking forward to this week, finally an outcome to root for. 

August 1, 2014 at 3:43 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Last post before I try to go back to sleep. I think the Vict/Caleb Joc/Zach noms are pretty equal, but they will look suspiciously similar for 2 HOHs that "arent" working together

August 1, 2014 at 4:06 AM  
Blogger Saginaw Guy said...

I would love to see Frankie go home. He is far more dangerous to everyone's game than Caleb is.

August 1, 2014 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

With a Hayden/Niccole/Derrick/Cody alliance I guess my hope of a Donny/Nicole/Hayden alliance is shot in the butt.

Damn, Derrick is really good!

August 1, 2014 at 5:18 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...

Good morning!!! :)

Yay to a brand new game this week!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

August 1, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Thank Caro for the dish
I'm hoping team Zankie will go all the way

August 1, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am so glad to see new HOH's but I will be holding my breath all week that the Zach attack stays. He is so honest and open about who he is. I would love to Frankie go home. As always, thank you Carolyn and Lessa for such wonderful recaps. I would never know what it going on without you all. So many many thanks to you both.

August 1, 2014 at 5:33 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

G'morning :0)

and g'nite..

I'll see you back here in a bit!

August 1, 2014 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...

Omgosh you guys, is that MIST I see circling Derrick and Nicole?!?!

I'm curious - what will Derrick do? Will he work his magic to save Frankie, or will he let him go? I think Derrick is playing one of the best games this year. Will it be better for his overall game (and his TA game) to keep Frankie, or will he cut his losses and live to fight another day?

For what it's worth, I'm glad to see cracks forming in Christine's game. "Floaters, grab a life jacket!!!"

August 1, 2014 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

And that is why I love Thursday!!!

The start of something new and seriously, could this be any better?! Nicole and Donny HOH!

Donny is showing he has been paying attention.. and like any good observer, Listen more and talk less..
Yes listen and let them talk and talk and reveal where there head is at..
Love His girlfriends letter! too cute!

Happy friday to you all! This is gonna be a great week!

August 1, 2014 at 6:06 AM  
Blogger cindy Williamson said...

I don't think Derrick likes Donny. I mean that on a personal level. Not maliciously though, he just does not connect with him. He has never made any real attempt to engage Donny other than the forced situation of TA.

August 1, 2014 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

wow I am happy with this hoh it will shake things up and I am glade the 4 walking out Thursday could be Caleb, franki, Christine, or zack. I wish zack could stay but franki Christine and Caleb going home would all be fine with me. Dances* I am glad they didn't let any one talk them out of there ideas.

I still wish it was Nicole- Franki zack/ Donny Caleb Christine. But I see the reason for doing one weak and one strong.

August 1, 2014 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Derrick needs to get to the back of the PLAYING Nicole line! Hayden and Cody (and Christine) were there first! She is a big sucker for compliments

August 1, 2014 at 7:38 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I'm going to be so bummed if they chicken out and send a lesser threat home. I don't know why they tolerate Donny's "I can't go after one of the big guys" attitude. I know everyone just loves Donny, but he's gotta go!

August 1, 2014 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

Derrick deserves the 500k. 100%

August 1, 2014 at 7:48 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good Morning!

We needed a power shift. I am excited for the drama but worried about the outcome.

What will Donny do, either as sole HOH or as a voter? If he is truly loyal to TA I am hoping that he and Derrick can work together to keep Frankie safe. I am still a Frankie fan. I won't say that I want him to win, but I would like him in the final 6. At that point, who I really root for will depend on how they act and how they play.

If Donny does not care about TA, I hope that he would go after Derrick before Frankie since Donny has known for a long time that Derrick is the real brain behind the running of the house.

My personal choice, if Caleb does not go, would be Cody. Donny does have reason (Cody put him OTB). He sees how tight Cody and Derrick are. Cody is my least favorite of the Detonators. Everyone worries about Frankie's social game and don't want to risk sitting next to him at the end. But a lot of the HGs don't actually seem to like Frankie. Why would anyone want to sit next to Cody? He has been everyone's friend, he has all the girls wrapped around his finger. Honestly, I think his game has gotten slimy and cowardly.

Nicole is a silly, silly girl. I thought Christine was the one setting herself up for failure, but Nicole---well she might as well sign over the check to one of the guys right now. I realize she does not have the feeds. I understand why she would target Zack and why she thinks Frankie is dangerous. But forming an alliance with Hayden, Cody and Derrick. "Ring Ring...what? Oh, Britney's calling. Hi Britney. Did you call to tell me what a good game I'm playing? No. What do you mean I've just been Brigaded!"

Hayden, another person with no feeds. He can only know what he knows. I get why he sees Frankie as a bigger threat than Caleb. On a personal level I am frustrated because a couple nights ago, all the guys had the HOH conversation and all of them were pushing to get rid of Hayden sooner than later. Frankie was the one who wanted to keep him in the game for a while. I'm disappointed on a game level because I thought Hayden was smarter than that. He got pulled into the alliance at the end, was never an official member and because of this he never completely trusted or felt loyal to the guys. Originally his gut was telling him that he and Nicole had to work with Donny. It seems that now he has abandoned that plan for the 4 person alliance of Cody, Derrick Nicole and himself. Why would he think he can trust Cody/Derrick any more than he can trust Frankie/Zack? I believe that if Caleb, Jocasta or Victoria go home this week and Zack or Frankie win HOH next week Derrick and Cody will be right back with them, and if one of them decides to target Hayden or Nicole, Derrick and Cody would be on board. So, I hope Hayden is just blowing smoke up there bums. He should have followed his gut and stuck with Donny.

August 1, 2014 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I broke my comment up since I'm in novel mode today. My biggest hope is that Derrick can use his influence to keep TA safe. As for everyone else that I have not talked about, let's see...

Zack may be in big trouble and other than Frankie, I don't think any of the HGs will care. I will miss him if he leaves but he has been the reincarnation of Will right down to his 'I hate you all' speeches. Like I said, you only become a legend if you win.

Christine-She should have been loyal to Nicole. If she had been, there could have been a chance of Hayden, Nicole, Donny and Christine becoming a strong alliance together. If nothing else, she should have picked one side to be loyal to. Right now she is hated by most fans and I don't think anyone in the house would risk too much of their own game to keep her safe. I just don't get this-if she really thought Amber was better for her game (which she was) why did she immediately make sure there was no chance of flipping the vote by reporting to the boys that Caleb was Amber's target?

Caleb-I am hoping he leaves this week. I think it's an almost unanimous feeling across America. Reasons for keeping him-I agree with Hayden. He's not the threat everyone makes him out to be. He's not smart. He's not good in comps. He is so unlikeable why wouldn't anyone want him in the final 2? Also, every soap opera needs a good villain. When he's gone, who are we gonna bit^h about?

As much as we want a big move, I would not be upset if one of the two weekly seat holders went home.

Jocasta-Honestly, she just really seems to be bad at everything. She did show, in her conversation with Donny, that she has some insight into the game but she is kind of a useless ally at this point. If she never has power she can't make any moves and if she's OTB as a pawn, she can't even help by being a vote. I'm ready for her to go.

Victoria-My feelings for her have changed the most. She did amuse me, now she annoys me. She is terrible at comps, maybe worse than Jocasta. She uses her sexuality and flirting to stick close to the big strong boys which shows that she has no real insight into who she should be trusting. And I'm sick of her crying every week about how it's not fair and she deserves to be there. Why? What has she done to actually play the game. She cries about feeling bullied and misunderstood but she was a total 'you know what' in her last two good-bye messages. I realize there was some animosity between her and Brittany but what the heck did Amber do to her? I feel that the different culture/language barrier is possibly not as big as she makes it seem. I don't know for a fact and hope I don't offend anyone (Carolyn). I can only go off my gut. It seems to me that she uses her 'differences' as an excuse to do and say whatever she wnts, to behave however she wants, to get attention and then cry about how no one understands her. I don't think she is nearly as unfamiliar with American culture as she pretends. She is most definitely not as naïve as she pretends. She has been warned countless times about undressing in front of the camera since that is supposed to be such a big no no for her, yet she still does it. More than anything, she just is NOT nice and has NO game. She called Amber fake. I think she's about as real as the amish kids that made the show where it looked like they were plucked off the farm and dropped in the middle of NYC. Those kids had all been living the English life on and off for years. They were not at all naïve and knew exactly what they were getting into. That's how I feel about Victoria.

August 1, 2014 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

I am hoping that Donny is holding his cards really tight. I hope that if he has to make a replacement nominee it will be Derrick. It can be played off as if he's a pawn to make sure The other nominee goes home. I think Donny would rather sit next to Frankie in the end then Derrick.

I honestly don't care who stays HOH this week or who goes up as long as Frankie or Derek leave. The only real problem I foresee is who removes who at the POV.

My order of eviction preference is:


Leaving Hayden Zack and Nicole as the final three. I would hope that nicole wins the final HOH and chooses to take Zach as it would secure her win. I'd love to see a girl win this game again. If Nicole has any shot to win she has to make a big move this week. She's the only girl left who could win.

August 1, 2014 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Silence and sunshine

I had forgotten all about the mist! Dan needs to be on every season or it just isnt the same

August 1, 2014 at 9:32 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

with a double eviction coming, i have to believe we are going to see the end of double HoH and BoB.

i wolud love to see Chrisandy go home.

August 1, 2014 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


We agree big time on Victoria, although I'd be more than willing to teach her a thing or two, but she really has no game (even less than Jocosta). As a fan of the game it is off putting her sense of entitlement and the delusion she has that she is a player involved in the action. Derrick and Hayden see her as someone with nothing that they can shape and control however they choose. Thats why she is still there.

August 1, 2014 at 9:40 AM  
Blogger Saginaw Guy said...

Grendon, I can see your point about keeping TA safe, but if Donny's going to turn down missions, what good is it?

August 1, 2014 at 9:41 AM  
Blogger Stef said...

I can't believe they are thinking of putting up Victoria and Jacosta, even if they are pawns. Put up all guys and watch them squirm, a little disappointed in Donny and Nicole.

August 1, 2014 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

@Saginaw Guy

I don't care about TA. I'm just not ready to see Frankie go and I think Derrick and Donny would both have no problem cutting him for their own games. TA loyalty may be Franki's only chance for someone to have his back this week.

August 1, 2014 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger OA said...

Yes, Frankie can finally get his overzealous DRs and get out!

Funny thing is if he is up against Jocasta he would be a 50/50 to stay and go, but with zach, he could convince enough people, even Zach himself to get evicted, he really is the selfish one in the bro mance alliance they got, remember when he was rallying to get Zach evicted when Devin put him up as a replacement nom?

I bet he tries to get Zach out this week if no one uses the veto and Zach and Jocasta are up there.

August 1, 2014 at 9:56 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Everyone!! ☺

Friday morning hugs and squeezes!!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know, there's a New Top Post!☺

August 1, 2014 at 10:50 AM  

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