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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Overnight Report

Good Morning, BB Lovers!! Happy Tuesday!!! :)

It's an incredibly happy Tuesday for me already... I woke up, poured my coffee and started reading through and approving the comments in the previous post, only to find a very detailed run down of everything that happened from a little before midnight on... provided by a few beloved members of the Dishy Alliance - Michigan Man, Jamison & GayTor- I'm floored, I'm moved, and I'm so grateful.

If you're interested in reading the highlights, complete with specific times and which feeds to check out on the flashback machine, check out the comment section of the previous post.

Generally speaking, if you've got the time right now, start around midnight BBT on the flashback machine, and just start watching! You ought to be able to view everything before BB wakes the HGs!

Anyhow... after I checked and published all the comments, I went over to check my email, and holy buckets - there was blue, sitting there like manna from heaven!

So much went down in the BB house last night, I'm tempted to turn the overnight into 2 posts! Oh my goodness! Russell promised us yesterday afternoon that the sh-t was gonna hit the fan later on, and boy did he deliver!

What you're about to read, is the incredible Overnight Report, written in real time, and emailed to me by BlueX1969.

It'll be up by 8:30am BBT, if not sooner.

Posting videos this season is 100% forbidden. Sites are being taken down for it, youtube accounts are disappearing, and, how do I put this delicately... that's just for starters. Thankfully, we now have the flashback machine on real, which enables us to flash back to any and every moment from this season (and season 10), so videos have been rendered completely redundant. ;)

I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't gotten the feeds yet to take advantage of the free trial and do so now... This season just keeps getting better, and the live feeds are really the only way to watch Big Brother. Always have been. Always will be.

Watch Big Brother 11 24/7

BlueX1969's Overnight Report!!!

9:34pm BBT & Before
Luxury Bedroom
Jessie and Natalie have been chatting....and Lydia joins, then Ronnie briefly.

They pretty much agree about Russell needing to be put up next week. They are saying how much they need Lydia to be HoH next week! They are also worried about Casey. Ronnie was upset about someone in the back yard saying he should find someone else to work out with. I'm para-phrasing and recapping what has been said in the last few moments.

Natalie: "I don't trust Russell"

They think they need to study up on everything that has happened everything so far this season. And are asking Lydia about what she remembers.

Kevin has entered.

Nat: "Kevin, if you won, would you put Russ up?"
Kevin: "yup"

Seriously, I hate the whispering!!!!! It's so hard to follow!!!! GRRRR!!! LOL

Kevin: "It's better if a strong competitor was up against Russ, that way he can take the veto away from him"
Lydia: "Russ has said it's calculated when he blows up at me. It's calculated when he blows up at _______." "He says he's done it with C.E.O.'s and stuff. "

They hate Casey, too.

Kevin: "Casey is very cordial, and stuff when he talks to ya to your face."
Jessie: "Make sure they are not able to pull the wool over your eyes with Casey and Russell and stuff."

Jessie: "Michelle has got big enough fish to fry with me."

Jessie, Kevin, Nat, and Lydia are seriously trying to plan the next couple weeks.
Feeds changed!

12:48ET or 9:48BBT
Backyard couches
Russell, Jeff........

Jeff: "I feel like everyone is up Jessie's ass right now."
Russell agrees, and says he can't offer him any challenge in any comp.

Russell: "He (Jessie) is scared of both of us."
Jeff: "Yea, I can tell."

Russell: "And he tries to big league me, and I'm like, Dude, I'll do whatever I want!"
Jeff: "And dude, it's like every time you try to talk to him Natalie's right there, llike sucking his nuts, or sumpin."

Jordan comes out:

Jordan: "Yea, I came out and it was like, Lydia, Jessie, Kevin, Natalie, all of 'em whispering............"

Russ says they are mad at him because he's talking to those guys.

Jordan: "Jessie is gonna walk away with this money, because they're letting him!"

Russ went in to do something.

Jeff says they were talking about Ronnie...........

***tallking about Ronnie, he isn't actually out there....
Jeff: "Ronnie, you just put me up, what do you mean I'm safe?"
Jeff: "Everyone knows he's playing every side. Dude, I'm telling ya, Russ is getting tired of it!!!"

They hear Russell yell from inside!!!

Jeff: "I think we got some liquor!!"
They head inside!! Yes, they did!! I see two bottles of wine, and some beer cans......

Michelle is in there at the kitchen counter, and Chima, Russell, Lydia, Jeff, Kevin...that's all I can see for now!!! LOL, boy, they sure get excited when the alcohol shows up!!!!

Jeff: "Did you ask if any of the other schemers want some?" LOL
*coy, Jeff, coy*

Everyone is getting along right now, because they have booze up in the BB house!!!!!
HOLLA!!! LOL * I can't remember the last time I was happy about booze on a Monday....hehehehehe I didn't even think people still drank on a Monday!!!!*

Casey joins and grabs one............He says "Cheers" and they all cheer him!!

Back to the back yard with Russell, Jordan, Chima........

Russ: "I think that is why you guys are having stomach pains. Because you eat pickles and salsa. Seriously, if you lay off the pickles and salsa, you will start feeling better."
Chima: "But it tastes good!!!!"
*rolls eyes*

Jeff is opening a bottle of wine in the back yard!

Chima freaks out about a bug!! "Dangit!!! What is that?"
Some one says "Was it a fly?"

Chima: "That is what men are good for, killing the bugs, opening jars, and stuff!"
Russ: "Do you have a list of stuff you expect a man to do?"

Chima: "If a man screams like I do when he sees a bug........there's a problem." laughs

Russ is telling a story about a bite or sting or something........and they had to medi-vac him to a different hospital........he was young when it happened.

He says he thinks he will die young.

Russ: "I don't want to live to be 75"
Jeff: "75 is not that old anymore"

Russ: "I don't think I want to get married before I'm 35."
Chima: "I think that's a good age to marry."

*I think she has a crush on him, but it could just be me. Doesn't she know Carolyn has him reserved and pre-paid for the first 12 months after he gets out of the BB house????????*

They are all just chit chatting and laughing and drinking, and having a nice time!!!

OHHH, Michele is out there, too.

Switching feeds to number 3 and 4.
10:06pm BBT
HoH Room
Ronnie and Laura

Hashing things out...

*I just noticed the feeds went to them, or I would have been here sooner.*

So far, sounding like Laura is just placating him.

Ronnie: "I never considered Jeff an enemey, and I still don't, but I agree, if one of them wins HoH next week, they will put me up. Just 'cause I put them up this week."

Ronnie: "Do you realize, Laura, Michele has come up and talked to me 3 times this past week? More than she ever has? And she's on my team!!!! She's on my team!!"

Ronnie: "I think Casey and Russell have a deal, I really do."
Laura: "I do, too."

Ronnie: "Before I came in here, I was like....'Why do people go so nuts in that house????' And now that I'm in here, I understand."

Ronnie: "All I'm trying to do, Laura, is just go from week to week and make good deals with people I'm alligned with."

Ronnie: "Did I burn anyone in here?"
Laura: "If anyone, we got burned... I'm not lying to anyone in here anymore, but in all honesty, I did show my ass and I shouldn't have. "

Laura says they both need to reset, and if anything, they both went back on their words to each other, and that's why she hasn't gone off on him, or anything.

Laura thinks that Jeff having feelings for Jordan could end up hurting him............and we got fishies!!!! Damn, damn, damn!!!

Ronnie says that if Jordan was to go, the only people he thinks that would put him up are Jeff, Casey, or Russell. Laura is playing into it... she tells Ronnie she would go to bat for him.

She is playing up the angle that she can sway people, and she doesn't believe Jordan has the power to sway people. Trying to lay the ground work to Ronnie, that she (Laura) can protect him from his 3 enemies right now.

They are talking so fast I can't transcribe everything ver batim. (I'm no Carolyn or RepX!!! LOL)

Ronnie: "Hand to God, I think it's Russell who is spreading sh*t between everybody"
Laura: "Not many people have taken the time to get to know me, and you have, and I appreciate that........" The tears are welling up.....

Ronnie is saying he was called out because he once mentioned he once said he volunteers at his local community theatre....and now people think he can cry on cue.

Laura: "Really? It's really hard to cry on cue."

Ronnie: "If you stay and win HoH this week, and keep your word...."
Laura: "I would not go back on my word!!!! I have learned my lesson in this house!"
Ronnie: "People will lie to your face. "

They both think Kevin hasn't lied to anyone, they both believe Casey will lie to your face.

Ronnie:" Yea, Lydia came to me about 3 hours before the vote and said he would vote to keep Chima and he didn't..."
Ronnie: "I do not trust Casey getting HoH next week."
Laura: "I know, I don't either. "
Ronnie: "I trust Jeff getting it more than Casey."

*Fishies again!!!

Now Ronnie is trying to count votes in Laura's favor.......and see who he can get to vote to save her...........LOL.........I think he's blowing smoke. Why, I don't know, because Laura will not be in the sequester house, and is not a potential final vote in his favor...........but who knows. Ronnie is all over the place!!!!LOL

OMG, Ronnie says he would like to see him and Laura take Chima to the end!!!!!!!

I guess Jun was right... they know how hated she is... and would stand a chance against her!!!! LOL

Ronnie: "If you think you can get through this house without lying........It's the nature of the beast!"

Laura agrees.

Ronnie: "Casey only came clean on the lie after he came down drunk after watching the movie." (About Ronnie being the rat..........he told Lydia, or so Ronnie says.)
Ronnie: "Casey's told 4 lies in this house, I've only told one."
Laura: "Yea. I don't even want to talk about it anymore."

Ronnie wants Laura to try to get Casey to change his vote..........but don't trust him.

Basically, to sum up, Ronnie is trying to feed Laura a load of B.S, and she's too smart for it, and not buying any of it. If anything, she's learning about him, and drinking it all in, almost absorbing it like osmosis, but only to use against him later.

This is only my personal opinion. Either that, or she's just trying to bury the hatchet before Thursday.

She's trying to inch her way towards the door.

Ronnie: "Do what's going to further you in this game."

Laura is actually AT the door, now......... LOL ...She's OUT!!!! But, of course, Ronnie is following her! And now Ronnie is walking around the house looking for other HG's to torture...
no one in the bathroom......he makes his silent stalk quietly through the whole house......

Ronnie: "Is everyone outside?"

*Pretty much.*

Ahhhh, he found them all!!!! They are lounging on the back yard couches, drinking, chatting.......................etc.!!! LOL

They are talking about clubs..............etc..........so far, mostly Chima and Lydia.....

Backyard sofas
Basically everyone......but I hear pool balls clicking.....

I see Jeff, Casey, Kevin, Lydia, Chima, Natalie, Ronnie....Michelle is inside in the kitchen chatting with someone.(Ahhh, Laura!!).......someone's playing pool............

I'm guessing it's Jessie and Russ playing pool.........(that's all that's left!!! LOL)

Natalie has a big ass Pixie stick!!!!!!!!

Casey is talking about his wife..........a date.........I think it's when they first met, but not sure......he say's he's about to cry thinking about it........and of course the girls are alll oooh and ahhhh about it!!!!! Next thing he knew, they were engaged and married in 7 months!. He says it's like they say, when you know it, you know it!!! *how sweet!!*

Sorry, had to go let Diva Doggie out again!!!! Apparently there were bunnies in the yard (which is something we go through EVERY night...........*sigh*....) All is calm now!!

People still in the back yard........laughing, chatting, carrying on, having a great time!!!

11:00 to 11:10 BBT

The BBGod voice has yelled at them a couple times!!! LOL!!! Didn't hear what they said, because I was at the back door dealing with Diva Doggie, but I could hear BBGod's voice lying down his commandments!!!! LOL

Michele and Jordan and Laura are in the kitchen!!!

Jordan: "Why did they have to put me and Laura against each other, ya know?"

Laura and Jordan are desperately trying to fix something edible to eat.........being on slop is no fun for them..........

BBGod: "Russell, please go to the diary room.

Russell passes through.....makes some funny comments, can't quite make out, but the ladies laugh.

Laura notices production hasn't taken her key out of the BB wall yet.

Jordan: "Maybe they want it so we have hard feelings with each other."
Laura: "If you stay, I promise you, I will not have hard feelings for you."
Jordan: "I'm just so mad I didn't listen to you.!! I'm so mad!!!"

Michele: "Yea, Jeff seems like he'd be a good people reader."

Michele: "I'm un-readable, but I can't read other people."

The ladies are making slop cookies.

HoH room
Ronnie, Nat, Lydia, Chima, Kevin

They are all pissed, because Russ told them all to go inside, because he has something to talk about with the others.

They are fired up, now!!!!! Ronnie has the floor..... Ronnnie and all of them are now saying they should have put Russ up!!!!

I don't know what's going on!!! It's now 2:23ET or 11:23BBT, and I don't see Russ in the back yard. It was just Jessie and Jeff and Casey, but Casey walked in. They appear placated..............not fired up at all!!! That was feeds 3 and 4

Switching back to feeds 1 and 2 which is the HoH room. Have no idea where Russell is............this is what I get for going to the bathroom!!!!!!! I guess Carolyn wears adult depends and never uses a toilet!!!!! LOL

Ronnie: "I will never convince you of this, and you will believe what you want, and I respectfully disagree, but you have no controll over Russell."

Ronnie is trying to convince them that Russell can't be beat. Now they are fighting amongst themselves. Lydia raises her voice to Natalie........Ronnie is saying that earllier Laura did all the talking up there, and was being completely honest, he could tell by her body language, because she cried, he cried............

Ronnie is saying Michele will vote out Jordan, Casey will vote, Russell will vote...........etc..........Ronnie is so tring to flip the game now!!!!!

Ronnie is desperately trying to convince Nat, Chima, Kevin, Lydia that the vote is going to split to evict Jordan, and Laura is the good one...................WOW!!!

They say they are voting to evict Laura and they are not changing....

Chima says they should have put Russell up......Lydia says she will fight.........

Convo going on about 11:31BBT in the HoH room, feeds 1 and 2!!!!

They are arguing with each other..........

Chima: "Nat, you can be mad at me if you want, but we should have got rid of _____week one and _____ week 2........"

They are not on the same page. Ronnie is trying to reign them in.

Chima: "Basically we all wanted Russell out, and you (nat) and Jessie didn't."
Chima: "And this would have been the week to do it!"
Lydia "And he says so much shit about you two, you don't even know it!!"

Apparently Ronnie, Lydia, Chima, and Kevin wants Russell out, but Natalie is the stubborn one...........and is fighting them on it.

Ronnie: "I will go home next week."

*Ronnie is even cursing right now. The "f" word is coming out of his mouth."

Natalie: "I don't think Russell will put us up."

The rest of the gang pile on Natalie.

Even Chima is speaking against Russell, who she speaks to, and has a good time with.

Natalie: "I'm telling you right now, I'm evicting Laura out."
Lydia says right now, Laura is the bigger threat, and they need to evict her now.


Kevin: "I think we need to move on. We are attacking our own team!"
Nat: "You guys can continue this conversation without me. "

Natalie leaves angrily!!!

Lydia starts to go after her, but stops short at the door........

Chima: "Natalie is his lap dog." *Jessie's*

OMG, LISTEN TO THIS CONVO ON THE FLASHBACK!!!! They are all over the place!!!!

Someone says they need to go and get Natalie because she won't listen, and they know right now she is popping off to Jessie, and in the future these convos should be between the 4 of them, and not Natalie...........

Kevin: "When we're emotional, we're not productive." (paraphrasing that, but it's the gist..........Kevin is sooooo trying to be the voice of reason right now.......)

Seriously, starting 11:18BBT, go into flashback and listen intently to the convo!! It is GOOOOODD!!! LOL

Right now, it's Kevin, Lydia, and Chima in the HoH room, being very animated, and talking fast and furious................

Kevin: "I don't agree with this nomination sh*t, Jessie is running this.........."

Lydia: "Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie, will BLAB!!!! From now on, it needs to be just us!"

Backyard hammock
Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie

I came in late, but Nat is mad, and Ronnie is lying............

Yea, Nat is pissed!!!!!!

Natalie: "They're just f*cking throwing me and you........."
Jessie cuts her off..................

Jessie: "Look, you can't be HoH and not make an enemy..........that's the risk that comes with it......"

Jess is talking about Laura........and what they should say and stuff....not following it.... Natalie is ticked off and starts going off again............about her own crew...

Jessie says about Russ, He's a natural born leader and he doesn't have any say in it right now. Early he said how he will beat him in comps and things, basically swagging like a he-man where Russ is concerned........

Nat takes off..........Lydia comes out and asks Jess to talk...........he says he is going to chat with Russ, but will later..........

Ronnie is so far up Jessie's butt right now........

Now the feeds have changed....it's Lydia and Russ in the Green room:

Green room
Lydia and Russ
Lydia is chatting about Natalie..............talking about the Laura and Jordan vote........

Russ: "so you want to split from Jessie?"
Lydia: "No, it's nothing like that."

Lydia: "Natalie is pissed because she thinks we are trying to call the shots, and she's not the HoH and not in power right now."

Russell is playing into Lydia's hand..........."Lydia, you are the smartest girl in here, you know that, right?"

Russ is saying how Natalie's loyalty is to Jessie and no one else. "You have to see that, right?" *he's so right about that!!!*


The bathroom
Jeff and Casey

Jeff is brushin......Casey just left.............Russell just came out of the bathroom

Jeff: "I don't know what the f is going on!!!" while brushin!

Russ says he'll talk to Jeff more in the morning, then leaves, says to Casey he will talk to him more in the morning, about what is going on tonight....

Casey says he doesn't need to, because he'll be up.......

Casey: "I mean, what could have changed man!!!! Good Gawd, man!!!! New nominations coming up....I mean, what the fuck............."

Casey sits at the counter and downs a 2 litre and laughs, and eats something.....don't ask me what it is...........looks kinda gross from my stool.............LOL

Jeff leaves the bathroom......

Jeff: "Casey!!! Now what the hell is everyone scheming about?"

Casey: "What the hell is everyone talking about? Is there some new developments?"

Jeff: "Apparently, we'll talk later."

Jordan and Michele and possibly Laura in the hammock.........on feeds 3 and 4.

Switching to cam's 1 and 2..........

Backyard sofas
Jessie, Russ, Natalie, and Jeff is standing............

Natalie is still pissed..........

Russell: "Ronnie needs to stop being a paranoid fuck."

They still want to keep Jordan, and want to see her in the jury house.

Russell goes inside and pulls Ronnnie into the storage room.

Storage Room
Russell and Ronnie

Russell: "This is getting f*cking ridiculous.... Stop being paranoid, you are running this house amok! Laura's 30 minute spiel was bullsh*t........."
Ronnie: " I know, I was just telling Jessie what it was about...."
Russell: "This is where you went wrong........Laura is going to do whatever the fuck she wants.........but the fact you go and tell everyone else in here......is going to leave doubts....."

Basically, Russell knows Ronnie has been flapping his gums to everyone in the house, and saying sh-t about him, and is calling him on it..........and wants minute details about what he did, and what he said.....


Russell is on to Ronnie, and is totally calling him on it..............and Ronnie is trying to swim upstream without his paddle.............and Russ is pissed...........and not having ANY of it!!!!!

Russell is totally saying how things look like Ronnie is trying to incriminate him, and he is not happy.

Russell is laying down the law, and saying how it's going to be from now on......

Ronnie extends a hand and gives him a hug..........Russell leaves, but you can tell, he's major pissed!!!!!

Ronnie is looking for Chima to talk, now.

Russell is pulling everyone together in the bathroom, Jessie, Ronnie, Kevin, Lydia, Chima, etc...............and he is GOING OFF!!!!

Russell: "I don't know what the f*ck is going on.......I have never once tried to petition to get votes for Laura, or whatever..............does some one want to tell me what the f*ck is goin on??!!!"

Ronnie interjects..................and others........

Russell: "My question is this........if you want to know what is going on, why wouldn't you call me up there and ask me what is going on, rather than planting seeds of doubt........ You should ask me what is going on????? Does that make sense? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE???"

He is accusing Ronnie of back pedaling........Ronnie is obviously shaken.............and trying to answer his questions...........

Russell is upset.........and trying to clear things up......now Ronnie is upset and saying he should not be talking down to him............tempers are flaring....

This is all happening at 12:21am BBT and a little before on feeds 1 and 2.

Russell knows that people are gunning for him, I'm thinking, and he's trying to call people out because of it. Most of them are not having it.......

Russell walks away........ as do others..

Jessie: "This is two alpha males raising their voices......"
Ronnie: "I know, but he shouldn't be talking down to me."

Russell is very angry right now, and the HG's are now shaken because of his anger and response.

LOL!! Russ, Jessie, Nat, and Ronnie are in the bathroom, and Casey goes in to use the bathroom, and Laura and Michele walk back that way............see them..........then immediately turn around and head back the other way!!!!! LOL

Feeds are changed now.....

Have Not room
Laura, Michele

Laura: "What am I supposed to do? Say, okay Ronnie, I won't campaign. Now Jeff and Jordan are mad at me because they think I'm campaigning against them.....what am I supposed to do....just lie down and die?"
Michele: "No, you can't say, 'Okay, I'm just a big loser'"

They leave the Have not room.

People are being called into the DR now. Chima was called earlier, I think another HG was called in there, and now Jessie has been called...........


Laura is now in the backyard..........with Jeff and Jordan and Nat and Jeff and Casey..............

Laura wants Russ and Ronnie out there to find out the truth about what she really said about having votes to stay.... Jordan and Laura go to get them.... Laura is mad.......

She wants to prove a point.............

They go into the back yard.....

Laura: "Okay, not to start any drama, and I'm over that in this house."

Ronnie is playing things off.............not admitting anything......

Laura: "I didn't ask you for a vote, I didn't ask you for a vote, I didn't ask anyone for a f-cking vote........................so don't throw me under the f-cking bus, Ronnie, because I didn't say that!!!!"

Ronnie: "Just leave it for what it is, and I wasn't out here, I'm okay with what this looks like, and I'm okay with how it seems.................."

Laura is in tears......

Now Russ and Jordan, and Laura, and everyone is totally on to Ronnie, and no one is believing him anymore, and are totally calling him out on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie refuses to answers questions............................

It's official............. I no longer like Ronnie............ he's a terrible person.............

Jeff, Casey, Jordan, Laura, and all of 'em hate him and can't stand him.....

Russell comes back out....

Russell: "I just went up to everyone in there and said 'He's a f-cking liar, he's a f-cking liar, he's a f-cking liar..........!!!!!"

Ronnie is caught red handed, he's been called out, he can't hide or duck for cover any more........................

12:40am BBT
Ronnie & Chima
Ronnie is holding court in his HoH room with Chima............

Chima: "Why are you telling me this? They are the ones you need to convince!!!!"
Chima: "I don't even understand everything that's happened"

*biggest understatement of the year!!!! LOL You and me both!!!!!!

Ronnie is saying stuff and Chima says............."Why didn't you say that out there? I mean even Russell is saying......................"

Chima: "Because telling me is pointless.............."

Wow, Maybe even Chima isn't buying Ronnie's lies anymore!!!! LOL, and is trying to call him on it!!!!

Back yard

Lots of people............they try to get Ronnie to come out.........he says....."This is a private conversation." someone says "She doesn't want this to be private......."

Ronnie: YOU ARE GOING HOME!!!! *To Laura*

Ronnie SLAMS the glass sliding door!!!!!!

Now Casey, Laura, Jeff, Jordan, Russell, Nat are out there, and they are pretty much trashing Ronnnie now!!!! They can't believe what he just did!!!!!!

Ronnie has officially cracked!!!!!!! His power in the house is O.V.E.R!!!!!


The people in the backyard....J,C,L,J,R,M, want to see Ronnie go home, bad!!!

Ronnie's days are numbered!!!!

Kevin and Natalie come out to the back yard.


Someone asks: What do you think,? right now? Without hearing all of us?

Kevin: "He needs to go."
Back yard is glad to hear it!

Chima is out there...........

most everyone seems to agree that Ronnie needs to go!!!!!

Let's recap: Laura and Ronnie chatted in the HoH room. Mostly Laura just placated Ronnie............

Later, Ronnie ran to Jessie and others and told them everything he perceived went down with their chat.

Russell's name was thrown under the bus A LOT from Ronnie.

Russell got wind of it and called Ronnie on it, even in front of other HG's.

Laura got wind of things, and called him on it, even in front of other HG's.

Ronnie tried to weasel his way out of everything and lie about stuff.........but no one
believes him anymore, and now everyone is pissed off at him. And Ronnie knows

Now it's Chima, Kevin, Nat, Michelle, Russ, Jordan,, Kevin, Casey, Jeff, in the back yard, comparing Ronnie stories and lies, and now everthing is starting to come together for them, many of them!!!!!

They have all finally figured out, Ronnie is the rat in the house, and the master manipulator!!!!!

Jessie and Lydia are in the kitchen, I'm guessing oblivious to everything right now. Ronnie, of course, is hiding like a little coward.

Ronnie is on the upstairs landing and Jessie says to him, don't worry, time is on your side!!!!

Ronnie asks, who is yelling now? Jessie says............everyone........just go to bed.........LOL...........UMMMM, yea, Jessie......everyone is yelling, they just figured out half the crap that has happened in the last two weeks, and it all falls in Ronnie's lap!!! LOL, And they ain't a happy crew with him, right now............Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, sleep with a knife under your pillow tonight, and lock your door, boi!!!!!!!!

Jessie and Lydia are so clueless!!!!!

Russell is walking into the kitchen...........

Ronnie calls to Russell.........

Russell: "Seriously, Ronnie, I don't want to fucking talk about it right now..............You have lied to everyone in here.............you are the rat..........seriously, come down here right now!!!!"

He calls the HG';s in, and they are all laughing at him................Ronnnie is still claiming he hasn't lied to anyone............

Now people are yelling at him................

Russ is going off and saying he knows he's a debater, and he will debate his ass into the ground all night long...............

OMG, they are calling him out about his vote last week, saying they know he said he voted with them and tried to put the blame on Casey as the Rat vote.....and he *Ronnie* is trying to say he admitted his vote earlier.............

Ronnie is being the sloppiest liar right now................

Now Michele is calling him out.................

The time is 1:09BBT, and IT IS ON!!!!!!!

Everyone is screaming............Ronnie is desperately trying to put the blame for things on others............and none of them are having it............they are ALL calling him out......

Ronnie is now crawling back up stairs...........with his tail between his legs.........They have been saying he is for sure going home next week, while congratulating him on a job well done..........he got 'em all on EVERYTHING!!!! They are sarcastically singing his praises *in a patronizing way, but still singing his praises, nonetheless*!!!!!!


This is sooooooooooooooo good!~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie is coming back down.................Russ is egging him on......asking him what he teaches............Ronnie says he teaches Literature..............

Russ: "and you are not a professional manipulator, like you told me?"


Ronnie says no, he said he is a persuasive speaker.............Russ does a catcall, and laughs hysterically and applauds him..........everyone laughs!!!!

Laura says: "He came to me and said 'do you want to go home, or do you want Jordan to go home?' What am I supposed to say...........'Duh, uh, gee, Ronnie, I want to go home!!!! '" She laughs!!!!

Casey: "Why you lock yourself in your room, Ronnie, if you're so right? Why you lock youself in your room?"

Chima: "Right? I wouldn't lock myself in my room"

Okay, now Casey is trying to posture himself, saying he would be hard pressed to find any two people on that board (meaning the BB pic wall) to go home!!!
*rolls eyes*

Jessie and Lydia are being very quiet.

Jessie has belly bumped Russ, but Lydia is totally focused on fixing food to eat.

Everyone except Ronnie who is in his HoH room is chilling in the kitchen and feelling full of themselves right now.

Feeds 1 and 2 are on the big group, feeds 3 and 4 are on Ronnie in the HoH room.

Ronnie looks ticked off, but sitting in his bed, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed..........

The rest are incredibly animated STILL, and moving around. *LOL, Lydia still trying to cook! hehehehehe*

Casey and Russ have moved to the back yard.........Russ comes back in......I think Casey just needed a ciggie.

Everyone is talking over everyone..............

Laura: "If I'm the one walking out the door Thursday, I'll be saying the same thing...........'Please send Ronnie home.' "

Ronnie up in his room, I think it's starting to hit him. He's been caught and called out by the ENTIRE HOUSE, and it's sinking in..............he's overplayed himself.........

Russell calls everyone out to the back yard........"We've got something to discuss"

They all file out........it's about trying to get Ronnie out as a group.......

Casey is starting to run a scenario............let Russell win............put two people up, someone of us win the veto, take someone off and put up Ronnie and make it a unanimous vote!!!!! Then we all start all over again!!!!

They are still comparing notes on Ronnie lies and how they all played with one another yet against each other.....................they are all amazed and laughing......and in awe..........and just chatting and laughing and talking over each other STILL!!!!

Uh oh, Ronnie is coming down the stairs..............where is he headed? The bathroom downstairs??????????????Ummmmm, he has his own private bathroom..........what's up with that?????

I'm just going to interject here and say, if you all don't watch the Flashback starting around 3 a.m. ET or 12:00BBT and going forward to at least 4:30ET or 1:30BBT!!!!! You are crazy people!!!! It is possibly some of the best feeds watching all season!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie is done, washes his hands, passes back through the house, goes into the storage room.........gets a bottle of something.....perhaps aspirin of some kind.....sounds like pills.......

Gets a few, puts the bottle back.........walks out of the storage room............back through the house.........and back up the stairs.................Okay, going to switch feeds to the back yard again...........which would be feeds 3 and 4 at about 4:39ET or 1:39BBT to be exact.........LOL

My gawd!!!!!!!!!! They are still animated and talking over each other!!!!! LOL

Ronnie just stuck his head out and asked if he can have a personal conversation with Jessie.....Jessie says "You even had me, too, dude!!" They want to know why it has to be private and can't be public?

They say it will have to be a few minutes.........He swore it wasn't game related......just personal and he knows they are all against him...........They speculate he may want to go home now...........everyone is making fun of him.................it's actually a little bit sad, kind of like kicking a dog while he is down............but I don't blame them.....they are ticked off right now!!!!!

The conspiracy theories are starting to fly........suggesting maybe he is a plant and there will be extra money for sending him hom...........Casey says not to overthink it.......

Casey: "Lets get back to being friends again, and start over."

*Ronnie has totally self-combusted as HoH this week, I'm not sure we've ever seen anything like this!!!! I'm just sitting here in awe and amazement right now!!!!

****Sorry, I went to grab some cheese and crackers, and let Diva Doggie out again, and pet one of the cats who had her nose stuck up in my cheese hehehehe

****but I had my ears tuned to the feeds, and it's just been more of the same......animated people trashing Ronnie right now in the back yard on the sofa's.............

The time is now 2:21am BBT

Just watch these feeds!!!! on the Flashback!!!! Everyone is so mad at Ronnie right now!!!!

BTW, Ronnie on feeds 1 and 2 has turned out his lights and crawled under the covers.

The backyard stuff is still on feeds 3 and 4.

*****thank God this program I'm using does auto save, because I keep forgetting to do it, and I would have lost everything I typed A LONG TIME AGO!!!! LOL Seriously, where did the last 6 hours go????? LOL

2:35am BBT
Everywhere in the house

The group is starting to break up, and head in......FINALLY!!!!

Feeds are mostly in the kitchen..........but we keep getting fishies all of a sudden........

Russell is knocking on Ronnie's door saying he needs to get Natalie's bikini......Ronnie sounds angry..."You need to get what?"

Russ: "You need to get what?"

He goes to grab it.......then checks the feeds to see Russ out there.

Ronnie: "Russ, to be perfectly honest, I don't feel safe around you, and I'll be perfectly happy to give it to Natalie when she gets up here."

Russ: "What?"
Ronnie: "I'll give it to Natalie!"

Russ heads downstairs and you can hear him laughing about it and saying Ronnie doesn't feel safe around him.......which proves he did hear Ronnie the first time....

Natalie goes up to retrieve it..........he opens the door......

Ronnie: "Here you go, Natalie."

She heads back down. Ronnie immediately puts his HoH monitor on the kitchen and crawls back into bed.

They are all doubting he's really a teacher.

Someone asks why he came on so strong.

Kevin: "He came on too strong too early."
Jeff: "He got too big for his britches."

They are making fun of his DR sessions.........

Casey: "I called it, though!!!"

They figure out he counted on all of 'em not talking to each other, and they didn't.
******Words of wisdom for future players!!!!

Casey is like: "We got 16 days worth of stories!!!!" *referring to Ronnie*

I'm not typing much, because they are pretty much re-hashing things, now.......you can watch it all on the Flashback Feature on RealPlayer!

Time is now:
2:58am BBT

Actually, a few minutes has passed, and people are starting to head for beds.

Jessie is saying Dan said time and time again he was not America's player, but he was.............Nat calls him on it.......and Jess says, well, you can say whatever you want in the DR............I dunno where he is going with that...doesn't matter anymore, .............bitter much, Jessie????? lol

He's saying how people say Dan is the biggest player in BB history, because he won the half million and the 20,000 from being America's player..........oh yea.......he's bitter...........he just can't stop talking about Dan.................Sorry, Jessie, Dan was and still is America's favorite player...........!!!!!! LOL

Now, all of a sudden, Jessie is flabbergasted at Ronnie's manipulation, and how he played everyone...........ummmmmmmmmm, Jessie, you were in on a lot of it yourself!!!! LOL, but you do need to play your involvment down for now!!! I do understand that!!!The other HG's would be mad if they knew just how much you really did know.

It's amazing how they are all still talking about Ronnie..............they are flabbergasted, amazed, dumb-founded, feeling like fools, in awe, angry, hurt, you name it..........

3:20am BBT
Laura, Casey, Michele, I believe Chima is in the bathroom...yes, she is.

Ladies are taking off their faces, and getting ready for bed.......

Fishies again.

*****poor wittle Diva Doggie, she is curled up at my feet!!!and snoring, which is typical LOL

(Both cats are stalking through the house.,.........LOL don't know what they are up to!, and probably don't care to know!!!!hehehehe)

My aunt I care for will be getting up soon...........Have to make sure she remembers to take her meds.........and she gets her coffee.............she has alzheimers, so I have to keep a sharp eye on her......between me (her full time caretaker) and her son and daughter in law..........she's a handful!!!!!!! And much fun!!!! and loving, and I love her soooooooooo much!!!!!

Oh, good grief!!! Now Casey and Jessie and a couple others are chatting in the living room!!!!

Russ is in there..........Laura joins............

Casey says we just can't forget......(about Ronnie) "We forgot about the holocost(sp?), we forgot about this, we forgot about that, we can't forget about this!!!!"

****Really? You did not seriously just compare anything in this house to the Nazi attempt at genocide against all Jewish people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Now that ticks me off!!!!!)

Oh, Natalie is in there getting her shoulder rubbed by Jessie............of course.....*rolls eyes*.......

I'm going to have to rap this up!!! Got things to do.......but I will be checking in and of course, will have the feeds going, and listening intently, and popping in and out for awhile!!!!!

It's been fun!!!!! I love love love, watching and listening and typing what I'm seeing and witnessing...................SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

See ya laters, peeps!!!!

*smoochies* and much love!!!!!! (((((((hugs)))))))





Anonymous Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

OMG that was such a crazy night. I had taken the day off from BB with appointments and some tv and had just got done reading through all the comments for the day. Saw that Carolyn had given her good night post and was only going to watch for a little bit and head to bed.

I was watching the Laura/Ronnie conversation and trying to figure that thing out. Why try to keep Laura now? Got tired of that since it went on forever. Was ready to go to bed again then "the meeting" started. Once he started throwing Jesse and Natalie, to her face, under the bus I knew I couldn't go to bed. The more things went out of control my adrenaline was pumping and I was fully awake.

Happy to help provide play by play Carolyn. Can't wait to read Blue's take on it. I did my best but don't have his flair.

Have a great day everybody. Wonder if this will make the show tonight or not til Thursday.

July 21, 2009 at 7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read the comments from last night. Everyone did a wonderful job of blogging! I am soo glad that I belong to this wonderful little community of BBdishers :)

I can't wait to get home from work and go back to watch the feeds from last night. Thanks to all of the posters who but times and cameras #'s. You guys ROCK!

July 21, 2009 at 7:56 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Morning all, I was up all night. What a night it was. Ronnie got busted last night by Russell, Laura and the house. Russell busted the rats ass. Laura then called Ronnie out as well as the rest of the house.

No one is talking to ratboy. The house all agreed to get ratboy out before anyone else. The HGS always felt bad for Jordan and Laura for being on the block knowing one will leave Thrusday night.

Wow what a night.

July 21, 2009 at 7:58 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

I can't get to Blue's email. What am I doing wrong?

July 21, 2009 at 8:00 AM  
Anonymous BaRbaRa aNN said...

Hi Carolyn, its Barbara.
I'm not much of a commenter..(is that a word? lol.) but previous seasons ive wrote u on myspace w ?'s....NEway.
I'm off to work soon n DYING 2 kno who the BB alum is that is prego??? please DO TELL!!!

btw THANK U, THANK u for all u do, dont have the feeds this season...yet, n ur blog keeps me in the loop!!

July 21, 2009 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger Bethra said...

Thank you Real Player Gods for the Flashback machine!

I've been catching up on the overnight for the past couple of hours watching what went down last night.


July 21, 2009 at 8:18 AM  
Anonymous ginagirl916 said...

Is it just me or does this seem like the logest week in BB history!!

July 21, 2009 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

babyBlues - There are no clips this season - It's TOTALLY illegal - but here's what i can do for ya: Get the free trial & Check it out on the flashback machine!!! :) It rocks!!!

July 21, 2009 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger Bethra said...

BTW, I noticed that Lydia stayed quiet throughout the whole blow out last night.

I really hope she's smart enough not to believe Ronnie's lies.

July 21, 2009 at 8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job everybody!

July 21, 2009 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger David B said...

I am worried Ronnie will leave to soon, yes there are others i BELIVE NEED TO GO before Ronnie. but i can see a bad storm brewing for the dork'ster

July 21, 2009 at 8:37 AM  
Blogger Christy in FL said...

Good Morning everyone!! (birds singing)

I am a sleepy girl after staying up to 5:30am (EST)!! I would like to request next season be done on the east coast please :) It was a great night... I am considering going to watch it again lol!!

Thoughts of the night...

Russ- He was amazing at stirring the pot and keeping everyone going. I loved watching him b/c he was crazy but not too over the top!

Natalie- Breathe girl!!! I feel bad for Carolyn trying to type everything she says SO fast!!

Jesse- Zen Master or mad his gopher is exposed? I loved that the whole house was exploding and he is blissfully making pancakes ignoring everything LOL!! I do like that he is being a bit of (dare I say) a calm voice of reasoning and experience... or is he just floating under radar? Maybe he actually listened to our advice from last year!!!

Jeff and Jordan- Cute, sweet couple, jeff is so protective and caring... I love this showmance!!! On the game side ... CLUELESS!! I am torn bw wanting to watch them and thinking that others would be better for the game!!! But still so cute!!!

Laura- WOW- she is good!! I would like to give her credit for throwing Jordan and Jeff under the bus to Ronnie and planting the seeds of Russ' votes then making Ronnie look like a liar in front of everyone!! Standing O girl.. she is good!

Casey- so funny.. not much other that major comic relief to counter Russ' ranting last night!!

Chima and Kev- just held on for the ride and occasionally threw so new fire to the fuel!

AND... Ronnie- does the phrase "told you so" mean anything! but to his (small) defense I believe Laura did start the "kick Jordan to the curb" and the Russ/ michelle voting to keep her this week. Although I think he definately had it coming, I think he is having every "nerds" biggest nightmare... the entire school is making fun of him and no one will talk to him.... on the same page as the going to school without clothes dream :)

I am now wondering if the plan to evict Ronnie out will go through or if these smart HG will use him as the "hated HG pawn" and take him to the end since they think they can win against him... I love this game!! Is it nap time yet !!

Well, I feel better and I would like to say this is by far my longest message ever and I am having hand cramps... Carolyn and other dishy folks, I dont know how you keep up with the all this typing :)

July 21, 2009 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Carolyn, Good morning! Sorry guess I shouldn't have jumped the gun. I have a lot to do today I am having a family dinner tomorrow night for my Mother's 86th birthday & I was rushing you. Sorry again!

Good morning, All my BB addict buddies!

I read all the comments from last night but I'll have to read Blue's update later.

Sounds like I turned the feeds off right when things took off...Dang it.

Gaytor I did go back & look at what you had asked about Jordan & Laura. Natalie was in the DR & had been for a few min. Laura & Jordan were talking about how they themselves looked. Jordan said that she herself looked like what you thought she was calling Natalie or Lydia & Jordan also said she herself looked buff. Laura told her she did not. Lydia came in the house a few min later & went toward the bathroom. Jordan was referencing herself & did not call someone else that.

July 21, 2009 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Jamison said...

Blue, I'm not even 1/2 way thru your overnight report and i'm already cracking up. I can totally see the excitement, shock & awe that clearly must have been on your face as you were watching.

THEN, to have blog on the biggest night that I can remember in BB history? Cah-razy.

Excellent job so far. I need to jump back and finish reading.

Hopefully, the "Ronnie, whose cat is that???" line is in there...Jeff was hysterical last night.

Great job!!

July 21, 2009 at 8:43 AM  
Anonymous DebinNY said...

Carolyn tell everyone to use flashbask. it's a must. It happened around midnight BB time. It start just before BBAD went off. Russell was getting in his face just before BBAD went off. So I logged on quick to the feeds. So anyone that wants to flashback go to midnight. You really have to catch the beginning of it.

It all started when Ronnie asked Laura to go upstairs to the HOH room. Once Laura left Ronnie aka ratboy called Chima, Natalie, Lydia and Kevin into the HOH room.

Ratboy was saying he believed Laura.... meaning Laura throw Jordan & Jeff under the bus. Yep it's true I saw it with my own eyes.
So now ratboy wanted to keep Laura and the others in the HOH went nuts. Saying no they are keeping Jordan. Well then ratboy started blaming Natalie and Jesse (Jesse wasnt in the HOH room but in the DR) that because he listened to them Russell is still in the house.
Truth be told I am not a Jesse fan but ratboy is wrong the choice was his to make. Ronnie had the final say. After that Chima was getting alittle loud with Natalie saying I told you we should of gotten Russ out this week. Lydia also jumped on that bandwagon saying because of you and Jesse Russ is still here. Ronnie agreed passing the buck as usual. Chima still went on about it as well as Lydia.
At that time Natalie was pissed and say I dont need this shit and left the room to grab Jesse to tell him what took place. She was telling Jesse we are getting the blame that Russell wasn't put up.

This was talking place in the backyard. Sorry doorbell more to come.

July 21, 2009 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

This was all so crazy! I watched BBAD and turned it off for bed right before stuff exploded, I might've went to my computer to watch the feeds, how CRAZY insane!!

good recap, lots of love to you bloggers!

July 21, 2009 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Monika said...

Blue, you just made my day. Thank you thank you thank you. I know it's a lot of work but you make it possible for us without the feeds to follow the real big brother. Have a great day..... Get some good sleep and know that you are appreciated.

Carolyn this is why I live this blog. Everyone is so nice, funny and respectful. You always get the best play by play on here.


July 21, 2009 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger rosaritoe said...

Muchas Gracias for the detailed, insightful and wildly humorous work.
It's greatly appreciated by all of us especially for Carolyn's sake.

July 21, 2009 at 8:58 AM  
Anonymous RhondaM said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow addicts!

Blue - Wonderful job! What a night! I'm off to go watch it all on Flashback now.

Now whether or not anyone would throw HOH to Russ this week, I think not! But I do want Ronnie out. Or Chima.

July 21, 2009 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger Danielisapro said...

BLUE you did a wonderful job!! Thank all of you for everything you do here. I have the live feeds, but I still love to read BBDish to see what I miss. Thank you all!

July 21, 2009 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Danielisapro said...

BLUE I just wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job. Thank you guys for all the hard work that you all do.

July 21, 2009 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Christy in FL said...

Wow blue!! I am so proud of you for getting all of that while it was happening!! It took both my hands to keep picking up my jaw when it dropped each time LOL!!

Thanks for helping Caro out so she can catch up and be ready for the after shocks this morning!!

(( Squeeze)) and smoochies!!

July 21, 2009 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Blue, you did a fab-u-luss job!

Carolyn were you able to get some breakfast?

July 21, 2009 at 9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great job you did, BLUE. Thank you ever so much.

July 21, 2009 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Mary and Matthew said...

wow. thanks, blue. so much to wrap my mind around today.

July 21, 2009 at 9:28 AM  
Blogger Christy in FL said...

One of the funniest things was, after Russ and Ronnie talked in the storage room, Russ called his entire NBKillers group into the bathroom and had a loud "discussion" about Ronnie not coming to him about Laura comments. That alliance were fighting so much that they didn't even pay attention to Jeff who just stolled up to the bathroom and leaned casually against wall and listen to all their dirt throwing!!!! He looked like he was just hanging out... use the flashback on the feeds... is a must see!!

July 21, 2009 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger TaraC said...

Blue, you ROCK!

July 21, 2009 at 9:44 AM  
Anonymous RhondaM said...

So I don't know, but Lydia, Jessie, Nat, and Kevin didn't say much in that whole thing. They may very well stay aligned with Ronnie to get Russ out. Russ is a threat physically in comps and a threat calling you out on stuff. Hmmm....

July 21, 2009 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger Dineane said...

Darn, I went to be before the fun started! But thanks, Blue, for the GREAT recap!!!

July 21, 2009 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger Jun BB4 said...

Mmmmhmmm, excellent job Blue, thanks so much.

And thanks for the shout-out...I called Chima's setting herself up for final 2.

Oh Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie...I have said time and time again, it's completely unnecessary to make such big moves so early in the game. Which is WHY Dana went home so early in my season...I was put up with her on the block, but I wasn't HOH so it fell on her. You just can't rock the boat so early and gain enough numbers to back you.

Yowza...i'm still waiting for Chima and Natalie to go at it.

July 21, 2009 at 10:11 AM  
Anonymous Michigan Man said...

Christy I too loved the Jeff being in the bathroom while the other group was having their fallout. He brushed his teeth before that. There is something else. If you watch this whole thing play out like all 6 hours or so Jeff goes in a brushes his teeth so many times.

July 21, 2009 at 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Michigan Man said...

The 3:30am conversation is hilarious too.

Jesse, Nat, Russel, Casey, Laura and Michele all thinking now that Ronnie is a plant or employee who did this by design and he has ways to listen in on them.

Ronnie won't even get the credit for his manipulation after it's all over.

July 21, 2009 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger bluex1969 said...

Thank you all for your very kind words!!! and support and appreciation!!!!

I can't tell you all how much I appreciate all of you!!! Glad so many of you enjoyed it!!

Sorry, I'm too wiped out right now to give personal shout-outs to everyone!!!!!! I don't even know which end of a tampon is up.........(okay I never have, but still!!!!!! LOL)

July 21, 2009 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

::Looking into Crystal Ball (LOL..I don't really use one)::::

"BBDishChicks with Blue's Overnight report! Tune In Or Tune Out!"
Awesome..ya'll are awesome!

July 21, 2009 at 10:25 AM  
Blogger StacyAnn said...

Blue, that was awesome! Thanks so much! :) Loved reading about your cats and dog, btw.

July 21, 2009 at 11:06 AM  
Blogger SimplySam said...

I told my boss off this morning (me...lol) and told that b*tch (me again) I seriously need a mental health day.

I am currently grieving a recent suicide and caring for a loved one one his way out. I am emotionally tapped out. Submerging myself in their (HG's) current world has been a really good escape for me.

BBDish has been a very big part of that escape from MY reality. Thank you for taking my mind off of the hard stuff I'm dealing with and giving me breaks from my inner turmoil.

What a perfect day to choose for a mental health day, eh?! LOL. ;)

I just finished watching/listening to the Flashback's of last night and reading Blue's overnight report.

DUDE! BLUE! You don't just ROCK! You totally ROLL too!!! What an excellent gift you gave us all!

{{{BIG HUGS!}}} Thank you.

What a night! ***I can sooo picture you watching the sh*t hitting the fan. *BIG grins* I'm sure it was close to me watching that most AWESOME scene going down on the Flashback!

However, I sit on an exercise ball at my computer, so I was excitedly bouncing all over the damn place. LOL.

This is definitely NOT the season to not have the feeds, eh?!

****Everyone who does not have the feeds so far? Give up buying something for $13 bucks a month AND GET THEM! Seriously... you are soooo missing out!

Blue, my sincerest thanks again! ♥

July 21, 2009 at 12:38 PM  
Anonymous SassySam said...

Blue...you're too funny! Thanks for pulling the night shift for us! We need to get you a starbucks card asap!

P.S. I just saw Brian working at club Les Duex the other night..man he's sexy, but a little stuck up! I've only lived in Hollywood a year and I've seen 5 BB men, so far none of the ladies! I also saw Mike Boogie entering Les Duex a few months ago, Kayser getting out of a hummer on Sunset Blvd., Memphis working as a security at club Area and I Parker working out at 24 hour fitness in Sherman Oaks! Yummy!

July 21, 2009 at 5:56 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Blue that was Great!!

July 21, 2009 at 6:49 PM  
Blogger kelseyyy said...

:) good job! i can't believe you actually got all of that! <3

haha. scandalous.

July 21, 2009 at 10:27 PM  
Anonymous TryingToPickAWittyName said...

Look back to the day that Ronnie got HOH! I called this in my comment! I said that Ronnie was getting HOH to early and his lies would come back and bite him in the ass! I knew it! When it was him and Michelle up there, he should have just thrown the competition and let Michelle win! He would still have been safe that week, and would have the ability to play HOH next week!

July 22, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

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