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Thursday, August 20, 2009

HOH Reveal

10:16 PM BBT
Everyone except Jeff.

Jeff comes out of DR.

Jeff: Alright! Who wants to see my HOH room? No phony-baloney, no fake laughing and no wise cracks.
Kevin: Do you have hot friends?
Jeff: Yeah!
Natalie: Do They have nice names too, like Lincoln?

Everyone goes up. They check out his photographs, they all say he looks different in the photographs.

First photo is a baby picture.

Natalie: OMG. That doesn't even look like you!
Kevin: Who's that?
Jeff: That's my pops.
Russell: Who's that?
Jeff: Me.
Kevin: That doesn't look like you.
Natalie: What's up with the cut?
Jeff: The bowls? Dude, my Ma cut it. Ma used to rock it.

Natalie: Is this your brother?
Jeff: That's me! It was a while ago.

Jeff is excited about the drawing his nieces sent.
Jeff: Aw, so cute Marley. And this is Macey.

Jordan: You looked bigger in college.
Jeff: I was.
Jordan: You look taller too.
Natalie: Jeff you were a cutie.

Everybody keeps repeating it doesn't look like him.

Natalie: Who's this?
Jeff: These are my grams. They both passed away in December. It's sad

Natalie: Who's this?
Dude. That's Barry and Meemo.
: You looked bigger in college.
Jeff: I was.
Jordan: Do you have a twin?
Natalie: Are you switching out on us?
Jordan: You look taller too.
Natalie: Jeff you were a cutie.
Kevin: I know, right.

He got his fishing hat, a couple of mementos from his grandmother, a Bob Marley CD, ingredients for 'smores, vodka sauce for pasta, cheese & crackers, & Dolce et Gabbana Cologne.

Jordan checks out the fridge.

Jordan: You asked for cheese spread?
Jeff: Dude, I love cheese spread.
Jordan: You got cookie dough?
Jeff: For you.
Jordan: Awwwwww

Jeff's letter from home is from his Mom.

Jeff's letter from home is from his Mom.

Dear Jeff

We miss you so much. You are loved and missed by s many bu most of all us. We're so proud of you. Watching you on Big Brother is the highlight of our week. We get the same thrills we did when we watched get those touchdowns all those years ago. You were a winner then, and you will always be a winner in our eyes. We love you very much. Be strong. Love Mom and Dad

P.S. ON August 12th Dino Gini was born weighing 5 lbs two ounces and measuring 22.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well. Meemo is ecstatic.

Jeff: Congrats Meem!

Jeff also got a cross and Holy Water.

Jordan: What do you do with the Holy Water?
Jeff: I got it when I went to church one Easter and one for my confirmation.
Jordan: So when you pray, do you . . . (sprinkle it on yourself)
Kevin: drink it?
Jeff: No, no, you just use it when you pray. You bless yourself. It's just blessed water. When people see this, everyone's going to think I'm like "Ahhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhh"! (LOL!)

Jeff: I'm going to make some raviolis with vodka sauce and rock it on the wine. I like my room. I said it 50 times.

They keep repeating how the pictures don't look like him.
Jeff: My baby pictures are rockin'. No worries!

They chat a bit and Jeff suggests they all go downstairs.

Jeff: Lets all go downstairs together. I hate it when I don't know when to leave HOH! You guys are welcome up here. No more secrets.

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Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Correction to the baby news.

9lbs; 5oz; 22.5 inches long

Hi friend's name; the new daddy is "Meemo". He calls him Meems too.

Jordan & Natalie really cannot get past the fact that Jeff looked different when he was heavier in college. Really, most of them think he looks different in past pics.

I love the pic his niece Marley made for him.

He really appreciated his room

In TOR Russell said to Michelle they all got thrown out of the room. It just makes me so angry when they turn a good gesture into something devious. Jeff was trying to make everyone comfortable so no one had to figure out who was going to leave first. Plus, he was ready to celebrate & get some beer/wine & sit outside.

What's up w/ Michelle & the ugly finger gesture?

August 21, 2009 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Awwwww that was soooo sweet of him to get dough for Jordan!

August 21, 2009 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger bbfankimmie09 said...

Jeff has to be the nicest guy on EARTH!! REALLY??? IS it really true? Are there really guys like that or is it too good to be true? IDK! Jeff is totally an AWESOME guy! He is so sweet to everyone when he is not thinking of the game. Although last night I thought he was being mean to Jordan. I cant ever tell when they are playing or really mad at each other though. LOL I absolutely adore watching those two kids!!

August 22, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

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