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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late night with Lessa!

Hey, Dishers! It's late night, and I'm here for the next couple hours to see what our little creatures are doing.

Currently, Lane and Ragan are chatting about Vegas and whether they'll go, what they look forward too. Hayden and Britney are on the hammock, talking strategy and what they'll do in the next couple weeks. Of course, WE know Hayden's mostly blowing smoke up her bum, don't we?

Britney: If it was you and Lane in the final two, it'd be great, because it means a great person wins.
Hayden: You'd vote for Lane.
Britney: I don't know - I don't think Lane needs it, and I love him to death. I don't think he's here to win the money, but to win the experience.
Hayden: I love him to death too, and I agree. I think he and his family have
Britney: A lot of money
Hayden: Yeah
Britney: His brother's bail was 100grand and they got him out that night. I think he'd be just as happy with 50grand as 500.
Hayden: I love him to death and would do anything in the game for him, but he drives a new Tahoe... his parents bought his gym.. I drive a piece of crap car I paid 200 bucks for.
Britney: Even if I won 50, I'd be like yes! My car's paid for, a nice down payment on my house...

Inside, Lane's getting ready to get into the shower, Brendon's in the WC.

Enzo joins Hayden and Britney, says they need to talk tonight..
Britney: and study. We got badminton and my army disappeared on me!
Hayden: What happened week one - go!
Enzo: (starts reciting)

Inside, Matt's making something to eat, Ragan's in the kitchen munching as well. Ragan's talking about his favorite SNL skit, Mirror Image, with Amy Adams.. on to The Office, 30 Rock, other shows.

Outside, the talk is home life, family, and cell phones... Brendon has joined them.

11:33 - Still general conversations all the way around.

Aww, gameplay aside - our boys are back together.

Ragan: If your not doing Vegas, I'm not going. I can't imagine doing it without you.

11:41 They move into talk about podcasts, and Matt asks questions about how it all works, and Ragan explains. Outside, the talk is sports.

Matt: I want to be on it! I wanna be on it with Lane. Want to be on a podcast, Lane?
Lane: What's that?
Matt: I'm learning all about it..

Outside - they're asking whats happening outside the BB walls... celebrities, what's going on...
Britney: Spiedi - are they divorced now?
Hayden: Who's Spiedi?

Enzo joins the table inside with a jar of pickles. Matt's talking about this sad guy's podcast..
Matt: I'm laughing, but I feel horrible for this guy... he's all, I'm still waiting on listeners from the chatroom, must be a nice day or something... so when you say you have 10000 people following you, this is the kind of podcast I was envisioning... now it makes so much more sense!

They talk about former cast members that were at the casting calls - Enzo's talking about Alex, but can't remember his name. Ragan saw Evel Dick, Lydia, Kevin and others. And the guy ahead of him who had a podcast as well..

Ragan: And he's like, I have a podcast, and I've actually interviewed several people who have been on the show... and I was like oh YOU have a podcast..
Matt: He's done book signings for his book! How cool is that?
Ragan: Well, anyone who has a book does book signings.
Lane: You have a book?
Ragan: Yeah, gay poetry.

He talks about the small market for his book, and how he doesn't see any money from it.

Matt: But again, after this... I mean, I think some would buy my band's cd, even if they have no interest in the music at all..

Ragan discusses unlikely alliances that would have been funny...

Rachel, Andrew, Annie alliance.
Kathy, Enzo - call it the sleep talk alliance!

Ragan: Here's a funny tidbit, and they were like, have you done porn, and all? And I was like do you get anyone freaky deaky? And she was like yeah, one...

12:05am ...bubblebath coming right up!

Talk turns to a bit of Kathy bashing, and who should stand in line for the first punch from her son. Heh.

Ragan: I love Kathy. I really miss her
Matt: She's a small dose character - like funny things like that, but in small doses.. things like not thinking she'd do well before we've even seen the competition... things like that.

This bit of bashing is more loving than pissy, really... funny! Brendon's joined, too.

Ragan: Ya'll feed my fish!
Enzo: You just got backdoored, the first ever DPOV and you're talking about feeding your fish!

Matt: So Enzo, when one of us get into Jury, should we tell her the fish are dying?
Enzo: Yo. Four fish are dead. First of all, they're not even your fish! And they're dying of excitement, yo.

Ragan: One Kathy moment was Kathy feeding Andrew baby food. It was very weird!
Matt: I'm glad I missed it!
Lane: she was doing the helicopter and everything...
Matt: That's creepy!
Ragan: and he was doing gahgahgahgogo.. SO WEIRD... It was too creepy to show..
Matt: It wasn't offensive was it?
Ragan: Offensively creepy! It was very weird. He wanted to quit after one bite and she was all no! I'm gonna put it in your mouth....

Outside, Enzo, Britney and Hayden talk Entourage.


Inside, Brendon, Ragan and Matt try to look into BB's world behind the mirrors..
BB: Brendon. Ragan. Matt. STOP THAT.

Everyone heads outside again, but Brendon, who's brushing his teeth, again. Matt and Ragan play badminton. Still general conversation.

12:25 Enzo and Britney go to the HOH. Ragan/Matt are outside. Lane head inside too.

Matt: Love how everyone goes up to HOH when we come outside.
Ragan: So weird. So Hayden came out when I was on the hammock, and he was basically saying, so the plan is to get out Brendon right?
Matt: Yeah, he's getting paranoid. You said yeah, right?
Ragan: It is!
Matt: Wonder if it is in his mind...
Ragan: I was like, look, you know, from where I'm sitting, Brendon's coming after me and Britney. Makes no sense to keep him.

Inside - Hayden's upstairs now, too. Talk is Have nots, etc. Lane joins

BB: Matt, stop that!
Matt: That's weird.

Talk moves into who Ragan should put up should he win HOH...
Ragan: Put up Brendon outright?
Matt: yeah. I
Ragan: Or put up Hayden and Enzo with the purpose of backdooring Brendon, so they'll fight for Veto
Matt: True - they're not gonna fight unless their ass is on the line.
Ragan: I could put up one pawn, and tell them if I feel like someone isn't giving 100%, that's who I'm putting up next to him.
Matt: Let's weigh out the pros and cons here..
Ragan: Thing is if I put up Hayden and Enzo - the advantage is they both fight like hell. But the disadvantage is they think I'm going after them. I want them, if it's between me and Britney, to vote out Britney over me. I need to keep that hope alive.
Matt: Time to make deals after HOH..
Ragan: Double eviction.
Matt: Ooooh yeah. Tough call, because- it's hard. You're right... they won't try. But enemies.. lemme think this out here...
Ragan: If I put up one of them, the other has to think they'll be the replacement if Brendon wins, so it might have the same effect...

12:36 Talk moves to Brendon, and how it's getting more difficult by the week to get him out, and if he gets to the end, he wins.
Ragan: I did the BB math for Hayden...
Matt: This is devil's advocate - I'd put up Brendon/Britney, but that doesn't work for you. This morning, if you feel that there will be the three guys, why not put up the two guys and then backdoor Brendon if they opportunity arises?
Ragan: Brendon is coming after me. I think some of these guys want Britney gone more than me.
Matt: Again, Devil's Advocate - not based on anything. So if the game is patterned out - wouldn't an interesting strategy, even if it doesn't seem smart, wouldn't it work to add the element of chaos to their master plan, and leave him in? Just Devil's advocate.
Ragan: Ok, say I put up Hayden and Enzo and one of them goes... then going into HOH with the five, I can't play, so it's Brendon, say Hayden, Lane and Britney. The chances of one of those boys... it'll be one of those boys. I don't think it'll be a quiz, but a long skill - like the hot chocolate or the cans.
Matt: Don't think I'm trying to sway your mind at all. Here's the thing, they're gonna put you up anyway. So do you play along with their plan, or create Chaos? Who would think you'd put those guys up, instead of Brendon? What happens then? They totally create chaos, maybe make deals with you that you wouldn't get before. Not saying it's a good idea? But it's an idea.
Ragan: It's a really good idea, actually...
Matt: Good luck man, I'm not saying either way, just throwing out possibilities.

-- this is ongoing, and interesting! Matt actually seems to be pushing for Ragan to put up two of the Brigade if he gets HOH. He may get the last laugh after all... muhhahhaha!

Matt: It hinges on him winning POV. And we actually want Brendon to win POV, and he won't!

Ragan: If I could bust the boys up..
Matt: You create chaos. They're in a bubble. Pop their bubble.

Ragan: Brendon has to go up outright, so that he doesn't save one of them and be safe himself.
Matt: So put the weaker of them up, so that he wins.
Ragan: I'm thinking Enzo.. so then it'd be Enzo, Brendon - then the question becomes, if I win the POV...
Matt: Talk about power moves in the game - that's it.
Ragan: That is a power move.
Matt: Huge. I believe you, and assuming your theory is correct, they think they have this mapped out, so to have you save Brendon? scramble scramble scramble..
Ragan: Then he owes me... then I can lay it all out - they call you needle dick, that's what ND means, they feed you misinformation for quizzes... this whole thing hinges on me winning..

Upstairs, meanwhile, Enzo's talking about his career after the show - including doing meow mix commercials, which he says he didn't know was called that. Britney and Hayden sing the commercial ditty, and we get a brief bubble bath.

Enzo: I'm the Meow Meow, and I only feed my cats the Meow Mix...

Lane: More energy!
Britney; Hayden - do a board commercial!
Enzo: Lane, what's your commercial?
Lane: I don't got one.
Britney: Do a beer commercial! Show us how you do it!

Britney explains how the nutrition tables work on the back of some things, and why it's a 2000 calorie diet. Downstairs, Matt and Ragan continue to run scenarios, and Jedi train.

1am - and with that - I'm out! Night, Dishers!

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Blogger Kassie said...

hey ms lessa how are u tonight.

August 24, 2010 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Hi Lessa,
looks like it may be a quiet/boring night for you :(

Shouldn't Enzo have to be wearing that costume properly, such as Kristen had to wear the HippieTard??

August 24, 2010 at 11:37 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hi Kassie - I'm here. Really tired and wishing I had a couple more days off, but ok. :)

Theresa, that's ok, I could use a boring night. *L*

and yes, he should, but BB hasn't been near as strict on him as they were with Kristen.

August 24, 2010 at 11:39 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Hm, ya, I don't get that. Since he is up, out and around all the other HG's rather than holding council in Cabana room the whole week, y'd think they would want him "right" for the cameras. Guess it is what it is, still it's not making me like this season any better. LOL

August 24, 2010 at 11:44 PM  
Blogger Marlene said...

Hi there. The Dutch lady again. I am behind downloading the episodes so I was watching the nominations just now and had already taken a peek at who would be nominated.
So I was very surprised when it wasn't Matt and Enzo but Brendon and Enzo.
Probably someone has already told you that the flyer is wrong?

I am glad Brendon won the pov!

August 25, 2010 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi Marlene :)

Umm.. perhaps you've misread it? The top banner says that the nominees are now Matt & Enzo, since Brendon won the PoV and took himself off the block.

August 25, 2010 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger jane said...

They do realize Kristen doesn't come with the hippietard? I don't get it, why would people pay thousands for that? What are they going to do with it?

August 25, 2010 at 6:57 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hey Jane :)

Come up to the top post :) Click me

August 25, 2010 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Marlene said...

Hi Carolyn. Stupid me. I never realised you wrote it like that. thanks for the explanation.

August 26, 2010 at 5:58 AM  

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