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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Saturday!

While I get crackin' on the Overnight Report,  please read Late Night Lessa's fantastic coverage in her post, Friday Friday!  That'll bring you up to speed with everything that went down on the live feeds in the Big Brother 14 house til 1am, and the Overnight Report will carry you through til our lovely new HGs went to bed.

But 1st, a little light housekeeping... To find the Previous Posts on BBDish this season, please look at the top of the left sidebar.. Just below the words "BBDish - Ya Gotta Have it!" Presto! There they are! :) Enjoy them. Use them. Love them. They'll always be there.

OK.. Time to make the donuts.  Please refresh this post to see the 1st sections of The Overnight Report magically appear before your eyes at 6:30am BBT.

***Tip: For the moment, while they get everything sorted out, when accessing flashbacks, you're gonna need to do a little math.  For example:  If the flashback you're looking for is at 12:45am BBT, put in the corresponding time for YOUR timezone.  If you're in the eastern time zone, that'll be 3:45am. 

(ie, 3:45am eastern)
Cams 2/4
Dan, Willie, Brit

Dan's making another keep Kara pitch.  We join this conversation in progress..

Willie: (re boogie) I know he's got control over them, but I don't know.. We're so hurling in this game..
Brit: We don't know anything, because of loyalty.
Dan: The only thing you can go off of is how I've played this game before.
Willie: I do trust you more than Boogie.  I'll let you know that!
Dan: Obviously, I'll just reiterate that  if you guys were able to extend some kind of courtesy for Kara to stay, I'd appreciate it..
Willie: Yeah, and if she's gonna stay, I'll also tell you, don't worry about it.  We'll uh..

They wrap it up..

Dan: Thanks for talkin' to me.
Willie: I don't mind anyone comin' up here to talk.  I just mind when they come up to listen and don't say anything... but I'm not gonna be rude and tellem to get out, but she (Brit) will, and Janelle will..
Britney: (laughs)

Willie: It's hard for me to say who I can trust and who I can't.  You could be pulling the wool over my eyes.  You're in a bad spot right now..
Dan: That's a completely valid point.  We've known each other for 7 days, but you know how I play this game.

Dan: A lot of crazy stuff's gonna go down.
Willie: Yeah, I know.
Dan: And if you guys can think of anything I can't think of that I can do to earn your trust, let me know.. I'm always open...  cuz I think you can do a lot in this game by showing someone your actions, but the only actions we've had are nominations and veto.. and just the crazy talk..
Brit: mm hmm
Dan:  ..that's been goin' on.  I'll talk to the girls.

Willie: It's up in the air right now.  I see pros and cons, and we try to evaluate and see..
Brit: Cuz we don't wanna just "yes" you..
Dan: No, absolutely..
Brit: Just sit up here and go "yeah yeah yeah, Dan, that souns good, that sounds good.."
Willie: And then screw you.
Brit: And then screw you over.
Dan: Absolutely. I understand.  That's how I play the game. 

Dan tells them about his S10 mistake of making a deal too soon, and it almost burning him.  They continue on another couple minutes, chatting socially and talking about the first night picks, before Dan takes his leave...  The result of the conversation is summed up here..

Britney:  (laughing) I feel like we just got majorly brainwashed.  I feel like I'm in a haze.  I'm not seein' the world clear. 
Willie: Come outside with me so I can smoke.
Britney: No, smoke later.  We need to talk game.
Willie: OK. What're we talking about?
Britney: (puts her arms out in front of her) (laughing) Dan.. Take control. Lead me. Guide me.

Willie: Dan.. Where do you want me to go? (cracking up)  And I believe every word!  I tell everybody not to believe him, and I'm like, holy sh*t!
Britney: (laughing)  Yesterday, he tried to make a deal with Janelle!

Willie: I know!  I think they let him know that they need to vote with us.
Britney: So you think Dan and Janelle have a real deal, and he's just gotta swing us for this week.

Willie:  I'm like dude.. I would date you.  You convinced me!

Janelle enters...
Janelle: Alright, when are we gonna get down to it?
Britney: Listen, we're in a daze right now.

Willie: I think I just got f*cked.
Britney: I think I just decided to ixnay myself as a coach and be on Dan's team.  He is SO good with his words..
Janelle: Ooooh..  Guys! Guys!

Willie: Best Ever!
Britney:  I'm in a daze.  (brit walks like a hypnotized zombie) I'm about to go down there and join his team.  I'm about to leave you guys out to dry..

All are laughing.

Britney: Dan...  where do you want me to go??  Dan.. what do I do??
Janelle: He's really good at this game.
Willie: He is 10 times better than Boogie.
Britney: 50 times!  I'm in a haze right now. I'm in a haze..
Willie: I want him to impregnate me.  This guy is amazing!
Janelle: He needs to get out of this house! He cannot come in this room anymore.. What did he say?
Willie: I don't even remember anymore.. All sugar and lollipops..

They share with Janelle..

Willie:  He's good.  I almost want my daughter to marry his son.
Britney: I'm tellin' you Janelle.  It was powerful.
Willie: He could lead a cult!

And we're moving on into the night!

**As of 6:35am, Boogie's up, fixing himself a protein shake, filling ice trays, etc...

Getting Dan out of the game, by taking his players out quickly, is the unifying goal of Janelle and Britney, who both believe the Coaches will become players after some time passes in the house.  They spread the get Kara out word throughout the night.. First Kara, then Danielle..

Willie, Janelle, Britney

Discussing the possibility of an evicted player returning to the game.

Willie: And there's a possibility she could come back.  But even if she does.. It's way better for her to come back, than for Frank to come back.
Janelle: Here's what I was thinking.. The person that comes back.. The coaches are gonna have a competition, and if you win, you get that player on your team.
Willie: I was thinking the players would play, and whoever wins gets to come back..  Cuz someone's comin' back.  That girl ain't even home.

**Referring to Jodi, who was evicted on Premiere night.

Willie: Ole girl aint even home right now.
Britney: Ole girl..
Janelle: mm hmm.
Willie: She's chillin'...

**early onset bb paranoia or insight? Time will tell.  It did bring on fishies.

Meanwhile, in the lounge on Camera 4, Dan is conferring with Danielle and Kara.  He wants Danielle to convince Shane that Frank is a big threat, so he'll use the PoV on Kara... and perhaps convince Willie to get rid of Frank.

Cam 4
Willie, Britney, Janelle, Ashley, Dan

The Britney litmus test.

Britney: Who would you have voted for on that jury though?  Like, would you have voted for Porsche or Rachel?
Janelle: If I didn't know Porsche?
Britney: yeah.
Janelle: If I didn't know her, and it was her and Rachel, I'd have voted for Rachel. 
Britney: (to Dan) Who would you have voted for?
Dan: In what?
Willie: Last year?  
Britney: yeah.
Willie:  I'd have had to vote for Rachel.
Janelle: Me too.
*** nice try, no cigar.
Willie: Even though she was a bitch..
Dan: heh
Willie: She was.. The way they edited her.
Britney: Willie knows know censorship.
Willie: But yeah, I would have voted for Rachel.  'Cause I'm gonna vote for the best player. 

Janelle:  Porsche need to win that last HoH and take Adam.
Willie: Exactly.
Dan: Was it close?

And we're moving forward into the night..

2:25am BBT
HoH Room
Willie, Janelle & Britney

Janelle: Taking Dan out of the game is a huge strategic move.

She says that her team wont be happy about voting out Kara, especially Wil, but they'll do it for unity.  Janelle says she'll have a special talk with Wil, emphasizing how important it is that the teams stick together, united.

Danielle's their out goal for next week, and they're thinking of putting her up against Ian.

Britney: Let's just see who wins HoH.  We've still got a long way to go before the veto ceremony.
Willie:  Shane's gonna win HoH.
Britney: Muscle relaxant Shane?
Janelle: he's injured right now.
Willie: if it's an endurance competition, JoJo will win it.  She will literally cry and die before she jumps off.
Britney: yeah.
Willie: JoJo has a lot of heart.  If she's in that situation, she'll do that.  She could do real good.  SHe's light.  You and JoJo are the smallest people in the house.  She's like 95-100 pounds.
Britney: I feel like she's smaller than me, but that's because I always feel like I'm bigger than I am.. I'm like a little dog.

Willie thinks there'll be an endurance.  The women correct him - "It's always week four."  The women think it'll be QnA and hope it wont be another physical comp.

Talk turns to the Coaches Comp.

Willie: Y'all are gonna have one that's geared for girls this week.
Janelle: I hope so.

They desperately want to beat Boogie in the coaches comp.  Janelle would love for Britney to beat him, just because it would piss him off endlessly, and blow his self confidence. 

And we're moving forward..

***Incidentally, as of 7:36am BBT, Boogie is still up, doing laundry, milling about, etc..

3:05am BBT
HoH Room
Cam 4
Janelle, Willie, Britney

A few more minutes of Britney and Janelle's favorite song, "Dan must be eliminated,"

Janelle: We're taking Dan outta the game.  Do you know what that means?
Willie: Exactly.  It's not just about 1 week..  We need to think ahead.
Janelle: If Dan's still in this house 3 -4 weeks from now, it'll be devastating for us.
Britney: If we get rid of Kara, then we don't turn around and get rid of Danielle, it was a waste.  We're sorry, Dan, but you're too good.
Janelle: Love you.  See you at the wrap party.  This is what he did.. He saw those girls as the ultimate pawns.. That no one would ever take them out.
Willie: He saw a pawn in her.. An athletic girl in Kara..
Janelle: Jody was for sure a floater.
Britney: Well Jody wasn't picked.  She just fell to him.
Willie: I got picked almost last too.  I'm sick about that.
Janelle: I asked Wil, who should I pick?  And he said, Ashley's nice.
Willie: You picked off a nice?
Britney: Well, Ashley's not only nice.. She's cute, she's physical, she gets along with everybody..

...then we move into a possible showmance.. Willie's diggin' on Ashley.

***am I being pervy, or is he also kinda excited about it??

***As of 7:56am, Shane is up and getting a fresh battery from the storage room. 

Britney: It was a good pick.

Willie: Ashley coul dmake it to the end of the game.  Cuz nobody.. She's always smilin'.  She's a sweetheart.  And her eyes are always..
Britney: I really like Ashley.. I like her a lot.
Willie: Where's she from?
Janelle: Pittsburgh.
Willie: I don't wanna move to Pittsburgh.  She's gonna have to move to Louisiana.
Janelle: Oh my gosh.  You like her?!
Britney: Ahh!
Willie: No, I'm messin' with ya.  But she is a sweetheart.

They razz him a bit and get him to fess up.

After this, it's pretty well lights out for the HGs!  This concludes the Overnight Report.  And good thing too!  Spark up the feeds, folks!  As of 8:02am, Shane and Boogie are now talking in the backyard.   Boogie's working Shane to keep the noms the same and not use the Power of Veto..

I'm gonna take a 5 minute stretch, then I'll be back to start The Morning Report.



Blogger curlerchick said...

Morning Carolyn and Dishers.
Read Ilissa's report and am catching up n the overnight. These guys are moving fast and everywhere. I don't know who to believe when it comes to the Coaches, lol. Who's aligned with who, yikes!

July 14, 2012 at 6:38 AM  
Blogger ash said...

I love this season already!!!

July 14, 2012 at 7:06 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I can't stay up all night every night so I am so happy you guys keep me filled in on all the important stuff.

Just wanted to tell you about my conversation with a friend yesterday. She is a big wrestling fan.

Me: Do you know who Frank's father is?

Her: Carrot Top?

Me: NO! And Frank looks nothing like Carrot Top.

(later that night during BBAD my daughter walks in the room-cut to Frank in the hammock with his trucker hat on)

Daughter: Is that Carrot Top?

O.K. I must admit defeat and give that point to my friend.

July 14, 2012 at 7:25 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

Willie and Brit after Dan left are hilarious

Playing Devil's advocate, if they feel this strong about getting Dan out why wouldn't they convince Shane to use the veto, take Frank down and renom Danielle. Maybe this draws the line to solid because then there would no chance of working with Dan later.

July 14, 2012 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger Kassie said...

Gm. this season is moving fast. i like that they are game talk but it is like that for the first couple of weeks. so far so good.

July 14, 2012 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Just wanted to say, every time I hear Wil's name come out of someone's mouth as a threat, a target or someone who needs to be gotten rid of, I cry a little inside.

Twist I would like to see-once a coach loses his team he gets put into the game as a player. I admit, I started feeling this way because it seems like they are all gunning for Dan. However, I think any of the coaches that got thrown back in after everyone thought they were gone would keep the game unpredictable and exciting. (even the dreaded Boogie.)

July 14, 2012 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger nofussacctng said...

good morning disher!! Hope everyone had a great night watching the live feeds. I did notice a few things.

1 i was frustrated with the amount of fishes we saw last night ( at least on my ipad) but also watching showtime they contnued with out a hitch??

2. as soon as the showtime started, jojo and jenn really started hamming it up for the cameras with their talk show and almost acting drunk even though it was boys night out...

3. I do feel sorry for Ian... I think his age is showing and the Vets are just calling him a pest to start the buzz that he should be out soon. I think he could be the one they carry thru...just because they feel they could get him out at anytime... and he will win a few key comps and foil thier plans.

4. I luv Brittany with her impersonations and how she tells a story.... I think her Janelle and Wil are my entertainment for the summer. But Willie also had a few stories of his own... like his bought with the law..

5. So much game talk so early in the season..... things are changing on a daily basis....

6. Does anyone else think the coach will be allowed into the true game at some point???

July 14, 2012 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Now I am just babbling. I was thinking that with all these hurting backs and muscle aches, the suana would feel real nice right about now. Why did they ever get rid of the suana? Who could ever forget Keesha wrapping herself in saran wrap.

July 14, 2012 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

Good Morning Caro! Good Morning Dishers!

Reading Friday Night ... then will reaad TOR ... by then, I am sure you will be into TMR because THE HAMMSTERS ARE UP!

Sorry about the all caps, but it isn't all caps ... ;^*

July 14, 2012 at 8:11 AM  
Blogger christyleigh23 said...

Good morning Caro and dishers! Just popping in between youth basketball games to see how the critters are doing!

Lessa- Great job on the Late night report!! :)

I loved the aftermath of Dan's conversation with Brit and Willie. He really is a smooth talker... I hope the game turns around for him!!

July 14, 2012 at 8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Willie is very sweet towards ashley...when she slept in his bed the other night he got up in the middle of the night to get her an icepack or something from the storage room....

July 14, 2012 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

i cant belive how stupid brit and janel are being. dont get rid of kara, get rid of frank take boogie down one and maybe next week take him down by two.

shane use the pov on kara pleassse

July 14, 2012 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

There you all are!!

I checked for comments half a dozen times and it showed zero! :(

And you were here all along!

Gooood Morning!!

Hi Jade! :)

Hi BandedChelle! :)

Hi Christy! :)

Hi Steph! :)

Hi Grendon! :)

Hi NoFussAcctg! :)

Hi Kassie! :)

Hi Michigan Man! :)

H Ash! :)

Hi CurlerChick! :)

July 14, 2012 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

FYI - The Morning Report is now in swing! Click me

July 14, 2012 at 8:40 AM  

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