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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!☼ Happy Monday!  Today in the house, the HGs have the PoV Ceremony, which should see Kaitlin take herself off the block and Helen replace her nomination with Jeremy, who has been extremely well behaved these past couple days...

But first... Let's see what our HGs got into on the live feeds late Sunday night..

Camera 1 and 2

Andy, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are in the Cockpit having a giggle over the wonder that is Ginamarie. After brief fishies, Andy has been replaced by Elissa and talk has turned to the nutritional benefits of grapefruit.  With regard to America's choice of Have Not Food for the week...

Elissa: They love us.

Cam 1 flips to..

Jeremy: Please, please send Howard Home.. right after me.  He's tryin to slander me and stuff.
Andy: What's he saying?
Jeremy: He's just scrambling and saying that since day one I've been making Kaitlin a target.. He goes off and does this.  I'm twice the man.  I'm biting my tongue.  I just don't want him to be in this game.
Andy: Thank you for telling me.  Even when he was with you guys, he was telling me, I want to go to the end with you. I just wanna tell you.. I really admore you as a game player, and I hate that you're going out this way.
Jeremy: I really appreciate your telling me that.
Andy: I think it was just a couple of personal things.. If this Jeremy had come in week one..
Jeremy: I know, I know.  I think that revealing the Moving Company threw him under the bus.. It did ruin his game a little.
Andy: I think people give you a bad wrap that you don't necessarily deserve. 
Jeremy: I just wanted to tell you.
Andy: Don't worry about it.  I got this on lock.

The conversation ends, and Jeremy heads into the kitchen and announces, "The hammock is open."


Kaitlin: I hate everyone in this house.
Jeremy: Get used to it.  I just pulled Andy aside and said to send Howard home next.
Kaitlin: He hates Howard.

Kaitlin: I wonder if BB has ever caught them kissing..
Jeremy: McCrae and Amanda?  For sure.

Kaitlin has never seen them cuddle or kiss. Jeremy tells her they are a couple for sure. 

Cam 3
Amanda, Andy, Elissa, McCrae, Judd

Amanda: I was getting so pissed off, earlier.  It's gotten to the point where that is so ridiculous, it looks fake.  Even Kaitlin was like, listen, I know I'm gonna be sad next week, but I better not be like that.
Judd: I've seen people lose loved ones who haven't been like that.  Did you hear what she said to me one night? "Why did you do that to me?  I'm 33 years old, and I finally met someone!"
Andy: "He had all of your backs!"
Elissa: "He wasn't coming after any of you!  He was just here to win."

Judd: "I'm 33 years old!  I finally met somebody, and we didn't even get to kiss yet!"

Amanda: She's so dumb, she'd go up to Andy, "Hey, Andy, I got a new target.. You and Andy."
Andy: I'm beginning to love our storage room chats.  Like today, she was like, "Judd.. he's trouble."  Day 3 it was "Helen and Howard."
Elissa: What about me?
Andy: She thinks you're gonna win.  You're just gonna win MVP all the time.   But today I could barely hide it. I was like, Judd??
Judd: Steer her away from me.

Cam 3
LOUD enough so Ginamarie can hear...

Amanda: I walked in the bathroom, and she was like, "Yo!  I think I got played!  I don't even know this kid!"
Aaryn: The next day, parked in front of his picture with his hat and his shorts.. Pathetic.

Ginamarie is responding..

Kitchen - 12:23am
Ginamarie, Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie

Chatter about weddings in NY v Texas.. And the benefits of having an Emcee in addition to a DJ.   Judd and Andy come into the kitchen too.. Silliness about empty triscuit boxes..
To Bat Mitzvahs..

Ginamarie: ♫Have nagila.. I can't think of the other Bah Mitzvah songs.  Dammit!

Jeremy and Kaitlin
Hammock chatter continues..

Kaitlin: I hope I'm not doing that same thing, and you are..
Jeremy: What?  Using you?  When you get home and watch this, I want an apology. I've fallen.. I've fallen hard.
Kaitlin: Stop.
Jeremy: Like, She's a stack of pillows and I've fallen hard.

Off Camera, on the couches we hear Elissa and Andy doing Mazel of the Week, nods to @BravoAndy.

Kaitlin: I hate that I'm working with her. She's hugging me, in the storage room, saying, I'm here for you, anything you need.. I'm like, thanks.. I can't even talk to you.
Jeremy: I'm gonna vomit.  Like I alsys say, there's a reason for everything..
Kaitlin: It's cause you're coming back.
Jeremy: Maybe..
**not if there's voting involved.

Checking Camera 3/4, Skippy's still on Ginamarie and Aaryn in the kitchen, instead of with the couch crew. I need more coffee for them.

Jeremy and Kaitlin

Between kisses..

Kaitlin: I have to do the f'in Veto Ceremony tomorrow. I don't want to... Tomorrow (Monday) is gonna be so bad.

Chatter about concerts, Lil Wayne, Drake..

Cam 3 and 4

Aaryn makes every effort to set Ginamarie straight with regard to Nick..  and gets nowhere.

Aaryn: Kaitlin can be used for a vote, and so on and so forth.. The fact that I've heard from so many people.. Like he'd say, Oh my ears are burning.. Like she's so annoying.
Ginamarie: Did you hear him say that? 
Aaryn: No
Ginamarie: If he thought I was so annoying, why did he hang out with me so much.  I wasn't up his ass.  I cooked when any guy wanted.  I did their laundry.
Aaryn: All I'm saying is, I want you to be careful.. and not to be so upset.  If you had heard something and didn't tell me, I would be upset.  The reason I'm in the position I'm in, is because I'm an honest (ly bigoted) person.

Ginamarie: I'm not mad about it.  I can't believe.. And it's not like I can go up to the kid and ask him, cause he's not here.
Aaryn: What would be the point of anyone here making it up just to hurt you?  There's no reason.  And no one says it to your face, because everyone hides things for their game.
GM: And I'm gonna look like an idiot.
Aaryn: The best thing you can do is stop.. You don't get it.. People are already saying stuff.. 

Ginamarie: If he was saying stuff behind my back, it was just so people would think we weren't so close.
Aaryn: You are choosing to ignore a lot of things.

Ginamarie has created her own reality where Nick is involved.  Let he or she who has never done the same cast the first stone. ;-)

Aaryn: It's gonna kill your game. 
GM: It hadn't even been 3 days yet.
Aaryn: The fact that it's interefering with your game and your happiness, kills me. If he is really the great person that in your mind, you are convincing yourself he is, then this time will mean nothing,
GM: I understand.
Aaryn: You have to be strong enough to look at it.. and take a step back..  You are the person here that I trust the absolute  most, and you don't know everything about me.. So how would you think a guy who you knew for 3 weeks, who came in here wanting to win a half million dollars..

Ginamarie: You're absolutely right.
Aaryn: Elissa is egging you on. It bothers me.
Ginamarie: It doesn't bother me. ... I just like him, and it's hard for my heart.

12:52am - Kaitlin and Jeremy come into the kitchen.. Camera 3 flips to the couch crew..

Andy: I'm telling you, the next alliance I form with people has to be called the Cunt Bunch.  Cuz I want every other word to have to be bleeped.

Talk turns to how much they curse.. More than any crew of HGs.. and Spencer more than all.

Andy: Even Helen was like, "F*ck yeak!  I get to see my kids!"

Howard: The producers are like, forget the bleep button, just hit mute.

A plane flies overhead....

Amanda: Ginamarie, it's a sign from Nick!!
Spencer: I rollerbladed right into your heart..

Amanda: I bet you he had a girlfriend.
Candice: I think so too. (paraphrasing) Why else wouldn't he touch her?   He acted like he was protecting someone.
Amanda: The 1st night.. I flirted with him a little bit and I got nothing back.. same with Jessie..
Spencer: So (laughing) he passed up both of ya'll and landed with Ginamarie..

Spencer: I'm amazed McCrae hasn't made a sling shot with this yet.
Jessie: Is that your penis finally broke off?
Spencer: I wish!

Candice: I thought he either had a girlfriend or was gay or engaged or a serial killer.

Jessie says goodnight..

Spencer: I've needed to fart for about 20 minutes. 

  • Howard, Spencer and Candice remain on the couch, giggling.. 
  • Elissa and Jessie have gone to bed.
  • McCrae, Helen, playing pool..

Camera 1
Sex on the Backyard Couch..

Judd: A reach-around?  What's that?
Spencer: (tells him)  I thought that was like common practice in gay relationships?
Andy: (paraphrasing) not really.
Candice: Helen, you don't have to answer this, but before you had babies, were you sex sessions longer?
Helen: No.. same.
Howard: I'm a pleaser, so I try to tap into..
** Do tell!
(fishies, because Skippy is just evil)

Camera 1
McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn

Amanda: So, i hear that if you're really into someone you tell them to shut the f*ck up.  he told me to stfu.
Aaryn: We should all now start calling him an abusive woman beater.
McCrae: I deny those allegations.. and I'm gonna sue you for slander.
Aaryn: You can't, because you signed your life away.  I can say anything I want.
**oh, the irony.
Aaryn: I can say that you finger your butt in the pool every night..
McCrae: But I do.
Amanda: he does..

Aaryn: I haven't had a real crush on anyone in over a year.. and when I see you two or jeremy and Kaitlin.. You can deny it all you want..  We were talkiong about vagina names we hate last night..
Amanda: I hate the name cooter.
Aaryn: It's so redneck.
McCrae: There was a guy on Dukes of Hazard called Cooter.

Amanda: I thought it was weird how the mnedic knew my name.  he was like, Hi Amanda.  I was like, Hi person..

Talk turns to being recognized after the show.. Aaryn says Ian wrote something about it.

Amanda: I think we'll be memorable..
Aaryn: Some of us.. The ones who actually do shit.  The racist ones.  Thanks a lot, asshole.  I had to reference that night (in the DR).
Amanda: Well, it's a good thing you had to reference it.

Fishies. Quickly.  Feeds return and they're all futzing with their mic packs.

BB: Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae - Stop that!
Amanda: Does BB ever say I'm sorry?  Cuz I wasn't doing anything.  I'd like an I'm sorry.
Aaryn: He only says You're Welcome. This person does not have a sense of humor.

Aaryn: If Kaitlin were to leave before Jeremy, he'd probably try to f*ck me.
Amanda: 100%.  So did you know when we made our alliance with her and Jeremy that it was bullshit?
Aaryn: I didn't.
McCrae: At first, Kaitlin was the one he wanted to bring with.. then you..  It's better for you to seem not strong.

Talk turns briefly to Spencer's penis, which they theorize is uncut.. They can hear him across the yard talking about masturbation..

Aaryn: Do you guys like Candice?
Amanda: Her and Howard are getting really close now.
Aaryn: That's why I don't sleep in there anymore.. Every time they get in bed, you can hear them.  It's disgusting.
Amanda: Slurp..

Amanda: I can't believe you told me to stfu.. after we had that talk yesterday.. I told you, never tell me to shut up and never say F you.. so you combined the 2..
Aaryn: I'm listening to what they prefer for porn.. Andy said guy on guy blowjobs..
Amanda: I like girl on girl.. Watching a girl go down on another.. Is that weird?
Aaryn: No, that's what I like too..

We somehow get back to Spencer Cheese. 

Aaryn: Dude, I can't deal with GM anymore.. It's driving me nuts.
Amanda: Fatal Attraction..
Aaryn: I was feeling bad for her.. but not even a few hours later, I was like, I can't..
Amanda: She's milking it for all it's worth.  THey're gonna make her look like a crazy person.  I literally told her to her face, He didn't like you.. She was like, haha!  That's why she's 33 and still single.
Aaryn: I told her the same.  Andf then she continued talking about him.. and I'm like, ya know what?  I throw my hands up.
McCrae: Until  she gets hurt again..

Aaryn: It freaks me out that Elissa told Kaitlin she's safe forever..
Amanda: Elissa and Helen are just emotional people.. They'll just say whatever.
Aaryn: Are you guys worried about anything.. or do you feel really confident.. How far do you feel confident?
McCrae: This week.

Aaryn: If you had to guess right now who the final 2 people would be..
Amanda: It could be anyone.. It could be Jessie and Spencer.
McCrae: She is in a great position.
Aaryn: Because no one thinks of her.
Amanda: What if Kaitlin wins HoH?
Aaryn: I'm gonna tell her to put up Howard and Candice.
**gee, i wonder why.

Aaryn: She licks your butthole now.
Amanda: I like it clean.

Aaryn: At the finale, we're all gonna get so hammered.  Watch her hit on David.. and I'll punch her.  She lives like 30 minutes away from me, so I want there to be a cool relationship..
McCrae: We'll all be cool after.. And some people will go to the Vegas Bash
**there isn't one this year)
McCrae: Some people will stay close.  Other's will never talk again.

Aaryn: How do you guys handle Elissa?
Amanda; I remember how important she is in the game.
Aaryn: She started smiling at me today..

Amanda: You aligned yourself with the biggest douche in the house who doesn't really know the game.  Does Kaitlin know the game?
Aaryn: I know.. When they didn't know how POV worked, I about died.  They were the 1st people who came to me and wanted to hang out with me..

McCrae: Elissa smiling at you today is one small stepping stone.. People will come around. It's gonna be a slow process.. Stuff is gonna happen.  Little things slowly bring us closer.
Aaryn: I just hate licking people's assholes on national television.
**I might actually pay to see that.

McCrae: BB is like life.. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and do it to get what you want.

Aaryn: Do you think that Andy's gonna float all the way to the end?  He pissed me off so much the 1st couple days - "I'm so happy to be here!"
McCrae: I think he's here to play.
Amanda: Things change all the time.
Aaryn: I'm hoping that someone in here's gonna do something rel stupid.. and take the light off me. Do ya'll have pretty much relationship alliances with everyone here?
Amanda: Not alliances.. We haven't made promises to anyone.. There are some people we look out for.
Aaryn: Like Elissa and Helen.
Amanda: They look after themselves.
Aaryn: When Jeremy leaves, Kaitlin is probably gonna glue to me..

Amanda: You're making  lot of assumptions..
Aaryn: You don't think Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice are in an alliance?  When Helen talks to me, she's like my side of the house this, my side of the house that..
McCrae: That's HoH-itis.

Aaryn: The only time I ever bullied people was when Elissa said I won because I take Adderall.. And when you and I got into it.  But Candice.. You can't expect to talk shit and do shit and not have someone rear up on you.

Andy comes over..

Andy: Hey kids, what's up?
Aaryn: We're talking about how much we hate you.

Jeremy comes over.

Aaryn: Why are you such a homophobe, Jeremy?  Jeremy's a homophobe, America.

Free of Aaryn and Jeremy, Andy asks Amanda and McCrae what Aaryn was talking about..

Amanda: She was talking about how Helen promised Kaitlin safety forever..
Andy: But the rest of us didn't.
Amanda/McCrae: Exactly.

Andy: We should talk about an alliance name pretty soon.

Andy: Don't get me wrong with Helen.. I want her to go far, but.. She could win. Whereas you f*cks..
McCrae: We have to keep our side as strong as possible..
Andy: Elissa has to go.. If she would work with us, that's one thing, but if she's just gonna put up whoever she feels like, then what's the point.   At the same time, I feel like Candice and Jessie are totally dispensible.
Amanda: The good thing is, Aaryn thinks you're a floater.
Andy: What did she think about Judd?
Amanda: Nothing.
McCrae: I think she was just leading on.. fishing.. Plus, the way she was talking about kissing people's asses.. I felt like she was tlaking about us.  She worries me.

Spencer comes over to the Hammock to bonk Amanda with a ball.

Amanda: Everybody go away! I'll sick my ringworm on you.  Mom just needs 10 minutes.

Amanda: Spencer looks like Irish Santa Clause..  Ok.. Andy, please get out of the Hammock.
Andy: Alright..

Cam 1 - Judd beans Andy with a ball a few times..

Andy then beans Amanda and McCrae..   It's punchy time.  Then Andy dips the ball sin the water and beans Amanda and McCre..   Flashback this one.. it's funny..

Judd: Did Jessie really go to bed?
Andy: No, she's hiding out here. Find her!

Cam 3

Meanwhile in the bathroom..

Cam 1

Amanda: What's goin' on in there?
McCrae: They're playing 3 card Monty.. but they've got a peanut under every cup, so Ginamarie thinks she's the smartest person on the planet.
Amanda: She doesn't know?
McCrae: Not yet.

2:20am I check inside.. Jeremy and Kaitlin are so discreet..wiggle.. wiggle..

Ginamarie comes outside, talking to Spencer, saying she didn't get it..
Amanda and McCrae are still on the Hammock..

Amanda: Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can...
McCrae: Is that part of the serenity prayer?

Amanda: Patience, Serenity, Will and Wisdom.. Patience is important in this game too..

BB Calls Aaryn to the DR.

BB: You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions..

Cam 1 flips to the couch
Judd, Ginamarie, Spencer.

Andy opens the sliding glass door...
Andy: Hey everybody!!  Who wants to hear about my Diary Room session?!

Ginamarie: Hahahaha!!
Amanda/McCrae: giggle

Spencer: What is today?
Andy: Sunday, July 14th..
Ginamarie: It's my ex fiance's birthday.  So F you, Jeff!
Andy: America hates you, Jeff.  I'm gonna call them out for sleeping.  I want them to get a penalty nom.

After a few minutes of chatter, Andy's hit the wall.. All that energy is suddenly sapped.. Ginamarie talks to Spencer and Judd about...... Nick.

Judd: You'll have guys swarming you when you get out..
Ginamarie: I already have guys swarming me, but they're not good guys. 

Cam 1

Ginamarie: Gimme a kiss goodnight, Andy.
He does.
Judd: You just made out with Andy.
Spencer: That's the only kiss you'll get in here..
Ginamarie: Yeah it is.. No, I kissed Kaitlin
Spencer: ...and he puts dicks in his mouth.
Ginamarie: Me too.

Cam 1
Judd and Ginamarie..
Game talk?

Ginamarie's the only person left awake, so Judd decides, hell, why not, and engages her in a bit of game related talk..  Ginamarie says she doesn't trust him, since he voted Nick out.  Then we're back to Ginamarie defending her fauxmance.. Judd is gentle.

Judd: My thing is, I just don't know if he was genuine..

Cam 1 and 2
 McCrae and Amanda have joined Judd and Ginamarie on the couch.  Nick is still her main topic of conversation.

Ginamarie: I wanna learn about different people from different places.. how they call things hair bands instead of hair ties.. I come from really happy friends, happy family, and I really like to make people smile...  I never met anybody like him..
McCrae: There's like a million guys watching right now that are watching and (digging you).
Ginamarie: I have no tan, my roots aren't done, I need a pedicure..
Amanda: I have ringworm on my f'in face, ok?!
Ginamarie: I'll be a little mopey.. Seeing someone here as a pair.. Spending 24 hours a day with people in here, that's what you accumulate on the out side in a month.  I could just pick up and move in with the kid when we get out of here.  If you 2 get married in December, no one would think that was weird.  It's just weird how I knew his whole schedule.. He woke up, took a piss.. I really liked him for him.  He intrigued me, and that's what made me so attracted to him.  He never made fun of me. He never doubted me or made me feel stupid.. and that's what was different. It was like, Oh wow.. this is how you're supposed to be treated. We'll see what happens after the game..

And on and on and on..

Amanda and McCrae say goodnight.. They almost make a clean break, but Ginamarie follows them into the bathroom. Judd stays outside to finish his smoke.

Judd joins Amanda in the bathroom.. Washing up.. Getting ready for bed. Amanda goes to ask the DR if her cream has arrived yet.

Cam 4
Kaitlin, Aaryn, Jeremy
Lights out...

Aaryn: She looked horrible.. Like so ugly.. She put all of her money into strippers and basically killed herself.
Jeremy: One of my highschool friends became a stripper.  She makes good money.
Kaitlin: I know a lot a lot a lot of strippers.  My ex boyfriend's family owns a chain of strip clubs.

Stripper chat continues. 

Aaryn: So basically, you were wondering why you needed to see the medic about your vagina, and now we know.
Kaitlin: What?  Oh my God.. That wasn't ok.
Jeremy: What happened?
Kaitlin: She made a joke that you gave me an STD, but it didn't work out because we haven't slept together..
Aaryn: I was making a joke about how you slept with a stripper.. Think about this..  Think about how many guys.. There are so many guys who wanna hook up with you.. And when I see that happen, I'm like, this guy probably tries to sleep with so many chicks.. It really freaks me out how many people don't care about it.  It's like, if you're this quick to do that with me, who the hell else are you doing that with?
Jeremy: I think about it... but sometimes I get too caught up in the moment to care.  Does that make sense?
Aaryn: Yeah, it does. 

Judd sits down on Aaryn's bed.. She strokes his back..

Aaryn: Ya know what freaks me out.. The way you can make up stuff and make people believe you're not as smart as you are.  I'm just sayin.  I think you play up the whole country bumpkin thing on purpose.  I know you do.
Judd: Why?
Aaryn: I have found out on some occassions that you're frkkin smart.
Judd: Well, I guess I have a new target.
Aaryn: hehehe.
Judd: I'm not book smart.
Aaryn: You've done several things since we've been here that..

Judd says goodnight..

Kaitlin: If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.  Funny thing about my back is, it's located on my cock.
Aaryn: When I thought I pulled my groin, David said, you better put Neosporin  on it.

Checking the quad..
Cam 4 flips to Howard and Candice..

Cam 1 and 2
McCrae and Amanda are chatting and making out.. mostly making out..  Skippy pulls back to show us the full picture.

Amanda: What are you tihnking about?
Mc: I'm thinking about the game.
Amanda: Right now?!
Mc: I think you should get off me.. (thought bubble:  or the sites/fans will crucify you for what I am inches away from not being able to control, because you're a woman.  Trust me, I've seen it happen too many times, and I care.)

She does.

Amanda: Tell me what you're thinking now.
Mc: I wish we could sleep in a bed.

Amanda and McCrae get their slurp on.. 

Checking the Quad, everyone else is sleeping..

Amanda's telling McCrae what she wants to do to/with him the next time one of them wins HoH..  I know her dad's here reading this, so I'll spare him the details.

Amanda: Wait.. You've told every girlfriend you've ever been with that you love them?
Mc: Yeah.
Amanda: Did you mean it?
Mc: Yeah.
Amanda: So what makes our love special?  So how do you feel about me?
Mc: I like you.. you'r esuper cool.. you're super smart... you have a smokin' bod..
Amanda: Why are you pirate eyeing me?
Mc: That eye's getting tired.

Mc: I had a pickle, garlic, olives..
Amanda: I've been making out with you this whole time, and you ate like a dead puppy..  Do you like me more than anyone you've been with?
Mc; I think I do.. It's just..
Amanda: We're just getting to know each other. 
Mc:  You're the oinly one I was going to propose to.
Amanda: That was a fake proposal..
Mc: Big Brother husband and wife..
**no garbage bag wedding, please. No one in there has Lydia's talent.

Mc: I feel like you move your ring every day.
Amanda: Hmm (smiling) Interesting that you notice.  Am I the weirdest person you've ever been with?
Mc: Hmm.  Maybe.. You're pretty normal.  You're the most well-off person.
Amanda: What do you mean well off?
Mc: You have a profesion..

3:50am Relationship talk continues..  Previous, current..  McCrae had a relationship with a nursing student before he came in the house.  They're on hiatus.. for 2 years..  but McCrae feels some level of guilt about her seeing all this.

McCrae: If I had a girlfriend, she wouldn't be my girldfriend no more.
Amanda: That's true.

***Go to bed! You're only up and talking because you don't want to be in the Have Not room.

Amanda: You're actually bothering me.  I'm gonna go to bed.
McCrae: Me too.
Amanda: I'm bothering you?
Mc: No.
Amanda: (sarcastic) We should keep talking about your girlfriend. It makes me feel really good.
Mc: What?  I don't get it!

**Just, Go to bed. 

Amanda and McCrae are in the bathroom.  Both agree that slop is making them cranky..  They give each other a kiss and apologize, and then.. to bed.

This concludes the Overnight Report. :-)  Happy Monday, BB Lovers.  I'll see you when BB wakes the HGs for the day. 



Blogger GaYToR said...

HAHA! Good Morning Dawlin'!

We are thinking too much alike. Your last picture in the Overnight... I just finished saving it and I already emailed it to you. The SAME pose. Dirty minds think alike?

What a night. I'm off to read TOR to see what I missed as I flipped around. I'm always on the wrong feed.


July 15, 2013 at 3:33 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

HA, but I labeled mine wrong. I thought that was Jeremy's .... Now that I look at your version I see McCrae's hair. This makes it much less nauseating.


July 15, 2013 at 3:35 AM  
Blogger Joanne DelBalso said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy my mornings this summer.. wake up.. cup of java.. and my overnight report!!! So helpful to me as an east coaster and can't stay up that long to observe the hamsters!!

Keep up the amazing work!!


July 15, 2013 at 3:46 AM  
Blogger Stephanie Neenan said...

Candice was rubbing all up on Howards junk before they went to bed! Wow

July 15, 2013 at 5:05 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning

I have some advice for future BB players.

1-If you are on the block or about to be nominated, it is a good strategy to campaign.

2-When campaigning for your life in the game, it is important to be taken seriously.

3-It is hard to be taken seriously when wearing a diaper and baby bonnet.

July 15, 2013 at 5:20 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

On a more serious note, I do not like that the CBS broadcast has become more about the comments that have been made than about the show as a whole. Maybe they should have had a special episode devoted to what was happening without including nominations, POV's, etc. It would have given them time to show a more realistic view and to show the personal and emotional toll it has taken on people. Then when they went back to the game itself they could have given a better glimpse of individual personalities, flaws and all.

This does not do justice to the whole truth of this group of people in any way. It does not show that sometimes our villains are human and sometimes our heroes are flawed.

Each week they show 180 minutes on television. Actually, that is generous because I am not subtracting for commercials. Fore each 180 minutes shown, there are 9,900 minutes that are not shown.

I think that this year more than ever before, a true t.v. only is more in the dark about who each individual houseguest is than ever before. CBS has made an example of Aaryn and continued to place all their focus on Aaryn. For better or worse, she will have consequences when she leaves-both personally and professionally. That was clear even before CBS aired any of her comments. But the other offenders have been pushed to the back burner. GM is the only one I specifically heard use the 'N' word. And why hasn't there been focus on Andy and the fact that Spencer has used the 'F' word.

If Aaryn is evicted, is there any chance that we will see a more realistic depiction of people? Helen has not turned into the best leader with her HOH. She is becoming wishy washy, a little power hungry and with all of her promises of safety to everyone who walks through her door, she is starting to play the same game she got so angry at the guys for playing. Elissa did not deserve to be treated like crap just because she was Rachel's sister. But she has not shown herself to be a great player yet and does not deserve MVP just because she is Rachel's sister. Howard handled some of the situations with so much strength and dignity that I have incredible respect for him. But Howard in the game is a different person. I don't fault him for having an alliance or lying to protect it. But he came off as aggressive and intimidating with Amanda and McCrae last week. He has crap talked the women with Spencer and Jeremy on more than one occasion. Now he is using Candice to benefit his game by allowing her to believe that there are feelings that don't exist. He even said that he knows who he wants to marry when he gets home and it's not Candice. He was mad at Amanda for standing up to the racists when I think that made her somewhat of a hero. And yesterday was the final straw when he was talking to Spencer about being a man of faith and how it has actually benefited his game because now, despite MC, he still comes off as trustworthy. Although he talks in circles sometimes, it basically came down to the point that his religion is now a part of his strategy.

I know what is real life and I know sometimes it is ugly. Sometimes it is important not to hide the 'real' from our reality t.v. I also know that no one is completely who they appear to be and I hope to see more well rounded pictures of all the HGs instead of concentrating on only a couple people and only showing fractions of who they are. There are other good people in the house. And if we can admit to ourselves that we also are not perfect, there are actually more good people in the house than bad.

July 15, 2013 at 6:22 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

Out of all the showmances this season, I have to say, Amanda and McCrae are the only ones I see continuing something outside the house. They are cute together, in the geeky-love sort of way. :)

July 15, 2013 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and fellow dishers.

Just wanted to say hello before I started reading the massive TOR. I have to work today so had to hit the sack early last night and missed everything.

Talk to you later.

July 15, 2013 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger danamae said...

Carolyn - Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to this blog. TOR makes me late for work every morning! :) Love your sense of humor and snark - don't every change! The chats are amazing - I love being able to post with no fear of being attacked for my views as happens on so many other sites. My fellow dishers and I are very lucky to have you. Love GaYToR, Grendon and Blue (missing him)and so many others in the comment section.

Have a great day! Looking forward to your next post.

I'll be hitting up that tip jar as soon as I can.


July 15, 2013 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Dineane said...

Good Morning, Carolyn! Did you catch Helen and Elissa in the Jersey Girl/Classy Broad show directed by GM for the house last night? Starts about 8:37 BBT Pretty funny stuff :)

July 15, 2013 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Why is everyone thinking Kaitlin is so wonderful now? She was right in the middle of all the rude comments to Candice and Jessie and is still saying her share of 'mean girl' comments. I certainly do not want to see her win either!

I can't help but love Amanda and McCray. Amanda can be very opinionated and loud but she is usually telling the truth and taking up for the underdog! I also love her diary room sessions.

Grendon...I agree with everything you said in the above comment. It's time to move on. Spencer is just as bad (well almost) as Aaryn in his deragoratory(?) comments and name calling of women. He constantly uses the "C" word to describe women and that just grates on my nerves. I also do not like the way Howard 'waves the bible' around to make people believe him. That's just wrong in so many ways.

July 15, 2013 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Dineane! :) Thanks fo rthe heads up!

Good morning, Danamae! :) Thank YOU!! :)

Good morning, ShiShi! :) Don't work too hard! Mwah!

Good morning, Grendon! :)) LOl re Baby Bonnet campaigning!

Good morning, stephanie! :) Lucky Candice.

Good morning, Joanne! :) Thank you so much! :)

Good morning, Oh Scaly one! ;) Gayyytor!! :) Please don't get nauseous. ;-)

July 15, 2013 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Hi GaYTor!!!!! Hope you are doing well! It's hot here in Louisiana today!

July 15, 2013 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

" The reason I'm in the position I'm in, is because I'm an honest (ly bigoted) person."


July 15, 2013 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst! :)

New Top Post!


July 15, 2013 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger Jes S said...

If one good thing comes from this Aaryn/GM debacle, I hope it's that people, myself included, start thinking about what they say before they say it.
Even comments that most people perceive asharmless like "that's so retarded" (I can't stand that word) can be incredibly offended.
I said that phrase a fair amount before reading a blog someone wrote about people using the word and it really opened my eyes.
I really hope that all of the media attention this is getting has the same effect on people as that blog post did with me.

July 15, 2013 at 10:12 AM  

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