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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Morning

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday!  BB woke the HGs at 9:15am.  On today's agenda: Have Have Not Competition,  HoH Meetings, Nominations..  Spark up your feeds, if you've gottem, and if you don't, here's a 2 day free trial to get you going. :)

Camera 1
Jessie and Judd

Judd: I guess we're having a Have Not Competition..
Jessie: I guess so.

Judd:  Jessie, I wanna try to somehow get on the team with Kaitlin and Aaryn and throw it.
Jessie: That's funny.

Elissa enters..

Elissa: That's the best I've slept the whole time we've been here.

Talk turns to the people behind the walls.. Jessie thought all the cameras were robotic.. Elissa fills her in.

Elissa goes up to HoH.. Andy comes into the bathroom to talk to Judd.

Andy: omg.. I love that we got Nick out so much.. Especially finding out that Moving Company bullshit.  I'm offended by what an idiot Spencer thinks I am..

Andy moves into the Kitchen..

Andy: I'm really hoping today is a food comp and not a HHN comp.
Jessie: Me too.
Andy: Although I think I might take advantage of the hot shower right now.
Jessie: How'd you sleep?
Andy: Good!
Jessie: Did you have a sleeping buddy?
Andy: Judd...  Oh, but I'm so happy Nick is gone.
Jessie: He's a huge guy.

Camera 3
HoH Room
Helen and Elissa

Helen: ..but that vote should have been an 8 to 3.. My guess is Spencer did it.  If he does not fess up, I'm gonna turn it around on him.. Not this week, but we're gonna have to backdoor him.  We have to let him totally think we trust him.
Elissa: Right.
Helen: We need to let him think we are dumb, and we don't even think about it.  Howard might be more dangerous than we think he is..
Elissa: I think he is..
Helen: All we have to do is act like we trust them to the nth degree.  I may, if Spencer lies to me, make him pay be back by being a pawn.
Elissa: ok
Helen: That also would make the other side of the house think we're not as close to him..  We'll get either Jeremy or Aaryn out.. but before we get them out, we need to

Both agree that McCrae and Amanda are trustworthy.. McCrae moreso for Helen than Amanda.

Helen: These guys last night were up here trying to move the target away from them and to Amanda.  And if at some point she was wanting to stray.. McCrae would reel her back in.  Also, we can't tell Candice how onto Howard we are.

They sing the praises of Judd..

Elissa: Judd has been an angel.  I feel like he would be a best friend for life.
Helen: I do too. I'd like him to go very far.

BB calls out all the HGs who need to change their batteries.. Helen and Elissa heads downstairs.

Helen and Andy

Andy's having a just-in-case Hot shower.  He and Helen make small talk..  Elissa and Howard come into the bathroom..

Elissa: If you're on their team, we need you to throw it.
Howard: mm hm
Elissa: (joking) We'll sneak food into your mouth. With a towel over your head.

Cam 1

Jessie: That's a nice offer, but I did vote to evict Nick.
Helen: Good.. but just so you know, Spencer and Howard are going to try to throw you under the bus.  Don't worry when that happens.  We are here to protect you.

Howard knocks.. Helen invites him in.  Talk turns to last night's sleeping arrangements.  Howard leaves..

Helen: He came in, because he saw you were here, and he didn't want us to have a chance to talk..

9:56am cont'd.

Helen: You saved this side of the house.  You coming over was the biggest move.  He's gonna start spreading rumors.  We all know the truth, and we're gonna protect you.  The one thing I don't want is for Spencer and Howard to know we're on to them.. so be just as nice to them

10am Andy joins Helen and Jessie up in the HoH.  Elissa rejoins too.

Talk revolves around how transparent Nick was to them.. Being disingenuous.. Pretending he was dumb..

Helen: Elissa, you're gonna go up on the block.
Andy: We can't break tradition. (joking)

Andy: Someone who so vehemently claims to be not playing the game so early in the game is playing the game.
**say that 10 times fast.
Helen: He was hiding behind Ginamarie too..
Elissa: Plus, she's the only one he could totally manipulate..
Andy: And I'm sure his entire friendship with her was totally strategic.
Helen: I'm sure their whole plan was Nick, Jeremy, Nick, Jeremy.. He was just the one to go.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  We have to do this week right.
Jessie: I didn't realize how unhappy I was until it clicked for me to vote Nick out.. and it was like this for me in school too.. like I had my dorky theatre friends and and I had my popular friends, and the popular ones were always like, why are you hanging around us?
Andy: They were like that even last night.
Elissa: I trusted that I could get somewhere with you, because you looked me in the eyes week one..
Jessie: I trusted you, because I looked you in the eyes and saw a friend.
ALL: Awwww

Helen: Thank Judd.  He saw a light in you and brought you over.
Elissa: And one of those guys screwing up makes it even easier for her to be even more solid in the game.
Andy: Someone tried to frame you.  You know that.
Helen: We know that, but they can't know we know that.

Cam 1
Andy and Helen

Andy tells Helen about the conversation he had with Kaitlin last night, and how she's trying to distance herself from Aaryn and Jeremy..

Helen: Obviously, she's going on the block, but we have the votes to keep her here. We have to play it like, look..
Andy: We will persuade the house to keep you if you help us out.
Helen: And if Jeremy ends up staying and Aaryn goes, then we need to get Kaitlin to promise us safety from him for saving her...

Helen: You weren't here, but Spencer and Howard came up here last night and told me that they were the ones protecting me..
Andy: Whatever..
Helen: So I told Spencer last night that he has 24 hours to be honest with me.. So.. Let's see what he comes up with.  I'm gonna accept him, love him for it..
Andy: I think people undermine my ability to see people.
Helen: What I'm gonna do is let bygones be bygones, and then when he's not looking, he's gonna be blindsided.. Also, when Jessie came up here, Howard came up and asked to use my bathroom.. He went in, brushed his teeth and left.
Andy: Spencer and Howard are so paranoid.  THey need to be enemy number one.. but not yet.
Helen: We got bigger fish to fry.

Helen: We put up Aaryn, Ginamarie and Kaitlin.. and backdoor Jeremy.
Andy: And if Jeremy wins PoV and takes off one..
Helen: We'll talk about it.   Aaryn needs to lay low.. I see value in keeping Aaryn, and getting rid of Spencer..
Andy: Also I think the group of us shouldn't be seen together all the time..

Andy: I could not have more trust in Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Elissa.. and you, of course.  I feel we can be strong together for a while.
Helen: And we have the numbers to be.

10:29am Helen heads downstairs to exercise.. Andy stays up in HoH, listening to U2.

Cam 3
Howard, Helen and Elissa

We join this conversation near it's end..

Howard: Now that you gottem shakin, the focus is on, what penny ante...
Helen: Someone voted the wrong way.  That's very important for all of us to know.
Howard: If we can get them to unfocus on us for 1 week.. I'm just throwin that out there.  I thought it would fluster them if I said, yeah, I voted with ya'll.. I thought that was smart.
Helen: It's not smart, because when you have the numbers, and then your alliance is second guessing you.
Elissa: It makes them strong..
Helen; It causes us commotion..
Elissa: Did you tell them you voted with them?
Howard: mm hmm..

Helen: I trust you Howard.  I love you.  When you guys are gonna do fishy thing like that, tell me. 
Howard: Search it out..

Helen: I'm not gonna be revengeful on the mole, but I just want someone to own up to it and be honest..  I forgive you and we move on. That's all I need.  I was not expecting 7 votes.  That's all.
Elissa: I'm glad you felt like you can share and be honest about what happened..  Thanks.


Around the house...

  • Elissa's in HoH for a shower..
  • Andy's listening to music
  • Helen's running laps around the house, because the backyard is closed.
  • Jessie and Judd look like they've been married 15 years. 

Cam 1
HoH Room
Elissa, Andy, Candice

Candice: I just need her to fess up to her sh*t about being a racist.. And Jeremy yesterday,  he was walking around going, Oh, this is was losers feel like.

Andy: Even so, it seemed like it took it better than the girls..
Candice: ..but not really. I'm just gonna calm my ass down.  I'm calming down, and maybe it'll be a luxury comp.. I told Howie, tonight, we are sleeping in a bed, period. Last night, I wasn't gonna leave him by himself.  Like, you stuck up for me.. All of those f*ckers need to be up on the block.. Aayn, Kaitlin and Jeremy.  Kaitlin seems so sweet, but she was up there with them, "acting" black..
Andy: I know she felt really bad about it. 

Candice: Jeremy is a frikkin neaderthal, and Aaryn.. Here is what I don't understand.  How are you such a beautiful young 22 year old with all this anger in your heart?  I don't know where that comes from.  Like, dude are you unhappy with yourself?  I don't know what the problem is.  She just needs to get it together.  It's ugly.  Like the way they treated Jessie when Jessie just wanted to get in her bed.
Andy: Had I been there, I would've lost my sh*t.  Like the night Jeremy started yelling at everyone, I had to just walk away..
Candice: You know the day Amanda made the cake.. Jeremy took the whole cake and ate it for himself. Like, how selfish are you?

They agree that Kaitlin was one of their favorite people coming in, but her choices in friends and allies suck.

This conversation is ongoing..  As it's Friday, I've gotta save up my wrists a bit for the HoH Meetings before Nominations..

Candice: I wanna just call a house meeting..
Andy: If today is just a food comp, I *will* call a house meeting so we can make a bed schedule.
Candice: There needs to be a discussion about beds.. and there needs to be a discussion about respecting people's race, sexuality.. There just needs to be an overall meeting about respect in this house.  We need to understand that people come from different backgrounds..
Elissa: I wanna talk about them cleaning up after themselves too.
Andy: Yeah, Jeremy thinks he's immune from cleaning.. That grinds me.

BB: Helen, please come to the DR.

Helen stops her workout and bolts up the the HoH to hop in the shower.

Andy: I wonder if it's time for the comp..
Helen: I'll be there in 5, 3 minutes.

Helen comes out of the shower in her HoH Robe, does a little dance and gets cheers and a woohoo!

Candice: How was your night in your bed?
Helen: It was awesome.
BB: Helen, please come to the Diary Room
Helen: OK!

Andy: If we're all on one team, people are gonna have to let us win.
Elissa: That would never happen.
Candice: Me and Howie, we took off the airplane seats and made a bed on the ground.

While they're chatting, Elissa's on the floor doing yoga..

Candice: They're like, You're trashy!  I'm like, right.. I'm (not) the one who pops Mollies and gets high and walks around in underwear all day..   All you talk about is all the drugs you do..

TimeCheck - 11:26am

Talk returns to the race baiting from last night..

Elissa: I didn't even know people like that existed anymore.  You have to kinda feel sad for them. 
Candice: I felt bad for Ginamarie, and she did apologize, and I do like her.. And Helen's here.. It's definitely gonna be endurance next week.  We gotta hold on for dear life.
Elissa: Definitely.
Candice: And if it's at nighttime, Elissa.. We need to wear hoodies, leggings.. and be prepared for the cold. I wish we had brought like gloves.
Endurance wardrobe chatter continues.. 

Candice: We just have to win, Elissa.  We have to.
Elissa; We totally have the votes, but they're so bad..
Candice: Jeremy has to go.
Elissa: You want him more than Aaryn?
Candice: He's more likely to win comps..  And without him, they're gonna scramble, like cockroaches.  That fight was so heated last night..

11:42 We have Trivia!  The Have Have Not Comp has begun! :0) I'll see you back here in a new top post once the feeds come back!



Blogger ~Tanya~ said...

EEEK! It's getting good. Poor Helen when are you going to realize that Howard threw that vote so you would think it is Spencer. I don't normally want to fend for Spencer but after his vote last night I am on his side. He did what he promised so let's let him go this week. I say put up Aaryn and Jeremy and put Spencer up as a pawn. I think the house will let go of Aaryn before Jermey.

July 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Glad to see that Helen does not trust Spencer OR Howard. Unfortunately, I think she still wants to trust Howard. She is sure Spencer is the one who voted against him.

It's kind of funny that Howard is fine with letting Spencer take the blame even though Spencer is the only person who is firmly with him at this point.

I remember Howard saying "Damn McCrae. Control your damn woman." Well, since Spencer is supposedly the hinky vote I would have to say, "Howard, control your redneck."

(Before I get called a bigot, Spencer proudly refers to himself as a redneck. He said that is what got him on the show.)

July 12, 2013 at 10:03 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Spencer didn't vote Nick out to keep his word. He and Howard planned it that way so there would be one 'hinky' vote and they could try to pin it on Jessie.

July 12, 2013 at 10:04 AM  
Blogger Kelsie MacLean said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!! What a crazy night in BBLand!

K first of all I have to give a shout out to Nicole for making me bust a gut laughing at her comment on TOR:

"July 12, 2013 at 6:24 AM
Nicole said...
Howard said "I know I'm put on this earth to defend that woman." And y'all? Guys aren't even my thing and I was like whoa. I know Candice is a strong woman, and doesn't need a man to save her, and all the other appropriate feminist stuff I have to say, but if someone said that to me? The knickers would fly off so fast, they'd leave a hole in the wall."

And Carolyn, you had me crackin' up as well with "the wailing widow Uhas"

I'm so happy with the outcome of that vote yesterday. I cut myself off from the blogs/feeds/twitter at about 3pm and had no idea Spencer had flipped. So I did two happy dances last night. Once when Spencer cast his vote and once when Helen nabbed HOH.

Have a great day everyone!

July 12, 2013 at 10:09 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

Ok I have alot to say.

Good morning Corl and dishers

1-Arryn I am so sorry the world does not revolve around her. She is mean and spiteful she is a raciest and I am sure her life is going to be worse out side the house because of her actions and comments. She will need a lot of help. I dont hate her but she needs to learn. She should be removed.

2-Ellisa I get why ppl say its unfair but she is earning her place in BB history I liked her sister alot but I like ellisa more. I think her new team is good Id love to see her make it far top6 is my hope.

3 GM remove her for the betterment of her self she is not going to get better in the house she need medical help. She too will have a hard life out side the house

4-Jer OMG what a guy i dont like him but lastnight some of the things he said i was so impressed with.

5-Kait she wears on me , my hubby likes her alot but hates how shes with aayrn and the mean girls. I hope she pulls away from aayrn and it is a good thing for her. I hope she stops being a mean girl

6 Jessi- I am starting to love the girl she had so much balls last night. I would have been just like her. I wouldn't have been nice like she was but she and I have some similarity's

7 candice same with her i woulda been up on my feet in aayrns face how dare you flip over my bed.
she has seen alot and it shows Id love to be the ed candy pots and pans

8-howard like don't like like he flips each hour last night with candy i saw his good side again. I hate he didn't vote nick out

9 spencer- not worth my typing dont like can go soon and lose his job too

10 Andy-is growing on me alot

11 Judd- Awwww what can i say just awww i like him and him and jessi more

12 Amanda and Mcra 13 (Love them both just love)

Helen - Awsome HOH- I am glad she is hoh and ellisa wont go up at all.

I am happy with this new week to come. Now on to my point

My son knows i dont like Obama. After this all I had to pull him in here and make sure he knows its not because hes black its because of the politics. I dont hate him and I dont hate all black or all mexicans or anything like that. I dont hate all gays (i dislike a few)

It hurt me so bad to watch Aaryn and think god i hope ive never been seen like her. So I had to sit my son down tears in my eyes and make sure skin color does not matter, sexual preferences does not matter.

Sorry all I just had to say this. God made us all we are all different and I hope that this helps aaryn and gm grow

July 12, 2013 at 10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this will end up being a good season, but I still don't like BB's casting decisions. Blech.

July 12, 2013 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Let's see, if Aaryn, Kaitlin and Ginamarie become have nots we won't have to remove them from the show. GM will self evict and Kaitlin & Aaryn will kill each other. I just feel bad for the 4th person that has to share a room with them. On the other hand, maybe not. I think Spencer would fit into an airplane chair quite well.

July 12, 2013 at 10:24 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

Spencer and Howard don’t seem to realize that their ‘keep the other side guessing” strategy didn’t work all that well. I was sorry to see them keep trying it. McCrae recognized it immediately, and all seem to see what they are doing. The only thing they have wrong is which one flipped the vote.
I still think that Aaryn needs to be removed from the game, if she stays much longer I fear for Howard. He is doing a masterful job of controlling his outward emotions but it is, IMO, taking a toll on him. I see some redeeming qualities in Kaitlen I think she actually sees that her actions were wrong, and she is a lot smarter than I thought originally. I see no redeeming qualities in Jeremy, the only thing he thinks he’s done wrong is overplay his hand.
Helen and Judd have become my favorite players.

July 12, 2013 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

As the new day begins, I have a confession: I was so wanting to watch Jeremy get chopped, and then GM, and only then should Aaryn be chopped -- so we could watch her suffer a few weeks in the same manner she has caused such suffering.

Now, I don't think I can stand barely another day of her continual "I'm Innocent in All This" whining.

Send the poor deluded child home. (But only AFTER Jeremy.)

July 12, 2013 at 10:35 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

P.S. for Caro:

Whew (and a wipe of the brow)! I want to thank you for updating the Banner.

Over the years, I've come to rely on that Banner for a quick overview of the current status of all the house guests.

As late as yesterday afternoon (MDT), there was still no indication David had been sent packing.

My usual belief that all in the World is as it should be, has been restored as of this a.m., with David and Nick sporting classy gray lines across their faces.

Again, I say: THANK YOU, Ms. Dish (and C=V).

July 12, 2013 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone.

OMG I watched every last minute of the drama last night. I love, love, love McCray and I was so happy that he confessed all. Amanda was magnificent when she was protecting Jessie. That episode with Aaryn flipping the bed and screaming at Candice and the aftermath will definitely be on the next show!

Can't wait to see what happens today.

July 12, 2013 at 10:45 AM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

Last Thought: After reading the Friday Morning Report, and the very perceptive thoughts of Helen, I have a question (que surprize?):

I wonder if Aaryn will finally realize Asians can be good at more than just cooking rice?

July 12, 2013 at 10:50 AM  
Blogger Kelsie MacLean said...

One quick observation about Helen(a-la Chandler Bing) could she BE anymore of an amazing person? She's so nice. Instead of celebrating her amaze-balls HOH win she was comforting "the wailing widow Uhas" and she's just so uplifting. I feel it's her mission to spread positivity throughout the house this week, and try and get things under control. She must be an amazing mother/friend/co-worker/spouse/all around awesome human being to be around in day to day life.

July 12, 2013 at 11:19 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

I don't think the house (or myself) can take a few more weeks of Aaryn. But I feel like Helen wants to keep her because of their talk while Aaryn was HOH. Ugh.

Production will not evict her for being who she is, so I think we should save our energy, but the house CAN get her out, I just don't think it's going to happen.
I definitely despise Jeremy's character, but can tolerate his comments a little more than Aaryn's because he owns them...lives in a little town spread completely between Denial and Delusion. Do I forgive or condone the things Jeremy says? Absolutely not, but because he knows he is rude and bullisome, and doesn't try to play the victim, I can tolerate it for one more week. I hope they get Aaryn out this week...for everyone's sanity!!!

July 12, 2013 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

PS, I am crawling at work today! I stayed up past 3:00 a.m. (EST) watching the feeds, and had to be up for work at 6:00 a.m.!!! My Friday night is going to be a glass of wine on the couch and bed by 9:00 p.m.!!! Thank you Big Brother for making me feel ancient!!! lol

July 12, 2013 at 11:30 AM  
Blogger Divr said...

Candice my dear girl, you're upset with Aa's name calling and you use what you perceive as a slanderous comment in the same conversation.

July 12, 2013 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger Old Woman said...

The bed issues last night were so upsetting to me that I blasted off an email to CBS. How dare Jeremy not get off the bed when Jessie so politely and clearly told him she was not comfortable with him there? How dare CBS ignore that. I was actually shaking. And then to watch Howard almost lose it? I totally don't agree with his game play, and don't agree he should keep his anger bottled up for the game, but I'm telling you, last night was almost too much for me. SMH.

July 12, 2013 at 11:53 AM  
Blogger Old Woman said...

On a much lighter note ;0} thanks so much for "the wailing widow Uhas" Carolyn!!!

July 12, 2013 at 11:55 AM  
Blogger Hula said...

I think Howard voted that way because he wanted to stay true to the MC. Loyalty to that first alliance was more important to him than voting with the house. I dislike how he has been openly lying to people while portraying himself as a very trustworthy person, but on the other hand lying is definitely part of the game.

July 12, 2013 at 11:57 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I've been coming to this site for years, but have never posted. Thank you Carolyn for all the time and energy you take to help keep us who are at work up to date on the happenings on the live feeds. It really does open the game up when you watch them. I love BB and my friends and family all know that from July-September I am obsessed, lol. I just wanted to provide my thoughts on this season...
I am extremely disappointed in CBS. While I do not agree at all with anything that comes out of Aaryn's mouth (usually cringing) I can't help but think that by outing Aaryn to the entire world (not just the live feeders) they are perptuating the hate and doing it all for ratings. I do hope that Aaryn receives the wake up call that she so clearly needs. I agree also with most of the dishers, I love, love, love the new alliance that has formed. While I'm not crazy about Howie's decision to vote for the other side I truly believe that he did that because he had given his word and he wanted to keep it. I do also believe that it was strategic as well. I have no doubt that down the line he will use that to his advantage. However I do not think that we should minimize that he truly wanted to be there for Candice and I think really showed a lot of character in the decision he made last night. Also, maybe I misread, but I believe Howie did come clean to Elissa and Helen about the way he voted. I was really sad for Candice last night. Candice has not really been on my radar, but watching her and Howard really struggle last night because of ignornace was hard. I really wish BB would have stepped in and was extremely disappointed that they invite these people into their home and allow this type of behavior to happen. Judd and Amanda have my heart at this point. Neither one of them really benefited from standing up for people last night and I'm really glad that they forgot the game and did what they felt was morally right. Thanks again Carolyn :)

July 12, 2013 at 12:15 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

Me too. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night the feeds were soooooooo good!

July 12, 2013 at 1:23 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

I love love love Amanda and Judd for sticking up for Jesse. I also appreciate Howie's insight in removing Candace from the situation. I don't agree at all with the way that the minorities on the show are being treated and I especially do not want to see them retaliate out of hurt and anger and do something that they would later regret.

July 12, 2013 at 1:31 PM  
Blogger Didds said...

Did anyone sleep in the HN room last night?

July 12, 2013 at 1:33 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Didds - Howard and Candice slept in the HHN room last night.. they made a bed on the floor.

July 12, 2013 at 1:37 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

Another question I have is when did Andy find out about the "Moving Company"? Did McCrae come clean to others after he told Amanda? Or did Amanda tell them? Do Howard and Spencer know that they know? Does Candice know? I wonder how that would effect her opinion of him since she was so snowed by him.

July 12, 2013 at 1:38 PM  

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