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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! :)  Happy Saturday and Happy PoV Day! Crrrazzzy night on the live feeds! 

Surprise!! Helen did not nominate Howard and Aaryn.  She instead chose to take the easy road and nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin.  It then came to Elissa to nominate Howard as MVP.. She tried to blame it on production, saying they didn't want Howard to go up, but then offered it was "because he prays with her, and it made her uncomfortable".. and she nominated Spencer.  Elissa went so far as to deny to her alliance that she had even won MVP.  That ruse lasted about 90 seconds.   McCrae took all the heat, and told Spencer that he had won MVP and nominated him, not Elissa. 

We've come to the point in the season where there is so much going on, it's impossible to catch absolutely everything, but I'm giving it the college try.  (go Trojans!)  Needless to say, no site is a replacement for actually having the feeds.  If you haven't gotten them yet, here's a 2 day free trial to get you going.

The Overnight Report begins at midnight, but tonight, some very important stuff happened before, so I'll be adding the pics, cams and times to the top of the post for flashback purposes, once the HGs go to bed.  You'll be able to click on any of those pics to get to the feeds. Please refresh  the post at 7:30am BBT.

Spencer Confesses and Apologizes, Howard a little too  - Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, watch and listen.

Spencer: Soul searching is really the word.. I knew what I had to do for the Moving Company.. and I knew what was right. And I chose what was right. I'm ashamed of the way I behaved.. I hope you wont hold it against me or Howard.  I'm ashamed of having been aligned with him.  That's not the men we are.  We're not bigots.  We'd never disrespect a mother.
Howard: I'm not going to apologize for the game play, but other than that, we were always with you.
Elissa: We've got 4 weeks.  We've got to get all of them out.
Candice: Spencer, I do forgive you for using me for that vote.

We see Howard's dramatic confession to Helen and the rest of the group, beginning at..


Camera 3

Helen: (thru tears)  Is there anything else you've lied to me about?  Because everything to this day then has been a lie. I look like such a fool!

Helen really lays into them.  She and Andy are heart broken.  Watch this one.

Elissa: Just the way you guys want Jeremy gone, there is one other person who's hurt Candice deeply.
Candice: I assess Aaryn to be more of a cancer than Jeremy. Jeremy is ego and boisterous, but you know what you're getting.

10:24pm Elissa calls a wrap on the confession, saying she needs to talk to Helen.. and then Howard. Helen hugs Howard and thanks him for confessing, but her heartbreak is written all over her face.

Before Elissa speaks to Helen, Candice quickly tells Elissa the whole thing with her vote for Elissa week 1, and how Spencer told her the house was voting Elissa out, and that's who she was to vote to evict.

Cam 3
Elissa and Helen
Elissa is looking for affirmation that Helen really is with her, and not just using her.  They agree that Spencer and Howard are both scrambling just scrambling now.

Elissa: It's totally your decision who to nominate, but I felt like all of them knew..
Helen: I was thinking about putting up Aaryn and Howard, but I didn't get to talk to enough people, so I went the easy route and put up Aaryn and Kaitlin.

They agree they can trust Andy and Judd and want to take both far in the game.

Elissa: I just wish that today you would have consulted with me.
Helen: It's all about securing you and me..

Jeremy is the backdoor of choice.

Helen: The only way Jeremy stays is if he gets picked to play and wins.

Talk turns to the MVP Nom.


Helen: (whispering) I don't think the show wants us to put up Howard.
Elissa: I know.
**And the internet went nuts. (sigh) Often, because of questions that the DR asks HGs, they conclude that BB has one agenda or another.  Just because the HGs are paranoid doesn't mean you have to be.

OK.. Now begins the normal overnight. ;-)

Cam 3
Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa... then Judd

Elissa: I don't think I got MVP.
Amanda: You're kidding.

Amanda: It looks like you just went and voted for someone else.
Elissa: You guys didn't even call me up here to talk about who was being nominated.
Helen: You're right.  I didn't even get to talk to Spencer.

Amanda: Is this real life?  Is this staged?  There's no way.  It's not possible.  Rachel has too many fans.
Elissa: What does it matter who goes up as the 3rd?
Amanda: If for some reason you went down there and put someone else up, you really f'd us.. The 2 people who worked so hard to keep you here. If Howard, Jeremy and Spencer get picked ot play the Veto, it's a good bet  one of them will win it and keep it the same, and then neither of our choices are going home.  Just come clean abou tit..
Elissa: Tonight.. I don't even want to talk about the game.  You guys know I wasn't comfortable about putting up Howard.

Judd: Howard and Spencer just talked in the bathroom, and they think McCrae's MVP and put Howard up..
Amanda: Just be honest.  Who did you put up?
Elissa: No one's honest with me. All I've done is spill my guts.  You can't ask me to do something I'm uncomfortable with.
Amanda: Who did you put up?  Just tell us.
Elissa: I don't even know.
Amanda: You're such a bad liar. Just tell us who you put up.  Spencer?
Elissa: Yes.  You guys said Jeremy was the target.  There's a 1 in 11 chance he's gonna play.  I just am not comfortable with it.
Amanda: Don't you think there was a reason he sat down there and talked with you? 

Helen: Elissa, this is your choice.. If you didn't feel comfortable with it.. The target is Jeremy.. I just can't pull that f'ing chip.
Amanda: That's not the only problem.. If anyone else were to get it and not use the veto.
Elissa: Guys, you did this to me.  No one's talked to me all day today.  Don't you think you should include me?
Amanda: The only people who got F'd in this are me and McCrae..  We've been so loyal to you guys..
Elissa: Loyal?  I've gotten out 2 strong players..
Amanda: Judd risked himself.. We all risked our games for you.

Elissa: Why are you guys all blaming me??
Helen: I should have talked to you..
Elissa: They didn't give me any time.
Amanda: You just left and wasn't that the consensus..

Helen: How do we solve it.
Amanda: That was so f'd.  Honestly.. I know you didn't feel comfortable with that but like..

Amanda and McCrae leave.. Elissa breaks down..

Elissa: Whatever.. It's just gonna go back to the..

Helen: No no no.. You are not gonna cry during my HoH week.  Don't let her bully you.
Elissa: She's not bullying me. This sucks.  I just wanna go home.

Helen: No.. Don't let them upset you. If your heart tells you Howard was not the right person to go up, then he wasn't. I want you to know.  Jeremy is the target. You are in a very good position in the house.  This is not the time to self-evict yourself.  Don't worry about it.  McCrae and Amanda are just afraid they're gonna go on the block against each other. This is your power.  It's yours to keep and yours to do with what you want.  If you ask me, they were equally culpable.  That's why I put Kaitlin on the block.
Elissa: I just feel like it was so important..

Judd: I just learned that Nick wanted me gone because I stayed up late.
Helen: Elissa, I'm so sorry I didn't talk to you about my nominations.  I don't think Kaitlin and Aaryn were bad ones. I talked to Howie, but I didn't get a chance to talk to Spencer. I wasn't ready to pull the trigger on our sid of the house. You and I haven't had a chance to talk for 5 minutes.  My HoH is your HoH.  I didn't think you would be upset with Aaryn and Kaitlin.. I didn't know how you would feel about Aaryn and Howard.
Judd: Neither one of them fessed up.  The both bald faced lied.  The only reason they're coming clean is because McCrae and Jeremy already did.
Elissa: So McCrae and Amanda would've probably voted Howard out, and gone to work with Jeremy..
Judd: no no no
Helen: no no no

Helen: I wanted to put Howard up, so he would win the competition, and I could backdoor Jermy.  I knew at least Aaryn you would be happy with.. for the 2nd nominee, I wasn't sure.
Elissa: Howard is a bigger threat than Spencer, but Spencer to me is dispensable.  Not dispensable.. but he lied to my face.
Helen: Any of those 4, I'll be happy to see walk out the door. Any but Kaitlin. We are gonna work, Elissa.  If I have to shave my head, I will, so we can win the Veto and have Jeremy go home.

Amanda returns..

Amanda: What're you talking about now?
Helen: Just that I'm gonna fight hard to win the Veto.  We cannot let them in-fight us.  We know Spencer and Howard have limited days here.  But let's not forget, Aaryn's caused a lot of drama..
Elissa: All I'm saying is, Howard's not the target, so let me have some degree of peace.
Amanda: I know..
Helen: And I..
Amanda: I'm beginning to think either Spencer or Howard is going home this week..
Helen: Why aren't we getting rid of Jeremy?
Amanda: I'm just so hurt about this..

Elissa: I had no idea anything about putting Howard up ever.   I am 100% loyal to you..
Helen: I'm sorry I didn't put up Howard, but I had to talk to Spencer before i did that.
Judd: Before I go to bed, I just wanna say this.. Even if I don't talk to you.. I'm still working for you.

Judd says goodnight..

Elissa and Amanda continue..

Amanda: McCrae's downstairs right now, making a deal with Howard, pretending he got MVP and put up Spencer..
Elissa: I'm cool with that.  Use me.
Amanda: I didn't know Howard wasn't gonna be one of the 1st nominees.

Helen apologizes again.

Amanda: Why do you guys keep saying that production is swaying you not to get rid of Howard?


Amanda: It makes perfect sense.. I don't know why she would trust him more, knowing he voted against her.
Helen: My guess is she trusts Howard more...
Amanda: You understand that McCrae and I are completely f'd right now.
Helen: He owes me a lot right now.  And he knows it.  If he wins HoH, I will make sure he doesn't put you guys up.
Amanda: He's a really good liar, Helen. And it's not just Howard now, it's Candice and Howard.
Helen: I don't know why Candice is so devoted to Howard, but she hates Aaryn more than anything..
Amanda: Not if she feels Howard is threatened.  It doesn't make sense.  Howard voted her out.
Helen: I'll have to see if I can get it out of Elissa.
Amanda: We're supposed to be solid.
Helen: I regret not putting Howard up now.  It just all happened so fast.
Amanda: We were all just like, what the f happened here?? We were all on the same page..
Helen: When Howard came up here..
Amanda: You can't let him sway you!  You can't make emotional moves in the game.  And the only people who got Fd were me and McCrae.. And Elissa's saying she didn't know what we wanted?  That's bullsh*t.  We sat up here for an hour talking about it.
Helen: I know Elissa's smart, but I don't know she's smart enough to make deals with Howard.
Amanda: Well, obviously he's very smart and persuasive.  He voted against the alliance, and that f'ing asshole is not on the block!  How the f did he do that?!

Helen: I hear you, Amanda.  I totally hear you.
Amanda: You'd hear me more if he was gunning for you. It does not make sense.  She feels more threatened by someone who didn't vote her out than by someone who did?? It doesn't make sense. When something doesn't make sense in this game, there's a reason for it.  And then she lies to us?  She was gonna sit up here and lie and say she didn't get MVP?  Gimme a break! It just flabbergasting.  Someone who you did so much work for.. Who you totally stuck your neck out for.. And she's gonna lie about it?
Helen: I'm sorry I didn't put Howard up.  I needed like 2 more hours today.
Amanda: The fact that she just did that.. I don't trust her now. She's here because of us.
Helen: The votes have been very hard to keep her here. I get it.
Amanda: And now I have to deal with McCrae who LOVES this game.. and she's f'ing him!

12:51am - Helen and Amanda head down from HoH..

Judd, McCrae, Helen, Ginamarie

Judd: So what does Nick do for a living?
McCrae: From what I understood.. he's a professional rollerskater??
Ginamarie: What??  What?? 

Cam 1
Helen and Ginamarie

Helen: You didn't hear this from me.. You learn a lot when you're HoH..  Nick, Howard, McCrae, Spencer and Jeremy were in an alliance called the Moving Company.. and he was the mastermind behind it.
GM: hahahaha! He didn't tell me anything about that.
Helen: Amanda just found out about it yesterday..  McCrae told me about it today.. and then everyone else..
GM: And they all voted for him out?
Helen: Yes, which is why this house blew up yesterday. 
GM: This is crazy.
Helen: I mean, I trusted Spencer and Howard to a tee.. and now I know they were always lying to me.
GM: I haven't spoken to Spencer in 2 days..

Helen: I think what happened was each of them were in charge of certain women to control in the game.. So they were going to carry us farther..

Cam 1
Judd and Elissa

Elissa: I said I didn't want to be the one they keep using for the MVP vote.. and then I'm voted out and stuck in the jury house.. I wanted to go home the first week..
Judd: Whether you like it or not, you're at least going to jury.

Judd: They all told me earlier she was puttin' up Howard and Aaryn... and I was surprised with Howard, but then we've been learning so much.
Elissa: Howard's a dangerous player, but I just didn't see the point of putting him up.
Judd: We just gotta focus on what we've got right now.  Aaryn's the devil.
Elissa: Aaryn's about as bad as it gets.
Judd: We need some holy water in here.

They talk about how funny it would be if Rachel showed up in a Pandora's box..

 cam 1
Amanda: We're good.  Let's hug it out.
Elissa: I was scared.

Amanda: Why?
Elissa: He was the only one who would sit in there and be with me.
Amanda: We all have to be able to trust each other. If we're not on the same page, there's gonna be mistrust.  She should've put him up.
Elissa: That's what I'm saying.. If it was that important, she should've put him up.
Amanda: If you knew you were gonna put up Spencer, why did you let McCrae say he was MVP?
Elissa: I didn't know he was gonna say it.

Cam 1
Amanda returns to the Bathroom..

Amanda: McCrae's so mad.. Just make it a point to make McCrae feel safe.. He's all sketched out now.  For me, please.
Elissa: I told him I wasn't comfortable with it..
Amanda: No matter what, Jeremy is the target..  We're all good.

Elissa: I mean.. It was a busy night, ya know?
Amanda: But before you went, you knew the consensus was Howard.
Elissa: I have to go to bed..
Amanda: I just want us to trust each other.
Elissa: I haven't done anything for you not to trust me.  I told him I wasn't comfortable with it.
Amanda: That's fine.

Elissa leaves, heads up to HoH.. She's sleeping with Helen..

Elissa: I just couldn't put him up.
Helen: It's ok.

Talk turns to Ginamarie.. and reeling her in since she has no one.

1:21a - Timecheck -

Helen: Don't let them stress you out.
Elissa: ok.
Helen: You can sleep up here all week.
Elissa: Thanks.
Helen: That way we don't have to worry about the bed situation. This place is Cra-zy.

Elissa: It's good that we broke up the Moving Company.
Helen: They're out of business.  That would've been the perfect alliance.. They had reaches into every female.
Elissa: But it would've been boring to watch.

Elissa: You know I don't have an alliance with Howard.
Helen: I know that.

Checking the Quad,  Spencer and McCrae are in the Cockpit on Camera 3 and 4.. I'm heading there.

Spencer: Dude, like I said, I'm gonna trust you, like I always have.. As far as talking to Andy about this.. I felt so bad.. It troubled me that I was working with Jeremy when I think he's such an asshole.. If something f's up and I do go home, just let me know so I can give a good speech.
McCrae: I'm not gonna do you like we did Nick and David..

HoH Cam 3
Ginamarie,  Elissa, Helen

Elissa: Did you guys do it?
Ginamarie: have sex??  I didn't even kiss him!
Helen: If people are telling you he said you were annoying, he probably told them that just so they wouldn't think he was getting too close to you.

Ginamarie: That's what the Moving Company came from!!  Uhas - U-Haul!!!

After brief fishies, we learn Helen has been called to the DR.

Helen: I hope they're not telling me it's time for the competition.  I'm exhausted.

Ginamarie: Hey Nick, who's the meow meow now?  Who's the brains of the operation?
Elissa: Who evicted the Ivy League guy?
Helen: And if he's a pro skater?  He's probably the most athletic guy in the house.  Totally holding back.

Helen leaves to go to the DR.. Elissa and GM continue bonding.. per the plan with Helen to bring her into the fold.

 Elissa: I've been upset this whole time, because I thought you knew about it..
Ginamarie: I knew nothing.
Elissa: The MC is out of business. They got evicted from their building.  Aren't you glad you're the one here?

Elissa: Don't be sad!!! You evicted the Ivy Leaguer.  You evicted the guy lying to you.
GM: I just feel stupid. I don't even know if he liked me at all.
Elissa: Spencer told me he was in love with you.
GM: I don't know what to think.
Elissa: He lied to you, so it doesn't matter.   You can't trust these boys.  They're all liars.
GM: We cook, we clean, we do everything.. These boys..

Ginamarie pines, but with a new sense of awareness..

Cam 1
Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda is over-sharing with Aaryn, telling her Jeremy is the backdoor target..

Amanda: If the nominees stay the same, you could be going home.
Aaryn: If Kaitlin wins the Veto, she wont use it.. to protect Jeremy.
Amanda: If that's the case, I think Spencer would go home.  I will vote Spencer out in a heart beat.. McCrae will vote Spencer out.. Everyone knows you're alone now.  I made it really clear.
Aaryn: Helen wants me to go home this week.
Amanda: Trust me.  We'll figure it out. All the votes so far..
Aaryn: I know.  That's why I feel safe.
Amanda: I hope Kaitlin uses the veto (if she wins). If she doesn't we have to let her know, we'll vote her out..
Aaryn: She said she'd self-evict if Jeremy goes home.  She will.  She told me. Me and Ginamarie. She's like, I know Jeremy's gonna go home, and I don't wanna be here without him.
Amanda: Whatever.  We'll just see how the Veto goes.. Just know we're keeping you safe.
Aaryn: Why the F do they wanna keep Kaitlin safe over me?  Why would I be a bigger target?
Amanda: Because you're stronger than her, mentally and physically.
Aaryn: But I have no numbers.. obviously.. Even if I win HoH, I have to do what everyone else wants me to do.
Amanda: Everyone wants either Howard or Jeremy gone.  The only way you would go home is if the nominations stay the same.
Aaryn: I think you should start putting the bug in everyone's ear that if I stay, I can be a tool.
Amanda: Your name isn't even coming up right now.  I want you to know that we're looking out for you.
Aaryn: I just don't wanna be a David.
Amanda: No.  I'll let you know. 100%.

2:10am ---McCrae joins them in the Cockpit..   Checking the quad, We have sleepers up in HoH..

Aaryn: She wasn't very strategic with her Keys.. It was totally in order of who she likes.  Jessie was before you.

 2:17am Aaryn says goodnight..

Amanda: If Kaitlin gets veto, she's not taking herself off the block.
McCrae; I don't care.
Amanda: But then who do we send home?

McCrae: She was like, it just happened so fast.
Amanda: That's such bs.
McCrae: I know. Those two? If they have to make any more decisions, we need to sit on them.
Amanda: She was like, he prays with me every day.
McCrae: I'll pray with you every day! You wanna pray?  We'll pray! (re Elissa)

Amanda: I didn't get a chance to talk to Spencer..
McCrae; WTF?!
Amanda: Did Any know she wasn't gonna put up Howard?
McCrae: I have no idea.   If Howard knows we have no power.. then he's with those 4 and has another 6..  And I don't get the whole bible thing.. this is Fd up!

McCrae: I already spoke to Spencer.  I have so much blood on my hands.
2:29am -- This is ongoing on Camera 1 and 2.. At this point,

McCrae can hear the people behind the walls..

McCrae: (whispers) I'm trying to hear what they're saying. (louder, to camera) I hear you.

Amanda pulls him back into the bubble.

Amanda: You're gonna be fine.
McCrae: I know I'll be fine, but they are so dumb.
Amanda: We should go to bed soon..

Yay!  OK.. Go to bed!  I want to backtrack and get some VERY important stuff that went down before midnight, which is when the Overnight Report always begins...

2:37am - Cam 1
They go to the bathroom.. Brushing and gnashing of teeth..
Amanda: Andy's gonna freak out.
McCrae: Andy better freak out.
Amanda: Something doesn't make sense.  There's something f'ing up. F'ing Elissa.  But we still need her.

Amanda: Oh.. and Kaitlin said that if Jeremy goes home, she'll self-evict.

They head back to the cockpit..

Amanda: I made your bed, by the way..

They chat between kisses.. Skippy's making noise, moving the camera, zooming in. It causes McCrae to lose focus.. Amanda pulls him back in.

Interesting angle choice, Skippy.
Amanda: We're playing too hard now.
Mc: yup.
Amanda: We need to chill:
Mc: yup

Cam 1

Amanda: By the way, Ginamarie knows everything now.
McCrae: Not everything.
Amanda: Judd told her.
McCrae: Not that he didn't want her here.
Amanda: She came to me.. She was like, "I didn't know him at all."

2:56am.. To bed!  In the Have Not Room...
OK.. This concludes the Overnight Report... I'm hitting publish now for the early risers, and I'll be adding quite a bit more to the beginning of the post.



Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

I love this game..and I like the MVP twist thing. Bu it'd be a whole heckuva lot more interesting if America would pick ANYONE else as MVP for just one week. I'm just sayin'.

July 13, 2013 at 3:50 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Hostess Twinkie!

YES!!! They are returning to store shelves today in their brand new packaging @ 10 for $2.98. I haven't eaten one in years but since they haven't been available I've been craving one... or five.

By the time tuned in, any drama that was going on was over but it was easy to tell something was in the air. I'm pretty sure Howard bought the farm after being caught by Helen with a second lie. You don't lie to a mother. She will know it every time. hehe.

I have nothing of value to say. I'm only popping in before I pop off for the daylight hours or at least the morning.

I do have a question. Who is sleeping in HoH or should I ask how many? Looks like there is a body or two in the center well covered.

Also, is Jeremy wearing a jockstrap to bed? I see what looks like a 3 inch wide elastic band in just the right place. Not that I want to see it if it is but I thought some might be interested.

Good night Gorgeous!!! (in my best Streisand as Fanny Brice voice.)


July 13, 2013 at 4:17 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Elissa is horrible at this game. Helen isnt much better. Howard lies to them over and over and over and over...and they clueless.

July 13, 2013 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

The more I know the less I understand. Why did McCrae say he was MVP and put up Spencer? Why is Amanda so mad at Elissa? Amanda goes from zero to sixty and back on almost everything, I think she is dangerous. Is it really important, to their game, which one goes out first? Why does everyone seem to want align with Aaryn and/or Kaitlin? Is the alliance formed over the last couple of days already dead? If I were playing, I think the order of eviction I would want would be, Jeremy, Howard, Amanda then Spencer, McCrea, Aaryn and Kaitlin.

July 13, 2013 at 5:24 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gooood morning!! :0)

...and goodnight.. until they wake the HGs.. or 11am bbt whichever comes first.

July 13, 2013 at 5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone. First thing I do in the morning is to get coffee and turn on computer. Thank god for Carolyn or we would all be wicked behind on the goings on.. Anyways here are my thoughts for the past couple of days.

As far as gaming goes, I have to say I think this season has had the most gaming so quickly and so intense. It makes for a good season that is for sure.

I am so hoping that Aaryn goes home this week instead of Jeremy and here is why; if Jeremy stays he is a good competitor and him staying and winning another hoh would upset the whole house again, which in turn, would cause more drama, and lets face it, were all about the drama.

Now second thing. Yesterday when Helen was talking with Aaryn in the little room next to the bathroom and they were discussing nom's, I have to stay at that one point in time, my heart went out to Aaryn. Even though she is mean and nasty, you could see on her face, that deep down she is nothing but a child and the way that she was looking and smiling at Helen just told me that she does have a weak bone in her body, and from my work experiences, I have to say that she definitely had some bad experiences growing up. There is something there psychologically in her, and you can see it in her face, that something went wrong in her childhood. Having said that, I think she should be the one out the door this week to meet with Julie on the other side...ahhh cant wait for that one.

I have to say at this point in the game, I would really like to see the final 3 as, Helen, Amanda and Andy. Just my thoughts this morning.

Carolyn keep up the good work and talk with you soon. ! PS. TMZ did another report on Candice's Mom talking about Aaryn flipping the bed and mocking her. Aaryn is so F***ed when she leaves this house.. Also Evel Dick posted that he did an interview with the NY Post regarding the racial stuff going on in the house. GM and Aaryn are going to have a very hard time when they leave this house I think and if Aaryn leaves before jury I would bet money that she does not return to the finale because she will be so embarrassed.. Keep smiling all..

July 13, 2013 at 6:04 AM  
Blogger Kelley Hutton said...

I just do not understand why Amanda is freaking out if Jeremy is the actual target. That seems "sketchy" to me! Why does it matter who the 3rd nom is if they all want to backdoor Jeremy? Amanda really needs to go soon. She is starting to drag McCrae down.

Love your blog!!

July 13, 2013 at 6:06 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, NaturalGrace! :)

Good morning, GayTor! :) ♫♪♫

Good morning, Paddy :) I feel ya! It's head spinning time.

Good morning, Darlene :) Thank you very much! I'd love a linkt o the Candice Mom interview.

Good morning, Kelley! :) Thank you very much!

July 13, 2013 at 6:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Jumbo :)

July 13, 2013 at 6:21 AM  
Blogger Skeptik said...

I'm a big conspiracy theorist and I can see production hinting or outright telling Helen and Elissa not to put Howard up especially right after all the bigotgate comments have hit the outside the house world. It would look really bad if CBS allowed Howard to be evicted. So I can see them putting pressure on.

I'm not a fan of Elissa and I do think she has an unfair advantage by getting MVP every week. With an F2 alliance between Helen and Elissa, I think those 2 have so much power with the MVP nom or re-nom, it will be an easy trip to F2.

I can see this being a Girl-Power season with all the guys being picked off. They made us think it would be another Brigade blast to F4 but by getting 2 guys out the first 2 weeks, the girls were bound to figure it out and unite and steam-roll the boys (with a lot of help from AGP).

July 13, 2013 at 6:30 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

I do not understand why putting up spencer was seen as a bad choice versus Howard? And why is Amanda telling ArYan so much, possibly for info, or more for CYA if she stays?
Oh Caro thanks for the great work!

July 13, 2013 at 6:38 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

I went to bed stressed out over Amanda and I wake up stressed out over Amanda! I'm do over her!! She's too much for me and starting to show a very selfish side. Yes, she orchestrated keeping Elissa, but Helen is the HoH, not McCrae, so you can't have a fit that Helen and Elissa didn't do exactly what you wanted them to. She knows Howard is after her, that's why she wants him out, I get it. But try winning an HoH and do it, stop harassing people!! Like I said, so over her

July 13, 2013 at 6:45 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


Shockingly early wake up today!

New Top Post

July 13, 2013 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good morning Caro and all.

Caro, you are my life saver this week. It has been the week of poke and jab. In the hospital then finally home after what was to be outpatient, but ended up staying. Phone call early the next day telling me I must return to the cardiologist for an ultra sound of my left leg since it swelled up while there.

Good news in that I don't have a blood clot. Now I must return to the cardio doc Monday(30 miles each way)for the follow-up of the cardiac cath. He was able to go in via my right wrist(it's now a greenish yellow)no pain at all, but have orders of limited use of my entire right arm. I admit I'm not in great shape so find it very difficult to get up from any sitting or lying position without using it.

My feed watchings have been severely interrupted. Caro, thanks to you I feel caught up, but confused about Howard's real intentions.

July 13, 2013 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning everyone.

This game! O.O amazing how it is different for us vs. them.

I'm highly disappointed with Elissa right now. Very weak response regarding not putting up Howard. Still falling trap having weakness for a male. She prayed without him before coming to the game she can pray w/out him during the game. If you came to gain a prayer partner then head to a church. Lame.

Didn't they just have a cry fest over these two guys? I mean c'mon Helen you're heart must not be that broken.

Anyways, most often because things change so quickly thus the plans of what to do that particular week change too. I think they should try to stick to original plan get Jeremy out. Majority knows that H and S are liars making them "untrusting" for a good week then break them up the next week. Howard aka "coward."

I admire Amanda's game play. She's a brain and great match with McCrazy. Nice balance for the game.

Just as soon as they are a strong team they become divided.

July 13, 2013 at 9:03 AM  
Blogger Marcia said...

Well it's painfully obvious who got the 'killer instinct gene' among the two Reilley girls!

July 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger HighFashionsInc_Tori said...

Thank you soooo much, Carolyn, for your reports!!! There is so much going on!!! Ahhh I love it!!! Xox

July 15, 2013 at 12:17 AM  
Blogger HighFashionsInc_Tori said...

Put them in the freezer... Twinkies are super yummy frozen!!

July 15, 2013 at 12:21 AM  

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