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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!☼  Happy Sanity Sunday!  Fun night on the live feeds. :0) Let's get this Overnight Report rockin'!

Jeremy and Kaitlin

Amid sweet nothings and kisses, Jeremy and Kaitlin come up for air to stare at us accusingly..

Jeremy: There's more losers than champions.  Champions sit in a circle alone.  There's always a biggers loser's circle.
Kaitlin: I feel like an outcast in this house.
Jeremy: That's cuz they're eliminating winners.
Kaitlin: Judd came up to me and said, I heard they're gonna keep you in this house a long time.  I didn't tell anyone.. Sucks that they did.

Jeremy: All these people will be forgotten.  We won't.
Kaitlin: How do you know that? Cuz we're in a showmance?
Jeremy: Cuz you're gonna win, and I already left my mark.  I'm going out of this game a beast.
Kaitlin: Maybe you'll come back.  What're you thinkin'?
Jeremy: Nothin;' really.. Just crazy shit that went down already, and it's only been a month.
Kaitlin: You're tellin' me.  Crazier shit's about to happen too.

Jeremy: The only thing that really upsets me... Apart from going out.. is all the things you're gonna experience, and I wanna experience them with you.  I don't want you to think.. and I don't want you to take this in a negative way.. I want you to own the fact that you took me out.  I don't want any of those cowards to think they had anything to do with me leaving.
Kaitlin: That makes me feel bad.
Jeremy: I want you to be known as the person who took me out.  Just please.. own it.  There's no one else I want to have that glory.  When people look back on 15, and ask who took out the beast?  I want them to think of you.

And back to sweet nothings.. Let's check on the others..

The couch crew consists oof..

Spencer and Andy

Spencer is on his mea culpa tour..

Spencer: The plan is still to get us all to jury right?
Andy: Yeah. 
Spancer: Naturally, I'm a little nervous.
Andy: I think you're ok. HOnestly. If you prove to me otherwise, you're out of here, you son of a bitch.
Spencer: If I had done things differently, I would have wanted to include you.
Andy: Even Jeremy confirmed it.. that you wanted me to make jury.
Spencer: All of our conversations that we had were true and pure.  Do you have any doubts about me, or do you wanna move forward.
Andy: I wanna move forward.

Spencer: I appreciate it, Andy.  You're a good man.  I'm glad we didn't get to a point where we sent home someone you liked.
Andy: All is well. Don't worry about me.
Spencer: Thanks, dude. Don't worry about me. 

Kitchen cam 3
Ginamarie, Spencer, Andy,  Helen

We learn Ginamarie knows BB9 Alex, through his wife.  Talk turns to Japan, and interesting snack foods - wasabi flavored kitkats.. McCrae enters, then Aaryn, who has baked cookies for the house..

Spencer talks about how ridiculous he'll look during the comp.. Aaryn says her too.  Comp talk continues.

Spencer: I think that Judd and my picture was f'in great. Dude, Judd looked awesome.
GM: Dude!  I told him to do a cycle of steroids.  He'll look great.
**nevermind screwing with his dna and messing up his testicles.

Howard and Candice
Camera  3

Candice: You're the one exiting this relationship..  You can't hang.
Howard: I hang well, thank you.
* (blush)
Candice: When the times get tough, you're a runner.

Kaitlin and Jeremy are getting off the Hammock and heading toward bed.  Candice asks Howard to join her over there.. Skippy flips them to Camera 3.. Howard's doing the sheets.. Candice wants him over there.

Howard: You mad at me??  Take a number!

Spencer comes out..

Howard: This is gonna look like a showmance.. I'm warning you..

Candice: I would never be in something with someone I didn't know and didn't like the way they treated people.. I'm not mad at you for playing the game.  I'm mad at you for lying to me.
Howard: Should I have told.. Yes, Helen and Andy, I'm in an Alliance, and it doesn't involve you.
Candice: Will the real Howie please stand up.
Howard: I was standin' up.

BB: Helen, please come to the DR.

Howard: Thank God, cuz if she keeps hanging around them, they gonna flip her.
Candice: No.  She's strong.  You need to win HoH.
Howard: Or I'm going home?
Candice: You need to win HoH.  So I can wear the robe. You don't want to win yet?
Howard: It does secure some things.
Candice: Why would you not want to?
Howard: Actually.. it would be advatageous.. cause it's easy to be HoH right now.  TO me, Helen is making too many promises to the people we're supposed to be getting out.  If you're so big on not lying, you've just promised 2 people on the other side they're not going up.
Candice: But she's not HoH next week.. And Elissa's gonna do whatever she wants to do.  I don't like this Howie right now.
Howard: I stopped my friggin' volleyball game to come give you a massage.
Candice: Howie, you need to win HoH next week.
Howard; I don't know why you keep telling me this.. I feel like you're Helen... The way she was talking to me, "If you do this, if you do this.." I felt like an old slave.
Candice: All you need to know is I like you, and I'm working in your favor.
Howard: I'm gonna put you up.  You and Aaryn.

Candice tells Howard she's gonna give him an HoH call.. (booty call) Talk turns to Jeremy and Kaitlin having sex.  Candice thinks she heard them putting a condom on. 

Howard: So you can have sex on this show.
Candice: No. It's extremely juvenile. And him going to tell.. It's very childish.

Candice: So you're gonna win HoH, and I'm gonna come up there for an HoH call, and I'm gonna have a bath and wear your robe.
Howard: No, you're not.
Candice: Why not?
Howard: Cuz that's all I'm gonna wear.

Candice: I feel like Spencer would tell you not to hang around me.
Howard: He never said that.

Howard: I never liked Jeremy. I'm glad he's goin'.  I like to let people who like to talk talk. I keep to myself.  Just like I don't think nobody thought that I'd last in the smart stuff?  I'd much rather do better in thinking competitions than physical.

Talk turns to who he trusts.  Spencer. End of list.  Although he's cool with McCrae.  He had no love for Jeremy or Nick.  Then the argument last night where he told Amanda the only reason she got with McCrae was because he was HoH.

Candice: OK psychology major.. What's your perception of me now that you know me better.
Howard: You like getting your way.
Candice:  I listened to you when you said sleep in the have not room. I do like to have my way.
Howard: I think you'd be crazy faithful though.

This continues..  They're exploring each other..

Timecheck - 1am 

Cam 3

McCrae: I heard Jeremy was trying to throw Howard under the bus.
Amanda: That's his campaign.
McCrae: Howard's acting weird around me again..

Enough game for the moment.. Amanda wants smooches.

Amanda: I'm the Yoko of the Moving Company..  This is a boy's alliance, and my McCrae, he's a man.
BB: Amanda, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs.

Andy and Judd come in.

Andy: Jeremy in power and Jeremy in peril are very different things.
Amanda: Yeah.  He's gotta go.

Andy: Howard, however, is scaring the sh*t outa me.  I have eyes on him all the time.

Ginamarie passes by..

Amanda: She is so pathetic, I can't stand it. And he lied to her.  About everything.  Oh.. We have Aaryn.. She asked me if we could save Ginamarie too, and I said no, and she was like, ok. 

Amanda is worried about Elissa's power wielding.. She thinks Elissa will come after McCrae.  Andy reassures her/them that Elissa will be fine.  He tells her he was upstairs for all of Helen's meeting today.  Amanda asks about the one with Howard.

Amanda: Who did he say he would put up?
Andy: He said Aaryn and someone else, but he wouldn't say who.
Amanda: That's scary. He needs to give us another name before we backdoor Jeremy.

1:10 - Jessie comes in to say goodnight and ask about what time they plan to come into the HHN room.

Amanda: Howard, I don't trust at all, and they do for some reason. She should've put him up in the first place.. She f'd it up.  (to Mc) The whole reason I wanted him up was because of your stupid boy alliance, and I thought he'd be coming after you.

They all agree Jeremy must go up and out..

Andy: And if Howard doesn't win HoH, he's out.
Amanda: It doesn't make sense.  he voted her out, and she wont put him up.  And if he wins HoH next week?
Andy: Let's worry about it when it comes.

Fishies - Timecheck - 1:13am   --stretch

1:30am - Helen has now joined Howard and Candice on the Hammock. She explains the concept of being backdoored.  Howard doesn't get it.

Cam 3 flips to Amanda, Andy and McCrae

Amanda: But I couldn't put up Elissa, because then she'd put up McCrae.
Andy: We have to talk to Candice.
Amanda: Be like, you're sticking by someone who's proven he can't be trusted.

Back to the Hammock
Spencer, Howard, Candice and Helen

Helen: The Ginamarie deal is only with me. You guys do whatever you want.  But Kaitlin?  it hink the whole house has to protect her for a couple weeks.
Spencer: Jeremy's in major sappy I love you mode, trying to get her to not use it.
Helen: This is for the house, and I told her, if she does this, the house owes her.  She goes from being pond scum to being in a much better position.  If she doesn't use it, she's going home, and he's still a target.  He's gone in 2 weeks, if nothing.  She's smarter than that.  She did this comp in 7 minutes.

Helen shares with the assembled what she said to Kaitlin.

Helen: He's nasty.
Howard: That's what I told her.  Do you honestly think he would use it on you?

This is ongoing..  At 1:40, Camera 3 flips inside to Aaryn, Ginamarie and Kaitlin, snacking and talking about hair extensions..
The Hammock crew continues on 1 and 2

Helen: Why would she wanna be with such an asshole.  She's such a nice girl.  And she's a beautiful girl.  She could have so many men.

Howard mentions how relationships in the house are accelerated because you're with each other all the time.

Helen: I really think she'll realize after a couple weeks that it was the right decision.  he came to HoH room and couldn't have been nicer, and I told him, if you were like this the whole time, you would've won this game.  You lost in 23 days 500,000 dollars.  OK.. Goodnight guys.

Howard: you like me?
Candice: mm hmm
Howard: you don't like me.
Candice: I snuggle with you every night.  I wouldn't do that if I didn't like you.

Howard gets up to go play pool with Spencer.

Candice: Somebody come snuggle with me on the Hammock!!!

Cam 1

Spencer: McCrae's turned into a Romeo.  Not gonna lie.. Outside of the house, I'd probably try to f*ck the hell out of Amanda.
**Sorry dad.
Howard: Probably?!

Howard: Thank you for not letting me make that move.. Talking about alliances..
Spencer: Yeah.. It's too early.
Howard: You know the 4 of us already.
Spencer: Yeah.
Howard: Us 4 with Helen and Andy..
**which 4?
Spencer: We'll talk about it later.

Elissa gets called into the into the DR, and Spencer goes with her, so he can hop in and ask for stomach meds.

  • Judd and Andy are talking about Kaitlin/Jeremy on the couch.
  • Candice has gotten up to take Spencer's place in pool.
  • Helen's on the Hammock with McCrae and Amanda..

Pick a feed, any feed...

Helen: I was like, by keeping you, the rest of the house hates me.  What I can tell you is that I'll be protecting Kaitlin.. and he didn't care.. He was very civil when he came into the room.. He was like, I realize this is the end of my game.
Amanda: He wasn't remorseful..
Helen: Of course not.  He doesn't think he's ever wrong.  For her, I'm gonna be civil to him.. He is going home. Aaryn just told Spencer, who told me.. She's concerned Kaitlin wont use it on herself, because Jeremy's in the back room telling her how much he loves her. He's such a slimeball.
McCrae: That scares me.

Amanda: Another thing that scares me.. If Elissa wins HoH and MVP, so she has all 3 votes, is she still not gonna put up Howard?
Helen: I don't know.  I'll talk to her about it, but not yet.

Amanda: What is up with the girls in this house?  She finds out the truth about Nick and she's still crying over him? Come on!
Helen: They came on the wrong show. They were meant for the bachelor.

Helen says goodnight..  They lay down.. time for sweet nothings..

Amanda: You have such pretty eyes... 

Cam 3
Aaryn: I have someone emailing me wanting to be my sugar daddy.
Kaitlin: You do not want a sugar daddy.
Aaryn: I don't know. All I could see were his credentials.. I couldn't see a picture of him.

Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy begin to reminisce about their best times in the house..

Ginamarie: The dirty dancing.. That was a moment that all of us shared.
Jeremy: I didn't say anything about a relationship.

Ginamarie: I do.  I wanna get married to Nick.  He told me he liked me.  I was gonna go meet his f'in parents.

Talk turns to the Moving Company.. Aaryn says that all the girls were just ways for them to extend their reach, control votes and ensure jury votes.  Jeremy denies.

Aaryn: Gems, the thing is that I care about you, and I've heard things that.. I hope what you believe is true, but I keep hearing f'd up things.

Talk turns to farts.  I'm out.

Timecheck - 2:14am

Camera 3

Aaryn: Don't be saying I'm putting people down, Jeremy.  She's my friend.  She deserves to know.
Jeremy: But you keep layin' it on her.. one aftre another.

Aaryn: But look at her.
Jeremy: When someone's said they're gonna be said.  I'm not attacking you.
Aaaryn: You kind of are.
Jeremy: You're a good friend.
Aaryn: One of my boyfriends used to hit on all of my friends, and they never told me til we broke up.
Jeremy: Sounds like you've dated some losers.

Jeremy and Aaryn continue talking.. moving it to the living room.

Aaryn: What?
Jeremy: I'm just taking it all in.  It's not over til it's over, but it's not lookin' pretty.  Y'all gotta win.
Aaryn: Win what?
Jeremy: Everything.

Ginamarie joins them.. sewing her weave..

Ginamarie: They don't edit any of the live feeds?
Jeremy:  I don't think so.

Talk turns to jizz on someone's butt.

Ginamarie: How would Nick never get hard if I was laying against him?
**makes one wonder.. or it should. #eyeroll
Aaryn: I didn't have that problem.
Ginamarie: Isn't it weird how everyone in this house has a half?
Aaryn: A half?
Ginamarie: A showmance..
Jeremy: Spencer has Andy.
Ginamarie: He is a p*ssy.

Talk turns to the Moving Company..

Jeremy: Me and Nick were the only ones loyal to it. Punks.


Cam 1
Howard, Judd, Andy and  Spencer

Howard: I was like, please don't go in there.. If we go in there, someone's going home, and it's probably gonna be me. And she's like, "I want my bed!  I want my bed!"
Andy: I missed that whole thing.. I miss all the fights.

Spencer: Judd, I want to take a moment to applaud your game with Jessie.  I think you're at least gonna get a finger in her before we leave the house.
Howard: They were talking about you while they thought I was asleep.. (good stuff)
Spencer: Dude, I bet her pussy tastes like butterscotch.

Andy: I really like her.  She's a nice gal.
Spencer: Ya know on Scooby Doo how they had Scrappy Doo?  She reminds me of Scrappy.
Andy: But I hated Scrappy.
Howard: She's grown a lot in here..
Andy: If Jeremy had won HoH this week, I think he'd have been as much of an arrogant dick, if not worse. He did well in the house, but you don't come into this game bullying everyone and talking about how you're gonna dominate.
Judd: He was talking to Elissa, saying he was gonna make final 2 and win..  I was like, alright.. bye.
Andy: I just didn't like how he would bully.
Judd: And he made talking to Elissa horrible.
Howard: I was a Have Not with her, so we talked all the time.
Judd: She said how nice you were.
Howard: I even did a yoga class out here in the heat.
Spencer: But you were just staring at Jessie's ass.
Howard: True.

2:45am - Guy talk continues...  Checking the quad, we have lights out, but talking on 3..

Jeremy: I'm not giving up, but if I do go home, I go with my head held high.  People told me not to win too soon, but I can't play like that.  I'm a champion when I eat, sleep and poop.
Aaryn: This game is more about play smarter, not harder.
Jeremy: It's not hard when everyuone's a chump.
Aaryn: I'm finding that I'm not as strong as I thought I was.

Ginamarie pipes in encouragement and echoes throughout..

2:48am - On the backyard couch, Spencer, Judd and Andy are talking comps..

Andy: Which paintings confused you?
Spencer: None of em.  My fat ass slowed me down. The ones of the guys were easy, but the ones of the girls looked all the same.
Andy: I just loved those paintings.  I love the one of me and David.  I wanna put it in my apartment.
Judd: I want the one of me and Spencer.
Andy: F'in Candice told me she's gonna lay in my bed til her sheets are done. I hate her. (giggle)  I wanna sleep.

Chatter about the last HoH Comp.. They were all thrilled when Jeremy was out first... and that Helen won.

Andy: She screamed, "F*ck yeah! I get to see my kids!"

Howard returns to the couch with a snack..  Spencer goes inside to see about his medicine. After a little chatter, conversation begins to lull..

Amanda and McCrae walk across the yard.  They've been in the Hammock, off camera. Amanda goes in to bed. McCrae joins the guys on the couch for a smoke.

Andy: What was ewveryone's favorite painting?
McCrae: I liked Candice's the best.
Andy: It was gorgeous.  I really liked mine and David's too..

Spencer returns.

Spencer: Marilyn told me comin' into the house that if it would help my game to hoook up with a girl, to go ahead.
Howard: I didn't get that.

They talk about Elissa.. Great body, but they're not attracted to her.

Spencer: It's awesome she had a baby and still has that body.  I think she had it when she was like 19.
McCrae: I like curvy girls.
Spencer: I know.

Talk turns to alcohol.. Rumplemints is a favorite.. Andy says he has crazy tolerance.

Judd: Hey guys.. No matter what, we're final 13. I just hope nobody finds out about my skeeball career.

3:03am -- OK.. Judd wins best line of the night.  Again. The boys are still out there laughing on the couch, cameras 1 and 2.. and BB is having fun with them.  It's a fun flashback moment.  Go and enjoy.

3:12am Andy heads inside for bed.. Spencer and Howard tend to the laundry.. Judd kicks a ball around the backyard..
Spencer: What do you think, dude?
Judd: I don't know.  I think it should be an easy couple weeks.
Spencer: I just want us all to make it to jury.

Judd: I know it sounds mean, but if you ever get to pick have nots, pick Ginamarie.  She eats the have not food all the time.  Why not give it to someone who kinda likes it? 

Spencer: How late do you plan on stayin up tonight?
Judd: It's already 3 somethin.. I'm gonna brush my teeth n go to bed.
Spencer: I'm gonna get these clothes folded n be right behind you.

This concludes the Overnight Report.

Have a beautiful Sunday!☺  See you back here for the Sunday Show Viewing Party at 7:55pm Eastern.

If you haven't gotten the feeds yet, and you'd like to get in on the fun, here's a 2 day free trial to get you started. :0)  You too, Canadians! As of a couple days ago, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are now available to our lovely neighbors to the north, as well.



Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Miss BB Dish.

Looks like a long report. I am never on the right feed to get the good stuff. What would we do without you?

I was thinking last night (and it really hurt). We haven't had "House Rodents" for a couple of seasons now. What happened to them? They were a favorite part of each week. If you know and they are still active whisper it to us.

Nothing naughty or nice from me this morning so...

I bid you a Happy Sanity Sunday and will see you if the house has a meltdown or for the show party about 6:55 PM GCT.

Thump! ZzzZzzzZzzzz.


July 14, 2013 at 3:50 AM  
Blogger wendy2 said...

I don't understand why Amanda thinks her and McCrea are screwed? Unless they defect from the self described "misfit alliance", they're fine. Oh, and buh bye Jeremy. I hope Aaryn follows...

July 14, 2013 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Carolyn! Hi Everyone!

Here’s a question I’ve been pondering as of late---who is Judd more loyal to between McCrae/Amanda and Elissa/Helen? He’s a hard read. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is McCrae/Amanda but I hope I’m wrong.

Regarding the events of last night:

I want to like Helen, really I do. She’s making it nearly impossible though.

They have been given the opportunity to get rid of Jeremy on a silver platter and if they don’t take it they are MORONS. Jeremy reminds me of Frank from BB14 in that the chance to get rid of him will only come along once in a blue moon. (Side note: Jeremy grates on my nerves much more than Frank ever did, which I didn’t think was possible.) Personally, I think Jeremy is more resilient than Aaryn, another reason he should go this week. Aaryn will continue to implode and if Jeremy escapes this week, I can see him going on a winning streak—then they are all screwed. As much as I despise the vileness that is Aaryn, she’s a good target for next week.

Back to Helen. What was she thinking telling Kaitlyn that she and Jeremy could have the HOH room for a night before he goes? YUCK! When I heard she said that I was floored! I’m confused as to why Helen thinks she owes Kaitlyn anything if Kaitlyn takes herself off the block. Why would you promise her safety from nominations (especially when you can’t be HOH) the following week? Honestly, I don’t get the logic here. Kaitlyn is proving that she can hold her own in challenges. Why would you want that option off the table? Also, if Helen thinks that Kaitlyn would hold up any sort of deal, she’s sorely mistaken. It also annoys me that she would promise that Elissa would keep Kaitlyn safe without Elissa speaking with her first. Glad Elissa didn’t roll over and take that one like Helen thought she would.

Something else that continues to bother me---how Amanda is now dogging Elissa. Yes, I understand you were upset over the MVP nom thing but let it go. Everything turned out for the best and it looks like Jeremy is out the door. Just let it go. On the flip side of that coin, I really hope Elissa recognizes that Amanda isn’t as great of an ally as she thinks she is. It bothers me that they don’t try to include her more and I am afraid it is becoming increasingly apparent that she is only being used for her MVP power.

July 14, 2013 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger cincin said...

jeremy's arrogance drives me crazy, does he seriously think that by telling kaitlyn to own the fact that she was the one that put him out of the game, that that makes it true and the viewers are going to remember her as the one who took him out cause he said so...you need to come out of your delusional world and join us in the real world jeremy...oh i forgot, you will be on sunday, cant wait :)

July 14, 2013 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the look on the mean girls' face when their "champion" racist/sexist/homophobe, Jeremy walks out the door.

July 14, 2013 at 7:26 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning Carolyn

I think the four that Howard and Spencer were talking about was tha faux alliance McCray and Amanda made with them the night Elissa put up Spencer instead of Howard.

I definitely could be wrong but I think that's it.

July 14, 2013 at 10:22 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

One other comment....I hate the way Spencer is always talking about women. He can't seem to take the high road..it's always some gross comment about their bodies or what he would like to do to them or calling them by sickening names. Judd kinda put him in his place when he was talking about Jessie. Judd has a kinda sweet relationship with Jessie and Spencer had to bring it down to a base level

I really like Judd. He seems to have a honest respect and admiration for women

Sorry for the rambling.

July 14, 2013 at 10:39 AM  
Blogger Skeptik said...

Hopefully Jeremy goes home, but it could have been different for the MC if they had realized he was such an a-hole. Here is how I see it might have gone: The fatal flaw was getting rid of David first. Sure he might have been strong, but if they wanted to break up a showmance, then get Aaryn out first and see what happened. David would have been in and her out d maybe Jeremy and partner in the comp would not have won. Jeremy would have shown his true colors and the MC could have approached Judd as a replacement. Elissa could have been prompted to put up someone else a try to backdoor Jeremy with the full support of the MC.

As it is now, the Helen alliance has gotten rid of Nick and it looks like Jeremy has a foot out the door. They will be 8 women strong to 5 guys, so they are set to have a steam roller put to the guys. Howie is a big target and Spence is a little behind. McCrae, Judd and Andy may be the last 3 men left.

Helen has laid the groundwork by promising Kaitlin safety for a number of weeks. GinaMarie is safe for a week or 2 and she has a pseudo alliance with Aaryn, so she had made deals with everyone outside her alliance.

July 14, 2013 at 11:15 AM  
Blogger phoenixtheundying said...

Hello out there... Must be a lovely day out... No one is here...

July 14, 2013 at 1:50 PM  
Blogger phoenixtheundying said...

Anyhow... I know that Helen has Howard (and Spencer to a lesser extent) in her crosshairs, and Andy and Amanda are even more intent on getting them out. But it seemed that Andy and Helen have softened their stance, especially in light of Amanda's comments regarding Helen's true intent. Are Helen (and especially Andy) just humoring Amanda and McCrae? Or are they just as on the outs as Howard and Spencer?

July 14, 2013 at 1:58 PM  

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