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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovelies!  Happy Monday!   The HGs are still up, but I'm hitting publish now for the east coast early risers.   If you were out and about last night, and you missed Judd's release from Solitary confinement, go to 5:15pm in flashback for a nice time. :)

Also.. well before midnight, which is when the Overnight Report begins, following a birthday dinner date up in HoH, McCrae got down on 1 knee and he Amanda got BB engaged... Really cute stuff.  Go to July 21 - 8:55pm on Cam 1 or 2.

CBS Interactive Inc.Today at 12 noon BBT, the Season Pass for the Live Feeds goes away.

After today, there will be monthly subscriptions..

If you'd like to get the 2 day free trial, you can click where it says "Try it Free" on the big box.. :0)

Now let's see what our HGs got into late night Sunday..

Cam 1
Jessie: Would you rather lick the toilet seat or eat a handful out of the drain?
Judd/Spencer:  Drain.

Judd: What'd Aaryn say?
Elissa: Nothing..
Judd: If you didn't do it, I don't think anyone did.. I think America musta done it.  But why would America vote you on the block after giving you MVP for 3 weeks?
Elissa: Maybe they just didn't get it.

Cam 3

Elissa: Guys!  It's the twist!  Nick is back!!

Ginamarie cries.  Then decides it's funny.  Judd apologizes. She cries some more.  People come inside to console her.

Judd: I'm sorry, Ginamarie.
GM: It's ok. I'm ok. It's just when you hugged me, it felt like him.

Amanda: Red wine is my emotional serum.
Kaitlin: Tequila, I'm probably gonna end up bitch slapping someone..
Amanda: That's a good question too.. Is anyone a violent drunk.  I've never hit anyone in my life.  I'll shred them with my words..
Spencer: That's usually the 1st step to getting punched.

Chatter about people whose behavior changes drastically when they're drunk..  Then fighting in general..

Cam 1 and 2
Judd gives the weepy widow Uhas some hammock time.. and more physical contact than she ever got from the dearly departed.

3 and 4
Amanda, a newly BB engaged woman,  gives you a flashback worthy moment..


Judd: The only difference is, kaitlin talks about stuff she shouldn't.. Aaryn twists your words.
Ginamarie: I know.. I had to put her ass in check.
Judd: I made it as clear as I could.. (that she was a pawn) 

There is movement to get Kaitlin out, instead of Aaryn.. However, until they know who the renom will be,

Ginamarie: You know what sucks?  If he was here, he probably would've won the HoH over Helen..
Judd: Really?
**Skippy, please.. This conversation does not merit the quad. Not even a single feed. ok.. you convinced me..  I'll go make a bowl of cereal..

Cam 1 and 2 - Judd and Ginamarie remain on the hammock, talking "game" and Nick.
Cam 3 and 4 - Group Chatter on the couch..

Candice: We're not in a showmance, we're in a snugglemance..
Amanda: Do your vagina and penis snuggle too?

Andy heads inside, and camera 3 and 4 follow him as he helps Jessie and Howard cleaning the kitchen..  Lots of random people are cleaning tonight, since no one knows who the 3rd nom will be..

Andy: It's just enraging, because I feel like I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and it'll just be trashed again.
Jess: It wont be as bad though.. There wont have been a 6 course meal just cooked, using every pot and pan..

 Candice comes in to help and chat.. and hang on Howard.

Candice: Guess what, Andy?  I've never seen you clean before.
Andy: Really?  Probably because I clean up after myself every time.
Candice: I think this is an issue every season.
**it is.

Candice: Thank you, guys.. Funny, I didn't even get a thank you from Amanda.

Howard and Candice flirt over dishes..

Howard: Who said that?
Candice: This chocolate boy I know.
Howard: Chocolate boy.. Is that a racial slur? (he's kidding)
Candice: Dark chocolate.
Howard: Dark chocolate is better for you.  Milk Chocolate just tastes better.

 Kaitlin comes in to help clean a bit too.. Everyone's pitching in 2 or 3 minutes..

Kaitlin: I would've gladly been a have not last week.. I would've taken someone's spot.  I just don't want to play to lose a competition.

Candice: This week on Biiiig Brother, Amanda and McCrae get hitched!

1am - It's raining!

Cam 1 light banter.. 
Judd: I'm gonna teach you how to be tough
Andy: I am tough!
Judd: When you're tough, you feel no pain, you feel no sadness..
Andy: So you wont be sad when I put you up next week?
Judd: No.  I'll be pissed.

Jess:  Ohmygah!! I'm obsessed with rain!

All the rain lovers

Spencer: ♫Never liked the rain til I walked through it with you!
Jess: That was nice, Spencer.
Spencer: That's Clint Black.  He played a couple years ago.. That's a pretty big name for a festival in Arkansas.
Jess: Remember last time it almost rained and everyone moved the pillows inside?
Spencer: McCrae moved the Hammock in..

Andy: Well, at least the fly swatter's clean.  I can use it as a spatula in the morning..  That ring is stunning. Where is Elissa?
Spencer: Crazypants.  She's in cohoots with Helen.. Kim Jung Il.

Amanda: Why is she so pissed tonight?  I think it's because I bit your fat roll.

Amanda: When Elissa smiles, I feel like I have to run the other direction.. It's like the joker.
Spencer: Exactly.
Amanda: Like shaking and shitting my pants.
Judd: She was stoked.. And other times, she was acting like anyone else.
Amanda: You have to go with your first instinct..

Judd: America's been voting her MVP all these weeks, and then they say, who do you want to vote as the nominee, and they put her out?  That makes no sense.
Andy: Yes it does! Probably as many people don't like her as do, and all of her fans probably voted for Aaryn or Kaitlin to go up.. and the rest split their votes between all of us.  They've probably been voting since before they knew who the noms were going to be.
**smart cookie.

Amanda: I felt from the beginning.. I think she nominated herself, because she knows people kept her here the 1st 3 weeks.
Spencer: It's all the same people who kept her here.  Why would she be concerned?
Amanda: Maybe the person who got MVP has immunity for the week.

Candice: McCrae, you're a superfan.  What do you think?
McCrae: I don't know.. Usually they say, "A power's unleashed in the house,"  She only said, "expect the unexpected."  I think America's MVP.

Andy: Think about it.  If you were watching the show this season.  I would put Elissa up.
McCrae: Think about it.  All the votes for Aaryn are moot..
Spencer: So the replacement nominee would be the next closest to her..  Helen.
Andy: But Helen also got Jeremy out.. So they may like that.
McCrae: After Elissa and Aaryn, I'm guessing the votes are pretty evenly distributed between the rest of us.

Timecheck -- 1:22am

Aaryn: I can't wait to go home and watch the live feeds and just crack up. Like, what was I thinking.

Andy: So.. we need to stop the Nick jokes. Apparently they make her cry.
Spencer: I wonder if she's ever been called VaGinamarie..

Amanda: You're like ♫thank GOd I'm HoH.. Thank God I'm HoH.
Judd: I guess so with the nom tomorrow.

1:28am Happy chatter resumes.. About the HoH Comp last week..

Cam 1
Andy: With Kaitlin, I'm worried, because she used to come to me for information, and she doesn't anymore.
It's worrying me.
Amanda: I think Kaitlin, Spencer and Howard are in an alliance..
Andy: Candice thinks you and Elissa staged your fight last night.  Jessie sees you talking to a lot of people and it worries her.
Amanda: She's so jealous.
McCrae: Regardless.
Andy: Even so, I think she's very straightforward.

Amanda: ok.. I really do think That Kaitlin, Spencer and Howard are in an alliance.  I don't know with who.. I'm assuming Candice.
Andy: Howard tried to forma an alliance with me tonight..
Amanda: Howard came up to me tonight, and he was like, people are concerned that you and McCrae are forming alliances through the entire house.. which is what they're doing.. Howard's like, going out of his way, trying to give me advice, making it look likehe's looking out for me.
Andy: I don't know if they're alliagned with Candice though.. Ithink she genuinely likes me..
Amanda: Kaitlin is definitely alligned with them though.. You can tell. Howard needs to GO. With the Nick situation..
Andy: We just need to see who the nominee is tomorrow.
Amanda: I think Elissa's the MVP and I think it's Howard.
Andy: If we're gonna make that move, we just have to make sure we have the numbers.  He tried to align with me and Judd..
Amanda: Who has he not made an alliance with?  I'm sorry you guys feel like I'm pushing this..
Andy: I'm starting to get nervous about it.. I'll call him out.. I'll be like, who here has an alliance with Howard?  i do!
Amanda: I 100% know.. I can feel it.. Aaryn would do anything if we kept her here.

1:51 Judd joins them in the cockpit..

Amanda: Finally! Howard pulled me aside and said I need to lay low..
Andy: Howard threw your name out there..
Judd: I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette.. This room sucks.
McCrae: There's no point to any of this til we know who's the MVP.  If you push it now, then they're gonna come after you.
Amanda: Aaryn literally has nobody.  That's why she's come to me and McCrae.  Kaitlin is gone now.. She's with Spencer and Howard.
Andy: I was talking to her yesterday.. Something was off.

Amanda: I'm not gonna say anything more about Howard. I'll let you handle it.
McCrae: There's no point.  If he doesn't go up, it's not happening.

Amanda is sticking to her guns re Elissa still being the MVP, thinking Elissa's just covering because she felt so uncomfortable...

Amanda: Howard will do anything..

McCrae: I'm gonna go mix in.. and then go upstairs..
Amanda: Ok.

Candice comes to the cockpit.. A hush falls over the room..

Amanda: I'm excited to design the dress, Candice..  I don't want to have the wedding til next week.
Candice: Her mama and daddy can't come to the wedding, but all America can watch.. It's gonna be like, Vera Wang, move over. Candi is here. I'm giving myself a Snooki bump.

Judd, Howard, Spencer
We join this conversation in progress..

Howard: I was thanking her for not putting me up last week, and she was like, it's not me..

Aaryn joins them in HoH..

Aaryn: It was the highlight of my day.  (deep breath)
Spencer: Are you ok?
Aaryn: I'm just so panicking.
**there was a bug, apparently.

Talk turns to bug, bat and assorted critter stories.. 

Cam 1
McCrae, Andy and Amanda

Chatter about laughing fits at inappropriate moments..  McCrae leaves and Andy and Amanda continue with whispered game talk..

Amanda: You know.. Whether it makes me seem shady or not.. Aaryn has no alliances.  We know Howard's making alliances all over the house.  We know Kaitlin's working with him.
Andy: We've got the 2 of us.. I'm gonna pull Helen aside tomorrow and tell her about Kaitlin.
Amanda: Have you heard that I'm going up on the block?
Andy: No.. People are all nervous.   Jessie pulled me aside this morning..
Amanda: Why did Spencer pull me aside this morning.. You cannot trust Howard and Spencer at all.  They're dangerous together..

**Honey, it's jut hot air til someone's in the 3rd nomination seat.
Amanda: They want to make sure everyone's on the same page (getting Aaryn out) just in case one of them goes on the block.
Andy: I think Kaitlin is working with them.
Amanda; 100%.  Why else would Spencer say to me, tell me if you hear anything about Kaitlin, and I'll tell you.

Amanda: Every move we've made in this game has been dangerous.  We have to go with our gut.
Andy: And my gut is telling me Howard's trouble.  But I'm also worried if you or I go up, they'll rally people against us.  If one of us goes up, we have to get rid of Aaryn.. We wont have the votes to get rid of Kaitlin. 

Amanda: My only loyalties are to you, Judd and McCrae.  It's like a Godsend that Judd heard that Helen came out of Kaitlin's mouth.

Cam 1
After brief Fishies, it's McCrae and Amanda in the cockpit.. He tells her Candice was in the bathroom while they were talking, and closed doors mean shady business.. So she should be aware.

According to McCrae, all are now on board with getting Kaitlin out, instead of Aaryn, and Helen knows and is on board as well.
**It's a LONG time til Thursday.. and they don't know who the renom is yet.

They move into the kitchen.. Chatter with Kaitlin..

Amanda: Dude, I can't believe Candice wears that on her ear.  It's like a car tire. 


Spencer, Judd, Ginamarie, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Andy joins..

BB: Stop singing!
Judd: Sorry Big Brother.
Kaitlin: You weren't signing.
Judd: I was in my head, though.

Cam 3
Howard and Candice

Candice: Whatever.  What does it matter if we walk out of a room together?  I'm not a hider Howie.
Howard: Ain't nobody hiding.

Candice: Why couldn't we walk out together?
Howard: It wont happen again.  Maybe I over-thought it. Aint nobody dismissing you.. We gonna do every f'in thing together.. If you mad, you got somethin' against me, tell me.  Don't poke your lips out, go to bed and say nothing..

Candice pushes.. Howard continues to apologize..

Candice: It's over.  I just don't like to be dismissed.

Howard apologizes so much he gets annoyed.. and disrobes..

**hello! I'm awake now!

We join this conversation in progress.  Topic: Cattiness about Amanda and McCrae using the HoH Room last night.. 

Ginamarie: Sorry I feel like that, but that's just disgusting.

Judd: Ya'll 2 talked to me for a long time.. You never come.
Kaitlin: yeah I did.  It's not like I forgot about you.
Judd: Candice didn't come. Andy came once.. He said, Hey, Boo, this is Candice!

Howard sticks his head in for a minute to say goodnight, and asks Spencer to go outside..

Aaryn: They're buddies.. You know that.
Ginamarie: yeah
Judd: But that's odd..

Spencer returns.

Ginamarie: Are you MVP?
Spencer: Howard is.  He's gonna put me up.

Chatter about family and friends watching at home..

Kaitlin: I've definitely had my ass out, had my boobs out, been nearly voted a skank on tv..
Spencer: Think it'll help your career?
Kaitlin: Maybe..

Ginamarie: If they have some kinda f'in wedding, I'm not goin.
Kaitlin: She's like livid that the whole house supports their showmance.
Spencer: I will say this.. In my opinion, it's pretty brazen for 2 people to be so openly together when the 1st 3 people to leave were in showmances?  TO write your names together on the bathroom door.
Kaitlin: But they have Elissa on their side... so it doesn't matter. Every single person in this house is a pawn from her.
Aaryn: When the attention gets taken away fronm her, she doesn't like you anymore.
Judd: She never talks to me anymore, unless it's to ask me about my DR session.
Ginamarie: I can't believe she f'in stiff-armed me (after she was named the 3rd nominee).  She hugged everyone else but me.  I was like, wtf did I do?

Kaitlin: We all went and talked with her, and she was like, do you think Aaryn is MVP?  I'm like, no, Aaryn would be much more strategic than to put you on the block iwht her.  She nominate herself.  This is what she wants.
Spencer; It would be such an honor to get MVP.. for me..

Kaitlin: It was a genius game move on her behalf.
Spencer: It would be, if she was a better actor.
Kaitlin: Let's see who goes up tomorrow.  If Elissa is MVP, she'll put Howard up.  She was like, MVP can nominate themselves. The minute she said that, I was like, you know the rules.. No one else does.  The minute she said that I was like, she's MVP, Howard's going up.
Ginamarie: It was already f'ing planned.  Like, do you want me to take out a script for you people?

Mad speculation continues.. 

Aaryn: Those mangoes are soo bad.  Those mangoes.. make me see things alot more clearly..
BB: Aaryn, you are not alllowed to talk about your DR sessions..

Spencer: How nervous do ya'll get when those pictures start popping up.
Kaitlin: SO nervous.
Aaryn: I was looking at other people's faces.. No one looked suspicious at all.  No one.

While most of the wakeful HGs are gathered in HoH speculating about Elissa, Jessie is on cam 1, enjoying some peace outside by the jacuzzi..

Ginamarie: Ya know what it is, people are weak in this house.  I'm not weak.  Everyone kisses her ass and hides beneath her.  She shoulda been gone the 1st week.  Jeremy woulda been here, Nick woulda been here..
Judd: I woulda been gone.
Aaryn: The Moving Company woulda still been in business.
Ginamarie: Yup!  I woulda had moving company over her.
**you're an imbecile.

Ginamarie: It was Amanda's fault.  She broke it up.
Kaitlin; Amanda didn't break it up.
Aaryn: Yeah she did.

3:21a Ginamarie continues to sing the praises of the Moving Company.. My fingers are worth more than this.

Spencer: There's 9 weeks left, there's 13 people.. There's room for 1 fast forward, or maybe 2..
Aaryn: There could be more if they bring someone back.
Spencer: I don't think they will.
Aaryn: Sometimes if..
Ginamarie: (interrupts with nonsense)
Spencer: To bring someone back, they'd have to sequester em..
Aaryn: They did that.. They had the 1st 5 people evicted.. The one that Cassie was on.. Those people got to compete to get back in the house..

Ginamarie: Do you think this unexpected thing is gonna happen during the live show or before.  How does a double eviction work?
Spencer: (explains)
Kaitlin: I would think the MVP thing would be gone by then.  When it goes away, can we get rid of her?
Ginamarie: We coulda gotten rid of her the 1st week, if people would listen to me.

Talk turns to this past HoH comp...

Ginamarie: The only person that wasn't happy for you was Amanda.  She was pissed that McCrae didn't get it.
Judd: Why didn't you tell me til now?
Kaitlin: They weren't.  They were gonna throw it for me this week.  They're very conniving.
Judd: Why didn't she win it then?
Ginamarie: Because she sucks.   I just feel bad for the kid.. (McCrae)

cam 3
Talk turns to when they all lost their virginity.. 
Aaryn 15, GM 16, Spencer 21, Judd 14 or 15.. 

HoH Pictures..
Judd: I don't understand why they put pictures of me. 
Ginamarie: I want a poster sized one of myself.

The collective lack of knowledge with regard to the locations of Ivy League Schools..

GM: The Met is in New York.  That's the museum of.. That's a museum.

Judd: I didn't care about them sleeping up in HoH.  The only thing I cared about was my blanket from home being used by other people (Candice)

Aaryn: I wish you weren't in a showmance, so I could snuggle with you.
Judd: I'm not.
Aaryn: But Jess would get pissed.
Judd: That sucks.

Talk returns to Families.. and how they'll feel about other HGs.. Most say their parents will hate Amanda, and Ginamarie's delusion about Nick extends to her parents.  Spencer thinks/hopes it'll raise his status with Marylin's parents..

Cam 3/3
The Elissa hate rises to a new level in the HoH Room, with speculation from Aaryn  about inconsistencies regarding the age of Elissa's child...  Since her husband has a child of the same age, Aaryn says that Elissa must've been his mistress before she was his wife.  She adds that all of  Elissa's judgmental behavior is really just masking guilt over her own past indiscretions. 

Ginamarie: I would love to compete with Rachel.  Tell that bitch to f'in bring it. I'll take on every muthaf*cka.  I don't care.
**I wonder if Aaryn will share her muzzle.

The HoH Crew is still at it.. 
Kaitlin: Who would we have to put up to kick a leg out from under Elissa?
Ginamarie: McCrae and Amanda..
Kaitlin: Amanda.. but that would put such a huge target..



Blogger lscott said...

Caro great over ought report

GM is close to being one of the dumbest house guests of all time, actually other than the knife wielded, can anyone name anyone dumber?

July 22, 2013 at 4:35 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

You didn't like my name for your alliance with shi shi, etc


July 22, 2013 at 4:36 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggg. These people are all idiots. Could we please just fast forward to the finale.

July 22, 2013 at 4:48 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Grief! These TOR's get longer and longer every night. I don't know why your ears don't fall off and your fingers swell up 6 times their normal size,and your brain just explodes in all directions from all that and more. I had to turn it off about 3:30 BBT. I couldn't take the fish and horse laugh and the nightly routine in the cockpit.

Good Morning Dish Mistress. I lay prostrate on the floor before you. Please use my body for a footrest.

How's that for adoration and appreciation for all you do?

I'm off to read now to see what I missed by listening to the wrong feed as usual.

I can't do this tonight because I have a morning appointment on Tuesday, then an afternoon appointment on Thursday. I have to get back to what other people call normal. It's not normal or natural to me at all.

I'll be back by the time we are waiting for the aftermath of the PoV Ceremony hopefully.


July 22, 2013 at 5:14 AM  
Blogger plasticgoat said...

Morning dishers! Hoping production gives GM a challenge forbidding the use of any four letter words beginning with the letter "f" for 24 hours. She would implode. I think it would be impossible for her, but highly amusing for me.

July 22, 2013 at 5:23 AM  
Blogger plasticgoat said...

Morning dishers. Wondering who will be the subject of trash talk today. It was Elissa when I went to bed but it morphed to Amanda by the time I woke. Never a dull moment.

July 22, 2013 at 5:30 AM  
Blogger plasticgoat said...

Good morning dishers! I went to bed and the Elissa bashing was in full swing. I woke up and it had morphed into Amanda bashing. It is at times, hard to keep up with who the house is hating on at the moment. Wonder who will be the recipient of todays rage?

July 22, 2013 at 5:45 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I doubt anyone would care if you omitted GM from all updates. She really is one of the most pointless HGs ever. At least kathy was quiet

July 22, 2013 at 6:34 AM  
Blogger lee said...

GM Carolyn!! Hey...did anyone notice that Am/Mc didn't even wash the sheets yesterday morning after sleeping there when Judd was in solitaire? Yuck...and rudeness!!

July 22, 2013 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger Patti Z said...

Good morning, Carolyn. Thanks for the great TOR. I'm sure everyone appreciates them as much as I do.

OK, I want to say that I have been an Elissa fan from the start because of my tendencies to root for the underdog. Same thing with Howard. But, both of them are starting to lose favor.

However, I think Elissa is getting a bad rap mainly because of her awkwardness and inability to handle the stresses of this game. I kind of think Production tipped her off on what was about to happen on Saturday morning and that's why she was acting so weird before the initial ceremony. Then, her social ineptitude just caused her to kind of freak out all day. I don't condone the catty remarks she made to Amanda, but remember that she had just found out during the day that Amanda was conspiring with people to NOT take her off the block if they won POV. Further, I think she suspects that Amanda and McCrae are only using her for her MVP vote (which they are), so that leaves her with only Helen. Again, I think she had multiple opportunities on Sunday to do damage control with a lot of people, but she is too self-absorbed to realize that she is condescending and hurtful. I really don't think it is intended to be hurtful - she just doesn't get it. In any event, her personal feelings about people may be on target, but her game play is pretty awful. For that reason, she can go now and I won't be sorry.
As for Howard, I believe he is playing Candice for all its worth, and I get it (Dan did an excellent job of this with Danielle, don't forget). But, I think a line has been crossed in this instance. I want Candice to wake up and smell the coffee, because she is so much more intuitive when she isn't blinded by Howard's BS. Won't that be fun to watch? Woman scorned is one thing, but I bet Candice scorned is something else again!
OK, gotta go work now. Just wanted to share. Would love to have an Amanda brain dump, but that would take another four paragraphs. :)

July 22, 2013 at 7:08 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Lovely! Hope you had a good night. Any thoughts for the Grendon, Lee, Carolyn and ShiShi alliance name? I'm afraid for my girl Amanda. She needs to calm down a little bit but I just don't think it's in her nature. I think that's why I like her so much though.

I think of her and McCray's relationship as kinda like Jeff and Jordan except in reverse. lol

Have to do a little work today (I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing the books for 3 plant nurseries). I'm the only one in the office so I can watch the feeds and read BBDish just about all I want except when those pesky customers have the nerve to interrupt!

Lee welcome to the alliance! The more the merrier.

July 22, 2013 at 7:32 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Everyone!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel BB fatigue yet? I think this has to do with all the controversy, back and forth alliance making, snarky behavior, etc that we've been privy to this season. I can't believe there are 8 weeks (give or take) left in this season. That seems like a lifetime in BB! :) Usually I don't feel this way until there have been more evictions--hard to believe there have only been 3 so far!

July 22, 2013 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger rauni said...

**I wonder if Aaryn will share her muzzle.

Bwhahaha! Hysterical!

July 22, 2013 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger krisserpisser said...

Thanks for the recap Carolyn! I love all your inner monologue quips...** laughing hysterical.

You are the best...can't wait to see who the renom is!

July 22, 2013 at 8:05 AM  
Blogger rauni said...

**I wonder if Aaryn will share her muzzle.

LMBO! Good morning Caro!

July 22, 2013 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

G'morning Dish Goddess Carolyn. These HGs never stop. Like some of the others said, it feels like this BB season has been longer than 3 evictions. I'm loving it though. Without a doubt, I agree with the others who say GM might be the most clueless BB HG of all time. For that reason alone, I am hoping she makes it to jury...to drive everyone else nuts! LOL! I am hoping the BB gods make Howard the next MVP ReNom. He is nice to look at, but that's about it (from my perspective). I hope they let us know early today who the next MVP ReNom is. Otherwise, it is going to be a really long day! Have a great one everyone and thanks for all you do for us, Carolyn! You are the best!

July 22, 2013 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBDishers!! I missed the Viewing Party last night and the nighttime antics as well. Thank our esteemed Dish Goddess for TOR (and every other update she seemingly tirelessly provides). Just getting to the TOR comments...

@plasticgoat- Indeed that would be a super challenge for GM. And might we add another four letter word that starts with 'N'? Why she'd be checked for laryngitis for sure!

July 22, 2013 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I haven't come up with an alliance name because these HGs have my head spinning and my heart jumping. I don't even know who to focus on at this point.

I am going to say that I think there is something very fishy going on behind the scenes. Anyone who is not a t.v. only has known for years that the DR can have a certain influence over HGs. We know twists are thrown in when it looks like the person we love or love to hate is going home too early in the season. We know certain comps are geared more for certain people. I always take it with a grain of salt. This year, I believe more than ever that BB is playing heavily into what happens.

After the racism scandal, I think they have a certain storyline they want to push right down to random tweets from Rachel. "The showmance between Candice and Howard is so cute." Just a couple days earlier she had tweeted about being such BB nerds that they set things up so they could watch the feeds on their t.v. screen. If Rachel has been watching the feeds then she knows there is no showmance between Howard and Candice. It is completely one sided. She likes him-he is using her.

Yes, I am team McManda. But I also like Andy. I am waiting until I know what kind of game Judd is playing to make a final decision although he has been one of my faves. I just think that right now the show is being slanted to tell a story that BB wants to tell and the only way they can tell that story is to keep Howard safe.

I will probably never give up on BB. I will however, not help them with their ratings. I will not watch the show as it airs. I will catch it on the on demand channel or I will DVR it but make sure my tv channel is not set to CBS while the show is airing. Frankly, if they don't start giving certain people a more realistic edit, there is no reason to watch the show at all. I can get all the info I need from you and from the feeds.

Also, I have decided that I am leaning towards wanting Amanda to go up as Elissa's replacement. If she survives the week it could actually work to her benefit and may be the downfall of Howie as I am sure he won't be able to stop himself from pushing to get rid of Amanda and keep Aaryn. If she leaves, good for her. Some of these people have taken it far beyond game and made it really personal. And it may have the same affect as far as causing all of these other alliances, sub-alliances and side alliances to implode. There are at least a couple people who are going to be very upset to see Aaryn stay regardless of who is on the block. I think Howie is overplaying and assuming no one else is smart enough to figure it out.

BTW-I am referring to Howard as Howie because Spencer said he hates that name. Obviously Candice doesn't know him as well as she thinks she does.

July 22, 2013 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

@lee - I wondered about that. May I say EEEEWWWW and I agree, total rudeness McManda!!!

July 22, 2013 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger x said...

Long time reader and I usually can figure it all out but what set Candice off last night to be mad at Howard. They were in the kitchen cleaning and hours later he is apologizing? Anyone know what happened.

July 22, 2013 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I just wanted to add, since I know it seems like I will stick up for Amanda no matter what-

I am fine with her edit. I think she can be way too bossy, too paranoid, but also entertaining and funny.

What I don't like is the things that get left out. Amanda wasn't the only one to pressure Judd. He was originally dead set on nominating Kaitlin/GM. Amanda wasn't the one who pressured him to change it to Kaitlin/Aaryn.

But most obviously, what I find infuriating is Howard's edit. I don't know if he was never really the 'nice guy' or if he is losing himself in the game but he certainly is not a nice guy now.

July 22, 2013 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

@Patti Z - Re: Candice & Howard. So many people are blaming Howard for playing Candice. IMO, she is equally to blame. Before he started paying attn. to her, she had her two cents to add about the other showmances in the house and who was using whom. She's smart enough to realize that Howard started easing up to her at the same time he was "in trouble" with Helen and needed a way back into the fold. She let her attraction get the best of her. And I don't dislike Candice at all, but I think Howard is getting a bad wrap for what's going on between them.

@Shi Shi - I don't think McManda can compare to Jeff and Jordan. J&J's friendship/showmance developed slowly and naturally. It was so innocent and they were very discreet (Grandpa said "no booger"! LOL!)With McManda, it was an orchestrated move on her part for game. She pounced on him, took over his HOH and he hasn't been able to detach himself yet. Not that he wants to now. I do believe genuine feelings have developed between them, but no where near the innocence of our BB super couple. :-)

July 22, 2013 at 9:06 AM  

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