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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday! The HGs will have a PoV Competition at some point today, but before that, they'll find out who the MVP Nom is and pick the PoV Players.  It was quite an eventful late night on the live feeds.  Let's dive right in... Cameras and Times are provided so you can view any scene on flashback.

As we rejoin our HGs at 11:56pm on cameras 1 and 2, Howard is approaching Amanda and McCrae about an alliance with him and Spencer.  We join this conversation already in progress.

Amanda: Helen was a little dictatory..
Howard: Absolutely.  I knew she'd fall from grace.
Amanda: Everyone handles it differently.  When Aaryn was up there, I was never up there. 

Howard: When you bring cattiness into it, you're going home.  I just wanted to see where we were with y'all.  I'm not gonna lie.  Whatever ya'll need, we can make it happen.  If y'all need Elissa gone, we can make it happen.
Amanda: I'm Curious to see what this twist is gonna be.. I think it's something to do with the MVP.  Usually, by this time of night, she's been called to the DR, and she hasn't.

Howard: I think I've shown I'm better.. and with challenges, I would like to show myself better with the mental ones, just for people on television, to show I'm not a dumb jock.  I just wanna know when ya'll are up there, I don't need to be.  I just want to know we're cool.
Amanda: No, we are cool. I'm very clear-headed, and I'm very aware of Elissa.. I know how dangerous she is and I know how powerful she is.  We still have to see what this twist is.  If she gets MVP every week, it's too easy.  They have to change it.  It's too easy. For her.
Howard: I have nothing against her.. We've never had words, but I wanna be like, ok, at some point you have to fight for something. You're not gonna talk down to me.  I'm not gonna get out by someone being uppity with me. (paraphrasing)
Amanda: She's scary like that.  She does not accept being told what to do.. I'm gonna be honest with you.  She's had a really, really, really...

**Fishy life?

Howard: ..social skills and people look up to you.  I would never say anything to hurt anyone.  Don't tell me we're gonna high five when I'm sitting there next to Kaitlin.  We'll high five in the hallway.  You don't have a personal vendetta against people who don't do what you like.
McCrae: She's the scariest player in the house.. because of that power.
Amanda: I think that's her role here, and when it's gone..

Howard: Alright, I just wanted to know I have you guys backing.  I'd like to get to the 13,000. I know who's smart in the game.  I know who thinks they are, and they're not.

Amanda: ..loyal to those 7 people that were in that room.  None of the people who've left out of the house have been from that alliance, so obviously that's..

12:12pm Howard leaves..

Amanda: At least.. We just cannot get power.  We have to let the other people..

Cam 1
Andy, Judd, Helen, Jess

Jess: Judd, are you feelin' ok?
Judd: Yeah, I'm tired but I'm not sleepy.
Helen: Being HoH is tiring.  Between the Have Not and the Nominations..

Helen covers Judd, as if to tuck him in..

Helen: This is what I do with my boys.. No book tonight, Judd.

Andy: It seems like she's nervous that she hasn't been given the MVP title yet.
Judd: I bet he got it then.. (howard)  Are you going outside?
Andy: I'll probably be where people are.
Judd: Yeah, I'll probably be there in a minute.

Judd closes his eyes.. I wish him sleep, but Jessie comes in making noise.. then lies down next to him..

Jessie: I wish I could sing. Guess what happened earlier?  My flipflops broke.
Judd: You can wear mine.
Jess: THey're too big.
Judd: You think Howard got the MVP?
Jess: Why would Howard get the MVP?  Even if he did, you wouldn't have to worry, cause you're HoH.
Judd: What if he put you up?
Jess: Then you'd have to worry.  Your ass'd have to win PoV tomorrow.

Jess: Why do you think it's him?  Because he got called to the DR? Why her?  We're hot.  We're now.  They're like 2 years ago.  There's 11.5 million viewers of the show, and they only have 100,000 fans.. if just a few of those would get on their computer and vote for meeeee..

Judd: Are you bummed you're a Have Not?
Jess: yes.  Can you save me some of your Captain Crunch for when I'm not a Have Not?

He puts on Howards glasses.

Judd: Do I look nerdy?
Jess: You do.  Nerdaliscious.

12:25am  - They head downstairs. Cam 1 goes to Aaryn.

Cam 3
Backyard - Couch
Jess, Judd, Elissa..
BB: Elissa, please go to the Diary Room.

Jessie: Let's make up other names for MVP.
Spencer: Most Vile P*ssy.
Jessie: Most Vicious Penis.

Skippy flips us into the Cockpit with Amanda and McCrae...

Amanda: It's reverse psychology.  Like, if I was lying I'd... There's so many girls in the house.  That's why he wants one to go.
McCrae: That's what's got Judd on that kick.

Then back to the backyard.

Spencer: You better be nice to me.
Jessie: Why? Are you MVP?
Spencer: I wish.
Jessie: Well, there's 11.5 million viewers.. If they'd just get off their asses, they'd beat the 100,000 person Brenchel Army.
**you're a shoe in now.

Candice: If I diet, I just lose my butt and my legs get flabbier.
Howard: I guess you're not doing the right thing with your legs and but then.
Candice: You gonna show me the right thing?

Everyone comes inside..

Kaitlin: Are you going into DR?  Why are you putting makeup on?
Aaryn: I'm covering my zits, cuz we have like 9 million people watching us.

We move into the bathroom, where Aaryn's putting on zit cream and Judd and Spencer are lying on the cushion.  Aaryn leaves, Jessie enters..

Jessie: I am the most unattractive teeth brusher ever.
Spencer: You look like a rabid dog.

Cam 1

Amanda: He also admitted that in that room, he was basically offering protection to thoise girls.
Judd: Both of them.
Amanda: Yes.
Judd: He did the same thing with me.

 Body flip!  McCrae and Juss leave, Andy enters.. Amanda tells him about Howard's chat..

Amanda: He wants us me and McCrae to feel like we're in a 4 person alliance with him and Spencer.
Andy: That makes me nervous.  If he gets power, am I going up?
Amanda: No, he's going after Helen and Elissa.

McCrae returns.

Andy: It worries me that he didn't want me in here.
Amanda: He never said your name once.  If anything, he wanted to bring you and Judd in..  It seems as though he trusts us, because it's risky to throw out Helen and Elissa's name to us.  Trust me.  I still want him backdoored.
Andy: Me too.

McCrae splits for water.

Andy: Are you telling me everything.
Amanda: Absolutely.  Ask me anything.  I'm not gonna lie to you.

Andy: Has anyone thrown my name out recently?
Amanda: No one.  You're in probably one of the bext positions in the house.   I don't know what Howard wants..  but right now I feel safe with him.. If he's targeting Helen, that's one of us, so I want him gone.

Amanda: People think I'm close to Elissa, but I think she's a train wreck, and i'm not gonna be mean to someone who's like a 2 year old handling fire.

Jess comes in to announce she's going to bed.

Amanda: He was like, there are girls out there who are being catty about you.. I'm not worried about that.  I think I'm in a very good position with the girls in the house.  All I've been talking about is the goof troup. I trust you with everything.

Andy's very nervous that Howard didn't want him around for his talk.  He wants to ask Howard why? 

Andy: I'm just being paranoid tonight.. I'm worried that people are gonna be like, his name never comes up, let's get him out.
Amanda: Do you ever hear our names come up?
Andy: No..  Are you gonna tell Helen what Howard said?
Amanda: Not yet.  When we need to. 

Talk turns to Elissa...  All agree she was freaking out all night. 

Amanda: Here's the thing, if she gets out of DR and doesn't run up to one of us, we know she didn't get it.

And back to Howard..  and backdooring him.  At 12:57, Andy leaves, and Amanda and McCrae assume the position.

Cam 3
Bedtime prep

Candice: Did your sister ever say that it smelled like that?
Elissa: Sheeeee left out many details.

Helen enters, fresh from the DR.

Helen: Ok.. Now I'm going to bed.
Elissa: Did you have fun in there?
Helen: Yeah, it was fun.

Elissa goes outside to get her comforter from the dryer.  Then back in.. saying goodnight to the very loud Ginamarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn at the kitchen counter.

BB: Spencer, please come to the Diary Room.
Judd: Will you hold this open?

Elissa props it open with her body.

Helen: Judd, You still have your clothes in the Have Not Room?
Judd: Yeah.
Helen: Is Jessie sleeping? 
Judd: Yeah.  She's a Have Not.

Elissa: I really hope you get a Pandora's Box.
Judd: It could be bad.
**ok, little mr sunshine.

Camera 2

Howard: Nobody thinks you have it.. I'm not a scientist of Big Brother.. I'm jsut a fan, but some stuff you don't have to make hard.. The same 5 or 6 that get me to the jury house..
Andy: I agree.
Howard: Just think about it.
Andy: Deinifetly.
Howard: The best part of this.. I'm an advocate.  A lot of the kids or families I help are.. outsiders.. When the people who are outsiders get together.. When you were like, Why wouldn't you pick the gay guy? I was like, damn that makes sense.
Andy: I feel like, if the moving company had taken out Jeremy and put in me, it would've worked.

Howard: I like you, man.  I'm at the point now..
Andy: I have to make it to jury.  These 3 weeks are crucial to me.  I don't have my teaching job for the fall.  I need to make the jury.
Howard: I k,new my role in the group.  Now, it's different.  I need my group.. I don't care who it is.  I just want to go to bed with the right thought process. 
Andy: Howard, I'm 100% on the same page as you.
Howard: Thanks, bro.

Kitchen Counter

Ginamarie: Andy, How many people go into jury?
Andy: Probably 7.
Ginamarie: I'm kind of afraid to win an HoH and..
Andy: And then be out the next week.  Today's the 30 day mark.  It's crazy we've only gotten 3 people out.

Cam 1/2

Amanda: Do not talk game to Kaitlin.  There's no point.  Trust me, her loyalty is.. (fishies)  She's gonna go to that person and want to get you out of the house.  She will twist your words.  She knows she looks stronger.  Do not talk game to anyone. That's the only thing they have on you.
Aaryn: Yeah.
McCrae: You just have to kill the Veto tomorrow.

Aaryn: Are ya'll working with Kaitlin?
Amanda: No.
Aaryn: Then why the f*ck would she come in here and talk to you.
Amanda: She was like, Aaryn said that she heard that McCrae might not have been the MVP.. Even if it wasn't you talking game to her, it gets miscontrued.. Like, why is she telling her this.
Aaryn: I would never say that you lied.   That's ridiculous.
Amanda: All I'm saying is, don't talk game to anyone.  You're on the block.  Just say you really wanna be here.. Don't confide in anyone.. Don't act pissed off. You don't have an alliance..
Aaryn: The whole thing with Judd saying that I twist words is weird to me.
Amanda: I don't know where he got that.
Aaryn: And when I asked him about it, he said it meant nothing. And it's going around that I have conspriacy theories.
Amanda: Just don't talk.. You're not the target.. You may be for Elissa, but she's going nuts.
Aaryn: Why is she going nuts?
Amanda:  I don't know.   Just fight your ass off in the Veto.
Aaryn: Just sucks that I'm against Kaitlin.  She's strong.

Amanda: Just give beauty pageant answers.  Listening is way more valuable than talking in this house. Do not talk any more game.  No conspiring.
McCrae: Just keep your head down.
Amanda: If Judd hadn't put you up, Elissa would have.  Just don't talk game anymore. If you say anything conspiring, then people don't feel safe with you.  Just cook and do what you've been doing.

1:34am This is ongoing..  Talk turns to Elissa..

Cam 3/4
Judd and Kaitlin

Kaitlin: She has to have it.  I know other people have chances of getting it, but who would it be.
Judd: I don't think anyone has as good of a chance as her. Damn.. I need to talk to her again. I thought we'd work together.. whoever got MVP.
Kaitlin: That would be the smartest thing to do.  I don't know if maybe Aaryn got it.  I don't know if she'd tell me.  We haven't really been talking game.

Judd: I'll be right back.

BB: McCrae, please go to the Diary Room.

Judd: Elissa's freaking me out.  What if Rachel hops in if she makes it a certain amount of time?
Kaitlin: I definitely think she has a different contract with CBS than we do.  This game is for HER, and they solely focus on her.  I guarantee it. And she could be leaving.. I've heard she doesn't wanna be here for that long.
Judd: I've heard that too.
Kaitlin: And I feel like she already knows what the twist is.
Judd: I do too.  I feel like she wants to tell us, and she can't.  I wish the twist would've happened before nominations.
**we do too.
Judd: Just in case someone has some weird power.

Kaitlin: What would we do if Rachel got put in her place?
Judd: If Rachel came in, it wouldn't be any different, because people are already united.
Kaitlin: Rchel would come in here and know every single person who's talked shit about Elissa in the DR..
Judd: They would put her in sequester though..

Kaitlin: Her eyes freak me out, Judd.  How they always get super wide. She always looks like she has something to tell you.
**paging dr delicious.

Judd: What's your goal in this game? To win?
Kaitlin: Yeah.  I would still be happy if I made it to sequester though.
Judd: To be a part of the vote..

Kaitlin sets to putting moisturizer on her legs..

Kaitlin: People think Jess controls you in this house.
Judd: Yeah, I got tired of that. I'm an individual in this game.  Just because she likes me.. There's not gonna be a showmance there.
Kaitlin: That was weird today.. when she tried to come in.. during HoH meetings..
Judd: Yeah, I didn't like that.

Kaitlin: I thought that was ridiculous that Candice asked Howard to sleep in there with her.
Judd: In the Have Not?
Kaitlin: Yeah.. Who does that?  He's just using her.  I don't know about you, but I can't strand Candice.  She doesn't work hard for anything, and that drives me crazy.  I would love to get her out if I was HoH, but I don't think I'd have the votes for it.

1:50am -- Ginamarie sticks her head in, asking about some pants that were in the bathroom.. and leaves.

Judd: Aaaah.. I'm crazy nervous.
Kaitlin: Do you have bad anxiety?
Judd: (nods)
Kaitlin: I have crazy bad anxiety.  Talking about it usually helps me.

Kaitlin broaches the subject of McCrae's pseudo MVP.  Judd doesn't give anything up.

Kaitlin: Amanda and McCrae scare the hell out of me.  They're very strong together.. 
Judd: As smart as they are, you'd think they would have some distance.
Kaitlin: Andy said he was in the cockpit with them, and Howard came in and asked him to leave.
Judd: He did that to me one time too.  I thought that was really weird.
**Judd is amazing at deflecting.

Time check -- 1:55am

Andy comes in..

Andy: Elissa's swearing up and down that she didn't get MVP.

Amanda comes in.

Amanda: I've been told that I'm a possiblity to go up for MVP.
Kaitlin: Elissa swears she didn't get it.

Cam 1/2
Storage Room
Amanda and Elissa

Amanda: I just wanted to find out from you the truth.
Elissa: I'm worried about getting sleep and not getting wrinkles from Big Brother.

Amanda, Elissa, Kaitlin

Amanda: I think it's just hearsay... I'm not worried about it. I don't want to tell McCrae.  He doesn't know yet.  He will freak the f*ck out and go batshit crazy.
Elissa: I think America got a vote - who goes up on the block.
Kaitlin: Really.
Elissa: mm hmm
Amanda: If anything, there are way bigger threats and way bigger targets than me.. It would be stupid to put me up.

Elissa: I bet 100% that America got to vote.
Amanda: They wouldn't vote me.  I'm funny.
Elissa: But if Aaryn's already on the block.. 

Cam 3
Amanda and McCrae

Amanda tells McCrae..

Amanda: Maybe I should just drop it and not worry about it until we know who MVP is.. Whatever.

Amanda: Why would Elissa.. When she knows I'm not coming after her...

Amanda: I love you.
McCrae: I love you too.
Amanda: I'm a little scared.
McCrae: I'm a little scared too.  (pause)  Just need 5 votes.
Amanda: And then I can tell Ginamarie, I kept you off the block.. And if she wants to be loyal to you and to me, she should do what Judd wants, which is to keep me.
McCrae: It's a 9 person vote, isn't it? So we just need 5. 
Amanda: I'm scared.
McCrae: We'll figure this out.
Amanda: It just sucks because Judd's HoH, and we need the vote.
McCrae: It'll be ok.
Amanda: I know. I thought I was playin' this good.  But I have no control. 
McCrae: Unless someone else did get it, and they're using it because they don't get blood on their hands.
Amanda: I don't want to worry about it til I'm up there.  I don't think America would put me up.  Who would they dislike the most?  Aaryn.. Ginamarie.. Howard.. Spencer..  I'm funny, loving and nice.  We could just f'in ask Kaitlin and be like, Aaryn saud that you said this.. Where did that come from?  Why do people think we're so strong?
McCrae: Because we're a voting pair. We'll figure it out.

Cam 1
Helen and Elissa
In the dark.. 

Elissa: I think people would love to see girls play together.  It's never happened.  We just need to get rid of Aaryn, and then it'll be awesome.  Amanda's Funny and fun.. I just think there's something she's not telling us.  Like she gets money for being here.. She's definitely an actress.

Helen: We have to be really careful that we don't get blood on our hands. 
Elissa: But I like making power moves.  That's what's interesting.
Helen: I agree.. and we have been really smart the first 3 weeks..

Helen: I think now, if the twist is true, then it'll still work for us..
Elissa: And they see things we don't see.
Helen; Who they nominate will tell us a lot about..
Elissa: Our game..
Helen: Cuz they see things we don't see.

Cam 1
Spencer, Kaitlin, Andy, Howard

Up in HoH on Cam 1, Chatter about the last HoH Comp.. Amanda and McCrae enter.

Kaitlin: What up, kiddoes?
Amanda: Where's Judd?
Andy: DR.

Skittle chatter..   Amanda leaves.

Ginamarie: You guys aren't fighting are you?
McCrae: (shakes head no)

They speculate about what the live feed camera is showing right now..

Spencer: May one of Jessie's boobs fell out, and the camera's like (zoom noises)..
Andy: I just love how she's oblivious that about 70% of her clothing reveals her nipples.
Spencer: 90%
Kaitlin: I don't think she's oblivious at all.

Cam 3 and 4
Fresh from the DR.. Judd talks to Amanda

Amanda: Do you know something?
Judd: No. Elissa swears to God that she didn't get it.  I believe her too.
Amanda: I know.

Amanda: McCrae's up in your room right now.  Aaryn heard from Kaitlin..
Judd: Kaitlin?
Amanda: So.. I wanna know where Kaitlin heard that from, so we can get to the bottom of it.
Judd: Yeah. 

2:43am -- Judd returns to HoH.
Chatter, laughter..

Cam 1
Still HoH Crew..

Judd: Kaitlin, I have to ask you something after the show is over..
Kaitlin: OK, Elissa.. I mean, I wonder what that can be.. and will she even remember it?

Lots of chatter, laughter.. McCrae stays up there to be social away from Amanda, but doesn't add much to the conversations.  I believe he's also hoping for a private word with Judd.
**I'm in denial about Amanda.

3:00am --
Cam 1/2 The HoH Crew is still chattering away.  McCrae is still there...
Cam 3/4 - Candice is solo on the Hammock.

Cam 1
Chatter in HoH has moved to McCrae's birthday on Sunday.  Then gum.. They're all fans, but they can't have it in the house - bad for audio and it looks terrible on camera.  Solitary Confinement.. Pooping in a bucket.. Food in solitary confinement..

**Please go to bed, HGs.  You have a PoV Comp tomorrow.


Judd: It's gonna be nerve wracking tomorrow.
Kaitlin: you're telling me, Judd.
Amanda: You're telling me, Judd.

McCrae: Wanna go for a smoke?
Amanda: Sure.

Cam 3
Amanda: Real quick, before you go in there.. Aaryn told me that you told her that I was going up for MVP.
Kaitlin: That is a complete f*cking lie. Oh my God!!

Amanda: Ok.. That's what I thought.  
Kaitlin: Oh my God.. Can I go confront her on that?

Amanda: No.
Kaitlin: In front of you?
Amanda: No.  Because I believe you.
Kaitlin: That makes me so angry.. That's the first time that she's put words into my mouth that I'm aware of.
Amanda: As long as I know that you didn't say it.. And she just said that she heard from other people.
Kaitlin: She stirs up so much shit.  Give me the time and day, and I will confront her.

Amanda and McCrae head outside.

Amanda: Well, that's a little more soothing.
McCrae: We should go to sleep... in case you have to play Veto.
Amanda: if I even go up.  Just by Kaitlin's reaction, I believe her.
McCrae: I do too.

Andy comes outside to get the scoop.  They tell him.

Andy: Elissa's swearing up and down that she didn't get the MVP.  What motivation would she have for lying to us?
Amanda: Maybe she put Howard up?  We'll see tomorrow.

Andy says goodnight.

Amanda: I foresee us sitting down watching the screen and then a picture comes up with a question mark on it.  I'm tired.  I don't think Elissa would put me up.

3:26am Judd comes outside.

Judd:  I'm nervous that maybe Candice, Elissa and Helen are working with Howard and Spencer.
McCrae: Did you hear this?  Aaryn said that Kaitlin said that Amanda's gonna go up for MVP.
Judd: No.  Do you think Aaryn's MVP?
Amanda; no.   I know Helen wouldn't go against Andy.  I asked Kaitlin, and she was literally shocked.  She was like, that's the biggest bs I've ever heard.

McCrae: Are they still up in your room?  They're gonna wait you out..
Judd: I made a deal with Ginamarie.  She's in my pocket now.  She can keep her mouth shut.  She's super loyal.
McCrae: yeah.

Judd: Helen's actin' weird. Aaryn would vote with us, right?
Amanda:  Yeah.  Let's just wait til tomorrow.
Judd: I need to know if I need to win this Veto or not.

Amanda: I don't think Elissa would do that.. go against me.. whose been loyal to her..
Judd: She was talkin' to me today about being friends after the show.  I kinda do think America's voting..
McCrae: I do too.
Judd: But if America's voting and my nominations are there, then who goes up?  Their 3rd choice?
**I'm so glad they get this.
Judd: It'd be good if they put up Howard, because then I don't get blood on my hands.  I promised both of the girls I would take them off. Yu know Kaitlin never heard of Big Brother til they approached her.
McCrae: You have to take Kaitlin off.
Amanda: If I go up, you have to take me off.  We can only see how tomorrow goes.. This is only what Aaryn said.
McCrae; She f'in lies so much.

Cam 3 and 4
Amanda: I'm gonna brush my teeth and go to bed in case I have to win a f'in Veto conversation tomorrow.

In to the bathroom she goes.  McCrae and Judd follow.

Judd: (to Mc)  If I get HGs choice, I'll pick you for sure.
Amanda: If America's voting, there's no way I'm going up.
Judd: But with the 2 nominees..  You guys gotta kick ass tomorrow.  It's gonna be something simple for them to put up.. (backyard's still open)

Cam 1
Howard, Spencer, Ginamarie, Judd
Judd heads up to HoH to hear Howard's pitch.. He's already begin with Ginamarie..

Howard: I need a crew.  Otherwise I'm just gonna run til I can't run no more.
Ginamarie: That's exactly how I feel..

Cam 3
Kaitlin comes into the bathroom to talk to Amanda and McCrae

Kaitlin: That makes me so angry, you guys.  I mean, I knew she would try to throw me under the bus.. Here's the thing.  How would I even know? Why would the MVP tell me?

Amanda: It doesn't matter til we see what happens tomorrow.  If she heard it at all. 

Kaitlin: Maybe America is voting.
McCrae: I hope so.. then she has a chance to not be on the block.

Kaitlin: Judd's someone that we wont ever get in his head.
McCrae: He's really guarded..

Amanda still thinks Elissa's MVP.. and that she wouldn't put her up.

Kaitlin: She tried to make a deal with Jeremy.. She said if he didn't put her up, she would put you up fgor MVP.  Jeremy told me that.
Amanda: Why me, though? It doesn't make sense.
Kaitlin: I don't know.  Why am I up on the block again?  I guess because I'm associated with Aaryn.  Even if you do go up, I would worry, as long as Aaryn doesn't win PoV.  I feel like I'm the house deignated pawn right now. I'm so mad at Aaryn right now.
McCrae: We have to win Veto.

Timecheck --3:46am
Cam 3 -- 3:46am-- Amanda and McCrae crawl into bed..
Cam 1 -- Kaitlin goes back to HoH to vent about Aaryn's latest.. Ginamarie, Spencer, Judd, Howard are present.

Judd: She also told McCrae or someone that after she came up here I was laughing at her.  After the nomination ceremony, she came up here to talk.. (fishies)

Chatter up in the HoH continues..  It seems as though Howard has pulled an alliance together.  Ginamarie is certainly gung ho, and Howard is speaking as though it's a done deal.

Spencer: Ya'll just focus on the PoV tomorrow... and the 3rd nom?  We don't have any control over that.  Just see what pops up on the screen and move forward.
Ginamarie: I think we should have another meeting tomorrow, after the pov comp.
Kaitlin: I hope I win pov tomorrow..  Aaryn told me that if she looks weak to people, they'll keep her around. She's so negative.
GM: She's so negative.
Kaitlin: We really f'd up our game by being associated with her.

Spencer and Howard compare their similarities..

**Howard and Spencer - Ginamarie and Kaitlin - an alliance made from the ashes?  Perhaps they can call themselves Phoenix Rising.

Judd: Now I'm kinda thinking, if we get the Veto, we should keep it the same, because no one's gonna vote you out ver Aaryn.
Kaitlin: are you positive?
Spencer: 100% you are safe.
Kaitlin: Helen and Andy would not vote me out.
Judd: Jessie wont either, if I tell her not to.

Spencer: We can't even discuss, speculate or worry.  I'm keeping you in this house.  You play hard.  After the POV competition we'll know more.
Kaitlin: Can we come up with a name?  Young grasshoppers?
Howard; I aint sayin' shit about no names.
Kaitlin/GM: Hahahaha!

4:14am - They're still at it up in HoH.. I don't know how solid this new alliance is, but it's sounding pretty real for the moment. 

This concludes the Overnight Report.



Blogger GaYToR said...

HA. Concludes? You could put the last hour of transcription on a loop and let it run another hour at least. Lather Rinse Repeat.

Good Morning Goddess of the Dish.

I'm so glad to see your extra long TOR. I took about a 3 hour break because I couldn't take it anymore. When Amanda started her sucky noises and it could be heard on all 4 feeds I had to turn it off.

Weekend Skippy has been a major pain tonight too. At one point he gave us all 4 feeds on Amanda and McCrae as they got revved up in the cockpit.

But you knew that since you are transcribing live all night this year. Can't give you enough credit for doing it this way.

Was that another hint by me for everyone to hit the Tip Jar? I believe it was.

If you don't use PayPal there are other ways to send your money to Florida. Message Carolyn and she can tell you. You can message her on Twitter or Facebook, or even here. Just write at the top of your post...**NOT FOR PUBLICATION** and she will see it but not publish it.

This has been another totally unsolicited message brought to you by GaYToR and you can be sure I will do it again a few times in August if not before and you will see it in September too.


July 20, 2013 at 4:41 AM  
Blogger Wolfe13 said...

Please don't let Amanda go up!! If she does, it would certainly make sense for them to vote her out while they have the opportunity. But I have to admit, this new twist has made things interesting.

July 20, 2013 at 5:27 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Ok America... Who is your 3rd pick to go on the block

July 20, 2013 at 5:50 AM  
Blogger danamae said...

Good morning, Carolyn and fellow beloved Dishers! As always, thanks for the TOR - you do such a great job.

For the record, I'm in denial about Amanda too - I sure hope she's not nominated. Guess we'll know later today. I think today is going to be an interesting day on the feeds.

Gonna go do errands early today and get them out of the way so I can curl up with my computer later. Ha!

Have an awesome Saturday. See ya'll later today!

July 20, 2013 at 6:03 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Just finished the TOR.

** Standing Ovation! **

How do you catch every word? I can't even give a synopsis after listening to them.

But I think you are incorrect about Howard's work on a new alliance, starring Howard. They nod and smile and agree to get him to shut up. He and Spencer are two peas in a pod and think they have their fingers on the pulse of everyone in the house. I dubbed them with new names during the night but now I don't remember the one I gave Howard. I remember Spencer's was TweedleNasty, Howard was TweedleSomething... I may have said TweedleConman.

I love that they are all figuring out the twist. AGP is the entity that should 'expect the unexpected' this season. They may not be superfans but they seem to know the ropes of the game. I ♥ it.

I'm worried about the PoV comp today and what it might be. Since they haven't shut down the BY it has to be a simple setup and that most likely means a crap shoot comp. I'm thinking something simple like the coins in a bucket to knock out others, or maybe the poker game, Hold or Stay type thing. It's about time for one of those. PoV comps have been intense so far this season. It is past time for a crap shoot.

That's it for me, unless I think of something else. I'm all caught up and almost sleepy. I want to try and be awake for the MVP Nom reveal, and for the aftermath of the comp. I hope the MVP Nom wins the comp so we get to see who we voted for as the next in line for the block.

G'night... *Coffin lid closes and locks*


July 20, 2013 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I am so sad that McCrae and Amanda are likely to be everyone's targets at this point. And for all of Amanda's alliance members that thought she was being selfish by pushing to have Howard evicted, well he is coming for them too. Howard and Spencer together-the thing Amanda kept warning everyone about are now directly targeting Amanda/McCrae and Helen/Elissa. And as of early this morning, it seems like Judd may be on their side. I want to believe that Judd would be loyal to the Goof Troop, but he usually holds his cards close and this morning it seems like he showed his hand to Howard.

Candice, Jessie and Helen were quick to turn on Amanda yesterday first saying she was too close to Aaryn and then saying she had something with Kaitlin. Neither was true and now Kaitlin has been invited to be part of the alliance that is going to target all of them. Remember Kaitlin, Helen? The girl you promised the world to.

I find it quite funny that Jessie and Candice, two of the first people to jump on the bash Amanda train, were not included in this alliance that Howard and Spencer proposed to Judd. Instead they want GM and Kaitlin. Hmmmm, I wonder if Candice and Jesse will find it funny.

Things can change on a dime and I am hoping Judd intends to be loyal to Am, Mc and Andy. Then I can go back to my happy place for a little while.

July 20, 2013 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Amanda: Just give beauty pageant answers. Listening is way more valuable than talking in this house. Do not talk any more game. No conspiring.

Sometimes I wish Amanda would follow her own advice. No foolin', I'm scared for her right now.

July 20, 2013 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

One more thing. I find it disgusting that Howard and Spencer are making comments about how Amanda jumping into bed with McCrae because he was HOH does not show loyalty.

That was the first HOH. He has no power now and she is still in his bed. I wouldn't blame anyone for being skeptical the first week. I know I was. But it is obvious they have feelings for each other. At least as real as feelings can be in the BB house.

And yes, as a man of faith I am once again holding Howard to a higher standard. What does his relationship with Candice show? He can ask for guidance and he can say they are just friends and that he hasn't done anything wrong but it is very obvious that Candice sees it as a whole lot more than friendship. It seems it's MC all over again. He wants her close but his loyalty will always lay elsewhere.

July 20, 2013 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger seVen said...

I was hoping you had Howard and Candice on the over night report while they were on the hammock.

Candice was laying wide open to Howard how Amanda is running the house among other things. She's a smart cookie since the very beginning of the show. Even knew there was a moving company long before it got found out.

Kaitlin is one dangerous player! These people should get her out or one side is is going to be kicking themselves in the butt for keeping her.

July 20, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Carolyn! Hi Everyone!

Carolyn, I have a question for you. What are your thoughts about Amanda? Is she one of your favorites this year and what do you think of her game thus far?

All the Elissa bashing, particularly by those in her so called "alliance" is really bothering me and getting on my last nerve. I know I've mentioned this before when I've commented. I didn't plan on doing it again but after all the trash talking from last night, I wanted to say something. I just don't get the back and forth, especially by Amanda. Maybe it is because I would personally have trouble being that way to someone that I can't identify with the situation.
I do believe Elissa is socially awkward at times but I don't think she has any intended malice. It seems to me to be a simple case of wanting to fit in with a group. The fact that Amanda, Andy, McCrae.....well pretty much all the HG's participate in this says much more about their lack of character than anything else. It is petty and detracts from the essence of the game.

July 20, 2013 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger paddy028 said...

I'm so glad you are doing these reports, I find it impossible to listen, for very long, to this group. This year I haven't found anyone that I'm actually rooting for.

If I were in the game I would want to get rid of Kaitlin and Amanda, I think they are the most dangerous. I would hang onto Elissa, no one really likes, or trusts, her also keep Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer for the same reasons.

As a watcher I want Aaryn and Gina Marie gone soonest. Aaryn because of who/what she is and Gina Marie because I honestly believe she needs to get to a shrink immediately. Following them Spencer, Howard and Kaitlin.

July 20, 2013 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger DarlingComment said...

Thanks for the reminder GaYToR - Carolyn does an amazing job and after a night like last night, a little extra something in the tip jar is well earned!

* Judd - I liked him as not-HOH, but as HOH, I find his personal game play is a little uninspired. Was his plan really to get out GM because she was personally annoying? Glad he was talked out of that - kinda.

* Amanda - I think she's actually playing a good game, but she is walking that line of trying to direct from behind the scenes. I think the advice she was giving Aaryn was meant to be bad advice to keep her from taking steps to save herself.

* Howard - We don't know what he's promising for real, because he doesn't know what he's promising for real. He seems to be skating along picking the best direction at the time and keeping his options open. Not a bad strategy for most, but I am a little disappointed because of the way he's been spun as a man of upstanding values.

* Kaitlin - yes, dangerous in comps, but overall she does seem easy to sway.

* Helen - over it. Kinda. I would like to see her in the jury house. (I hope we see more of the jury house this year.)

* Overall - I'm ready for something really unusual and new to happen again. Something like Pandora or Zingbot, but something we have actually NOT seen over and over previously - so it is TRULY unexpected.

July 20, 2013 at 9:00 AM  

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