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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Thursday!☺As it stands right now, Jeremy will be walking out the door tonight. And then, the game we love starts all over again with a new HoH!  I hope to see you all here for the Live Show Viewing Party tonight.  The post will go live at 8:50pm Eastern - 10 minutes before the Live Show starts.

In case you didn't see it last night, and you're game for some Jeremy groveling before he leaves the house, he did go up to plead his case to Helen and Elissa last night:
7:16pm ~Camera 3 and 4 ~ Jeremy pitches to Helen and Elissa. He says he just wants to make it to jury now and he will give one of them his vote. He says he'll throw the Veto the week of jury and just go quietly. Basically,  he's saying he'll give up the game if he can make it to jury, because he needs the money and 13 grand is better than 4. This is major league groveling.  Jeremy got to the mom part of Helen. Elissa too, for the most part. Aaryn is getting into deeper water. It's not up to them, Helen and Elissa, it's the rest of the house they both say. NO DEAL.

Thank you, Michigan Man!

At 8:52pm on Cameras 1 & 2 - Elissa tells Aaryn that Aaryn's basically a non-entity, as far as she's concerned.

To see the show the HGs put on last night,  go to 9:32pm - Quad.  It's fun! The bandana ball segment, starting around 9:40pm, was a crack up. :) The "Keepin' it Real with Candice" segment starts at 10pm & it's terrific!
If you have the time to watch the whole show, I highly recommend. :)  Just click the pic to get to the feeds.

Now let's see what our HGs are up to on the live feeds and begin the overnight report. :-)

FYI -- The feeds are wonky at the moment.  It's not you, it's them.  Hopefully it'll be fixed before you even read this. 

Cam 3
HoH Room
Elissa and Candice

This conversation actually began around 12:30am, if you'd like to flashback to the beginning.. 

Candice: If she's the only child that grew up in that, then she's a product of her environment, and I can forgive her that.. but Jeremy, Lying in my face like that?  I might even be more mad at Spencer.  He admitted he made up the whole hat situation.  I said, why did you do that to me?  And he was like, what are you talking about?  I don't know what you're talking about?  I sleep in a bed with Howie.  When he was lying?  He tossed and turned all night.  He had remorse.  Spencer had no remorse.  What Aaryn does is immaturity.  She's gonna look back on this and see that the moon and stars don't rise and set with her ass.

Elissa: It's a shame..  I really wanted to like her.
Candice: But you can't right now.  I think she sees the world in a bubble right now.  I think this experience is going to be eye opening for her.
Elissa: My dad's always worked internationally and with other cultures.. It's just.. You look at someone's character.  It makes me angry because I know how badly it hurt you.
Candice: Every time I look at that fish tank, I want to strangle her.  Like, why would you even say that?
Elissa: How would she feel if you looked at her like that?   To me, I knew Jeremy was a liar, so that doesn't really shock me..
Candice: Both of them are just horrible, and mean, and nasty..
Elissa: It's like, anything I say is gonna get twisted and manipulated and used..
Candice: To me, that was her time to say, I've said and done some ugly things.. and what she chose to say (during the talk show) was, I would've learned to use a muzzle.. She never once said, I'm going to try to change my behavior.

Elissa: I just said, because of my family, I wish no relationship between she and I..
Candice: I feel the same way.. I know she's here for another week or longer.. I can't look at the fish tank and want to strangle her..
Elissa: I try so hard to not not like people..
Candice: I will say that I learned a growth from her situation.. Howard was like, We're gonna be bigger.. We're gonna give her the bed.. We're gonna sleep in Have Nots.. He cried about it.  For me, when I see her, I see my matress flipping, and I see fish.. The only way through that is through the use of a higher power. Every drama I've been through in this house is directly related to her.

Candice: I hope to God we don't see any more outburtsts in this house.. I hope she goes soon.. I don't want her in jury.
Elissa: I wonder how she even got cast for this.
Candice: They had to know she was a flaming narcissist. Jeremy too.
Elissa: When he's on his normal behavior, he's not that bad.
Candice: I think the douchebag is really him.  I think when he's being nice, it's fake. To listen to him talk makes me want to throw up.  Elissa - He was pacing.. Who does that?  You should have seen how mean he was with Jessie.. When she wanted her bed. 

Elissa: I'm happy that you can get past it.. that you've extended an olive branch.. It has to be the biggest, oldest Olive branch on the planet.
Candice: It is. I had to. For me to exist with her in this house.

Elissa: I wonder what Kaitlin's personality's gonna be like without him here.
Candice: I don't know.  She never apologized to me.  She said she apologized to the people who deserved it.
Elissa: This is definitely a growing experience.
Candice: Shes just like Jeremy..
Elissa: Was it really exciting to tape his goodbye?
Candice: I had so much to say, but so little.. I couldn't get my words right.. Just Bye, F*cker. 
Elissa: I had so little to say to him.  Imagine what he's gonna think of himself when people start giving him notoriety.
Candice:  don't think it'll be positive.
Elissa: I asked him what he'd won before, and the best thing he could come up with was his Associates Degree.
**zing to E.

 Helen and Howard come up to HoH..

Candice: Hi!
Elissa: Surprise!  We decided you are the best HoH, because we can come up here all the time.
Helen: I said it was the people's HoH..  You guys need to win so we can all keep coming up here. I like having the bathroom close by.  I hate when you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to walk 5000 yards.
**I've always thought that!

Helen: I talked to Aaryn, and I said, I heard that you're coming after Elissa and me.. She said she wasn't anymore.. She said she was actually going to ask for advice, and I told her, at this point, you have to do what the house wants. That's who's going home.
Elissa: She thinks it's her game.
Helen: I think she thinks she's lost. I think she feels alone.. She feels like GM and Kaitlin are distancing themselves from her.. She's like, "I already told you I wouldn't put you and Elissa on the block again.  There's no point.  I already tried. "  I kind of believe her.  It'd be stupid to put up the same people again and not have them go home.  The MVP really plays a huge role. I know she's caused a huge drama.. I kind of agree with her a little bit.. She says the guys have stirred up the drama between you and her.. Guys stirring up drama between the girls so we vote each other out.  She fessed up to the wine thing, but with the hat - that was Spencer stirring up drama. I was just trying to find any kind of common ground with her so she wouldn't put you up if she won HoH.

Cam 3

Judd: It's gonna be 6 to 2.  If it wasn't somebody that I wanted to have HoH, I would never give in. Thank God I didn't win the BBQ one.. I would've been obligated to not put him up..

Amanda: What if someone put up Elissa and Helen?
Judd: I would save Elissa.  We need her more. I would feel horrible, but..
Amanda: I agree.

Andy enters.

Amanda: Say they put up Helen and Elissa, and one of us won the Veto, what would you do?  If there's any 2 people on the block that's not any of us, we cannot use the veto. We just can't.   It's too risky.

1:57am Ginamarie sticks her head in to say goodnight.

Judd: I'm gonna go entertain Spencer..

Andy makes a good point..

Andy: If Howard wins HoH, I don't think he'll put up any of us, because then he'll be everyone's target the next week. The only thing I've heard of any of us is GM said she would put up Judd. I mean.. it's Ginamarie.  But she told me that she trust you, me and Helen.
Amanda: Kaitlin feels like she has power over GM too.
**anyone else get the feeling GM's gonna win HoH? Crapshoots tend to go that way.

Andy: We're probably worrying about nothing.  I almost feel like it would be better to have a double eviction right now.  Imagine the rage Candice will feel if we get Howard out.. (better for a DE).

Amanda: Did I tell you?  The only people who haven't been on the block are Me, McCrae, You, Howard and Judd.  So if Howard goes up.. The only people who haven't been on the block is Goof Troop.
McCrae: We might be sittin' good.

Andy says goodnight. 

Cam 3
Howard, Spencer, Judd, Andy
Backyard Couch

Spencer: I really appreciate hearing that from you.
Howard: You just never know.. This game, man, it can change. 

Andy: I'm tellin' you guys.  I am loyal to a fault.. I just think that.. The like, game player in me, thinks that since they're not setting anything up, it could be like a makeshift double eviction.
**errrr, nope. 

2:10am -- Candice joins the boys outside. They share their double eviction theory with her.

Andy: Alright, crew.  I'm going to bed.

Candice too..

Spencer: I'd almost like to form some kind of alliance with Andy and Judd.
Howard: Don't tell Helen.

Judd comes back out with a fresh pack.

Spencer: How many packs do you have left?
Judd: 17.

Spencer: If it were Kaitlin and Aaryn, who do you think you want gone first?
Judd: I think Kaitlin's more dangerous.  Aaryn don't have nobody.  Ginamarie's just crazy. I tried to explain to her last night.. I said, Ginamarie, even if I hadn't voted him out, he still would've gone home..
Spencer: I said, Jeremy's a sinking ship.  You need to separate yourself from him.
Judd: It'd almost be easier if she did vote for you.  Make it easier to put her up.
Spencer: I told her, if you wanna blame someone for Nick going home, blame Jeremy.  He's the one who brought all the negative attention.
Judd: She was telling me last night thay maybe they'll get to spend the holidays together. She's so delusional.
Howard: I wonder if she's doing it for attention.
Spencer: I don't think she's smart enough tot do it for attention.  I think she's just batshit crazy and in morning.

Howard: I'm gonna go shower and turn in..

Judd: I don't think nobody pays her no mind.
Spencer: I don't either.
Judd: I think we still need this MVP thing as long as it lasts..
Spencer: Isn't it weird how we're all supposed to be honest with each other, but they're sketchy about who got MVP?
Judd: It doesn't matter anyways in the long run, but..
Spencer: I'm not mad about it, but I don't know why Helen made a deal with Ginamarie to not put her up.. because she was sad over Nick going home..
Judd: Because someone's sad, they get a free pass.
**Helen's promised Kaitlin the same.

Judd: He put pillows between em.  That's almost insulting.  If someone did that to me, I'd be like, ok, you want nothin' to do with me.
Spencer: Man, you're a good dude, Judd. I'm glad you're in the house.
Judd: I'm glad you are too.
Spencer: Who do you talk strategy with?
Judd: A little bit with everybody.

Spencer: Is this 7 alliance even together now?  I mean, with Jessie and Candice in it, that's 9..  I do like the alliance name though - Judd's Buds. Dude, like I told you man, I'll never put you up, never vote you out.
Judd: you too.
Spencer: You're a good dude.  You're always honest with me. 

Judd: Now I'm just worried about those 3 girls..
Spencer: I want to get it down to 5 guys, 5 girls. Everything I've heard, Elissa said she wants an all girls house.
Judd: She said that the first day before she knew anyone.

Spencer: The scariest week is gonna be right after GM, Kaitlin and Aaryn are gone. I'm ready to see Howard start dominating some of these comps..

Spencer: Jeremy'll be gone tomorrow.
Judd: He's been awful nice to people this week.
Spencer: I know he's been tryin' to cut deals with people..
Judd: I've just heard through the grapevine..

Talk turns to HoH..

Judd: What if it's a game of luck and Ginamarie wins it?
Spencer: Then we get Helen to talk to her and tell her who to put up, explaining she can't win Hoh next week.
Judd: She wont understand though.  That's why I want her out..  She'll probably go ballistic again tomorrow night.
Spencer: I don't think so.
Judd: This is the 1st week that isn't a blindside.  What is tomorrow?
Spencer: The 18th.
Judd: Thursday the 18th.  We been here a month.

Spencer: If Jeremy's squirreling around trying to make deals, I wanna be around. Until Julie Chen says, Jeremy, you've been evicted, I'm not gonna feel safe.   Boy Jessie got pissed at Jeremy today.. Cuz he said ya'll were a showmance.. That show was Stupid to do.
Judd: I agree.
Spencer: Elissa asked me, Why did the Moving Company fall apart.  I said, because 3 of us wanted to keep you.

Both agree, they want no part of another show like that.

Timecheck -- 2:39am  -- Stretch! (brb)

Cam 3
Spencer and Judd head inside, saying they're going to bed.  Spencer talks about Marylin, saying she's his focus..

Cam 1
It's naughty time with McCrae and Amanda..

Spencer says goodnight to Judd. On his way towards the bedrooms, he plays with the camera a little, walking backwards a few steps to see if it'll follow.

Cam 3
Nookie with Jeremy and Kaitlin.

Cam 1 - Better than Adderall... Amanda gets hers...

♫Isn't it showmantic..

Cam 1/2 - McCrae and Amanda
Cam 3/4 - Kaitlin and Jeremy.

Pick your poison. ;-)



Blogger Zach said...

Awwww... Jeremy and Kaitlin spending their last night together. I bet he is REALLY putting the pressure on her to have sex. I wonder if he tries the whole soldier going off to war routine.

July 18, 2013 at 3:54 AM  
Blogger Melanie Creamer said...

I just have to say, Carolyn, you are the best! I've been coming here since season 9 and I tell all my BB friends about your site. I finally bought the feeds this year, through you, but I still can't go a day without stopping to read your blog! My husband asked me why I keep coming here if I have the feeds. I told him it's not the same BB experience without your site! Thank you so very much for everything you do, day after day, year after year.

July 18, 2013 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Melanie Creamer said...

I just have to say, Carolyn, you are the best! I've been coming here since season 9 and I tell all my BB friends about your site. I finally bought the feeds this year, through you, but I still can't go a day without stopping to read your blog! My husband asked me why I keep coming here if I have the feeds. I told him it's not the same BB experience without your site! Thank you so very much for everything you do, day after day, year after year.

July 18, 2013 at 3:56 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Zach :)

Good morning, Melanie :) Thank you so much!! <3

July 18, 2013 at 4:54 AM  
Blogger David B said...

they havent been building for endurance i guess....

July 18, 2013 at 5:05 AM  
Blogger deeder76 said...

Good morning and goodnight caro! Can't wait for tonights show! Thanks for your dedication :)

July 18, 2013 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger ReneeSC said...

Good morning everyone! Happy live show day!! I agree with Melanie! It is not a full BB experience without BBDish! Carolyn rocks!! I am so addicted to her blog. Its just not Big Brother anymore without it! I think started coming here when Kisha was on the show. (And wasn't that Dick's 1st time?) Anyway, great job Carolyn!
I was asking about My Fair Wedding last night because isn't that the name of the show that Rachael got married on?

July 18, 2013 at 5:34 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

This was my take on last night's talk show.

Amanda-'I want a cigarette. I would have more fun lying in the hammock with my ringworm than I am having with these peope.'

McCrae-'I brought pizza and I'm wearing my pajamas. When does the sleepover start?'

Spencer-'I so should have tried out for Duck Dynasty. They would appreciate me there.'

GM-'I thought this was a real gig. Where is the live audience?'

Judd-'I am so much smarter than these people think I am. I AM the diabolical genius.'

Jessie-'When is the crowning? I know I'm a shoo in for ultimate grand supreme. I am the prettiest girl here.'

Howard-'I only agreed to show up because you said I would be leading the prayer circle. I'll just go back to my photo booth now.'

Candice-'I was made to be a talk show host. Ooh look. Isn't Howard hot? I will make that man love me.'

Andy-'I should have had a bigger part. I am funnier than any of these other shady f*cks.'

Jeremy-'I know they won't vote me out. This chin is too pretty to be evicted.'

Kaitlin-'I hate you all and I am killing you with my mind.'

Helen-'Everyone is having so much fun. This is the best HOH week ever.This talk show is for the people. I knew we could all be friends.'

Aaryn-'Will this night never end. This is the worst week ever. I would NEVER be friends with any of these people.'

"Nick's" Hat (aka as not really Nick's hat)-'Who is this crazy woman? Why does she keep petting me and crying on me? What language is she speaking? Who the hell is Nick.'

July 18, 2013 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I dont think GM will win HoH at all. Crapshoot or not. Her ability reminds me of Kathy

July 18, 2013 at 5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Carolyn & fellow Dishers! I have yet to see last nights show, had to help a friend work through some rough family drama he's been going through, so that is #1 on my morning agenda. Thank God for DVR :-)
I can't remember what previous post it was in, but someone mentioned something about this weeks evicted houseguest (please let it be Jeremy, pleeeease let it be Jeremy) appearing on TMZ on CBS? I'm not even sure that is the correct show that was mentioned, but if anyone knows what I'm referring to and can confirm, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! Now, on to playing catch up. Hope everyone has a great Eviction Day :-)

July 18, 2013 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

Good morning :)

The Veto!!!! Hilarious! I would be willing to chip in for Aaryn's muzzle...

It was nice to see Jeremy reveal a lot about his childhood yesterday. It doesn't excuse his behavior, but it does go a long way towards explaining it - and I think it allowed the house as a whole to reach a tenuous peace. At least until tonight, when the game begins anew.

I fear GM or Kaitlyn will win tonight's HOH. Which would be worse...the reign of the wailing widow (all peasants must bow to Nick's shrine before entering her HOH room) or a vengeful Kaitlyn making all the monkeys dance for her amusement? Kind of a toss up in my opinion.

Is it just me or does it seem like all the girls are extra whiny or power-trippy this season? I always root for a girl to win the show...but as of now I'm just not feeling it. Amanda was my pick...but she is getting a bit too bossy for my tastes, and McCrae is becoming less pleasant by association.

For now I think I am Team Judd. I must admit he was merely a background player for me the first week or two....but with all the nastiness, drama, and angst in this house he truly is a breath of fresh air.

July 18, 2013 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Morning Caro, fellow dishers!

Sorry for my hiatus on the blog this summer thus far, that trip to Romania really set me back at both work and in BB world, I've only now just caught up on the blog posts and still have to catch last night's episode after work before the live show and eviction tonight! That said, I'll make a better effort to comment and hang with y'all during viewing parties :-)

Thoughts on the season thus far...

(1) Carolyn's comments on the HG dialogue are even more witty and hilarious this summer-- I didn't think that was possible! Thanks for keeping me entertained, per usual :-)

(2) I like the three nominee aspect of this season, it really adds A LOT more of strategy and ways to play the game, which is fun to watch

(3) Not crazy about a lot of the HGs and definitely not the prejudice/racism

(4) I haven't fallen in love with this season yet, but I keep reminding myself that it always takes me a few weeks to get really into the new cast!

(5) Favorites: Helen, Judd, Elisa and Candice. I think Judd will win if he keeps playing as he is now.

Now I am back to read the TOR and get COMPLETELY caught up.

I've missed you all and cheers to another great summer here at the dish!!!

July 18, 2013 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger Jane I is from Texas said...

Good morning Carolyn and Fellow Dishers! As always, thank you for your dedication to our addiction.

I really like Judd. I will volunteer to teach him the proper usage of the words don't, doesn't, anybody and nobody. I am also really liking Elissa standing up for her own game. Let's all send good vibes to Judd to get HOH - I think he would be hysterical to watch!

July 18, 2013 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I am so over Helen, the self proclaimed 'people's princess'. I'm done. D-O-N-E!

Helen's power was done as soon as the veto ceremony was over but she is still telling people what to do. Not only her alliance-the entire house. She is even telling people what they have to do next week in the event they win HOH. Just because her bossiness comes in a petite, motherly package how is it any different than what Jeremy did last week.

Telling people they have to do what 'the house' wants is complete B.S. Who decides who is 'the house?' Anyone there right now is part of the house. And why does Helen think it was o.k. for Elissa to stand up to people in the Howard vs. Spencer MVP nom, yet nobody else has a right to make their own decision.

From the outside looking in, I don't know who I would choose to evict after Jeremy goes. Aaryn, to put an end to this chapter of BB that has taken focus away from the game. Kaitlin, because for simple mean girlitis, I think she has been the worst. Howard, because I don't completely trust him and I know he is a threat to Amanda and McCrae. Elissa, mainly because the MVP is going to get old if they don't put a limit on how many times she can have it. Besides, now that she is safe the 'snark' is starting to come out. Ginamarie because she is annoying. Helen, because she is actually more annoying than GM at this point.

It's a sad day when there is a whole list of people I would actually choose to evict before Spencer.

BTW-Helen said she trusts GM's judgement. That should have been a hint that something is not right in Helen-world. Everyone keeps saying Judd is smarter than people think he is. I am guessing that the opposite may be true for Helen.

July 18, 2013 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carrolyn!! Awesome TOR as usual!! Loved the "Roscoe Show" last night...pretty funny...

One thing I noticed that noone alerted you to:

8:52pm last night Cam 1&2

Aaryn goes into the bathroom to finally talk to Elissa, Elissa tells Aaryn, that Aaryn is basically a non-existent entity, and she neither hates nor likes her, and doesn't want to talk to her about anything.

I know that it set the chat abuzz when it happened, and we all timestamped it...not sure why noone told you about it yet.

July 18, 2013 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, DavidLockner! :) Thank you very much! 8:52pm Cam 1 & 2 Elissa tells Aaryn she = 0.

Good morning, Grendon! :) Very funny re the talk show!! I guess it's all in the delivery.

Good morning, Jane I is from Texas :)) I agree 100% on the Judd love!

Good morning, Stephen Ritchie! :) It's sooo nice to see you!! I've been missing you!

Good morning, Tam! :)) The personalities this season are definitely strong.. male and female.

Good morning, Misaliss! :) Hope your friend's ok!

Good morning, Jumbo :) I was thinking of Naughty Natty.. and her crap shoot.

Good morning, ReneeSC! :) Thank you very much! :) Ooooohhh.. re my fair wedding! Now I get it!

Good morning, deeder! :) Thank you!

Good morning, DavidB! :) Nope, not a single nail.

July 18, 2013 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

Good morning Car ty for the ONR

July 18, 2013 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Sandra B. said...

Hi, Carolyn and Gang

I'm here in the shadows this year. Life is getting in the way of my addiction. Thanks for all that you guys do to keep me informed. Moved to a new time zone and keep missing the live show! Crazy, I know I'm a slow learner....

Sandy B

July 18, 2013 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Morning Carolyn and Dishers!

Grendon.. You summed up Helen perfectly. The HOH power has taken over her soul. It will be her downfall if she doesn't take it down quite a few notches.

July 18, 2013 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

I've missed you too, Caro! Fear not, you'll be seeing plenty of me for the rest of the season! :-)

July 18, 2013 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger kimberbos said...

Hi Carolyn & dishers. I have been reading the dish since season 9 and I also agree with Melanie _ 100%!

So many of the comments I am nodding and agreeing along with and wishing there was a like button too. Carolyn, love the witty comments as well, please continue to add your input, it is usually the exact thing most of us are thinking:)

Quick question if someone can answer as I do not have the feeds. What is the story with Amanda & ringworm. Did I miss something?

July 18, 2013 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger calywilson said...

Carolyn ...new this year to your blog and just want to thank you so much... I look forward to reading it each day as we do not get the feeds..Love Judd, Amanda, McCrae, and Howard.. Definitely not a realistic final 4....

July 18, 2013 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger Smt123 said...


July 18, 2013 at 10:13 AM  
Blogger K Mac said...

So I have been a BB fan since day one. I have watched every single season religiously but it's only been the last 5 or so that I've been more than a tv only viewer. I found Carolyn's blog and my BB life was forever changed. Then yesterday, for the first time ever I signed up for the live feeds (through everyone's favourite BB blog of course). I'm worried my children, husband, dog and house are all going to be seriously neglected now, but what can you do.

I stayed up until about 11 watching my newly found beloved feeds but had to power out after that. Thanks Carolyn for filling in the rest of the night for me. You rock (as usual) and I also have a million percent more respect for what you do. And that's saying a lot because it was high before. But all that transcribing and picking the best feed. You are seriously amazing :)

July 18, 2013 at 11:32 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


But did you know Helen and Elissa are the moms of the house?

July 18, 2013 at 12:01 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Hey Jumbo-

Ya know, I thought I heard something about that. ;)

July 18, 2013 at 12:09 PM  
Blogger Imissjeff said...

Hey dishers!! Quick question: I watched "the roscoe show' on the BBAD last night, but of course it cut to commercials a bunch of times so I missed things. Right after the show Elissa, Amanda and McCrae walked outside and Elissa said "that was rude...I bet Amamndas pissed." And then Amanda was like,"no, Im fine." What was Elissa talking about? Was it the Candice comment about Amanda getting with McC because he was HOH or was it something else?? (Thnx to Carolyn for all you do!)

July 18, 2013 at 12:15 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

Soooooo with HoH being a presumed crapshoot tonight, they( production) is making it extremely easy for all of the majority alliance to throw the comp to someone like Kaitlyn or GM who would help them trim the numbers in their alliance without getting their hands dirty. I know Kaitlyn has been asked several times who she would put up if she won (Howard and Canfice). The Goof Troop has already said it would be a perfect week for her to win.

July 18, 2013 at 12:22 PM  
Blogger Hula said...

If Kaitlyn did happen to win HoH this week I would be curious to see if she would put up Elissa, because she clearly still loathes her. I would also be curious if she offers Aaryn her HoH room to sleep in since Kaitlin slept in Aaryn's room every night during her reign as HoH.

July 18, 2013 at 12:52 PM  
Blogger SusieBerber said...

Every single thing I read by you is spot on! True, true and true on all of the above!

July 18, 2013 at 1:17 PM  
Blogger Wolfe13 said...

I love all the work Caro does to feed our BB addiction. Carolyn, you rock!
But Grendon, I want to thank you for your always thoughtful comments. Always enjoy what you have to say! Maybe it is because you always say just what I am thinking (As does Carolyn!)

July 18, 2013 at 3:01 PM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

Aaryn is sooooo clueless. She thinks denying causing trouble -- and "you will see when you see the video" -- plus being sorry for "whatever I did" is an apology?!!?!!? Really?! Then she goes upstairs to complain to GM about how she didn't understand somebody not accepting an apology (from her, although they will from others). Even GM was getting attacked for not "reacting" appropriately. (I wouldn't be surprised to see her go this week -- with a little influence from BB who I'm sure will be glad to get of the "racist" and considers Jeremy to be *good* TV, just like Evel Dick was.)

As much as I want to see Jer & Aar gone, I'm no longer sure I want Jer to go first. He's dialed it down a bit -- even admitting he's acted like a bully and an ass; Aar still does nothing but cry about how terrible these people are, how unfairly she's being treated, etc., with no indication she is even close to opening her eyes to reality.

July 18, 2013 at 3:15 PM  
Blogger megs said...

as far as Elissa telling Aaryn where she stands with her last night - I have to give Aaryn props for handling it like an adult instead of going off on her (at least as far as I'm aware).

That's about as far as my props for Aaryn go - but I've been critical of her so I thought I should be fair and give her that credit.

July 18, 2013 at 3:18 PM  
Blogger Matt U said...

Hey all -- I have commented several times however they have never posted, I assume I am doing something wrong :) I am trying again:

Elissa is my favorite player so far this year. I think she has been relatively subdued purposefully and we will see her morph into a much more aggressive player in the next few weeks.

Aaryn, the reason for the new disclosure at the beginning of the tv show, is hard to watch. I can't wait to see how Julie handles her exit interview. I see her mother hired her a PR rep, maybe she should have thought about enrolling her into a sensativity class??

Looking forward to tonights show and reading everybody's posts! Enjoy...

July 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM  

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