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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!☼ Happy Wednesday!  1 more day til the game we love starts all... over... again! Are you hoping for a power shift, or would you like to see The Knockouts retain power for another week?

As we rejoin our HGs on the live feeds at midnight, Amanda and McCrae are chatting about which of the women might do the best in an endurance comp, based upon weight and upper body strength.  They move on to who they'd give money to in a luxury comp.  McCrae's strategic about it.  Amanda would give it to McCrae.

Cam 1
Helen, Howard, Candice.. Then Jessie, Jeremy and Elissa

Helen: I think it's gonna even out the game more, and it's gonna make the house so much more pleasant to be in..
Candice: mm hmm. Such a dickhead.
Helen: I can forgive, but I can't forget.
Candice: The pacing alone.
Helen: So unnecessary.  Hey, Jess! Wanna come over here?

Jessie crosses the yard to join them.

Helen: I told him, I'll tell you.. Aaryn ruined your game for you.  He said, I would've played differently.. "I would've not been so pompous.."
Candice: His family and friends told him not to be that way.  It's his nature.
Helen: For me, I know I'm HoH, so he's kissing my butt.. I told him, whether you stay or go, you should be treating people with respect every day of your life.
Jessie: It's funny you say that, cuz today at the pool, he said something nice to me, and I was like, Woah..
Helen: I told him.. It's not just me.. You've wronged the house, and people don't like you.  I hope this teaches you something, because you're never going to go far with this attitude.

Jeremy crosses the yard to join them on the hammock

Jeremy: May I join you?
Helen: Of course.
Jeremy: Volleyball was intense tonight. 

Helen: I really want to smoke a cigarette.
Jeremy: Me too.
Candice: No, Helen.
Jessie: No, Helen.
Helen: I feel like I should be able to have a celebratory cigarette.. I wont..

Talk turns to casual smoking between Jeremy and Helen..

Helen: I quit.  I've learned to live without it..  but I tell myself I'll start again when I'm 85.
Jeremy: Like, I have a huge curiosity about drugs.. I always say, if I knew when I was gonna die, I would want to shoot up the hardest drug I could find that morning.  I want to experience everything this workd has to offer, and unfortunately Heroin is a part of that.
Helen: I don't have any desire for heroin, but smoking is my vice.. I enjoy it.  I like a cigarette with a glass of wine.. But I feel like it's a bad example for my kids, so I've done without it.

Talk turns to how men and women fall in love..  Jeremy says guys fall harder..  Kaitlin comes by and lets Jeremy know she wants personal attention..

Jeremy: We fall hard, crash and burn..  I have yet to fall in love, but I feel like when I do, it'll be hard.
Elissa: You've never been in love?  How do you feel about Kaitlin?
Jeremy: I like her a lot.. Don't get me wrong.  I've only known her a month.. I would never say I loved her right now, because I don't know what love is.
Elissa: Do you think it's because your parents didn't have that?
Jeremy: Could be.. I went through a horrible divorce.  Horrible.  My dad beat my mom.  I would never do that.
Elissa: So you have a big scar.
Jeremy: Yeah.  If I were ever to get married, it would have to be to a woman who would never divorce me..
Elissa: Are you still close to your dad?
Jeremy: No.  I haven't talked to him in 10 years.  I don't want to have to talk, because I hate feeling vulnerable.. He is my dad, so I need to forgive him, but it's hard to have that talk.
Elissa: I think until you do that, it's gonna be hard to open your heart.. and if you get married, but your heart's not open, that's going to hurt your wife.  I think you should go to a therapist with your father..
Jeremy: You're actually the first person who's ever recommended that.
Elissa: You have open wounds.. A wound heals quicker with a bandaid.. It will never go away unless you work on it.

Jeremy: I kind of feel selfish too.. There are people who would love to have a dad, and I have one and ignore him.  Men are supposed to be strong, and I feel like talking to my dad will show vulnerability.
Elissa: I feel like arrogance is part of a cover up for lack of maturity.
Jeremy: No doubt.
Elissa: You can't move on with your life if your spirit is crushed.
Helen: It does explain a lot.
**like why you think it's ok to bully women.

Helen: You don't want to regret it..
Jeremy: And I don't want to go through life not having a full heart. Almost made me tear up right there.
Elissa: It's not going to heal over night, but you have to work through it, or you're never going to be the person you were meant to be.

Helen: Father's day must be tough for you..
Jeremy: I have a good step-dad.. but yeah.. It's kind of like my brother.  He's got mental issues, like bi-polar..
Elissa: You should maybe get a mediator.
Jeremy: The last time I talked to him, we were fighting, and it wasn't word fighting.  The reason I haven't talked to him in 10 years was because I got punched in the face.
**Jeremy's 22-23 now? So his horrid father punched him in the face when he was 12-13?

Fishies-- Timecheck 12:32a

Helen: Unfortunately, I think it brings you down. It explains a lot.  Definitely.

They continue this conversation another couple minutes, telling Jeremy this is actually the most manly conversation he's had since he's been here.. Then Helen tells him Kaitlin is waiting for him on th ecouch.. He'd forgotten her completely. Jeremy goes to Kaitlin..


Once Jeremy leaves, Candice, Elissa and Helen reconfirm that while it's nice he's showing growth, it's too little too late, and hasta la vista.  Elissa remembers she has muffins in the oven.  Helen, Elissa and Candice head inside.

Cam 1

Jeremy: I might have a good chance of staying.. I promised them, I will be a soldier for y'all and I'll win and I'll help y'all evict people.. It may or may not work, but at least I made an effort.  I don't want to get my hopes up..  I told them that you had a talk with me about my attitude and it's changed..
Kaitlin: That would be unbelievable if you stayed..

Jeremy: I told them, if you don't see my actions change, I'll throw the next one.. and you can vote me out then.
Kaitlin: I feel like Aaryn's actions are sending people home.
**True, but Jeremy's actions can take responsibility for his eviction.

Kaitlin: You're a f'ing monster if you campaign to stay here.  I'm getting HoH next week.
Jeremy: Not if I stay here.
Kaitlin: Don't get HoH if you stay.  I'm winning.  You'll be safe anyway.

Jeremy: I don't want you to throw Aaryn under the bus, but maybe tomorrow you can talk to them..
**This is a waste of precious fingertips.

Kaitlin: Helen told me she thinks Howard has been throwing every competition.
Jeremy: I'm not bein' racist, but black people can't swim.
Kaitlin: Shh! Don't say that on national television.
Jeremy: I didn't. I just whispered it.

Kaitlin: I hate that you came in here with such an attitude.  Things I can't fix.  Know how much it bothers me when I can't fix things?
Jeremy: Know how much it bothers me that I f'd up my own game?
Kaitlin: you did.  You did.  Your mom even told you not to be so aggressive.
Jeremy: I was hoping to Evel Dick through this.

Kaitlin: Well, we need to work with the other side of the house.  Aaryn's like.. We need to flip this.  I'm like, no.. No, we can't.  We don't have the numbers.  Elissa hold the power in this game..
Jeremy: Well, hopefully I just got to a sympathy level with them, and they'll keep me.
**no, I don't think so, but at least they'll be able to say goodbye with a better understanding of you.

Timecheck -- 12:53am

Jeremy returns to the hammock with a blanket and climbs on top of Kaitlin.
McCrae's up in HoH with Helen..

Camera 1

Kaitlin: Oh Aaryn's coming.  no no no.

Aaryn climbs on top of them.

Aaryn: So what did you talk to TweedleDee 1, 2 and 3 about?
Jeremy: My dad.

Aaryn: Did they say they forgive you and you're gonna stay?
Jeremy: No. We didn't talk game. At all.
Aaryn: I lit a fire under his ass earlier today.  We had a real talk.  I feel like we at least needed to try.
Jeremy: I didn't give up, but I did lose hope.
Aaryn: Maybe, between now and eviction, they'll see.  These people don't deserve to be here.
**please shut up.

Jeremy: Maybe tomorrow, I'll ask them for a yes or no.
Kaitlin: Don't bully them.  Just continue to talk to them.

Aaryn: They just need to trust you.  We need to convince them that if we're here, we'll get everyone else out before them.  And we can. When you lose credibility in the game, it's hard to get it back.

1:03am Aaryn leaves them be on the Hammock.  We join Amanda and McCrae on the couch on 3 and 4..  Howard and Spencer are shooting pool, off camera.

Amanda: Anything interesting happen while I was in the DR, besides Aaryn and Ginamarie getting into a fight in the kitchen?
McCrae: What?? I missed that?
Amanda: Ginamarie has had enough of Aaryn making fun of her about the Nick thing.   They told me about it.  They got over it quick.

Judd comes over to join them.. Talk turns to food.

1:10am -- Stretch.

Spencer, Aaryn, Judd, Amanda, McCrae

Chatter about Ginamarie.. and new ways to torment her about how little she knew about Nick.  This leads to chatter about the dental dam.. which leads to butthole bleaching.

Amanda: No I don't.  I lasered it.
Spencer: C'mere. I'll check. 
Aaryn: I bleached mine.  One time, with honey and lemonjuice.
Kaitlin: You bleached your butthole?
Amanda: omg.. We could all bleach our buttholes here.
Aaryn: We could.  I wonder if you can get your butthole pierced.
Spencer: You can, but you'd have to clean it all the time.  Do y'all prefer to be fingered when someone's going down on you?
Kaitlin: Yes.
Aaryn: Spencer never fails to cross a line.
Kaitlin: I'm asexual.
Spencer: It's a shame for someone as attractive as you to not be attracte4d to boys.  Do you get as much pleasure from yourself as you do from a partner?
Kaitlin: I probably do.
Spencer: Me too.
Kaitlin: I don't have to sit there spending time getting someone else excited.
Spencer: Marylin has a much higher sex drive than I do.  I could go 8 months without it and not care.

1:30am -- This conversation is ongoing..  I'm going upstairs to check on HoH.

Cam 1/2
Helen, Howie, Candice, Andy, Ginamarie, Elissa

They're planning on doing a show, and assigning roles..

Helen: So right now we're having a staff meeting.  What will you be discussing tomorrow, Howie.
Howard: My first segment will be talking to McCrae, because he invented Bandana Ball, but sucks at it, and then I'll talk to Judd, who is very good at it.
Helen: Ok.. Very good.  The top of the show will be the Hot Topic.  What should our Hot Topic be?
Candice: The Moving Company..

Helen: Ok.. Next we're gonna go to Andy for the Weather.. Then we're gonna go to sports..  Then the Have Not interviews.  Then Elissa..
Elissa: Exercise and Eating Right with E-Lissa.. Today we're
Helen: Then Candice..
Candice: Keepin' it real with Candy!
Elissa: I'm gonna have a little QnA..
Candice: We need to have our Mazel of the week..
Ginamarie: What's Mazel?
Candice: Like, something funny.
**like, no.

Helen: So tomorrow, the show will be at 7pm.. Spread the word.
Candice: On Keepin' it Real with Candi, I want to talk about people's fashion choices..

They throw out name ideas for the show.. Veto Hour, BB Hour of Power, The Veto

Helen: The Veto.. Like, the View, but The Veto.
Howard: I like that.
Elissa: The Chat.

Candice: That's the Mazel of the Week - Helen's F Yeah, I get to see my kids!
**a better choice for a Mazel would be Amanda, for her handling of the Ginamarie meltdown with the prank.

Helen: This is the most Showmantic season ever.
Candice: Me and Howard
Ginamarie: What the hell were me and Nick in..
Candice: Ya'll were in a No-Touch-mance.
Helen: When you spend all of your time with someone, that's a showmance.  There's 6 showmances.. We only have 16 houseguests..
Candice: Well, technically, Andy and Spencer are in a Gingermance.
Whatcha lookin' for, Candice?

1:43am Judd joins the HoH Crew.

Helen: There are 6 Showmances.. Howard and Candice
Howard: That's a nightmance
Candice: Snugglemance
Helen: (lists all the others, including Jessie and Judd, GM and Nick)
Elissa: And Andy and I are in a domestic partnership. Ours is the most serious. I'm introducing you to Ragan after the show.  Ragan! You hear that?  This is your man!

Helen explains the show they're planning to Judd. 

1:51am Talk in HoH turns to their families and their reactions.. Andy says goodnight..

Cam 1 Flips to the Cockpit

Andy: I'm gonna be interviewing the Have Nots, so be ready.
McCrae: I'm excited. That's gonna be fun.
Andy: I have a specific question for each of you.

Candice joins..

Andy: I was telling them about the show.
Amanda: I'm never getting those shorts back am I?
Candice: hehehe
Amanda: That's ok.. You can keep wearing them.. Just never put me up.

McCrae: Who's the host?
Andy: Who do you think?  Power trip up there.. Helen.

Amanda: The arguments and the cries..
Andy: ooh.. the cry of the week.
Amanda: I cried yesterday because I couldn't figure out how to make a muffin.

Andy: Anyway, so it's something fun to do tomorrow night.  Who's Newsies hat is this?
Mc: mine.
Amanda: ♫Holy cow, I'm the king of New York.

Andy: Candice needs to stfu in the mornings. They wake up early and scream. And Jeremy and Kaitlin stay up late and yell.  Oh.. and we concluded there are 6 showmances in the house.. 

2am -- Candice comes back in and tells the crabs story again. And then Hat-Gate..

Camera 1/2
Helen, Elissa and Judd

Helen: We're getting him out.  He's trying to make deals with Elissa and Me.. We'll hear him out, but..  he came to me today, and said, Judd, Andy, McCrae and Amanda have told me that if I can get the votes, they'll keep me to stay.  I know that's not the truth.. but I told him, if you are able to get the votes, then you can't go after any of the people who voted you to stay.  Like, you'd have to go after Aaryn.. and he said he would.. But we're not keeping him.  He's going.  Right, Elissa.  He's leaving the house.  We just don't want him to be an asshole while he's here for 2 days.
Judd:  Ok.. I just wanted to make sure.
ELissa: And then he said we hadf a final 4 deal with Kaitlin?
Helen: We've said we'd protect her..
Judd: For how long?
Helen: We didn't say, but at least next week.
Judd: If I get HoH, I'd like to put her up, at least as a pawn.  Also, Ginamarie.. I'd like to get her out.  She'd be a bitter jury member.

Helen: I think Amanda and McCrae really want Howard out, and we really want Aaryn out.
Judd: Whoever puts Howard up will have to put Candice too..  so she doesn't use Veto on him.  Howard said he wanted to talk to me later..

Helen: I think you should put Aaryn and Howard against eachother..
Judd: Ginamarie  could go up as a pawn..
Helen: I think the house wants Howard out..

Judd: A couple people said you were wanting to have an all girl alliance and pick us off.
Elissa: No.. I've said that I wanted to work with girls, but I don't want an all girl alliance.  I want Aaryn to go next week.
Helen: We are the Knockout alliance.  Everyone else can be knocked out.  I want jessie to get to jury though.
Judd: If it wasn't for me getting her to switch sides, you mighta gone home, cuz I didn't even know about the Moving Company.
Helen: Yeah.  Without Jessie, you would've left.  The knockout alliance is the most important.. Everything we do has to be to benefit the alliance.

Judd: If I get HoH, I wont put Aaryn up.
Helen: Why not?
Judd: I have lied and lied and lied to her.. I voted Dave out.. I voted Nick out..  Today we were talkin' and she said, You've screwed me over so many times, and I still trust you, and I'm like, you should..
Elissa: So who would you put up?
Judd:  I'd put up GInamarie and __.  I'll see what Howard says tonight.
Helen: If Aaryn wins HoH, who would she put up?
Elissa: Me.
Judd: She doesn't have the numbers though.  Besides the knockouts, we have Jessie, Candice, Spencer and Howard.. I don't think she would put me up, because she trusts me again.  I don't know why.

Talk returns to protecting Jessie til jury.. the Ginamarie being a nutcase..

Helen: Now watch her win HoH..
Elissa: It would be really funny if she put Aaryn up.
Helen: Even if she did, you wouldn't go home.
Judd: We gotta win every HoH..

Howard sticks his head in to say goodnight..

Judd: I better go talk to him before he goes to sleep.
Helen: We gotta win every HoH now, so we can manage the jury.
Judd: Make Ginamarie a Have Not next week.. She eats our food.
Helen: I want Aaryn to be a Have Not before she leaves the house. Is that mean?

2:28am -- Judd hugs Helen and Elissa goodnight, and heads downstairs..  Skippy flips us to..

Camera 1/2
Howard and Judd

Howard: Let's have that talk early tomorrow morning.
Judd: Everything ok?
Howard: It's cool.
Judd: Ok.  You know I get up early so.. Goodnight, man.

 Cam 1/2
It's lights out in HoH.. Elissa's in the bathroom getting ready for bed..

Helen: It's like having family background on my worst enemy..
Elissa: I can't believe like over 50% divore rate.  It's so painful.
Helen: Ok. going to bed.  I'm so tired.  Goodnight, Elissa. Are you gonna sleep up here?
Elissa: Yeah, if it's ok.
Helen: Absolutely.
Elissa: I sleep so well up here.  I wanna win HoH.
Helen: I want you to win it.  I wanna see your family.
Elissa: Hopefully I'll play better with less pressure.
Helen: You will.

Elissa: Another thing I took into consideration with Jeremy is he said he's not a fan, and doesn't even watch the show.
**But he deserves to be there?? Puh-lease.

Camera 3.4
Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin,  Ginamarie, Judd

Joining the backyard couch crew, the conversation is about relationships and being hurtful, intentionally or otherwise.

Spencer: I think respect goes first.. You'll get into little fights, but I think it's important to retain respect for each other.
Kaitlin: And guys say the meanest things.
GM: Girls do too.
Jeremy: I've said some f'd up shit.
Kaitlin: I think guys do realize they're doing it.  THey do it intentionally to hurt us.
Aaryn: I would never give a guy any second of time if he did.

Ginamarie and Judd bicker a bit..  Judd goes inside.

Spencer: Why you been snorin' so much lately, bro?
Kaitlin; He has been!
Spencer: I saw you the other day, takin a nap, you looked like you'd fallen out of a building.

Spencer: I miss the way Marylin smells in the morning..
Jeremy: Like shit?
Spencer: Like skin..

Talk turns to GM's falling for Nick..

Jeremy: It's pissing me off what you're doing right now, and he's probably pissed too, watching the feeds.
GM: What am I doing?
Jeremy: Moping.   Hes probably pissed.
**Jeremy, I'll take this as your parting gift to us.. and I thank you.. it may actually make a difference.

Spencer: I miss corndog day in highschool.
Ginamarie: I can deepthroat a hot dog.
Spencer: I know.  I saw.
Kaitlin: Can you do bigger?
Jeremy: if you can deepthroat a water bottle, I will give you mad props.
Ginamarie: It has to be flexible.
Jeremy: Go get 3 hotdogs..
GInamarie: I'm not doing that on camera.
Kaitlin: You alredy put a hotdog down your throat.  You don't think anyone screenshotted that?
Jeremy: I'll do 2 if  you do 3.
Kaitlin: I'll do it if you do it.
Spencer: Can you deepthroat?
Kaitlin: I'm not answering this question.  I'm not doing this challenge, because there will be screenshots.  You want that to be someone's screensaver?
Spencer: I didn't want the boyshorts you came out here in to be someone's screensaver, but I'm sure it is.  I saw so much ass cheek, it was incredible.

**deep thoughts...

Jeremy: I want a taco so bad, Airhole.
Kaitlin: Do not talk to a woman like that.
Jeremy: Airhole, get off your ass and make me a taco.
Ginamarie: Do you want a taco?
Jeremy: Not from you.  I want her to make me a taco.

Kaitlin and Ginamarie head inside.

Jeremy: She's gonna make that taco so nasty.. putting onions on it..

Jeremy goes inside, leaving Spencer and Aaryn on the couch.

Aaryn's dreading Thursday night.. and speeches.. and packing.. and nausea..

Aaryn: Kaitlin is older than me, but she reminds me of what I was like when I was 18 or 19.
Spencer: What have you heard?
Aaryn: That Jeremy's going.  Without the shadow of a doubt.
Spencer: That's what I've heard too.
Aaryn: He's trying to make deals like crazy, and it's scaring me.
Spencer: I'm as nervous as you are.  I've asked people to tell me if I'm going.. Cuz I'll say something different in my speech.. Like I'll tell Marylin I love her on live tv..
**Marylin, are you here? Say hi, if you are..

2:49am - Jeremy returns with his food whileSpencer is talking about Marylin..

Spencer: Marylin is such a good woman.. I'd love for ya'll to meet her.
Aaryn: We will at finale.. I can't wait.  We'll be here, getting drunk, getting crazy, and not stressed out about the game.


Kaitlin: You ate that so fast.
Jeremy: I want another one.

Jeremy goes in..

Kaitlin: I thought I was gonna ball my eyes out.
Aaryn: Why didn't you?
**Ahh.. Goodbye messages are tonight.

Aaryn tells of her dad's sense of humor with her..

Kaitlin: Your dad sounds super insensitive.
Aaryn: That's why I am how I am.
**Thanks.  We've been wondering.

Checking the Quad, Amanda and McCrae are making snuggle bunnies on 1/2
Backyard couch crew on 3/4


Camera 3 and 4
Kaitlin, Ginamarie, Jeremy, Judd, Aaryn

Chatter about what music they requested for their HoH baskets..  Kaitlin requested Mumford and Sons..

Cam 1/2
Spencer has joined Amanda and McCrae in the Cockpit..

Amanda: We were talking about Luxury Comps, and I was like, I'd give you the 7 thousand.  McCrae said he'd givve it to you.  I'm like, he's not gonna blow you!
Spencer: I might have to after that.
Amanda: You have like 3 chest hairs.  I have more chest hairs than you.
Spencer: I'm kind of a hairy guy.  I had Marylin wax my back before I came out here.
** <3 marylin="" p="" you="">
Spencer: She used Nads.. It's a sugar based thing.. and one time she surprised me.. I screamed!!
Amanda: Hahahahaha!
Spencer: I like hair down there.
Amanda: I'm getting fuzzy now.
Spencer: I don't like shaved pssies at all.  Unless they're kept up every day, it's like sand paper.  A little hair's fine. As long as it's not a big ball of fur.
Amanda: I don't like any hair.
McCrae: You're obsessive compulsive.
Amanda: I want a bagel.. and a cookie.. and a...
McCrae: Me too.

Spencer: Ya'll've kinda set up shot in here.
McCrae: I love this room.
Spencer: It's pretty cool.  The pillow's could be better.
McCrae: Definitely.
Amanda: What can I eat right now?
McCrae: Are there any sloptarts left?
McCrae: I could go for some fried slop.
Amanda: Me too.  Want me to make some?
McCrae: yeah.

Amanda gets up to go make some slop..

Spencer: I've got about 10-15 minutes more in me.. 

McCrae: I wonder who's gonna be HoH.. I bet Ginamarie's gonna get it somehow..
Spencer: Possible.  Right now, as long as the 3rd nominee stays in place, it doesn't make a difference. Judd and Jessie'll probably be nominated if she does. (whispers) We should close the door.

McCrae closes the door.

Spencer: I agree.  She's (Aaryn) got the skills to win a comp.. Kaitlin's kind of a bitch.  She's sweet, but..
McCrae: Aaryn scares the shit outa me, becauise she can create chaos.. Me and Amanda are trying to keep her close.. She's someone I'm really worried about.   I have a feeling Kaitlin's gonna win it.  Just from BB history.. That would suck.  Even Aaryn on the block.. She doesn't f around.  She knows she could go home.  It would be really nice to have all 3 of them sitting up there. Depends what the comp is.
Spencer: Remember that one last year where they had to swing from a rope?  Just sitting on it?
McCrae: Sounds like an easy one..

Spencer: Have you heard anything I need to worry about?
McCrae: No. I think it's set in stone.  Helen's just trying to keep him calm.  They're not gonna tell him til Thursday morning that he's going.

3:23am Amanda comes to the door, asking if bullion is a condiment.. She goes to consult the list.

McCrae: He's definitely going home.
Spencer: What was the reasoning putting me up instead of Howard?
McCrae: That's what Helen and Elissa wanted.  I don't know if they wanted to test you.. or if they have a deal with Howard..
Spencer: Helen got me up there and she was like, I had no idea this was coming.. Bullshit.

Spencer and McCrae's talk is ongoing.. There is talk of a Moving Company 2.0..  Amanda returns.. She made a sorbet from Have Not approved ingredients.

Amanda: Taste this.

Aaryn comes in for a cpouple minutes, talking about the beverage cart, and how much she wants to go on a big plane that has a bar.. like Abu Dhabi Air.. which she says she's never been on.  Aaryn and Amanda leave.. The boys resume talking.

McCrae: I feel like if me, you, Manda and Howard get to f'in after jury, we'd be goin' perfect.
Spencer: I think who has a potential to go a long way is Judd.. and I would'nt mind apporaching Andy for a deal.
McCrae: Judd and Andy totally make the rounds.. I don't wanna play our cards too early..
Spencer: I think Elissa, Helen, Andy are gonna be an alliance once we get to jury.
McCrae: I don't know how good they'll be though.
Spencer: I've got a month now.. I'm gonna lose weight and train.. In a month I can drop 25 pounds..

Amanda returns

McCrae: I know you're mentally quick too.  With all 4 of us, we've got every piece.
Spencer: If this next HoH is endurance, I feel like Howard has a good chance.
McCrae: Unless it's a girl's endurance.. I'm super worried Kaitlin would win it. 
Spencer: She'd hold on forever.
McCrae: I can't see them giving MVP to Aaryn.
Spencer: I'd think they'd be pretty unsympathetic..

Amanda: Who would Howard put up?
Spencer: Kaitlin/Aaryn or Kaitlin/Ginamarie..  He's interested in keeping the pressure on Kaitlin.  Have ya'll thought any about.. I think GM should go last, cuz she's the least likely to win anything..

McCrae: Kaitlin almost shouldn't have done so good in that Veto.  That time makes her a serious competitor.
Spencer: Aaryn has the personality to assimilate back into the house.  Kaitlin doesn't.

Amanda leaves the room.

Spencer: She seems to be back on board with me.
McCrae: Oh, definitely.

Timecheck -- 3:42am  This conversation between McCrae and Spencer is ongoing..  Amanda's in and out.

Cam 3 and 4
Ginamarie and Judd

Judd: I'm gonna try to get up early and enjoy the day before they lock us in..  I'd be willin' to work with him, if he came back in..
Ginamarie: Someone told me that Elissa doesn't want to be here that long.. That she has a contract for only a couple more weeks, then she's gone.

Skippy finds GM ridiculous, and flips us to Jeremy and Kaitlin on the Hammock.

Jeremy: If they decide to vote for me, I think it's gonna be a landslide.  If they decide to vote for Aaryn, I think it's gonna be a landslide.
Kaitlin; Agreed.  I think you're a better player than she is.  I think you're more valuable.

Smooch, Slurp, Snuggle..

Skippy, if you really loved us, you'd cut her mike too.

Camera 3
Gm and Judd

Ginamarie: Everyone's saying, aren't you mad that Nick lied to you?  He didn't lie to me.  He just didn't tell me things. 

Ginamarie extrapolates on this theory.. Judd yeahs and mm hmms throughout.

Judd: But he did lie about the moving company.
Ginamarie: No, he didn't lie, he just didn't tell me.

Jeremy comes over to say goodnight...

Ginamarie: Had he stayed, he probably would've won HoH over Helen..
Judd: And he would've nominated me.. Because I stayed up too late, which made it hard for him to meet with the MC.

Ginamarie: If he had told me about the Moving Company, I would've been able to protect him more...

This conversation is ongoing.. but I'm done with it. No offense to Judd.  I'm better he wishes he was done with it too.

Camera 1
Amanda and McCrae

McCrae shares the conversation he had with Spencer with Amanda..

McCrae: F*ck that was scary.. He was like, why did you put up me and not Howard?  
Amanda: Why is he questioning you about it?  He must know you weren't MVP.  We cannot let them get HoH next week.
McCrae: I know.
Amanda: Elissa really f'd us on that one. Bad.
McCrae: Yeah.  Absolutely.  It was just a dick move for her.  And she probably told them, for sure.
Amanda: Yeah, or forgot or something.

Judd comes out to join them..

McCrae; Then he was like, do you have any side alliances?  I'm like, no.. just the 7 up there, which you're a part of.
Amanda: That's why we have to get him out of here.
McCrae: F*ck that worries me.  

Judd: I've been tortured by talkin' to Ginamarie for the past hour and a half.. but I planted some seeds with her. I told her, with the MVP still out there, I don't think it's smart to get HoH yet.. because you get 3 people mad at you.. I'm trying' to get her to throw HoHs.. With the vote, I told her I thought it was smart to vote with the house, because then it makes you look like you're with the house.. By the end, I had her saying that she better not win this HoH.. But who knows in her head.

4:10am --cont'd. They speculate about the coming HoH.. Who would do what..
Judd: If you win HoH, you have to drill it into Elissa's head how important it is..
Amanda: I did this week!
McCrae: She doesn't care.
Amanda: I don't know what's the problem here.
Judd: Howard prays with her. He uses that.

4:15am -Talk turns to Ginamarie's continuing obsession and delusions regarding Nick.

Camera 1 and 2
McCrae and Amanda go into the bathroom (toilet area) to look at the graffiti left by past HGs.. and them.

Amanda: Let's go into the cockpit and make out a little.

And they do..  And this concludes the Overnight Report. ;-) 

See you back here when BB wakes the HGs.



Blogger GaYToR said...

I've been waiting for you. You know I can't go to sleep until I've said:
Good Morning Goddess of Dishness.

I'm off to read TOR. I never am on the right feed to get the good stuff.



July 17, 2013 at 3:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, GayTor. :)

And goodnight.

July 17, 2013 at 4:32 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

And now they have all gone to bed too, or almost. The SuckyFaces are headed that way after some very hot and heavy... well I've heard less noise coming from a nymphomaniac's car, closet, kitchen, garage, patio, bedroom, etc, etc.

Amanda is not a quiet one. Not at all.

I thought I had somehow hit a porn website, as if I know what those are. O:-)


July 17, 2013 at 5:08 AM  
Blogger Chrissie said...

"A waste of precious fingertips" had me choking on my coffee. Your reports and sideline comments are the best! Thank you!

July 17, 2013 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Does kaitlin actually think she is any more mature than Jeremy?

July 17, 2013 at 5:28 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I really like Amanda's game. I think she is one of the smartest female HGs ever, maybe #1

July 17, 2013 at 5:31 AM  
Blogger linda michael said...


I have been on this site for just a couple of weeks now and I wanted to take the time to thank you. I read your blog everyday and I enjoy it, also love the little comments u add in. It nice of u to take time out of your day for this.

July 17, 2013 at 5:52 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Good morning! I read posts religiously all day since I have found this blog in season 12. Thank you Carolyn for keeping al us non live feeders updated!

My question is what is tor?

July 17, 2013 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks for the report!

July 17, 2013 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

I read yesterday that an hour of banging your head again a wall or desk burns 150 calories. If GinaMarie stays in this house all summer, I should be in the best of shape by the fall!

July 17, 2013 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I never knew there was graffiti in the bathroom. I know they don't have pens. Do they use nail polish or something? I wonder how many seasons of past HGs are on there. I am surprised it doesn't get painted over each season.

Can you imagine how much that bathroom wall would sell for on ebay!?!

July 17, 2013 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger jcsmom said...

Thank you, Carolyn... i read all the time and i just really wanted to thank you for weeding thru all the "shenanigans" and giving me a fabulous outline of what is going on! I appreciate and always LOVE you little "asides" ... we are always on the same page and you express what i am feeling! so thank you, thank you, thank you!
~carolyn (which is another reason why i love you)

July 17, 2013 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Chrissie :) hehehe! Thank you :D

Good morning, Jumbo! :) 1. Yes. 2. Yes.

Good morning, LindaMichael! :) Thank you very much!

Good morning, Sarah! :) Thank you! TOR is The Overnight Report

Good morning, LindaJoy! :)

Good morning, Lulu! :) Hahahahaha!!!

Good morning, Grendon! :) I don't know.. THey've never shown us. It would be pretty cool if they would. :)

Good morning, JCSMom/Carolyn :) Thank you very much!

July 17, 2013 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

thanks Caro. what a crew. these mean girls better never reproduce. they'd eat their own young.

July 17, 2013 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

thanks Caro. what a crew. these mean girls better never reproduce. they'd eat their own young.

July 17, 2013 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger liliana ortiz said...

Does anyone else hate Aaryn's clear, plastic, cheap-looking flip flops with the little bow? Or maybe it's just the sight of her in anything that really bothers me. BTW I'd like more air time for Judd. He is a hottie!!!! =)

July 17, 2013 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst! :)

New top post!

Click me

July 17, 2013 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger KentuckyBBnut said...

Candice better look out Howards packing a big gun.

July 17, 2013 at 2:18 PM  
Blogger BerdacheBear said...

Oy vey! Mazel is something funny??!?!?? Candice is quickly causing me to adjust my original opinion of her. She tells stories that stretch credulity; and she continuously uses words in the wrong context. Me thinks she tries too hard to appear more intelligent than she is. That is a mistake many people make, so nothing personal against Candice, merely an observation.

July 17, 2013 at 2:28 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Kentucky BB Nut -

3. Comment moderation is on - I'll get to it soon. I promise.

July 17, 2013 at 2:42 PM  

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