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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Overnight Report

Goooood Morning, BB Lovers!  Happy PoV Saturday! :-)  As promised and reiterated dozens of times yesterday, Andy has nominated Jessie and Spencer for eviction this week.  Jessie is the target. 

Today, Andy, Jessie and Spencer, as well as 3 other HGs will play for the Power of Veto. The 3 additional HGs have yet to be chosen, but since there is no more MVP nominee, the HGs suspect that PoV Player Picking will go back to how it's been for the last several seasons, with the HoH and 2 nominated players each getting to pick chips or balls from the bag..

We rejoin our HGs on the live feeds at Midnight BBT...But first.. Just before Midnight, Michigan Man alerts us to this:
11:35pm cams 1/2
Helen and Elissa are heavy in game talk. Helen says she'll do what Andy wants this week, she doesn't want to ruffle feathers. 11:38pm, Helen says that she guaranteed Aaryn two weeks safety to renom Judd. She didn't want to do it. 
Elissa wants to backdoor McCranda, one of them.


Helen: What about you, GM, what was your most triumphant moment?
Spencer: Winning that Veto..
Amanda: Surviving MVP 2 weeks in a row.. but it didn't feel triumphant, it felt stressful.
Elissa: Winning the Veto.. and just having fun in the game.
Helen: For me, winning the Veto and then saying something funny in the DR and thinking, they're gonna use that.. cuz i'm usually not funny. But like, it took me a while to get used to.. Like I don't wanna be one of those players that's boring in DR. Like you're probably hysterical in DR.
GM: Yeah..

Helen: I had a hard time with it in the beginning.. I am who I am.  I can't be a GM or an Amanda in there.
Elissa: I know you guys make fun of my zings.  I don't mind it at all.  I don't take myself too seriously.
Amanda: I don't make fun.  I do impressions and stuff.
Elissa: I wanna know what mine are..
Amanda: I did one on you.. "I'm obsessed with being obsessed..." I've never done Candice.. I've done Judd multiple times.  I do a lot of sexual things.. like, I blow the producers.
ALL:  hahah
Helen: Mine are often serious.. I did crack a joke on you one time.  I can't wait to watch you guys.. I'm gonna be like, woah! McCrae on TV.
Amanda: I'm gonna be pissed about some of the things you say.
McCrae: Yeah, you are.. but I aleady told you the ones you're gonna be pissed about.
BB: Amanda, McCrae, knock it off.

Spencer joins them. His eye's all red.. Amanda has a look. 
Helen: Were there more or less than than 5 colors of popsicles?
GM: You really gotta listen to those questions.. She like twistes (sic) em up a little bit. You can get confused.
Amanda: I'm not good with live.. like when they give us directions live.. I always have questions.
Helen: I know when you walk up to those question booths, it's so weird to see my name there..
McCrae: i know.. I feel like I should be looking into homes of viewers.
Helen: Yesterday.. it's just so awesome.. I was walking up, seeing my name on there and thinking woah, how did my name get on there.

Spencer and McCrae agree..

Helen: We have a lot of unique names.. Like half the cast has a unique name.. They were probably like no Danielles this year.. it gets too confusing for the viewers.. Jessie is like Jesse the wrestler.  I wonder, will people think of Jesse the wrestler or our Jessie..
Spencer: They'll think of Jesse the wrestler.

Elissa: I wanna know how Judd knew to count everything..
Helen: They always ask questions like that.. It's just being aware of all your stuff.  The thing about this game is, the competitions aren't hard.  We make it harder than it is. The comps aren't as complicated as you think they're gonna be..
McCrae: It's like little stupid shit.  You're your own worst enemy at that point, cuz you over think it.

GM: (returns) Where'd Andy go?
Helen: He's in the DR still.
GM: Oh yah, that's right..

Cam 1
Backyard - Couch

Amanda: I feel like the only reason I'm good with being strategic with the social game is cuz I'm such a control freak..

Amanda: And I feel like if I can control the nominations, then we can make it far.  I have to have some kind of control...
 McCrae: I agree. That's why you're super good.  And me, I'm like the opposite.  I like to control, but at the same time I'm super easy going..  That's why you'll win against me at final 2..

Amanda: So you're not gonna want to take me to final 2.
McCrae: Why not?
Amanda: Gah, it would be so f'ing awesome if you and I were the first showmance to make it to f2.  You're better at competitions than Andy..
McCrae: Yeah, but not Aaryn.

McCrae: The final 3 is a standing or sitting enduyrance.
Amanda: I'm awesome at sitting.
McCrae: Me too.  And then you just need to win the 2nd part.. and then the 3rd part doesn't matter.
Amanda: I'm good at balancing.. figuring things out.. Memorization? Meh.. I think I'm pretty good at guesstimating too..
McCrae: We're gonna have to win a lot from here on out.  Like, I can't win it by myself.. With Andy, I think he'd win the 3rd part.. and he'd probably take you.
Amanda: I don't think so.
McCrae: if he wins a Veto.. and another.. then he'll have more comp wins than me, and he could take me.  But Aaryn can't make it to final 3.. She'll beat us all.  The only 2 votes she wouldn't have would be Elissa and Candice.

Both agree Elissa would have no chance of winning at the end.

McCrae; If I was anyone right now, I'd wanna sit next to her. But I would take you over her.  Plus I think it would be a pretty even toss up vote wise.
Amanda: I still think you would win.
McCrae: I don't know.  Our games are exact opposite.  I would have Spencer and Judd for sure.  You would have Elissa and Helen.
Amanda: Not if we get rid of her next week..

Talk turns to Spencer..

Amanda: The next major evictions are gonna be all girls.
McCrae: I like the 3AM alliance name.. It's clever.
**Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, McCrae  = 3 As and and M.

Timecheck -- 12:32am

Amanda: I just got butterflies in my stomach..

Amanda: I'm a control freak to the end.  The odds are in our favor, they've always been in ourt favor. We've known every single eviction.. and now we don't have to worry about the MVP.
McCrae: That's why I felt bad saying what my most nervous point in the game was.. me and Andy are the last 2.. Haven't gone up yet.
Amanda: I don't think Andy will go up.

Amanda: You didn't trust me.. when Judd left.. For 24 hours..
McCrae: As long as I can go home and see he was MVP..
Amanda: He wanted me out. He told Elissa and Helen that I needed to go next week.  He made a final 2 with Aaryn and Elissa.  Don't think his word to you was .. If we can survive the moving company, bieber fever.. then we can survive Helen and ___.
McCrae: ELissa's gonna be pissed.  It would be perfect if we could do 2 votes for her to stay.. cuz then you could be like, I voted for her to stay.. McCrae f'd me over.  What time is it?  11?  11:30?
Amanda: It's after 12.. We got rid of most of the night owls.. Can you not tell anybody if they have a power?
McCrae: Why?  Did you get a power?
Amanda: Don't you thik I'd know the rules if I did?

12:39am  Jessie comes outside... asks where everyone is..  Amanda tells her.

Jessie: I just wanna tell you both how grateful I am for last week, and going forward, if you keep me, I will have your back 110%.. I just wanna make sure we're good.

Amanda: Yeah, we're fine.
Jessie: Veto's tomorrow.  I'm gonna play to win.. If I don't win, the nominations will probably stay the same.. I don't think it's too early to check in with you guys..
Amanda: It's so weird they haven't locked us down yet.
McCrae: i think it must be the counting one.
**me too.  The Auction.
Jessie: Me too.  The hour count.
McCrae: I was thinking the other one.
Jessie: If ya'll are playing in the veto and you wanna use it on me, that would be awesome..

McCrae: i just don't remember them doing that one last year.
Jessie: And they always do the counting one..
Amanda: It might be the counting one where it's like this is what 100 balls look like in a bucket, how many balls are in this bucket?
Jessie: I'm terrible at that.
Amanda: It'd be more of a lavish set though, right?
McCrea: usually it's more pre-assembled stuff. They can just bring in the pieces.

Talk turns to the puzzle pov comp that Spencer won...

McCrae: I don't know what it'll be tomorrow.. If it's the counting one, you have to hope for Amanda to get it.. She says she's good at that stuff.
Jessie: yeah, and I'm not mad that I'm on the block.. 

  • Andy sticks his head out to say goodnight..  
  • Spencer comes outside to join them.. 
  • Elissa, Aaryn and GM are in  the Kitchen. 

Spencer: I'm hoping it'll be something easy.. Like carry this box to the end of the yard.
Jessie: I'm just worried they haven't locked us down yet.

They speculate on when the comp will start.  Done with her cigarette, Jessie goes to bed. Ginamarie takes her spot on the couch.

McCrae: Do you know who you'll pick if you get Houseguests Choice?
Spencer: I've been thinking about that for the past hour and a half.
GM: You get to draw??
McCrae: Now that there's no MVP, the HoH will pick one, and then each nominee will get to pick one..

Spencer: If it's the counting one, I think I'll just double it..
Amanda: If it's an hour drop out, just drop out the second after Jessie does, and then there's no way she can win..
Spencer: I've played in so many vetoes lately..
Ginamarie: Only 2 people will be sitting out, right?  Not including the host?
McCrae: right.

Amanda: I've been randomly drawn 3 times..
Spencer: I was so glad I got randomly drawn last time, then when I saw what it was, sweet. I hate suckin' at stuff..
McCrae: Yeah..

Spencer: i hope I draw last and it's limited options.. I'm just not really sure yet.

12:55am Andy comes out..

Andy: I feel like I'm missing out! I'll probably last about 5 minutes and then head to bed again.  I wonder why they're not setting up yet.
**this is the primary thought in the borg this evening.

McCrae: Do you play poker?
Spencer: No.  I'll go into a casino with $20, lose it and curse the casino.
GM: I gamble with other people's money.

Talk turns to their favorite casino games..

Checking inside, Elissa's in the bathroom, doing her nightly face cream rituals..

Andy comes inside and studies the memory wall for a moment, then says to Helen..

Andy:  I wish so badly that we could talk about the DR, because I've been talking about you and I wish I could tell you.
Helen; oh yeah. hehe.

Cam 3
Helen, Andy, Elissa

Helen: Eviction.. What other Big Brother terms?
Elissa: Blood on your hands..
Andy: Yeah.  Hopefully this week will be easy, and then we'll get into the nitty gritty... coming up, ya know? Helen: Ok, Andy.. Get your seat ready.

Andy: I know.. I know.. But you have to just trust me that like I know the move, and it's not this week.
Helen: Ok.

Helen: This is a team.
Andy: Yeah. You're cool with that?
Elissa: I'm totally on board. I  just.. I wanna be of use to you..
Helen: hehe
Andy: These girls all have to go at some point.
Helen: It's gonna be a (mouths the words) blood bath.
Andy: I know.  Like I said, this week is about someone who could potentially turn against us.. so..
Elissa: Yeah, I agree.
Andy: Someone we wanna get out anyway at some point..
Elissa: And maybe they'll get showmantic at jury..
Andy: Exactly.
Helen: Oh my God.. I can't even imagine what that's gonna be like.. When she goes to jury..
Andy: Judd is gonna flip. Yeah.. Alright...

Helen and Elissa laugh..

Elissa: And next week, just for giggles, send Ginamarie..
Andy: Yep. Alright.. Goodnight, ladies.
Helen: Love you.
Elissa: Goodnight, hon.

1:06am  - Andy says goodnight..  Elissa goes to use the bathroom..

Elissa: It doesn't make sense why people don't throw a roll of toilet paper away.
Helen: It's too much work.
Elissa: I wanna see my family so bad.

Helen: You have to win HoH.
Elissa: I'm so good with tests, Helen.  You don't understand.  My college GPA is almost 4.0.. I'm so stressed about not having any contact with my little boy.
Helen: You can do it.  You need to calm down about it.. You need to focus.  You can do this.  You can win. Your time is coming.

They talk about how they'll make "big moves" when it's their HoH.

Cam 1
Jessie sticks her head outside..

Jessie: Spencer, can you sleep in the colored room tonight?
Spencer: Why?
Jessie: Cuz it's really lonely in there.. If not, I'm gonna move out. It's just creepy how quiet it is in there.
Spencer: Is it really?  I'm kinda a creature of habit..
McCrae: If you move out of there, tell Amanda, cuz we may go in there.
Jessie: Do ya'll wanna go in Helen and Elissa's bed?
McCrae: Yeah, we might.  I'll talk to Amanda 1st..
Jessie: Ok.. It's just so quiet in there.
Spencer: We'll work something out..

Jessie goes back inside.  Ginamarie mocks her. 

Ginamarie: F'in pussy.  Go ta f'in bed, ya fat-ass.
Spencer: I don't wanna be in a room alone with her.
McCrae; Yeah, really..
Ginamarie; Jesus Christ! 
McCrae; You're gonna have to be tonight.
Ginamarie: Where the f*ck did that come from? Oh I'm weird.. Oh save me.  I'm scared of the big bad wolf, cuz my coochie gets too wet, I need someone to dry it for me.  Gimme a f'in break, ya ho.  Go back inside.
McCrae: It's just funny, because there's some kind of bed problem with her always..
Ginamarie: Dude, I would love my own room!
McCrae: ..even now when  there's no one there.
Ginamarie: Dude, be careful what you do with that one. (then to McCrae)  There's crap on my bed..
McCrae: We'll probably just take Candice's.

Ginamarie: Where the f*ck did that come from?
McCrae: It's weird.
Spencer: She wants to be able to say that I said something.
McCrae: Dude, nothing will change on that. 
Ginamarie: If she wants to move her self, let her move.
Spencer: Yeah, there's that other bed in the corner.. She can sleep there. 

McCrae: Yeah.. there's nothing that could change that sinking ship. There's nothing, absolutely nothing that will change that.
**talk about tempting the PoV fates.

Spencer: I'm worried to death though, dude.
McCrae: I can't blame you at all.
BB: McCrae, please come to the Diary Room.

McCrae: What were you gonna say?
Spencer: Thursday's a long time away, and there's no tellin' what f'in soft hearts could start meltin'.

As McCrae's heading in, Amanda pokes her head out and he tells her about the new bed situation..

Amanda: Oh, good.  So we'll move in.
McCrae: Sorry, Spencer.
Spencer: Thanks, McCrae.
McCrae: heh

Camera 1

Amanda: I need Jessie to go home this week.. for my game.. for everybody's game..  It's so dead set.
Spencer: Jessie wants me to sleep in the Rainbow Room so she can say I said something..
Amanda: Spencer, there's no way you're going home.  I'm looking you in the eye.  I'm telling you now, if I win the veto, I'm not taking anyone off, but you're not going home.

GM comes in to use the bathroom.

Amanda: You're fine.  If it's not unanimous, I'll be shocked. The worst case scenario is that she takes herself off the block.

GM comes out.. goes back outside.

Amanda: We need you here.  You winning HoH next week would be like the best case scenario.
Spencer: I think I know who you want out next week, and Im down.. I'm with you and McCrae to the end.  When the shit hits the fan, it'll hit hard. I'm in it for the long haul with ya'll.  I don't wanna get caught in a situation.. I'm trying to be cool with evrybody.  Dude, I'm nervous is a way, because I saw how quickly dog eat dog happened to Judd.
Amanda: The reason that happened... as soon as he betrayed the loyalty, it was done.
Spencer: I'm ready to go to war.

McCrae enters..

Amanda: I'm telling you.. no matter what happens, you have me, McCrea and Aaryn.
Spencer: i never stalk game with her.  I'd like to foster the relationship a little bit. 
Amanda: you should.
Spencer: I know that shit's goin' down next week, and I wanna be here for that.
Amanda: Our same targets are your same targets, so why would we not work together.
Spencer: I'm so pumped about it.. If I get HGs Choice, who should I pick?
Amanda: Everyone's gonna keep it the same..
Spencer: I thought about Helen..
Amanda: That's too risky..  Give it to McCrae.. You're not going home.  The entire house is on the same page.  you're not going home. We cannot use it, but you're not going home. Don't ever throw anything.. If you win it, Andy has to get his hands a little dirty.

Spencer: I'm more worried about my safety than Andy's hands.. Everybody I've confided in in this game has gone behind my back.  I feel good with ya'll..
Amanda: We all want the same thing.. We just have to stick together.. cuz then we have the numbers.
Spencer: Where does Andy fall?  Long term?  Does anybody know?
Amanda: i thought you were super close to him.
Spencer: Is he close to you or to Elissa and Helen?

1:34am -- Ginamarie comes inside and says goodnight..

Amanda: Next week is gonna be a crucial week.. As long as we're all on the same page.. I'm sure Andy wants to do what's best for his game.. He doesn't want to make enemies.

Spencer: I'm not just one vote, I'm f'in 1 vote, and that makes a difference.
Amanda: Moreso than just on  a personal level, the same people that are going after you are going aftr me..
Spencer: I get funny looks from like Helen and Elissa..
Amanda: Elissa wants you out for sure, but it's not gonna happen.
Spencer: What about GM? Just in general.
McCrae: I feel like me and her are close..
Spencer: She's loyal as f*ck. She talks a lot of game to me.  She still thinks I hate you. I think she's tryin' to be cool.  She doesn't have a hit list.  She wanted Candice out, and she'll talk about that for 6 weeks.  She's cool though.  I have a good relationship with her. I jsut wanna let you know I have  a good relationship with her, because I know that if Jessie comes down, she goes up..

Spencer: Jessie was like, I'm scared, will you sleep in the Triangle Room tonight?  Ya'll have made me feel better. I had werid anxiety today.  I think it's a carry over from last night.
Amanda: It doesn't matter who want you out.  It matters who they put you up with.
Spencer: We wanna see the same thing next week, and I think all of our games will get exponentially easier after that.

Cam 1
Spencer goes to the restroom.. Amanda puts some cream on a zit.. McCrae goes to grab his water bottle from outside.. McCrae and Amanda will be sleeping in the Rainbow Room tonight.

Spencer says goodnight. A moment later, Amanda and McCrae head to the Rainbow Room..

Amanda: If Jessie wins Veto, I really wanna backdoor Helen and get her out of here.
McCrae: It'll be on Andy's hands.  He wont do it.  Don't even push it. That's his vote.
Amanda: All we have to do is make sure Jessie doesn't win.  She hasn't really won anything yet.
McCrae; I hope it's fold em.. All I have to do is fold every single time. I'll stay in. She'll probably hold on one of em.. Right?  Or we could pick someone else to fold every single time.. Don;'t push Andy.
Amanda: it would be better for all of our games.
McCrae: Except Andy.  It would be dumb for him.  He'd lose her vote.  I don't think he would do it, and you shouldn't evr say it.
Amanda: Oh, I wouldn't say it to him.  We never know what's going on with GM.. I still don't 100% trust Spencer..
McCrae: I know.. but he's got nothing else going on..
Amanda: Whenever Spencer's up on the block, she always wants him out.
McCrae: I just don't wanna go up.
Amanda: Why would you go up?  That's insane.  There's no way you're going up.  This 4 is real.  You have to believe in it.  I can read people, and Andy is loyal to this final 4.
McCrae: I hope so.

Amanda: I have not made a final 2 with Andy or with Aaryn, and I'm not going to.  I'm not gonna promise anyone about that.  I think he thinks that I would take him though.. Why would he take Aaryn to the final 3?  She wins shit.
McCrae: He knows he can probably beat Helen in the final 2..
Amanda: He's not gonna bring Helen to the final 2.. He's gonna get rid of her next week.

McCrae: Who's talking?

McCrae begins to plot about how they can get Ginamarie to put up Helen next week.. Pumping her up with "the kill of the season."

Amanda: She's really loyal to Helen though.
McCrae; She's also loyal to me and Aaryn.
Amanda: We can't think too far ahead. We need to just think about the Veto tomorrow.
McCrae: We have to cover our bases.
Amanda: Everything can change.
McCrae: We should've been more solid with Jessie.. I was just like, yeah yeah.. I wanna wake up early tomorrow.. I wanna go talk to Andy first.. then Helen.
Amanda: He already talked to Helen about using her as a pawn..  Just get up when the music goes off.
McCrae: Kick my ass out of bed.

McCrae: Don't you think that fold idea is the best idea?
Amanda: If I'm playing, I'll probably  hold on the first one..
McCrae: They could kill us though.. If you say you're gonna fold and you hold, Jessie could be like, they're trying to get me out.. I may just talk to the other competitors..

Talk turns to the other counting game - count to x in your head..

Amanda: That's why I told Spencer, just drop out right after Jessie.. I'll probably drop out after the first person..
McCrae: I have no rhyme or reason for that game.  I'll just wing it.

Amanda: Let's just focus on tomorrow.  We jump the gun a lot.  Especially me.  I shouldn't have said anything about the target for next week.. It's too early.

McCrae gets up to shut off the lights.  Skippy sends us fishing, so he can talk to Amanda and McCrae.. Feeds return and the lights are still on.

McCrae: I forgot that they can just talk to us like that.  I was like, who the f*ck is in the room!?
Amanda: hahaha

*2:12am --Stretch!

Cam 2
Amanda and McCrae

The rest of the HGs have been sleeping for quite a while now, and clearly, Amanda and McCrae are wanting some private time so I'm gonna dive into flashback and flesh out a couple of earlier conversations..

Just after 2:29am,  Skippy decides it's too much and flips to other sleeping HGs..

Sweet dreams of Golden PoVs, houseguests.  We'll see you in the BB morning. :-)  



Blogger Jerry said...

No matter what your pole says, I still think it would be much more interesting to vote Candice back in. Personally I think Candice and Jessie are the most abused houseguests this year. They have been blamed for everything that has happened, going to happen, might have happened and zits.

Will Helen's delay in getting Amanda out come back to bite her?

Will Andy finally do something besides tattletale?

What will Mccrea and Amanda talk about when they are no longer in Big Brother?

How can I despise Aaryn and still sort of root for her? Maybe I'd just like to see the Chen-bot interview if Aaryn would win.

August 10, 2013 at 4:22 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Morning Carolyn, all

Before I dive into TOR I wanted to point out this conversation. I went back and rewatched it this morning. It explains exactly what happened to get Judd out.

11:48pm cams 3/4

Helen and Elissa join the HOH crew. They ask Helen what her most stressful moment in the house has been and she says yesterday, Thursday, when she asked Aaryn to renominate Judd and she said no, then she said yes. Spencer asked "that was your most stressful moment?" Helen "yes because most of the time people say yes" Helen to Aaryn "no?" they all laugh. She says she had 2 seconds to figure something out. Andy says "did you tell her the repurcutions?" Helen "no I didn't I wasn't going to approach her that way. I needed to make her comfortable with it because her face went white when I asked because she was totally thrown for a loop by it, yeah know". She says she told her, Aaryn, the pro and cons of it and then she said okay. Helen then says she just left so Aaryn couldn't ask a follow up question. Helen says when Aaryn said no she thought she would tell Judd and she would be in big trouble. So that's how fast it all went down.

Now I'm diving in.

August 10, 2013 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Jerry :)

Good morning, Michigan Man :) Thank you!!! And.. sorry for the confusion last night (twitter) - i passed out.

August 10, 2013 at 7:21 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

That's okay Carolyn, when I got home and the feeds were on and how you ended the post I knew that's what happened.

August 10, 2013 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

I hope Jessie wins POV and then next week's HOH. I like Jessie, but that's not why.. I honestly think that she's the ONLY one thats willing to make a move. Although I'd love to see Aaryn win and pull Jessie off. Not sure she would though.

And is it me or is GM just...nasty?

August 10, 2013 at 7:52 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

I should clarify, I meant in her conversation and just choosing to speak that way about people.

August 10, 2013 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger Other Carolyn said...

I am one of those who like Helen's game play. I will be sad to see her go, but realize that once she does, it will be game on for everyone else. I will then wonder if they will come to consensus that they will have to split up Amanda and McCrae, or it will be like handing them 1st and 2nd place. Good morning Carolyn and Michigan Man and Jerry. Thank you for your recap. Please continue to post the tip jar in the body of the post so I can hit it up next week when I get some money.

August 10, 2013 at 8:46 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I haven't even finished TOR yet but it already had me thinking 'oh no she didn't'.

Really Jessie? Really? Making nice with Amanda and McCrae again. I have to say that the position Jessie is in is pretty much no one's fault BUT Jessie's. She needs to have loyalty OR strategy. She doesn't even need both, but one or the other would be good. Offering to work with people only when they have power or you need a vote and then turning on those same people when you are a vote is not a good strategy.

I would love to see Judd come back for my own entertainment. I don't think it would solve a lot though unless they wait a couple weeks. As long as they don't know the truth about mvp he will still be a target for everyone. Amanda won't listen to anything McCrae says to defend Judd. With Helen and Amanda still in the house Judd would probably go right back out the door.

I do not want Candice back. The girl did not play the game.

August 10, 2013 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gracias, Michigan Man! :)

Good morning, Natural Grace! :)

Good MOrning, Other Carolyn! :) Thank you!

Good morning, Grendon! :))

August 10, 2013 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Shiobhan said...

Good Morning All - I think this might be my first or second time posting, but I love reading the blog and comments.

I might be the only person alive that can't wait to see McRae go. He grates on my very last nerve. He spends 23 1/2 hours a day in the prone position. Only stands to go sit for a cigarette, or food. I've yet to see him help in anyway in that house. He's a child in a somewhat man body. He looks so sickly, dirty and just plain gross.

August 10, 2013 at 9:25 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Shiobhan :-)

Good morning, August :))

August 10, 2013 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

The fact that everyone is so willing to keep putting off big moves because of jury votes is ridiculous. The biggest move in the game is going to be McCrae & Amanda vs. Helen & Elissa. It all comes down to who makes the move first. But so far people have not wanted blood on their hands because of jury votes.

Howard was a vote they did not have to worry about. However, since it's a 9 person jury, they do have to worry about Candice who still holds a grudge over Howard. So if Helen is in final 2 giving her speech, how is she going to take credit for the big move of taking out Howard and at the same time blame Aaryn for taking out Howard? Judd is another victim of Helen's. She will want the credit while trying to give Aaryn the blame.

These people did not come to play a game. They came in search of a dream and if anyone gets in the way they are going to look at it as a personal attack rather than a game strategy. Helen and Amanda would each like to see the other backdoored this week. Andy won't BD Amanda because she is part of his real alliance, the one he has been loyal to since the beginning. Andy won't BD Helen because he doesn't want to lose her vote.

That is the part that frustrates me. If Andy took out Helen it would be the biggest game move this season. It should gain respect in the jury, even from Helen. If Helen really respects the game she shouldn't hold a grudge.

Maybe that is the good thing about having vets in the game. Last year Ian plotted Boogie's demise. Boogie tipping his hat to Ian was a class act. He knew he had been outplayed and he had total respect for Ian because of it.

August 10, 2013 at 9:38 AM  
Blogger Paula said...

Good morning all! Shiobhan you are NOT the only one. I, too, find McCrae to be disgusting. And More so, Amanda. I feel she is using him big time and he is not bright enough to see that. But this is BB! I hate how they all are sticking together. I know you have to have some types of alliances but can't anyone see that Helen is telling everyone what to do just to benefit her own game???? Can they all really be that dumb? At this point, I hope that Jessie or Aaryn go all the way to final 2. (But that can change in a little bit :) )

August 10, 2013 at 9:48 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I concur. GM is definitely nasty. Not in any way I haven't heard before, but it is a very immature, high school locker room, gross type of nasty. It is just something that most people GM's age have either enough class or common sense not to do.

Sometimes she reminds me more of a teenage boy than of a woman in her 30's. Boys always pull pranks to embarrass each other but girls have a different code. Women will call each other bit*h, ho and even C U Next Tuesday. But they generally don't cross a certain line that causes personal embarrassment. When GM passed Jessie's dirty underwear around for everyone to see, that to me is more offensive than the name calling. It just is not something a 32 year old woman should do. Just one of many reasons that I think GM may not be on the same intellectual or emotional level as most 32 year olds.

August 10, 2013 at 9:58 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I think McCrae is adorable. That's all I have to say on that matter.

August 10, 2013 at 10:51 AM  
Blogger AmiLrn said...

I'm with you! He is such a bum...

August 10, 2013 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

The thing that cringes me this week is when they bash judd and try and really be ok. With why they did Helens dirty work.... he did nothing wrong he was loyal and honest and really was playing a great game... Helen saw that and boom... its sad....and if and when he comes back charma will be there.... he was the only Hoh to say this is what im doing and if that's what u want u should win.

August 10, 2013 at 10:56 AM  

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